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33433 07601011 9 


Phi Delta Theta 


^^^-r- ... , ;. 

< v^" 




of the 

hi Delta Theta Fraternity 

Seventh Edition 

Issued by order of the General Council. 

FRANK J. R. MITCHELL, Northwestern '96 


> • •• 

Els avrjp ovSels apijp 

• < 

Pnblithed by the Fraternity in ita LVIII year. 



• • - ' • • • • • 

* -.. • •• • -• • 

■ • 

• ■" . • 

. ' '■ , • • • • 

PIS8S •# 

■TAJISTOir^ U^^ 


In presenting this, the Beventh edition of the catalogue of Phi 
Delta Theta^ I desire to make certain explanations regarding the 
plan of the book. 

The chapter rolls are arranged according to their titles alpha- 
betically by states. The members of each chapter are arranged in 
almost all cases under the years in which they were graduated or 
would have been graduated had they completed their courses. 

In a few cases, Tennessee Beta for example, the members are 
marshalled under the years of their initiation. Again the members 
are arranged alphabetically under the different years, with the single 
exception of Tennessee Beta whose members are arranged through- 
out in the order of initiation. The names of members known to 
be dead are preceded by the asterisk (*) while the dagger (t) pre- 
cedes the names of members who were connected with active chap- 
ters during the collegiate year 1905-6. 

In the chapter rolls, names in full are given* except in cases 
where members have requested that their own names be inserted 
otherwise and in a few instances in which full names have not 
been ascertained. Affiliates are enrolled in each chapter to which 
they have belonged. As the last catalogue enrolled affiliates only 
in their final chapter, it has been difficult in many cases to find 
the other chapters to which affiliates have belonged. An ^ort has 
been made to include degrees of members, but the list is incomplete. 
The profession or occupation of each member is given and in large 
cities, both business address and residence are shown. 

Under the residence directory, the states and territories of the 
United States are arranged alphabetically, being followed by for- 
eign countries, also arranged alpbabeticalfy. The cities under each 
state, territory or foreign country are in their turn alphabetically 
arranged, while in each city, the names of members are arranged 
in alphabetical order. 

In the residence directory, members whose business is in one city 
and residence in another are listed in both cities, consequently the 
total number of names in the residence index will be found to 
exceed the number of our living members. The final division of the 
book is the alphabetical index of all names in the catalogue. 

The present catalogue is supposed to contain the name of every 
member initiated prior to the end of the college year 1905-6. The 
adYisabUity of including the memben initiated in the fttll of 1906 



was considered, but It was found impossible to do so without too 
great delay. It will be possible to include the initiates of the 
present year in the latter part of the present edition by adding an 

The membership of the fraternity as shown by this edition of the 
catalogue, is 14,525 of whom 13,201 are living and 1,324 are dead. 
The number initiated since last commencement time approximates 
500. The total membership would, therefore, appear to be in excess 
of 15,000. However, a number of affiliates are counted more than 
once so that the actual number of members is probably about 14,500. 

In closing the arduous task of editing and publishing the cata- 
logue of Phi Delta Theta, I wish to thank all those who have 
eo generously and so nobly assisted. Their names are too many to 
be enumerated here, but I beg to assure all who have contributed 
to the production of the catalogue that their services have been 
appreciated. Even the man who wrote a postal card to correct a 
single letter in the spelling of a name has contributed to the 
accuracy of this catalogue. 
Chicago, November, 1906. Frank J. R. Mitchell, P. O. C. 

Northwestern '96. 


The six preylouB editions of the catalogue of Phi Delta Theta 
have been issued in the years 1860, 1870, 1872, 1878, 1883 and 1894. 
Since the last edition was issued, more than twelve years have 
elapsed, a longer time than intervened between any other two edi- 

A catalogue editor, or editors, was provided for by the consti- 
tution adopted by the Semi-Centennial National Convention in 1898, 
and that convention elected Louis J. Shlesinger and Frank B. Hu- 
lett as the first permanent catalogue editors. The National Con- 
vention of 1900 elected George H. English, Jr., and Charles F. Lam- 
kin to the office. The National Convention of 1902 elected George 
H. Bnglish, Jr., and Eklward E. Ruby. The resignation of the 
former was accepted in December, 1903, and the resignation of the 
latter was accepted in April, 1904. Thomas J. Gcifiin, Jr., was 
appointed sole editor of the catalogue in April, 1904, and the 
National Convention of that year elected him to the office. He 
resigned in February, 1906. All of these have done more or less 
work in collecting materials for a new edition, but the work has 
suffered greatly by reason of the frequent changes of editors and 
the consequent changes of methods. 

In March, 1906, the General Council appointed Frank J. R. 
Mitchell, P. G. C, to have charge of printmg the book. He decided 
to perfect the chapter rolls as much as would be possible without 
delaying the publication later than the National Convention appoint- 
ed to be held in Washington, D. C, in November, 1906. F6r this 
purpose, he utilized data which he had secured in perfecting the 
alumni rolls which had appeared in the annual circular letters of 
chapters in 1905 and 1906, and he obtained further information 
from a large number of alumni. Where information could not be 
obtained directly from Individual members, their classmates and 
chapter mates were besought to furnish data about them. Finally 
proof showing data concerning himself was sent to every living 
member of the fraternity at his last known address, with a request 
that errors be corrected. 

The result has been that the chapter rolls have been materially 
corrected and this book is the result of patient, persistent work 
done in a comparatively short time. 

To meet the demand for a condensed and inexpensive catalogue 
80 that editions of the book may be more frequent hereafter than 


1. Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; founded De- 
cember 2G, 1848; suspended 1857; rechartered 1866; suspended 1873; 
rechartered 1886. 

2. Indiana Alpha, Indiana University, Bloomlngton, Ind.; char- 
tered October 11, 1849. 

3. Kentucky AlpharDelta, Central University, Danville, Ky. 
(Centre College and Central University consolidated, 1901); char- 
tered April 9, 1850. 

4. Indiana Beta, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind.; chartered 
November 16, 1860. 

6. Ohio Gamma Prime, Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio; 
chartered May 18, 1852; suspended 1854. 

6. Texas Alpha Prime, Austin College, Sherman, Tex.; chartered 
June 9, 1853; suspended 1854; revived 1857; suspended 1858. 

7. Kentucky Beta, Kentucky Military Institute, Lyndon, Ky.; 
chartered October 17, 1854; suspended 1856. 

8. Kentucky Gamma, Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky.; char- 
tered January 20, 1867; suspended 1857; rechartered 1876; sus- 
pended 1876. 

9. Wisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.; 
chartered June 27, 1857; suspended 1861; revived 1880. 

10. Wisconsin Beta, Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis.; char- 
tered February 3, 1859; suspended 1860. 

11. Illinois Alpha, Northwestern University, Evanston, 111.; 
chartered February 12, 1859; suspended 1861; rechartered 1886. 

12. Indiana Gamma, University of Indianapolis, Irvington, Ind.; 
chartered October 22, 1859. 

13. Ohio Beta, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio; char- 
tered March 10, 1860; suspended 1861; rechartered 1871; suspended 
1877; revived 1879. 

14. Indiana Delta, Franklin College, BYanklin, Ind.; chartered 
April 28, 1860; suspended 1861; rechartered 1869; suspended 1872; 
revived 1872. 

15. Indiana Bpsilon, Hanover College, Hanover, Ind.; chartered 
(but not organized) 1860 or 1861; rechartered December 14, 1868. 

16. Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; 
chartered November 28, 1864; suspended 1869; rechartered 1880; 
suspended 1880; rechartered 1887. 



17. Illinois Beta» Uniyersity of Chicago, Chicago, 111.; chartered 
October 14, 1866; suspended 1871; rechartered 1897. 

18. Indiana Zeta, DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind.; char- 
tered February 25, 1868; suspended 1870; revived 1871; suspended 
1872; rechartered 1875; suspended 1876; revived 1880. 

19. Ohio Gamma, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio; chartered 
March 28, 1868. 

20. Indiana Eta, Indiana State Normal School, Terre Haute, 
Ind.; chartered April 15, 1869; suspended 1872. 

21. Virginia Alpha, Roanoke College, Salem, Va.; chartered May 
31, 1869; suspended 1896. 

22. Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.; 
chartered November 21, 1870. 

28. Illinois Gamma, Monmouth College, Monmouth, 111.; chartered 
January 12, 1871; suspended 1884. 

24. Illinois Delta, Knox College, Galesburg, 111.; chartered March 
16, 1S71; suspended 1878; rechartered 1880; suspended 1882; revived 

25. Georgia Alpha Prime, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Ga.; 
chartered May 8, 1871; suspended 1872. 

26. Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.; chartered 
June 5, 1871. 

27. Georgia Beta, ETmory College, Oxford, Ga.; chartered June 
15, 1871. 

28. Iowa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, 
Iowa; chartered September 27, 1871. 

29. Georgia Gamma, Mercer University, Macon, Ga.; chartered 
January 2, 1872. 

30. Ohio Delta, University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio; chartered 
February 24, 1872; suspended 1880; revived 1881; suspended 1897. 

31. New York Alpha, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. T.; chartered 
February 29, 1872; suspended 1876; rechartered 1886. 

32. Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College, Baston, Pa.; char- 
tered June 5, 1873. 

33. California Alpha, University of California, Berkeley, Cal.; 
chartered June 16, 1873; suspended 1877; rechartered 1886. 

34. Michigan Beta, Michigan State College, Lansing, Mich.; char- 
tered November 8, 1873; suspended 1898. 

36. Virginia Beta, University of Virginia, Charlottesville^ Va.; 
chartered November 18, 1873. 

36. Virginia Gamma, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va.; 
chartered February 2, 1874. 


37. Ohio BpBllon, Buchtel Ck>llege, Akron, Ohio; chartered Janu- 
ary 19, 1876; suspended 1896. 

38. Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb.; 
chartered March 16, 1875; suspended 1876; rechartered 1883. 

39. Virginia Delta, Richmond College, Richmond, Va.; chartered 
September 30, 1875; suspended 1895. 

40. Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa.; 
chartered November 1, 1875. 

41. Pennsylvania Gamma, Washington and Jefferson College, 
Washington, Pa.; chartered December 4, 1875. 

42. Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn.; 
chartered January 20, 1876; suspended 1876; revived 1877. 

43. Pennsylvania Eta, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa.; 
chartered April 19, 1876; suspended 1877; rechartered 1887. 

44. Missouri Beta Prime, Central College, Fayette, Mo.; chartered 
May 29, 1876; suspended 1878. 

46. Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mls&; 
chartered June 9, 1877. 

46. Alabama Alpha, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.: 
chartered October 17, 1877; suspended 1877; revived 1883. 

47. Virginia Bpsilon, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va.; 
chartered February 9, 1878; suspended 1889. 

48. Illinois l^sllon, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, 
111.; chartered May 23, 1878; suspended 1897. 

49. Texas Alpha, Trinity University, Waxahachie, Texas; char- 
tered May 23, 1878; suspended 1883. 

50. North Carolina Alpha, Trinity College, Durham, N. C; 
chartered May 23, 1878; suspended 1879. 

51. Illinois Zeta, Lombard College, Galesburg, III.; chartered 
November 24, 1878. 

52. Alabama Beta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala.; 
chartered January 30, 1879. 

53. South Carolina Alpha, Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C; 
chartered January 31, 1879; suspended 1885. 

54. Pennsylvania Delta, Allegheny College, Meadvllle, Pa.; char- 
tered May 8, 1879. 

55. Vermont Alpha, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt; 
chartered October 30, 1879. 

56. Pennsylvania Bpsilon, Dickinson College, Carlisle^ Pa.; char- 
tered October 27, 1880. 

57. Missouri Beta, Westminster College, Fulton, Ma; chartered 
October 27, 1880. 


79. MaBsachusetts Beta, Amherst College^ Amherst, Mass.; char- 
tered May 5, 1888. 

80. Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University, Providence, R. I.; 
chartered January 18, 1889. 

81. Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University of Louisiana, New Or- 
leans, La.; chartered October 16, 1889. 

82. Missouri Gamma, Washington University, Saint Louis, Mo.; 
chai-tered March 28, 1891. 

83. California Beta, Leland Stanford Junior University, Palo 
Alto, Cal.; chartered October 23, 1891. 

84. Indiana Theta, Purdue University, West Lafiiyette, Ind.; 
chartered March 17, 1893. 

85. Illinois ETta, University of Illinois, Champaign, 111.; chartered 
December 19, 1893. 

86. Ohio Eta, Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio; 
chartered November 28, 1896. 

87. Ohio Theta, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio; char- 
tered June 18, 1898. 

88. Washington Alpha; University of Washington, Seattle, 
Wash.; chartered November 29, 1900. 

89. Kentucky Bpsllon, Kentucky State College, Lexington, Ky.; 
chartered May 20, 1901. 

90. Quebec Alpha, McGlll University, Montreal, Canada; char- 
tered March 29, 1902. 

91. Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.; 
chartered May 31, 1902. 

92. Georgia Delta, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.; 
chartered June 4, 1902. 

93. Peunpylvania Theta, Pennsylvania State College, State Col- 
lege, Pa.; chartered April 23, 1904. 

94. Ontario Alpha, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada; 
chartered May 18, 1906. 

Chapters chartered, 94; chapters active, 70; chapters inactive, 24; 
total membership, 14,525. 


(The date shown is date of establishment) 

1. Franklin, Ind., November 7, 1876. 

2. Richmond, Va., May 18, 1878. 

3. Indianapolis, Ind., September 17, 1879. 

4. Louisville, Ky., October 27, 1880. 
6. Baltimore, Md., October 27, 1880. 

6. Montgomery, Ala., October 27, 1880. 

7. Chicago, 111., February 1, 1881. 

8. Galesburg, 111., October 12, 1881. 

9. Nashville, Tenn., October 12, 1881. 

10. Cincinnati, Ohio, December 17, 1881. 

11. Washington, D. C, April 4, 1884. 

12. Columbus, Ga., June 9, 1884. 

13. Akron, Ohio, July 4, 1884. 

14. New York, N. Y., November 13, 1884. 

15. Kansas City, Mo., June 29, 1885. 

16. Minneapolis, Minn., November 5, 1885. 

17. San Francisco, Cal., May 10, 1886. 

18. Atlanta, Ga., December 7, 1886. 

19. Pittsburg, Pa., January 17, 1887. 

20. Saint Louis, Mo., April 11, 1887. 

21. Selma, Ala., November 21, 1887. 

22. Saint Paul, Minn., March 26, 1888; 
consolidated with the Minneapolis Club in 1891. 

23. Philadelphia, Pa., March 26, 1888. 

24. Lob Angeles, Cal., June 12, 1888. 

25. Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2, 1891. 

26. Cleveland, Ohio, December 20, 1892. 

27. Boston, Mass., February 22, 1893. 

28. Denver, Colo., April 26, 1893. 

29. Spokane, Wash., September 2, 1893. 

30. Birmingham, Ala., April 10, 1896. 

31. Macon, Ga., Jane 21, 1896. 

32. Mobile, Ala., December 17, 1896. 

33. La Crosse, Wis., October 31, 1896. 
84. Detroit, Biich., April 19, 1897. 

86. New Orleans, La., August 2, 1897. 

86. Milwaukee, Wis., September 9, 1897. 


37. Ck>lumba8, Ohio, April 23, 1898. 

38. Providence, R. I., May 28, 1898. 

39. Athens, Ohio, October 19, 1898. 

40. Austin, Texas, May 19, 1899. 

41. Syracuse, N. T., August 23, 1900. 

42. Seattle, Wash., September 29, 1900. 

43. Harvard University, November 12, 1900. 

44. Toledo, Ohio, November 28, 1900. 

45. Hamilton, Ohio, January 12, 1901. 
4fi. Schenectady, N. T., April 3, 1901. 

47. Meridian, Miss., November 22, 1901. 

48. Omaha, Neb., May 2, 1902. 

49. Crawfordsville, Ind., May 8, 1902. 

50. Menasha, Wis., September 6, 1902. 
61. Bloomington, 111., November 6, 1902. 

52. Portland, Ore., November 22, 1902. 

53. Peoria, 111., November 22, 1902. 

54. Oklahoma City, Okla., January 24, 1903. 

55. Warren, Pa., November 14, 1903. 

56. Burlington, Vt, March 12, 1904. 

57. Lexington, Ky., March 18, 1904. 

58. Fort Smith, Ark., April 4, 1904. 

59. Hutchinson, Kan., April 8, 1904. 

60. Sioux City, Iowa, June 6, 1904. 

61. Mount Pleasant, Iowa, April 22, 1906. 

62. Elkhart and Goshoi Ind., November 16, 1906. 

63. Waterville, Maine, December 25, 1905. 

64. Madison, Ind., February 10, 1906. 

65. Lafayette, Ind., February 22, 1906. 

66. Tacoma, Wash., Bfarch 16, 1906. 

67. Bloomington, Ind., March 16, 1906. 

68. Fort Wayne, Ind., April 3, 1906. 

69. Tipton, Ind., April 18, 1906. 

70. Columbus, Ind., April 21, 1906. 

71. Oxford, Ohio, August 9, 1906. 

72. Frankfort, Ind., September 14 1906. 

73. Greenwood, Miss., October 29, 1906. 

74. South Bend, Ind., November 8, 1906. 

75. Aurora, 111., November 22, 1906 


10-11, 1868. Members present, 22. Preeident, O. F. Baker; Vice 
Presidents* B. J. Jones» Elam Fisher, 8. B. Malian, U W. Florea. 
R. C. Storey, J. C. Maglll, B. F. Steams, F. A. Smith; Secretary, 
W. J. Blston; Assistant Secretaries, C. O. Perry, B. BL Mills; 
Orator, H. C. Guffln; Poet, C. P. Jacobs. 

Grand Alpha Chapter: Illinois Beta, University of Chlcaco^ 
Chicago, 111. 

ETxecutiye Committee: President, B. P. Jones; Secretary, F. A. 
Smith; R. A. D. Wilbanks, Charles Groenendyke, D. C. Pennington. 

Convention of 1869 to Convention of 1870. 

Convention VII. National Convention, Chicago, 111., June 9-10, 

1869. Members present, 29. President, R. W. Bridge; Vice Presir 
dents. Harvey Lee W. S. Cantrell, J. F. Gookins; Secretary William 
Thomson; Assistant Secretaries, D. B. Williams, J. B. Blam; ICar^ 
shal, D. M. Hillis; Poet, J. F. Gookins. 

Grand Alpha Chapter: Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, 

Executive Committee: President, F. A. Smith; secretary, Blam 
Fisher; Harvey Lee, C. O. Perry, R. C. Stor^, D. A. Planck, D. B. 

Convention of 1870 to Convention of 1871. 

Convention VIII. National Convention, Oxford, Ohio, May 11-12, 

1870. Members present, 30. President R. L. Lyons; Vice Presi- 
dentB, C. P. Jacobs, D. B. Williams, W. B. Carpenter; Secretary, 
J. B. Elam; Assistant Secretaries, J. L. Fletcher, R. O. Post; ICar^ 
shal, F. C. Danaldson; Orator, H. C. Guffln; Poet, C. P. Jacobs; 
Toastmaster, R. L. Lyons. 

Grand Alpha Chapter: Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, 

Executive Committee: President, H. C. Guffln; Secretary, J. B. 
Elam; G. M. Royce, C. P. Jacobs, F. A. Smith, D. B. Floyd. 

Editors of the Catalogue: D. E. Platter, B. F. Thomas (Editors 
of second edition, 1870). ' 

Convention of 1871 to Convention of 1872. 

Convention IX. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., Ifay 
10-12, 1871. Members present, 41. President, S. T. Quick; ^ce 
Presidents, D. B. Platter, Clark Craycroft; Secretary, R. O. Post; 
Assistant Secretaries, Thomas Hartley, D. W. Herriott; Marshal, 
A. G. Alcott; Orator, J. Z. Moore; Poet, J. M. Oldfather. 

Grand Alpha Chapter: Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, 


Executive Committee: President, D. E. Platter; Secretary, 8. T. 
Quick; Faye Walker, D. B. Floyd, C. B. Gaskill. 

Editors of the Catalogue: W. M. Fisher, J. A. Rankin, J. H. 
Gilmore, H. R. Buckingham. (Gllmore resigning, Buckingham was 
appointed February 24, 1872; Fisher, Rankin and Buckingham 
Editors of third edition, 1872.) 

CowvEwnow OF 1872 to Convention of 1873. 

Convention X. National Convention, Danville, Ky., May 8-10, 
1872. Members present, 29. President, C. O. Perry; Vice Presi- 
dents, James Robinson, W. M. Duncan; Secretary, H. G. Brad- 
ford; Assistant Secretary, P. S. Goodwin; Marshal, A. W. Ring- 
land; Orator, T. J. Morgan; Toastmaster, C. O. Perry. 

Grand Alpha Chapter: Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, 

Executive Committee: President, C. O. Perry; Secretary, H. G. 
Bradford; P. S. Goodwin, C. A. Atkinson, W. H. Ripley. 

Convention of 1873 to Convention of 1874. 

Convention XI. National Convention (the Quarto-Centennial 
Convention), Athens, Ohio, May 14-16, 1873. President, C. O. Perry; 
First Vice-President, C. F. Knowlton; Second Vice-President, W. N. 
Pickerill; Secretary, H. G. Bradford; First Assistant Secretary, 
C. M. Beckwith; Second Assistant Secretary, Emmett Tompkins; 
Marshal, M. J. Morgan; Orator, Ransford Smith; Historian, C. O. 

Grand Alpha Chapter: Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, 
Ohio, to August 11, 1873; afterward, Ohio Delta, University of 
Wooster, Wooster. Ohio. 

Executive Committee: President and Grand Banker, C. O. Perry; 
Secretary, H. G. Bradford; J. P. Roth, C. F. Knowlton, M. J. Mor- 

Convention of 1874 to Convention of 1875. 

Convention XII. National Convention, Crawfordsville, Ind., May 
20-22, 1874. Members present, 69. President, C. D. Whitehead; 
First Vice-President, C. M. Beckwith; Second Vice-President, S. W. 
Carpenter; Secretary, H. G. Bradford; First Assistant Secretary, 
B. E. Anderson; Second Assistant Secretary, C. T. Jamieson; Mar- 
shal, W. F. Ringland; Orator, B. K. Elliott; Poet, C. P. Jacobs; 
Necrologist, C. D. Whitehead; Toastmaster, C. O. Perry. 

National Grand Chapter: Ohio Delta, University of Wooster, 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Ehcecntive Committee: President, C. D. Whitehead; Secretary, 


H. G. Bradford; Grand Banker, G. O. Perry, snooeeded, January, 
1875, by G. D. Whitehead; G. A. Atkinson, A. A. Marshall, B. L. 
Duckwall, W. H. LaMonte. 

Editor of the Song Book: P. W. Search (Editor of preliminary 
edition, 1874). 


Gonvention XIII. National Gonvention, Danville, Ky., May 19-21, 
1875. Members present, 36. President, G. M. Beckwlth; First 
Vice-President, J. P. Roth; Second Vice-President, P. J. Annis; 
Secretary, H. S. Bradford; Marshal, J. D. Fleming; Orator, T. W. 
Bullitt; Poet, W. P. Black (the Orator and Poet were absent, but 
both forwarded their manuscripts); Necrologist, G. M. Beckwlth; 
Toastroaster, G. E. Patters<m. 

National Grand Ghapter: Ohio Delta, University of Wooster, 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Executive Gommittee: President, Faye Walker; Secretary, H. G. 
Bradford; Grand Banker, G. D. Whitehead; G. B. Patterson, J. D. 
Fleming, F. J. Annis. 

The Scroll (calendar year 1876): Editors, W. O. Bates, frater- 
nity department; A. B. Thrasher, alumni department; S. J. Tom- 
linson, literary department Publisher, J. G. Norrls. 

The Scroll (calendar year 1876): Editor, W. O. Bates; Pub- 
lisher, J. G. Norrls. 

Editor of the Song Book: F. J. Annis, succeeded, fall of 1876, 
by P. W. Search (Editor of first ediUon, 1876). 

GoNVENnoN OF 1876 to GoirnENTiON of 1878. 

Gonvention XIV. National Gonvention, Philadelphia, Pa., July 
11-13, 1876. Members present, 27. President, D. B. Floyd (ab- 
sent) ; First Vice-President, G. W. Bixby (presided) ; Second Vice- 
President, James Robinson; Secretary, J. G. Norrls; Assistant Sec- 
retary, H. G. Smith; Bfarshal, J. R. Foulks; Orator, J. BL Worrall; 
Poet, W. O. Bates; Toastmaster, G. W. Bixby. 

National Grand Ghapter: Ohio Delta, University of Wooster, 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Executive Gommittee: President, D. B. Floyd, succeeded, FMlh 
ruary 26, 1877, by G. B. Gaskill; Secretary, J. G. Norrls; Grand 
Banker, G. D. Whitehead; National Grand representative, B. M. 

The Scroll: Editor, M. F. Parrlsh; Business Manager, J. B. 
Pomeroy (both elected by the Gonvention of 1876) ; the latter sue- 


ceeded, 1877, by W. D. Shipman (but the magazine was aaspended 
from September, 1876, to September, 1878). 

Editors of the Catalogue: George Banta, A. G. Foster (volun- 
teered as Editors, 1877, and edited fourth edition, 1878, several 
others having served temporarily and resigned). 

Ck)NVENnoN OF 1878 to Ck)NVENnoN OF 1880. 

Convention XV. National Convention, Wooster, Ohio, May 22-24, 
1878. Members present, 62. President, C. J. Reddig; First Vice- 
President, C. W. Bixby; Second Vice-President, G. W. Cone; Secre- 
tary, J. C. Norris; Assistant Secretary, H. G. Bradford; Orator, 
Emmett Tompkins; Poet, P. W. Search; Historian, A. G. Foster; 
Toastmaster, H. G. Bradford. 

National Grand Chapter: Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College, 
Eiiston, Pa. 

Executive Committee: President, C. J. Reddig; Secretary, J. C. 
Norris; Grand Banker, C. D. Whitehead; National Grand representar 
tive, G. W. Plack, succeeded, November, 1879, by J. T. Morrison, 
who was succeeded, June, 1880, by T. B. Boughton, who was suc- 
ceeded, September, 1880, by A. C. McCauley. 

The Scroll: Editor, M. F. Parrish; Business Manager, George 
Banta, succeeded, December, 1878, by M. F. Troxell; Assistant 
Business Manager, Charles Boaz, November, 1878 (one issue). 

Convention of 1880 to Convention of 1882. 

Convention XVI. National C:k>nvention, Indianapolis, Ind., Octo- 
ber 26-29, 1880. Members present, 104. President, C. J. Reddig 
(President Executive Committee) and George Banta (P. G. C); 
First Vice-President, A. C. McCauley; Second Vice-President, J. C. 
Rich; Secretary, J. C. Norris (Secretary Executive Committee) and 
H. L. Van Nostrand (S. G. C); First Assistant Secretary, A. G. 
Foster; Second Assistant Secretary, A. W. Butler; Chaplain, Robert 
Morrison; Marshal, W. M. Floyd; Orator, Alston Ellis; Poet, A. G. 
Foster; Historian, D. D. Banta; Toastmaster, B. K. Elliott 

(General Council: President, Ctoorge Banta; Secretary, H. L. Van 
Nostrand; Treasurer, C. J. Reddig; Historian, W. B. Palmer. 

Board of Trustees: The (General Council of 1880-82, and Alston 
Ellis, Scott Bonham, M. F. Parrish, W. F. Ham, W. D. Shipman.* 

Province Presidents: Alpha (chapters in Vermont, Pennsyl- 
vaniat), A. C. McCauley, succeeded, October, 1881, by C. P. Bassett; 
Beta (Ohio, Indiana), Scott Bonham; Ckunma (Michigan, Illinois, 

*No change made until 1808. 

^Only States Itf which collefe chapters were established are mentioned. 


Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota), BL C. Summers; Delta 
(Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee), Lyman Chalkl^y; Bpsilon (North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Blisslssippi, Texas), 
J. BL Barrs. 

State Presidents (appointed by Province Presidents early in 
1881, (Georgia, W. W. Hardy; Texas, F. N. Drane; Michigan, J. 
M. HoUingsworth; Illinois, W. R. Worrall, succeeded October, 1881, 
by J. A. FuUin wider; Wisconsin, D. S. McArthur; Iowa, Gardner 
Cowles; Missouri, C. B. Sebastian. 

The Scroll: Editor, BL F. Troxell; Assistant Editor, H. H. 

Editors of the Catalogue: W. B. Palmer, A. G. Foster, Ctoorge 
Banta. (All three began work voluntarily, summer of 1879; Palmer 
and Banta elected by the Convention of 1880; Foster appointed by 
the General Council, December 6, 1881; Banta resigned, spring of 

Editors of the Song Book: A. G. Foster, W. B. Palmer, F. B. 
Hunter (volunteered as Editors, October, 1881, and edited second 
ediUon, 1882). 

CoifVEnnoN or 1882 to Convkntion or 1884. 

Convention XVII. Naticmal Convention, Richmond, Va., October 
24-27, 1882. Members present, 82. Presidents, Gtoorge Banta, H. U. 
Brown; First Vice-President, W. B. Palmer; Second Vice-President, 
W. B. C. Brown; Secretaries, W. H. Lyons, W. E. Knight; First 
Assistant Secretary, G. E. Sawyer; Second Assistant Secretary, 
R. O. Bigiey; Chaplain, J. A. Laneaster; Marshal, O. L. Steames; 
Orator, B. K. Elliott; Poet, W. W. Seals; Prophet, Emmett Tomp- 

Greneral Council: President, H. U. Brown; Secretary, W. E. 
Knight; Treasurer, C. A. Foster; Historian, A. A. Steams. 

Province Presidents: Alpha (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, 
New York, Pennsylvania), C. P. Bassett; Beta (Virginia, South 
Carolina), C. R. Sands, succeeded, December, 1882, by G. 8. Shank* 
lin, who ^as succeeded, September, 1883, by B. F. Buchanan, who 
was succeeded, October, 1884, by E. P. Valentine^ Gamma (Tennes- 
see, Greorgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas), C. BL Beckwith, suc- 
ceeded, March, 1883, by S. P. Gilbert; Delta (Ohio, Kentucky), F. 0. 
Payne; Epsilon (Michigan, Indiana), P. H. Clugston; Zeta (Illinois, 
Wisconsin), M. C. Summers; E#ta (Biissouri, Iowa, Minnesota, 
Nebraska, Kansas), P. L. Sever. 

The BcroJl: Editors, G. B. Thomas, November, 1882, to Bfay, 
1883; W. B. Palmer, October, 1888, to November, 1884. Assistant 


Bditons, R. 0. Bigley, November, 1882, to May, 1883; C. L. Good- 
win, M. C. Remsburg, C. F. Bailey, Emmett Tompkins and W. B. 
Palmer, all March, 1883, to May, 1883; T. H. Simmons, May, 1883 
(one Issue) ; G. C. Greer and H. M. Meriwether, both October, 1883, 
to May, 1884; J. M. Mayer and J. B. Shaw, both October and 
November, 1884, Business Managers, W. R. Manler, October, 1883, 
to May, 1884; E. H. L. Randolph, October and November, 1884. 
Assistant Business Manager, J. T. Boddle, October, 1883, to May, 

Editors of the Catalogue: W. B. Palmer, A. G. Foster (Editors 
of fifth edition, 1883). 

Convention of 1884 to (Convention of 1886. 

Convention XVIII. National Convention, Nashville, Tenn., No- 
vember 11-14, 1884. Members present, 127. President, H. U. 
Brown; Secretary, L. C. Blandlng; Assistant Secretary, E. H. L. 
Randolph; Chaplain, W. H. Cotton; Orator, J. F. Philips; Poet, 
W. A. Jones; Historian, A. A. Steams; Prophet, George Bryan; 
Toastmaster, H. U. Brown. 

General Council: President, H. U. Brown; Secretary, C. P. Bas- 
sett; Treasurer, C. A. Foster; Historian, A. A. Steams. 

Province Presidents (Massachusetts added to Alpha, North Caro- 
lina to Beta, California to Eta; other provinces unchanged) : Alpha, 
G. E. Sawyer, succeeded, January 4, 1886, by W. R. Worrall; Beta. 
O. L. Steamee, succeeded, January 29, 1886, by G. W. Cone; Gamma, 
S. P. Gilbert; Delta, J. E. Randall, succeeded, April 29, 1886, by 
J. T. Morrison; Epsilon, J. M. Ck>odwln; Zeta, T. H. Simmons; Eta, 
T. S. Ridge. 

The Scroll: Managing Editor, J. M. Mayer. Associate Editors — 
J. B. Shaw and J. B. Kerfoot, both December, 1884, to June, 1885; 
T. H. Baskerville and Leo Wampold, both October, 1886, to October, 
1886. Special Editor, W. B. Palmer, June, 1886 (one Issue). Busi- 
ness Manager, E. H. L. Randolph. Assistant Business Manager, 
Albert Shlels. 

Editor of the History: W. B. Palmer (appointed by the (General 
Council, January 20, 1885; author of first edition of the Manual, 

Editors of the Song Book: W. E. O'Kane, H. A. Kahler, F. D. 
Swope, B. H. If. Randolph. (O'Kane, Kahler and Swope elected 
by the Convention of 1884; O'Kane and Kahler resigning, Randolph 
was appointed by the Gtoeral Council, December, 1885; Swope and 
Randolph Editors of third edition, 1886.) 


Convention op 1886 to Ck)NyENTioN of 1889. 

Convention XIX. National Convention, New York, N. Y., October 
18-22, 1886. Members present, 135. Presld^it, H. U. Brown; Secre- 
tary, C. P. Bassett; Chaplain, W. M. Carr; Historian, A. A. Steams; 
Toastmaster, J. M. Worrall. 

General Council: President, C. P. Bassett; Secretary, J. B. 
Brown; Treasurer, S. P. Gilbert; Historian, E. H. L. Randolph. 

Province Presdents (Rhode Island added to Alpha; other prov- 
inces unchanged) : Alpha, D. R. Horton, succeeded, June 12, 1888, 
by G. L. Richardson; Beta, C. B. Tlppett; Gamma, Glenn Andrews, 
succeeded, November 26, 1888, by W. W. Quarles; Delta, J. T. Mor- 
rison, succeeded, January 25, 1888, by W. E. O'Kane, who was suc- 
ceeded, March 26, 1889, by W. E. Bundy; Epsilon, W. C. Covert, 
succeeded, February 27, 1888, by J. E. Davidson; Zeta, W. L. Miller; 
Eta, H. W. Clark, succeeded, January 25, 1888, by Conway Mac- 

The Scroll: Managing Editors — Albert Shields, November, 1886, 
to February, 1887; B. H. L. Randolph, March, 1887, to October, 
1889. Associate Editors — J. B. Kerfoot, November and December, 
1886; Mason Carnes, January to June, 1887; G. S. Potter, Jr., Octo- 
ber, 1887, to November, 1888. Exchange Editor, J. E. Brown, 
February, 1887, to June, 1889. Special Editor, W. B. Palmer, Octo- 
ber, 1887 (one issue). Business Managers — Leo Wampold, Novem* 
ber, 1886, to May, 1888; B. S. Orcutt, October, 1888, to October, 1889. 
Assistant Business Managers — B. S. Orcutt, November and Decem- 
ber, 1886; J. B. Kerfoot, January to June, 1887; W. H. Erb, October, 
1887, to October, 1888. Board of Publication— D. R. Horton, Chair- 
man, November, 1886, to October, 1889 ; T. H. BaskerviUe, Secretary, 
November, 1886, to October, 1889; E. H. L. Randolph, November, 
1886, to October, 1889; W. R. Worrall, November, 1886 (one issue); 
Albert Shiels, November, 1886, to February, 1887, and February, 
1889, to October, 1889; W. S. Ferris, January, 1887, to January, 
1889; B. S. Orcutt, March, 1887, to October, 1889. 

Editors of the Catalogue — ^B. H. L. Randolph, F. D. Swope (both 
appointed by the General Council, January, 1888). 

Editor of the History: W. B. Palmer. 

Convention op 1889 to Convention of 1891. 

Convention XX. National Convention, Bloomington, 111., October 
14-18, 1889. Members present, 110. President, C. P. Bassett; Secre- 
tary, J. E. Brown; Assistant Secretary, B. H. Habn; Chaplain, Rob- 
ert Morrison; Orator, Emmett Tompkins; Poet, Edward Fuller; 
Historian, E. H. L. Randolph; Prophet, C. P. Bassett; Toastmaster, 
Emmett TompkioB. 


General Ck>uncll: Preeident, E. H. L. Randolph; Secretary, H. T. 
Miller; Treasurer, H. W. Clark; Historian, W. W. Quarles. 

Province Presidents: Alpha (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, 
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania ) , Q. W. Rob- 
erts, succeeded, October 24, 1890, by B. S. Orcutt, who was succeeded, 
September 25, 1891, by J. M. Mayer; Beta (Virginia, North Carolina, 
South Carolina, Kentucky), W. A. G. Bratton; Gamma (Tennessee, 
Georgia, Alabama), F. S. Ball; Delta (Mississippi, Louisiana, 
Texas). H. T. C:k>ttam, Jr., who was succeeded, October 24, 1890, by 
C. H. Tebault, Jr.; Bpsilon (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana), J. L. Mitchell, 
Jr.; Zeta (Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, 
Nebraska, California), I. R. Hitt, Jr. 

The Scroll: Editor, J. E. Brown. 

Editors of the Catalogue: E. H. L. Randolph, F. D. Swope. 

Editor of the History: W. B. Palmer. 

Custodian of Archives: W. B. Palmer. 

Paraphernalia Agent: J. E. Brown.* 

Convention of 1891 to Convention or 1894. 

Convention XXI. National Convention, Atlanta, Ga., October 
19-28, 1891. Members present, 167. President, B. H. U Randolph; 
Secretary, H. T. Miller; Assistant Secretary, D. N. Marble; Chap- 
lain, H. T. Miller; Orator, J. S. Jenckes; Poet, H. O. Sibley; His- 
torian, W. W. Quarles; Toastmaster, J. D. Berry. 

General Council: Presdent, W. W. Quarles; Secretary, H. T. 
Miller (while he wa« in Europe, June, 1892, to September, 1893, 
J. L. Mitchell, Jr., acted as S. G. C); Treasurer, I. R. Hitt, Jr.; 
Historian, D. N. Marble. 

Province Presidents (province boundaries unchanged): Alpha, 
J. BL Mayer; Beta, F. S. Ball; Gamma, P. M. Jones; Delta, C. H. 
Tebault, Jr.; Epsilon, J. L. Mitchell, Jr.; Zeta, W. R. Brown. 

The ScroU: Editor, J. B. Brown. 

Editors of the Catalogue: E. H. L. Randolph, F. D. Swope (Edi- 
tors of sixth edition, 1894). 

Editor of the History: W. B. Palmer. 

Custodian of Archives: H. O. Sibley. 

Convention or 1894 to Convention or 1896. 

Convention XXII. National Convention, Indianapblis, Ind., May 
7*11, 1896. Members present, 204. President, H. T. Miller; Secre- 
tary, W. R. Brown; Assistant Secretary, C. A. Wilcox; Chaplain, J. 
8. Jenckes; Toastmaster, W. A. Woods. 

•No change made until 1898. Code then adopted provides that the 8. 
O. C shall furnish Information to chapters Inquiring about paraphernalia. 


General Ck>ancil: President, H. T. MiUer; Secretary, W. R- 
Brown; Treasurer, F. S. Ball; Historian, D. N. Marble. 

Province Presidents (province boundaries unchanged): Alpha, 
J. C. Moore, Jr.; Beta, Bi. H. Guerrant; Gamma, F. C. Keen; Delta. 
J. A. Fain, Jr.; Bpsilon, & B. Findley; Zeta, J. G. Wallace. 

The Scroll: Elditor, J. B. Brown (Bditor also of The Palladium, 
beginning November, 1S94). 

Bditor of the History: W. B. Palmer. 

Bditors of the Song Book: W. B. Palmer, F. D. Swope (Bditon 
of fourth edition, 1896). 

Custodian of Archives: H. O. Sibley. 

Ck)iivsNTioN OF 1896 TO Ck)NVEirnoN of 1898. 

Convention XXIII. National Convention, Philadelphia, Pa., No- 
vember 24-28, 1896. Members present, 192. President, H. T. Miller; 
Secretary, W. R. Brown; Assistant Secretary, M. H. Guerrant; 
Chaplain, W. P. Fulton; Wardens— W. A. McClenthen, A. M. Mo- 
Crillis; Toastmaster, H. T. Miller. 

General Council: President, W. B. Palmer; Secretary, W. R. 
Brown; Reporter, H. T. Miller; Treasurer, F. S. Ball; Historian, 
McCluney Radcliffe. 

Province Presidents: Alpha (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, 
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania), J. C. Moore, 
Jr.; Beta (Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee), BL H. 
Guerrant; Gamma (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas), 
Schuyler Poitevent; Delta (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana), H. H. Ward; 
Bpsilon (Illionis, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, 
Nebraska, California), J. G. Wallace. 

The Scroll and The Palladium: Bditor and Manager, H. T. Biiller. 

Bditor of the History: W. B. Palmer (author of second edition 
of the Bianual, 1897). 

Fraternity Librarian: J. B. Brown. 


Convention, XXIV. National Convention (the Semi-Centennial 
Cktnvention), Columbus, Ohio, November 21-25, 1898. Members pres- 
ent, 208. President, W. B. Palmer; Secretary, W. R. Brown; As- 
sistant Secretary, D. N. Marble; Chaplain, Robert Morrison; 
Wardens— W. F. Bradshaw, Jr., J, M. Barr, W. G. Stephan, R. L. 
Hardy; Toastmaster, Elmmett Tompkins. 

(^neral Council: President, J. C. Moore, Jr.; Secretary, F. D. 
Swope, succeeded, March 31, 1900, by F. J. R. Mitchell; Reporter, 
H. T. Miller; Treasurer, H. H. Ward; Historian, McCluney Radcliffe. 


Board of TruBtees: The General Council and J. E. Brown, Bm- 
mett Tompkins, A. A. Steams and R. H. Switzler. 

Province Presidents: Alpha (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, 
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania), W. W. 
Case, succeeded, October 10, 1900, by J. M. Wright; Beta (Virginia, 
North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee), J. H. DeWitt; Gamma 
(Georgia, Alabama), B. G. Hallman; Delta (Ohio, Michigan), W. T. 
Morris, succeeded, November 18, 1899, by J. B. Ballou; Epsilon (In- 
diana), E. B. Ruby; Zeta (Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, 
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska), F. J. R. Mitchell, succeeded, April 18, 
1900, by R. H. Switzler; Bta (Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas), J. A. 
Lomax; Theta (California), W. O. Morgan. 

The Scroll and The Palladium: Editor and Manager, H. T. 

Editors of the Catalogue: L. J. Shlesinger, F. E. Hulett 

Editor of the History: W. B. Palmer. 

Fraternity Librarian: J. B. Brown. 

Ck)irvENTioN OF 1900 TO Convention or 1902. 

Convention XXV. National Convention, Louisville, Ky., Novem- 
ber 26-30, 1900. Members present, 269. Presid^it, J. C. Moore, Jr.; 
Secretary, F. J. R. Mitchell; Assistant Secretaries — W. C. Isett, Bem 
Price, Jr.; Chaplain, C. H. Jones; Wardens— W. C. Day, W. E. Cox, 
G. E. Buxton, Jr., L. A. Folsom; Toastmaster, A. P. Humphrey. 

General Council: President, H. H. Ward; Secretary, F. J. R. 
Mitchell: Reporter, H. T. Miller; Treasurer, J. H. DeWitt; His- 
torian, R. H. Switzler. 

Board of Trustees: The General Council and J. C. Moore, Jr., 
McCluney Radcliffe, F. S. Ball, succeeded, May 28, 1902, by George 
Banta, and F. D. Swope, succeeded, August 15, 1902, by A. B. Gil- 

Province Presidents (Quebec added to Alpha, CJolorado to Zeta, 
Washington to Theta; other provinces unchanged*): Alpha, J. M. 
Wright (A. M. McCrillis appointed Vice-President, January 20, 
1902); Beta, R. J. McBryde, Jr.; Gamma, E. G. Hallman; Delta, 
J. B. Ballou; Epsilon, E. E. Ruby, succeeded, October 7, 1901, by S. 
K. Ruick, Jr.; Zeta, W. H. Raymond; Eta, G. L. Ray; Theta, W. 0. 

The Scroll and The Palladium: Editor and Manager, H. T. 

^Except that, as directed by the National Convention of 1900, the Gen- 
eral Council assigned to the existing provinces aU the unassigned States 
and territories and Canada. 


Miller. Special Editors— W. B. Palmer, Scroll, February, 1901; Pal- 
ladiumt January, February, March, 1901; R. H. Switzler, Scroll, 
April, 1901; Palladium, May, 1901. Assistant Special Bditora— J. H. 
DeWitt, Scroll, February, 1901; J. B. Brown, Scroll, February and 
April, 1901. 

Editors of the Catalogue: .G. H. English, Jr., C. F. Lamkin. 

Editor of the History: W. B. Palmer. 

Editors of the Song Book: W. B. Palmer, H. T. Miller, C. A. 
Bohn, O. S. Parsons. (Palmer and Miller elected by the Conven- 
tion of 1900; Miller resigning, Bohn was appointed by the General 
Council, December 31, 1900; Parsons appointed, October 18, 1901; 
Palmer, Bohn and Parsons Editors of fifth edition, 1902.) 

Fraternity Librarian: J. E. Brown. 

Convention of 1902 to Convention of 1904. 

Convention XXVI. National Convention, New York, N. Y., No- 
vember 24-29. 1902. Members present, 547. President, H. H. Ward; 
Secretary, F. J. R. Mitchell; Assistant Secretaries — E. E. Ruby, V. 
B. Barnes; Chaplain, J. B. Shaw; Wardens— W. R. Brown, Burton 
Beck, H. C. Selby; Toastmaster, J. B. Shaw. 

General Council: President, J. E. Brown; Secretary, F. J. R. 
Mitchell; Reporter, R. H. Switzler, succeeded, January 15, 1904, by 
J. U. DeWitt; Treasurer, J. H. DeWItt, succeeded, January 15, 1904, 
by J. B. Ballon; Historian, A. M. McCrillis. 

Chapter House Commission: H. T. Miller, J. C. Moore, Jr. 

Alumni Commission: H. H. Ward, Lamar Hardy. 

Province Presidents (province boundaries unchanged) : Alpha, 
T. M. Phetteplace (Canada, New England); B. M. L. Elrnst, (New 
York, Pennsylvania); Beta, H. L. Watson; Gamma, W. A. Speer; 
Delta, J. B. Ballou, succeeded, February 18, 1904, by C. S. Hoskinson; 
Epsilon, W. H. Hays; Zeta, C. F. Lamkin; Eta, G. L. Ray; Theta, 
J. B. McDowell. 

The Scroll and The Palladium: Editor and Manager, R. H. 
Switzler, succeeded, January 15, 1904, by J. H. DeWitt, who ap- 
pointed W. B. Palmer as Assistant Editor, January 15, 1904. 

Editors of the Catalogue: G. H. English, Jr., resignation ac^ 
cepted, December 31, 1903; E. E. Ruby, resignation accepted, April 
25, 1904; T. J. Griffin, Jr., appointed sole Editor of the Catalogue, 
April 25, 1904. 

Editor of the History: W. B. Palmer. 

Fraternity Librarian: J. E. Brown. 

Convention of 1904 to Convention of 1906. 

Convoition XXVH. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., No- 


vomber 21-26, 1904. Members present, 503. President, J. H Brown; 
Secretary, F. J. R. Mitchell; Assistant Secretaries — S. K. Ruick, R. 
M. Allen; Chaplain, H. T. Miller; Wardens, W. Q. Gardner, Jr., C. 
W. Chase, J. S. Boyd; Toastmaster, H. T. Miller. 

General Council: President, F. J. R. Mitchell; Secretary, S. K. 
Ruick; Reporter, J. H. DeWitt; Treasurer, J. B. Ballon; Historian, 

A. M. McCrUlis. 

Chapter House Commission: L. B. A. Drummond, succeeded, 
March 16, 1906, by B. Bi. L. Bmst; Guido Gores. 

Alumni Commission: A. B. Gilbert, succeeded, 1906, by £1. C. 
Henderson; A. W. Fairchild, succeeded, April 6, 1906, by T. A. Davis. 

Province Presidents: Alpha (Quebec, Ontario, Maine, New 
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, 
Pennsylvania), R. L. Skinner, succeeded, March 16, 1906, by L. B. A. 
Drummond (Vice-President, I. L. Foster); Beta (Virginia, North 
Carolina), H. Ia Watson; Gamma (Kentucky, Tennessee), R. M. 
Allen; Delta (Ohio, Michigan), W. A. Bversman, succeeded, Decem- 
ber 12, 1906, by R. D. Chapin; Bpsilon (Indiana), W. H. Hays; Zeta 
(Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, 
Colorado), C. F. Lamkin (Vice-President, R. H. Ldttle); Bta (Geor- 
gia, Alabama), a A. Brown, succeeded, July 27, 1906, by B. M. Un- 
derwood; Theta (Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas), William Steen, 
succeeded, November 10, 1906, by B; B. Witt; Iota (California), J. 

B. McDowell; Kappa (Washington), A. R. Priest 

The Scroll and The Palladium: Bditor and Manager, J. H. De- 
Witt; Assistant Bditor, W. B. Palmer. 

Bditor of the Catalogue: T. J. Griffin, Jr., succeeded March, 
1906, by F. J. R. Mitchell, (editor of seventh edition, 1906). 

Bditor of the History: W. B. Palmer (Author of first edition, 

Fraternity Librarian: J. B. Brown, succeeded, 1906, by S. K. 


The figures in parentheses show that the name appears more than 
once in the preceding record of Conyentlons and general officers for 
the years indicated. 

Alcott, A, O., *70. Ind. F... 1871-72 
AUen, R. M., '00, Ky. B.... 1904-06 
Anderson, B. B., '72, Ga. B.. 1874-75 
Andrews, Glenn, '84, Tenn.A.1886-89 
Annls, F. J.,'75, Mich. B.(3) 1876-76 
Atkinson, C. A., '74, Ohio r.l872-7S 


Bailey, C. F., '83, Vt A. ...1882-84 
Baker, O. F., '62, Ind. A... 1868-69 

Ball, F S., '88, Ohio Z 1889-91 





BaUou, J. B., '97, Ohio A. 1898-1900 


(2) 1902-04 


Banta, D. D., !66, Ind. A.... 1880-82 
Banta, George, '76, Ind. A. .1876-78 


(8) 1880-82 



Barnes, V. B., '98, Ohio H.. 1902-04 
Barr, J. M., '99, Mich. A.. 1898-1900 
Barrs, J. M., '79, Tenn. A... 1880-82 
BaskerviUe, T. H.,'86, N.T.A 1884-86 


Bassett, C. P., '88, Pa. A... 1880-82 



(2) 1886-89 

(2) 1889-91 

Bates, W. O., '74. Ind. T (2) 1876-76 


Be^rdaley, B. M., '79. O. A.. 1876-78 
Beck, Burton, '03, Iowa A.. 1902-04 
Beckwith, C. M., "it, Ga. A.1878-74 


(2) 1876-76 


Berry, J. D., '86, N Y. A... 1891-94 
Bigley, R. O., '83, O. B (2) 1882-84 
Bixby, C W.. '76, Pa. A.. (2) 1876-78 


Black, W. P., '64, Ind. B... 1876-76 

Blanding, L. C, '86, Iowa B. 1884-86 
Boas, Charles, '80, Ind. A... 1878-80 
Boddie, J. T., '87, Ky. B... 1882-84 
Bohn, C. A., '93, Mo. P.... 1900-02 
Bonham, Scott,'82, O. B.(2) 1880-82 
Boughton, T. B., '81, Pa. A.1878-80 

Boyd, J. S., '06, Ala. B 1904-06 

Bradford, H G., Ind. A (2) 1872-73 

(2) 1878-74 

(2) 1874-76 


(2) 1878-80 

Bradshaw, W. F., '99, Tenn. A 


Bratton, W. A. G.,'91, Va. Z 1889-91 
Bridge, R. W., '67, lU. B.... 1869-70 

Brown, C. A., '01, Ala. A 1904-06 

Brown. H. U.. '80. Ind. r.(2) 1882-84 

(3) 1884-86 


Brown, J. B. '84, O. B. (2).. 1886-89 

(3) 1889-91 




(2) 1898-1900 

(2) 1900-02 


(2) 1904-06 

Brown, W. B. C, '82. Mo. B.1882-84 
Brown, W. R., '89, Minn. A. 1891-94 


(2) 1896-98 



Bryan, Gtoorge, '81, Va. A.. .1884-86 
Buchanan, B. F., '84, Va. B.1882-84 
Buckingham, H. R., '73, O. A.1871-72 

Bullitt, J. B., '60. Ky. A 1860-64 

Bullitt. T. W.. '68, Ky. A... 1876-76 

Bundy, W. B., '86, O. T 1886-89 

Butler, A. W.. '81. Ind. A..: 1880-82 
Buxton, G. B., '92. R. I. A.. 1900-02 
CJantrell, W. B'., '71, Ind. A. .1869-70 
Games, Mason. '88, N. Y. F. 1886-89 
CJarpenter, S. W.,'76, N.Y. A,1874-76 
C^arpenter, W. B., '70. O. T. .1870-71 



Can-, W. U., 'U, hl b ins-M 

Cb», Vf. W., 'M, Fa. d....lSSS-lSDD 

Chalk«y. Innan, 'SB, Va. i..iB80-8Z 

Chapln, R. D., 'OS. Mich. A.. 1904-06 

Chue. C. W.. '99. Dl. B 1904-Oe 

Clark, H. W., 'ST, Uo. A....1B8«-BS 


Cludtoo, P. U., 'SB, Ind. A..lSgi-8< 
CoblelKh. N. B., '41, Ind. A..1SB4-SB 

Cone. Q. W„ '78, Va. d tSIS-SO 


Cottam, H. T.. '»!, Twin. B.tS8>-91 
Cotton, W. H.. 't6. Tenn. A. 1884-86 
Covert, W. C, 'SB, Ind. B.. .1881-89 
Cowie*. Gardner, il. Ia.A..lSW-SS 
Cox. W. B., 'ft!, tonn, B.. ..1900-02 
Craycroft, aark. 'H, Mo. A.lSTl-7! 
DanaldBon, F. C, 'K, Ind. A,18T0-71 
Davidson, J. B., '88, Mich. r.l886-89 
Davis. T, A.. '96, lod. B.,., 1904-06 

Day, W. C. '01, Cal, B 1900-0! 

DeWitt, J. H.. '94, Tenn. A. 


(2) 1900-02 

<» l»0!-« 


Drane, F. M., '81 Tea. A.. .1880-81 
Drummond, L. B. A.. '88, 

N. T. r (2) 19O4-0« 

Duckwnll, B. L., 'T4, O. B., 
Duncan, W, H.. "70, Ky, A.. 1872-1 
Blam, J. B., '70, O. A... 


eillott, B. iC, 'SB. O. A 1RT4-' 

. .iBSO-s: 



Bllle, Alston, 'CT, O. A.. (2) 1880-82 
Blitun, W. J., 'M, Ind. T.... 1868-69 
Bncllih. O, H.. '97, Ho. A. ..1900-02 


Brb, W. H., "89, N. T. A.. ..1886-89 
Bnut, B. M. L.. '99, N. T. A. 


Bvenman, W. B. '01,M]ob.A.1904-0« 

FWn, J. A.. '91, Tex. V 1894-96 

Falrchlld, A- W., -97. Wla, A.1904-06 
Ferria, W. 8., '8G. UaM. A.. 1888-99 

FIndley. S. B., '94. O. B lBH-96 

FlBher, BUm. '70, O. A lB88-t9 


Ftaher. W. U., 'Tl, O. A... .1871-11 
:. J. D..'7E. Ky. A (3) 1871-16 

Fletcher. J. I^. '71. Ind. B... 1870-71 

Florea, I* W., '(8, Ind. r.... 1868-69 

Floyd, D. B., '12. Ind. Z 18(9-70 



(» 1876-ia 

Floyd, W. H., '81, Ind. r.. ..1880-82 
FolKim, L. A., '01, Ind. A. ..1900-01 
Foster, A. O., '78, Ind. A.. ..1876-78 


(4) 18804! 


Foatn-, C. A.. '81. Wis. A... 1882-84 


Foater, t. L.. '91, R. I. A. . . .1904-06 
Foeter, J. W., 'BE, Ind. A...18G(-S8 

Foulka, J. R., 79, la. A 1876-78 

Fuller. Sdward, 'SB, Me. A. .1889-91 
FulUnwider, J, A., '82, HI. B.lSeD-82 
Fulton, W. P., '81, O. B 1898-91 

Oardner. W. Q.. '06. Pa. Z. ..1904-01 
QaaklU, C. B.. '72. Oa. A.. .1871-71 


Qllbert, A. B., '89, Vt. A.. ..190041 


Qllbert. B. P„ '83, Tenn. A. .1882-84 



QUmore. J. H., '76, O. A 1871-72 

Goodwin, C. L., '83. Ind. r..lS81-B4 
Ooodwln, I. M., '8B. Ind. Z. .1884-86 
Goodwin, P. 8., '72. O. T (2).1871-71 
Gooklna. J. F., '64. Ind. B.. 1889-70 

Gorea, UuldO, '01 0. 8 1904-06 

Oortnttn. J W 'M. Ind. A. .1868-60 
Qreer. G. C. '81, Tenn. A.. -1882-84 
Griffin, T. J.. '99, R, I. A.. -.1902-04 


Groenendyke, Charles. '60. 

Ind. BlBt8-69 

Ouerrant, M. H.. '92. Ky. a.l8M-96 


Guffln, H. C. '61, Ind. r 1868-69 


Hatan, B. H., '90, Pa. A 1BS9-91 

Hallman, B. Q., '98, Oa. B. 1898-1900 


Hardy, Lamar, '98, Mlsa. A.. 1902-04 
Hardy, R. L., '99. Tex. B-. 1898-1940 
Hardy, W. W., '81, Ga. A. . . .IISO-SI 
Haro, W. F., 'M, O. A 1M0-8I 



Harrison, Benjamin, '62, 

O. A.1851-56 

Hartley, Thomas, '71, Ind. Z.1871-72 
Hays. W. H., '01, Ind. B.... 1902-04 


Henderson, E. C, '98, Mo. B. 1904-06 
Herriott, D. W.. '72. Ind. E. 1871-72 
Hlbben, Samuel, '53, O. A... 1860-64 
Hillis, D. M., '64, Ind. T 1864-68 


Hitt, I. R., '88, ni. A 1889-91 


HoUingsworth. J. M., '82. 

Mich. B 1880-82 

Horton. D. R., '75, 

N. Y. A (2) 1886-89 

Hosklnson. C. 8.. '89. O. B.. 1902-04 
Hulett. F. E.. '98. O. H.... 18981900 
Humphrey, ^. P.. '66, Ky. A.1900-02 
Hunter. P. B., '79. Ind. A... 1880-82 

Isett. W. C, '01, Pa. A 1900-02 

Jacobs. C. P., '57, 111. B 1868-69 



Jamieson, C. T.. '75. Ind. B.. 1874-76 
Jenckes. J. S., '56. Ind. A.. 1891-94 


Jones. B. P.. '68. O. A (2).. 1868-69 

Jones, C. H, '83, Va. A 1900-02 

Jones, P. M., *80. Tenn. A... 1891-94 

Jones. W. A., '82. 111. B 1884-86 

Kahler. H. A.. '87. O. Z 1884-86 

Keen. F. C, '94 1894-96 

Kerfoot, J. B., '87, N. Y. A. 1884-86 

(2) 1886-89 

Knlffht, W. B.. '84. 

Ky. A (2) 1882-84 

Knowlton, C. P.,'78. O. A (2) 1878-74 
Lamkln. C. P., '99, Mo. B.... 1900-02 



La Monte, W. H., '74, la. A. 1874-75 
Lancaster. J. A.. '81, Va. B. 1882-84 

Lane, L S.. '52, O. A 1861-56 

Lapsley, J. H., '61, Ky. A... 1860-64 
Lee, Harvey, '70, O. A.. (2) 1869-70 

Little. R. H., '95. HI. B 1904-06 

Lomaz, J. A., '97, Tex. B.. 1898-1900 
Lyons, R. L., '68, O. A.. (2) 1870-71 
Lyons, W. H., '86, Va. A.... 1882-84 
BflacMillan, Conway. '85, 

Neb. A1886-89 

MasUl, J. C. '68, Mich. A... 1868-69 

Mahan, 8. B., '69, Ind. A.... 1868-69 
Manier, W. R., '81. Tenn. A. 1882-84 
Marble. D. N.. '82, Ky. A (2) 1891-94 



Marshall, A. A., '74, Qa. T.. 1874-75 
Mayer. J. M.. '84. N. Y. P.. 1882-84 




McArthur. D. 8.. '81. Wis. A.1880-82 
McBryde, R. J., '98. Va. Z.. 1900-02 
McCauley. A. C. '81, Pa. A.. 1878-80 

(2) 1880-82 

McClenthen, W. A.,'98, Pa. Z.f896-98 

McCrillis, A. M., '97, R. I. A.1896-98 




McDowell, J. B., '00. Cal. B..1902-04 

Meriwether. H. M., '83. 

Tenn. A 1882-84 

MiUer, H. T.. '88, Ind. P.... 1889-91 

(3) 1891-94 

(2) 1894-96 

(4) 1896-98 

(2) 1898-1900 

(3) 1900-02 


(2) 1904-06 

MiUer, W. L., '92, Rl. B 1886-89 

Mills, B. M.. '68, Ind. B 186S-69 

Mitchell, P. J. R., 96. 111. A 

(2) 1898-1900 

(2) 1900-02 

(2) 1902-04 

(2) 1904-06 

Mitchell. J. L.. '58. Ind. A.. 1868-60 

MItcheU, J. L., Jr., '89, 

Ind. A 1889-91 

(2) 1891-94 

Moore, J. C, '93, Pa. Z.... 1894-96 



(2) 1900-02 


Moore, J. Z., '67, O. A 1871-72 

Morgan, M. J.. '73, O. r.(2) 1873-74 

Morgan, T. J., '61, Ind. A... 1872-73 

Morgan. W. O.. '87, Cal. A.1898.1900 




Morris, W. T.. '92. BCass. A.18981900 
MorrlBon. J. T., '80, Pa. ▲...1878-80 
MorrlBon, J. T., '87, O. A.... 1884-86 


Morrison, Robert, '49, O. A.. 1858-60 





Norris, J. C, '72, Ind. P.. (2) 1875-76 

(2) 1876-78 

(2) 1878-80 


Oldfather, J. M., '69, O. A... 1871-72 
aiCane, W. E., '87, O. B... 1884-86 


Orcutt, B. 8., '88, N. Y. F... 1886-89 


Palmer. W. B.. '77, Oa. B.(8) 1880-82 

(4) 1882-84 

(2) 1884-86 

(2) 1886-89 

(2) 1889-91 


(2) 1894-96 

(2) 1896-98 

(2) 1898-1900 

(8) 1900-02 

(2) 1902-04 


Parrish. M. F.. '76, O. P.... 1876-78 



Parsons, O. 8., '02. N. Y. A.. 1900-02 

Patterson. O. R, '76. 

O. A (2) 1875-76 

Payne. F. O.. '84. O. B 1882-84 

Pennlnffton, D. C. '70. 
Mich. A1868-69 

Perry. C. O.. '69. Ind. Z 1868-69 




(2) 1874-76 

Phetteplace, T. M.. '99. 

R. I. A 1902-04 

Phllliw. J. F.. '55, Ky. A.... 1884-86 

Plckerill. W. N.. '60. Ind. T. .1878-74 

Plack, O. W., '79 Pa. A... 1878-80 

Planck. D. A.. '69. Ky. A.... 1869-70 

Platter. D. B., '71, O. A.... 1870-71 

Poitevent Schuyler, '94. 

La. A1896-98 

Pomeroy. J. B.. *77. O. A.... 1876-78 

Post, R. O.. '71, Ind. B 1870-71 

Potter, a. 8.. '71, Ind. B.... 1886-89 

Price, Bern. '02. Miss. A 1900-02 

Priest. A. R.. '91. Ind. Z 1904-06 

Quarles. W. W.. '87, Ala. A.. 1886-89 


(2) 1891-94 

Quick, 8. T., '70. Ind. A.. (2) 187172 

Raddiffe, McCluney. '82, 

Pa, Z1896-98 



Randall. J. E.. '83. O. B.... 1884-86 

Randolph. E. H. L.. '85, 

N. Y. r 1882-84 

(8) 1884-86 

(4) 1886-89 

(8) 1889-91 

(2) 1891-94 

Rankin, J. A.. '72. O. A 1871-72 

Ray, G. L.. '98. Miss. A 1900-02 


Raymond. W. H.,'95. Neb. A.1900-08 
Reddl«, C. J., '77, Pa, B.(2) 1878-80 


Remsbursr. M. C. '88. Pa. B. 1882-84 

Rich. J. C. '80, Miss. A 1880-82 

Richardson, Q. L., '88, 

Mass. A 1886-89 

Ridse. T. 8.. '84. Mo. A 1884-86 

Rln»land. A. W.. '72. Ky. A. 1872-73 
Rlngland. W. F., '77. Ind. B..1874-76 
Ripley, W. H.. '78, Ind. B.. 1872-73 
Roberts. G. W., '87. Vt. A.. 1889-91 
Robinson. James, '72. Ind. B.1872-73 


Roth. J. P.. '75, Ind. B 187ir-74 


Royce. G. M.. '75. Ind. T 1870-71 

Ruby, E. E., '98, Ind. A... 1898-1900 


(2) 1902-04 

Rulck. 8. K., '97. Ind. Z 1900-02 

(3) 1904-06 

8ands, C. R., '81, Va. A 1882-84 

8awyer. G. B., '83, Vt. A. . . .1882-84 


Seals, W. W., '79, Ga. B.... 1882-84 



8«baaUBD, C. B.. "It, Ho. A.lSW-«t 

Sdbr, H. C 'M. O. H IMl-M 

Serer. P. L., 'SI, U. B ltSl-S4 

Sbaoklln, Q. 8., 'S>, Va. B. 1111-84 
Bhaw, J. B.. 'W, Pa. A IBSl-U 


(J) lMt-04 

ShlMlDfcr, U J., 'M, O. H.1S9B-1M0 
ShItiB, Albert, '8«, N. 7. r..IBM-g« 

(1) I8IS-SB 

in, W, D., '77, O. H...I«7<-T« 

Stbler. H. O., '89, N. T. B (» ItSl-H 

Blnunona, T. H,, *8S, BL B. .1881-84 

SUnner. R. U, '01, N. T. B.lfM-H 

Bmlrh, F, A. '•«. BL B..(l) 1888-W 



amlth, H. C -n, Va. A 1878-78 

Smith. lUnaford, 'W, O. A. .1878-74 
Bpaer, W. A, 'ST. 0*. B....1M1-IM 
ateaniM. O. U, 'M. V*. i. ,1881-84 


BtMrna, A A., '70, O. B... .1881-84 




Stcwns. B. F., '<9. TIL B....lStl-SS 

Sieen. William. '00. Htu. A.I904-08 

Slepban, W O,. '9*, O. H..lg»S-190a 

Storer. It C., '88, Htch. A. .1888-89 


Stimmera, U. C '81, BL Z. .1880-81 

Swililcr, R. H., '»7, 

Ho. A <l)lS9g-I>00 

(1) 1900-01 

«) 1901-04 

Swope, P. D., '86. Ind. B.... 1884-88 







Thomu, B. v., '71. O. A....1870-n 
Thomaa, Q. B., '11. Ky, A. ..1881-14 
Tbomaon, Wm., '(7, lUL B..lHf-n 
Thraihar, A. B., '71, Ind. P.. 1878-78 
Tlppatt, C B.. "SB, Va. A... .1888-81 
Tomlliuon. S. J., 15. Ind. r.l87S-7« 
Tomphlna, BmiDett,'f4, O. r.l87S-T4 




(J) 18B8-190V 

Trozel), H. F., '80. Fa. B. . . .1878-80 


Tuttle, Joel, 'BT, O. A 1868-BS 

Underwood, B. H., Tenn. A..t804-H 
Valentine, E. P., '8E, Va. B.. tlSl-8i 
Van Noatrand, H. L.. '81, 

Vt A (1)1880-82 

Walker, Faj-e. '18, O. A tsn-Tl 


WaUace, J. O.. -83. Pa. r....t89i'M 


Wampold, Leo, '88. N. T. A. .1884-88 


Ward, H. H., 'M, O. Z. lSH-91 




Watson, H. L., 11. Va. A.. ..1*01-04 


Weber, ft H., '81, Pa. B.. .1880-81 
Whitehead, C. D., '78. 

Ind. B (4)1874.78 




Wtlbsnke, R. A. D., '87. 

HL B (1) 18(4-88 


WUcoz, C. A, *04. Tex. r...,1894-M 
WlUlamB. D. B., '70. Ind. r..l88>-70 

1870- Tl 

Witt, B. B.. '08, Tex. B 1104-08 

Woods, W. A. 'SI, Ind. B..1814-H 
Worrnll, J. H., '4f, O. A.. ..1878-78 


Wormn, W. R., '71, Kt. a.. 1880-81 



Wrtghl, J. H., 'H, Fa. A.. 1898-1100 


Pbe-sident and Vicb-Pbesident of the United States. 
President — Benjamin Harrison, Miami, '52. 
Vice-President — A. E. Stevenson, Centre, '60. 

Cabinet, Department and Bureau Officebs. 

Secretary of State — ^J. W. Foster, Indiana, '55. 

Secretary of the Interior— W. F. Vilas, Wisconsin, '58. 

Postmaster-General — W. F. Vilas, Wisconsin, '58. 

First Assistant Postmaster-General — A. E. Stevenson, Centre, 'GO. 

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury — G. M. Lambertson, Frank- 
lin, 72. 

Assistant Attorney-General — J. C. McReynolds, Vanderbilt, *82. 

Commissioner of Pensions — J. C. Black, Wabash, '62. 

Commissioner of Indian Affairs — T. J. Morgan, Franklin, '61. 

President of the Civil Service Commission — J C. Black, Wa- 
bash, '62. 

Ministers to Foreign Countries. 

Minister to Brazil and China and Ambassador to Mexico — E. H. 
Conger, Lombard, '62. 
Minister to Mexico, Russia and Spain — ^J. W. Foster, Indiana, '55. 
Minister to Austria-Hungary — A. C. Harris, Indianapolis, '62. 
Minister to Belgium — ^J. S. Ewlng, Centre, '58. 
Minister to Portugal — C. H. Lewis, Centre, '53. 

IlNiTEn States Senators. 

From Indiana — Benjamin Harrison, Miami, '52. 
From Kentucky — J. C. S. Blackburn, Centre, *57. 
From Wisconsin — W. F. Vilas, Wisconsin, *58. 
From Washington — J. B. Allen, Wabash, '67. 

Representatives in Congress. 

From Georgia— C. L. Moses, Mercer. '76. 
From Georgia— W. M. Howard. Georgia. '77. 
From Georgia— J. G. Lee, Emory, '80. 
From Georgia— W. G. Brantley. Georgia. '82. 
From Georgia— T. W. Hardwick, Mercer. '93. 
From Georgia— J. W. Overstreet, Mercer. '88. 
From Georgia— J. M. Griggs, Vanderbllt, '81. 


From Illinois— A. B. Stev^son, Centre, '60. 
From Illinola— J. C. Black, Wabash, '62. 
From IlllnoiB— B. H. Conger, Loml>ard, '62. 
From Illinole— J. C. Sherwin, Lombard, '62. 
From Illinoia— J. V. Graff, Wabash, '76. 
From Illinois— G. W. Prince. Knox, '78. 
From Indiana— A. H. Hamilton, Wabash, '55. 
From Indiana— T. B. Ward, Wabash, '55. 
From Indiana— F. M. Griffith, Franklin, '74. 
From Kentucky — J. C. S. Blackburn, Centre, '67. 
From Kentucky — J. W. Lewis, Centre, '62. 
From Kentucky — S. J. Pngh, Centre, '73. 
From Ohio— L. J. Fenton, Ohlo^ '72. 
From Ohio — Emmett Tompkins, Ohio, '74. 
From Texas— T. M. Paschal, Centre, '66. 
From Texas — J. G. Russell, Georgia, ^S. 
From Tennessee — ^M. R. Patterson, Vanderbllt, '82. 
From Mississippi- W. S. Hill, Mississippi, '84. 
From Kansas — ^J. A. Anderson, Miami, '53. 
From Idaho— Willis Sweet, Nebraska, '79. 

JxjsncEs OF IJNrrED States Cousts. 

Circuit Court— W. A. Woods, Wabash, '69. 
Circuit Court— C. C. Kohlsaat, Chicago, '67. 
District Court— J. F. Philips, Centre, '55. 


Chief Justice of Indiana— B. K. Elliott, Miami, '55. 
Chief Justice of Indiana— J. V. Hadley, Indianapolis, '63. 
Indiana Supreme Court— ^W. A. Woods, Wabash, '59. 
Kansas Supreme Court— H. F. Mason, Wisconsin, '81. 
Idaho Supreme Court — ^Norman Buck, Lawrence, '59. 
Georgia Supreme Court— M. W. Beck, Mississippi, '82. 
New Mexico Supreme Court — W. B. Fleming, Centre, '64. 

GovEBNOBS o> States. 

South Carolina— W. H. Ellerbe, Wofford, '83. 
South Dakota^-A. C. Mellette, Indiana, '64. 
South Dakota^-S. H. Elrod, DePauw, '82. 
Idaho— J. T. MorrisoD, Woovter, '87. 
Tennessee— M. R. Patterson, VanderbUt, '82. 

Othkb State Oiiioialb. 
LleuteiiantrGcTemor of Indianar— H. T. Miller, Indianapolis, '88. 


Secretary of State of Iowa — W. M. McFarland, Iowa Wesleyan, 73. 

Treasurer of Iowa — E. H. Conger, Lombard, 'G2. 

Treasurer of Illinois — R. N. Ramsey, Indiana, 'G4. 

Treasurer of Alabama— J. C. Smith, Alabama, '80. 

Comptroller-General of South Carolina— W. H. EHlerbe, Wof- 
ford, '83. 

Attorney-General of New York — J. M. Mayer, C. C. N. Y., '84. 

Attorney-General of Maryland — ^W. S. Bryan, Virginia, '80. 

Attorney-General of Alabama — Massey Wilson, Alabama, '89. 

Attorney-General of Mississippi — Monroe McClurg, Mississippi, '78. 

Attorney-General of Texas — H. H. Boone, Austin, '55. 

Attorney-General of Minnesota — ^W. J. Donahower, Minnesota, '89. 

Attorney-General of Nebraska — ^J. R. Webster, Wabash, '62. 

Attorney-General of Oregon — C. M. Idleman, O. W. U., '78. 

Attorney-General of Porto Rico— Willis Sweet, Nebraska, '79. 

Assistant Secretary of State of Minnesota — P. G. SJoblom, Michi- 
gan, '89. 

Assistant Attorney-General of Texas — R. A. John, Southwestern, 

Assistant Attorney-General of Massachusetts — ^R. A. Stewart, Ver- 
mont, '93. 

Adjutant-General of Indiana — Irvin Robbins, Indianapolis, '60. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction of Maryland — M. B. Steph- 
ens, Dickinson, '85. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction of Indiana — F. A. Cotton, 
Indianapolis. '02. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction of Iowa — J. F. Riggs, Iowa 
Wesleyan, '85. 

Geologist of Georgia — W. S. Yates, Randolph-Macon, '75. 

Pbksidino Offigebs or State Lbgislatubes. 

President, Georgia Senate— -W. H. Venable, Oglethorpe, '73. 

Speaker, Washington House of Representativee — J W. Fieghan, 
Miami, '70. 

Speaker, Colorado House of Representatiyes — J. B. Sanford, Syra- 
cuse, '92. 


President, Miami University— O. P. Benton. O. W. U., '88. 
President, Ohio University— Alston Ellis, Miami, '67. 
President. Central University— J. V. Logan, Centre. '54. 
Preaident, Central University— F. W. Hinitt, Westminster, '90. 


President, Uniyersity of Tezaa— D. F. HooBton, Sonth Cftrollna, 

President, Uniyersity of Floridar— Andrew Sledd, Randolph-liaoon, 

President, Meroer Uniyersity — ^P. D. Pollock, Georgia, '86. 

President, Franklin College— W. T. Stott, Franklin, '61. 

President, Lombard College— C. E. Nash, Lombard, '76. 

President, Iowa Weelesran Uniywsity — J. T. McFarland, Iowa 
Wesleyan, '72. 

President, Albion College— J. P. Ashley, O. W. XT., '90. 

President, Davidson College— H. L. Smith, Virginia, '87. 

Vice-President and Dean, Syracuse University— Albert Leonard, 
Ohio, '88. 

Vice-President, Bmory College — ^H. S. Bradley, Emory, '90. 

Director, College of Agricultore, Cornell University — ^L. H. Bailey, 
Lansing, '82. 

Dean, School of Applied Science, Columbia University — ^F. A. 
Goetze, Columbia, '97. 

Dean, Graduate College and Summer School, University of Iowa — 
L. G. Weld, Iowa, '83. 

Dean, Graduate School, Western Reserve University— R. W. Deer^ 
ing, Vanderbilt, '86. 

Dean, College of Mining, University of California— S. B. Christy, 
California, '74. 

Dean, College of Liberal Arts, University of Washington— A. R. 
Priest, DePauw, '91. 

Chancellor, Law Department, University of Iowa— L. W. Ross, 
Miami, '62. 

Dean, Law Department, Columbia University— W. A. Keener, 
Emory, '74. 

Dean, Law Department, Kentucky University — ^Lyman Chalkley, 
Richmond, '79. 

Dean, Medical Department, University of Texas— ^W. S. Carter, 
Pennsylvania, '901 

Dean, Columbus Medical College — ^J. E. Brown, O. W. U., '84. 

Dean, Dental Department, University of Iowa— W. S. Hoeford, 
Iowa, '83. 

President, Louisville Hospital Medical College— -L. S. McMurtry, 
Centre, 70. 

President, Oxford Female College— Faye Walker, Miami, '68. 


Bishop of Alabama— C. M. Beckwith, Georgia, '78. 


Bishop of Qainoy*-M. B. Fawcett, Northwestern, '89. 

BIshp-CoadJutor of West Virginia— W. L. Gravatt, Richmond, 

Secretary, Baptist Home Missionary Society — T. J. Morgan, Frank- 
lin, '61. 

Secretary, Baptist Foreign Missionary Society— H. C. Mabie, Chi- 
cago, '68. 

Secretary, Lutheran Board of Bdncation — M. F. Troxell, Gettys- 
burg, '80. 

Secretary, liutheran Board of Church Bxtension — ^H. H. Weber, 
Gettysburg, '82. 

Field Secretary, UnlTersalist Church — C. E. Nash, Lombard, TG. 

Founder of Central Church, Chicago — David Swing, Miami, '52. 

International Secretary, Y. M. C. A. — ^F. S. Brockman, Vander- 


Mayor of Chicago— G. B. Swift, Chicago, '69. 

Mayor cf Indianapolis— J. L. Mitchell, Indiana, '68. 

Mayor of Minneapolis — James Gray, Minnesota, '86. 

Brigadier-General, U. a A.— H. V. N. Boynton, K. M. I., '68. 

Brigadier-General, U. S. A. — ^Frederick Funston, Kansas, '92. 

Literary men: Eugene Field, Knox and Missouri, '73; John R. 
Spears, Indianapolis, '72; William Allen White, Kansas, '90; Ray 
Stannard Baker, Lansing, '89; Edwin Emerson, Jr., Miami, '89; 
Post Wheeler, Pennsylvania, '91; John & Phillips, Knox, '82; Frank 
S. Pixley, Buchtel, '87; Wardon Allan Curtis, Wisconsin, '89; Rich- 
ard Henry Little, Illinois Wesleyan, '95; Lee Fairchild, Lombard, '85. 





















































Bentucky BetK, Kcnluelty UUlMry InMItnta . . .. 































■KMtockr Alpha and Kntnekr IMla OoBMUdaMd. 


Alabama 628 

Alaska 7 

ArUcna 20 

Arkansas 69 

CalifornU 416 

Colorado 171 

CofmecticQt 61 

Delaware » 21 

District of ColumUa 166 

Florida 80 

Georgia 778 

HawaU 8 

Idabo 17 

Illinois 1,046 

Indiana 1,004 

Indian Territory 42 

Iowa 889 

Kansas 208 

Kentncky 441 

Louisiana 161 

Bfalne 122 

liaryland 97 

Massachusetts 876 

Michigan 249 

Minnesota 172 

Mississippi 205 

Missouri 651 

Montana 84 

Nebraska 167 

Neyada 12 

New Hampshire 61 

New Jersey 175 

New Mexico 10 

New York 1,004 

North Carolina 118 

North Dakota 28 

Ohio 814 

Oklahoma 48 

Oregon 49 

Pennsylyanla 942 

Philippine Islands 15 

Porto Rico 4 

Rhode Island 60 

South Carolina 91 

South Dakota 25 

Tennessee 242 

Texas 457 

Utah 88 

Vermont 118 

Virginia 259 

Washington 169 

West Virginia 102 

Wisconsin 174 

Wyoming 7 


Argentina 1 

Austria 1 

Bahama Islands 1 

Bulgaria 2 

Bnrmah 1 

Canada 70 

Chili 2 

China 19 

Columbia 1 

Cuba 7 

Ecuador 1 

Egypt 1 

England 15 

Prance 2 

Qermany 7 

Honduras 1 

India 5 

Italy 1 

Jamaica 1 

Japan 17 

Korea 8 

Uberia 1 

Mexico 26 

Panama 8 

Persia 1 

Slam 1 

Spain 1 

Transraal 8 

Turkey 8 




Birmingham 90 

Demopolis 10 

HuntSYille 24 

Mobile 43 

Montgomery 67 

Opelika 14 

Belma 10 

TuBcalooMt 23 


Fort Smith 16 

Uttle Rock 11 


Berkeley 85 

Los Angeles 82 

Oakland 36 

Pasadena 14 

San Francisco 81 


Boulder 12 

Colorado Springs 12 

Denyer 73 

Washington 166 

Jacksonville 18 


Athens 28 

Atlanta 154 

Augusta 15 

Columbus 25 

Dawson 14 

Forsyth 10 

Fort Valley 10 

GrllSn 20 

I^Grange 12 

Macon 85 

Rome 26 

Savannah 41 

Waynesboro 18 


Aurora 11 

Bloomington 83 

Champaign 10 

Chicago 426 

Danville 12 

Decatur 14 

Bvanston 31 

Galesburg 40 

Joliet 12 

Moline 18 

Monmouth 11 

Oak Park 15 

Ottawa 15 

Peoria 20 

Rockford 12 

Rock Island 11 

SpringHeld 11 


Bloomington 24 

Crawfordsville 24 

Elkhart 12 

Evansville 28 

Fort Wayne 18 

Frankfort 10 

Franklin 74 

Greencastle 24 

Indianapolis 211 

LaFayette 18 

Madison 17 

Marion 12 

New Albany 14 

Peru 10 

Rushville 10 

South Bend 10 

Terre Haute 22 

Tipton 15 

Valparaiso 11 

Wabash 12 


Davenport 11 

Des Moines 30 

Mount Pleasant 10 

Sioux City 12 


Emporia 15 

Kansas City 12 

Lawrence 16 

Leavenworth 12 

Tcpeka. 14 


Bowling Green 10 

DuiTille 41 

Hopklnivllle 11 

Lexington 41 

LooliTille 100 

Mount Sterling 18 

Paducah 12 

Parli 10 

New Orleani 02 


Wateryllle 15 

Baltimore 46 


Boston 75 

Camlnrldge 20 

Glouceiter 18 

Springfield 10 

Worcester 18 


Ann Arbor 14 

Detroit 51 

Grand Bapids 20 

Hillsdale 18 

Lansing 17 


Dulutb 16 

Minneapolis 86 

Saint Paul 24 

Winona 10 


Greenwood 10 

Meridian 10 


Colnmbia 24 

Palton. 15 

Kansas Citj 106 

Saint Joseph 14 

Saint Louis 188 


Lincoln 88 

Omaha 42 


Jersey City 13 

Montdalr 18 

Newark 14 

Plalnfleld 12 


Albany 21 

Buffalo 36 

Ithaca 11 

New York 511 

Bochester 12 

Schenectady 27 

Syracuse 48 

Uttca 14 

Yonkers 10 

Fargo 11 


Akron 14 

Athens 84 

ClnctainaU 05 

Cleveland 116 

Columbus 00 

Dayton 20 

Hamilton 17 

Jackson 11 

Oxford 10 

Toledo 84 

Oklahoma City 12 

Portland 26 


Allegheny 12 

Carlisle 14 

Easton 11 

Harrisburg 11 

Philadelphia 211 

Pittsburg 185 

Scranton 15 

Warren 11 

Washington 28 

York 11 

Providence 88 

Columbia 18 


Chattanooga 28 

Memphis 45 

Nashville 85 


Austin 26 

Dallas 58 

Port Worth 24 

Galveston 16 

Georgetown 12 

Houston 25 

Palestine 10 

San Antonio 20 

Waco 15 

Salt Lake aty 22 

BurUngton 28 Bau Claire 10 


Danyille 11 

Norfolk 10 

Richmond 65 

LftCroMe IS 

BfAditon 22 

Milwaukee 49 


Seattle 80 

Spokane 22 

Tacoma 16 

London (and yidnlty) 11 

Tokyo 11 


Charleston 22 

Huntington 10 MEXICO. 

Parkersbnrg 10 Mexico City 11 


Tlie following Greek letters are employed in 

this Catalogue: 

A ----- - Alpha 

B ------ - Beta 

r ----- - Gamma 

A ------ - Delta 

E ----- - Epsilon 

Z ...... - Zeta 

H ----- - Eta 

e ------ - Theta 


TnaodooM, Alabama 


Oliver Fleetwood Smith, A. B., 

Clerk, Mobile, Ala. 
ThomaB Harper Spencer, AfllL Ala. 

B, Mine Operator, Birminffbam, 


Thomas Madin Hobbe, Aflll. Ala. 

B, Planter, Athens, Ala. 
Matthew Ross Knox, Aflll. Ala. B, 

Planter, Knoxville, Ala. 
Ernest McCreary, Affil. Ala. B, 

Drugsrist, Bvergreen, Ala. 
John Joseph Mlckle, C. B., AfllL 

Ala. B, Clerk, Montgomery, Ala. 

Wolsey Randall Martin, A. B., 

LLi. ^., Lawyer, Fort Smith, Ark. 
Alfred Moore Tuns tall, A. B., LL. 

B., Lawyer, Greensboro, Ala. 


John Daniel A. B., Professor Phy- 
sics Vanderbilt University, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

William Caldwell Eppes, Planter, 
Dayton, Ala. 

Zell Gaston, B. E., LL. B., Affil. 
Ala B, Lawyer, American Trust 
& Saviners Bank BIdfir.; res. 1220 
S. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Carleton Bartlett Gibson, A. B., 
A. M., Superintendent of Schools, 
Columbus, Ga. 

Malcolm Graham, A. B., Merchant, 
Austin, Texas. 

Chester Harding, B. E., Ofilcer U. 
S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

•Samuel Norvil Lapsley, A. B., 

Milton Paul Le Grand, A. B., LL. 
B., Banker, Montgomery, Ala. 

*Sherwood Hadley Smith, A. B., 


•William Joseph Booth, A. B. 

William Montague Browder, A. B., 
Physician, Key West, Fla. 

Louis Verdier Clarke, A. B., In- 
surance, Birmingham, Ala. 

•Henry Rhodes Dawson, A. B., 

Aurelius Augustus Bhrans, A. B., 
A. M., Judge Srd Circuit of Ala- 
bama, Clayton, Ala. 

•John Wesley Gilbert, A. B. 

Oscar Lee Gray, A. B., Lawyer, 
Butler, Ala. 

Charles Poellnitz Gunter, A. B.. In- 
surance, Montgomery, Ala. 

Henry Gabriel Hawkins, President 
Port Gibson Female College, 
Port Gibson, Miss.; Vice Presi- 
dent, Whitworth College, Brook- 
haven, Miss. 

Percy Walton Jones, LL. B., Min- 
ister, Port Gibson, Miss. 

Archibald Alonzo McLeod, A. B., 
Lawyer, Selma, Ala. 

Daniel Pratt, A. B., Mfr., Pratt- 
ville, Ala. 

Sidney Stuart Pugh, A. B., Phy- 
sician, Mobile, Ala. 

John Redwood Vldmer, A. B., 
Lumber Merchant, Mobile, Ala. 

Richmond Pearson Wetmore, LL. 

B., Lawyer, Birmingham, Ala. 


•William Edward Booker, B. E. 

William Wright Campbell, B. E., 
Manufacturer & Banker, Tuske- 
gee, Ala. 

*Ell«ha Baldwin Cottinglmm, A. B. 

George Wads worth Feagin, B. E., 
C. B., Civil Engineer, Hartford, 
Ky.; res. Midway, Ala. 

Alexander Michael Garber, A. B.. 
lawyer, Talladega, Ala. 


Thomas Bdward GaiT* A. B.» Oro- 
oer, Selma, Ala. 

BVMeiick Powers Oibfloo, A. B., 
Lawyer, Baltimore, Md. 

•OUver Arthur Hobdy, A. B. 

John- Lee Horn, B. BL, Warehouse- 
man, LivinffBton. Ala. 

^Vhvinlus Walker Jones, A. B. 

Alcemon Waller Nelson, A. B^ 
Coal and Lumber, 1601 Avenue 
BL; res. 1610 8. 19th 8t, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Albert Bu^rene Pace^ A. B., Law- 
yer, Dothan, Ala. 

Bdward Lee Plnckard, B. BL, CivU 
BSnffineer, Opellka, Ala. 

Herbert Annlstead Sayre, Professor 
Physics, U. of A., Tuscaloosa, 

Julien Smith, B. BL, C BL, City 
£2nffineer of Selma, Member of 
Court of County Commissioners, 
Selma, Ala. 

Ruffln Ashe Wright, Greensboro, 


Alfk^ Pelham Asee, Uj, B., Law- 
yer, Anniston, Ala. 

James Oliver Banks, A. B., Mer- 
chant, BSutaw, Ala. 

James Ralston Burgett, LL. B., 
Lawyer, Mobile, Ala. 

Matt Otey Burke, A. B., Physician, 
Honaker, Va. 

Milton Washington Carothers, 
Merchant, P. O. Box 4, Newbem, 

Joseph Marcus Dedman, A. B., 
Columbia, Tenn. 

Robert Talt Brvin, LL. B., Law- 
yer, Mobile, Ala. 

Samuel Bernard Harwood, LL. B., 
Lawyer, Butaw, Ala. 

William Reuben Hatter, A. B., 
Physician, Bolisee, Ala. 

Clarence Tieslie Horton, Mobile, 

William Bacon Oliver, A. B.» Law- 
yer, Tuscaloosa* Ala. 

William Washintrton Quarles, A. 
B., LL. B., Lawyer, Selma, Ala. 

WilUam Bumey Saffold, A. B., 
Professor Latin U. of A., Tusoa> 
loosa« Ala. 

^Reuben Martin Searcy, Affll. Va. B. 

Bmmett Lee Smith, MfT., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Oliver Day Street, A. B., Lawyer, 
Ountersville, Ala. 

Dyer Findley Talley, A. B., Phy- 
sician, Birmingham, Ala. 

WilUam Henry Thomas, Point 
Clair, Ala. 

Henry Petty Widlams, Planter, 
Dunbar, Jjbl, 

James Carter Wright, C BL, Mfir., 
Roanoke, Ala. 

^William Penn Lockard, A. B. 
Charles liiuward McCord, Drum- 
mer, Prattville, Ala. 
•Sidney Johnston McCoy. 

^James Bums Clay, Merchant. 

William Norrls Compton, A. B., 
General Agent, John Hanoodc 
Mutual Life Insurance Co., 
Wyatt Bldg.; res. -rrhe Ontario^" 
Washington, D. C 

Lloyd McKee Hooper, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Selma, Ala. 

James Bdwln Dedman, A. B., Phy- 
sician, Birmingham, Ala. 

William Bugene Holloway, A. B., 
Lawyer, President of Montgom- 
ery Bank & Trust Co., 1% Com- 
merce St., Montgomery, Ala. 

^Brastus Stonam Mclntyre, Law- 
yer, Jasper, Ala. 

^Daniel Douglas McLeod, Lawyer, 
Anniston, Ala. 

James Leroy Purifoy, Bookkeeper, 
Orville, Ala. 

Robert Percy Roach, Lawyer, Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Charleton Green Smith, Planter, 
Brierfleld, Ala. 

Wiley Croom Tunstall, Lawyer, 
Anniston, Ala. 


Charles Quintard Cames, Traveling 
Salesman, Memphis, Tenn. 

James Fluomoy Crook, A. B., Jour- 


•Sidney Walker OomeU, died 1888, 
Tiiflcalooea, Ala. 

Samuel Lowndes Barle, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Birmingham. Ala. 

•Jacob Forney, A. B., Bducator. 

Samuel Calhoim Jenkins, A. M., 
Lawyer, Bay Minette, Ala. 

BSdward Carlisle Jones, Lawyer, 
Selma, Ala. 

William Mudd liartin. Lawyer, 
Birmingham. Ala. 

•Mortimer Jordan McAdory, A. B., 
LL. B., Lawyer, died Deo. 10, 
1896, Bessemer, Ala. 

William Bradley Palmer, A. B., 
Physician, Furman, Ala. 

Walter Ross Searcy, A. B., Drug- 
gist, Smlthvllle, Texas. 


John Archer Elmore, LL. B., U. S. 
Commissioner, Federal Bldg., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Jefferson Davis Feagln, Lumber 
Dealer, Koimts, Texas. 

Richard Haynsworth Qorgas, U. S. 
Engineer, Montgomery, Ala. 

John Coleman Horton, A. B., Min- 
ister, Talladega, Ala. 

Pierre Francis Miles, A. B., Print- 
ing and Publishing, Montgomery, 

Samuel Davidson Murphy, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Samuel Silenus Murphy, A. B., A. 
M., Supt Schools, Mobile, Ala. 

William Evans Richards, Surgeon 
U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

Walter Lane Smith, A. B., Con- 
tractor, Memphis, Tenn. 

Thomas Vernon White, Planter, 
Bpes, Ala. 


Robert Oreen Hall, A. B., A. M., 
Principal of High School, Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

William Marshall Hii^ey, Clerk, 
Mobile, Ala. 

Edmund Dargan Huger, Cotton 
Factor, Mobile, Ala. 

Timothy Miles Leatherwood, Phy- 
sician, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Folders Luther Merritt, Merchant, 
James, Ala. 

James Murphy, Cashier, Butaw, 

•Thomas Wade Porter. 

James Thomas Searcy, Jr., B. C. 
E., Affll. N. Y. A, Broker 
and Ice Mfr., Columbus, Miss. 

Giles William Lawrence Smith, A. 
B., B. L., Lawyer, Brewton, Ala. 

Raymond Stone, Of&cer U. S. 
Navy, Washington, D. C. 

Columbus Eugene Thomas, Mfr., 
PrattviUe, Ala. 

•Walter WiUiam Wilds. 

Massey Wilson, B. L., Attorney- 
General of Alabama, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Julius Tutwiler Wright, Teacher, 
Mobile, Ala. 


Francis Joseph Burke, B. E., Com- 
mercial Agent, Mobile & Ohio 
R. R., Meridian, Miss. 

John Courtland Forney, Lawyer, 
Birmingham, Ala, 

Alexander Julius Gibson, Clerk, 
Washington. D. C. 

Charles Allen Stillman, Res. Mgr., 
Rogers. Brown & Co., Woodward 
Bldg.; res. 2661 Highland Ave., 
Birmingham, Ala. 
\rchibald Wyatt Willett, Lawyer, 
CarroIIton, Ala. 


Sumter Mays Ball, Cashier. At- 
lanta, Ga. 

William Brockman Bankhead, Law- 
yer. Jasper, Ala. 

Edgar Maxwell Harklns, Merchant, 
Fayette, Ala. 

Hardee Johnston, Physician, Birm- 
ingham. Ala. 

William Mudd Jordan, Physician, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

•Hugh Miller King. 

Hugh Morrow, Birmingham, Ala. 

William Legard Mosely, Union 
Springs, Ala. 

WiJiam Richardson Rockett, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Ray Phillips Sattold, Lawyer, 8 
Golden Gate Ave., San FrandiBOO, 


Battle Soraby 

Tuscaloofla, Ala. 
Wmiam liudd Walker. Lawyer, 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Wiley Coleman Banks, Merchant, 

Oolumbus, Miss. 
John Irwin Burgett, Lawyer, Mo- 
bile, Ala. 
Thomaa Traves Galllon, AffiL Ala. 

r, Phjrsiclan, Demopolls, Ala. 
Joeeph Henry Lyons, A, R, LL. B., 

Lawyer. 60 St. Michael St.; res. 

Itl St. Anthony St., Mobile, Ala. 
Hugh Mallory, Lawyer, Selma, 

Charles Martin Murphy, Physician, 

Pleasant Ridge, Ala. 
George E^lwin Stone, Lawyer, Mo- 

bile, Ala. 


Nathaniel Rives Chambliss, U. S. 
Army, Washington, D. C. 

John Tajrior Cochran, President, 
Carrollton, Ala. 

Edward Walter Faith, Lawyer, Mo- 
bile. Ala. 

Wiley Croom HIU, Lawyer, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Olin Berry Newman. Affll. Ala. r. 
Railway Mall Clerk, Birmingham, 

Mitchell I'orter Walker, Birming- 
>»«•- Ala. 

Portis Oaillard Welch. Cotton Buy- 
er, Selma. Ala. 


Charles Hamilton Coleman, Ehitaw. 

Robert T. Conner, A. B., M. D., 
Phjrsician, Title Guarantee Bldg.; 
res. 2112 7th Ave. N., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

John Nellson Fumiss, M. D., AfflL 
Tenn. B and Va. B, Physician, 
Selma, Ala. 

Curran S. Goodwin, Agent, Syca- 
more Cotton Mills, Sycamore, 

James Lewis Herring, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, AshvlUe, Ala.. 

Joseph HbdgiOD* Jr,, Bafl r s a fl, 

SU Western Unkm Blds^ Cbl- 

cago, DL 
James Leon Lewis, M. D., AIBL 

Miss. A, Physician, Machlkee 

Bldg.; resL 202f Palmer Ave., 

New Orleans, La. 
James SomervlDe McLester, Physi- 
cian, Birmingham, Ala. 
Louis Marion Mosely, Lawyer, 

Union Springs, Ala. 
Sidney Rhodes Prince, Lawyer, Mo- 

bUe, Ala. 
Eklward Devereux Sndth. Lawyer, 

BIrmlngliam. Ala. 
Henry Adams Snow, Merchant, 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
James Sydney Stillman, A. R, 

Secretary and Treasurer, Ehnpire 

Steel A Iron Co., 222 Pine St., 

Catasauqua, Pa. 


Henry McAuley Bankhead, First 
Lieutenant, 17th Infimtry, U. 8. 
Army, San Antonio, Tez. 

Daniel Perrin Bestor, Jr., R 8., 
Lawyer, 56 St. Ftands St., Mo- 
bUe. Ala. 

David R Dunlap, B. L, President 
and Gen*l Mgr., Alabama Iron 
Woik. MobUe, Ala. 

Benjamin Cobb Fowlkes, Dentist, 
MobUe, Ala. 

Henry Dawson Fumiss, M. D., 
Affll. Va. B, Physician, S98 
West End Ave., Instructor in 
Gsmecology N. Y. Post Graduate 
Hospital. New York City. 

John Woodson Henley. Insurance, 
Birmingham. Ala. 

Richard Martin Hobble, Merchant, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Robert Jemison, Jr., AfflL Tenn. 
B, Real E«state A Insurance, 2024 
Srd Avenue; res. Glen Iris Park, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Lorenxo Foster Luckie, Dentist, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Archibald Bruce McBachIn, Law- 
yer, Tuscaloosa. Ala. 

Frank Maxwell Moody, Cashier, 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Palmer PHlaus, Lawyer, MobUe, 


Qeorge HarrlB Searoy. Physician, 
Mt Venion, Ala. 

William H. Tipton, Bookkeeper, 
Selma, Ala. 

Murray Ck>llins White, A. B., Mer- 
chant, 814 So. 20th St; rea. IIUI 
N. 24th St, Birmingham, Ala. 

Albert Sydney Williams, U. S. 
Army, Wasbinffton, D. C. 


^George Tarleton Bestor. 

Melvln P. Blllups, Seattle, WmOl 

^Joseph Forsyth Black. 

Walter Clyde Harklns, Merchant, 

Fayette, Ala. 
Robert Dove Hudson, AfllL Tenn. 

B, Wholesale Groceries, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 
Mark Lyons, Merchant, Mobile, 

Joseph Searcy, Clerk, Tuscaloosa, 

Frank Shelley White, Jr., B. A., 

Lawyer, Title Guarantee BIdg.; 

res. Morwood. Birmingham, Ala. 
Oscar Teague, B. 8., M. S., M. D., 

AfflL Tenn. A, Medical Research, 

Laboratory of Health Dept.; 

res. 180 W. 74th St, New York 



Romaine Boyd, Lawyer, Bnsley, 

John Manley Inser, Planter, Aidi- 
vUle, Ala. 

Frank Caleb Owen, Lawyer, Co- 
lumbus, Miss. 


Jackson Clay Bums, Cotton Busi- 
ness, Selma, Ala. 

Benjamin Silas Catchlngs, Law- 
yer, Birmingham, Ala. 

Hardy Clements, Planter, Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 

Bruce KUpatrlok Craig, Clerk, 
Selma, Ala. 

John Mosely Holloway, A. B., Affll. 
N. Y. A, Mgr. the Wholesale and 
Retail Credit Association, IS 
Moses Bldg.; res. 4X0 Ftnley At., 
Mongomery, Ala. 

Benj. F. McMillan, Jr., LU B.. 
Lawyer, 78 St Ftancis St., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

James Harvey Pride, B. 8., Uj, B., 
Lawyer, 7 Bank Row; res. 614 
W. Clinton St, HuntsvUle, Ala. 

John Alonzo Robertson, Cashier of 
Farmers' Bank, Uniontown, Ala. 

Michael Hamilton Screws, Judge, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Richard McLester Snow, Civil En- 
gineer, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


Carl Abercrombie Brown, Iron 
Business, Birmingham, Ala. 

James Ross Forman, Lawyer, 
Ashville, Ala. 

Alexander Christian Garber, Mer- 
chant, Laneville, Ala. 

James Browder Garber, Aflll. Ala. 
B, Lawyer, 607 N. 2lBt St., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Marvin Rutledge Heflin, Roanoke, 

*David Harrison Minge, AfflL Ala. 

B, Faunsdale, Ala. 
Ftank L. Milhous, Merchant Saf- 

f ord, Ala. 
Robert Bruce Robertson, Salesman, 

Fayette, Ala. 
Alfred Augustus Walker, Bellevue 

Hospital, foot of B. S6th St, 

New York City. 


James Parish Brown, Bookkeeper, 

Uniontown, Ala. 
William John Conniff, B. S., Law- 
yer, First National Bank Bldg., 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Mortimer Harvle Jordan, Student, 

Tulane, Birmingham, Ala. 
Joseph Lyons Meade, Student, Aflll. 

Tenn. B, Sewanee, Tenn. 
Francis Schroeder, Montgomery, 

Gadsden, Ala. 
Arthur Wellman Stewart, Lawyer, 

Marion, Ala. 
Jonathan Render Thomas, B. S., 

Lawyer, PrattvlUe, Ala. 


Perry Magruder Abercrombie, 
Clerk, Tuskegee, Ala. 



Ludlow Elmore, Cotton Broker, 

Pensacola, Fla. 
Miles Preston Hughes, Student, 

Vanderbllt University, Nashville, 

Harvey Brown Searcy, Student, 

University of Michigan; home, 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Adrian Stevenson Taylor, Affll. 

Va. B, Mobile, Ala. 
Walter Scott White, Jr., Oeneral 

Manager, Sheffield Rolling Mills, 

Sheffield, Ala. 


George W. Ash, Planter, Branch- 
vlUe, Ala. 

Reuben Reynolds Banks, Business, 
Columbus, Miss. 

Thomas Lee Coles, U. S. Military 
Academy, West Point, N. Y., 
Home address, Cushing, Ala. 

William Malcolm Davison, Brew- 
ton, Ala. 

William WiUis Garth, Affll. Ga. A, 
'06, Huntsville, Ala. 

James Holtzclaw Klrki>atrick, A. 
B., M. A., Student, Oxford, E2ng. 

John Douglas McQueen, A. B., 
IjL. B., Attorney, Eutaw, Ala. 

Marion Baldwin Mabson, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Harold Benjamin Robinson, B. S., 
Clerk Southern R. R., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

William Buck Ross, B. S., Clerk, 
M. A O. R. R., Mobile, Ala. 

Peter Bryce Searcy, Tuscaloosa, 

Edward C. Snow, C. E., Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 

Walton Dowdell Thomas, B. S., 
Government Engineer, Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 


Harvey Morris Blue, LL. B., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

fThomas Baird Catchings, B. S., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Francis Barnard Clark, B. S., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Edgar Milton Finch, Clerk, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Allen Kent Merrill, A. B., Bufaulm, 

1 Joseph Henry Miller, B. 8., Hunts- 
ville. Ala. 

William Calvin Gates, Jr., B. 8., 
Student, University of Virginia; 
home, Montgomery, Ala. 

Julian Walters Taylor, Business, 
Butler, Ala. 

Henry Clay Tompkins, A. B., 
Montgomery, Ala. 


tEdgar I^a Roche Clarkson, Stu- 
dent, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

tWiUiam S. Mudd, Birmingham, 

^Robert Eugene Stelner, Jr., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 


tFrancis Marion Aldridge, Green- 
wood, Miss. 

fJoseph Garber Browder, Llying- 
ston, Ala. 

John Dwight Humphrey, Jr., B. 
&., Druggist, Huntsville, Ala. 

fMonro Banister Lanier, AfflL Tenn. 
B. Birmingham, Ala. 

Pettus Lee, Selma, Ala. 

Sears Lee, Birmingham, Ala. 

John Worthington McE<achin, 
Houston, Texas. 

Thomas Chalmers McCorvey, Jr., 
City Bank & Trust Co., Mobile, 

tWashington Moody, A. B., Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 

Oscar Sullivan Rand, Huntsville, 

tStanton Catchings Therrel, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

Hamilton Hawkins Thomas, Pratt* 
viUe, Ala. 


Seth Copeland, Troy, Ala. 

fWilliam Samuel FOrman, Jr., 
AshevlUe, Ala. 

Charles Crumley Heidt, Jr., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

tWiUlam Hoadley Merrill, Bufaula, 


Bdward Northfngton, Fnttrlllflb 

fWalter Dudlej Seed. Jr., Tmoa- 

looea« Ala. 
tLester Jared Snow, Tuecalooea* 



Frederick Jtillan Bloant, 
la, Fla. 

fJoeeph Garber Browder, lihrliiff- 

ston, Ala. 
flCerrltt Arthur Draae, Contoana. 

Mamhall Bibb FBlmer* Troj; Ala. 
Joseph Pickens McQqmo* Bittaw« 

tMaxwell Moody, Tnecaloooa, Ala. 

tin active chapter, 1905-1906. 


Auboni, Akkanui 


Thomas Maclin Hobbs, Aflll. Ala. 

A, Manasrer, Athexifl Ck>tton Mill, 

Athens, Ala. 
Hatthew Ross Knox, AfllL Ala. A, 

Knoxville, Ala, 
*Isaac Alexander Lanier, B. E., 

HuntsviUe, Ala. 
Thomas Harper Spencer, AfflL Ala. 

A, Baldwin, Miss. 
Robert Loxla Thornton, B. E., LL. 

B., Lawyer, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


James Alexander Crawford, Judge, 
Probate CJourt, Rockford, Ala. 

^Ernest McCreary, AflU. Ala. A, 
Evergreen, Ala. 

John Joseph Mlckle, Insurance 
Agent, Montgomery, Ala. 


Samuel Callaway, B. E., Civil En- 
gineer, care of C. D. Smith & 
Co., Memphis, Tenn. 

John Cantey, B. E., Parmer, Pt. 
Mitchell, Ala. 

Samuel Benton Cantey, B. E., 
Lawyer, Pt. Worth, Texas. 

Stephen Allen Ellison, Dillon, Oa. 

Alva Fitzpatrick, B. E., Journalist 
and Manufacturer, Montgomery, 

Harrison Lafayette Martin, Min- 
ister, Ozark, Ala. 

William Joseph Orum, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Crawford Alexander Lipscomb Siecm- 
ford. Lawyer, Opelika, Ala. 

John Vivian Smith, Montgomery. 

George Washington Stephens, B. 
E., A. M., Underwriter, We- 
dowee, Ala. 

Ross Elmore Thomas, B. E., Real 
Estate Agent, Peoria, IlL 

Thomas Smith Williams, Society 

Hill. S. C. 

Joseph Calloway, A. B., Lawyer. 

Montgomery, Ala. 
John Miller Langhom. B. S. A., 

Druggist, Unlontown, Ala. 
Thomas Dawson McGaugh, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 
Clarence Newdaygate Ousley, A. 

M., Journalist; care of Record, 

Pt. Worth, Texas. 
William Henry Simmons, A. B., 

Minister, Ozark, Ala. 
Jefferson Davis Tramwell, B. B., 

Civil Engineer, Port Worth, Tex. 


John Beverly Christian, Jeweler, 
Camden, Ala. 

James Lawrence Daniel, Pt. Mitch* 
ell, Ala; 

Prank Judson Dudley, Architect. 
Columbus, €ra. 

Bartow Eberhardt, B. S. A., Birm- 
ingham, Ala. 

•Benjamin Harrison Pitzpatrick, B. 
S. A., died Feb. 23, 1888, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

William Henry Jones, B. S., Brok- 
er. Birmingham, Ala. 

Robert Pal wood Ligon, A. B., Law- 
yer, Clerk Supreme Court, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Frederick William McLaum, Pitz- 
patrick, Ala. 

•Oustavus Adolphus Orum, Union 
Springs. Ala. 

Julian Barton Parke. Selma. Ala. 

John Eugene Strom, Mt. HJlliard. 


William Thomas Alexander, 
Georgetown, Ga. 

WiUiam Franklin Andrews, A. M., 
Pastor First Methodist Church, 
Little Rock, Ark. 




^Washington LaFsiyette SnUs, 

Prattville, Ala. 
Benjamin Fitzi>atrick Elmore, LL*. 

B., Lawyer, Demopolis, Ala. 
Charles L4nn Gay. B. BL, Fanner 

and Capitalist, 26 Noble Avenue, 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Louis Hankins, Civil ESnglneer, 

Richmond, Va. 
Benjamin Hurt Hardaway, Colum- 
bus, Qa. 
Marcellus Lafayette Harp, Jr., 

Druggist, Atlanta, €ra. 
^Daniel Baker Mangum, B. 8. A., 

Mexico City, Mez. 
Bamest Milton Pace, B. S., Broker, 

Union Square; residence, 448 St. 

Nicholas Ave., New York City. 
Joseph Morton Stone, Chattanooga. 



Benjamin James Baldwin, Fits- 

patrick, Ala. 
"William Eklgar Chlsolm, Faimer, 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Edward Webb Fraser, Figrmer, 

Whistler, Ala. 
Zell Gaston, LL. B., Affll. Ala. A, 

Attorney, Birmingham, Ala. 
John Floyd Gay, Montgomery, Ala. 
William Wightman Mangum, Affll. 

Ala. r, Eiifala, Ala. 
James Henry McCary, Birmingham, 

^Daniel Douglas McLeod, A. B., 

AfflL Ala. A, Annlston, Ala. 
George Boyd Michael, Affll. Ala. A, 

Land Agent, M. & O. R. R., Box 

424, Mertdlan, Miss. 
*Marion Woodvllle Redd, Columbus, 

*John Beverly Robinson. 
Malcolm McNeiU Smith, PrattYlUe, 

William Zacbarlah Williams, Civil 

Engineer, Vicksburg, Miss. 


*John Reynolds Barnes, OpelQca, 

Robert Early Lee Collier, C. B., 

Civil Engineer, Salt Lake City, 

R. H. Flack, Birmingham, Ala, 

^Brastus Stonum Molntyre, AfflL 
Ala. A, Jasper, Ala. 

^Walton Thomas Penn, B. S. 

Thomas Smith, Lawyer, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Robert Henry Thaoh, Jr., Lawyer, 
2082 ISth Ave., So. Birmingham, 

Thomas Trammel!, Birmingham, 

^Daniel Ballard WilUams, Opellka, 


Clifford Lewis Newman, B. 8., M. 
S., Professor of Agronomy, Clem- 
son College, Clemson College, 
8. C. 

Sterling C Pitts, Civil Engineer, 
Allotment Clerk, Commissioner 
to the Five Civilised Tribes, 
Muskogee, Ind. Ter. 

•Thomas Lee Scott, West Point, 

Leckinski Ware Spratling, B. 8., 
M. D., Surgeon, U. 8. Navy, 
Washington, D. C. 

Dudley Saunders Weaver, B. 8., 
Cotton Broker, 616 Linden St., 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Augustus FOscen Whitfield, U. S. 
Signal Service, Yuma, Aris. 

Levi Washington Wilkinson, Chem- 
ist, New Orleans, La. 


Arthur John Alexander, B. 8., Civil 
Engineer, Meridian, Miss. 

Henry Clay Armstrong, B. 8., Prin- 
cipal of Pensacola Classical 
School, Pensacola, Fla. 

Burwell Lee Boykin, A. M., Planter, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

•EHgee Kingsbury Gordon. 

Edward Tracy HolUngsworth, 
Hardware and Implements, Aline, 


Henry Lee Brown, Charleston, W. 

John Tee Brown, Dallas, Tez. 
^George Fleming Brown, Dallas, 

^Edward Hunter Cobb, Affll. Ala. 
r, died 1887, Greensboro, Ala. 



*John Thomas OregoiTt Mobile, Ala. 

Jefferson Dunbar Stubbs, New Or- 
leans, La. 

^Norman Rutherford Weaver, AfllL 
Ala. r and N. T. 1, died Oot S^ 
1897, Lynn, 


Brlttaln Dixon Armstrong, Law- 
yer, 214 People's Building, Atlaa- 
ta, Ga.. Auditor and Ass*! Seo*/.* 
Southern Ck>tton Association. 

E. Foniaine Brown, Lawyer, 1017 
Virginia St, Charleston, W. Va. 

Andrew Manley Lloyd, B. S., M. S., 
Propr. McCandless Laboratory, 
16 V& 8. Broad St; res. 281 Puice 
de Leon Ave., Atlanta, Qa. 

Joseph Hughes Maragne. 

Francis Philips, M. D., Affll. Va. B 
and Oa. B, Physician and Bur- 
geon, Quincy, Fla. 

^Robertson Riggs, R. R. Postal 
Clerk, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Thomas Alexander Ross, Civil £2n- 
gineer. Cape Town, Africa. 

Edgar Johnson Spratling, M. D. 

Paul Turner Vaughn, B. S., Physi- 

Thomas Morgan WatUngton, B. S., 
San Antonio, Tex. 


Douglas Boyd, Cotton Manufac- 
turer, Griflki, Ga. 

*Edgar Duncay Burts, AffiL Va. B, 
Columbus, Qa. 

Wllmer Callaway, B. 8., Conductor, 
L. & N. R. R., Bay Minette, Ala. 

James McCoy Chambers, Transfer 
Agent, Construction Work, 
Chambers Transfer Co., Macon, 

George Clark, Snowdoun, Ala, 

Charlie White Davis, Merchant, 
Mariana, Fla. 

Joseph Emory Drake, Griffin, Ga. 

Lewis Vaughn Massey, B. S., AfflL 
Ala. r, Tuskegee, Ala. 

Robert Ernest Noble, M. S., Physl- 
oian and Surgeon (Assistant 

Sui'geoii, U* 8b Annj), Wsvt 
Casey, Wash. 

Joseph Ftands PoUock, Selma, Ala. 

Dixon Hamilton Thorln, Savannah, 

George Houstoun Waring, B. R., 
Supt Omaha Gas Co.; res. 1818 
S. S5th St, Omaha, Neb. 

James F. WlUdnson, B. 8., Chem- 
ist, Atlanta, Ga. 


^Lawrence E«mest Baker, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 
^Arthur Thomas Dudley, Cotumtras, 

Clifford LeRoy Hare, M. 8., A. M.. 

Professor of Chemistry, A. P. L, 

Auburn, Ala. 
John Allen Jones, Insurance Agent, 

Opelika, Ala. 
LeBarron Lyons, Mobile, Ala. 
James Bradford McDonald, U. B. 

Army, FOrt Grant, Arts. 
Petit T. Reynolds, B. Sc.. Ph. G., 

M. D., Physician. Auburn, Ala. 
^Charles Rhodes, Eufaula, Ala. 
Robert Clanton Smith, B. S.. LL. 

B.. AffiL Ala. A, Lawyer, Opelika^ 

John McCullough Tharln. 


EHbert Cathey Averyt, Merdiant, 
Prescott Arix. 

Thomas Lyons Averyt, Shellyy 
Springs, Ala. 

Louis Alexander Bize, Tampa, Fla. 

Jacob Thompson Bullen, R So., C 
E., Civil Engineer, Montgomery, 

Walter Barton Clay, B. S., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

George Samuel Clark, B. 8., C BL, 
Teacher, Highland Home, Ala. 

William Caleb Dean, Lafayette, 

Garrett Martine De Reamer, 
Tampa, Fla. 

William Francis Feagln, B. 8., M. 
E., Teacher, Secretary and Mem- 
ber State Board of Bxamlners. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Raleigh Williams Greene, Clergy- 
man, Glrard, Alflu 



Francla Peabody, Cotton Brokar, 
Mont^mery, Ala. 

John Jay Street, Alexander City, 

Richard Werner, Atlanta, Ga. 

AlUe Walter WilUama, Affll. Ga. T, 
Surgeon U. 8. Army, Ck>luinbui, 


Theodore Berri Betha, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Massey Robart Burton, B. 8., OL 
£3., Gen'l Agent, Mutual Ufa In* 
surance Co., President, Marimiiia 
Mfg. Co., Marianna, Fla. 

Clifford Fontaine Clopton, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Joseph Johnston Crawford, West 
Point, Ga. 

Benjamin Browning Haralson, 1128 
Citizens' Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Joseph Andrew Herron, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Amos Wesley Jones, AflU. Ala. F, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas Litchfield Kennedy, Jr., M. 
S., Wholesale Grocer, Tampa, 

Nimrod Limsford Ixmg, General 
Merchandise, Kennedy, Aim. 

Oscar Kyle Parker, MontgomeiT» 

Walter Merritt Riggs, B. IL, M. 
B., Director, Dept. of Bleotrloal 
and Mechanical Bbglneerlng, 
Professor of Electrical Engineer- 
ing, Clemson College, 8. C 

Henry Hamilton Smith, B. So., C 
E., Supervisor C. of Ga. Ry. Co., 
Union Springs, Ala. 

Roper Colbert Spratllng, Farmer, 
Gold Hill, Ala. 


Joseph Quarterman Burton, B. S., 
M. S., Assistant State Chemist; 
Residence, 241 Peachtree St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Albert Bedell Clower, New Orleans. 

Robert Park Clower, Fire Insur- 
ance, oare TiOuisiaTia Ftre Fre- 
▼entlon Bureau, New Orleans, 

Julius Confree Dunham, Bleotrloal 
Engineer, Pensacoia, Fla. 

James Perry Grant, Louisville, Ala. 

Charles Gordon Greene, Merchant, 
Opelika, Ala. 

William Marion Hight, Anniston, 

Henry Clay Jones, Montgomsry, 

Robert Young Jones, Valdosta, 

Jacob Samuel Johnson, Lumber 
Mfgr., Deatsville, Ala. 

Paul Pratt McKeown, B. 8., B. 
L., Planter, Concord, Fla. 

Francis Strother Morrisette, Jr. 

Charles Carter Newman, Prat oC 
Horticulture, Clemson College, 
S. C. 

Samuel James Shivers, Seerstary 
and Treasurer, Prairie PebUa 
Phosphate Co., ItO Bay 8t.IL; 
res. S19 Gwinnet St. BL, Savan- 
nah, Ga.. 

Joseph Franklin Slier, Troy, Ala. 

Graham Goison Vaughn, Selma, 

Rinaldo Green Williams, B. 8., M. 
S., Assistant State Chemist, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

James Albert Wilson, BufauU, Ala. 


Robert Hlgglns Adams, Amite City, 

•Walter Caldwell Darwin, Hunts- 
▼111^ Ate. 

Gordon Flewellen Chambers, Phy- 
sician, American Bldg., Atlanta, 

William Henry Chambers, Sur- 
geon, U. S. Army, Chief 8ur* 
geon's Office, Manila, P. L 

Vincent Martin Elmore, Lieut U. 
S. Army, Washington, D. C 

William Eldridge MoBwen. Car- 
tersville, Ga. 

Henry Hinds Peevy, B. 8.. M. 8., 
Lawyer, 617 Woodward Bldg.; 
Residence, 2164 Highland Ave., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Percy Hilton Smith, AflU. N. T. A, 
President Eastern Ry. of Ala- 
bama and Gen. Mgr. Alabama 
Psrrltes Co., Pyrlton, Ala. 

James Adger Smyth, Greenville, 



HbrrlB Jefferson BurU, Oolumbiis, 

Thomas Spyker Cowan* Opdlka, 
Ala. • 

Clifton Henry Feacin, DnigElst. 
Clayton. Ala. 

Robert Campbell Halley, Columbus, 

Richard Sparks Jackson, R 8., 
Land TiUes, 1800 7th Ave., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Robert Lewis, Greenville, 8. C. 

Frederick Hordin, Anderson, 8. C. 

Julian Berry Oglesby, B. S., An- 
stell Bids, Atlanta, Ga. 

Henry Allen Orr, President Savan- 
nah River Power Co., Anderson, 
8. C. 

Edward Baxter Sloss, U. 8. Army. 

WiUiam Herring Wlnship, M. D., 
Physician, 22 Nassau St.; Resi- 
dence, 10 Nassau St., Princeton, 
N. J. 


John Arrinarton, 906 Tribune Bld«., 
Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Aydelatte Billing, Physi- 
cian, Montgomery, Ala. 

Claude Carson Crawford, Book- 
keeper, care of Lookout Planing 
Mills, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

John Buford Hobdy, B. 8., Presi- 
dent, 7th District Agricultural 
School, Albertvllle, Ala. 

Charles Johnston Nelson, Lieuten- 
ant, U. 8. Army, Ft. McPherson, 

William Clifford Paden, Merchant, 
Gadsden, Ala. 

William Woodward Sullivan, Hard- 
ware, Anderson, 8. C. 


Jonathan Harlason, Jr., Electrical 
Engineer, 20 Bucklersbury; resi- 
dence, IS Albert Road, Regents 
Park, London, B. C 

William Earle Lay, Gadsden, Ala. 

Chadwick Wiley Minge. Cotton 
Broker, Demopolis, Ala. 

John Sanford Paden, Merchant, 
Gadsden, Ala. 

Orman N. PoweO. 

Arthur McBride Ransom, B. 8., M. 

8., M. A., Ass*! ProCesscNr of 

Analytical Chemistry, A. P. L, 

Auburn* Ala. 
John Percy Reed. Lawyer, S806 9th 

Ave., E. Birmingham, Ala. 
James Barrie Shivers, Druggist, 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Lucius Kelly Simmons, Demopolis, 

John Wesley Williams, Druggist, 

Birmingham, Ala. 


Alston Morgan Boyd, B. Sc, Real 
Estate, 10 S. Front St.; resi- 
dence, 854 Chickasaw Place, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

•Osborne Henry Chapman, AIBL 
Ala. r. 

George Price Cooper, Lawyer, 
Huntsville, Ala. 

Arthur Henry Feagin, B. 8., C. E., 
Cotton Broker, Union Springs, 

Charles Thomas Hightower, Mer- 
chant, Hogansville, Ga. 

Joseph Landman, Bookkeeper, 
Huntsville, Ala. 

William BHliot Matthews, BCanager. 
the Cudahy Packing Co., Hunts- 
ville, Ala. 

Isham Fennell McDonnell, Electric- 
al Engineer, Huntsville, Ala. 

Jackson Chadwick Mfaigeb Dem- 
opolis, Ala. 

John Cherry Smith, Clerk, Opelika, 

James Alfk^ Ward, Fort Smith, 

George BCadison Whe61er, A. B., 
Real Estate and Bond Broker, 
81 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn. 


•James Aiken, Gadsden, Ala. 

Milton Columbus Baldridge, Ph. G., 
Myers Drug Co., St Louis, Mo.; 
residence, Huntsville, Ala. 

Henry Moss Copeland, Credit Man, 
8. 8. White Dental Mfg. Co., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Jewett WhaUey Feagin, with 
Vaughan Lumber Co., 807 Alamo 
Plasa; res. 216 Fourth St., San 
Antonio, TeiL 


Rntherford SylTtiiiis VUieh, 

man, M<mtcomeiT» Atau 
John Jefferson Flowers. B. R, Do- 

than Ice Go., Dotban, Ala. 
Tnhk Pierce FVOmar, Cuhler. 

People's Bank, Trosr, Ala. 
Swope Darrow Gilbert, Oencral 

Snectrlc Ck>., Cincinnati, O. 
John Alexis Matthews, PBjbag 

Teller. Commercial Stats Bank, 

Birmingham, Ala. 
•DaTld Harrison Mlnse, AfDL Ala. 

A, Faunsdale, Ala. 
Robert Carlock Band, B. &, los 

Mfgr. & Coal Dealer, 122-4 8. 

Gallatin St., HontSTllle^ Ala. 


William LeGrand Burnett, ears oC 
Rapid Transit Constmctlon Com- 
pany, i5 E. 42d St, New Torfe 

David James Castleman, B. R« In 
EL & IL B.. AfElL Ala F, Btoetrl- 
cal Engineer, N. Y. Navy Yard; 
res. 1007 Hancock St, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

John Henry BSdmanson, Physician, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Eugene Flynn Enslen, Jr., B. S., 
M. E., saectrlcal and Mechanical 
E<nglneer, care of Jefferson 
Comity Savings Bank, Btrmlng- 
ham, Ala. 

Walter Lee Green, Saectrical En- 
gineer, Opellka, Ala. 

Louis Huntington Moore, Treas- 
urer, Montgomery Ice & Cold 
Storage Co.; residence, 601 Adams 
St, Montgomery, Ala. 

Alexander JadEson Moseley, Union 
Springs, Ala. 

Carlisle L. Nesbit care of Corren 
R. Bills, Architect, Macon, Ga. 

Shepherd Harrison Roberts, B. S., 
Insurance Agent, 24 S. Perry St; 
residence, 11 W. Jefferson Davis 
Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Ernest Walton Thompson, Planter, 
Tuskegee, Ala. 


William Marvin Askew, B. S., Mer- 
chant Newnan, Ga. 

Winis Qaylord Clark, B. S., Min- 
ister, 11 Moulton St, M<mtgom- 

B. a. 

Union Springs, 

1. Lawyer, Ml N. Slst St. Bir- 

Jobn Hnnter Goddard, AIBL Ga. r, 
llf W. 

Henry Bigfaam Park, 
Gen. Elec Co.; 
College St^ 

EL & M. E.. 
7 N. 
. N. Y. 
. B. 8., M. 

E., Gen. 

Ftancls Barnard Cterk, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 
Ike Ban Fsgan, Union Springs, Ala. 
Martin Connor Folmar. Snpt. of 

Agencies (Insurance), Troy, Ala. 
Charles Belshaw Goldthwalte, Jr.. 

Druggist Troy, Ala. 
WnUam Lanier Halsey, Wholesale 

Grocer; res. Eostls St, Hmits- 

vme, Ala. 
John Van Valkenburg Matthews, 

Merchant Huntsvflle, Ala. 
Lawrens Walter Pierce, Gen. Elec 

Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Albert Wellman Pratt, Tabfaigdon 

Cotton MIUs, HontsvUle, Ala. 
Sam Rembert Planter, Memphis, 

•William Richard Rison, Jr. 
John Van Ryan, Salesman, care of 

American Snuff Co., Nashville, 

Tenn.; residence, 416 Madison St., 

HimtsvUle, Ala. 
Walter Otey Shivers Druggist, 

Marlon, Ala. 
Hunter Molton Smith, R. R. Con- 
tractor, Birmingham, Ala. 
Edward Taylor, B. S., 1018 P. St., 

Demopolls, Ala. 
Louis ESarle Thornton, B. S., C. B., 

Civil Engineer, 1019 P St, N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
St John Wilson, Mobile, Ala. 




Irley Boyd, Jr., Memphli, Tenn. 

Julian Sidney Chambers, B. 8., C 
B., Transfer A«rent, Macon, Qa. 

Henry McDonneU, Huntsvllle, Ala. 

Thomas Ned Smith, Smithsonla, 

WlUlam Micon Tumley. N. Y. Edi- 
son Ck>., 66 Duane St.; residence, 
161 E. 87th St., New York City. 


James Seaborn Boyd, Montgomery, 

Clifford Hastings Johnson, C B., 
Assistant City Engineer; resi- 
dence, 1017 4th Ave., Columbus, 

fJames Lawrence Bailey, Demop- 

olis, Ala. 
Winiam Graham Boyd, Memphis, 

tCasper Carl Certain, Huntsville, 

Charles Garrison Dillard, Affll. 

Tenn. A, 434 Clinton St., Hunts- 

▼nie, Ala. 
tLynwood William Gray, Pt Val- 
ley, Ga. 
William Francis Jordan, Huntsville, 

tDan Mitchell Rencher, Uniontown, 

tJames Cox Webb, Affll. Va, B, 

Demopolis, Ala. 


Milton Stanhope Brasfleld, Demo- 
polls, Ala. 

tBryon Breckenridge Barnes, Ehi- 
tow, Ala. 

tJames Daniel Browder, Livings- 
ton, Ala. 

fNewton Albert Burgess, Bdwards- 

viUe, Ala. 
fWalter Scott Farley, Qpellka^ Ala. 
tJuIlan Casey Greene, Opellka, Ala. 
fOscar Casey Greene, Opellka, Ala. 
tGuy J. Lipscomb, Demopolis, Ala. 
tCharles Solomon Ripley, Macon, 

tThomas Van Zandt Watsoa. Ft. 

Valley, Ga. 


tHenry Winfleld Allen, Old Spring 
Hill, Ala. 

fWarland Burke, Huntsville, Ala. 

tHoward Eldridge Butt, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

fCharles Oscar Dean, Alexander 
City, Ala. 

fjohn Randall Goldthwalte, Troy, 

Roy Henderson Liddell, Camden, 

tSidney James Mahue, Huntsville. 

tHarris Claude Nell, Fort Valley. 

fThomas Wilbur Park, Macon, Ga. 

Alexander Mitchell Rodgers, Ma- 
con, Ga. 

tRufus Snow Stuart, Oxford, Ala. 

Jacob Allen Walker, Alexander 
City, Ala. 

tEdward Cleveland Wilcox, Piper, 


fRobcrt Duff Murray, Anderson, 
S. C. 

George Howard Stewart, Green- 
wood, Miss. 

tin active chapter. 1905-1906. 


Greensboro* Alakema 


William WlflTbtinan Maniruin, B. 8., 

M. D., Affll. Ala. B, PhTsiolaa, 

Ehif aula, Ala. 
•William Booth Otis, Ph. B., 

Greensboro, Ala. 
Solomon Wainscot t Roberts, A. M., 

Clergyman, Abbeyvllle, Ala. 


•Edward Hunter Cobb, AflM. Ala. 

B, died 1887, Qreensboro, Ala. 
Thaddeus Alexander Felton, Ph. B., 

Merchant, Leighton, Ala. 
Andrew Jenkins Soott, Ph. B., 

Asst. Adj. Qen'l of Ga., Atlanta, 


John McCotrey Scott, A. B., At- 
torney, F. & M. National Bank, 
F6rt Worth, Tor. 


James Freeman, Ph. B., Baltimore, 

•Allious Robert Hosmer, died 1899, 
Talladega, Ala. 

Joseph C. Mims, Planter, Areola, 

Holcombe H. Motley, Insurance, 
159 La Salle St.; res. 156 BL 
64th Place, Chicago, BL 

George W. Pierce, Merchant, Co- 
lumbus, Ga. 

Thomas Franklin Pierce, Merchant, 
Wildwood, Fla. 

Edward P. Wescott, Ph. B., Mer- 
chant, Mt. Sterling, Ala. 


John Liuther Bynum, Ph. B., M. 

A.. LL.. M., 1217 Unity Bldg., 

Chicago, m. 
Albert Sidney Johnson Baygood, 

Clerk, Tokio, Ind. Ter. 

Welcome Langston Haywood, Ph. 
B., Transfer Business, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Eugene Hargrave Hawkins. 

John Tate Hufstutler, Ph. B., 
Principal High ' School, Fayette, 

William Isaiah McReynolds, Mill- 
port, Ala. 

•ThoB. Wesley Phares, Greens- 
boro, Ala. 

Charles Forrest Striplin, Ph. B., 
Ashland, Ala. 

Jay Emmett Thomason, Ph. B., 
Ranburne, Ala. 

•Norman Rutherford Weaver, 
Affll. Ala. B, & N. T. A, died 
1897, Selma, Ala. 

Hubert Marlon Ansley, A. M., A. 

B., LLi. B., Ai&l. La. A, Attorney, 

Hennen Bldg., New Orleans, La. 
James Martin Chambers, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 
Theodore V. Copeland, Clergyman, 

New Orleans, La. 
Thomas T. Galllon, Ai&l. Ala. A. 
Albert Lee Guy, Clerk, Ensley, Ala. 
Charles Leslie Herring, Planter, 

Madison, Ala. 
Virgil Milton Noblln, Cotton VtueUx, 

Edwards, Miss. 
Joseph Neeley Powers, Planter, 

Curl's Station, Ala. 
John Milton Scott, Attorney, Fori 

Worth, Texas. 
John Thomas Sheppard, Merchant 

& Mfr., Central MUls, Ala. 
Robert Strickland, A. B., Merchant, 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Leigh Andrews, A. B., Attorney, 

Sheffield, Ala. 
Haden H. Byard. 




Wmiam R<rt>liiMm Chatfleld, Far- 
mer, LaCajrette, Ala. 

Harwell Woodroe Goala^ B. 8., 
Bivar Mfr., Qasport, La. 

William Thomaa Ellisor, Cleivy- 
man, M. E. Church South, Mil- 
ton. Fla. 

Amos Weale/ Joom, AlllL Ala. B, 
Huntavfllep Ala. 

Claude Kendrlck, Merchant, LiU- 
veme^ Ala. 

Wesle/ Solomon McLeod, A. B., 
Teacher, Childersburs, Ala. 

Rile/ Augustus Moody, Ph. B., 
Clergyman, Clayton, Ala. 

John Efdward Zimmerman Riley, 
B. S., Attorney, Oiark, Ala. 

Oeorse Stowers, A. M., Attorney, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Arthur Wright, Dentist, Bnter- 
Drlae, Ala. 

Hugh B. Anderson, Cotton Broker, 
New Orleans, La. 

Albert Crosland Bowen, A. M., M. 
E., Missionary, Sung Kiang, 

Thomas Watts Dende, Petrey. Ala. 

Frank McQhee DeOraffenreid, A. 
M., Attorney, Seale, Ala. 

Aubrey Oliver Harwell, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Watson Kerr Harwell, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Joseph Lee Holloway, Attorney, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

John Levi Jones, Clergyman, New- 
ton, Ala. 

Robert Oscar Meek, A. M., Tcachar, 
Osaik, Ala. 

Henry Paul Merritt, Attorney, 
Tudcegee, Ala. 

Marvin Patillo, Druggust, Hartsell, 

Robert Simms Pierce, Ph. B., Mer- 
chant, Columbus, Ga. 

Robert Eugene Tyler, Ph. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, Sheffield, Ala. 

James August Baxley, Teacher, 

Dothan, Ala. 
Elbert Thise Breland, Mobile, Ala. 
James Henry Davis, Abbeville, 


James Lorenao Cousins, Salesman. 

care Goodall, Brown & Co.; res. 

68th and 4th Sts., Birmingham. 

^Thomas Leckey Ftfton, died S^t. 

13, 1896, Leighton. Ala. 
Hubert DeLancy Knickerbocker, 

Cotton Factor, lAtiias. Tex. 
Lewis Vaughn Massey, A. B., Bleo- 

trician, AffiL, Sheffield, Ala. 
Thomas Franklin Sessions. M. B. 

Clergyman, Montevallo, Ala. 
Charles Edward Shuptrine^ Farm- 
er, Selma, Ala. 
Charles Soule Talley, Selma, Ala. 
Henry Alba Taylor, AquiUa. Ala. 

WUliam Ripley Bickerstaff, M. E. 

Clergyman, Girard. Ala. 
^William Biven, Brookside, Ala. 
Edgar Eugene Howell. Tax Asses- 
sor, Perry Co., Sootts Station, 

Olin Berry Newman, A. B., Af*l. 

Ala. A, Government Clerk; res. 

7330 Sloss Ave., Birmingham, 

William Nathan Nunn, Teacher, 

Loachai>oka, Ala. 
Floyd Fountain Whittle. Merchant, 

Greensboro, Ala. 


James Valentine Brown, Druggist, 

Pratt City. Ala. 
Eiwin Jonathan Chestnut, C. R. 

Druggist. Gaylesville. Ala. 
William Edward Chlsholm, Tus- 

combia, Ala. 
Ernest Clay Jones, Merchant, 

Clanton, Ala. 
Robert Lee Lacey, Real Estate, 

E«ast Lake, Ala. 
Benjamin Balrd Wittlch, Pensa- 

cola, Fla. 


Foster K. Camp, Greenville, Ala. 
William Stanmore Cawthom, A. 

B., Planter, Chlpley, Fla. 
John Morris Cousin, Clerk, Searles, 

William Henry Donaldson, City 




Hugh Holmes Hamil, Bversreen, 

Taylor H. Henry, B. S., Physician, 
Tuscumbia, Ala. 

Percy Rivers Knickerbocker, B. S., 
Ck>tton Planter, uallas, Tex. 

Arthur Newton Meaders, Albert- 
vUle, Ala. 

Stephen C. Meigs, A. B., Physician, 
Centerville, Ala. 

Samuel Joseph Parrlsh, Roanoke, 

John Calhoun Perry, A. M., Besse- 
mer, Ala. 

Jesse RoUand Rutherford, Bank 
Cashier, Bessemer, Ala. 

Alonzo Cicero Smith, IC E. Clergy- 
man, Llano, Tex. 


Edwin Walker Berry, A. B., Presi- 
dent, Camden National Bank, 
Camden, Ala. 

Samuel Calhoun Fowlkes, A. B., 
Merchant, Dothan, Ala. 

Edmund Pendleton Gaines, Civil 
Engineer, Birmingham. Ala. 

Hugh Thomas Hand, Ejvergreen, 

Robert John Harris, Physidan, 
Pennington, Ala. 

Bishop Marvin Kendrick, A. B., 
Physician, Luveme, Ala. 

Charles Patrick Martin, Physician, 
Woodstock, Ala. 

^Charles Johnson McLeod, A. B., 
died 1899, Flora, Ala. 

Wnilam Oartley Tebault, Jr., B. 8., 
Manager, the Phoenix Furniture 
Co., 214 Camp St.; res. 701 How- 
ard Ave., New Orleans, La. 


^Osborne Henry Chapman, Affll. 
Ala. B, Troy, Ala. 

Hoyt McWhorter Dobbs, A. B., 
A. M., Clergyman, N. Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

James Henry Flowers, B. S., Lum- 

John Holcombe Holloway, A. B., 
Clergyman, Tuskegee, Ala. 

Ray Madding McConnell, Clergy- 
man, Talladega, Ala. 

Thomas Judklns Powell, B. S., U. 
S. Mall Service, Montgomery, 

Jasper J. Riley, Teacher, Oxmoor, 

Francis Seay, A. M., M. E. Clergy- 
man, Greensboro, Ala. 

David James Castleman, Affll. Ala. B, 

Elec. Engineer, N.Y. Navy Yard; res. 

1007 Hancock Rt., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
James Henry Flowers, B. 8., Lum- 
berman, Jakln, Ga. 
John Mosely Holloway, A. B., AfflL 

N. T. A, Insurance, Montgomery, 

Herbert Vaughn Hudson, A. M., 

M. B. Clergyman, Summerfleld, 

James Holtxdan Lakin, D. D. 8., 

Dentist, Montgomery, Ala. 
Lovick Pearce Liles, Teacher, 

Alexandria, Ala. 
Dexter Marvin Lowry, B. S., Valley 

Head, Ala. 
John Wallace Malone^ A. B., 

Banker, Dothan. Ala. 
Marvin Erastus Moreland, B. 8., 

M. D.. Physician, N. Birming- 
ham, Ala. 
James Hardee Ward, Echo, Ala. 

Edward Summers Lewis, M. B. 
Clergyman, Congress, Miss. 



Bcrk«l«y, CaBfornk 


Frmnk Otis, A. R. IC A., Attor- 
ney-At-Law, MllU Bldff^ Ban 
Francisco; res. 1609 Santa Clara 
Ave., Alameda, CaL 

Jacob Bert Relnateln, A. B., M. 
A^ Attomey-at-Law/ ree. 906 
Ellla St., San Franclaoo, CaL 

Bbeneser Scott, M. A., Ferry Bldff., 
San Frandaco, CaL 


Samuel Benedict Christy, Ph. B., 
Sc. D., Dean of the Colleirs of 
Mlnlnir* University of Califor- 
nia; res. 8894 Piedmont Ave.* 
Berkeley, CaL 

David Bdward Collins. A. B., IC. 

A., Pres. OaL Bank, Oakland: 

res. 1888 Harrison St., Oakland, 

•Manuel Maria Corolla, died July 

8, 1888. 
John Goes, A. B., A. IL, Attor- 

ney-at-Law, President of Kent 

Law School; res. 669 Blroh Avs. 

S., Ban Francisco, CaL 

Abraham Wendell Jackson, Ph. B., 
ICaohlne Manufacturer, 648-660 
W. S8d St.; res. 488 St. Nicho- 
las Ave., New York, N. T. 

•Frank Orson Llnforth, died Jan- 
uary 14, 1899. 

Simon Gleophls Sehe^Une, A. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, 1887 California 
St.; residence 2110 California St., 
San Francisco, CaL 

William WUson Van Ardsdale^ Ph. 
B., (SooU Jk Van Ardsdale), 
Lumber, 77 Crocker Bids.; res. 
8401 Scott St., San Ftandsco, 


Joseph Gkms Brown, A. B., Cash- 
ier, Scott & Van Ardsdale Lum- 
ber Co., San Francisco; res. 176 
Belvedere, San Francisco, CaL 

•Leonldas Soule Burchard, Ph. B., 
M. D. Died AprU 88, 1906. 

LaFayette Hoyt DeFrlese, A. B. 
LU B., Attomey-at-Law, Broad 
St. House, Old Broad St., Lon- 
don, Bnffland, or care of Steele 
DeFrlese & Frothlngham, Mutual 
Life Bld«r.. 82 Liberty St., New 
York. N. Y. 

Dwlght Brunei Huntley, Ph. B., 
1269 Webster St., Oakland, CaL 

Abram Clarke Bradford, Lodl, OaL 
William - Henry Chamberlain, Ph. 

B., Attomey-at-Law, Mills Bids** 

San Francisco; res. BS Verano, 

Fred Lewis Foster, City Editor 

and Editorial Writer of The Her' 

aid; res. 198 South Crittenden 

St., Naslee Park, San Jose, OaL 
Edwin Oroome Heacock. 
Nathan Albert Morford, Ph. B., 

Real Estate, Loans and Mines, 4 

W. Adams St.; res. 186 N. 8rd 

Ave., Phoenix, Arlaona. 
Horace Allen Redfleld, Ph. B., 966 

Clay St, Oakland; res. SVult- 

vale, Alameda Co., CaL 
*Peter Francisco Charles Sander. 

Died November 21, 1884. 
Fred Searls, Ph. B., Attomey-mt- 

Law, Nevada City, OaL 
*John Edwin Taylor. Died* July 

22, 1876. 
Ryland Burnett Wallace, A. B., 

M. A., LU B., Attoraey-at^Law, 

Mills Blder.: res. Bohemian Club, 

San Francisco, CaL 




•Charles Edward Washburn. 
•John N. B. WUaon. Died, May 

27, 1901. 
John Oalllmore Ya«rer, Teacher, 

Bakersfleld, CaL 


Walter Stone Alexander, Major 
Artillery Corps, U. 8. Army, 
Presidio, San Francisco, CaL 

Bdward Booth, Ph. B., Instructor 
In Chemistry, University of 
California; res. 1214 Harrison 
St., Oakland, CaL 

Greorge Ellis DeOolla, Ph. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, 957 Broadway, 
res. 1390 Harrison St., Oakland, 

Oeorere Deucharo Murray, Ph. B., 
LiLu B., Attorney-at-Law, Eure- 
ka, Calt 

Frank Ballentlne McCracken. 

Robert Joy Woods, 628 Mills Bldg., 
8523 Clay St, San Frandsco, 


*James Bruce Clow, Ph. B. Died 
Dec 11, 1886. 

WllUam Fulton SouI6, A. B., Grain 
Broker, 214 Pine St, San Fran- 
cisco; res. 1282 Sherman St, 
Alameda, CaL 


John Henry Henderson, with 
James P. Taylor, Coal Dealer, 
foot of Franklin St; res. 543 
Telegraph Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

William Carey Jones, A. B., M. A., 
Prof, of Jurisprudence. Univer- 
sity of California; res. 2625 
Benvenue Ave., Berkeley, CaL 

John McHenry, Architect and En- 
gineer, 8848, 22d St, San Fran- 
cisco, CaL 

Fremont Morse, Ph. B., Assistant, 
U. a Coast and Geodetic Sur- 
vey, 580 Washington St, or Box 
2512; res. 1691 Bush St, San 
Fmncisco, CaL 

*Henry William Sander, Ph. B. 
Died August 26, 1882. 

Charles Brooks Smith, rss. To- 
■emite Club, Stookton, CaL 


Frank Haynes Adams, Pastos^ 
Eagle Harbor Congregational 
Church, Wlnslow, Wash. 

Henry Vander Leek, Hardware, 
802 N. Main St, Ix>8 Angeles, 

Howard Holden Lewis, Real Es- 
tate, Rooms 1 and 2, Haller 
BIdg.; res. 506 Terry Ave., Seat- 
tle, Wash. 


Charles Ferdinand Allardt 68 
First St., care C. C. Moore & 
Co., Engineers, San Francisco; 
res. 1117 Lincoln St, Oakland, 

Frederick Adolph Allardt Ass't 
Cashier, The Oakland Bank of 
Savings; res. 1127 Linden St, 
Oakland. Cal. 

William Owen Morgan, Special 
Agent and Adjuster, Hartford 
Fire Ins. Co., San Francisco; res. 
1405 Webster St., Oakland, CaL 

George Walter Rodolph, D. D. 8., 
President, Pierce-Rodolph Stor- 
age Co., Eddy and Fillmore 
Streets, San Francisco; res. 276 
E. 14th St, Oakland, Cal. 

Maurice Sullivan Woodhams, At- 
tomey-at-Law, Cape Nome^ 


Charles Edward Holmes, B. 8., 
Secretary and Manager, Ren ton. 
Holmes & Co., San Francisco; 
res. Belvedere, Marin Co., CaL 
(Temporarily located.) 

Henry Alexander Melvln, Ph., B., 
LL. B., Judge of Superior Court 
Department 4, Superior Court 
Court-house; res. 1467 10th Ave., 
Oakland, CaL 

•Joseph Alonzo Norrls. Died De- 
cember 18, 1887. 


Daniel Sawyer Halladay, B. 8., 
with City Engineer; res. 907 
Summit Ave., Los Angeles, CaL 

Leslie Randall Hewitt, B. Lb As- 
sistant City Attorney, City Hall; 
res. 1212 S. Alvarado St, Los 
Angeles, CaL 



Henry Oridley Purker, Civil Bn- 
grineer, 8025 Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Sidney Tangier Smith, B. 
It., Ph. D., ProfeMor of (Seology 
and Mineralogy, University of 
Nevada, Reno, Nev. 


Joseph Augustine Benton, Clergy- 
man, 459 Bawthome Ave., Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Burton LiUther HalL 

Ross Morgan, B. S., Civil E<n- 
glneer, 611 19th St., Oakland, 

Frank Mershon Parcel! s, Ph. B., 
LXk B., Attomey-at-Law, 848 
Monadnock Bldg., San Francisoo; 
res. 1409 Webster St., Oakland, 

William Harrison Waste, Ph. B., 
JAm B., Judge Superior Court. 
Oakland; res. 2222 Durant Ave., 
Berkeley. Cal. 

Charles Henry Eklwards. N. P. 

Bank, Weavervllle, Cal. 
•Erverett Pamum Goodyear, A. B., 

died December 13, 1902. 
James Huntington Gray, B. S., 

Sec South Works Ills. Steel Co., 

South Chicago, or care U. S. 

Steel Corporation. 71 Broadway, 

New York. N. Y. 
•Charles Henry Spurgeon. Died 

June 15, 1891. 
Perry Thomas Tompkins, B. I*., 

A. B., A. M., Head of Science 

Dept., Lowell High School, San 

Francisco; res. 2526 Durant Ave., 

Berkeley, CaL 
Clement Calhoun Young, Lowell 

High School, San Francisco, CaL 


Nathaniel Barnes Hinckley, Ph. B., 
Orange Grower, Redlands, Cal. 

Henry Waldgrave Stuart. Ph. B., 
Ph. D.. Professor of Philosophy, 
Lake Forest College, Lake For- 
est, BL 

Louis Titus. Attomey-at-Law, 
Monadnock Bldg., San Francisco; 
res. 2600 Durant Ave., Berkeley, 

Henry Montague WnUfl, Ph. Bi^ 
Attomey-at-Law, Deputy Dis- 
trict Attorney, San Bernardino, 
CaL; res. 86 Bureka St., Red- 
lands, CaL 


Russ Avery, B. L., LL. R, Attor- 
ney-at-Law, 684 Laughlln Block, 
Los Angeles, Cal.; res. 913 8. 
Broadway, Los Angeles, CaL 

Frank Shackelford Boggs, B. Lk, 
Treasurer U. 8. D. & Loan Co.. 
W. San Joaquin 8t, Stockton, 
CaL; res. 128 BL Magnolia 8t 

Claude Resnor Leach, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Walnut Creek, CaL 


Elugene Clarence Holmes, Ph. R, 
Mining Engineer, 1081 Mills 
Bldg., San Francisco, OaL; res. 
2707 Dana St, Berkeley, CaL 

Charles Newton Lathrop, Rector 
Church of the Advent; res. 20^ 
Oak St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Charles Edward Parcens, B. L., 
Vice President and General Man- 
ager, Parcells Safe Co., 581 Mar- 
ket St.; res. 8710 Clay St., San 
Francisco, CaL 

William Oscar Spencer, M. D., Phy- 
sician and Surgeon; Looal Sur- 
geon for O. R. & N. Co. and O. 
S. L. R. R. Co., Huntington, Ore- 

Harry Real Torrey, R S., M. 8., 
Ph. D.. Asst Prof, of Zoology, 
East Hall, University of Cali- 
fornia; res. 8528 Aetna St, 
Berkeley, CaL 


William Nathaniel Friend, Ph. B., 
Pastor First Presbyterian 
Church, Gtolden, CoL 

John Darwin Glsh, B. L., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, 915 Call Bldg.; res. 
1616 Hyde Street, San SYandsoo, 

George Dudley KieruUf, Ph. B., 
M. L., Investments Realty, 8688 
Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CaL 

Frederick William Koch, B. 8., In- 
structor, Lowell H. 8., Ban 



Frandfloo, GU.; ras. 2048 Ber- 
ryman St., Berkeley, CaL 

Georire Jewett McCheaney, A. R, 
M. D., Surgeon; res. S210 Jaek- 
■OQ St., Elan Franoiaoo» CaL • 

Albert Owen Warner, Fh. B., 
Jeweler: res. 1929-31 Mariposa 
St., Fresno, Cal. 


Guy L.3^neld Bayley, B. fL, Me- 
chanical Bngineer, 2701 Ubertj 
Ayenue; res. 840 Dennlston Ave- 
nue^ Pittsburg; Peon. 

Marion Sargeant Blanohard, PtL 
B., LiLb B., Attomey-at-Law, 
2090 O'Farrell St., Ban Fkmn- 
Cisco, CaL 

Owen Sumner Case, B. I*, Walden, 
North Park, CoL 

George Curtis DeGarmo, UU B., 
Attomey-at-Law, 811 Los 'An- 
geles Trust Bldg., lios Angeles; 
res. 634 S. Hudson Ave., Pasa- 
dena, Cal. 

liBwls Parsons Hbbart, Architect, 
1170 Broadway; res. 72 BL 82d 
St., New York City. 

Percy Wharry Leiwls, Agslstaat 
Manager, Ames-Harrls-NevUle 
Co., Fifth and Davis Bts., Port- 
land; res. RlTerdalSb Portland, 

George Frederick Relnhardt, B. 
8L, M. D., Physician, Prol of 
^glene In the Unlrerslty of 
Oallfomla Jk Medical Elzamlner; 
res. 2848 Telegraph Ava, Berke- 
ley, Cal. 

Blmer Ingalls Rowell, B. I*, 
Teacher, Liowell H. 8., San 
FrandsoOb CaL; res. 8980 8ao- 
ramento St. 

ThomaB Allen Smith, B. S., 
Teacher; res. Berkeley, CaL 

Percy Bankln Stuart, Beo. Man- 
ager, the Boebllng Construction 
Co., Ban Ftandsco; res. 1166 
12th SC Oakland, CaL 

lise Wmard, Aetor, LamhsT 
Club, 180 West 44th St., New 
York City. 

Wlgglnton EUls Creed, A. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Union Savings 
Bank Bldg., Oakland, Cal. 

William Baker King, Organist; 
1310 Franklin St, Oakland, Cal 

Bmmet Lie Roy Wemple, Physi- 
cian; res. Clara Barton Hospltali 
San Francisco. 


Homer Ashley Boushey, Advertis- 
ing Mgr., Mill Valley, Marin Co., 

Albert Jacob Brown. Ph. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Bacon Block; res. 
1387 Alice St., Oakland, Cal. 

Frederick Edgar Engstrum. Con- 
tractor, 2890 Ellendale Place, 
Lios Angeles, Cal. 

^Barl Wlswau Garrison. Died Jan. 
24, 1906. 

Duncan McDuflle, B. L., Mason- 
McDuffle Co., Real Estate; res. 
2846 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, 

Charles Seyler, Jr., B. K, General 
Insurance, 1(^1 Henne Bldg.; res. 
2306 Scarff St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Rea Hanna, American Vice-Consul 
at Amoy, China. 

Victor Hendricks Henderson, B. 
Lh, Acting Secretary of the Re- 
gents of the University of Cali- 
fornia, California Hall, Univer- 
sity of California; res. 2346 Tele- 
graph Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Lathrop William Jewett, with J. 
Breuner Co., 957 Market St.; res. 
2448 Union St., San Francisco, 

John Robert Moulthrop, B. L., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Mills Bldg.; res. 
808 Bush St., San Francisco, 

Alva Jacob Remmel, B. S., M. D., 
Physician; Cooper Medical Col- 
lege, San Francisco, Cal. 

MacDonald Spencer, B. S.. Engin- 
eer and Salesman, General Elec- 
tric Co.; res. University Club, 
Portland, Ore. 



Clarence Oaines Toland, Physician, 
Pomona, CaL 


Franklin Underwood Bu^rbee, B. A., 
Clergrymazi, Chrlat Episcopal 
Church, Alameda; res. Dlmoud, 
Alameda Co., CaL 

Clarence LaVallen Creed, 463 Chet- 
wood St., Oakland, CaL 

Fielding Johnson StUson, President, 
Fielding J. StUson Co., 805 H. 
W. Hellman Bldg.; res. 1044 Ken- 
sington Road, Los Angeles, CaL 

Joshua Maxwell Taft, Taft & Pen- 
noyer Department Store; res. 6S 
Montedto Avenue, Oakland, CaL 


William Kay Crawford, B. L., Hi. 
B., Attomey-at-Law, 704 Mer- 
chants' Trust Bldg., Los Angeles, 

Ashley Richard Faull, B. L^ In- 
surance, 215 Sansome St.; res. 
1912H Brederick St., San irt-an- 
clsco, CaL 

Percy Gardiner, Lawyer, 2003 H 
Hewitt Ave.; res. 2409 Grand 
Ave., Everett, Wash. 

Benjamin Welser Reed, B. L., Sec- 
retary and Resident Manager, 
Rainier Mill & Lumber Co., Rain- 
ier, Oregon; res. 1271 Harrison 
St, Oakland, CaL 

Mlddleton Pemberton Stansbury* 
B. 8., Medical Student, AfllL 
Colleges; res. cor. Carl and Btan- 
yan Sts., San Francisco, CaL 

Harry Allardt KlnegeL Civ. En- 
gineer, 1127 Linden St., Oakland, 


Barle Charles Anthony, R 8., 
Manager Western Motor Car 
Co.. 416 S. HIU St; res. 2688 
Menlo Ave., Los Angeles, CaL 

De Ver McLaren, County Asses- 
sor's Office, 972 Jadkson St, Oak- 
land, CaL 

Edwin Mastlck Otis, B. L^, law- 
yer; res. 1609 Santa Clara Ave., 
Alameda, CaL 

Hkrry Luzem Paddock, American 
CkmsuL Amoy, China. 


Elbert Allen Brim, Farmer; 
Williams, Colusa Co., CaL 

Frederick Lawrence Brown, res. 
1387 Alice St, Oakland, CaL 

Theodore Seymour Hall, with Sim- 
mons Hardware Co., St Louis, 

Scott Hendricks, B. L., Law Stu- 
dent Stanford University. 

Phllo Leonard Llndley, Real Ins- 
tate, 2627 Menlo St, Los An- 
geles, CaL 

Maurice E^nnls Lombard!, A. B., 
B. S., Geologist with Southern 
Pacific Co., San Francisco; 
res El Granada, Telegraph and 
Bancroft Berkeley, CaL 

Arthur Hermann Markwart B. 8., 
Chief EInglneer, Syndicate Wa- 
ter Co.; res. ''El Granada," Ban- 
croft and Telegraph, Berkeley, 

Maxwell Claypool MUton, B. 8., 
with North Star Mine, Grass 
Valley, Nevada County, CaL 

Stanley Victor Walton, B. 8., Tu- 
ba City, Sutter Co., CaL 


Charles W. Clarke, res. 728 Park 
Ave., Portland, Oregon. 

Harold Raymond Ebrlght, B. 8., 
Supt Construction, Syndicate 
Water Co.; res. 2408 Durant 
Ave., Berkeley, CaL 

Alfred Thomas Ellis, Jr., B. Jm, 
Student Hastings Law, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Ekirl Aqulla Garrettson, Pacific 
Coast Syrup Co., 588 Selma, Hol- 
lywood, Los Angeles, CaL 

Wm. Thomas Hale, B. Lb, 2401 
Durant Ave., Berkeley, CaL 

Joseph Harlan Hartley, Mining En- 
gineer, 2401 Durant Ave., Berke- 
ley, CaL 

Arthur Wallace KleruUI, B. J^ 
Episcopal Clergyman, Shattuok 
Avenue, Berkeley, CaL 

Alvin Powell, 821 Myrtle 8t, Oak- 
land, CaL 

John Reld Jr., B. L., Studying 
Architecture; res. 42 Rue Bona- 
l>arte, Paris, Ftanocb 


fHarold Woodworth Bingham, 218 

5th St., MarysviUe, CbL 
tMarlon Harold Brownell, 2401 

Durant Ave., Berkeley, OaL 
tBert Campbell, 1482 N. Adams 

St., Los Anflrelee, CaL 
tCharles Wetmore Deacon, Peepe- 

keo, Hawaiian Islands. 
tJohn Patrice Hickey, 2482 Durant 

Ave., Berkeley, CaL 
tLouis Thomas Hickey, 2482 Du- 
rant Ave., Berkeley. CaL 
fHarold I3mery Holden, Napa» Gal. 
tHugh Saze Jewett, 2702 Union 

St., San Francisco, Gal. 
fCurtis Mendenhall Undley, Ruth, 

tCharles Bumap McDuffle, 1817 

Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CaL 
Charles Harry Monett, B. si, 801 

Unwood Ava, Columbus, (X 
fCharles Bdward Stuart, 8th and 

Ash Sts., San Diego, CaL 
tAim8 Baxter Titus, 8666 4th Bt, 

San Diego, CaL 
tRobert Henry Fauntleroy VarleL 

Jr., 2227 Michigan Ava., Los 

Angeles, CaL 

fin active Chapter, 1908-6. 

tCharles Adams Fiassstt. 
fHubert Henry Barpham, 749 

Burlington Ave., Los Angslssb 

tZack Benson Hartley, with North 

Star Mine, Orass Valley Miae^ 

tBmerlok Benjamin Hswltt» Btfw- 

side, CaL 
fAlfred Salisbury, 2620 Msnlo 

Ava, Los Angeles, CaL 


fLouis Montague Fassett, Spo- 
kane^ Wash. 

tPaul Vlotor Moffvan, 1101 O 8U 
San Diego, CaL 

tStephen Frank Otis, 1609 Santa 
Clara Ave., Alameda, CaL 

fJohn TyssowsU, 1628 Ar6h St* 
Washington, D. GL 

fPhilip Storer Thaeher, Jamaoha, 
San Diego County, OaL 

fClarenoe LeBoy Varlei, 1287 Mlih- 
Igaa Ave., Los Angfiles, OaL 

tRussel Roy Cowles, 8401 Durant 

Ava, Berkeley, CaL 
tWiUiam Reinhardt, 8846 T«l*> 

graph Ava, Berktisy, OaL 
tJoseph Wright Rnmbongb, 8491 

Durant Ava, Berkley, OaL 


Stanford Univartity, CaBfornia 


Charles Ernest Chadsey, A. IC, Ph. 
D., Assistant Supt. Denver 
Schools, School Dept.; residence, 
2322 Marion St., Denver, Colo. 

Willis Grant Johnson, A. M., Man- 
a^ns Editor, Orange Judd Pub- 
lishing Co., Phelps Publishing 
Co., and Good Housekeeping Co., 
439 Lafasrette St., New York 

Ernest Dorman Lewis, Teacher, 
NewtonviUe, Mass. 


Wallace SomerviUe Faris, A. B., 
A. M., Missionary, Ihsien, via 
Chinkiang, China. 

Medorem William Greer, B. 8., 
Private Business, 1035 William- 
son Bldg.; res. 8210 Hough Ave- 
nue, Northeast, Cleveland, O. 


Francis Joseph Batchelder, A. B., 
Manager William R. GiU Co., 
14 Greene St., New York City; 
residence, 21 Ninth Ave., New- 
ark, N. J. 

Charles Andrew Fife, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, 1927 Chestnut St., In- 
structor in Pediatrics, U. of P., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Brooks Moulton, A. B., 
Lawyer, Illinois State Civil Serv- 
ice Commission, 929 Marquette 
Bldg.; residence, 4459 Oakenwald 
Ave., Chicago, IlL 


Day Luther Anderson, Supt. of 
Agents, New England Mutual 
Life Insurance Co., 701 Citizens* 
Bldg.; res. The Euclid-Dunham, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

WUliam H. Doherty, Silk Mfk*., 426 
Van Houten St., Pateraon, N. J. 

Orison Verde Baton, A. B., LU B., 
Affll. Ind. A, Lawyer, 724 Pacific 
Electric Bldg., Los Angeles. Cal. 

Clark Wilson Hetherington, A. B., 
Professor Physical Training, 
University of Missouri, Columbia, 

Samuel Miller Look, A. B., A. M., 
Teacher English, Morris High 
School, 166th St. and Boston 
road; residence, 8 East 180th St.. 
New York City. 

Harvey Bradstreet Small, BL M., 
Mining Engineer, Dulzura* San 
Diego Co., CaL 

Herbert Spencer Stark, B. A., 
Consulting Engineer, 64-58 Na- 
tional Bank; res. Hillside Park; 
Box 1081, Johnnesburg, Trans- 

Paul Helb White, A. B., Secretary- 
Treasurer Animas Power Co., 310 
Newton-Claypool Bldg. ; resi- 
dence, 1621 Talbott Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 


•Lewis Allen. Died March 10, 1S98. 

Joseph Paul Fife, Attorney, 8219 
Frick Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Cliarles Caleb Hill, A. B., Super- 
vising Principal Palo Alto, CaL, 
School Dept. Palo Alto, CaL 

Caspar Wlstar Hodgson, A. B., 
Manager World Book Co., Pub- 
lishers, Park HiU, Yonkers, N. 
Y., and Manila; res. Park HIU. 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Homer Laughlin, Jr., 1602 Hill St.: 
n^ldeuce, 666 West Adams St., 
I-,03 A.ngcl«8, Cal. 

•WUliam Jay Matthews, AlBL HL 
E, died July 15, 1898. 




Roy Pa«e Ballard, A. B,, Hard- 
ware, Seattle Hardware Co.; res- 
idence, 22 Highland Drive, West, 
Seattle, Wash. 

Bdward Jamee Qreen, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, 801 Main St.; resi- 
dence, 82 Broadhead Are., James- 
town, N. Y. 

^Vtancla Webster Lake. Died Deo. 
16, 1897. 

Wilson Clark Price, A. B., LL. B., 
Lawyer, 46 Fen ton Bldg.; resi- 
dence, 810 Lake View Ave., 
Jamestown, N. T. 

Wlnfl^d Scott Smytb, Jr., AlllL m. 
A, Assistant Manager D. C 
Heath Ca, 878 Wabash Ave., 
Chicago, BL 


Harold PhlUlps Hill, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, 293 Qeary St.; resi- 
dence, 2375 Jackson St., San 
Francisco, CaL 

FOrd Newton Taylor, Affll. Teon. 
A, Memphis, Tenn. 


Howard WUllam Bell, Journalist, 
32 Broadway, New York City. 

Roy E^rerett Bnrbank, Real Estate 
Broker, 538 Sooth Broadway; res- 
idence, 948 Orange St., Los An- 
geles. CaL 

Ralph Bdson Oilman, A. B., Elec- 
trical Engineer, with Westing- 
house Co., Ashwood, Parkwood, 
Temperly, Cheshire, England. 

David Harrison Leppo, D. D., S., 
Dentist, oor. 5th St Humboldt 
Sts.; residence, 1056 Fourth St., 
Santa Rosa, CaL 

Benjamin Edwin Page, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, 704 Merchants* Trust 
Bldg., Los Angeles; res. 765 S. 
Pasadena Ave., Pasadena, CaL 

Roy Powell Rice, Los Angeles, CaL 


Arthur Jordan E«dwards, A. B., 
Wells & Dickey Co., Investment 
Bankers, Security Bank Bldg.; 
residence, 1811 Vine Place, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Francis St. Joseph Foac, A. R, 
La wye**, 406 Montgomery St.; 
residence, 199 Tremont Ave., San 
Francisco, CaL 

Howard Oilman Hill, A. R, M. D., 
Physician, 105 Cajon St.; resi- 
dence, 14 Clifton Ave., Redlands, 

Edward Wilson Holmes, A. B., 
Patent Office, 930 P St., North- 
west, Washington, D. C. 

John Esra McDoweU, A. B., Assist- 
ant Registrar, Leland Stanford, 
Jr., University; residence, 18 
Lasuen St., Stanford University. 

Edward Thomson Maples, A. B., 
£«ditor We9tem Hotel Reporter, 
26 Montgomery St., San SYan- 
cisco; residence, 2226 Orove St., 
Berkeley, CaL 

Royall Charles Victor, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, Sullivan A Crom- 
weU, 49 WaU St., New York aty, 
N. Y. 

Marlon Plshon Walter A. B., Waits, 
Bailie Jk Co., Mfrs. of Pumps, 
Oas Engines, etc.. 948 N. Main 
St.; res. 1128 W. 21st St., Los 
Angeles, CaL 


William Clarence Day, A. B., At- 
torney, Santa Barbara, CaL 

Warren Philo Elmer, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Instructor Medicine, St. 
Louis University; residence, 612 
North Taylor St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Harrison Kail Wsslsy Hill* Bad- 
lands Auto Co.; residence, 14 
Clifton Ave., Redlands, CaL 


Ou> Chapln Bowman, Mfr., Ash- 
land, Ohio. 

Oeorge Charles Dennis, Broker, 228 
B3rmo Bldg., Los Angeles. CaL 

William Augustus Eaton, Dealer 
in Shoes, Franklin, Ind. 

John Everett Johnson, A. B., Lind- 
ley & Co., Wholesale Orooers, 
222 K St.; residence, 1128 Tenth 
St., Sacramento, CaL 



CbarlM Mitchell Kellogs, Stenoff^ 
rapher to Governor Hocta, Qoy- 
emor'8 Offices; res. 500 Lincoln 
St., Topeka, Kan. 

Percy McDowell, A. B., with F. BL 
Meyers A Bro., Ashland, Ohio. 

Roy Edwin Schulz, A. B., Professor 
Latin, University of Southern 
California; residence, 8426 South 
Flower St., Los Angeles, CaL 

Howard Griffith Stevenson, Jr., 
Menlo Park, Gal. 

Charles Edfirar Waite, Banker, 
Riverside, CaL 


Theodore Wlllard Brotherton, Jr., 
Real Estate and Insurance, 822 
Lau^rhlin Bldg., Los Angeles, CaL 

^Edward Irving Frisselle. Died 
May 6, 1903, Stanford University, 

Ralph Dennison Frisselle, A. B., 
John BoUman Co., Los Angeles, 

Samuel Parker Frisselle, A. B., J. 
K. Armsby Co., Sulsun, CaL 

Porter Emerson Lamb, Lumber 
and Box Broker, 220 Drumm St., 
San Francisco, Cal.; residence, 
Sausalito, CaL 

Neal Keely Traylor, A. B., Man- 
ager Real Estate Display Dept., 
Loa Angeles Evening Eapresa; 
residence, 265 South Romes Ave., 
Pasadena, CaL 


Edgar Augustus Behlow, A. B., 
Real Estate, O. H. Umbsen Co.; 
residence, 2618 Bush St., San 
Francisco, CaL 

Freeman Arms Ford, Banker; resi- 
dence, 267 South Grand Ave., 
Pasadena, CaL 

Daniel Garfield Grant, 604 Trust 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

John Peck Irish, Jr., 1488 Adeline 
St., Oakland, Cal. 

Roscoe William Maples, Lumber 
Mfr.; res. 2226 Grove St., Berke- 
ley, CaL 

Daniel Voorhees Noland, AIIIL Ihd. 
A, Attorney, Riveraideb CaL 

Stuart Le Boy Taylor, Rancher, 

Edna, San Luis Obispo Comity, 


George Herbert Clark, John BoU- 
man Co., San Francisco, CaL 

tGeorge Edwin Gamble^ A. R, 
Palo Alto, CaL 

Webster Guy Heinly, B. S., LL. B., 
Attorney, 806-307 Berlin Bldg.; 
residence, 1706 North Steele St., 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Emil Valentine Kehrlein, Jr., San 
Francisco, CaL 

Oliver Du Fresno Kehrlein, Stu- 
dent, Columbia University, New 
York City, N. Y. 

Frank Ammon Kltchlng, Orchard- 
ist, Redlands, CaL 

William Ross Taylor, Edna, San 
Luis Obispo County, CaL 

Clair Wyman Ward, A. B., Stipt. 
H. O. Ward Lumber Co., More- 
town, Vt, 


tGeorge De Forest Bamett, Sania 

Rosa, CaL, Chemistry. 
Lawrence Bogle, 728 19th Ave., 

North. SeatUe, Wash. 
tLee John Brawley, Seattle, Wash., 

INoel Swane Burge, Stockton, CaL, 

Civil Eng. 
John Hutslnplller Colbert, Oallfor- 

nla Fruit Cannen* Aiaoetoitimi, 

San Francisco, CaL 
tJames Lauder Gamble, Palo Alto, 

Cal., Physiology. 
Cloyd George Guyer, Real Estate^ 

Pasadena, CaL; residence, Alta* 

dena, CaL 
tGeorge Ashman Hodge, San Diego. 

CaL, Elec. Eng. 
tAlfred Bingham Swlnerton, San 

Francisco, CaL, Mining. 
fHugh Leslie Thomson, AiBL Vt« 

A, Burlington, Vt., Chemistry. 


tWiiiiam Wallace Behlow, Red- 
lands, CaL, German. 

fEarl Edward Beyer, Rochester, 
Ind., Economics. 

fForrest Baker Beyer, KendaUville, 
Ind., Eoonomlcs. 



fAlexander Jesslmer Chalmers, 
Ccntervllle, Ore., Phyeioloflry. 

WUllam Lieayenworth Durand, 
Affll. N. Y. A, Stanford Univer- 
sity, CaL 

Ross Lewis Uurbrow, Elan Fran- 
.Cisco, Cal. 

tHarold Johnson Heffron, Lea An- 
geles, CaL, Civil Bng. 

tLelerh Kelley, Fort Smith, Ark., 

tPreston Wallace King, San Luis 
Obispo, Cal., Mech. Ehig. 

Bdwln Arthur Rowland Lloyd, 
Mason City, Iowa. 

tHarry Starr Rlddell, Coronado, 
Cal., Drawing. 

rHarry Robertson, Redwood City, 
Cnl., Mech. Bng. 

William Dennlson Spalding, Sur- 
veyer, Healdsburg, CaL; real- 
donee, Los Angeles, Cal. 

tClarkson Beem Bradford, Ottawa, 

lU., Civil Eng. 
fHorton Thompson Dennis, Taoo- 

ma. Wash., Mining Bng. 
Tod Ford, Jr., ^^tudent, 267 South 

Grand Ave., Pasadena, CaL 
William Chester MoDoffle^ ISIT 

Chapala St., Santa Barhan, CaL 
tHerbert Arthur Stowe, Stockton, 

CaL, Economics. 


tin active chapter, 1906-1906. 



James Qarfleld Houston, Lawyer, 

888 Pacific Ave., PltUburff, Pa. 
Walter Ooble Stickney, Lawyer, 

808 Tabor Blk., Denver, OoL 


Robert Warren Ashley, B. A., 
Medical Student, 455 Columbus 
Ave., Boston. 

Thomas Charles Davis, LL. B., 
Lawyer, Opora Block, ICassllon, 

Albert George Qerth, AfllL la. A, 
Tucson, Arls. 

Alpha Lynn Rlchey, ESditor, Dil- 
lon, Wyo. 

Stephen William Ryan, Lawyer, 
XL & C Bldff., Denver, Col. 

Walter Dana Vance, Lake Tahoe, 


Raymond Thornton Ashley, Kn- 
ffineer, Ouray, Colo. 

Hallack Teller Chaney, B. S., IL 
BL, Denver, CoL 

Jay Dee Dunshee, Medical Stu- 
dent, P. St S., temporary address, 
742 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111.; 
home, Moulton, Iowa. 

Harold Pulwider, B. S., E. E., 
Testing Dept, General Blectrlo 
Co., 64 Washington Ave., Schen- 
ectady, N. T. 

Louis George Keller, LL. B., Aflll. 
Ohio 9, Empire State Investment 
Co., 216-216 Jamieson Bldg., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Leroy Dennison Osborne, Business, 
Grand Junction, CoL 


Dallas Geer Alderman, West 
Point, Nebraska. 

Robert Ross Beaty, Business, 486 
N. Weber St, Colorado Springs, 

Bradley Watson EMts, Draughts- 
man, care Denver Gas 4k Blee- 
tric Ca, Denver, CoL 

George Lindsay Parker, AfSL Ohio 
B, Traveling Salesman, 810 Nas- 
sau BOe., Denver, Colo. 

tCalvin John Strayer, Engineer; 
Denver, CoL 


tWade Dwight Annis, College, Ft 
Collins, CoL 

tJohn William Brown, Colleger 
Longmont, CoL 

Harry Donaghe Daniels, Engineer, 
1520 E. 82nd Ava, Denver, Colo. 

Claude Ferguson, Student, Stan- 
ford University, California. 

Edward Hubbard, 80th and BL 
Penn. Ava, Boulder Colo. 

John William Kellogg, oare San- 
itarium Apartado 138, Guadala- 
jara, State of Jalesco, Mexico. 

tEdward Thomas Lannon, Law, 
B. A., '05, Alexandria, Va. 

tCharles McConnell Lightbum, 
Engineer, Denver, CoL 

Herbert Wilson Mitchell, Student, 
242 W. Ninth Ave., Columbus, 

Robert M. Rhoads, Stenographer, 
Machinery Dept, Denver 4k Rio 
Grande R. R. Co.; res. 1410 B. 
24th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

tESarl Tyndall Snyder, College^ 
Greeley. COL 

Ralph Willard Lincoln Tiffany, 
Business, Longmont, CoL 

Walter Ernest Bliss, Greeley, OoL 
tBenton Lee Bonnell, Law, Lore- 
land, CoL 


Lilvinffiton Polk Fenia, Engi- 
neer, Lamourleb La. 

fBdwln Thomas McCanna^ Mo- 
Canna, North Dakota. 

Ralph Zenas McCoy, Loreland, 

James Reuben Neece, care The 
J. R. Neece Lumbar Co., Oool- 
edge, Texas. 

Herbert Whitaker, 1676 Ldnooln 
Ave,. Denver, CoL 

tCharles C. Castello, College^ Col- 
orado Springs, CoL 

tliorln 8. Flmple^ College^ PueUo, 

tJohn Scott Hamilton. Collegib 
Fort Madison, Iowa. 

tArthur William OiU, Bngineer, 
Oreeley, CoL 

tRalph Albert Soott, Bnginear, 
Denver, CoL 

tCharles D. Sevier, College, Den- 
ver, CoL 

•Ooudy Leadbetter Twitohell, Bn- 
gineer, died Sept. 8, 1906, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

tin acUve chapter, 1906-1906. 


AtUmU* Georgia 

John Anderson Richardson, A. B., 
Select School for Boys; residence, 
SOO Spring St, Atlanta* Qa. 

Alexander Hutchinson Graham, At- 
tomey-at-Law, Utten Bldg., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Benjamin Palmer Oaillard, A. B., 

A. M., Professor of Natural 

Science, No. Qa. A^L Ck>lleffe, 

Dahlonega, Qa. 
Charles Battle Oaskill, A. B., At- 

tomey-at-Law, 126 Forsyth St., 

Atlanta, Qa. 
Clinton Rabum Oaaklll, A. B., 

Banker, Smlthyille, Texas. 
•Robert Neal Smith, A. B., died In 

1900 at Rusk, Texas. 

Walter Wellington Killough, A. IL, 

Presbyterian Clergyman, Perry- 

ville. Mo. 
•William Taylor Moyers, A. B., 

died in 1903 at Atlanta, Oa. 
•William Hoyt Venable, Granite 

Contractor, died Sept. 1, 1906. 

Harry lyfaurelle Reid, Judge City 
Court; residence, 420 Gordon St., 
Atlanta. Ga. 


Chalmers Fraser, AfflL Ga. 

Presbyterian Clergyman, 

caster, S. C 
•Robert Pike Hill, A. B., kiUed In 

1886 at Atlanta, Ga. 
•Bartee Wiley Jones, A. B., died In 

1878 at I^ake Maitland, Fla. 



Atfacnt, Gaorgk 


*Willlam Montague Brown, A. B., 
A. M., died 1883, Athena, Qa. 


Gdwln King Lumpkin, A. B., At- 
tomey-at-LAW, and Farmer, 911 
Prince Aye., Athena, Qa. 


WUllam Gordon Braatlejr, Brmui- 
wlck, Qa. 

^Robert Bdwln Bruce, G. B., died 
1872, Lowdeavllle, 8. G. 

Elijah Fleming Dupree, A. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Judge of Gounty 
Gounty Gourt, Zebulon, Ga. 

John Francia Jackaon, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Athena, Ga. 

Jamea Billea Maaon, A. B., Bap- 
tist Glergyman, Hawthorne Aye., 
College Park, Ga. 

Douglaa Qalmea Peabody, Decatur, 

Abner Thomaa Smith, B. L., At- 
tomey-at-LAW, Bowie, Tex.. 

Jeaae Cicero Spelghta, G. B., Glty 
Engineer, Floyllla, Ga. 

Bemnnan Thomaa Thompson, A. 
B., Attomey-at-LAW, Newman, 


Jamea Gordon Beaaley, G. B., G. 8. 

A., Dealer In Coal and Brick, and 

Varmer, Auburn, Ala. 
Gharlea Mlnnlgerode Bedkwltli, B. 

D.. Clergyman, Bishop of Ala^ 

bama, Annlston, Ala. 
^Clifford William Clayton, A. B., 

Cotton Broker, died, 1888, Au- 
gusta, Ga. 
George Warren Glgnllllat, G. B., 

Merchant, Seneca, B. C. 
Teorge Johnaon Martin, A. B., 

Fiarmer, Greenyllle, 8. C. 

Gharlea Thomaa Mima, G. B., 
Teacher and Farmer, Cllmas, Ga. 

William Martin Slaton, A. B., A. 
M., Principal, Boya* High School, 
Gilmer and Gourtland Bts.; res. 
142 Jackson St, Atlanta* Ga. 

Edward Inglls Smith, B. S., Teller, 
National Bank, Athena, Ga. 

Montague Lafayette Boyd, M. D., 

Phyalcian, Areola, Qa. 
^Edward Loomls Cater, M. D., 

Physician, died In 1886, PenTt 

Cornelius Henry Cohen, Attomey- 

at-Law, Augusta, Qa. 
Wyatt Meflln Daniel, A. B., At- 

tomey-at-LAW, Fnmklin, Ga. 
Walter Mitchell Jackaon, A. B., B. 

L., Attomey-at-LAW, Water Val- 
ley, Miss. 
Jamea David Lalng, Merchant, 

Dawaon, Qa. 
^Asbury Turner Moreland, B. 8., 

killed at Fairfield, Texas. 
Benjamin Robert Padgett, Archi- 
tect, Cartersville, Qa. 
Jamea Guyton Parks, LL. B., At- 

tomey-at-LAW, Dawaon, Qa. 
Robert Lee Prophitt, Attomey-at- 

Law, Water Valley, Miss. 
Thomas Boyd Wilcoxson, Attomey- 

at-LAW, Newnan, Qa. 
^John Cyrus Wllliama, Attomey- 

at-Law, died 1876, GartersylUe, 



^Samuel Winsted Cozart, G. B., 
died 1884, Seynie, Fla. 

Alfred Hudson George, Farmer, 
CarroUton, Miss. 

Nlcholaa Maaon Godfrey, Mer- 
chant, Madison, Qa. 

Dermont Henderson Hardy, A. B., 
Attomey-at-LAW, Austin, Texas. 



RufuB Hardy, B. L., Attomey-at- 

Law, Corsicana, Texas. 
James Hendley Hoskinson, A. B., 

B. L., Attomey-at-Law, Rome, 

Stephen Elliott Moore, Civ. Bnir-t 

Vicksburg, Miss. 
^John Tompkins Pou, died 18S6, 

Madison, Oa. 
George H^nry Tanner, A. B., In- 
surance, 512 Peters Bldg.; res. 

76< Peachtree St. Atlanta, Ga. 
William Charles WorriU. A. B., At 

tomey-at-LAW, Cuthbert, Oa. 

William Lowndes Calhoun, Attor- 

ney-at-LAw, Palatka, Fla. 
Robert Bherod Howard, Attorney- 

at-LAW, Athens, Ga. 
George McDonald, Cuthbert, Ga. 
Joseph Carl Tabor, Teacher, Ft 

Lamar, Ga. 
John Lewis Tye, A. B., Attorney- 

at-Law, McDonough, Ga. 


•William Wirt Black, A. B.. At- 
tomey-at-Law, died, Atlanta, Ga. 

Bdward Hill Dorsey, B. B., Mer- 
chant Athens, Ga. 

Wallace Wynne Fraser, B. L., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Savannah, Ga. 

Orvllle Lafayette Greene, B. B., 
Merchant, Ft. Valley, Ga. 

Daniel Pike Hill, Jr., Atty., For- 
syth, Ga. 

William Marcellus Howard, Ph. B., 
Attty., House of Rep., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Benjamin Allen Kelley, Farmer, 
Washington, Ga. 

Ell McGhee Mallette, B. S., Real 
EUitate and Ins. Agt, Thomas- 
vine, Ga. 

•Charles Alexander McDonald, At- 
tomey-at-Law, died, 1881, Daw- 
son, Ga. 

•Lee Hudson Rogers, died 1879, 
Dawson, Ga. 

William Bailey Sadler, Hartwell, 

Howard Thompson, A. B., Attor- 
ney, Gainesville, Ga. 

William Scotia Tison, Life Insur- 
ance, 106 Bay St., B. Savanah, 

Morris Wessalowski, Albany, Ga. 
Joseph Oliver Wllhlte, M. D., Phy- 
sician and Surgeon, Anderson* 

s. a 

Daniel Isaac Woodward, Culleden, 


William Fannin Brown, A. M., At- 
torney, Carrollton, Ga. 

Nicholas Barksdale Chenault A. 
R, Merchant 

Walter Lowrle Childs, Merchant 
Athens, Ga. 

Philip Watklns Davis, B. L., B. &, 
Jurist, Lexington, Ga. 

Henry August Fllsch, Merchant 
Augusta, Ga. 

Benjamin Martin Gross, Attorney, 
Thomson, Ga. 

Thomas Foster McFarland, B. B., 
Principal High School, Chatata, 

James Gordon Russell, A. B., At- 
torney, Will's Point Texas. 

James Booker Shields, A. B., 
Teacher, Thomson, Ga. 

Paul Bardey Trammell, A. B., 
Farmer, Dalton, Ga. 

•Benton Hair Walton, A. B., At- 
torney, died July 84, 1904, Hamil- 
ton, Ga. 


•Edward Thomas Bishop, Jr., A. 
B., died 1881, Athens, Ga. 

Carleton Burke Chapman, A. B., 
Supt Public Schools, Macon, Ga. 

•Carlton DuPont B. L., Attorney, 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

William Yancey Griffin, A. B., At- 
torney, Attapulgus, Ga. 

John Wesley Oliver, Teacher, Pres- 
ton, Ga. 

William James McCurdy, A. M.. 
M. D., Physician, Tallapoosa 

William ESrastus Stailth, Ph. &• 
Farmer, Attapulgus, Ga. 

John Golaspy Stanley, PIlB.. 
Farmer, Quitman, Ga. 

John Strickland, B. L., A. B., 
Attorney, Davisville, Ga. 

•George Wmiam Trenohard, A. B., 
Principal, died 1898, Beaumont 




Walter Thomas Cheney. A. B., At- 
torney, 220 1-2 Broad St, Rome. 

Noah Bfahon Collins, A. B., Attor- 
ney. Oriffln. Ga. 

Frederick Robinson Cooper, M. D., 
Physician, Atlanta, Ga. 

Oliver Clyde Fuller, Freetdent* 
Wisconsin Trust Co., Mllwaokeeb 

Onan Melvin Houser, B. S., Farm-- 
er. Fort Valley, Ga. 

Luther Love Hunnlcutt, A. B., 
Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

^James Nathan Repess, EHlavllle, 


William Gordon Brantley, Ph. B., 
Attorney, House of Representa- 
tives, Washln^on, D. G. 

•Walter Wesley Hardy, A. B., At- 
torney, Senola, Ga. 

Clement Jefferson Hood, Ph. B., 
Banker, Commerce, Ga. 

Robert Mazey Hull, Fire Ihsunuioe 
and Real Instate, 10 Drayton St.; 
res. 2113 BuU St., Savannah, Ga. 

George Stovall Johnson, Attorney. 
Cartersvflle, Ga. 

Arthur Mlddleton Speer, A. B., At- 
torney, Griffin, Ga. 

George Buchanan Tye, A. B., At- 
torney, McDonough, Ga. 


Tracy Luclen Acosta, A. B., Gen- 
eral Agent, Pennsylvania Mu- 
tual lilfe Insurance Co., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

Lucius Coates Adamson, A. B., M. 
D., Physician. 

Marcus Wayland Beck, A. B., B. 
L., Attorney, Griffin, Ga. 

^Philip Henr> Bumis, B. 8., died 
1887, Columbus, Ga. 

Arminlus Heyward Fraser, A. B., 
B. E., Real Estate Agent, Co- 
lumbus, Ga. 

John Eldred Gross, A. B., Attorney, 
Thompson, Ga. 

Harper Hamilton, A. B., Attorney, 
Rome. Ga. 

Ebb Thomas Lamkln, B. L., Attor- 
ney, Augusta, Qa. 

Thomas Blake Pe^, B. C 8., IL 
D., Late Surgeon U. 8. Marine 
Hospital Service* MllledgevUleb 

William George Woodfln, Jr., A. B., 
with Central R. R., Athens, Ga. 

James Addis Cooley, Antloch, Ga. 
Alexander McDonald, Mech. E<ng., 

Rome, Ga. 
Eugene Lafayette Pead, with Gro- 

ton Floiur Mills, Savannah, Ga. 
•Russell Robert Reneau, B. E., Civ. 

Eng., died 1893, Ft. Riley, Kan. 
John Peterson Ross, A. B., A. M., 

LL.B., AffiL Ga. T, Attorney* 

Macon, Ga. 


Arthur Clay Blaln, B. C 8., M. Dl, 
Physician, U. 8. Post Office 
Bldg.; res. 608 Albemarle 8L» 
Bnmswlck, Ga. 

Harry Franklin Dunwoody, A. B., 
Attorney, 901 Union St., Bruns- 
wick, Ga. 

Cornelius Burt Garrett, Cotton 
Factor, 212 Elbert St., Augusta, 

George William Oliver, Preston, 


Benjamin Talllaferro Boos, Cedar- 
town, Ga. 

Gill C. Cheney, Farmer, Rome, Ga. 

Charles Hugh Cothran, Merchant, 
Rome, Ga. 

Thomas Brallsford Felder, Jr., A. 
B.. LL.B., Attorney, Atlanta, Ga. 

•Edgar Ford Hlnton, LL.B., At- 
torney, died 1900, Americus, Ga. 

Nathaniel Blackstone Jones, LL.B., 
Attorney, Athens. Ga. 

Samuel Thomas Neil, Farmer, Mer- 
chant and Fruit Grower, Ft. Val- 
ley, Ga. 

George Washington Oliver, Farm- 
er, Preston, Ga. 

Pinckney Daniel Pollock, LL. B., 
Affll. Ga. r, Pres. Mercer Uni- 
versity, Macon, Ga. 

•Frank Potts, Atlanta, Ga. 

James Henry Smith, Cashier Sav- 
ings Bank, Griffin, Ga. 

Wallace Kfncheon Btansell, A. B., 
Treas, Dept., Washington, D. C 



Moms RocheBter Wrlffht, A. B., At- 
torney, Romep Ga. 


^James Munro Brisgi, Merchant, 
died AprU 26, 190S, Valdoeta, Ga. 

Will BnuiBon, Perry, Ga. 

James Basil Lamar Cobb, Cotton 
Merchant, Athens, Ga. 

Stephen Alfrestus Corker, Mer- 
chant, Waynesboro, Ga. 

John Wright Cox, LL.B., Attorney, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Barnard Bee E<vans, Ph. B., Law- 
yer, Bsluda, 8. C 

James Monroe Fletcher, Forsyth, 

James Johnson Gilbert, A. B., Prin- 
ter, Columbus, Ga. 
•Benjamin BYtmklin Hawkins, Jr., 

A. B., Teacher, died March 11, 
1889. Thomasville, Ga. 

Augustus Hardee Lane, Jr., Cotton 
Merchant, Valdosta, Ga. 

Robert Bruoe MoBrlde, First Lieut., 
Artillery Corps, care Military 
Secretary, U. S, Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C 

Thomas Moor<) Merrltt, Preston, 

^George Knapp Patterson, died 
1891, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Joseph Jones Reynolds, Waynes- 
boro, Ga. 

John Parsons Ross, LL.B , Attor 
ney, Ma^on, Ga. 

Frank Singleton Stone, Jr., LL.B., 
Attorney, Atlanta, Ga. 

^Joseph Wilkins Twiggs, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 


Reuben Rose Arnold, Attorney, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

John Deyereux Ashton, Jr., 
Waynesboro, Ga. 

William Lawrence Clark, Draughts- 
man, C. R. R. of Georgia, Co- 
lumbus, Ga. 

William Clayton Humphries, 
Teacher. Chamble, Ga. 

William Rogers Mclntyre, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

John Danid Munnerlyn, AflU. Ga. 

B, Wasmesboro, Ga. 

Joseph Warren Pate, Hawkinsville, 

^William Barclay Powers, FIlB., 

Macon, Ga. 
Albert James Tuggle, M. D., AIBL 

Ga. B, Physician, La Orange, 

William Thomas Williams, with C 

R. R. of Georgia, Columbus, Ga. 
George Henry Winston, West 

Point, Ga. 
Hezekiah Bdwards Wynne, AfllL 

Ga. r. Railroad Business, Colum- 
bus, Ga. 


Eklward Benjamin Cohen, Commer- 
cial Traveler, Athens, Ga. 

Oscar Swift Davis, B. B., Merch- 
ant, Atlanta, Ga. 

John Ellison Foy, A. B., Lumber- 
man, State Senator f^m First 
Senatorial District, 1908-1808, 
Egypt, Ga. 

Thomas Richard Hardwick, U. 8. 
Pension Office, Atlanta, Ga. 

James Augustus Hixon, LL.B., At- 
torney, Americus, Ga. 

Joseph Ollmore Jarrell, A. B., M. 
D., Physician, Savannah, Ga. 

Fanning Potts, Atlanta, Ga. 


Harry Hersey Andrews, LL. R, 
Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Lamar Cobb, Jr., Deputy U. 8. 
Mineral Inspector, Clifton, Arts. 

Donald Harper, B. L., Attorney. 
Room 1607, 20 Broad St, New 
York City; home, Rome, Ga. 

Edward Wood Lane, Valdosta, Ga. 

Eugene Joel McWilliams, Ph. B., 
Clean Rice Salesman, 4888 Coli- 
seum St., New Orleans, La. 

Thomas Walter Reed, B. L., At- 
torney, Athens, Ga. 

Walter Wade Sheppard, A, B., 
LL.B., LL.M., Attorney, 118 BL 
Harris St. Savannah, Ga. 

Frank Minott Ward, LL. B., Real 
Estate, San Francisco, CaL 

Walter Ross English Ward, LL.B., 
Director San Gabriel VaUey Bank, 
San Francisco, CaL 


Thomas Edgar Atkins, AfflL Ga. T, 
Banker, MaysviUe, Ga. 



Horace Zu B. Atklason, LL. B., 

Lawjor, Century Bldff., Wash- 

inffton, D. C 
Cicero Guy Chandler, Athens, Qa. 
RufuB Choate, Atlanta, Ga. 
Chester Morris Clark, Albany, Oa. 
Fftiser Donald, I<Ii.B., Decatur, Ga. 
Thomas Colqult Hardman, A. R, 

Affll. Ga. r, Hardman Hardware 

Co., Commerce, Ga. 
William Barton Smith, Grantsville, 

James WeUbom Camak, B. BL, LL. 

B., Attorney, 1S19 Meigs St., 

Athens, Ga. 
Robert Llgon Johnson, AlBL Ala. 

r, Atlanta, Ga. 
Walker Kincr* A. B., Supt. City 

Schools, Palestine, Texas. 
Samnel Jolla Trlbble, LL.B., Prince 

Ave., Athens, Ga. 
Anton Pope Wright, A. B., AflU. 

Tenn. B, Attorney, Savannah, Ga. 

Samuel Jones Cassels, Jr., A. B., 

Maufacturer, Montgomery, Ga. 
Daniel Franklin Croeland, AfflL Ga. 

r, B. L., Attorney, Albany, Ga. 
Roy Dallis, B. B., General Manar 

ger, EHm City Cotton Mills, La 

Grange, Ga. 
Joseph Stafford Horsley, Jr., A. B., 

M. D., Physician, West Point, 

Paik, Attome^f Za 

Walter Gordon 
Grange, Ga. 


Blbridge Gerry Cabiniss, Jr., A. B., 
B. Li., Attorney, Atlanta, Ga. 

Frederick Gregory Govan, B. L., 
Editorial Writer, S86 Camp St.; 
res. 1101 Penniston St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Thomas William Hardwick, B. L., 
Attorney, House of Representa- 
tives, Washington, D. C. 

William Walter Hiles, Athens, Ga. 

Charles David Kline, B. L., Attor- 
ney, Opelika, Ala. 

Halcott Cadwalader Moreno, A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D., Assistant Profes- 
sor In Applied Mathematies. Le- 

land Stanford, Jr., University, 
Box 92, Palo Alto, OaL; res. 876 
Bverett Ave., Palo Alto, CaL 

William Walter Sheppard, Attor- 
ney, Walthonville, Ga. 

Walter Preston Warren, Atlanta, 


George Wilkes Beckett, C. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 24 President St, 
Eiast Savannah, Ga. 

Robert Cicero Cleghom, A. B., Sa- 
vannah. Ga. 

^Jasper Newton Dorsey, A. B., At- 
torney, Gainesville, Ga. 

Samuel Benjamin Yow, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Banker, Planter, Lavonla, 


Hugh Chambers, AfllL Ga. T, Law- 
yer, Macon, Ga. 

James Thompson Dunlap, B. S., 
Life Insurance, Gainesville, Ga. 

Thomas Gilbert, Jr., Columbus, Ga. 

Herbert Stanford Holland, Photog- 
rapher, Albany, Ga. 

F^ederidc Joseph Orr, Teacher, 
1208 Cobb St., Athens, Ga. 

Frederick Rounsaville, AflU. Ga. r, 
Rome, Ga. 

Charles Blount Slade, M. D., Physi- 
cian, New York, N. Y. 

William Thorn Tuggle, A. B., law- 
yer. La Grange, Ga. 


Shirley Victor Brooks, A. B., B. 
L., Journalist, The Atlantic 
Georgian; res. 44 W. Peachtree 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Shelby Myrlck, A. B., LL.B., Attor- 
ney, Savannah, Ga. 

John Greene Pittman, A. B., M. D., 
Phsrslcian, New York, N. Y. 

Eugene Clay Smith, AfllL Ga. B, 
Fire Insurance, Broadway and 
Second St., Muskogee, Ind. Ter. 

Roewell Powell Stephens, A. B., 
Ph. D., Instructor in Mathe- 
matics, Wesleyan University, 
Mlddletown, Conn. 

^Horace Bernard Van De Velde, B. 
L., died 1900, City of Mexico, 



Horace Li. B. Atklason, IAm B., 

Lawjor, Century Bl6g,, Wash- 

IngUm, D. C 
Cicero Guy Chandler, Athene, Qa. 
Rufue Choate, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cheater Morris dark, Albany, Qa. 
Fftiser Donald, LKB., Decatur, Ga. 
Thomas Oolquit Hardman, A. B., 

AlBL Ga. r, Hardman Hardware 

Co., Commerce, Ga. 
William Barton Smith, Grantsvllle, 

James WeUbom Camak, B. B., LL. 

B., Attorney, 1S19 Meigs 8t, 

Athens, Ga. 
Robert Ligon Johnson, AlBL Ala. 

r, Atlanta, Ga. 
Walker Kinff, A. B., Supt. City 

Schools, Palestine, Texas. 
Samnei Jolla Trlbble, LL.B., Prince 

Ave., Athens, Ga. 
Anton Pope Wright, A. B., AfflL 

Tenn. B, Attorney, Savannah, Ga. 

Samuel Jones Cassels, Jr., A. B., 

Maufaeturer, Montgomery, Ga. 
Daniel Franklin Crosland, AfflL Ga. 

r, B. L., Attorney, Albany, Ga. 
Roy Dallis, B. B., General Maaar 

ger, EHm City Cotton Mills, La 

Grange, Ga. 
Joseph Stafford Horsley, Jr., A. B., 

M. D., Physician, West Point, 

Walter Gordon Paik, Attomeiy, Za 

Grange, Ga. 


Blbridge Gerry Cablniss. Jr., A. B., 
B. Ii., Attorney, Atlanta, Ga. 

Frederick Gregory Govan, B. L., 
Editorial Writer, S86 Camp St.; 
res. 1101 Penniston St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Thomas William Hardwick, B. L., 
Attorney. House of Representa- 
tives, Washington, D. C. 

William Walter Hiles, Athens, Ga. 

Charles David Kline, B. L., Attor- 
ney, Opelika, Ala. 

Halcott Cadwalader Moreno, A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D., Assistant Profes- 
sor In Applied Mathematies. Le- 

land Stanford, Jr., University, 
Box 92, Palo Alto, OaL; res. S76 
Bverett Ave., Palo Alto, CaL 

William Walter Sheppard, Attor- 
ney, WalthonviUe, Ga. 

Walter Preston Warren, Atlanta, 


George Wilkes Beckett, C. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 24 President St, 
Eiast Savannah, Ga. 

Robert Cicero Cleghom, A. B., Sa- 
vannah. Ga. 

^Jasper Newton Dorsey, A. B., At- 
torney, Gainesville, Ga. 

Samuel Benjamin Yow, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Banker, Planter, Lavonla, 


Hugh Chambers, AfflL Ga. T, Law- 
yer, Macon, Ga. 

James Thompson Dunlap, B. S., 
Life Insurance, Gainesville, Ga. 

Thomas Gilbert, Jr., Columbus, Ga. 

Herbert Stanford Holland, Photog- 
rapher, Albany, Ga. 

F^ederidc Joseph Orr, Teacher, 
1208 Cobb St., Athens, Ga. 

Frederick Rounsaville, AfflL Ga. r, 
Rome, Ga. 

Charles Blount Slade, M. D., Physi- 
cian, New York, N. Y. 

William Thorn Tuggle, A. B., law- 
yer. La Grange, Ga. 


Shirley Victor Brooks, A. B., B. 
L., Journalist, The Atlantic 
Georgian; res. 44 W. Peach tree 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Shelby Myrick, A. B., LL.B., Attor- 
ney, Savannah, Ga. 

John Greene Plttman, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, New York, N. Y. 

Eugene Clay Smith, Affll. Ga. B, 
Fire Insurance, Broadway and 
Second St., Muskogee, Ind. Ter. 

Roswell Powell Stephens, A. B., 
Ph. D., Instructor in Mathe- 
matics, Wesleyan University, 
Middletown, Conn. 

•Horace Bernard Van De Velde, B. 
L., died 1900, City of Mexico, 




RufuB Garieton Claghom, Hknacer, 
Collection Dept., Qeorsria Tele- 
phone and TeL Go.; r«s. HOC 
Duffy 8t, BL, SaTannah, Qa. 

Henry James LAmar, A. B., ICacon, 

Albert Carroll Rucker, B. 8., Co- 
lumbia, B. C. 


Walter Blchat Cheatham, A. B., 
AtBl. Qa. B, Dawson, Oa. 

SYampton Brral BSlifl, 547 Peaoh- 
tree St., Atlanta* Ga. 

Bdward Postell Kln^r. 817 Grant 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Glenn Walter Leffwen, Crawforda- 
ville, Ga. 

James Royal Roimsaville, Rome, 

Robert Batten Rounsaville, Rome, 

Charles Dennlson Russ^ BL An- 
derson St., SaTannah, Ga. 

Owen Benjamin Stevens, Griffln* 

William Randolph Turner, Bames- 

▼llle, Qa. 
James Durham Watson, B. L., 

Thomson, Ga. 
Charles Harris Whitfield, Southern 

Ry., MiUedseviUe, Qa. 


Daniel Bliss MtOilUan. SOf BL 
HuntinffUm St., Savannah, Ga. 

Joseph Knox Felker, Monroe, Qa. 

Isaac Stiles Hopkins, Jr., AflU. Ga. 
B, Athens, Ga. 

Daniel Latt, AflU. Ga. B, Wayoross, 

Fredrick Ragsdale McMiUin, Har- 
lem, Ga. 

Warren Benjamin Parks, AflU. Qa. 
B, Dawson, Ga. 

Theodore Tiffany Tumbull, AflU. 
Ga. B, MontlceUo, Fla. 

John Clifford Vinson, Montezunia, 

Robert Vtands Shirm, 121 Bolton 
St., Savannah, Qa. 

Cone Morgan A. Maddoz, 4S8 
WhltehaU St, Atlanta, Ga. 

Martin Luther Riohter, Jr., Bleo- 
trical Engineer, Madison, Ga. 


Ben Hand Askew, A. B., Bankinir* 

Arlington, Ga. 
Victor Hugo AUen, AflU. Ga. B, 

Buford, Qa. 
James Austin Bell, Jr., GalnesvOlSk 

Frank Leverett Bullard, Machen, 

Chester Morris Clark, AflU. Tenn. 

E, Albany, Ga. 
Weyman Potter Harmon, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 
fWalter Ootavius Marstabam, 

Bamesville, Ga. 
Cleveland R. Piereob Key West, 

Davis Glover White, 12 W. Jones 

St, Savannah, Qa. 
Warren Respess Woodward, 

BarnesviUe, Qa. 

Simeon Bell, Jr., Waynesboro, Ga. 
Daniel Madison Byrd, Lawrenos- 

ville, Ga. 
Ksakial Uriah Corey, Hawklns- 

ville, Qa. 
fCadmus Augustus Dosler, Jr., 

QainesviUe, Ga. 
James Vason McWhorter, Wood- 

ville, Qa. 
Arthur Colman Mobley, Monroe^ 

Aaron Henry Reppard, Civfl Bn- 

gineer, GreenviUe, Ga.; res. 

Fleminffton, Ga. 
Jesse Davis Weston, Jr., Albany, 



tSarle Bower Askew, Blakely, Ga. 

fPhilip Watkins Davis, Jr., Lex- 
ington, Ga. 

William King Howard, Lrsxinffton, 

f John Atkinson Hunnioutt, Jr., 
Athens, Ga. 

Thomas Halsley McMillan, Jr., Sa- 
vannah, Ga. 

tQrover Cleveland Middlebrooks, 
S99 W. Peters St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Oiford, Gaorgk 

^Alexander Means, A. M., M. D., 
D. D., PreBident, Bmory College^ 
Minister, Oxford, Qa. 

* Morgan Callaway, A. B., D. D., 
Professor In Bmory Oollege^ Ox- 
ford, Qa. 

^Rlgdon McCoy Mdntosh, Profes- 
sor In Bmory College, Oxford, 

Clayton Pierce Miller, A. B., Fur- 
niture and Carpet Dealer, Savan- 
nah, Qa. 

Bartow Ehnory Anderson, A. B., 

M. D., Phjrsician, Apalachee, Qa. 
•Oreen Barlow Battle, A. B.. H. Dl, 

Physician, Lumpkin, Oa. 
•John Wade Marshall, A. B.» 

Amerlcus, Ga. 
Thompson Aesculapius Means, A. 

B., A. M^ Teacher, BDco, Oa. 

William Robert FCote, Jr., A. B., 

Clergyman, Gainesville, Qa. 
•John Blakely HoUingshead, A. B., 

Atlanta, Qa. 
John Lovejoy, A. B., Attorney, 

Galveston, Tex. 
Henry Ashbiiry Matthews, A. B., 

Attorney, Fort Valley, Ga. 


Addison Fort Bamett, A. B., Ac- 
countant, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

William Albert Keener, IX. B., 
Uib D., A. B., A. M., Blx-Justloe 
New York Supreme Court, l60 
Broadway; residence, 8 West 88th 
St., New York City, N. Y. 

•William Jerome Bay, A. B., At- 
torney, Monroe^ G8l» 1887. 

Lloyd Carlton Smith, A. B., Plant- 
er, Thomson, Ga. 


Claude Carr Cody, A. B.» A. M^ 
Ph. IX, Professor, SoothwistMrB 
Uniyersity, Georgetown, Tex. 

Alveron Sanford Hough, A. B., A. 
M., Bditor, JacksonvUlSb 1*- 

Blijah Alexander Keese, A. M^ 
D. D., AflU. Ga. T, Minister, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

George William Matthews, A. B., 
M. B. Clergsrman, Dublin, Ga. 

Robert Lb Wright, Farmer, War- 
renton, Ga. 


^Thomas Noel Barker, A. B. 

James Gillespie Foote, A. B., Lum- 
ber, Bdgewood, Ga. 

Thomas Martin Merrlweather, A. 
B., Merchant, Jackson, Tex. 

Claude Adams Saunders, A. B., A. 
M., M. B. Ciergsrman, Sanford, 

Peyton Llsby Stanton, A. B., A. 
M., M. B. Clergsrman, Atlanta, 

Benson Ellison Lane Tlmmons, 
Clergyman* 854 Forrest Ava, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Thomas Lomis Walker, A. B., 
Planter, Sparta, Ga. 

^Bdwln Welford Woodberry, A. B.. 
Clergyman, died In 18T8. 

Lewis Bdwards Culver, Planter, 

Conklin, Ga. 
James Bdward Devant. 
Thomas Lacy, A. B., Presbyterian 

Clergyman, Spring Place, Ga. 
Walter Benjamin Fidmer, A. B., 

A. M., LL. B., Aim. Tenn. !• 




Special Affent* Bureau of Ijabor, 
Waahington, D. C; rea. 811 
Lee Ave., Naahvllle, Tenn. 

Charles Rlchardaon Pierce, Mer- 
chant, Marsret and Caroline 
Sta.; rea. 417 Blixabeth 8U Key 
Weat, Fla. 

Seth McKinney Walker, Dalton, 


Henry Wilson Bullard, Savannah, 

^Jesse Hlnton Callaway, A. B., 
Clinton. Ky. 

^Samuel Moore Matthews, A. B., 
M. D., Quitman, Qa. 

Richard Irby Munroe, A. B., At- 
torney, Waco, Tex. 

Thomas James Nixon, M. SL 
Clergyman, Jasper, Fla. 

James Franklin Rogers, Attorney, 
Covington, Oa. 

Albertus Walton Smith, A. B., 
A. M., Planter, Appling, Colom- 
bia Co., Qa. 

Dawson Armstrong Walker, A. B., 
Attorney, Waco, Tex. 

•Olln Perclval Wright, A. B., 
White Plains, Ga. 


Charles George Anderson, MH- 

ledgeviUe, Ga. 
^Benjamin Franklin Carter, A. B., 

Ak^ bBL» 

James Benjamin Greene, A. B., 
Banker, Opelika, Ala. 

William Russel Hoyt, A. B., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

William Hector Park, M. D., 
AflU. Tenn. A, Medical Mission- 
ary, Soochow, China. 

Richard Henry Kinnebrew, Editor, 
Danlelville, Ga. 

•Joseph Langston, Thomson, Ga. 

Joseph Saybrook Norman. 

Mark Welsh Munroe, A. B., Quincy, 

William Wirt Seals, A. B., A. M., 
Teacher, Marshallville, Ga. 

Ulysses Harris Smith, A. B., Drug- 
gist, Brownsville, Ala. 

^Preston Brooks Walker, A. B., A. 


^Ralph Banks Fulwood, A. B. Tal- 
lahassee, Fla. 

John lYanklln Hiatoher, Lumber, 
Harlem, Ga. 

Isaac William Hill, A. B., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

^Henry Durant Howren, A. B., 
Charleston, S. C, 1890. 

Jamea Gordon Lee^ A. B., Member 
of Congress from Georgia. 

^Edgar Means North, A. B., New- 
nan, Ga. 

Walter Aubumus Pitts, A. B., 
Principal of School, Oakland, 

^JefTerson Robert Smith, A. B. 

William Franklin Smith, A. B., 
Clergyman, Dawson, Ga. 

William Jones Thomas, A. R, 
Teacher, Baltimore, Md. 

Morgan Callaway, Jr., A. R, Prof. 
Univ. of Texas, Austin, Tex. 

George William Jonea, Attorney 
Burke Co., Ga. 

Charles Leake King. 

Ozias George Mingledorf, A. R, 
Dentist, Dublin, Ga. 

•Henry Clifford Carney, A. B. 

Isaao Adkina Gibson, A. M., 
Teacher, Thomson, Ga. 

William Welcome Griffin, Jr., A. R 

George Thomas Eugene Hardeman, 
A. B., U. S. Mail Service, De- 
catur, Ga. 

^Richard Sterling Harwell, A. R, 
Oxford, Ga., died 1880. 

Lovick Pierce Herrington, M. D., 
Physician, Wasmesboro, Ga. 

William Sanford MdLarIn, Falr> 
bum, Ga. 

William Jasper Trammel, Seattle, 

Bartow Stephens Willingham, A. 
B., Attorney, Forssrth, Ga. 

William Henry Ferguson, Senorm, 

^Thomas Blakeley Harwell, died 

Aug. 21, 1888. 
Edwin Camille Merry. A. B., Book 

Business, 225 Kiser Bldg.; 

10 Hammond St., Atlanta^ Ga. 




L. R. Brown, AfllL 8. C. B, Fhy- 
Blcian, Sharon, Ga. 

Thomas Bdwln Davenport, B. D., 
M. E. Clergyman, Perry, Qa. 

Sterling Gibson, IC D., Physician, 
Thomson, Oa. 

Daniel Arthur Greene^ A. B., 
Judge of Ctty Ckmrty Blrmlng- 
hara, Ala. 

Ralph Owens Howard, B. 8^ At- 
lanta, Qa. 

William Allen Huckabee, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, McRae, Ga. 

Fletcher Arnold Quillian, A. R, At- 
torney, Atlanta, Ga., Century 

Joseph Asbury Quillian, A. B., 
Clergyman, Lithonla, Ga. 

^Robert Beall Shields, died January 
24, 18S8, Thomson, Ga. 

John William Thomas Spier, Green- 
ville, Ga. 

Charles Waiter White. 

Courtland Savers Winn, Attorney, 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Edgar Pierce Allen, A. B., lOs- 
sionary, Shanghai, China. 

^Robert Smith Battey, Rome, Ga. 

Ejdward Perry Bums, A. B., Cen- 
tury Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Eldridge Cutts, Lawyer, AfllL Ga. 
r, Fitzgerald, Ga. 

^Joshua Hollingsworth, A. B., 
Leesburg, Ga. 

Charles Pinckney Marchman, A. B., 
M. E. Clergyman. 

^Eldridge Chappell Mobley, A. B. 

James Dean Morgan, Physician, 
Fresno City, CaL 

Joseph Cornelius Sale, Bronson, 

Wallace Klnoheon Stansell, Treas* 
ury Department, Washington, 
D. a 


Walter Weaks Daves, A. B., Lum- 
berman, Cartersville, Ga. 

James Chester Dean, A. B., Law- 
yer, Clinton, Ky. 

Walter Branham Grlflln, A. B., 
Teacher, Stone Mountain, Ga. 

Thomas Ihiooh HnlMngiworU^ A. 

B., Superintendent of Schools, 

Washington, Gku 
John daak. Johnson, La Chmiig% 

Augustus Ward MoorehousSb Sa- 
vannah, Ga. 
•Daniel David QuflUan, M: A^ 

died April 17, 1906, Athens, Ga. 
Jesse Cicero Bpetglit, A. P., JL H* 

Lawyer, Mayfleld, Ky. 
Walter Pendleton Thomas^ Uklali, 

Robert Wlttnir Trlmblab A. B., 

Manufacturer, Trimble^ Ga. 
Albert James TagglSb M. D., Flij- 

sician. La Grange, Ga. 


•Henry Thomas Etheridge, A. B., 
Auburn, Ga. 

•Robert Paine Fain. 

Herbert Lee Gray, A. B., Prof. 
Chinese ColL, Shanghai, China. 

Clay Johnson, Dawsonvills, Ga. 

Francis Augustus Johnson, Mer- 
chant, Atlanta, Ga., P. O. Box 

Thomas William Lee, A. B., AfllL 
Va. B, Milling, Chickamauga, Ga. 

Julian McCamy. A. B., Dalton, 

William Holcombe Thomas, A. B., 

Judge of City Court; res. 688 8. 

Perry St, Montgomery, Ala. 
Warren Byers WatUns, A. B., 

M. D., Fhysldan and StDieon, 

Opelika, Ala. 


Julius Harris Ardis, A. B., Attor- 
ney, Downey City, OaL 

Claude Nathaniel Bennett, A. B., 
Manager, Congressional Informa- 
tion Bureau, Bond Bldg., Wash- 
ington, D. C 

Joseph Leigh Hollingsworth, A. B., 
Broker, Tampa, Sla. 

Edgar Stamps KeUey, A. B., 
Wholesale Grocer, 87 Feten St; 
res. 69 Nelson St., Atlanta, Ga. 

James Brskine McRee, A. B., 
American Book Co., Atlaata, Ga. 




Joseph SVanolB Bell, A. B., Qersy- 

man, Hawthorne, Fla. 

Bobert Lee Dykes, A. B., Marshall- 
viUe, Qa. 

•WUllam Walter HUes. B. 8., 
Rome, Gcu 

•WUUam Washln^on Jarman, A- 
B., Covlngrton, Qa. 

John Hinton Hopkins, A, B. At- 
torney, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Charles Rush Jenkins, A. B., 
Clergryman. W. F. C. Macon, Ga. 

Attlcus Dixon Kirby. B. S., Rome, 

Mus Lafayette McNalr, A. B^ 
Bookkeeper, Cotton Firm, 468 
Second St; res. 102 Daisy Park, 
Macon, Oa. 

Norman Clarenoe Miller, A. B., 
Georgia and Florida Representa- 
tive of Ginn ft Co., Grand Opem 
House, Atlanta; res. 71S Lee St, 
Amerlcus, Ga. 

IVank Baldwin Murph, A. B., Mer- 
chant, MarshallvUle, Ga. 

Ernest M. Smith, A. B., Law>*er, 
Forsyth, Ga. 


John Wesley Bale, B. S., Lawyer 

Rome^ Ga. 
Thomas Greene Callaway, A. B., 

Merchant, Covington, Ga. 
James Robert Dykes, A. B., M. D,, 

Past Assistant Surgeon, U. 8. 

Navy, care Navy Depa*-tment, 

Washington, D. C; res. Mar- 

shaUviUe, Ga. 
Robert Drayton Earle, Barlston, 

Bdwin Benson Freeman, A. B., La- 
grange, Ga. 

John Wesley Greer, A. B., Joumal- 
iBt, Waycross, Ga. 

Thomas Rogers Kendall, Jr., 
Clergsrman, S. Ga. Conference. 

Bdwln Dart Lambright, Ph. B., 
Managing £kUtor Tampa Morning 
Tribune, Tampa, Fla. 

Arthur Grogan Shankle, A. B., 
Clergyman, Rome, Ga. 

Henry Alfred Wilkinson, A. B., At- 
torney, Dawson, Qa. 

Marwin WHliams, A. B., Laotnrsr, 
Tenville^ Ga. 


Arthur Clifton Belcher, A, B., 
Teacher, StarrsvlUe, Ga. 

John Wightman Bowdeo, A. Bi^ 
Attorney, care Supreme Oourt, 
Forsyth, Ga. 

Anderson Clark, AfflL Qa. T, Peon 
Mutual Life Insurance Co., Ma- 
con, Ga. 

James Thomas Colson, B. P., Law- 
yer, Brunswick, Ga. 

Edwin Franklin Flncher, A. B., 
Doctor, Bast Atlanta, Ga. 

Gordon Hlles, B. S., Rome, Ga. 

Henry Homer Merry, A. B., Law- 
yer, Pelham, Ga. 

WilUam Holt Park, A. B., Maoon, 

John McLaurle Poer, A. B., Doctor. 

West Point, Ga. 
Joseph Coachman Wardlaw, A. B., 

A. M., Professor of Latin, a N. 
& L C, MiUedgevOle, Qa. 

Allie Walter Williams, AfflL ai^ 

B, Surgeon, U. S. Anny* Colum- 
bus, Ga. 


Arthur Marshall Baker, A. B, 

West Pohit, Ga. 
Olln Sanford Dean, A- B., care A. 

F. C, Cuthbert Ga. 
Thomas JefTerson Dykes, A. B., 

Montesuma, Ga. 
Glover Bemhard Garwood, A. B., 

Monticello, Fla. 
Ernest George Hallman, A. B., At- 
torney, Alanta, Ga. 
Isaach Cheny Jenldns, A. O., 

Clergyman, Lake City, Fla. 
Robert Cowles LitUe, B. H. S.. At- 

lanta, Ga. 
Frank McClellan Means, A. B., 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Thomas Goodwin Soott, A. B., 

Forsyth, Ga. 
Eugene Clay Smith, LL. B., aJBL 

Ga. A, Fire Insurance, Muskogee, 

Ind. Ter. 

Walter Perry Bloodworth, A. B., 
Lawyer, Atlanta^ Gn^ Xl8«r Bids. 



Paul Afters Bowden, A. B., Thom- 
son, Oa. 

Joseph Oranberry Christian, At- 
lanta, Gku 

Herbert P. Sayles, Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert Mclntyre Rogers, A. B., 
Macon, Qa. 

^Hubert Clarence Wood, Irvinffton, 


William Ambrose Bradley, B. 8., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

William Hughes Clark, A. B., FeUr- 
mount, Ga. 

Fred Holmes Houser, B. S., At- 
lanta, Ga., Aragon HoteL 

Alexander Grantland Murray, A. 
B., Teacher, Oxford, Ga. 

John Shipley Tilley, A. B., A. IC, 
Clergyman, M. BL Church, South, 
Waleska, Ga. 


George Davidson Allen, A. B., Ma- 
con, Ga. 

Bfanning Cheatham Austin, A. B., 
Merchant, Marshallville, Qo. 

Robert Edwin Baldwin, Ph. B., 
Marshallville, Ga. 

Robert Campbell, A. B., Vice Pres- 
ident Spencer Business College; 
res. 720 S. 26th St., Birmingham, 

Thomas Frazier Cook, A. B., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Arthur Godfrey Fort, Ph. B., IC 
D., Phsrslcian and Surgeon, 
Lumpkin, Ga. 

D. B. Frederick, M. D., Affll. Va. 
A, Phsrsician, Marshallville, Oa. 

Alfred Perry OrifiOn, A. B. Teach- 
er, Stone Mountain, Ga. 

Lewis Wilson Jarman, A. B., A. M., 
Covington, Ga. 

Albert Johnson Little^ Ph. B., B. 
L., Attorney, Valdosta, Ga. 

Albert Thomas Martin, A. B., 
Marshallville, Ga. 

William Daniel McNeiU, A. B., 
Bfacon, Oa. 

Frank Sidney Palmer, A. B., 
Waynesboro, Ga. 

Howard Pope Park, B. S., La- 
grange, Ga. 

Horace Stratton Smith, A. B„ 

Clergyman, M. BL Churdh, Sootli, 

White Plains, Ga. 
Wilkinson C. Wardlaw, A. B., 

Traveling Saleaman, P. O. Box 

610, Augusta, Ga. 


Boiling Sasnett Branham, A. B., 

Oxford, Ga. 
Robert Floumoy Crittenden, Ph. 

B., Shellman, Ga. 
Isaac Stiles Hopkina, Jr., A. B., 

LL. B.. AfflL 0€u A. Attorney, 

Empire Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 
Houston Parks Houser, Ph. B., 

Perry, Ga. 
Leonard Rush Jenkins, A. B., Shl- 

loh, Ga. 
Dan Lott, A. B., AfflL Ga. A, Real 

Estate, Waycross, Ga. 
Leonard Lewis Mumford, Ph. B., 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
William Watts Tindall, A. B., At- 
lanta, Oa., care B. H. S. 
Jesse Morgan Wood, A. B., B. L.» 

Lawyer, Century Bldg., Atlanta, 



Alfred Cureton Broom, A. B„ LL. 
B., Attorney, Century Bldg., At- 
lanta, Ga.; res. Ciollege Park, 

Legare BuUard, Ph. B., Third Na- 
tional Bank, Atlanta, Ga. 

Walter Dean Doomingos, A. B., 
Hawkinsville, Oa. 

Guyton Parks, Attorney, Hard- 
eman Bldg., Macon, Ga. 

Gray Qulnney, Ph. B., Waynes- 
boro, Ga. 

Alvln Harlan Underwood, A. B., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Abercromble Wilkins, Ph. 
B., Atlanta, Ga. 


Louis Eugene Baldwin, Ph., B., 

Dawson, Ga. 
Edward Bullock, A. B., Covington, 

Walter LeRoy Dekle, B. S., Thom- 

asviUe, Ga. 
John Thomas Fletcher, Jr., Ph. B., 

Columbus, Ga. 



Frank Enieraon Jenkins, A. B., 

Shiloh, Ga. 
John Wade Marshall, Jr., Fh. B., 

Bufola, Ala. 
C. Mortimer Mason, Ph. B^ Real 

Bstate, 41S BL Capital St, Jack* 

son. Miss. 
Guy Arthur Meyers, A. B., At- 
lanta, Ga. 
Norman Colquitt Poer. Ph. B., 

D. D. 8., Dentist, West Point, Ga. 
Warren Roberts, AfflL Ga. r. Ma- 

oon, Ga. 
William Jutson Rogers, Jr., B. 8., 

AufiTusta, Ga. 
Theodore Tiffany Tumbull, A. B., 

Attorney, Monticello, Fla. 


Thomas Armstead, A. B., Atlanta 
National Bank, Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Bertram Cayanaugh, A. B., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Walter Blchat Cheatham, AflU. Ga. 
A, Dawson, Ga. 

Ben Hill Fletcher, A. B., Colum- 
bus, Ga. 

Bdward lioyett, McRaa^ Ga. 


Murray Reid Bamum, Ph. B., 
Tailor, Lumpkin, Ga. 

Ulysses Stephen BeU, Ph. B., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Charles LiUard Burton, Buford, Ga. 

Edward Rawson Dent, A. B., New- 
man, Ga. 

Fkrank Gustave Htooodc, Jr., Ma- 
rine Editor of Seattle Poet Intel- 
Uffeneer, and publisher of The 
Peesimist; res. 821 10th Ave., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Carver James. Ph. B., Dawson, Ga. 

Alvin Pazton Lewis, Ph. B., Monte- 
suma, Ga. 

Walter Taylor Meader, Atlanta, Ga. 

Warren Bowers Paxks, Ph.B., Daw- 
son, Ga. 

Charles Hyatt Richardson, Ph. B., 
Montezxmia, Ga. 

George Winship, Jr., A. B., Atlanta, 

Josiah James Willard, Assistant 
Manager, The Cooa-Cola Ca, 

Philadelphia, Fia.; res. tilt 

St., Germantown, Pa. 
Victor Hugo Allen, AflU. Ga. A, 

Buford, Ga. 
David Benjamin Hill, Bronwood, 

Joseph Saville Pace, Dawson, Gs. 
Oliver Elwin Rayne, Ph. B., 1106 

Peniston St., New Orleans, La. 
Bennett James Tarbutton, Sanders- 

ville, Ga. 
Wales Wimberly Thomas, A. B., 

Sparta, Ga. 

fHugh Preston Benton, Montioello, 

f James Arthur Brown, Jacksonville, 

John O'Donnelly Christian, Tampa, 

fFloyd Wightman Coz, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

George Tracy Cunningham, Teacher, 
Oglethorpe, Ga. 

tJames Hlnton, Macon, Ga. 

fEgbert Earl King, BrownsvUle, 

James Malcolm Posge, Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

f Andrew Fletcher Quillian, Litho- 
nia, Ga. 

John Coby Westbrodk, Montemma, 

Julian J, WUUngham, AflD. Ga. A. 


^Gamett Orson Branch, Decatur, 

f William Abner Doxier, Flovilla,Ga. 

f Kenneth Holmes McGregor, Lump- 
kin, Ga. 

Franklin Sawyer, Crowley, La. 


fRobert McDonnell Arnold, Bast 
Macon, Ga. 

fBen Tyler Carter, Macon, Ga. 

Charles Gardner MUls, Jr., Grif- 
fin, Ga. 

f William Frederidc Monnlng, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

Julius Newman, Ph. B., Traveling 
Auditor, 66 B. Hunter St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Clare Purcell, Roanoke, Ala. 



fWiniam Caxlod Smith, Dawson, Qa. 

fSteven Malone Solomon, Jr., Ma- 
con, Ga. 

tC^l Theodore Stovall, Jr., Vienna, 

tJames Peek Tilly, Jr., Ck>nyer8, Oa. 


fWilliam Moaea Baldwin, Albany 

tCharlea William Qunnels, Jr., 
Bronwood, Oa. 

fCharlea Crawford EUnton, Biaooo. 

tAlexander Frank Hill, Jr., Green- 
ville. Ga. 

tHarry Young McCk>rd, Jr., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

tEdwurd Lyon Reagran, McDonough, 

fin active chapter 1906-1906. 


Macon, Georgia 

(The yean shown in this list 
are years of initiation, except for 
the active members.) 


*£hioch Callaway, Physician. 
^Alexis Abraham MarshalL Died 

at Raleigh, N. C. 
Oscar Marshall Wilbum, Crystal 

Springs, Ga. 


Joel Wilson Butts. 

George Marcus Faust, Farmer, 
Point Peter, Gcu 

Victor Augustus Ham, A. B., and 
A. M., Class 1877, Minister, New- 
nan, Ga. 

"Albert Jackson Harvey, Buena- 
vista, Ga. 

James CamUlus Hlnton, A. B., A. 
M., Professor and Dean of F)ao- 
ulty, Weslejraa College, T^'neon, 

Lewis Joshua Render, Banker. 

Hugh Miller WiUet, Class 1878, 
General Agt. Penn Mutual Life 
Ins. Co., Atlanta, Gcu 


^James Septimus Barfleld, Macon, 

Wilbom Fort Clarke, Amerious, 

James Byron Cheves, Monteiuma, 

John Barcombe Dykes, A. B., Agri- 
culture and Cotton Ware House, 

Montezuma, Ga. 
Amaziah Samuel Jones. 
laUah Alexander Keese, A. B., 

AfflL Ga. B, Minister, Atlanta, 

Charles I/eavell Moses, Georgia 

Legislator, Tarin, Ga. 
Augustus Wright Shropshire. 

Seaborn Ralf Stevens, Attomey-at- 

Law, Preston, Ga. 
James C. Thompson. 
^Samuel Porter Wise, Magnolia 

Springs, Ga. 
Charles R. Woolsey. 


Alexis Abraham Marshall, Crystal 
Sxnrings, Ga. 

George Monroe Roberts, Class '73. 
Wholesale Grocer, Dawson, Ga. 

^William Florizel Seals, Atlanta, 

Charles Jenkins Thornton, Far- 
mer, Union Point, Gcu 

Nicholas Thomas Wright, Teacher, 
Newnan, Gcu 


Nathan Bryan Carson, Bank CvAh- 

ier, Kissimmee, Fla. 
John Hamilton Johnson. 
^Millard Seals, Atlanta, Gcu 
Stephen David Smith, A. M., M. 

D., Physician, R. F. D., Byron, 

Benjamin Lawton Willingham, Jr.. 

A. B., Lumber Business, At- 
lanta, Gcu 
William B. Willingham, A. B., 

Willingham-Teft Lumber Co., 

Atlcmta Gcu 


Henry Clay Bagley, B. S., Class '78, 
General Agent Penn Mutual Life 
Insurance Co., Planter cmd Fruit 
Grower, Atlanta, Ga. 

Lucius C. Gonelce, Physician, 
Springvale, Gcu 

^James Buchanan Poyner, Craw- 
ford, GrCU 

Charles Jenkins Thornton, Union 
Point, Gcu 





Emory Winshlp Callaway, Macon, 

Charles Avarette Carson, A. B. 
and Hon. A. M., Class '80, Bank- 
er and Merchant, Klsslmmee, Fla. 

James Stuart Johnson, Teacher, 
Brunswick, Qa. 

Donald Bruce Jones, *81, Broker, 
Coliunbus, Qa. 

Aionzo Harris Nunnally, Prof. 
Southern Female College, La 
Oransre, Qa. 

William Turpln Spalding, Gen. 
Mgr. So. Frt. j^ine and South 
Eiastem Line, Anstell Bldg., At- 
lanta, Gcu 

Benjamin Franklin Tillman. 

Edward Jones Willingham, Fum. 
Mfg. and Fruit Qrower, Macon, 


George Foster Banks, Forsyth, Ga. 
Julius Klncaid Battle, aass '80, M. 

D., Tulane '83, Physician, Eufala, 

^Franklin Washington Cheney. 

died Oct. 6. 1892, in Athens, Ga. 
George Johnson Ford. 
Julius Peck Jones. 
William Josiah Nunnally, A. B. 

and A. M. Class '81, Attorney at 

Law, Rome, Ga. 


Harper Hamilton, AflU. Cku A, 
Attomey-at-Law, Rome, Ga. 

^Pinckney Daniel Pollock, Affll. Ga. 
A, died in 1905, Monroe, Ga. 

James Thweatt Ross, M. D., Phy- 
sician. Macon, Ga. 

John Peterson Ross, AllU. Ga. 1, 
Attomey-at-Law, Maoon, Ga. 

Clarence Julian Wood, Cedartown, 

Broadus Ephriam Willingham, Cot- 
ton Manufacturer, Macon, Ga. 


Benjamin Gauss Gregg, M. D., 

Phirsician and Surgeon Atlantic 
Coast Line, Florence, S. C. 
David Winn Hill, Broker, Macon, 

Edgar Young Mallary, Pres. Com- 
mercial and Savings Bank, Ma- 
con, Go. 

^Thomas Henry Northern, 2d Hon- 
or 1888. Died March 23. 1904. At- 
lanta, Gcu 

Chovlna C Richardson, A. B., Bl 
Ph., Lawyer and Merchant, By- 
ron, Gcu 

Jackson Lee Watson, Mason, Ga. 


^Elisha Goraon Bassett, Jr., Fort 
Valley, Ga. 

John "T" Davis, Jr., Cotton Factor 
and Vehicle Mfg., Columbus, Ga. 

Thos. Eidgar Fletcher, A. B., '84, 
Ordinary Monroe Co., Forssrth, 

^Edgar Ford Hlnton, AfllL Ga. A* 
Macon, Gcu 

Chas. Linton Jones, Postman, At- 
lanta. Ga. 

Samuel Thos. Nell, AfllL Ga. A« 
Planter. Fort Valley, Gcu 

William Lowndes Tanoey Plcknrd, 
A. M., D. D., Minister and 
Author, Limchburg, Va. 

^Sim Alexander Smith, M. D., 
Died March 8, 1904, ThomasvUle, 
Fitsgerald, Ga. 

Jed Daniel Walker, M. D., Gran- 
ville, Ga. 


Eldridge Cutts. AfflL Gcu B, Law- 
yer, Fitzgerald. Qa. 

Saunders Walker Durham. Sher- 
man, Tex. 

Herbert Hodges. A. B.. Judge City 
Court. Macon, Ga. 

Frank Arthur Hooper, A. B., A. 
M., '85. Solicitor Gen. South 
Western Circuit, Americus, Ga. 

Herbert Lee Manson, Aflll. Tenn. 
A, Fire Insurance. Broker, North 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Geo. McCullum NUes, M. D., TniT^ 
eling Salesman of Surgical In- 
struments, Marshallville, Gcu 

Redden Smith, Attomey-at-Law, 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Julian Bemer Williamson, Attorney 
at Law, Sylvester, Gcu 




Archibald John Battle, Jr., A. M., 
Pres. Glacier Metai Co., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

William Rosooe Blair, AllU. Ihd. r. 

Wm. Benjamin Hardman, A. B., 
A. M., M. D., Commerce, Ga. 

E. C. Hood. 

W. T. McKee, B. S., Farming 
Upatol, Ga. 

Severn Parker Nottingham Bkwt- 
viiie, Ga. 

Bartow Davis Raflrsdale, D. D., 

Alexander Stephens Rhodes, Su- 
perintendent Athens JVnmdry 
and Ifaohlne Works, Athens, Gcl 

Wm. Ross White, Point Loma, CaL 

Wm. Jennings WiUlngham, Saw 
MiU, Tifton, Ga., or Bgoltable 
Bldg., New York City. 

Jos. Emerson Brown, Merchant, 
Atlanta, Gcu 

Edgar Allan Callaway, '87, Far- 
mer, Rayle, R. F. D. No. 2, Gcu 

Chas. Ellison Cook, A. B., '87, 
Bilnlster, Richland, Ga. 

Sanders Walker Durham, A. B., '86, 
Merchant, Waxahachie, Tex. 

Robt. Crockford Hazelhurst, Cot- 
ton Factor, Macon, Gcu 

Brantley Walker Helvenston, A. B., 
A. M, Gen. Ins. Agt., Live Oak, 

J. T. Helvenston. 

Albert Jones, Tax Collector, Bibb 
Co., Macon, Gcu 

Daniel Bartow Jones, Cotton Buy* 
er, Macon, Ga. 

James Regan Ixmg, Attomey-at* 
law. Leesburg, Ga. 

James H. Owens. 


•Maranda Bennett Campbell, Amer- 
Icus, Gra. 

^Joseph Jefferson Hamilton, Etna, 

Donald Harper, Attomey-at-Law, 
Paris, France. 

Honstomi Richardson Harper, A. 
B., AdTWtlsIng VtxptrU Pied- 
mont Hotel, Atlanta, Gcu 

Wm. Robert Jennings, Stenograph- 
er, Newport News, Va. 

Geo. Salley Jones, Lawyer, Maoon* 

John W. Ledbetter. 

^Waiter Percy LiOng, Leesburg, Ga. 

Chas. Warren Murray, Civil Engin- 
eer, Americus, Ga. 

Lucius Men Nuimally, Merosatile 
Agency, Atlanta, Ga. 

Geo. Mills Overstreet, Dmgglst, 
Sylvanla, Gcu 

James Whitstone Overstreet, At- 
tomey-at-law, Sylvanla, Gcu 

Wm. Mangham Ross, Railroad Em- 
ployee, Atlanta, Ga. 


Robert Lanier Anderson, Lawyer, 
Macon, Ga. 

Wlnshlp Cabaaiss, AllU. Va, Z, 
Macon, Ga. 

Prentiss Huff, Cotton Business, Ma- 
con, Ga. 

Bajmard Willingham, A. B., '90, 
Cotton Manufacturing, College 
Park, Ga. 

Hezeklah Edwards Wynne, AflU. 
Ga. A, Railroad Business, Colum- 
bus, Ga. 


Thos. Edgar Atkins, AflU. Ga. A, 
Pres. Atkins National Bank, 
MaysvUle, Ga. 

Joseph Emerson Brown, Atlanta* 

Edgar AUen CaUawaj, Waidilni^ 
ton, Ga. 

William Wesley Carter, M. D., 
Assistant Surgeon, Manhattan 
Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, 
res. 69 West 50th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Osgood Clark, Secty. and Treas. 
McCaw Manufacturing Co., Ma- 
con, Ga. 

Charles Ellison Cook, Wayeross, 

Daniel Franklin Crosland, B. L., 
AflU. Gcu A and Va. Z, Judge of 
City Court, Albany, Ga. 

Thos. Colquitt Hiurdman, A. B., 
AflU. Ga. A, Hardware Merchant, 
Commerce, Qa. 

Edwin Hopkins Jordan, Mer- 
chant, Femandlna, Fla. 



Samuel Barfleld Palmer, M. D., 141 

Hlffh St., Ifaoon, Ga. 
James Stewart, Round Oak, Gku 

Wm. Robt. Callaway, Lawyer. 

Waynesboro, Oa. 
William Moore Oouier, A. B., B. 

Lk, ICanufacturer, ICaoon, Ga. 
Aaron RepiMird Coloord, Limiber- 

man Atlanta, Gku 
Thos. Hartley Hall, If. D., Macon, 

Thos. Rogers Kendall. 
Robert Lore Sparks, Brown 

Wacon Co., Maoon* Ga. 
Cbas. Thomas Tillman, Trees. So. 

Gfu and W. C. R. R., Quitman, 



John Lawrence Brown, Merchant, 
FOrt Valley, Ga. 

GranvUle Cowper Conner, Chief of 
Police, Macon, Gfu 

Edwin Summers Davis, Cotton 
Factor, Macon, Gcu 

Richard Wilson Johnston, Cotton 
Factor, Maoon, Ga. 

•William Preston Long, Macon, 

Jasper Cortenus Massee, Minister, 
Raleigh, N. C. 

•Edwin Saulsbury Rogers, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

Benjamin Brooks WilUngham, Fur- 
niture Manufacturer, Macon, Ga. 

John Joseph Willis, Wholesale Gro- 
cer, Cordele, Ga. 


Custis Nottingham Anderson, 609 
W. S6th St, Keamsgr. NA 

Chas. Powers Bannon, Bank Clerk, 
Maoon, Ga. 

Henry Rawlins Berry, Rome, Ga. 

Hugh Chanbera^ AfllL Ga. Bt 
Lawyer, Macon, Ga. 

•Marshall Davis Cheves, Monte- 
suma, Ga. 

Anderson Clark, Life Insurance^ 
Macon, Ga. 

Howard Elliott Coates, A. B., 
Lawyer, Hawklnsville, Ga. 

Bryan Wella Collier, B. 8., Minis- 
ter, Marianna, Fla. 

Arthur Reese Forsyth. 

Chas. Campbell Haiper, Fire In- 
surance^ RcHne, Ga. 

WoL Haaeihurst, Electrical Engin- 
eer, Maoon, Ga. 

Thos. Wm. Hardwlck, Congressman 
10th Georgia District, Banders- 
ville, Ga. 

John Wm. Lester. 

Geo. Stuart Murphy, Merchant, 
Sherman, Tex. 

Oscar Howe McWilUams, Rome, 

Mirabeau B. McWlUams, Whole- 
sale Grocer, Rome, Ga. 

•Claudius HiU Patrick. Died 1906, 
Monteiuma, Ga. 

Preston BenonI Pearson, Merchant, 
Limipkin, Ga. 

Henry Smith, Rcmie, Ga. 

•Wm. Bowe Tlnsley, Mason, Ga. 


Marshall Felton Hatcher, B. L., 
LL. B., Lawyer, Maoon, Ga. 

Jas. Morris Madden, Druggist, 
Jackson, Fla. 

John Pate Stetson, Lumberman, 
Macon, Ga. 


Isadore Bashinski, Cotton Export- 
er, Dublin, Ga. 

Lester Clayton Culver, B. L., AfBL 
Oa. A, Lawyer, Sparta, Ga. 

Eddison Fitzgerald Huff, Armour 
Pacific Co., Davenport, la. 

Wm. Shelton Keese, lilnister. Be- 
nevolence, Ga. 

Thomas Rogers Kendall, AlllL Ga. 
B, Clergsrman, Atlanta* Ga. 

E«dward Reid Osborne. 

Jordan Howell Sanford, Prof., Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

Wm. Jefferson Wynn, Lawyer, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 


Ernest Matthews Davis. 

Charles Groover Denmarl^ Quit- 
man, Ga. 

Robert Everett Harris. 

•Nathaniel Edwin Harris, J^., 
AflU. Ga. A, Macon, Ga. 

Richard Morrison Rogers, 64 W. 
62nd St., N. Y. 



Wm. Daniel Sanford, "Prfdhmm^*, 
Auinsta, Ga. 


Frank 8. Bnmey, Lawyer, Waynes- 
boro, Ga. 

E«rlc Ck>rbell GambrelL 

Hugh Lawson Dennard Hughes, 
Merchant, DanvUle, Ga. 

Forman Dargan Lawton, Insnr- 
ance, liacon, Ga. 

ESugoie Pennington Mallary, Law- 
yer, Maoon, Ga. 

*John Scott Murray, Anderson, Ga. 

Perry Spencer Pearson* M. A., T3m 
B., Lawyer, Gentury Bldg.* A^ 
lanta, Ga.; res. College Park, Ga. 

Hal Alexis Steed, AUosIs Jawmal, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Herbert CUITord Sivatlln, Stemflr, 
Rayle, Ga. 

John Lanncelot Underwood, Jr., 

Heron Wlnshlp, AllU. Ala. B, Ma- 
oon, Ga. 


Allen Hayden Breese. 

Brantley Mercer Callaway, Jr. 

Chas. MoCall Clements, Merchant 
and Planter, Buena Vista, Ga. 

Ernest Clyde Collins, Lawyer, 
BeldSYlUe, Ga. 

Thomas Urlal Conner, Jr., A. B., 
Republic LAS. Co., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Percy Howard Phmips. 

*Oeo. W. Whitney, Augusta, Gcu 


Thos. Merrill Callaway, Life Insur- 
ance, Atlanta, Ga. 
Richard Julian Coats, Principal of 

Gresham High School, Macon, Ga. 
Roger Coutteau Hurst, Merchant, 

Augusta, Ga. 
Needham PolhUl JeQcs, Druggist, 

Hawklnsvllle, Ga. 
Richard Holmes Mason, Dentist, 

Macon, Ga. 
Jack Massee, Redman-Massee Fad 

Co., Maoon, Ga. 
Lucius McClendon Pate, Merchant, 

Hawklnsvllle, Ga. 
Oscar Willis Fata. 
Harry Denmore Reed. 

Merrel Price Callaway, B. JL, 

Lawyer, Macon, Ga. 
John Mulford Clark, Secretary of 

The Georgia Vltrlfled Brick Co., 

Augusta, Ga. 
Newsom Cooper, Columbus, Ga. 
Carl Linton DeVaughn, Lawyer, 

Montexuma, Ga. 
Wm. Ounn, Lawyer, Macon, Ga. 
Wm. Taylor Ledbetter, Life Insur- 
ance, Rome, Gcu 
Chas. Edwin Murphy, Jr., HamU- 

ton, Ga. 
Terrell Brooks Pearson. 
Walter Eugene Pollock. 
Geo. Clarence C. Price. 
Eugene William Stetson, Banker, 

ntxgerald, Ga. 


Howell Brantley Brmlnger, Jr., 
Lumberman, Sibley, Ga. 

Reginald James FUe^ MerOhant, 
High Point, N. a 

Robt. R. Feaghi, Farmer, WeU- 
ston, Gcu 

Fred Eugene Hunter, Attomey-at- 

Joseph Albert Klrven, Jr., Mer- 
chant, Columbus, Ga. 

Wm. Henry Long, Lawyer, Quit- 
man, Ga. 

TLos. Dana Massee, Merchant, Ma- 
con, Ga. 

Terr^ Brooks Pearson, Lawyer, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Warren Roberts, Lawyer, Maoon, 

Chandler WUson WImberiy, Mer- 
chant, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Scott Wlmblsh Anthony, M. D., 
Griffin, Ga. 

^William Erasums Gay, Cuthbert, 

Sidney William Hatcher, Lawyer, 
Macon, Ga. 

Archie Wilson Little, Atlanta, Ga. 

Fulton Mitchell, Rome, Ga. 

John Hope Pe^ Fulton Bag and 
Burlap Co.; res. 1688 Washing- 
ton Ave., Springfield, Mo. 

Eden Taylor, Jr., American Ka- 
tlonnal Bank, Maoon, Ga. 



Geo. Bdgar wnUams, Chief Train 
Dispatcher, Care of Ga. R. R., 
Maoon, Ocu 


Felton L. Clemente, Cotton Faetor, 

Buena Vista, Gku 
John Hunter Goddard, AllU. Ala. B, 

Furniture Dealer, Sdlomon 8t» 

Grlffln, Ga. 
Wilfred Cary Lane^ AllU. R. L !# 

North Hadley, ^laae. 
Frank Taylor Long, Teacher, Union 

Sprinsrs, Ala. 
McDougal Nisbet, Cotton Buyer, 

Macon, Qa. 
John Gideon Oglesby, AfllL Ga. !• 

Elburton, Ga. 
Brantley Miller Pate, B. S., Naval 

Stores, Wool Market, Miss. 
John H. Quinn, Sanderville, Ga. 
Chas. Edgar Roberts, Bibb Man- 
ufacturing Co., Macon, Ga. 
Davis FonviUe Stakeley, A. B., 

Lawyer, Birmingham, Ala. 
Chas. Gainer Turner, Merchant, 

Bamosville, Ga. 
Seth Homer Wilson, A. B., with 

Walker Bros., Griffin, Ga. 


Frank Howard Bell, Atlanta, Qa. 
Leon Callaway, Banking, Milledge- 

ville, Ga. 
Timothy Furlow Callaway, Lawyer, 

Americus, Ga. 
Wm. Woodfln Carson, Klssimmee, 

Tom Fleming Floumoy, B. 8., 

Farming, Fort Valley, Ga. 
Frank Lawson Lamar, Lawyer. 
Harry Bell Nunally, Physician, 

Monroe, Ga. 
Walter Eugene Pollo<dc, Rome^ Ga. 
Eugene William Stelson, Maoon, 

Henry Haywood Turner, LLb B., 

Lawyer, Dawson, Ga. 


Joseph Render Anthony, Griffln, 

Carleton George Chapman, West 

Point Cadet, West Point, N. T. 
Elijah Nathaniel Lewis, Com. ft 

Savings Bank, Maoon, Qa. 

Edwards B6bo Ifnmy; A. BL, 
Fellow in Wngflah, ICeroer, Ma- 
con, Ga. 

Henry Bass Nloholi^ A. B., Mer- 
hant. Griffin. Qa. 

James Benj. Wall, Lawyer, Jack- 
son, Gfu 


George Herbert Clarke^ Author, 
Macon, Ga. 

Thos. Coleman Hodge, Atlanta 
Medical College, Henderson. Ga. 

McDavid Horton, Journalist, An- 
derson, S. C 

Harris Claude Nell, Fort Valley, Ga. 

Thos. Vernon WlUiams, TraTeUng 
Salesman, Ty Ty, Ga. 

Fred Henry Newkiz^ an^nm^n, 

Frank Withers Capers, Jr., Secre- 
tary to Train Master, O. ft W. 

C. R. R., Summervllle^ Augusta, 

Osgood Pierce Lawton, Johnson. 

King & Co., Macon, Ga. 
Erastus Winn Roberts, Lawyer, 

Monroe, Ga. 
John Quinn West, Unlyerslty of 

Virginia, Thomson, Ga. 
Gabriel Roberts Solomon, L. B., 

C. E., Civil Engineer, Candler 

Bldg., Atlanta. Ga. 

fSidney Lalner Conner, Maoon, Qa. 
fJoel Edward Greene Terrel. Law, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
fHenry Harding Tift, Jr., Ttfton, 


fJohn Truitt Martin, Sh^Uman, Ga. 
Fred Henry Newkirk, Shellman, 

Homer ding Parker, 8tatert>oro» 

fClifTord Wagner Sheats (Fharm- 

acy), Monroe, Ga. 


fRobert Boyd Cates, Waynesboro, 

tChester Norton Conmook, Ander- 
son, 8. O. 



tWm. liOgrd JohnMn, Waibtnston, 

tSidney Johnson IfoCSatlMni, 

Waynesboro, Go. 
tClement Bvans Sutton, Danlrarv. 

tAsher Ayrea Harris, Macon, Ga. 
tBdward Jelka, Maoon, Gcu 
fNelBon DBLgg ICallary, ICaoon* Ga. 
fJonathan Proths Klohcdfl, Grlllln, 

t James Lowry Wlmberly, ICaoon* 


fin acUve chapter, 1006-1900. 


Atkota* Georgia 


Howard Onesimus £«vbas, B. S. in 
T. E., Waco, Texas. 

Alexander Robinson Howard, B. S., 
T. E. Designer for Gibson Mfff. 
Co., Concord, N. C. 

Percy Marshall Peteet, B. S. In T. 
E., Saw Milling, Lake Bird, Fla. 

William Scott Rankin, B. S. in M. 
E., Assistant Inspector for South- 
em Cotton Oil Co., 105 Duffy St., 
EiBSt, Savannah, Gcu 

John Edward Roberts, B. S. in E. 
C, Dealer in Cottonseed Prod- 
ucts. 1104 Tennessee Trust Bldg., 
Memphis, Tenn. 


John Eustace O'Keeffe, Civil En- 
gineer, 218 Ponce de Leon Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Henry Jackson Scales, B. S. In 
M. E. and E. E., Affll. N. T. A, 
Student at Cornell University; 
Home 48 Forrest Ave., Atlanta, 


George Hubert Comwell, 203 West 
Bolton St., Savannah, Ga. 

Charles Rittenhouse Pendleton, Jr., 
A .B., Student at "Schools of the 
Academy of the New Church" at 
Bryn Athyn, Pa.; Home, care of 
Macon Telegraph, Macon, Ga. 


Edward William Carroll, Affll. 
Tenn. A, Student at Vanderbllt 
University, Monticello, Fla. 

Hugh Dawson Cook, Teaching 
School, Forsyth, Mont. 

William Willis Garth, Jr., Affll. Ala. 
A, with First National Bank of 
Huntsville, Huntsvllle, Ala. 

John Flatoher Hallman, Wfr% Ik- 
surance, 629 Bovitabto Bldi^ 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Hervey Brskine MutUkt Bujw for 
Fourgureau, Temple Jk Oou» 419 
B. Broad St; ree. lOt B. Guy 
St., Rlehmond, Va. 

Wimberly Peters, 79 Ponce de Leon 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Theodore Eckhardt Raht, 217 Pros- 
pect St., with T. A. Snow Co.,' 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Arthur Lyman Wiloox, 217 Sast 
Gaston St., Savannah, Ga. 

George Wlnshlp, Jr., Home^ fl4 
Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.; With 
Continental Gin Co., Atlanta, Ga. 


Carter Alston Arnold, Student at 

Cornell University; Home^ BltMr- 

ton, Ga. 
Walter Savage Blun, AfflL Va. B, 

Student at University of Vli^ 

ginia, 14 East Oglethorpe Ave., 

Savannah, Ga. 
tFrank Crossland Davies, 102 West 

Third St., St. Elmo, Tenn. 
Charles Bouton Gager, 618 West 

Ninth St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
tAaron CoUins Knight, Carters- 

ville, Ga. 
Sherman Sanders, care of Banders 

Plow Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
tGllbert Morris Stout, Cumberland 

City, Tenn. 


Clarence Clifford Barton, Alber- 
marle. La. 

Shadrach Inman Bell; Home cor- 
ner Sixth and Peachtree Sts., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

tJohn Gresham Chapman, 246 Bond 
St, Maoon, Ga.. 




tGexnallel Wyatt Holmes CSieney, 
Rome, Gcu 

Isaac Matthews, Travellnff Sales- 
man, Bamesvllle^ Gku 

James Robert McCord, Student at 
Medical GoUeffe, Atlanta, Ga.; 
Home Address, comer Gourtland 
and Tenth Sts, Atlanta, Ga. 

Bdwin Mllner Smith, with Bank of 
Thomasville, ThomasviUe, Ga. 

fAndrew Wa«ner Walker, Oriflin, 

HuflTh Smead Wallace, 29 EL Geor- 
gia Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Samuel Augustus Whlts^ lit 
Waldburg St., B., Savannah, Ga. 

Dickinson Wllbum Wilson, Smarm- 
ing, R. F. D. No. 1, Griffin, Ga. 

tWilliam Redding Winship, 87e Col- 
lege St., Macon, Ga. 
tWllliam Sylvanus Brown, 122 Bast 
Terrace St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
tWiUiam Brantley Daniel, MOlen, 

fFrands Arthur (XKaeffs^ tlS 

Ponce do lison Ava., Atlanta, Ga. 
fESdward Victor Plane, Kirkwood, 

tBric WUbum Smith, Box 840, Mki- 

con, Ga. 
Ral White Wilkinson, Lavonia* Ga. 
fBmest Gordon Wilson, Griffin, Ga. 
t Joseph Winship, €14 Peachtree St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
tMalvem HiU Wright, 122 21st St, 

Nashville, Tenn. 

tin active chapter, 1906-1900. 


EvAOSton, Illinois 


^QeOTge West Beggs, A. M., IL D., 
PhyBldan aad Burgeon, died 
AprU 10, 1906, Sloux City, lowft. 

Horace Atwater Qoodrloh, Real 
Bstate, 24, 80 Dearborn 8t, resi- 
dence, 1788 Demlng Fl>* Chi- 
cago, IlL 

Henry Martyn Kidder, B. S., 
Board of Trade, 804 Rlalto Bldg^ 
Chicago; residence, 1705 T«<noo1n 
St., Bvanston, HL 

William Alexander Liord, A. &• 
Manufacturing Confectioner, 8888 
Colby Ave., residence, 2712 
Hoyt Ave., Everett, Wash. 

Homer Allured Plimpton, A. B., 
residence, 401 Lemon St., River- 
side, CaL 

William Henry Harrison Raleigh, 
Ph. B., Law and Collections, 111 
N. Charles St.; reslden«e» Mt. 
Royal Apartments, Baltimore, 

•Hart Le Luch Stewart, A. B., 

A. M., died Feb. 16, 1869, Svans- 
ston, m. 

•Flnley D. Brown, Died January 

9, 1900, Chicago, 111. 
Oeorge Lauman Cook, Attomey- 

at-Law, Chicago, 111. 
•James William Haney, A. B., A. 

M., D. D. Died 1900, Galva, IlL 

•Bennet Buckman Botsford, Ph. 

B. Died 1899, Chicago, BL 
Orrington Crews Foster, Book- 
keeper, 1626 Marquette Bldg.; 
res. 608 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 

•Charles Henry Simpson, Died 
March 16, 1868, Philadelphia, 

•Charles Bdward Smith, Died 
1900, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


•William Roberston Page, A. B^ 
IAm B., a. M., Attomey-at-Law, 
Died June 28, 1906, Chicago, DL 

Fletcher Andrew larker. Profes- 
sor of Music, University of Wis- 
consin, 14 W. Oilman St., Madi- 
son, Wis. 


Arza Brown Hltt, Real Estate 
Broker, Mineral WeUs, TesL 

•Frank O. Thompson, Died April 
23, 1890, Denver, Cola 

•William Walker. Sycamore, lU. 

Isaac Reynolds Hltt, Jr., B. 8., Atp 
tomey-at-lAW, Treasury Depart- 
ment; res. 1834 Columbia Rd.* 
Washington, D. C. 


Charles Carroll Albertson, Pastor 
of Central Presbyterian Chureb; 
res. 868 Oxford St., Rocbester. 
N. T. 

Clyde Mitchell Cbrr, Vloe Presi- 
dent, Ryerson ft Son, 18 Mil- 
waukee Avenue, Chicago; res. 
1809 Davis St, B^rall8ton, IlL 

M. Edward Fawcett, A. M., Ph. D., 
D. D., Bishop of Qulnoy, 818 8. 
18th St., Qulnoy, IlL 

Evarts Boutell Greene, Pli. IX* 
Professor of History, University 
of Illinois; res. 1011 Wright St., 
Champaign, lU. 

Harold Rivers Howell, B. a. Firs 
Insurance, 207 4th St.; res. 741 
19 th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Grant Bement Parker, AfflL la. A, 
Postal Service, 7138 Dobson Ave., 
Chicago* HL 




Ftederidk Ooe Wauth, Brtikflr, If 
W. lOSth BL, New Yoik Cltsr. 


George Oldfleld Barnes, B. 8^ 
Washburn, HL 

William Anthony CSaxk; A. BL. 
Head Worker. Gordon House, and 
Seeretary to Commlsstoner of 
Health, 969 Smith Aye.; ree. m 
West 17th St, New Yoik atjr. 

Frank Parmelee Granger Sher^ 
man, Desplaines, III. 

Harry Lynn Hanley, Attorney- At^ 
Law, 1110 Ashland Block; res. 
SIO EL 66th PL, Chicago, lU. 


David Frisble Green, AflU. IlL A, 
Thompson & Taylor Spice Co., 
Chicago; res. Galesburg, HL 

Horace Henson, 4886 Byans Aye., 

John Dudley Spaulding, Whole- 
■ale Lumber Business* 707 
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.; 
res. 4468 Woodlawn Avenue^ 

Stanley Thompson Sutton, Attor- 
ney, Hammond, Ihd. 


Benjamin Clift Buxton, General 
Supt. Consolidated Coal Co., Bux- 
ton, Iowa« 

Mills Forrest Clark, Physician, 
760 & State St, mgln, HI. 

Ralph Asa Harris, Banker, 484 
mm St, Ottawa, Kan. 

George Bdgar Newoomb, Dry 
Goods Merchant, 704 N. 4th 
Avenue^ Atohlscm, Kan. 


Paul Tinsmaa Dayl% Attorney at 
Corporation and Beat SMAte 
Law, 100 Grlswold St; rea. 88 
BL Alexandrine Are., Detroit* 

Frank Burke Draper, AIIIL Mich T, 
Attomey-at-LAW, 100 Washing- 
ton St; res. 4628 Oakenwald Ave- 
nue, Chicago, m. 

Carl DeWltt Jackson, Attomey-at- 
Law, National Bank Bldg.; 
107 CharOh St, Oshkorita, Wis. 

Horace Harper Jarvls, Secretary 
SMwards ft Bradford Lumber 
Co., 606 Security Bank Bldg.; 
res. 816 11th St, Sioux City. 


Charles Bishop Campbell, A. B., 
LL. B., AfllL Ind. Z, Attomey-at- 
Law, Eastern Illinois Trust and 
Savings Bank Bldg.; res. Cobb 
Blvd., Kankakee, IlL 

Daniel Dayis Canfleld, A. B., 
Methodist Clergyman, 264 Moxa- 
hala Ave., 2:anesyiUe, O. 

Matthew Alexander Clarkson, Ph. 
B., Lawyer, Winfleld, Kans. 

Richey Means Kinnear, Lawyer, 
Sullivan Block, Seattle, Wash.; 
res. 180 Thomas St, Seattle^ 

Bayard Henry Palne^ B. 8., At* 
tomey-at-Law, Grand Island, 

Abner Tyler Young, Affll. IlL A, 
Care Land Department of Union 
Pacific R. R., Omaha, Neb.; res. 
res. 71 Park Ave., Chicago, DL 


Harry Randolph Daniel, Financial 
Editor Ohtoago •Inter Ooeam; t*m, 
646 R 44th St, Chicago, IlL 

William Edson Griswold, AfllL Wis. 
A, and HL Z, Attomey-at-Law, 
Fond du Lac, Wis.; res. 289 
Sheboygan St 

Fred Stewart Haven, Ph. B., LL. 
B., At tomey-at-Law; res. 817 
Sherman St, Jollet, HL 

WUliam Kldd Jones, Printer, 84 
BL Wheeling St, WaifhUigtoo, 

Ralph Percy Lewis, Actor, ears 
Dramatic Mirror, 181 West 48nd 
St, New York City. Permanent 
address, 7468 Normal Avenue^ 

Winfield Scott Smyth, Jr., AfllL 
Cal. B, Office Manager, D. C. 
Heath A Co., 878 Wabash Ave- 
nue; res. 1456 Eklgeoomb PL, Chi- 
cago, DL 

Jesse Wlnslow Taft, Physlolaii 
and Burgeon* Wanksiha* Wis. 



Robert Henrj Warfleld, Real Es- 
tate, Flrat National Bank Bldff^ 
Chicago; rea lOSOO Lonirwood 
Avenue, Chicago. 

Wilbur Herschel Williams, Writer. 
203 Michigan Ave.; res. 4518 In- 
diana Ave., Chicago. 


John Arthur Dixon, Asst. Sunday 
Editor Chicago Record-Herald; 
res. Edison Park, III. 

Frederic Charles SUlis, Attomey- 
at-Law, 36 Metropolitan Block; 
res. 602 Washinsrton Blvd., Chi- 

Fred William Gillette Ph. B^ 
Salesman, American Radiator 
Co.» 226 Jefferson Ara^ Detrott* 
llloh.; rea. Lima, Ohi«. 

Wendell Palmer Kay, Attomey-at- 
Law, Watseka, IlL 

Sumner liarcy Miller, M. D., Sur- 
geon, 701 ICaln St, Peoria, IlL 

Francis Joseph Ross Mitchell, At- 
tomey-at-LAw, 100 Washington 
St, Chicago; rea 2206 Sheridan 
Rd., Bvanston, IlL 

Herbert Morris. 1606 Kentucky 
Avenue, Indianapolis, Ind.; rea. 
326 N. Illinois St 

E^lward Thompson Pendleton, 
Physician and Surgeon, Wells- 
vlUe, Kan. 

Bruce Borthwick PowelL Mer- 
chant and Banker, Oilman, 111. 

Charles Dietrich Relmers. Pub- 
lisher of Evening Telegram, 
Telegram Bldg.; res. 418 Adams 
St., Fort Worth, Tex. 


John Wesley Rldgway Conner, 
Western Electric Co.; res. 2249 
Jackson St, Chicago, 111. 

Theodore Melvin Fowler, Kaneam 
City Journal; res. 2605 Park 
Avenue, Kansas City, Ma 

Eldwin Stevens Hutchins, Ph. B., 
M. D., Physician, Specialist on 
the Bye and Bar, 1617 Flrat 
Ave., Spokane, Waah. 

^Orant Jones, Died June 19, 1908, 
Battle Lake^ Wyo. 

Franklin Woodford McOaakey, A. 
B., Ihaiiraaoe Broker, 1114 ^i^yal 

Inaorance BldSiS rea. liil Van 

Buren 8t« ChiaaJiOb HL 
George B. Moeoota, AlBL Mich. F, 

Manufacturer, 48 and 46 Ftaak- 
- lin St, ChiaagOb HL 
Charlea Allen Stawart. Baal Bi- 

tate, 1680 Sharman ATe.; res. 

8189 Central St. Bvanaton, IlL 

Clay Allen, B. Jj^ .^w^^, 
Bitel Bids.; raa. 178 87tli Ava« 
Seattle, Waah. 

William Henry Conner, A. B., 8446 
Prairie Avenue^ permanent ad- 
dress, 8849 Jaokaon St, Chleago^ 

Mott Payton Mitohell, Methodist 
Clergyman, Coin, Iowa. 

Fred Cuahing Mbore^ B. & Mi, 
Mining Engineer, Chief Bngl- 
neer Federal Mining and Saalt- 
ing Co., Wallace^ Uaho, 

Robert Avery Noble, M. D., AiBL 
Ind. B, Physician and Surgeon, 
Unity Bldg., Bloomington, IlL; 
res. 103 State St 


Cassius M. Clay Buntaln, A. BL, 
LLi. B., A. M., Attomay-at-Law, 
26 Arcade Bldg.; rea. 84 Chi- 
cago Ave., Kankakee, IlL 

Andrew Cooke^ A. B., with N. W. 
Harris & Co., Dealers in Inveat- 
ment Seeuritiea, 894 DeartMm 
St, Chicago^ IIL 

Joseph Wesley Brown, AfflL la. B, 
Physician, Clearfield, Iowa, 

Henry Ward Marble, Vunar, 
Wheatfleld, Ind. 

Oeorge Elmer Moore^ B^le A^e., 
Highland Park, IlL 

RoUin Summera Sturgeon, B. I*, 
IAj. B., Attomey-at^Law, Book 
Island, IlL 

Francis John Webb, Mining Fore- 
man. Oliver Iron Mining Co., 
Fayal Mlne^ Bveleth, Mtam. 

Charles Center Caae^ Jr., Attor- 
noy-at-Law, 66 La Salle St; rea. 
668 B. Division CTt, ChloagOb ID- 
Edward Hammett. Jr., Traveling 
Salesman, 1024 Filbert St, Phila- 



delphla. Pa.; res. 164 Maryland 
St., Q^rmantown, Pa. 

Alfred Tennyson Uoyd, A. BL* 
EHectrio Superintendent, 81ir«ire« 
port Gas. Baectrio liglit and 
Power Co., Shrereporty Ia. 

Frank Wesley Phelps, M. D., home 
address Rockford, HI. 

Claude Harry Seek, with Rock- 
ford Watch Co.; res. S17 N. 2nd 
St.. Rockford, IlL 

Aubrey Matson Sklles, Mgr, Medi- 
cal Literary Bureau, 1809 H St., 
N. W., Washington, D. C; res. 
1010 I St N. W. 

Oomelius Devan Tomy, Merchant 
and President of Villaire, Port- 
land, Mich. 

Herbert Thomas Wheat, Electri- 
cian, Western Blectrio Co.; res. 
288 Ehranston Avenue, Chicago, 


Earle Kinsell Allyn. AfRl. Wis. A, 
Farmer, Mt. Ayr, Iowa. 

Malcolm Heston Balrd, A. B., 
with Stephens-Adamaon Co., 
Aurora, m., P. O. Box 416. 

Irwin Ritchie Brown, Hardware, 
Lebanon, Ind. 

Wilson Martyn Crawford, A. B.. 
with The W. B. Moses Land 
Scrip and Realty Co., 718 17th 
St.; res. 221 fkk Bmerson St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Albert Louis DeMontoourt, Lum- 
ber Business, Baker Lumber Co., 
Turrell, Ark. 

Harold Gano Ferris, AfElL Wis. A, 
1012 Hartford Bldg., Chicago; res. 
8 Washington Place. 

Wallace Slack Orayston, M. D., 
Huntington, Ind. 

David H. Keller, D. D. S., Den- 
tist, 820 Fifth Ave., New York 
City; res. 82 Chestnut St, Bast 
Orange, N. J. 

Sidney Cleveland Niles, Affll. Mich. 
A and Wis. A; res. Oak Park, III. 

Frank Harry Scheiner, Ph. B., 
Law, 8200 N. 40th Avenue Chi- 

Thomas John Uhrlg, Draughts- 
man, 6S62 Ross Avenue, Chicago, 


Myles Standish Warfleld, Blectri- 
cal Bnglneer, FL Scott, Eaa. 

Harry Ernest Weese, B. S., AfOL 
Ind. Z, Paying TeUer, N. W. 
Harris & Co., 204 Dearborn St., 
Chicago; res. 2610 N. Hermitage 
Ave., Ravenswood, Chicago, IlL 

Ellwood Verne Blair, Franklin 
Life Insurance CO., Springfield, 
IlL; res. 424 W. Bdwards St 

Elmer Platte Kinney, Real Estate, 
Mt Carroll, IlL 

Harry Irwin Allen, Huntington, 

John Albert Oreen, M. D., In- 
terne, Mercy HospitaL Chicago. 
Permanent address, 806 N. Court 
St, Rockford, IlL 

Herbert Leonard Haxker, Bl 8L» 
Salesman, N. W. Harris * Go.* 
204 Dearborn St, Chicago; res. 
2610 N. Hermitage At*., BaTing- 
wood, Chicago, IlL 

Francis Hid HUllstsr. with Ctan- 
eral Electrio Co., Schenectady, 
N. Y. 

William Mort Kedey, LL. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Washington, la. 

Charles Rlghter Miller, Insurance, 
Charleston, IlL 

Edward James Murphy, Justice of 
the Peace, 120 Randolph St, 
Chicago; res. 809 Main St, 
Evanston, IlL 

•James Hamilton StoU, Died No- 
vember 8, 1908, Rogers Park, 



Robert Wilson Baird, A. B., care 
A. B. Leach & Co., 140 Dearborn 
St.. Chicago, HL; res. 2206 Sheri- 
dan Rd., Evanston, HI. 

Elmer Fkands Blu, Mllford, HL 

Robert Spenoer Ma,ttls<m, 8SH 
Prairie Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Max Murdock, A. B., LL. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Streator, HI. 

Winfk>ed William Vollmer, with H. 
Stem, Jr., & Bro. Co.; res. 227 
Wisconsin St, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Olin A. Wakeman, B. 8., City 
Salesman, J. 8. McDonald Co^ 
Manufacturing Stationers, Trib- 



une Bldff., Chicago; ree. 522 
CSiuroh St., Ehnastoot ID. 
Joseph R08CO6 Weese, Insuranoa^ 
44 Jefferson St.; res. 88 White- 
lock St., Huntlngrton, Ind. 
Royal Andrew WlUson, Tallula, IlL 
John Frederick Wolit B. 8., Tide- 
phone BnflTlneer, Western Iflleo- 
trlc Co., Chloogo; res. 1928 Sher- 
man Avenue, Bvanston, m. 


Chiiatopher Lawrence Armstrong, 
Milan, 111. 

Walter Chester Oreen, Wholesale 
Lumber, 416 Ashton Bldg.; res. 
806 N. Court St., Rockford, EL 

George Botto Hart, 1401 Fisher 
Bldg.; res. 8287 Beaoon St, Chi- 
cago, EL 

Oris Balnbridge Hastings, Whole- 
sale Oraln, Cairo, EL 


tElmer Sanford Albritton, Liber- 
al Arts, Shelbyville, EL 

tFllnt Bondurant, Liberal Arts, 
Cairo, El. 

fOhauncey Corey Colton, Affll. N. 
H. A, Law, Danvers, Maes. 

Edward James Conley, with Hett- 
ler Lumber Co.; res. 880 Belden 
Ave., Chicago, EL 

Leon Leslie Hebblethwaite, Stu- 
dent, S. Dakota School of Mines. 
Box 864, Rapid City, 8. D.; Per- 
manent address, 907 Lake St., 
Evanston, UL 

John Brown Romania B. ■„ Um 

B., AiDL Iowa B^ AttORMOTf 

son, Iowa, 
fHarold Albon Romans, 

Denlson, Iowa. 
tJames Reynolds Van Ryper, 

New Carlisle, Ind. 


Russell Stuart Begg, Student, Bn- 
gineerlng Department, Untverslty 
of Michigan, 407 B. University 
Avenue, Ann Arbor, Mich.; rea 
Columbus Orove, Ohio. 

Oeorge Jonathan Cos, Pern, In- 

tAIlan Ferguson Rader, Liberal 
Arts, Evanston, EL 

tLeon Theodore Wilson, Liberal 
Arts, Peru, Ind. 


John Laurance Barker, BlraastOB, 

tMarshal Beck, Liberal Arts, Hunt- 
ington, Ind. 
tClifford Clyde Oustlneb Liberal 

Arts, Canton, EL 
James R. Johnson, 1810 Fidtoa 8U 

Chicago, EL 
fEdward Field Reiter, Ubenl 

Arts, Evanston, EL 
tWillard Crockett Smart, Liberal 

Arts, Ft. Smith, Ark. 
fPaul Moore Taylor, Liberal Arti^ 

Huntington, Ind. 


tin Active Chapter, 1908-8. 


Cliicaso, Illinois 

^Charles Palton Jacoba, Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

'William Henry Pitch, Jr., B. L., 
Cranmoor, Wood Co., Wla. 


WiUiam Oliver Hammeni, A. B., 
Farmer, Nederland, Texas. 

^Charles Morley Hull, A. R, died 
1866. Chlcasro, HL 

Howard Wallace Hunter, Insur- 
ance, 1SS7 2d 8t, Louisville, 

Frederick Augustus Smith, A. B., 
A. M., Lli. B., Judges Appellate 
Court, Cook Connty; resllenoe, 
87 Rush St., Chicago, HL 


•Reuel William Bridge, died, Chi- 
cago, m. 

Henry Clay Cassell, U* B., Cler- 
gyman, BosweU, Ihd. 

Gwynn Oamett, LL. B., Attorney, 
1604, 204 Dearborn St, Chicago, 

Christian Cecil Kohlsaat, IT. 8. 
Circuit Judge, Monadnock Bldg., 
Chicago, HL 

Bdward Archibald Slack, Receiver, 
U. S. Land Office; res. 1916 Fte>- 
guson St., Cheyenne, Wyo. 

William Thomson, A. B., A. 1L» 
Attorney, 801 Dwlght BlOg,; res. 
4828 Harrison St., ^**riTffff City; 

^Robert Abraham Davis Wilbanks, 
died, 1898, Washington, D. C 


•Sanford Kingsbury Austin, died, 
1871, St Joseph, Mo. 

lioren T. Bush, A. B., B. D., Bap- 
tist Clergirman, 977 Lawndale 
Avenue^ Chicago^ IlL 

address un- 

W. F. Higginson, 

Henry Clay Mable, A. M., A. B., 
D. D., cor. Secy. Am. Baptist 
Missy. Union, Ford Bldg., Bos- 
ton. Mass., residence, 88 Athel- 
wold St, Dorchester. 

James Springer, LU B., Attorney, 
904, 204 Dearborn St, Chicago, 


^James McKemy Culbertson, died, 
1876, Chicago, HL 

Alonzo Delos Foster, A. B., Manu- 
facturer, 178 a Madison St, 
Chicago, IlL 

Charles Arthur Steams, A. B., A. 
M., Budnltas, CaL 

Edward Francis Steams, A. B., 
A. M., Principal, Lake High 
School, Union Ave. and W. 47th 
Place; residence, 8860 0ontli 
Park Ave., Chicago, BL 

George Bell Swift, General Con- 
tractor, 508, 188 Madison St; res. 
6132 Washington Ave., Chicago, 


John Bromley Taylor. 


Cyrus Albertus Barker, A. B., Man- 
ufacturer, Lakewood, Mich. 

^Charles William Bodeman, died, 
1876, Burlington, Iowa. 

•Robert Wilson Moore^ LL^ B., 
died, 1872, Chicago, IlL 

Richard Menter Springer, Fiscal 
Agent 6822 Jackson Park Ave., 
Chicago, IlL 

•Charles Bdwin Brink, died, 1879, 
San Ftancisco, CaL 

John Bradford Camp, Hbrtlcnltur- 
1st, Pomona, OsL 



*Orrln Benner Clark, A. IL, A. B. 
Prank Leander Rockwell. 


CharlM Klnff Bliss, A. R, Teacher, 
Philippine Islands. 

Harold LeClair Ickes, A. B., Stu- 
dent, UnWersltx of Chicago Law 
School, S747 Washington Ava., 
Chicago, IlL 

Stacy Carroll Mosser, Ph. R, Sec. 
T. J. Bolger Co., Investment 
Bonds, 1120, 16S La SaUe St.; 
residence. Hotel Del Prado, Chi- 
cago, nL 

Harvey Andrew Peterson, A. B.» 
A. IL, Professor, Peabody Col- 
lege, 909 Third Ave., South, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

William Otis Wilson, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, S2, 92 La Salle 
St., Chicago, ni.; res. La Grange, 


Charles Francis Breed, B. S., B. B. 

Fred Harvey Hall Calhoun, B. 8.» 
Ph. D., Geologist and Teacher. 
Clemson College, 8. C 

Knight Wench Slanders, A. B,, 
Architect, 80 Dearborn St; res. 
64 B. 2Srd St^ Chicago, IlL 

Robert BlUott Graves, B. S., M. D., 
Physician, Cook County Hos- 
pital, residence, 666S Washing- 
ton Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Carl Howell Sawyer. Banker, 107 
Wright St, Waukesha, Wis. 


Charles Warren Chase, Ph. B., At- 
torney, 181 La Salle St; res. 
924€ So. Robey St, Chicago, IIL 

Harvey Trunkey Woodruff, Secre- 
tary and Treasurer, Western 
Jockey Club, 141S Ashland Block; 
res. 96 Warren Ave., Chicago* 


George Alembert Brayton, Assist 
ant Superintendent Galvanizing 
Dept American Sheet and Tin 
Plate Co., Vaadergrift Pa- 
Frank Clyde Brown, A. B., A. IL, 

Professor, Bmory College^ Ok- 
ford, Ga. 

Lester Bond Fulton, 164 La Salle 
St., Chicago. 

Gecnv^ Henry Garrey, B. 8», IL 8^ 
B. IL, Mining Geokiglst Boom 
SSI U. 8. Geologloal Surrey 
Bldg., Washington, D. C 

Barl Crayton Hales, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 15S La SaUe St.; 
residence, 841 W. 62nd St. Chi- 
cago, IlL 


Lafayette Wallace Case, Jr., Wat- 
erloo, Iowa. 

Frederick FelL Salesman, 2662 W. 
42nd St, Chicago, IlL 

Boudinot Gage Leake, Civil Bn- 
gineer, Houston, Texas. 

Brie Martina Lubeck, LubeCk 4 
Co., Automobllea, Grand Bapldi^ 

Walter Archibald Lybrand. Ph. B-. 
AfflL Ind. r. Lawyer, 16S8 Trib- 
une Bldg., Chicago, IlL 

William E>rerton Ramsey, A. B., 
Afni. ni. H, Gen. Fireprooflng Co., 
The Rookery; res. 6605 Harvard 
Ave., Chicago, HL 

Austin Toung Hoy, A. B., B. 8., 
Traveling Bnglneer and Salss 
man, Sullivan Machinery Co., 42 
Broadway; res. 266 W. TTtli St, 
New York, N. T. 

Guy Ckirson Klnnaman, M. D., 
Physician, 890 N. Clark St, 
Chicago, IlL 

Charles James Laval, AfllL Ihd. A 
and Ind. B, Reporter, St Louis, 

George Richard MaoClyment, B. 8.. 
Banker, Wyoming, IIL 

Bmest Wilson Miller, B. 8., IL Dl* 
Mlnnequa Hospital, Pueblo, Cola; 
res. 6710 Stewart Avei, ChloagOb 


David Aubrey Morris, Student 

Columbia University, New York 

James Milton Sheldon, Fta. &« J. 

D.. Attorney. Manning. Sheldon, 

Keehn, Rector Bldg:; 

48th Place, Chicago, m. 




Herbert Frederic Ahlawede, Dry 
Ooodfl, 660 N. California Are., 
Chicago, m.' 

Halbert Brush Blakej, B. 8., IC. D., 
Union Orove, Wis. 

9^ank Walbrldge DeWolf, 8. B.» 
U. 8. OeolOflTlcal 8urye7, Wash- 
ington, D. C 

Winiam B^dmond Qodso, ▲dyertUi- 
Ing Solicitor, 1S16 Hejwood 
Bldg.; res. 249 Jackson Park 
Terrace, Chicago, IIL 

Allen Ayrault Oreen, AfllL IlL A, 
Galesburg, m. 

noTd E>rerett Harper, Manson, 

Bruce McLrelsh, A B., Retail Dry 
Goods Merchandising, Chleago 
and New York; res. cneoooe, UL 

carl 8helley Miner, B. 8., Chem- 
ist, Glucose 8ugar Refining Co.; 
residence, 249 Jackson Park Ter- 
race, Chicago, m. 

Herbert Bartlett Wyman, Jr., Ph. 
B., with 8tandard Glass & Paint 
Co., 407 Sth 8t, Des Moines, la. 


George Allen DaerUng. 

Walter Kean Barle, 4840 Went- 
worth Ave., Chicago. 

Alfred Chester Mlsworth, R 8., 
Coach and 8tudent, Colorado 
8chool of Mines, Golden, Col., 
residence, 7614 Union Ave., Chl- 
eago. IIL 

Thomas Jones Meek, AfDL Pa. B; 
5401 Woodlawn Ave., Chleago^ 

Wmis Stose HUpert, 2240 Indiana 
Ave., Chicago. 

Balph Clarence Putnam, LI* B., 
Attorney, Ashland Block, Chi- 
cago; S62 Downer Place, Aurora, 

John Henry Smale, A. B., Secre- 
tary, Brotherhood of 8t. An- 
drew, Bishop's Office, Masonic 
Temple, Chicago, IIL 

Oliver Brown Wyman, Ph. R, 
Student Harvard Law School, 

40 Klrkwood 8t, Cambridge, 


Walter Fred Bggemeyer, Rich- 
mond, Ind. 

Bvarts Ambrose Graham, 270 W. 
Monroe St., Chleago. 

Herman Charles Groman, Odebolt, 

Ingram Dickson Hook, Ph. B., 
I-Awyer, New York Ufe Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

James Alexander Hunter, Clerk, 
4060 Indiana Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Porter Hodge Llnthlcum, Affll. 
Ind. A, Elvansville, Ind. 

Frlnk C. Lovell, Banker, Chat- 
field, Minn. 

Walter KeUogg Lyman. AflU. Wis. 
A, Surveyor, 1202 Hays St.. Boise. 

ESmest Elugene QuantreU, Asst to 
Vice President, Chicago Sav- 
ings Bank, residence, 791 Ham- 
lin Ave.. Chicago, IlL 

Lee Matthew Ryan, a B., 106 
Ryan Bldg., Leavenworth, Kan., 
Student, Rush Medical CoUege, 
Chicago, UL; res. Hollywood, 

Frederick Adolph Spelk, S. B., Stu- 
dent, Rush Medical College. 
Present address, 280 Ashland 
Blvd., permanent address, 702 
West Chicago Ave., Chicago, BL 


Clarence Jandt Buckwalter. 8105 
Calumet Ave., Chleago, UL 

Mark Seavey Catlln, Ph. B., Ath- 
letic Director, University of 
Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. 

Chester Arthur Blgnus, Forrest. 

Huber Hurd Bllsworth, Auburn 
Park. nL 

Fred Taylor Hall, 888 BL 66th St., 

Chicago, UL 
fMarous William Lumbard, Ph. B., 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
tAubum Ray Nowels, Lamar, 

Glenn Worthy Putnam, Student, 




RuBh Medical College, Chloa«o; 

FM. AnrorSv DL 
Frani Emory Solier, Bnran, Ohio. 
WUUam Alfred Siminer. SK W. 

ttth Place* Chloacow 
William Burton WaIU% DubOQiMk 


Noel liazton Dunter, Tale Unl- 

▼ereltj; reeldence, 104 Wall St., 

New Haven, Conn. 
tJesso Clair Harper, Chicago, IlL 
Ralph Emerson Hill, IieATenworth, 

tFrederick Dill ICabrey, Norwich, 

George Del trick Nordenholt, Oak 

Park. DL 
Thomaa Liceman Todd, IieaTen- 

worth, Kan. 
Frankljm Loula Wollt litO W. 

Monroe St, Chicago. 


Herbert Macy Harwood, AfflL Iowa 
B, Student, Uniyersity of Iowa, 
Iowa City; res. Des Moines, Iowa. 

William Peter Hogenson, Clerk; 
ree. 710 Laiirtf Ay^ C?htoii#o^ 

LaMont liarson, Aurora, 



J<4m B6bert BldkMi, 

Radiator Go.. BnfEUo, N. T.; tciL 

Bvanaton, HL 
tEugene Alonao WUlUi, GhlcacOb RL 

tOeorge Edwin Boealnger, La- 
Grange, Ind. 
tJoeeph Jaokaon Carter, Richmond, 

fErrett White Edmonds, fVirt 

Smith, Ark. 
tJohn Dayhuff Ellis, 

fBemard Herman Krog; 

ville. Wis. 
tJohn Ernest Ddaa Meador, Afc> 

chison, Kan. 
tOlln Lewis Richards, Chicago, DL 
tWalter Peter Steffeo, Chicago^ DL 
tFlrman Thomi>8on, Renaselaer, 

fWllllam Edward Thomas, Chicago^ 


fHenry Aller Todd, Leavenworth, 


tin active Chapter, 1906-9. 


MonmcNitli, nUnoit 


Thomas Hays Campbell, last ad- 
dress known, 215 First National 
Bank Bld^., Chicafl^o, HI. 

^Robert Bryson Nesblt, A. B., A. 
M. (Died Oct. 14, 1881.) 


Henry Johnson Bigger, A. B., A. 

M., Attorney at Law, Salem, Ore. 
Thomas Maskell Flndley, A. B., A. 

M., 153 Macaleater Ave., St. Paul, 

Minn. (Last address known.) 
Alexis Phelps Hutchinson, A. B., A. 

M., Attorney at Law, 96 North 

Side Public Square, Monmouth, 

Joseph Kyle, A. B., A. M., Prof, in 

Theological Seminary, Xenia, O. 

(Last address known.) 
Samuel John Kyle, A. B., A. M., 

Biggsville, 111. 
Samuel Henry McKee, A. B., A. 

M.. Capitalist, Pittsburg, Pa. 


Allen Bracken Anderson, M. D., 
Pawknee City, Neb. 

Albert Collins French, 303 South 
Winchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hugh Milton McDill. B. S., F&rmer, 
(College Comer, Ohio. 

John Alexander Mitchell, B. S., 
M. D.. Physician, 317-18 Port- 
mouth St., Kansas City, Kan. 


^Samuel Alexander Buck, A. B., A. 
M. (Died Aug. 14. 1884.) 

James Clinton Bums, A. B., A. M., 
Professor, Western Illinois State 
Normal School, Macomb, 111. 

James Ross Hanna, A. B., A. M., 
LL. D., Manufacturer, Mon- 
mouth, IlL 

John Gulian Lansing, A. M., B. D. 

^Joseph McC^rrell Lansing, A. M., 

B. D., died June 5, 1905, in C^iro. 


John Henry Mason, A. B., Ckishior 
Omaha Box Ck>.; res. 4724 W 22d 
St., Omaha, Neb. 

William Oliver Miller. 

David Brownlee Patterson, Des 
Moines, Iowa. (Last address 

•Seth Franklin Pratt, A. B., A. Bf. 
(Died March 6, 1901.) 

William Dowrick Pratt, A. B., A. 
M., Kaloma, Wash. (Last ad- 
dress known.) 


Charles Mason Brownlee, Feurmer, 

Woodhull. lU. 
John C. (letter only) Lewis, LL. 

D., Capitalist, Knoxville, m. 
James Heron McCulloch, B. 8., 

Omaha National Bank Bldg., 

Omaha, Neb. (Last address 

Norbury Wlllet Thornton, A. B., 

A. M., Minister, MiUersburg, 111. 
* James Logan Warden. (Died July 

3. 1905.) 


John McDonald Love, A. B., A. M., 
112 West Fifth Ave., Lawyer, 
Arkansas City. Kan. 

Harry Monroe McClanahan, M. D., 
Omaha, Neb. (Last address 

Junius Augustus Monteith, A. B., 
A. M., Minister, Stronghurst, 111. 

John Wallace, A. B., A. M., Law- 
yer, Cltronelle, Ala. (Last ad- 
dress known.) 

•John Hemphill Moffett. Died 1906. 




Bdward Bverett Clipplnflrer, A. B., 

A. M., Real Estate, 100 South 

Bfain St., Monmouth, 111. 
William Qilbert Pardoe, A. B., A. 

M., Lawyer, Stroud, Okla. 
David Miller Stuart, A. B., A. M.. 

Lawyer, Terre Haute. Ind. 

Ralph Paine Brownlee, Clerk, Podt 

Office; res. 7131 Wentworth Ave.. 

Chicago, nL 
Joseph Reynolds Crawford, B. S. 
•Oliver Henry Irvine, Salem, Ore. 
Archie Allen McClanahan, LL. B.. 

Chicago, IlL 
^Thomas Beverldge Patten. (Died 

October, 1883.) 


Oras Eiverett Fitzgerald Carpenter. 
Maquoketa, Iowa. 

John McGaw Glenn, A. M., Secre- 
tary Illinois Manufacturers* Asso- 
ciation, G28 Marquette Bldg., Chi- 
cago; res. Evanston. DL 

•William Roy Pollard. Died 1899. 

Earl Regnler. A. B.. A. M., Mer- 
riam Park St., care Merchants 
Bank, St. Paul. Minn. 

William Marshall Butler. A. B.. 
A. M.. D. D., Minister and Au- 
thor. Oakmont, Pa. 

Samuel Horace Bdwarda, Rock Is- 
land, lU. 

•James McKle Gillespie, li. D. 
(Died March 3, 1886.) 

Robert Claud Hanna, Grain Busi- 
ness. Joplln, Mo. 

•Arthur Chalmers Klrki>atrlck. 
(Died Jan. 2, 1882.) 

John Maurice Paine, Farmer, Ber- 
wick, nL 


Boling Arthur Johnson. 

William Mark McKinney, LL. B., 
Lawyer, Northport, N. T. 

Benjamin BYanklln Thomas. Jr.. 
Affil. 111. A. Attorney, 707 New 
York Life Bldg.; res. 3225 Pop- 
plcton Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

William James Thompson. 


•Frederick Kllpatrick Baboodc 
Lake Brldenthal, Retail Lumber 

and Coal. Wymore. Neb. 
John Clayton Robertson Brown. 

American Switch & Frog Works, 

Hamilton, Ohio. 
Clem Donnin McCoy. A. M., M. D.. 

203 West Franklin St., Physician 

and Surgeon. Kenton, Ohio. 
Charles Henry Rodgers, Real ESs- 

tate. Searles Bldg., Monmouth, 





Calettorg, DBnoit 

•George Woodruff Perrl^. 


George O' Bryant DeBar, M. D., 
Affll. Mo. A, Physician, Eugene. 

John William Gilbert, A. B., A. li., 
Galesburg, 111., Collector, Gales- 
burg, IlL 

•Alfred Bainbridge Johnson, B. S. 

William Stevenson Johnson, 461 
Washington Blvd., Lawyer, Chi- 
cago, HI. 

Anthony Lennon, A. B., A. M., 


•Eugene Field, A. M., Affll. Mo. A, 
died 1895. Chicago, IlL 

John D. Miller Hamilton, 816 West- 
em Ave., Claims Attorney, Santa 
Fe Railway System, Topeka, Kan. 

•Joseph Thomas Kretzinger. 

0amuel Patterson MacLean. 


•William Jay Porter, B. S. 
William Scripx>s, Astoria, m.. Coal 

•Willis Gorman Smith. 


James Theodore Francis, 706 4th 
St., Sales Manager, The Morrison 
Mfg. Co., Fort Madison, Iowa. 

James McClellan Hamilton. LL. 
B., Lawyer, Sl-82 Latimer, BDc, 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

•Harry Selden Hitchcock. 

•Charles Villa Lawrence. 

Edward Porter Little, A. B., S. T. 
B.. 310 North Sixth St., Rector 
of Trinity Church, Hannibal, Mo. 

Albert Dwight Metcalf, A.B., Pres- 
ident Oneida State Bank, Oneida, 

Adair Pleasants, Lawyer. Rock Is- 
land, lU. 

Eugene W. Rlsley, Lawyer, 24S 
Vanness Ave., Fresno, Cal. 

Nathaniel Clinton Sears, LL. D., 
A. B., A. M., Attorney at Law. 
1505 First National Bank Bldg.; 
res. 2465 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, 


William Scott Hamilton, Attorney- 
at-Law, 121 Pine St., Fort Madi- 
son, la. 

Richard Washington Johnson, Jr., 
M. D., Omaha, Neb., Major Sur- 
geon U. S. A.; Headquarters 
Dept. of Mo., Omaha, Neb. 

•Alfred Schuyler Post, A. Bf. 

Henry S. Tremper. 

•Walter M. Jay, B. S. 
Arthur Wilde Little, A B., A. M., 

D. D., L. H. D., Rector of St. 

Mark's Church, Evanston, HI. 


Robert James Adcock, A. B., A. M., 
2924 Man ton Ave., Lawyer, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Frederick Reuben Jelliff, A B., Ed- 
itor RepuhUcan-Register, Gales- 
burg, ni. 

Thomas E. Martin. 

James William McMurtry. 

George Washington Prince, A. B., 
Congressman, Gaiesburg, HI. 

Edward W. Wood. 

John Yorstoun Ewart, A. B., A. M., 

D. D., 230 West Sixth St.. Pastor 

Presbjrterian Church, Newton, 

Josiah Benson Parkinson, B. S., 

Real Estate, Broken Arrow, I. T. 




^George Frederick Plerson, A. B.« 
A. M. 

Merritt WllllB Pinckney, B. 8., Hi. 
B., Attorney, Jud^e of Cook 
County Circuit Court, 1102 Fort 
Dearborn Bids.; res. Hotel Del 
Prado, Chicago, 111. 

Ephriam Albert Ray, B. A., Law- 
yer, Oregon, 111. 

* Albert Gallatin Sheahan, A. B., 
A. M. 

Thomas Taylor, Jr., B. S., Uj. B., 
Lakeside, 111., Lawyer and Mas- 
ter In Chancery, 1207 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Chicago, IlL 


Nelson Frederick Anderson, A. B., 
527 Elliot St., Kewanee, lU., At- 
torney at Law, 217 North Main 
St. Kewanee, 111. 

Edwin Stutely Carr, A. B., A. M., 
D. D., Minister, Hinsdale, 111. 

William Henry Chambers, A. B., 
503 13th Ave., Ranchman, Gree- 
ley, Colo. 

John Sanbum Phillips, A. B., A. 
M., 314 West 92d St., Publisher, 
Editor McClure's Magazine, 44 B. 
23d St., New York City. 


John Mark Mason, 569 Ea^jt 42d 
St., Broker, Grain and Stocks, 16 
Exchange Bldg., U. S. Yards, 
Chicago, ni. 


John Lydell Baker, LL. B., Editor, 
310 McKay Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Edward C. Knotts, B. S., Lawyer, 
Carlinville, HL 

Charles Sumner MoKelvey, A. Bt 
Lawyer. 411 Citizens' National 
Bank Bldff.; res. 191S South 
Union Avenue, Los Angelet* CaL 

Daniel Milton Mickey, B. S., Law- 
yer, 90 East WELshington St., 
Chicago, HI. 

*James Calvin Mitchell, B. S. 

Robert Calfe Morse, A. B., 109 
West Prospect St., Attorney at 
Law, 217 North Main St., Kewa- 
nee, HL 

Frederick Chauncy Perkins, A. B., 
A. M., 19S1 Bast Second Ave.. At- 
torney at Law and Register U. 8. 
Land Office, Suite 208 Newman 
Bldg., Durango, Colo. 

Ur Stauffer Rohrer, Abstracts, In- 
surance and Loans, 800 West 
Second St., Hastings, Neb. 

William Emll Schllemann, B. 8., 
A. M., Ph. D., Teacher, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Frederick WUllam Sisson, B. 8., 
Lumber, Flagstaff, Arts. 

WUllam Henry Whitney, A. B.. 87 
Bloomfleld St., Dorchester, Solic- 
iting Agent Union Central Life of 
Cincinnati, Ohio, 79 MUk St, 
Boston, Mass. 


Thomas Albert Broadbent, B. 8., 
M. S., D. D. S., 2641 North Her- 
mitage Ave., Dentist, 706, 84 
Washington St., Chicago, IlL 

Frederick Benjamin Brown, B. 8., 
520 North Second St., San Jose, 
Cal.. Attorney at Law, City At- 
torney of San Jose, Cal., 64-66 
Porter Bldg. 

Charles Carlton George, M. S., In- 
vestment Securities, Real Estate, 
1601 Famam St., Omaha, Neb. 

Charles Chase McClaugluT. A. B., 
Deputy Warden U. S. Peniten- 
tiary, Atlanta, Ga. 

John Miller, B. S., Feurmer, Galva, 


Grant Newell (Heldman St Ever- 
ett), 1016 Woman's Temple, 184 
I^ Salle St., Chicago, HL 

Benjamin F. Thomas, Jr.« AHU. DL 
r. Attorney. 707 N. T. LifeBldff.: 
res. S226 Poppleton Ats., Omalui* 


Louis Becker, Bi. D., Physician* 

KnoxviUe, HI. 
John Burroughs Brown, A. B., A. 

M., Lawyer, Monmouth, 111. 
William Joseph Byrnes, A. B., 

William R. Houston, Broker, 72S 

Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. 



Charles WeUlnston ICartln, Fire 
Insurance, Room 1. Barker BUc.; 
res. 3716 Jones St., Omaha, Neb. 

Frank Ashury Beall lioor% B. &• 
Ph. O., D. D. S., Dentist, 1216 
Masonic Temple; res. 1306 Ber- 
wyn Ave., Chicago, HL 

John Robert Porter, B. 8., Bank 
Cashier, Orani^e, CaL 


Frank Benjamin Bressler, M. D., 
1084 Millard Ave., Physician, 
Chlcafl^o, HL 

^Walter Pease Hinckley. 

Jacob H. Hopkins, B. S., 825 Dear- 
bom Ave., Lawyer, 79 Dearborn 
St., Chicago, HL 

Liincoln Henry Jelllff, A. B., Cales- 
burs, BL, Lawyer, Commercial 
Bids:., GalesburiT* HI* 

Corliss Wilkes Lay, B. A., Secre- 
tary of Tankton College, Yank- 
ton, S. D. 

John Newton Stmmbeiv* 1684 Da- 
kin St., Clerk Com Bzchange 
National Bank, Chicago, IlL 

Oeorgre Perry Wiley, Bank Cashier, 
Waterville, Wash. 


*Frank Lester Andrews. 

^William Cuyler Avery. 

Frank Everett Blane, B. S., M. S., 

Lawyer, Petersburg, IlL 
"William Richardson Colbum. 
William Henry Crocker, B. S., 89 

Borland St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
George Pomeroy Cushlng, B. S., 

Buyer, Woodside, L. I., N. Y. 
Willis Moore, AflU. Mich. A, Chi- 
cago, m. 
Charles Robert Murdock, B. S., 

Mining XSngineer, J. 8. Cook 

Bank, Goldfleld, Nev. 
William Joshua Phelps, A. M., 685 

Second Ave., Vice President Hylo 

Lamp Co., 88 State St., Detroit, 

William Nehemiah Wyckoff, B. A., 

Priest, Lincoln, HL 


Lysander Cassidy, B. S., A. M., At- 
torney, Phoenix, Aris. 

David Friable Oreen, B. S., AflU. 
IlL A, Traveling Salesman for 
Thompson, Taylor Co., Chicago, 

John Eddy Luckey, B. S., M. S., 
M. A., M. D., Physician and Sur- 
geon, Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa. 


Harry Lovejoy Coleman, M. D., 
Physician, Farragut, Iowa. 

George Alfred CrandaU, 1209 Arap- 
ahoe St., Fniit Business, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Alvah Sherman Green, B. S., Law- 
yer, Galesburg, m. 

Wm L. Honnold, AflU. Mich. A. 

Charles Warner Lacy, Dentist, Ha- 
vana, IlL 

*James Alexander Murdock. 

Henry Edward Parry, M. D., B. S., 
M. S., Physician, Galesburg, IlL 

Benner X. Smith, A. B., Lawyer, 
312-316 Auerbach Blk., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

*Guy Payson Williams, A. B. 


Albert Eric Bergland, B. S., Law- 
yer. Galva, IlL 

Samuel MitcheU Hughes, FaU 
Creek, IlL 

Abraham Lincoln Johnston, M. D., 
Physician, Prophetstown, IlL 

Loren Butler Seymour, 1135 Mag- 
nolia Ave., Los Angeles, CaL 

Charles Elmer Sturtz, B. S., State's 
Attorney, comer Third and Fre- 
mont Sts., Kewanee, HL 


Richard Harding Davis. 

John Edward George, 106 West 
26th St, George & Co., Invest- 
ment Securities, 1601 Famam St., 
Omaha, Neb. 


Frank Oran Finley, D. S., Dentist, 
1210 Champlain Bldg., Chicago. 

George Candee Gale, A. B., A. M., 
LL. D., Lawyer, 616 Rookery 
Bldg.; res. 6681 Modtob Ay^ 
Chicago, HL 

Wilfred Kennedy Keith, M. D., 
Physician, Creston, Iowa. 



Abner Tyler Younff, AfllL IlL A, 
Care LAnd Dept., Union Pacific 
Railroad, Omaha, Neb.; res. 71 
Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Louis K. Cleaveland, Insurance, 
Springfield. 111. 

Herbert George Copp, Purohiring 
Agent Deere & Co., Moline, IlL 

Ralph Peyton Dexter, Stationer, 
Galva, 111. 

Hubert Wells Humphreys, Drug- 
gist, corner Main and Marble 
Sts., West Rutland. Vt. 

Walter Kimball Marsh. 

Fred Randolph Sanderson. B. S., 
Auditorium, Galcsburg. 111. 

John Lincoln Smetters, B. S., City 
Engineer, City Hall, Jacksonville, 


John Grant Beadle, B. S., Archi- 
tect, Galesburg, 111. 

Frederic Hall Fuller, Merchant 
and Stockman, Hazard. Neb. 

George Frederick Gebhardt, M. S., 
A. B., 3436 Calumet Ave., Di- 
rector Mechanical Engineering 
Dept., Armour Institute of Tech- 
nology, Chicago, 111. 

Frederick William Miner. 

Oscar Allen Rohrer, Waverly, 111., 
Stock Dealer. 


Robert West Fleming, Jr., Stock- 
man, Ansley, Neb. 

Hubert Ray Holland, A. B., IiOS 
Angeles. CaL 

Leander Irwin Potter, 1449 Con- 
stance St., Bond Broker, Lm An- 
geles, CaL 

Amos Townsend, B. A., Lawyer 
(Nearing & Townsend), 500-1-2-3 
Heist BIdg., Kansas City, Mo. 

George Duflleld Tunnlcliff, A. B., 
Lawyer, George Investment Co., 
1601 Famam St., Omaha, Neb. 

Arthur C. Wier. Collection Teller, 
Security Savings Bank, Los An- 
geles, CaL 

Walter Williams, Chicago, HL 

Frank Buchet, B. S.. Pres. and 
Manager Washington Weeder 

Works, cor. Fourth and Elm Sts.; 
res. 365 Catherine St., Walla 
Walla. Wash. 

Giles M. Ciayberg. B. S.. Merchant, 
Avon, 111. 

Charles Job Cooper, B. B., Reel 
Estate, 814 Cooper BIdg.; res. 
811 Marion St, Denver, Goto. 

William Lewis Hipsley, Merchant, 
Table Grove, IlL 

Cliarles Wilbur Hoyt, Merchant 
(O. T. Johnson Co.), Galesburg; 

Jonathan Ouy Latimer* B. &. 
Lawyer, 1401 Borland Bldg.; 
res. 288 B. 47th Bt, Chicago, HL 

Bernard Park Lawrence, Manager 
C. W. Parker & Co., Photo Sup- 
plies. 714 First Ave., Seattle, 

James Lang Lewis, A. B., M. D., 
Fourth and D Aves., Physician, 
Lawton, Okla. 

Richard O'Leary, Mining and 
Ranching, Pearce, Arix. 

Robert LeRoy Reiley, A. B., Law- 
yer, L. A. & R. L. Reiley, Wa- 
pello, Iowa. 

Ralph Joseph Williams. A. B., B. 
S.. Architect, The **Van Cort- 
landt," Washington, D. C. 


Edmund David Adcock, A. B., 683 
East 46th St., Lawyer, 619 New 
York Life Bldg., Chicago. 

Charles Phillip Day, Construction 
Engineer, 111 Fifth Ave., New 
York, N. Y.; res. 5 Thomas St., 
Newark. N. J. 

Charles Purdy Raymond, A. B^ 
Salesman, Wilson Orocery Co.* 
Peoria, IlL; res. Galesburi; HL 


Thomas Harper Blodgett, B. 8., 
Publishing. 42 Madison St.; res. 
Chicago Beach Hotel. Chicago, 


Maurice Tenney Brown, Stenogra- 
pher, with Bighorn Sheep Co., 
Lost Cabin, Wyoming. 



Clyde Alexander Finley, B. 8., IC. 
D.. Physician. 132 West 47th St., 
New York City. 
Harold Bfay Phillipps Holland, A. 
B. Affll. N. H. A, McLeaa & 
Holland. Athletic Supplies, 
Holmes Blder., Galesburir, Hi- 
Frank Thomas Becket Martin, Fire 
Insurance, Room 1, Barker Blk., 
Omaha, Neb. 
Harry Noel Rex, B. S., Mining Bii- 

gineer, Creston, Iowa. 
George Merrill Strain, A. B., Man- 
ager Kimball Laundry 1509-11 
Jackson St., Omaha, Neb. 
Prentiss Stevenson Wilson, A. B., 
Cashier Bank of Steelevllle, 
SteeleviUe, HI. 


Clark Emry, A. B., Principal High 
School, Galena, IlL 

Guy Hallett Johnson, Mfr. of 
Switchboards and Telephones, 50 
West Jackson Blvd.; res. 422 E. 
Sunnyside Ave., Chicago. 

William Blather Lewis, A. B., A. 
M., Head Master Lake Forest 
Academy, Lake Forest, IlL 

Bemie Matthews Mead, B. S., Ass't 
Cashier Commercial German 
Nat'l Bank; res. 633 Moss Ave., 
Peoria, 111. 

Clifford Henry Mead, Truit, Ma- 
thews & Co., Bankers, Chilllcothe, 


Harry Alvln Parkin, A. B., LL. B., 
Lawyer. 818 Home Insurance 
Bldg., Chicago. 111. 

Harry Norton Torrey, B. 8., A. 
M., M. D.. Physician, Washington 
Arcade Bldg.. Detroit, Mich. 


Webster Guy Helnly, B. S., LL. B., 
Affll. Cal. B, Attorney at Law, 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Clyde Webster McComack, B. S., 
Chief Engineer, Turner Construc- 
tion Co., 11 Broadway; res. 253 
W. 55th St., New York, N. Y. 

Walter Roy McComack, A. B., 
Reading. Mass., Architect, Bos- 
ton Museum of Fine Arts, Bos- 
ton, Maas. 

Charles Sunmer Pier, B. A., A. B., 
Clergjrman, 217 West Oak St, 
Union City, Ind. 


Herman Hubbell Potter, A. B., 
Supt. of QsB Co., 208 West Main 
St., Madison, Ind. 

Elarl Eshleman Barr, B. S., Inde- 
pendent Telephone Co.; res. C09 
9th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Russell Tuthill Barr, A. B., Reli- 
able Poultry Journal, Assistant 
Receiver Peoria National Bank, 
Peoria, Bl. 

David Arthur Cook, Ottawa, ni. 

Fred K. Groves, Columbia Bldg., 
Southwestern Security Co., Los 
Angeles, CaL 

Daniel Bradley Kimball, Ifaaagdr 
W. E. Terry Lumber Co., Spring- 
field, ni. 

William James McKenna, Ottawa, 

James Wiley Phelps, Vice Presi- 
dent Solar Electric Co., 161 So. 
Canal St., Chicago; res. 425 
North Bl.. Oak Park, IlL 

Robert Baird Porter, A. B., 338 
13th St, East, Lawyer, 312 Auer- 
bach Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Fred George Tryon, Burlington 
Brick Co., Galesburg, HL 

Frank Henry Williams, Draft 
Clerk, National Live Stock Bank, 
Union Stock Yards; res. 6325 
Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Wilson Williams, Book- 
keeper, Hamilton & Cavanaugh, 
Bankers, Hoopeston, HL 


Curtis Harvey Brown, A. B., Book- 
keeper, Galesburg National Bank, 
Galesburg. 111. 

•Ralph Waldo Clayton. 

William Earl Essick, Pitcher, Pa- 
cific Coast League, Clarion, la. 

Fred E. Ewing, B. S., Areola, Bl., 
Rush Medical College, Chicago, 

Allen Ayrault Green, B. S., Affll. 
111. B, Author, Galesburg, IlL 

Everett Elmer Hinchliff, A. B., 
Accountant, Hinchliff Lumber 
Yard, Galesburg, BL 



Oeorse Alfred Shurtleff, A. R, Pe- 
kin. 111., Student Harvard Law 
School. 142 Huntlnffton Ave., 
Boston. Mass. 

Edward Seattle Stephenson, B. 8., 
Principal High School, Oeneva, 

George Lyman Webster, A B., 124 
Canyon Road, care Utah Copper 
Co.. Salt Lake City, Utah. 


William Henry Allison, B. S., Dep- 
uty County Clerk. Tuscola, IlL 

Archie Charles Booz, B. S., Prin- 
cipal Roseville High School, 
Roseville, IlL 

* Robert Homer Gaines. 

Burt Alfred Heinly, B. A., 808 
South Figueria, City Offices. Los 
Angeles. CaL 

Charles Ellhu Hyndman, 8418 
Washington Ave.. Medical Stu- 
dent, Washington University, 
Humbolt Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Prank Emory McMullan. 

Samuel Miller, Livery Stable, 
Sparta, 111. 

William Paxton Scroggs, 8431 Vista 
Ave., Student St. Louis Medical 
School, St. Louis, Mo. 

John Peter Shippert, B. S., 888 
East Third South St., Bank Clerk, 
National Bank Republic, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Winfleld Howard Williamson, Re- 
porter Evening Mail, Gales- 
burg, 111. 


Erastus Smith Edgerton, Gales- 
burg, 111. 

Harry Eldon Bhrhart, B. 8., Ar- 
eola, 111., Teacher, Tuscola, HI. 

Henry Ellsworth Ewing, AfflL TIL 
H, Areola, IlL 

Kellogg Day McClelland, A. B., 
Post Graduate Work, Knox Col- 
lege, Galesburg, HL 


Harry Clayton Bishop, Draughtsr 
man, American Steel & Wire 
Co.; res. 110 Seward St, .Vau- 
kcgan, IlL 

Phillips Maurice Chase, AfflL N. H. 
A, Galesburg, lU. 

fPranklin Clinton Howell, Iberia, 

Claud« BSdgar Lanstnun, Student, 
Brown's Business College, Gales- 
burg, IlL 

fHenry Wilfred Lass, Galesburg, 

Clarence Allen Palmer, Student, 
"Stm School Osteopathy," Vin- 
ton, la. 

Frederick Almsrran Prince, Pollock 
Automatic Wrench Co., Gales- 
burg, IlL 

fEdward Thomas Snohr, Port 
Oneida, Mich. 

Arthur Joseph Terpenlng, Knox 
Milling Co., Galesburg, IlL 


fHarry Runkle Auracher, Creston, 

tJohn William HUdlng, Vesters- 

bcrg, Mich. 
Howard Monroe Judson AfflL N. 

H. A, Galesburg, 111. 
tSelden Gale Lowrie, Ipava, IlL 
Charlie Ward Mariner, Traveling 

Salesman Galesburg Grocery Co., 

Galesburg, IlL 
James Garfield Porter, Salt Lake 

City. Utah. 
Harry Owen Snyder, Bank Clerk, 

Areola, 111. 
tHarold Rice Spinner, Galesburg, 


fCarl Clifford Stephenson, Sparta, 


tJohn Jolly Ellis, LaBelle, Mo. 
fEdward Phillip Grant, Creston, 

tTheodore Long Holman, Millers- 

ville. Pa. 
tJohn Marshall Lowrie, Ipava, HL 
tAlbert Washburn Orcutt, Areola, 

George Washington Prince, Jr., 

Student Geo. Washington Univ., 

Washington, D. C, Galesburg, 



1909. fJofllah Vininc RichardKm, CSrMton. 

fLjle Iffanly Emlck, darlon, Iowa. Iowa. 

tFred Townsend Jay, ATon, HL tESstall Alonio Roberta, Aroola» m. 

fin active chapter 1906-19<M. 


BloomiiigtOA, Dttnois 


E>avid Martin Sill, Farmer, Bloom- 

ington, 111. 
James Alexander Wakefield, B. 8., 

M. S.. Physician, Heyworth, IlL 

George William Mueller, Wholesale 

Grocer, Decatur, III. 
Charles Handford Sherwood, D. D. 

S., Dentist, Winona, ni. 

Nelson KInyon McCormIck, A. B., 

A. M., Physician, Normal, lU. 
Charles Lumsle Smith, Hopedale, 



Casius Marcus Clay Bums, Editor, 
Fargo, N. D. 

James Sylvester Collins, M. D., 
Physician, CarllnvIUe, 111. 

•James Allen Fulllnwlder, B. S., 
LL. B., Attomey-at-Law, Chi- 
cago, m. 

Samuel Fremont Goodspeed, LI^ 
B., Banker, Joliet, HL 

William Anwyl Jones, B. S., As- 
sociate Editor, Weekly Imple- 
ment Trade Journal, 130."> 
West 11th St.; res. 3033 Wabash 
Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Franklin Frederick Roose, A. M., 
M. S., Supreme President, Fra- 
ternal Union of America, 1430 
Champa St.; res. 1532 Race St., 
Denver, Colo. 

•William Spencer Ruby, Banker. 
Bement, 111. 

Samuel Oscar Stoltz. Traveling 
Salesman, Lawrence vUle, HI. 

James Briggs Elaton, Loan Broker, 
Fargo, N. D. 

John TIncher TOngllBh, Uj. B.» Gro- 
cer, Danville, IlL 

•Calvin Wesley Hickman, Teacher, 
Topeka, Kan. 

William Emmet HIgbee, LL. B., 
Insurance, Chicago, HL 

Murrey Levering Johnson, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, Oakland, Cal. 

George Chester McFadden, Grain 
Merchant, Havana, 111. 

William Fee Muse, M. A., Ph. M., 
Editor, Ma8(m City Globe Go- 
sette. Mason City, Iowa. 

Charles Sylvester Parmenter, A. 
B., A. M., Professor, Baker Uni- 
versity, Baldwin, Kan. 

•J. Walter Ransdell. Attomey-at- 
Law, Havana, 111. 

Charles Independence Roth, Attor- 
ney at Law, Whatcom, Wash. 

Thomas Harvey Simmons, A. B., 

A. M., Attomey-at-Law, Bloom- 
Ington, Ind. 

Charles Case Tear, Second Lieu- 
tenant U. S. Infantry, Attorney 
at Law, Duluth, Minn. 


•George Hanson Apperson, Journal- 
ist, Washington, D. C. 

•Andrew Jackson Barr, Attorney 
at Law, Bloomlngton, IlL 

William Montgomery Carr, A. B., 

B. S., A. M., B. D., Clergyman, 
Prospect Avenue M. E. Church; 
res. 778 Prospect Ave., New 
York. N. Y. 

•George Crawford Elliott, Grand 
Crossing, 111. 

Edward C. English, B. S., Phjrsl- 
cian and Surgeon, Rensselaer, 

Lindley Hoag Hadley, Attomey-at- 
Law, Belllngham, Wash. 




Thomas Kerrick Mull, Farmer and 

Banker, Manilla, IncL 
James Woodward Sheadle, A. B.» 

A. Mm Stenographer, Chicago, IlL 
Frank Scrlven Warner, A. B., At- 

tomey-at-LAW, Chicago, IlL 


William Douglas Frants, AfflL Va. 
1, Hardware Merchant, Welling- 
ton, Kan. 

John Wesley Gay, Book Dealer, 
Mat toon, 111. 

Louis Arthur McDonald, LLi. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, Chicago, IlL 

John LeRoy Yolton, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Bloomington, IlL 

Berthier Stergis Yost, Merchant, 
ShelbyviUe. IlL 


William Henry Burks, Banker, 
Wellingrton, Kan. 

Milton Allen Connard, Grain Mer- 
chant, Elwin, 111. 

Henry Edmond Frantz, Hardware 
and Lumber Merchant. Welling- 
ton, Kan. 

Allen Birch Bfartin, Bement, HL 

James Henry Shaw, A. B., LL. B., 
Chautauqua Manager, Bloom- 
ington, nL 

Joseph Sterling, Attomey-at-Law, 
613 Exchange Bldg.; res. 800 So. 
Franklin St., Denver, Colo. 

Thomas Almarine Tomlin, Grain 
Dealer and Farmer, Browning, 

Albert Walter Vanneman. B. 8., 
M. S., Doctor, Mexico. 

Robert E. Williams, Jr., LL. B., 
Attomey-at-lAW, Bloomington, 



Herbert Eugene Griffith, Professor, 
Moline. HI. 

Arthur Dunham Jordan, President 
of State Bank, Chenoa, 111. 

Thomas Mansfield Kimball, Fruit 
Grower, Tallapoosa, Ga. 

Edward Manley, A. B., Professor, 
Chicago, m. 

Leonard Arby Straight, A. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, St. Paul, Minn. 


Robert Albert Eaton, Attorney at 
I^w and Fire Insurance, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Romulus W. Dooley, AfflL Mo. 1, 
Insurance, Bloomington, IlL 

John Mayne Pollock, Attomey-at- 
Law, Chicago, nL 

^Leonard Morton Prince, AfflL Pa. 
Z, Lieutenant U. 8. Army, Bloom- 
ington, IH. 

William H. Stillhamer, AfflL Mtch. 

I. Newman Van Pelt, Sales 
Manager, 82-96 So. Water St.; 
res. 122 49th St., Chicago, HL 

John Byron Wight, AfflL Tenn. A, 
Attomey-at-Law, Bloomington, 


Franklin Trumbull Wilcox, M. S., 
M. D., 808 Bfaple Ave.; res. 901 
Indiana Ave., La Porte, Ind. 


Delmar Duane Darrah, Ph. B., 
Director, Wesleyan School of 
Oratory, Bloomington, IlL 

John Herbert Franklin, Surgeon, 
Spring Valley, 111. 

William Lyon Wilson, Farmer, 
Bloomington, 111. 

Frederick Cowles Wright, Engineer, 
Omaha, Neb. 


Charles Allen Burks, Business 
Propositions and Investments, 
Decatur, 111. 

*Louis Bacon Probasco, Blooming- 
ton, ni. 

John S. Schnepp, LL. B., Attomey- 
at-Law, Springfield, IlL 

John Wiley Sudduth, LL. D., Real 
Estate, Springfield, HL 

Charles Carrol Davidson, Glenarm, 


John Frederick August Deutsch, 

Physician, Chicago, IlL 
Deane Funk, B^rmer, McLean, IIL 
William Lorenzo Miller, Chautau- 
qua Manager, Bloomington, IlL 



Henry Myron Reesor, Attomey-at- 
Law, Bfacomb, IlL 

^AufoiBt Christian Sapper, Physi- 
cian, E«a8t St. Louis, HI. 


John Cleary, Attorney at Law, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Perry Lewis Nogvle, Physician* 
Cooksville, 111. 

George Ehios Preble, Fire Insur- 
ance, Rocky Ford, Colo. 

Ha^ton Boyes Watt, Salesman, 
Evanston, lU. 

L>a\id Wright, Attorney at Law, 
County Judge, Effingham, IlL 


Jesse Denham, Commercial Trav- 
eler. Bloomington, IlL 

Spencer Ewing. Attorney at Law, 
Decatur, m. 

Henry Lloyd Gaxrison, Watseka, 

John William Probasco, Grain 
Merchant, Bloomington, IlL 

LeRoy Grove Whitmer, Vloc Presi- 
dent American Foundry St Fur- 
nace Co., Bloomington, IlL 


Wilbur Atkinson, Attorney at Law, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Archie Leonard Bowen, Associate 
Editor, Evening yews; res. 322 
So. Second St., Springfield. 111. 

Samuel Holder, Hardware Mer- 
chant, Bloomington, IlL 

Guy Lester Hunter, Buffalo, HL 

Joseph Charles Ivins, Attomey-nt- 
Law, Quincy, HL 

Frank Kyle Lemeo, Attomciy-ftt- 

Law. Chicago and Clinton, HL 
Richard Henry Little, Journalist, 

Press Club, Chicago, IlL 
"Nathan Walworth Marsh, Physi- 
cian, Bloomington, IlL 
William B. Merrill, Manager Alvin 

Theatre, Pittsburg, Pa.; res. ISOO 

Wood St, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Aurelius Marcus Miller, Attomej- 

at-Law, Bloomington, HL 
James Bert Miller, Attomey-at- 

Law, Kankankee, IlL 
Wave Miller, D. S., LL. B., At- 

tomey-at-Law, Unity Bldg.; res. 

901 West Wood St.. MlUer Park, 

Bloomington, HL 
Frederick Murray, Physician, 

Bloomington, IlL 
Thomas J. Pollock, Attorney at 

Law, New Orleans, Lel 
Wilbur Henry Wright, Professor. 

Bloomington, m. 


David Jackson Bechtel, Teacher, 
Kewanee, IlL 

Robert Cooper FuUin wider. Physi- 
cian. La Salle. IlL 

*Asa Langstaif. Druggist, Bloom- 
ington. IlL 

•WiUiam Jay Matthews, Buffalo, UL 


Louis Fits Henry, Attorney at Law, 
Bloomington, IlL 

Homer Miller. Commercial Trav- 
eler. National Biscuit Co., 
Bloomington. IlL 



GaMburs^ Oliiiob 


Anson Luman Clark, A. B., A. M., 
M. D., Physician and Sursreon, 
Ex-Pres. Bennett Med. ColL, Chi- 
cago, Elgin, IlL 

Eugene Beauhamais Hill, B. S., 
17S Maple Ave., Ottawa, III. 

Almon Kidder, A. B.. A. M., At- 
torney, 410 E. Broadway, Mon- 
mouth, IlL 


Jonathan Eden Brown, A. B., A. 

M., Hutchison, Kan. 
•William Judah Frisbie, A. B., A. 

M., Bushnell, IlL Died in lOOS. 
Albert Sidney Slater, B. S., M. 

S., M. D., Phys., Wataga, IlL 


Everett Lorentus Conger, A, B., 
B. D., A. M.. D. D., Univ. Minn., 
44 Orange Grove, Pasadena, Cal. 


Edwin Hurd Conger, A. B., A. M., 
L.L. D.. U. S. Minister to China 
1898-1905, Ambassador to Mexico 
1905. residence, S. Elmolino Ave., 
Pasadena, CaL 

Charles Allen Holmes, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney, New London, Wis. 

Frederick Warren Lfivingston, B. 
S., M. S., San Diego, CaL 

John Crocker Sherwin, B. S., M. 
S.. Attorney, 24th Ave., Denver. 


William Harrison Chadsey, A. B., 
A M., L«Ia B., Attorney, 1002 
Opera House, Chicago. 

Charles Knox Ladd, LIa B., Attor- 
ney, Kewanee, IlL 

Halsey Lee Merriman, Attorney, 
Scotts Bluff, Nebraaka. 

Elmore Chase. B. S., A B., A. M., 
Teacher, Fair Oaks, CaL 


Cyrus Amdt Anthony, Attorney, 

204 North Ave., Maryville, Mo. 
Arnold Truman Bruner, Sheriff, 

Warren Co., Monmouth, IlL 
El win Wallace Claycomb, A. B., 

A M., Farmer, Eureka, Kan. 
James Bimey Harsh, Banker, State 

Senator, Creston, la. 
James Smith McConnell, B. S., 

Attorney, 84 Washington St., 

Chicago, IlL 
George Reimolds Shook, B. S., 

Surveyor and Farmer, Fruita. 

•George Washington Wakefield, 

A B., Attorney, died, March 10, 

1905, Sioux City, la. 


William Bryan Carlock, B. S., LL. 
B., Attorney, Unity Bldg., resi- 
dence, S17 B. Locust St., Bloom- 
ington, HL 

•George Luther Hannaman, Oales- 
burg. HL Died in 1887. 

•William Conger Lombard, Gales- 
burg, IlL Died in 1897. 

Frank DeLyle Conger, Secretary 

Hopper Stationery Co., Benton 

Harbor, Mich. 
•Amos Crum, A B., A. M., Boone, 

la. Died Jan. 29, 1900. 


Seth B. conger. Hardware Busi- 
ness. Knoxville, 111. 

•Rouselden Cooper, B. S.. Oquawka, 
HL Died in 1908. 

•Michael Frltchman Knappenber- 
ger, B. S., Jewel City, Kan. 
Died in 1908. 




Howard Knowles, B. S.. 381 N. 
Prairie St., Oalesburg, IlL 

Jared Perkins Blood, A. B., A. M., 
Sioux City, Iowa. 

John E. Edwards, Real E^state, 234 
La Salle St.; residence. 67 34th 
PI., Chicago, 111. 

Charles ESectus Hasbrook, A. B., 
A. M., LLi. B., Newspaper man, 
44 E. 23rd St New York City, 
residence,' 764 Palisade Ave., 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Otis Jones, B. S., Santa Ana, Cal. 

Albert Nelson Richardson, M. D., 
City Hall, Health Dept, resi- 
dence, 6606 Yale Ave., Chicago, 


*Henry Homer Ring, Chicago. 


Samuel Oscar Bayless, LL. B., At- 
torney, 510 National Bank 
Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

Peter Frans Brown, Pres. Gales- 
burg National Bank, Galesburg, 

William Otis Claycomb, Eureka, 

Charles Curtis Conger, Planter, 
Cleburne, Texas. 

•Willis Hardin Puson, A B., A. 
M., Topeka, Kan. Died in 1884. 

Alvorado Albertus Gingrich, Shoe 
Merchant, 138 R Main St., 
Galesburg, 111. 

Prank Tenney Greenwood, A. B., 
Seneca^ Kan. 

Samuel Parsons McConnell, A 
B., Attorney, President, George 
A. Puller Construction Co., Trin- 
ity Bldg., Ill Broadway, New 
York City, Residence, Oscawana, 
N. Y. 

Christopher Columbus Tyler, Clerk 
M. M. Office, C. B. & Q. R. R., 
res. 851 Brooks St., Galesburg, 111. 

Albert EHmore Chase, B. S.. Min- 
ing Surv., Boulder, Col. 

James Happin McConnell, Lawyer. 

William Harrison Bruner, Gerlaw, 

•James William Dameille, Chicago, 

ni. Died in 1880. 

Eira Welcome Davis, 1802 N. Ne- 
vada Ave., Colorado Springs, CoL 

Charles Henry Wertman, Farmer 
and Stockman, Milford, Neb. 

George Henry Wallace, Salina. 


•Granville Pranklin Claycomb, 
Seattle. Wash. Died in 1905. 

William Edward Day, B. S., 4335 
Lake Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Edward Junius Edwards, Real Es- 
tate, 603 Guaranty Bldg.. Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


John Charles Fremont Beals, 215 
Dearborn St, Chicago, IlL 

Charles Albert Buck, A. L., Un- 
dertaker, 107 Elastern Ave., 
Joliet, 111. 

Lucien Jerome Dinsmore, B. 8., 
A. M., Clergyman and Lecturer, 
2155 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Charles El wood Nash, A. B., A 
M., B. D., D. D., Field Sec Univ. 
Church of America, 30 West 
St., Boston, Mass. 

•Byron Pontis, Macomb, IlL Died 
in 1903. 


•Willard Beach Conger, San Fran- 
cisco, CaL Died in 1888. 

•Jay Lawrence Hastings, B. S., 
Galesburg, 111. Died in 1894. 

Arthur Dodge Warner, Ottawa, IlL 

Frederick Clarence WiUson, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Horace Lester Arnold, Supt. U. S. 
Mail Carriers, Galesburg, IlL 


William McGaan. Jr., Attorney, 
Clark, S. D. 

Shirley Clifford Ransom, B. S., A. 
M., Superintendent Garden and 
Grounds, Illinois School for Deaf, 
res. 1008 W. Grove St., Jackson- 
ville, lU. 

Frank Ewing Claycomb, Farmer, 
Sycamore, 111. 




Otto Harvey Swigart, B. 8., Cat- 
tle Raiser, "Avondale," White 
Heath. 111. 

Milo Colbum Summers, B. S., M. 
S., Clerk, Surgeon General's Of- 
fice, War Dept.; res. 314 7th St., 
N. E., Washington, D. C. 

^Daniel 8. Oingrich, Chicago, 111. 

Died in 190S. 
Harry Everett Parker, Traveling 

Salesman, 876 N. Prairie St., 

Oalesburg, 111. 
Peter Gore Reynolds, Galesburg, 

Gilbert Marcus de Lafayette Swart, 

B. S., Farmer, Christiana, Tenn. 


*Jame8 Austin Babbit, St. Augus- 
tine. 111. Died in 1905. 

George White Bralnard, 647 E. 
Main St., Galesburg, 111. 

Charles Coello Church, La Payette. 


John Harrison Miles, B. S., M. S.. 

Bookkeeper, 83 Garfield Ave., 

Galesburg; residence, Bushnell, 

•John Derskine Swart, Fremont, 


Wilbert Brown, Yates Center, Kan. 
Jay Calhoun Edwards, B. S., M. 

8., Head Commercial Dept., 

Wendell Phillips High School. 

residence, 6714 Midway Park, 

Chicago, 111. 
James Massey Gentry, Galesburg, 

Cornell Harry Wheeler, Loconio- 

Uva Engineer. 2S19 "N** St, 

Sacramento. Cal. 

Eklward Charles Ayres, M. D., Affll. 

Iowa B, Physician, Des Moines. 

•Eugene Francis Carney, B. 8.. 

Galesburg, 111. Died in 1887. 
EHmer K Fell. Physician, Lostant. 

Walter Arthur Stone, Stenographer, 

246 W. Main St., Louisville. Ky. 

Lyman McCarl. B. S.. M. S., At- 
torney, 804^ N. 6th 8t, resi- 
dence. 729 N. 12th St. Quincy, 

Lambert Lester Ratekin. Swan 
Creek, 111. 

William Alexander Stone, Knox- 
ville, Iowa. 

•Uriah McKay Tucker, Efllngham, 
lU. Died, April 29, 1884. 


Daniel Fisher Beacom, Phys.. 
Blandinsville, IlL 

Leonard Ward Brigham, B. S., M. 
D., Minister, Detmas and Ocean 
Aves., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

James Alonzo Burke, Barry, 111. 

Lee Fairchild, Journalist and Lec- 
turer. Greenfield, Mass. 

Samuel Clark Fletcher, Farmer, 
Viborg, S. Dak. 

Joseph Ellinger Karns, 6624 R 
Washington St, Indianapolis, 

William Clendenin Murdy, Moul- 
ton, la. 

Thomas Watson Perry, Railroad- 
er, 214 Echandia St., Los Ange- 
les, Cal. 

McGuire Snyder, La Fayette, 111. 

Edwin Stanton Swigart, Pres. Na- 
tional Self-Winding Clock Co.. 
610 Park St., Champaign. 111. 

William Augustus White, Gales- 
burg, 111. 


David Melvin Babbit, St Augus- 
tine. 111. 

Friend Burt Brace, St Anthony 
Park, St. Paul, Minn. 

Marcus Terry Burnside, Knox- 
viUe. 111. 

John Randolph Carpenter, B. D.. 
Minister, Mt Gilead, O. 

Osgood Glordis Colegrove, B. D., 
Minister, State Supt of 
Churches, Woodstock, O. 

Jay Wintersteen Crane, B. S., 
Lawyer, 908 Guaranty Loan 
Bldg.; residence, 736 E. 16th St, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Perry Brette Fuller, B. S., Real Es- 
tate, Loans 621 Douglas Ave.. 
Elgin, 111. 



Wilbur Hunter Lawrence, Farm- 
er, Ottawa, 111. 

Owen Lovejoy Hurley, Implement 
Dealer, Farmer City, IlL 

Otto Thon, Storekeeper, Ashley, 

Alva Trowbrid^re Wing, B. 8., Ad- 
vertising BIgr., SprU^ffMd Re- 
puhlioam, Springfield, Mo. 

* Allen Waverly Lapham. M. D., 

Victoria. 111. Died in 1894. 
Sylvester Ratekln, Swan Creek, 

Charles William Sly, Oalesburg. 

^Herschel Swigart, died. Farmer 

City, DL 
Horace Oreely Tergln, Attorney, 

New Castle, Ind. 


Carl Sherwood Conger. Morgan 

Park. lU. 
Oeorge Everell Dutton, B. S., M. 

S., Banker, Sycamore, 111. 
Noble Murray Eberhart, B. S., Ph. 

D., M. D.. 72 Madison St., resi- 
dence, 341 Oak St., Chicago. DL 
William Henry Harrison, Attorney, 

Hutsonvllle, lU. 
^Edwin Pike McConnell. B. S., M. 

S.. Chicago, IlL Died in 1902. 
Frank Junius Mills, Monmouth, 

Allen Francis Moore B. S., Mnfr., 

Monticello. IlL 
Edwin Conger Williams, Clerk, 

la. St. Dairy Commission, Des 

Moines. Iowa. 


Daniel E^phriam Allen, 194 Blaine 
Ave.. Oalesburg, IlL 

Claude N. Anderson, B. S., In- 
structor. Nebraska State Nor- 
mal School, Kearney, Neb., resi- 
dence, Tecumseh. Neb. 

Bret Hugh Brigham, B. S., 21 Maok 
Block, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred Farlow, B. S., Stockman, 
Camp Point, 111. 

* Samuel Davis Harsh, B. S.. Cres- 

ton, la. Died in 189S. 

David Alva Jaques, F^Birmer, Lau- 
ra, IlL 

John Maokey, Jr., Truro, HI. 

Eddy Halsey Miles, Alexis, IlL 

Charles John Mortimer, Contrac- 
tor, 750, 187 La Salle St. Chi- 
cago, IlL, residence, Olenooe, IlL 

^Richard Lee Slater, R 8., Wata- 
ga. 111. Died in 1894. 

Lorlng Trott B. S., M. 8., Junc- 
tion City, Kan. 

Frank Scott TuthllL Phys.. Con- 
cord, Mich. 


Milo McClelland Case. M. S., Me- 
chanical Draughtsman and De- 
signer, P. O. Box ^ )7, Milwaukee. 

Hugh Chamberlain, Oreenview. IlL 

Samuel Taylor Donohoe, B. S.. 
M. S., Great Western Sugar Co., 
Ft. Morican. Col. 

Percy Isham Hale, Merchant, 
Stoughton, Wis. 

Vernon Audley Smith, Trainmas- 
ter, Erie R. R., 16 Erie St., Resi- 
dence. 707 8th St., Jersey City. 
N. J. 

Frank Nathaniel Allen, B. S.. 

Clerk to Gen. Auditor, C. R. L 

& P. Ry., Chicago, residence. 

1099 R 60th St 
Harry Asher Blount. B. S., Real 

Estate Dealer. Merchant, 229 W. 

Carroll St., Macomb, IlL 
Ben Francis Brady, B. S., Attorney, 

169 La Salle St., Chicago, m. 
George niinski Davis, Farmer, 

Beecher City, IlL 
* Henry John Echbohm, Warsaw, 

^Arthur David Grubb, Hamilton, 

111. Died in 1895. 
Joseph Grant McCarl, Barry, nL 
^Erastus Coleman Root, Sparland 

111. Died about 1891. 
Lester Lee Silliman, Asst Bank 

Cashier, Chenoa, IlL 
George WUbert Skilllng. B. D. 

Real Elstate, 2151 Center St 

Berkeley, Cal. 
Benjamin Franklin Suiter, Coal- 
ings, CaL 



Georsa Fred Tapper, Riverside, 

Daniel Pierce Wild, B. S., M. S., 

Banker, Sycamore, IlL 

Robert Ferguson Anderson, 617 
W. Olf t Ave., Peoria, IlL 

Arnold Douglas Bruington, Farm- 
er, R. R. 7, Monmouth, 111. 

John Newton Conger, Jr., Collec- 
tor, J. C. Simpson Lumber Co., 
869 North Prairie St, Oales- 
burg, IlL 

Charles Henry CottrelL Mnfr., 
1628 Jersey St. Quincy, IlL 

Asa Mather Royce, Napervllle, IlL 

Lyim Bamett Young, Licroy, IlL 

Thomas Victor Young, Leroy, IlL 


Ouy Henry Bernard, B. S., Cash- 
ier, First National Bank, Olas- 
co, Kan. 

William Paine Dutton, A. B., LL. 
B., Lumber Manufacturer, Win- 
nipeg, Man. 

William Edson Grlswold, L. B., 
Affll. m, A and Wis. A, 12 Hoyt 
St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Nathaniel McVee, Abstractor, Mem- 
phis, Mo. 

Rett EUmer Olmstead, B. D., Lec- 
turer, Decorah, Iowa. 

Albert Prentice Smith, B. 8., Coal 
Operator, 706 17th St, residence^ 
2181 Oilpin St, Denver, CoL 

William Richard Tapper, A. B., 
LL. B., Banker, Sycamore, 111. 


•WiUiam Robert Chapin, B. S.. 

AfflL Va. B., San Pedro Sula, 

Honduras, C. Amer. Died, Dec. 

12, 1905. 
Frank Lauren Conger, A. M., 

Cashier, First National Bank, 

Galesburg, IlL 
Amos Cameron Olmsted, Phys., 

Wells, Nevada. 
John Chauncey Ralston, Sec., 

Beckley-Ralston Co. ; residence, 

cor. Oakwood Blvd. and Lake 

Ave., Chicago, HL 
John Richard Stanley, A. B., 

Stronghurst, IlL 

Albert Olin Wakefield. A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 611 Iowa Bldg., 
residence, 806( 9th St, Sioux 
City, la. 

Charles Henry Wise, Orand Prai- 
rie, Texas. 


Claude Francis Hamilton, Augus- 
ta, Wis. 

Homer Franklin Harsh, A. B., 
Stockman, Lowell, Neb. 

Hal Lawrence Karr, Jr., A. B.. 
Editor TuHce-n-Week Times, 
Osceola. la. 

Arthur Livingston Moore. Invest- 
ments. Marquette Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 660 Belle Ave., Highland 
Park, IlL 

Edward Leroy Shlnn. A. B., Sales- 
man; residence. Medford, Hill- 
side, Mass. 

Eugene Southwick, Corfu, N. Y. 


Frank Pierce Anderson, A. B., 
Yates City, IlL 

George Hilary Ashworth, B. D., 
Min., Hightown, N. J. 

Barlow Green Carpenter. Univ. 
Min., Macomb, 111. 

Harry Martin Denman, Chicago. 

George Burr Rogers, B. D., As- 
sistant Cashier, Decatur, Mich. 

Elmer Joseph Tapper, Municipal 
and Corporation Bonds, 181 La 
Salle St., Chicago; residence. 
Riverside. 111. 

Claude Bryant Warner, A. B., A. 
M., D. D. S., Dentist, Urbana, 111. 

Mervin Wallace Allen, A. B., Stock- 
man and Real Estate, Maquon, 


William McCoy Beal, Editor and 
Publisher. Illinois; residence, 
219 Linn St., Peoria, 111. 

Charles Reid Brown, A. B., Attor- 
ney. 1412 Ashland Block; resi- 
dence, 6202 Madison Ave., Chi- 
cago, nL 

Oscar Francis Johnson, Manager 
Educational Dept., Underwood & 
Underwood, 6 W. 19th St., New 
York, N. Y.; residence. Tobasco, 





Sdward Francis Tre^, Hoopes- 
ton, 111. 

Fred LfOckwood Washburn, Sales 
Manager, Western Meat Co., 
Ban Francisco, Cal. 

William Edwin West. Grain Deal- 
er, Yates City, 111. 


Emory Saxe Crane, D. D. 8., Den- 
tist, 406 Guaranty Loan Bids:.; 
residence, 786 R 16th St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

•Howard Everett Foster, Gales- 
burs, la Died in 1900. 

Harry Earl Hill, Liumberman, 
Pittsbiurtf, Pa. 

Ehuest John Lander, Knozville, 

Oliver Howard Perkins, Univ. 
Min., New Bedford, Mass. 

*Royal Porter Wiswell, Cameron, 
lU. Died in 1905. 

Fred Harrison Bell, Phys., 689 
W. State St., Sycamore, 111. 

Fay Alexander BuUuck, Business. 
Asst. Adv. Biana«rer The 14th 
Street Store, 14th St. and 6th 
Ave.; Residence, 881 W. 86th St., 
New York City. 

Guy Parke Conger. Phys.. Oak 
Park, lU. 

Carl Joshua Fletcher, Affil. IlL H. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

George Pratt Morris, Dentist, Pal- 
myra, Wis. 

Harry Sawyer Murphy, Dentist, 
Fremont, Neb. 

Harry William Weeks, A. B., Ur- 
bana* IlL 


Sidney Gault, D. V. S., Oalesburg, 


Walter Adams Johnson, Aflll. N. Y. 
A, Walter Johnson & Co., Pub- 
lishers, 338 4th Ave.; res. Colum- 
bia University Club. 18 Gramery 
Park, New York City. 

Warren Alansin McElvaine, Sheet 
Metal Worker, Avon, 111. 

Ward Watson Stratton. Real Es- 
tate, Danville, IlL 

•Clyde Percy Gingrich. Ranchman. 
Derby, Kan. Died, April 11* 1906. 

Major Clifford Holroyd, B. S., 87 

Board of Trade Bldg., Chicago, 

Whittler Kerle Lothian, HllUlde. 

CoL . 
Edward Milton Smith, A. B., Ke- 

wanee, IlL 


John Edward Bellot, with Bryan 
ft Logan, Board of Trade, Chi- 
cago, IlL 
Athol Ray Brown, A. B., Rio, IlL 
Ralph Darrell Tinkham, Klrkwood, 



Frank Godfrey Andreen, A. B., 
Student, Chicago ColL of P. ft 
S., Chicago, IlL 

Frank Cope Ayars, A. B., Report- 
er, Mihoaukee JownuU; residence, 
Milwaukee Press Club, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Charles William Bird, Teacher, 
Yates City, IlL 

Clifford Elmo Davis, Longmont, 

John Kendall Gibson, Stockman, 
Klrkwood, 111. 

Jay Clinton Kurd, A. B., Biaquon, 

Harrie Albin Jansen, A. B., 784 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IlL 

Preston Brown Scott, B. S., Stu- 
dent, Chicago Veterinary Col- 
lege, Chicago, IlL, residence, 
Galesburg, IlL 

Thomas Hughey Smith, Berwyn, 

Claude Bernard Tanney, Insur- 
ance and Restaurant, St. Au- 
gustine, IlL 

Albert Sanger Webster, Salesman, 
Jacob Laskin Co., 209 State St, 
residence, 6656 Normal Ave., 
Chicago, IlL 


Lloyd Owen Grimes. Salesman, 
Fairbanks, Morse & Co., 1102 
Famam St; residence, 816 S. 
20th St.. Omaha, Neb. 


Robert Davis Gordon, St. Joseph, 



Fred Schumme Starr, Travelins 

Salesmaii, Munde, Ind. 
Fred Uncoln Tipton, Bdltor and 

Manager Oirard Gfutette, Olr- 

ard, nL 

Franda Milton Alvord, t08 Union 

St., JoUat, m. 
tTalent Patrick Brown. Rio, HL 
William Henry Conaer, Student, 

Chicago college, P. St, a, Chi- 
cago, IlL, reaidenoe, 1084 Waah- 

Ington BlTd. 
fRay Winthrop Justua, Stockton, 

Albert Newton Skinner, Teacher, 

Tatea City, m. 
Albert Jeeae Wertman, Stockman, 

vmiaca, la. 

tHiram Harriaon Buck, SOS Union 

St., Joliet, HI. 
tCarter Fred Houah, ICaquon, HL 

tChester Clinton Houah, ICaquon, 


tWalter John Hughes, Yates City, 


Fred Walker Law, Station A., 

Ames, la. 
tMurray T. Titus, 109 Waahin St, 

Delaware, O. 
Andrew Woodford Ray. Avon, IlL 

fRobert RoUln CrelUn. 138 Richard 

St., Joliet, IlL 
fEdwin Bowman Cunningham, La 

Plata, Mo. 
tOaU Hamilton Qolliday, 1249 £3. 

Knox St., Galesburg, 111. 
tTheo C. Grier, Racine, Wis. 
tJohn Homer Bffartin, 602^ W. 

Chestnut St., Bloomington, HL 
Ward Robert Richard, Maquon, 111. 
tOeorge L. Ross. Avon, IlL 
tJohn C. Weigel, S46 Bluff St, 

Joliet, IlL 

fin active Chapter, 1906-06. 






Champaign, DBnoit 


James Dowden Bniner, Ph. D., 
Teaching, University of North 
Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Herman S. Piatt, S. letter only, 

Supt. Public Schools, Coshocton, 


Bernard Victor Swcnson, B. B., M. 

E.. Secretary and Treasurer, 

American Street and Interurban 

Railway Association, 60 Wall St., 

New York, N. Y. 
Almon Daniel Thompson, B. S., C. 

E., Contracting Engineer, 101 Y. 

M C. A. BIdg.; res. 108 Barker 

Ave., Peoria, 111. 


Arthur Newton Dunaway, Civil 
Engineer, Ottawa, 111. 

Hiram Bums Ferris, A. B., Treas- 
urer, Inland Empire Railway Co., 
Terminal Bldg.; res. B. 16th 
Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

William Frederick Slater, Physi- 
cian, 67 Wabash Ave., Chica^, 

Frederick John Weedman, B. S., 
Claim Dept., I. C. R. R., Room 
806, Park Row, residence, 6661 
Lexington Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Scott Williams. Wholesale Novelty 
Art Goods, Academy of Music; 
res. 810 W. 4th St., Sterling, ni. 


Henry E^zra Chester, Champaign, 

Sherman R. Duffy, R. letter only. 
Sporting Editor Chicago Jour- 
nal, Ottawa, 111. 

Joel Edward Ferris, A. B., Man- 
ager, Hapgood's, 916 Chemical 

Bldg.; res. 1S67 Union Ave., 8t 
Louis, Mo. 
Frank Henry Hamilton, City En- 
gineer, Springfield, 111. 

Armin Harms, B. 8., Chemist, 
care Mammoth Copper Mining 
Co., Kennett, CaL 

Reuben Merrill Hobbs, Merchant. 
636 Silver St. Butte, Mont. 

Bobbins Yale Maxon, B. 8., Assist- 
ant Bngineer, C. & B. L R. R., 
920 Postal Telegraph Bldg.; ree. 
526 Garfield Ave., Chicago, in. 

James George Melluish, B. 8. 
Civil and Sanitary Bbglneer, 212 
Unity Bldg., Bloomlngton, 10. 

William Noble, A. B., Grain Deal- 
er, Foosland, 111. 

Joseph Albert Perry, Cornell, 111. 

William Oliver Phillips, Traveling 
Salesman, Dietigen & Co., 181 
Monroe St., Chicago; res. River- 
side. III. 

Fred Lawrence Thompson, B. 8., 
Road Master L C. R. R.» Loals- 
ville, Ky. 

Wilber White Wright, A. B., Teadi- 
er High School, Ft Dodge, la. 

George Andrew Barr, A. B., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, 24 Young Bldg.; 
res. 216 Sherman St., Joliet, IlL 

Charles David Beebe, care Swift 
& Co., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

F*red Clarkson Beem, Merchant, 
Ottawa, 111. 

Dick Hubert Chester, B. S., care 
Albergor Condenser Co., 96 Lib- 
erty St., New York City. 

Manley Barle Chester, B. 8., Tele- 
phone Bngineer, Western S&eo. 
Co., 463 West St.; residency 41B 
W. 116th St.. New York City. 




Blmer Edgar Dunlap, B. S., AfflL 
Ind. A, Architect, 408 State Life 
Bldg., IndlanapoliB; res. Colmm- 
bus, Ind. 

William Nathan EUchberg, Coal 
Operator, 4S44 Grand Boul., Chi- 
cago, IlL 

Herman Bdward Frees, Chemist, 
294 S. Water 8t, Chicago, DL 

*Frank Foster Gilchrist. 

James Allen Holden, Proprietor, 
James A. Holden & Co., 226 
Monadnock Bldg.; res. 1422 Lie- 
land Ave., Chicago, DL 

John Bowen, Kewanee, IlL 

Conrad Frederiek Knise, Archi- 
tect, 103 Bast 126th St.; Resi- 
dence, 821 St. Nicholas Ave., 
New York City, N. Y. 

Harry Herman Meyer, Draughts- 
man, Secretary Macphail Mold- 
ing Machine Co.; res. 736 Main 
St., Davenport, la. 

Henry Charles Noble, Grain Deal- 
er, Foosland, IlL 

Ralph Steele Shepardson, B. S., 
Architect, 341 Coulter Block; res. 
479 Fifth St, Aurora, m. 

^William Custer Tackett, B. 8. 

WlUiam BCarble Willet, Supt. Au- 
rora Electric Co., Aurora, 111. 

Floyd Whittemore, B. S., Book- 
keeper, Sycamore, IlL 

William John Fulton, A. B., LiL. 
B., Attorney at Law, Sycamore, 

Henry Anthony Goodrldge, B. 8., 
E3ectrical Engineer, Denver & 
Rio Grande R. R., 608 Equitable 
Bldg.; res. 149 Evans St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Thomas Milford Hatch, B. S., Con- 
tractor, 814 Buhl Block; res. 362 
Forest Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. 

Albert Nichols Hazlitt, General 
Superintendent, Thompson-Star- 
rett Co., 1400 Railway Exchange; 
res. Del Prado Hotel, Chicago, 

William John Jackson, Civil Engi- 
neer, 112 Ontario St., Oak Park, 

Alexander Richard McLennan, 
Druggist, Lawton. Okla. 

John Richard Nevins, B. S., Arch. 
Draughtsman and Structural 
Eng., care Bebb A Mendel, 
Seattle. Wash. 

Joseph Albert Perry. 

Joseph Clay Smith, Jr., Clerk, I. 
C. R. R., Champaign. IlL 

Rufus Walker, Jr., A. B., Coai 
Dealer, Moline, IlL 


•Samuel Michael Bayard, died Sept. 
19, 1901. 

John Griffiths, Jr., Gen. Contraotor, 
1009-1011 Merchants Loan and 
Trust Bldg., Chicago, IlL 

Sterling Perry Hart, M. D., Phy- 
sician and Surgeon, Auburn. 111. 

Irwyn Horatio Hill, B. S., Archi- 
tect; res. 620 S. 1st St., Tacoma, 

Ralph Walter Mills, B. 8., M. D., 
Interne Alexian Bros.' Hospital, 
2926 Eads Ave.. St Louis, Mo. 

Frank Thomas Sheean, A. B., At- 
torney at Law, Galena, IlL 

Henry David Sheean, A. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, Galena, 111. 


•Samuel M. Bayard, died Sept. 19. 

Hobart Shearman Boyd, LL. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, Lewiston, m. 

Worthy Leigh Dart, 22nd St and 
7th Ave., Rock Island, IlL 

Walter Noble Gillet, Vice Presi- 
dent <Chicago Paper Co., 276 
Monroe St, Chicago, IlL 

George Miffln Harker, LL. B., At- 
torney at Law, Carbondale, 111. 

Oliver Albert Harker, Jr., A. B., 
Breeder of Hereford Cattle, 
Meadow Grove, Carbondale, 111. 

Carl Huffman. Real Estate and 
Merchant, Yarboro, Ark. 

Arthur Russell Johnston, B. S., 
Output Department, Western 
Electric Co., Chicago; res. 217 
Hunter Ave., Joliet, 111. 

Arthur Clifford Quisenberry, A. 
B., Banker, Lincoln, IlL 



Burt Tompkins Stanton, Navml 
Aichltect, 12S Penn. Are., Cam- 
den, N. J. 

Fred McKlnley Zllly, care Irwin 
Dodson Co., Portland, Oregon. 

Maurice Francis Bayard, Sbanir- 
hai, China. 

Carl Oscar Bemhardl, M. D., 506 
18th St., Rock Island, IlL 

Robert Bruce Fulton, B. a. Civil 
Eng. and Contractor, Hartford 
City. Ind. 

George Edward Huntoon. Mollne 
Plow Works, Moline, IlL 

Robert Douglas Jack, Stock Breed- 
er, Teedeo, Mont. 

John Edward Kemp, A. B., B. S., 
Lake Forest, HL 

Harlow Barton Kirkpatrick, B. S., 
Bureau of Ehigineering, Manila. 
P. I. 

Charles Raymond Parkins, Assist- 
ant Ticket Agent, St. Paul U. 
D.; res. 727 Carroll St., St Paul, 

Troy Alexander Scott, Banker, 
Bethany, IlL 

John James Tunnicllff, IAm B., At- 
torney at Law, Oalesburg, IlL 

Edwin Lyon Draper, B. S., Har- 
vard Medical School; res. ISS 
Lake Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Ouy Oliver Duffy, care Illinois 
Valley R. R. Co., Ottawa, IlL 

Walter Ray Hatch, Cbntractor, 
EHkhart, Ind. 

Justa Morriss Lindgren, B. S., 
Chemist, care Illinois State 
Water Survey, Urbana, IlL 

Forest Jackson Arnold, B. S., 
care Chicago Electric Cb., 626 
Wash. BouL, Chicago, 111. 

Martin Tuttle Chamberlin, B. S., 
Consulting Engineer for General 
Contracting Co., 411 Globe 31dg.; 
res. 1010 Union St., Seattle, 

James Fitchie Cook, B. S., Des 
Moines, Iowa; care Western 
League B. B. 

•Theo. O. Harrington. 

William Everton Ramsey, R 8., 
AfllL BL, B, Beor„ Szpanded 

Metal Fire Proollnir Oo^ US Old 
Cokmj Bldg^ cailoMlQ^ m. 

Roy Weaver Butt, B. 8., Assistant 
to Director, Engineering Bzperl- 
ment Station, University of Illi- 
nois; res. 609 S. Busey Ave.. 
Urbana, IlL 

David Pearson Bettlemlrs^ GMh- 
ier and Pasrmaster, Mt. Vemon 
Car Manufacturing CO., Mt. Ver- 
non. nL 

Roderick William SUer, B. 8.. 
Teacher; oars of Tndlanapolli 
Manual Training 8eliool» Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Robert Russel Ward, lAt, B., 
Banker, Benton. IlL 


Arthur Charles Ahlswede, Mer- 
chant, 74S W. North Ave.; res, 
761 W. North Ave., Chicago, DL 

Clinton Olllver Clark, LL. B., At- 
torney at Law, Lawton, Okla. 

Carl Joshua Fletcher, B. 8., AflU. 
111. Z, Bngineering Dept., Central 
Union Telephone Ca; res. M6 B. 
19th St, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Dean Franklin, JAm B., Attorney 
at Law, Macomb^ IlL 

Charles Shigene Goodrich, Mur- 
phy Varnish CC., Belvldere^ IlL 

Arthur Howard Hill, Landscape 
Gardener, Dundee, IlL 

George Harvey McKinley, Jr., LL. 
B., Attomey-at-Law, Masonic 
Temple, Rock Island, HL; res. 
855 19th St, Moline. IlL 

John Luther Polk. Jr., A. B., 
Clerk, Champaign National 
Bank. Champaign, IlL 

Karl Dean Pope, Merchant, Do- 
Quoin, IlL 

Harold Frank Tripp, LL, B^ Attor- 
ney at Law. Walter, OkU. 

Louis BuUer TuthlU, LL. B., At^ 
tomey at Law. Anna, IlL 

Harry William Weeks. B. 8., B. 
A., Mechanical ESnglneer, with 
United States Geological Simrey. 
St Louis, Mo. Permanent ad- 
dress. 112 Webb St, Jackson, 


William Hull Oaton, oars Illliiols 
Valley R R Oo^ Ottawa* m. 




Charles Hull Caton. care IllinoU 

Valley R. R. Co., Ottawa, IlL 
Frank Woodbury Cutler, B. S., 

6726 Monroe Ave., Chicago, IlL 
Ehigene Crouse Kenyon, B. 8., 

Supt. Washburn Mining Ca, 

Madison Wis., Livingston, Wis. 
Walter Harriman Parker, B. 8., 

6726 Monroe Ave., Chicago, IlL 
Claude James Rothgeb, care Amer. 

Ass'n B. B., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Walter Edward Brearley, Ranch- 
er, Red Rock, Mont 
fAsa Bryant Cutler, a B. ft M. ft 

S. EL, Rockf ord, IlL 
tWllllam Henry Biker, a BL, 

Sparta, IlL 
fHenry Ellsworth Ewlng, AfllL m. 

A, Oen. S., Areola, IlL 
Henry Liouls Herts, Jr., Farmer, 

Des Plalnes, m. 
Martin Power Herts, Farmer, Des 

Plalnes, IlL 
Harry Charles Hess, A ssistant 

Manager, Western Roofing TUe 

Co., 708 WlUow St., CoffeyyiUe, 

tHoward ^EUhu KlmmeL Du- 

Quoln, m. 
WlUlam Ever ton Ramsey, A. B., 

Affll. ni. B, Gen. Flreprooflng Co.. 

The Rookery; res. 6606 Harvard 

Ave., Chicago. 
fWllllam Harrison Stelle^ Mo- 

Leansboro, m. 
Barton Lieslle Smith, Merchant, 

Rockford, IlL 
Eldward LeRoy Stocker, Jeweller, 

Macomb, 111. 
Andrew Price Williams, Rancher, 

Red Rock, Mont 
tRoy Rufus Dodd, Law. Anna, IlL 
Storm Charles Erie, Civil Engineer, 

res. 964 N. Talman Ave., Chi- 
cago. IlL 
tHarry Leslie Oreen, L. ft A, 

Rockford, IlL 
fMoses Oreenleaf. Ag., Jackson- 
ville, HL 
John Marlon Hazelwood, Student 

at Iowa Falls, la. 


fin active chapter, 1906-1906. 

Herbert Henry Hester, Student at 
Boulder, Colo. 

tFrank Hotchklss McKelvey, Ag., 
Sparta, IlL 

John Morrison, Civil Engineer, 
Bloomlngton, lU. 

tMark Edmond Nebeker, Law, 
Clinton, Ind. 

tHenry Pattersou Pope, M. SL, 
Moline, IlL 

fJean Andrew Pope, M. B., Mo- 
line, IlL 

tFrank Howard Reynolds, C. SL, 
Moline, IlL 

Merle Jay Trees, a E. Frank- 
ford, Ind. 

fHenry Ben Pope Ward, L. ft A* 
Mt Vernon, IlL 

fRaymond Clifford Tant, C B.. 
Keokuk, la. 


tCharles Bowen Busey, L. & A., 
Urbana, IlL 

tCharles Raymond Bwing, Ag., 
Macomb, IlL 

fElmer Otis Furrow, L. ft A., Po- 
tomac, IlL 

tSmlth Harrison Latta, M. B., Oak 
Park, IlL 

tArthur Wilson McKelvey, U ft 
A, Sparta, IlL 

Charles Samuel Pope, Moline, 111. 

Calvin Albert RockwelL 1094 
Sheridan Road, Chicago, IlL 

Rufus Floyd Seay, Anna, IlL 

tOeorge Davis Beardsley, L. ft A., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
tWilliam Harrison Burch, M. B., 

Morrison, DL 
tAmos Townsend Clayoomb, L. ft 

A., Sycamore, IlL 
tHarrison William King, L. ft A., 

Jacksonville, IlL 
tLewls Ray Love, U ft A., Syosr 

more. IlL 
tWilliam Wyman May, U ft A^ 

Rochelle, IlL 
tOeorge Julius Orear, Ag., Jack- 
sonville, nL 
fRay Carlisle Sparks, L. ft A., 

Bushnell, IlL 
tArthur Barnard Toundrow, M. 

E., Moline, HL 



•David McDonald, L.L. D. (Honor- 
ary). U. S. Dist. Judge, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Aug. 26, 1869. 

•Daniel Read. A. B. (Honorary), 
Prest. Univ. of Mo., Columbia, 
Mo. Oct. 3, 1878, Keokuk, Iowa. 


•Samuel Elliott Perkins (Honor- 
ary), Judge Ind. Sup. Ct., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Dec. 17, 1879. 

•Theophllus Adam Wylie, A. B., 
A .M., JAj. D., D. D. (Honor- 
ary), Prof. Emeritus of Physics, 
Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 
June 12, 1895. 


•Jacob Ammen (Honorary), Brl|r.- 
Gen. U. S. A., Lockland, Ohio. 
Feb. 6, 1894. 

•George Augustus Bicknell, A. B., 
A. M., LIj. B., LL. D. (Honorary), 
Attorney, New Albany, Ind., 
April 11, 1891. 

•Robert Mllllgan, A. B., A. M., 
LI-. B., IX. D. (Honorary), Pres. 
Ky. Univ., Lexington, Ky. March 
29, 1875. 


•James Woodbum A. B., A. M. 
(Honorary), Prin. Prep. Dept. 
Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 
Sept. 8, 1865. 


•Nelson Ehcnczer Coblcigh, A. B., 
A. M., D. D., JJIj, D. (Honorary), 
M. E. Clerg., Atlanta, Cta.., Feb. 
1. 1874. 

Robert Gaston Klllott, A. B.. A. M., 

Literary Work, Lawrence, Kan. 
•Samuel Steele EOUott, A. B.. A 

M., Teacher, Mominff Son, O. 

May 2. 1868. 
•Littleton John Powell, A. B., 

Teacher, Spencer, Ind. 1861. 
•James Strean, A. B., A. M., 

Bloomington, Ind. Sept. 5, 1851. 

Nelson Kendall Crowe, A. B., A. 
M., Pres. Clerg., New Ha^fers- 
town, Ohio. 


•Joslah Miller, A. B., A. M., Law- 
yer, Lawrence, Kan. July 7, 

•Mathew Walker Woodbum, A. B., 
Teacher, Bloomington, Ind. 1^55. 

Marmaduke Mendenhall CoWn 
Hobbs. Affll. Ind. B, Retired 
Methodist Minister, Salem, lud. 

•James Lamb Mason, Greenfield, 

Ind. 1894. 
^Theodore Read, A. B., A. M., 

Brig. -Gen. U. S. A. Killed in 

battle. April 6, 1866. 
•Robert Louden Ruddick, A. B., A. 

M., Contractor, Keokuk, Iowa, 

Sept. 28. 1871. 
Henry Daniel Wilson, Affll. Ind. B, 

ex- Judge of Circuit Court; res. 

932 Hinman Ave., Bvanston, IlL 

•David Demaree Banta, B. S., LL. 
B., LL. D., Dean Law School, 
Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 
April, 9, 1896. 



John Wataon Foster, A. B., A« IC, 
Lawyer and Diplomat, 1S2S 18th 
St., Waahington, D. C. 

«Eli Long, A. B.. C. E. (Honor- 
ary), MaJ.-Gen. U. S. A.. Plain- 
Held, N. J. Jan. 6, 190S. 

*John Chapman Miller, A. B., A. 
M., Chris. Clerg., Nineyeh, Ind. 
Sept 17, 1901. 

Robert Irwin Morrison, A. B., A. 
M., LL. B., Civil Engineer, 
Knightstown, Ind. 

•William Calvin Linton Taylor, A. 
B., A. M., Lawyer, Lafayette, 
Ind. Feb. 17, 1901. 


•William Paley Edson (Honorary), 

Lawyer, Mt. Vernon, Ind. Aug., 

Samuel Atwood Hoover, Ph. Q., 

Greensboro, M. C. 
Josiah Sherburne Jenckes, A. B., 

A. M., LL. B., LL. D., Pree. Cent. 

Amer. ColL for Young Ladies, 

Santa Cms de Yojoa, Honduras. 
•William Greene Jenckes, Affll. 

Wis. A, Farmer, Terre Haute, 

Ind. 1900. 
Lewis Jordan, Clerk War Dept., 

Washington, D. C. 

George Miller, Affll. Ky. A, Pres. 
Clerg., St. Joseph, Mo. 

•Joseph Barrett Atkinson, B. S.. 

Lawyer, Greenfield, Ind. Oct. 

5, 1862. 
Robert Campbell McKinney, A. B., 

A. M., B. D., Pres. Clerg.. Ft. 

Bragg, C^. 
•James Lewis Mitchell, A. B., A. 

M., Lawyer, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Feb. 21, 1894. 


•John Alfred Conwell B. S., LL. B., 

Real Estate, died May 29, 1906, 

Aurora, Ind. 
•James Whitcombe Grorman, A. B., 

A. M., Lawyer, St. Paul, Minn. 

Feb. 19, 1868. 

Thomas Diggs Tharp, A. M., 8. T. 
B.. M. E. Clergyman, Marion, 


David Enoch Beem, Lawyer, Spen- 
cer, Ind. 

•Jacob Samuel Broadwell, A. B., 
A. M., Lawyer, Bloomington, 
Ind. March 29, 1869. 

•Edwin Ruthven Hatfield, A. B., 
A. M., Lawyer, Evansville, Ind. 
April 16, 189S. 

John Milton McCoy, A. B., A. M., 
LL. 6., Lawyer, 190 N. Harwood 
St., Dallas, Tesc. 

•Jehu Walter Perkins, A. B., Law- 
yer, Lebanon, Ind. Nov. 16, 1K6S. 

•Robert Kennedy Smith, B. S. 
Killed in batUe, Oct. 8, 1862. 


Hanford Benedict, B. S., M. D., 

Physician, Springport, Ind. 
Edwin Cherrill, Banker, Carthage, 


•James Sylvester Nutt, A, B., A. 
M., LL. B., Lawjrer, Oreenoastle, 
Ind. Sept. 7, 1891. 

•John Chalmers Orchard, A. B., 
A. M., LL. B., Merchant, Bloom- 
ington, Ind. June, 26, 1881. 

John Ouden Robinson, A. B., A. 
M., Lawyer, Spencer, Ind. 


•Israel Loring Oaft, Rising Sun, 
Ind. Oct. 19, 1864. 


•Richard Fulton Barter, BVumer, 
Mt. Vernon, Ind. May 25, 1901. 

•Cyrus Buckman Bates, B. S., 
Pekin. ni. June IS, 1865. 

Newton Alexander Johnson, Manu- 
facturer, 231 Clinton Terrace, 
Easton, Pa. 

James Thomas Mellette, A. B., A. 
M., Lawyer, New Castle, Ind. 


•Orlan Franklin Baker, LL. B., 
Lawyer, Vincennes, Ind. Sept. 
9. 1889. 

•Willis Beverly Goodwin, TeaiAsr, 
JeffersonvUle, Ind. Feb. IS, 1888. 



Sidney Basil Hatfield, A. B., A. 
Mm LL. B., Lawyer, Boonvllle, 

Lewis Gordon Hurlbert, Lumber 
Dealer, Aurora, Ind. 

•Arthur Calvin Mellette, A. B., A. 
M., LL. B., Governor South Da- 
kota, Watertown, S. D. May 25, 

Milton Hite Parks, LL. B., Lawyer, 
Martinsville, Ind. 

•Rufus Newton Ramsay, A. B., A. 
M., Banker, Carlyle, 111. Nov. 
11, 1894. 


GoorpTo Woodson E^asley, LL. B., 
lawyer, 87 Laclede BldflT.* St. 
T^ouis, Mo. 

•Ellis Stone Gorman, B. S., Law- 
yer, died May 15, 1892, St. PaiU, 

Eli Boise Hamilton, A. B., care 
W. K. Hamilton, Terre Haute, 

•Seth Robinson, Lawyer. San Fan- 
Cisco, Cal. Sept. 16. 1878. 


William Crelghton Ball, A. B. LL. 
B., Editor. Terre Haute, Ind. 

William Willis Barr, LL. B., Law- 
yer, Carbondale, HI. 

•Robert Jefferson Cantrell. Mer- 
chant, Benton, 111. Oct. 29. 1867. 

William Soesbe Harbert, Lawyer, 
Affll. Mich A, and Ind. B, 100 
Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

•James Edgar Kenton, LL. B., 
Lawyer. Springfield, 111., Dec. S, 

Theodore Joseph McMlnn. Lawyer, 
San Antonio. Texas. 

Henry Lycurgrus Powell, Feumer, 
Newcastle, Ind. 

William Bnrtono Robinson, LL. B., 
Farmer, VIncennes, Ind. 

•Robert Abraham Davis Wllbanks, 
Afl!ll. 111. B, died 1893, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Roland Thomas Dupuy, Ranchman, 
Junction City, Texas. 

William Henry Moore, Lawyer, M4 
Arcade, Blast St. Louis, lU. 

•Gabriel Monroe Ovorstreet, LL. 
B., Lawyer. lYanklin, Ind. Nor. 
2, 1897. 

Samuel Early Hahan, B. 8., As- 
sistant Claim Agent, Twin Ciry 
Rapid Transit Co.; res. 60S Frl- 
ler St., St. Paul, Minn. 

•Cyrus Newland Nutt. A. B., A. 
M., M. D.. Physician, New Al- 
bany. Ind. Dee. SS, 1884. 

•William Henry Owen, Banker. 
New Harmony, Ind. 

James GcUlagher Bain, LL. B., 

Insurance, Martinsville, Ind. 
Samuel Dennison Butts, A. B., A. 

M., Farmer, Coliimbiis, Ind. 
•Samuel Harrison Dunn. Lawyer, 

Spencer, Ind. Jan. 17, 1884. 
Samuel Thompson Quick, A. B., 

M. D.. Physician, Ft. Collins, 

•William Riley Ward, Banker, died 

Ifarch 10, 1905, Benton, IIL 


•Joseph Havens Baker, M. D.. Phy- 
sician. Lafayette, Ind. Deo. 16, 

William Scott Cantrell, Lawyer, 
Benton, m. 

Samuel Dalton, LL. B., Lawyer, 
Winfield, Kan. 

•Albert Logan Grimes. LL. B.. 
Lawyer. Mt. Vernon, m., Dec. 
1, 1872. 

William T. Hicks. Financial Asent 
Ind. Univ.. Bloomington, Ind. 

David Archer Koehenour, LL^ B., 
Lawyer. Brownstown, Ind. 

George Robert Moon. 

John Kane Rinehart, LL. B., Law- 
yer. Bluffton, Ind. 

Gilbert Riley Stormont, Supt. Ind. 
State Soldiers' Home, Laftiyistte^ 

Amos Long Wilson, Farmer, lijB- 
don, Kan. 

George Henry Gifford, Aifil. Ind. T, 
Lawyer. Tipton. Ind. 



Frank Clark Dooaldson, LL. B.. 
Lawyer. 101 N. 7th St, Terre 
Haute, Ind. 

John Robert Oent, Merchant and 
Miller, Columbus, Ind. 

Baiflha Aflbury Hamilton, M B. 
Clerg., Rosavllle, IlL 

John Brown Malott, B. 8., Law- 
yer, Bedford, Ind. 

Frank Parsons, Lawyer, Louisville, 

Samuel Duncan Puett, B. S., Law- 
yer, Rockville, Ind. 

William Preston Stanley, LL. B., 
Farmer, Arlinerton, Ind. 

Herman Gleason Bradford. A. B., 

Traveler and Bookkeeper, care 

Joseph Nelson & Co.; res. 330 

Park Ave.. Dunkirk. N. Y. 
Charles Caleb Dunn, Merchant, 

StinesviUe, Ind. 
*ini Marshall Edwards, Farmer, 

MitcheU, Ind. April 20, 1899. 
Alfred Wyatt Fullerton. 
Burnett Milton Short, B. S., LL. 

B., Lawyer, U. S. Commissioner, 

Fredonia, Kan. 


John Andrew Chenoweth, Mer- 
chant, Shoals, Ind. 

^William Aaron Ellis, F&rmer, 
Hardinsburgr. Ind. June 17, 1876. 

James Wilson French. LL. B. 
(Honorary), Business. lola. Kan. 

•Beverly Gregory. Merchant, 
Brooklyn, Ind. Oct. 80, 1882. 


Daniel Austin Chenoweth, Manu- 
facturer, 841 K. Delaware St, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Samuel Clelland Dodds. B. S., 
Banker, Bloomington, Ind. 

Charles Wesley Robinson, C. E., 
Lumber Business, Equitable 
Bldg., New Orleans, La. 


George Banta, A. B., Afill. Ind. A, 
Insurance, Menasha, Wis. 

Caleb Anderson Ritter, Phsrsician, 
Professor of Obstetrics, Univer- 
sity Medical College; res. 1880 
Central St, Kansas City, Mo. 


Eli Club Baker, Architect, Worth 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

William Vestal Coffin, A. B., M. 
D., Physician and Assistant Su- 
perintendent State Ekshool for 
Boys, Whittler, CaL 

Richard Dennis Speck, A. B., 
Agent, Union Pacific R. R., 901 
Walnut St.. Kansas City, Mo.; 
res. 718 Washington St, Kansas 
City, Kan. 

Theodore WUliam John Wylie, A. 
6., Clerk, Frankfort, Ky. 

William Henry Baker, Arohlteet, 

648 N. Harwood St^ Dallas, Tez. 
*Davld Hume Ellison, B. S., Supt 

Schools, Mitchell, Ind., Nov. 26, 

Alexander Gwyn Foster, A. B., LL. 

B., A. M., Lawyer, 708 M«fla 

Ave., El Paso, Texas. 
Leonldas DeWItt Clinton Rof^rs, 

A. B., Insurance, Bloomlngton, 


Albert R. Anderson, Grain Dealer, 

Elizabethtown, Ind. 
Samuel Eberle DeHaven. 
•Robert Cameron Duncan, Teacher, 
Frank Eckley Hunter, A. B., LL. 

B., A. M., Lawyer, 708 MSMi 

Ave.. El Paso, Texas. 
•John Edgar McClaskey, A. B.» 

Attorney, died April 24, 1905, La 

Grange. Ind. 
Charles Rollin Pence, A. B., Law- 
yer, 210 LInwood Ave., Kansas 

City, Mo. 
Jasper Newton Shirley, Alfalfa and 

Life Insurance, R. F. D. No. 1, 

W. Newton, Ind. 


William Harry Hawley, A. B., M. 
D., Physician, College Comer, 

Albert Weatherly, B. S., Mer- 
chant, Ehnporla, Kan. 

•Charles Banta, A. B., Affil. Ind. A, 
died at Mt Vernon, N. Y., Aug. 
16, 1897. 


I^ealdaa Stuart Forbes, LX*. B^ 

Deputy County Auditor, Bloom- 

fleld, Ind. 
•Charles McCarty GcOlkm, Brook- 

viUe, Ind. Oct. 6, 187a. 
Oliver Hadley MlUs, Farmer, 

Mooresvllle, Ind. 
John C. Shirk. B. L., Banker, 

BrookviUe, Ind. 

John Thomas Foster, Clerk in Post- 
office, Bloomlnffton, Ind. 

Frank Louis Mulkey, Ft. Smith, 

James Robert Williams, M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, Box 43, 
Danville, m. 


•Eben Darwin ESdson, Student, ML 
Vernon, Ind. Nov. 15, 1897. 

Clarence La Rue Ooodwln, B. L., 
Manufacturer of Lumber, Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. 

James Proctor Nesbit, Abstracts 
and Loans, Box 219, Jackson, 

Frederick Henry Ogle, Farmer, 
Pralrietown, Ind. 

Wallace Cromwell Palmer, Supt. 
Schools, Ligonier, Ind. 

Charles Francis Randall, M. D., 
Physician, Princeton, Ind., Oct. 
6, 1886. 

•William Allen Wallingford, Stock- 
man, Bloominffton, Ind. 

Lemuel Burpe White. 

Oscar Edwin Bradfute, A. B., 

Stockman, R. R. 6, Xenla, Ohio. 
Samuel Walter Bradfute, Bdltor, 

Bloomington, Ind. 
•John William Crandall, died at 

Mooreville, Ind. June 25, 1887. 
John Burton Gibson, Physician, 

Mitchell, Ind. 
•Samuel Gilmore Ramsey, B. L., 

Druggist. College Comer, Ohio. 

Jan. 29. 1894. 
Addison Locke Roache, Jr., Law- 

j'cr, Alhambra. Cal. 
Tames Andrew Shirk, Banker, Del- 
phi. Ind 
•John Goudie Smalloy. M. D., died 

at BrookviUe. Ind., Oct. 12, 1896. 

Horace FOstor SoUdsy. 

Adam Vlnage Splvey, State Agent 

for A. Buck's Sons Co., oi EUsa- 

bethtown. Pa., RushvUle, Ind. 
Thomas William Wilson, B. L., K. 

D., Physician, New Harmoiiy, 


Frank Gilmore Amott, with Amer- 
ican Elxpress Co., Decatur, DL 

Philemon Harry Clugston, Lawyw, 
Columbia City, Ind. 

Andrew Judson DiUoa, Insuranoeb 
Rochester, Ind. 

William James Dodds, Clerk, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

WlUiam Holton Dye, Lawyer, 1116 
Law Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

John M. Goodwin, Affil Ind. Z, 
Business, 1208 Woodland Ave., 
Des Moines, la. 

•Elmer Ellsworth Griffith, A. B., 
Asso. Prof. Eng. Univ., Bloom- 
ington, Ind. Feb. 15, 1900. 

Jacob Halderman, AffiL Kan. i, T. 
P. A., Wabash Ry., 810 Mar- 
quette Bldg., Chicago, lU. 

William Horatio Holland, Grain 
Dealer and Miller, Bedford, Ind. 

Milton Waymon Hutto. 

•Robert S. Northcott, Insurance, 
Bloomington, Ind. April 11, 1888. 

Nelson T. Smith, D. D. S., Den- 
tist. Pierceton, Ind. 

Benjamin Franklin Thomson, 
chant, Larwill, Ind. 

Frank William Baker, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 4804 Grand Boul., Chi- 
cago, DL 

Henry Newton Gant, AffiL Ind. A, 
Real Estate, Columbus, Ind. 

Joseph Elias Alvin Heiney, Ph. B., 
Farmer, Monrovia, Ind. 

Warren Dibble Howe, M. D., Man* 
ufacturer, 27 B. Huron St., Chi- 
cago; res. Glen Bllyn, HL 

Leonard Coles Lemgdon, Tmr^ling 
Salesman, Vincennes, Ind. 

George Monroe Shirk, Maniilac- 
turer, Brookville, Ind. 

Marthi Van Splvey, RnshTin^ Ind. 



John Carr Wells, A. B., Lawyer, 
Bloomlngton, Ind. 

James William Fesler, A. B., Law- 
yer, 822 Fletcher Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

George Gregg Floyd. 

William Jacob Dawson Halderman, 
Traveling Salesman, Chicago. 

George Dow Hunter, Assistant 
General Passenger and Ticket 
Agent, T. & G. N. Ry., Palestine, 

William Elton Lancaster, Farmer, 
LarwlU, Ind. 

Ernest Marsh, Traveling Sailesman, 
Chadron, Neb. 

Robert Newland, A. B., Teacher, 
East Side High School; res. 1861 
Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. 

'Wendell Phillips Wallhelser, Man- 
ufacturer, Bedford, Ind. Ifarch 
12, 1897. 


Walter Sheridan Bradford, Farm- 
er, Holyoke, Colo. 

George McClellan DuBols, Boon- 
ville, Ind. 

Frank Brown Foster, Clergyman, 
223 Hasmes St., Johnstown, Pa. 

^Samuel Foster, Farmer, Villa Vis- 
ta, La. Sept. 10, 1895. 

•William Harper Foster, United 
Presb. Clerg., Morning Sun, Ohio. 
July 24, 1890. 

Albert Edward Halderman, Agent 
Western Ry. Assn., 503 Pabst 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

•Charles Allen Jarett, Teacher, 
Dltney, Ind. Oct. 23, 1890. 

Harry Dale Orchard, Business, 
Bloom Ington, Ind. 

Meade Mitchell Shields, 958 Bonnie 
Brae St., Los Angeles, CaL 

Elbert Jeter Stalker, Banker, Bed- 
ford, Ind. 


Alfred Herbert Beldon, Merchant, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

George Lowry Burson, Lawyer, 
Wlnamac, Ind. 

Bert Fesler, A. B., Lawyer, C'lty 
Attorney. First National Bank 
Bldg.; res. 6019 Tioga St., Du- 
luth, Minn. 

William Wallace Holmes. Lawyer, 
South Haven, Mich. 

Thomas Michael Honan, Lawyer, 
Seymour, Ind. 

Charles Albertus Ireland, Browns- 
town, Ind. 

Russell King, Secretary to Vice 
President C. W. F&lrbanks; res. 
3146 Kenwood Ave., Indianapolis, 

Robert Edward Lyons, Prof. 
Chemistry, Ind. Univ., Blooming, 
ton, Ind. 

James Lewis Mitchell, Jr., Lawyer, 
212 Ind. Trust Bldg., Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 

Frederick Victor Moss, Farmer, 
Washougal, Wash. 

Henry Ashley Nichols, Physician, 
South Milford, Ind. 

William Franklin Richards, Farm- 
er, Ewing, Ind. 

Robert Elmer Wllsey, with Ru- 
dolph, Kleybolte ft Co., 27 Pine 
St., New York, N. Y.; res. Mont- 
Clair, N. J. 


William Routt Cravens, Physician, 
Bloomfleld, Ind. 

Charles Franklin Hope, Physician, 
Coatesvllle. Ind. 

Henry Woldmar RnoflF. B. A., D. 

C. L., Author and Editor, 5i0 
12th St., N. W., Washington. 

D. C. 

Frederick Bruce Shields, R. R. 
Conductor; res. 714 Brooklsm 
Ave.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Alexander Henry Wacker, Cashier 
Mo. Pac. Ry., 4353 Belle Place, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Salem Paris Welman, Lawyer, 
care Central Law Union, Day- 
ton. Ohio. 


Ralph Bamberger, A. B., Lawyer, 
State Life Bldg., Indianaiwlls, 

Elwood Patterson Cubberley, Ph. 
D.. Professor of Education, Stan- 
ford University, Cal. 

Walter DeWitt EHrod, Lawyer, 
Okmulgee. Okla. 

Walter Wilson French, Lawyer, Mt. 
Vernon, Ind. 



James Edward Harsan» Merchant, 
Madison, Ind. 

George Horatio Pendleton, A. B., 
Physician and Surgeon, 925 N. 
West St., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Charles Henry Taylor, M. D., Phy- 
sician. South Bend, Ind. 

EHmer E<llsworth Tyner, AlllL Ind. 

Joseph William Yakey, County 
Clerk, Bloomfleld, Ind. 


David Corey Breedlove, Stockman, 
ZlonsvlUe, Ind. 

Dow Burgess Foster, Farmer, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

William Province Qarshwller, 
Affll. Ind. A, Physician, 160 K, 
Market St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Eidgar Posey Jones, Merchant, Mil- 
ton, Ind. 

Hoyt King, Lawyer, 667 Rookery 
Bldff.; res. 916 Fargo Ave., Chi- 
cago, HL 

Bmest Dorman Lewis, Teacher, 87 
Austin St., Newtonvllle, Mass. 

Clarence Province, Affil. Ind. A, 
Physician, Franldin, Ind. 

John Moore Wall, A. B., Lawyer. 
49 Lombard Bldg.; res. 2108 
Highland Place, Indianapolis, 

Ell Pigman Wilson, Supt. Schools, 
College Comer, Ohio. 


Otto Charles Baumgaertner, Physi- 
cian, Rockport, Ind. 

Warren William Borders, Lawyer, 
Wlnamac, Ind. 

Orison Verta Eaton, A. B., LL. B., 
Affll. Cal. B. Lawyer, 301 Call 
Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

Isidore Feibleman, A. B., LL. B., 
Lawyer, 706 State Life Bldg., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Frank Northrup Fitzgerald, Law- 
yer, 2006 N. Alabama St, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Robert Grant Miller, Lawyer, 
Blooomington, Ind. 

William Thomas Patten, Real Es- 
tate, 160 E. Market St, Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

Harry Martin Stoops, FJurner, 

Brookville, Ind. 
Ishan Taylor, AfllL Ind. Z, Farmer, 

Yankeetown, Ind. 
George Watts, Manager Telepboiis 

Co., Knightstown, Ind. 


Walter Townsend Brown, A. M., 
AfflL N. Y. B, Lawyer and Edi- 
tor, Bloomfleld, Ind. 

Amos William Butler, A. M., Affll. 
Ind. E.. Secretary Ind. State 
Charities, 52 Downey Ave., Irv- 
ington, Indianapolis, Ind. 

William Dixon Crow, Lawyer, 
Petersburg, Ind. 

George Bur%ess Davis, Banker, 
North Salem, Ind. 

James William Fortune, Lawyer, 
Jeffersonvllle, Ind. 

Joe Thomas Giles, Teacher, 700 W. 
Fifth St, Marlon, Ind. 

Ulysses Jackson Griffith, Supt 
Schools, Shawnee, Okla. 

Arthur Hleronymua, Physician, 
1111 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, 

Clement Charles Lemon, Bacterio- 
logist, 419 Ingleslde, Kalamaaoo, 

Joseph Lemmon Martin, Special 
Agent, American Telephone slnd 
Telegraph Co., 806 Fourth Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, 

Jeremiah Milton Rhodes, FroC 
Kan. State Normal, Emporia, 

Levi Lamar Robinson, JonmaUst, 
care Netct-THlnme, Marlon, Ind. 

Lewis Taylor, AfflL Ind. Z, Far- 
mer, Yankeetown, Ind. 

^Joseph Michael Carlon, Insurance, 

Indianapolis, Ind. July ft, 1898. 
Charles Emmett Compton, Lawyer, 

Elkhart, Ind. 
Charles Ashford Oreathonse, Bapt. 

Posey Co. Schools, Mt Yemoii, 

•William Raymond Hkrblsoii, 

Teacher, Bloomlngton, bid. OeL 

8, xo9w. 

Robert Wmiam 



taias Ranard Mason, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Bloomfleld, Ind. 

Nelson Cropsey Olin, General De- 
livery, Station A, Boston, Mass. 

^Dudley Noble Vance, Teacher, 
Richmond, Ind. May 14, 1900. 

John Franklin Boesinger, Lawyer, 

LaGrange, Ind. 
Horace Ellis, A. M., Ph. D., AfBL 

Ind. r. President, Vinoennes Uni- 
versity, Vincennes, Ind. 
Austin Funk, Physician, 1S4 B. 

8prin«r St., New Albany, Ind. 
Allen William Cifford, Physician, 

Tipton, Ind. 
BSdwln Kahl, Teacher, 1806 S3. Sim 

St., New Albany, Ind. 
Oonrad Lewis Krempp, Lawyer, 

Jasper, Ind. 
Homer Levi McGinnis, Lawyer, 

Martinsville, Ind. 


Charles Wallis Bdmunds, A. B., M. 
D., Lecturer on Materia Medlca 
and Therapeutics, University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Charles Rollin Hudson, Chris. 
Clerg., Franklin, Ind. 

Bidgar Mendenhall, Teacher, Greens- 
burg, Ind. 

Thaddeus Wilson Rodecker, B. S., 
LXf. M., Business Manager of 
The Pekin DaUif Time9, Pekin, 

Bdward E2mest Ruby, A. M., Prof. 
Latin, Whitman College, Walla 
Walla, Wash. 

Charles A. Woods, A. B., Presi- 
dent, the Reliable Life Insurance 
Co., State Life Bldg.; res. 2006 
N. Meridian St, Indianapolis, 

Homer Woolery, A. B., Physician, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

wmiam Commodore Gauble, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, Salem, Ind. 

Carl Fear, Business Frankfort, 

FVank Hammond, Deputy Revenue 
Collector, Hammond, Ind. 

Lewis William Hughes, Dentist, 
Bloomlnirton, Ind. 

William Harrison Kennedy, Phy- 
sician, Shelbyvllle, Ind. 

Oran Arnold Province, A. R, M. 
D., Affll. Ind. A, Physician, Frank- 
lin, Ind. 

*Noble Gregory Rhodes, Dentist, 
St. Louis, Mo., June, 1899. 

Joseph Hiram Scholl, A. B., Su- 
perintendent of City Schools, 
Rushville, Ind. 

Henry Lester Smith, A. M., Super- 
vising Principal, School 51; res. 
902 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Elverett Walter Trook, Lawyer, 208 
Iroquois Bldg., Marlon, Ind. 

E:mest Paul Wiles, A. M., Princi- 
pal of High School. Munde, Ind. 

Redlck Andrew Wylle, Farmer, 
Bloomington, Ind. 


Glenn Canary Burbank, A. B., D. 
D. S., Dentist, National Bank, 
Long Beach Bldg.; res. Oscar 
Blvd. and Molino Ave., Long 
Beacli, Cal. 

Frank Elder Edwards, A. B., Affll. 
Ind. B, Business Mana^rer, Cin- 
cinnati Ssrmphony Orchestra; res. 
2402 Ashland Ave.. Walnut Hills, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Glen JeflFerson Glfford, Lawyer, 
Tipton, Ind. 

Harry Edmond Laughlln, Law 
Clerk, care Executive Bureau, 
Manila, P. I. 

Porter Hodge Llnthlcum, Affll. 111. 
B. Phsrslclan, EvansviUe, Ind. 

Thomas Galloway Karsell, Miller, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

•Benjamin Franklin MlUer, Stu- 
dent, Vermost. Ind.. Dec. 8, 1807. 

Dwight Frame Morton. Phsrslcian, 
TaylorvlUe, III. 

Karl Menelaus Newman, Business. 
1116 E. Michigan St.. Michigan 
City, Ind. 

William John Shafer, Lawyer, The 
Chalfant, Indianapolis. Ind. 


WlUlam McClellan Alsop. A. B., 
County Superintendent of 
Schools. Vincennes. Ind. 


RofiH Bay 

hart, Ind. 
William p yedcrlc k Book. Prof^ 

of Pijrcholocy and EduoaUon, 

UntrerBltj of Montana, 

James Barer Dod8«, Jr., Lai 

EDcbart, Ind. 
Lenpha Alfred Folaom, Lai 

BooDTille, Ind. 
Frederick Honnens, Nev 

Zach Laoghlin. M. D.. Phjalclan. 

Indian Service, 8hli>rock. N. M. 
Charles James Laval, MInfnc. 
James Clarence Patten, Mannfte- 

turer. Kokomo, Ind. 

Clyde Edward Boirer, Merchant, 

800 S. Main St.. Elkhart, Ind. 
Charles Milton Dickey, Bookkeeper 

HiiThland Iron & Steel Co.. Terre 

Haute, Ind. 
Otto Case Klein. Mt Vernon. Ind. 
John Richard McOlnnis. Lawyer. 

Princeton, Ind. 
Ralph Waldo Morris. A. B.. Dal 

Ichi Ko To Oakko. Hon«r Ku. 

Tokyo. Japan. 


Harry Spence Dickey. Tipton. Ind. 

Frank Howard OlflFord. Real 
Estate, Tipton, Ind. 

Louis Samuel Graham, Bloomfleld. 

Herbert Ernest Hutton. A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer. Assistant State's At- 
torney, Danville, IlL 

William Andrew Karsell. Miller. 
Bloomlnsrton. Ind. 

Clarence Hamilton Kennedy, A. 
M., Rockport, Ind. 

Frank Harris Masters. Civil En- 
gineer. Rossvllle. Ind. 

Fred Vaile Overman, M. D.. Phy- 
sician, Wllloughby Bld«r., Indian- 
apolis. Ind. 

Oscar Riddle. Bloomfleld. Ind. 

William OrlfiTKB Rogers, Drugirlst, 
Madison, Hid. 


Ernest Francis Griffith, Clerk, U. 
S. Irrigation and Drainage In- 
vestlgaton, Berkeley, CaL 

J. Gay Hoover, Ctty Dispensary. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Charles Darwin Healer, Joumalst, 

Broad Ripple, Ind. 
Frank Monroe Martin. LL. B., 

Care Signal Department, Santa 

Fe Ry. System, Topeka, Kan,; 

res. Gosport, Ind. 
Arthur Calvin Melette, Agent FHs- 

co Ry., Sapulpa, L T. 
Clarence Walroff Miller, FTmnkfort, 

Guy Winters Mitchell. Welsgerber 

Block, Lewlston, Idaho. 
George Edward Shaw, Attomey-at- 

Law, Elkhart, Ind. 
^Ernest Erwin Strange, Student, 

Arcana, Ind., June 29, 1901. 
John Alonso Treher. 2166 N. Illi- 
nois St., IndlanapoUs, Ind. 
Lawrence Knepfly Tuley. A. R. 

Assistant Secretary. A. F. T. M. 

Southern Ry.. LoulsvlUe. Ky.; 

res. New Albany, Ind. 
Harry Edward Ayres, Buslnen, 

Hartford City, Ind. 
Lawrence Owen Behymer, Tipton, 

Jasper Herbert DIdcey, Business, 

50 Michigan Ave.; res. S127 Wa- 
bash Ave.. Chicago, DL 
George DoU, Jr., Business .EHkhart, 

Lawrence Sidney Ehrmann. Kock- 

port, Ind. 
Lewis Clark French, Mt. Vernon, 

William Sidney Hatfield, Attomey- 

at-Law, Boonvllle, Ind. 
Schuyler Alonso Matthews, Cleik, 

Brookston, Ind. 
John H. Shirk, Attomey-at-Law, 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Leonard Frederick Strickland, 

Rockport, Ind. 
John PIcken Todd, Student, S1S2 

N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, 

Joseph Perry VanCleve, with John- 
son Glass Co.. Hartford City, Ind. 
Kay Maurice Wells. Cashier, K 8. 

& M. S. Ry., Indiana Harbor, 

Ind.; res. Elkhart, Ind. 



Clinton Theodore Clsoo, Madison, 

William B. Cronln, DruffglBt, Hart- 
ford City, Ind. 
Hanson Smiley Olfford, Medical 

Student, Tipton, Ind. 
Charles Gotschall, Machinist, Na- 
tional Rolliner Mills, Vlncenncs, 
Ralph Murray Hutchinson, Student, 
Ohio Weslejran University, Hart- 
ford City, Ind. 
Oscar Wllboume Jones, Clothing 
Business; res. 331 W. 10th St., 
Anderson, Ind. 
IflUer Crawford Kent, Brookston, 

Harry lx>ng, LL. B., Attorney, 
123% W. Bfaln St.; res. 216 Riv- 
erside Ave., Mimcle. Ind. 
Roger Welty Naylor, Commission 
Merchant; res. 361 W. 117th St., 
New York, N. Y. 
Claude Wilson Reed, Merchant, 

Boonvllle, Ind. 
Louis Sentney, Bloomlngton, Ind. 
John Harvey Smith, Attorney, 
Union City, Ind. 

Oscar Wesley Edwards, Bedford, 

tCharles Kemp, Tipton, Ind. 
Joseph William Kenney, A. B., 

Richmond. Ind. 
fWalter Dean Levi, New Albany, 

tOrrIn Hardin Markel, Elkhart, 

tNorman Maurice Walker, Bloom- 

Ington, Ind. 


Frederick Elmerson Beech. St. Al- 
bans, Vt. 

James Miller Ollchrlst, Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

Harry Claude Hutton, Danville, HI. 
George Hlcklns Klrker, Moweaqua, 


Robert Bruce Morrison, Elgin, Tex. 
William H. Sears, Bloomington, 

Earl Wright Shirk, BrookviUe, Ind. 
William Herschel Stone, Spencer, 

tArthur Butler Williamson, New 

Albany, Ind. 


Albert Aronson, Indianapolis, Ind. 

J. Albert Free, Spencer, Ind. 

Glen Osborne Hurron, Tipton, Ind. 

tWalter John Kemp, Tipton, Ind. 

tHenry Lynn Miller, Lafayette, 

tPred Allen Seward, Bloomington, 

1 Cecil James Sharp, Charleston, 

Ralph Klrkpatrlck Shook, Tipton, 

tThomas William Simmons^ Bloom- 
ington. Ind. 

tCharles Tlghe, New Albany, Ind. 

tCarl Frank Zensmelster, New Al- 
bany, Ind. 


tWilUam Harris Cassady, Spencer, 

tThomas William Donnelly, Sulli- 
van, Ind. 

tOrland Leslie Doster, Detroit, 

tLurton Kirk Halderman, Valpar- 
aiso, Ind. 

tGraham Wlster Lawrie, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

tClarence Dodd Stoudt, South 
Bend, Ind. 

tDonald George Trlons, Bloomfleld, 

tJesse B. Williamson, New Albany, 


tin Active Chapter, 1906-6. 


Cr«wfoHtville» biAuM 

Christian Weaver Elzroth» Retired 
Merchant, Crawfordsville, Ind. 
^Edward Carlton Johnston, A. B., 
died 1878, Petersburg, Ind. 
Marmaduke Men den hall Coflln 
Hobbs, A. B., A. M., Affll. Ind. 
A, Bl. E. Clergyman, Salem. Ind. 

Henry Daniel Wilson, A. B., A. M., 

Affll. Ind. A. ex-Circuit Judge; 

res. 932 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 


•George Washington Bassett, A. B., 

A. M., LL. B., died 1896, age 66, 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
•James McKinney Defrees, A. B., 

A. M., died 1859, age 24, Goshen, 

•Andrew Holman Hamiltou. ^^ B., 

A. M., Attorney, died 1895. 
Samuel Vance Morris, A. B., A. 

M., Attorney. 629 E. Franklin 

Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
♦Thomas Bayless Ward, A. B.. A. 

M.. Affll. Ohio A, Attorney, died 

1891. Lafayette. Ind. 
John Edward Chapin, A. B., A. 

M., D. D., Pastor Emeritus. First 

Presbyterian Church, Neenah, 

•John Moreland Shanklin, died 

1867, Toledo, Iowa. 
Levi Parsons Spelman, A. B., A. 

M., Congregational Clergyman. 

Covert. Mich. 

•William James Essick, A. B., A. 

M., died 1880, age 47, Crawfords- 

ville, Ind. 

♦William Elbredge Spilman, A. B.. 
A. M., M. D., died 1868, age S2, 
Neoga, HL 

John Quincy Adams BlackweU, A. 
B., A. M., M. D., Physician. 
WellsviUe, Mo. 

•Joseph Mackey, A, B.. A. M,. At- 
torney, died 1887, age 64. 

Martin Post, A. B., A. M., Congre- 
gational Clergyman, Chapin, m. 

•John Adams Spelman, A. B., died 
1885, age 51, Bllendaie, N. Dak. 

•James Guthrie, A. B., A. M., died 

1867, Le Grand, Iowa. 
•William Wesley Hill, died 1867. 

Plttsboro, Ind. 
Aaron Alexander McDonald. San 

Diego, CaL 
David Newton Morgan, A. B., A. 

M.. Druggist, 125 E. Main St., 

Crawfordsville. Ind. 
Aurellan Hobart Post. A. B., A. 

M., B. D., CongregatfoDal Cler- 

g3^nian. New Preston. Conn. 
•John Willam Rabb, A. B., A. IC, 

died 1868, age 28, Rising Sun, Ind. 
•William Allan Woods, A. B.. A. 

M., LL. D., died 1901, a«e 68, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 


George Warren Hayes. A. B., A. 
M.. Insurance Manager. Colby ft 
Abbott Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

•Melvln McKee, A. B., died 1868. 
age 35, Indianola, Bl. 

William Taylor Hart, A. B., A. M.. 

Presbyterian Clergsrman, Monroe- 

vllle. Ohio. 
•Willam Reybum Hlgglns, A. B., 

A. M., died 1896, age 66, Terra 

Haute, Ind. 




Robert Chalmers liitchell, A. B., 
Editor Duluih Tribunal, 318 Tor- 
rey Bld£r.> Duluth, Minn. 

Harley Greenwood Rlstine* A. B., 
A. M., M. D., Physician, Fort 
Dodffe, Iowa. 

^Robert Bruce SpUman, A. B.» A. 
M., died 1898, a«e 58, Manhattan, 


John Charles Black, A. B., A. M.» 
LL. D., Attorney, President 
United States Civil Service Com- 
mission, Washington, D. C. 

^Edward Beecher Kingsbury, A. 
B., died 1864, affe 27, Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. 

•James Pepper Piatt, killed 1864, 
Hanover Town, Va. 

^JLycurgus Rallsback, A. B., A. M., 
died 1897, Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph Rawson Webster, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney, Washington, D. C. 

George Wilson Barlow, A. B., A. 

M,, D. D., Presbjrterlan Clergy- 
man, Detroit, Mich. 
•John James Perry Bllnn, died from 

wounds at Gettysburg, Pa. 
•Henry Harrison Boudlnot, A. B., 

A. M., died 1900, age 59, TeiTO 

Haute, Ind. 
•Alexander Lafayette Wilson, A. 

B., died 1866, acre 80, Madison- 

ville. Ind. 
Henry Smith Little, A. B., A. M., 

D. D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 

Denlson, Texas. 


William Perkins Black, A. B., A. 
M,. Attorney, 404 Ashland Block, 
Chicago, ni. 

•James Farrlnsrton Gooklns, A. B., 
A. M.. died 1904, 6625 Madison 
Ave., Chicago, BL 

William Soesbe Harbert, LL. B., 
Affll. Mich. A, and md. A, At- 
torney, 100 Washlngrton St., Chi- 
cago, ni. 

•Daniel Franklin HIU, Attorney, 
died 1896, Danville, Ind. 

•Martin J. Miller, klUed 1865, Sel- 
ma, Ala. 

*Hugh Eiwing Sidener, died 1889, 
Crawfordsvllle, Ind. 

•Everett Burbridge Thomson, A. 
B., A. M., D. D., Presbyterian 
Clergyman, died 1899, a«e 56. 


Joshua Robinson Mitchell, A. B., 
A. M., D. D., Presbyterian Qer- 
sryman, Marshall, Mich. 

Theodore Harmon Rlstlne, A. B., 
A. M., Attorney, 602 W. Wabash 
Ave., Crawfordsvllle, Ind. 

Alvah Taylor. A. B.. A. M., At- 
torney, 57 South Miami St.; res. 
316 West Main St., Wabash, Ind. 


♦Ellas Eliot Boudlnot, A. B., A. M., 
died 1902, age 58, DanvUle, lU. 

Cyrus Hamlin, B. D., D. D., Cong, 
Clerg.. Dean of Tougaloo Unlv , 
Tougaloo, Miss. (Permanent ad- 
dress, Comwall-on-Hudson, N. 

John Lewis Ketcham, A. B., Manu- 
facturer. Indianapolis, Ind. 

•Alfred Breed Post, A. B., A. M., 
Presbyterian Clergsrman, died 
1872, afire 29. 

•fidmund Hubburd Post, A. B.. A. 
M., died 1890. a«e 44, St. An- 
drews, Fla. 


•John Beard Allen, Attorney, died 

1903, Seattle, Wash. 
•James Edward Rice, 1867. died 

St. Paul, Mich. 
•Daniel Galileo Roderick, A. B., 

died 1874, age 84, Parsons, Kan. 
Matthew Mackle Whiteford, A. B., 

A. M., Pres. Clerg.. SaUem. S. 



•Benjamin Marshall Mills, A. B.. 
died 1869. age 22. Crawfordsvllle. 

John McMaster Rlstlne. M. D., 
Physician, Cedar Rapids, la. 

•Henry Rosman Thomson, A. B., 
A. M., died 1884, age 37, Craw- 
fordsvllle, Ind. 







William Gay Ballantine, A. B., A. 
M.. D. D., LL. D.. Professor In 
International Y. M. C. A. Train- 
ing School; res. 821 St. James 
Ave., Sprlngrfleld, Mass. 

Charles Oroendyke, A. B., A. M., 
County Supt. Schools, San Louis, 


Henry Hugh Hanna, LL. D., ICan- 
ufacturer, Indianapolis, Ind. 

•Charles Wilfred Rice, A. B.. died 
1869, age 21, Lafayette, Ind. 

George WiUard Warwick, Insur- 
ance, 3532 Lake Ave., Chicago, m. 


RoUln Defrees, Mechanical Engi- 
neer with Atlas Ehiglne Works, 
924 E. 17th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Frederick Dwlght Seward, A, B., 
Presbyterian Clergsnnan, Gar- 
dcna, CaL 

Robert Brown Stimson, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney; res. 1003 S. ard 
St., Terre Haute, Ind. 


Andrew Lewis Butner, A. B., Cler- 
gyman. Long Creek. Tenn. 

•John Erastus Mcpherson, A. B., 
died 1873, Tusculum, Tenn. 

George Pence. 

Roswell Olcott Post, A. B., A. M., 
B. D., D. D., Cong. Clerg., Jack- 
sonville, IlL 

Warren Henry Rlstino, A. M., M. 
D., Phsrsiclan, 418 W. Wabash 
Ave., CrawfordsvUle, Ind. 

•Wickliffe Condit Whitehead, A. 
B., died 1900, Pataskala, Ohio. 


•Charles Stlllman Batchelder, died 

1873, CarroUton. BL 
•James Robinson, A. B., A. M., B. 

D., D. D. 
Samuel Cary Stimson, LL. B., A. 

M., Attorney, Judge of Superior 

Court, Room 38 Court House; 

res. 828 S. 7th St., Terre Haute, 

Jesse Newton Talbot, Physician, 

CrawfordsviUe, Ind. 


Ira McConnell, A. B., Crawfords- 
vUle, Ind. 

John W. McDonald, 118 S. lOth St.. 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Warwick Hawley Ripley, A. B., A. 
M.. Attorney, 222 Unity Bidg:.; 
Compiler of "Indiana Digest." 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Robert Glenn Simpson, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Shceter, CaL 

Frederick Jont6 Stanley, A. B., A. 
M., L. H. D., D. D., ClMvyrnan, 
and General Secretary of The 
American Sabbath Union, Boom 
604, 203 Broadway, New York 
City; res. Newburgh-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. 

John Shaw Stevens, Superintend- 
ent Telegraph, C. A O. Ry. Co.; 
res. 1123 Grove Ave., Richmond, 

•Thomas Arthur Stuart, A. &, 
died 1892, Lafayette, Ind. 

Columbus Delano Whitehead. A. B.. 
A. M., Attorney, 626 Delaware 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

George Washington Wilson, B. 8., 
LL. B., Attorney, Lateyetto^ Ind. 

•Larrey Gaston Beck. A. B., died 

1892, Delphi, Ind. 
John W. Collins, CrawfordsrlllQ, 

Henry Curtis Gilbert, ManvCaot- 

urer, Sheffield, Ala. 
•Henry Wlllard Jones, died 1875, 

Columbus, Ind. 
Joseph Kinney Sharpe, Jr., Illd^ 

anapolis, Ind. 

•James Peter Roth, A. B., A. If., 

D. D., Presb. Clerg., died 1901; 

age 63. 
Levi Luther Todd, A. B., A. IL, 

Merchant, Temple, Texas. 

Charles Daniel Bills, A. B., A. M., 

Presb. Clerg., Yale, Mloh. 
Joseph Verdelette Graff, Attomeor, 

Peoria, IlL 
•James Brooks Halns, A. B., died 

1877, age 21, New Albany, Ind. 



•Palmer Stevens Hulbert, A. B., A. 

M,, B. D., D. D., died 1897, a«e 

48. Oak Park, lU. 
^Joseph Warren McBroom, A. B., 

died 1887. a^e 84,.Crawford8yille. 


George Daniel McCuUoch. A. B.. A. 
M., D. D.. Preeb. Clerg., 912 
Grand Ave.. Cincinnati, O. 

William Lee Morey. A. B.. A. M., 
Druggist. Clinton. Ind. 

Charles Martin Whetxel. Presby- 
terian aergyman. Anamosa. la. 

John Meek Whitehead. A. B., At- 
torney. Janesville. Wis. 

John Andrew Allison, Dealer in S. 

S, Supplies. Indianapolis. Ind. 
Elvis Scott Booe, B. S.. Banker, 

Kingman. Ind. 

Charles Oscar Hastings, Vevay. 

William Franklin Ringland. A. B.. 
A. M., D. D., Supt Home Mis- 
sions. Presb. Church of Ohio. 10 
WiUow St., Wooster. Ohio. 

Henry Harvey Steed. St. Charles. 

John Tedrick Strange, B. S.. A, M.. 
M. S., Attorney, Marion, Ind. 

Charles Howard Brewer. Southport. 

Harvey Piatt Fullenwider, Presb. 
Clerg.. South Haven. Mich. 

•Samuel Bamett Hunt. A. B.. A. 
M., died 1890. age 32. Los An- 
geles. CaL 

•John Samuel Mitchell, died 1878. 
State Line. Ind. 

•Hardy Savage, died 1886. Coving- 
ton, Ind. 

John Samuel Watson, A, B.. A. 
M., Attorney. Ball. Watson ft 
Maclay. Fargo. N. Dak. 

William Patton Wilson, Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 


•Charles CarroU Applegate. A. B., 
A. M.. LL. B., died 1900, Island. 


Andrew Ogden Penniman. A. B., 
A. M,, Gonffregatlonal Clergy- 

man, 726 Judson St, Ft Scott, 

Guilford Lawson Spencer, B. S., 
A. C, M. S., D. Sc. Chemist, 
Yugenio San- Antonio, Chichi- 
galpa, Nicaragua. Permanent ad- 
dress. 219 E. Lincoln Ave., Mount 
Vernon, N. Y. 

Walter Henry Bau^h, A, M.. Cler- 
gyman, San Jose, Cal. 
Henry David Deam, Presb. Cler^., 

Chicago, m. 
Nelll Davles Johnson, A. B.. A. M., 
B. D., M. D., Physician and Sur- 
geon. Morris, HI. 
John Franklin Lingeman Miller, 

Brownsburg, Ind. 
•Alfred Hugh Ma«riU, A. B., died 

1887, a«e 27, Ointon, Bl. 
John Franklin McCuUoch, A. B.. 
A. M.. President, First National 
Bank of Charleston and New Al- 
bany National Bank, Charleston, 
Frank Leazenby Mlntum, Machin- 
ist, Indianapolis. Ind. 
Lsrman Edwards Ott. B. 8., A. M., 
M. D.. Physician. President Can- 
ning Co.. Franklin. Ind. 


Leon Sexton Cambem, Banker, 
Erie. Kan. 

John Coyle. Machinist, Danville, m. 

Solomon Cravens Dickey, A. B., A. 
M.. D. D.. Secretary Winona As- 
sembly, 118 Monument PL, Indi- 
anapolis. Ind. 

Samuel Burton EScdes. B. S., A. 
M., Druggist. Franklin. Ind. 

Thomas Corwin Hood, B. S., A. 
M., M. D., Oculist, 816 N. Merf- 
dian St.; res. 964 N. Meridian 
St., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Morris Jacob Holtzman, Provision 
Dealer, Brookston, Ind. 


Orwan Baker, Civil Engineer, Ft. 
Scott. Kan. 

Lewis Hopkins Rogers, Bookkeep- 
er, Kansas City, Mo. 



Walter Chalmers SlvTer. B. 8.. In- 

Buraae«. 809 Sih Ave., Sptdwae, 

Oeoi^e Thomaan Stuart, Biulneaa, 

Chlcaio, m. 
ThoB. Wllkina, A, B., Fanner and 

Live Stock, Linden. Ind. 
Matthew Henry Black well. Chief 

Clerk, Railway Mall Service, (II 

Cuaiom House. Kansas City, Mo. 
JnmeH Thomas Cooter, A. B., A. 

M., D. D„ Pres. WaahtnKton Col- 

lese. Limestone, Tenn. 
William FIndley Sharpe. B. S., A. 

M., Architect, CrawsfordSvlUe. 

Elbert James Dukes, A. B., A. M., 

B. S., Music Dealer. Peru, Ind. 

Charles May McDanlel, B. S., A. 

M., Supt. Schools. Hammond, 

William Henry Scofield, A. B., A. 

M, Presbyterian Clergy man, 

Hansen. Neb. 
Newell Herbert Stewart, Cbemlal, 

111 W. TEth St., N. T. 
William Winter Washburn, Bank- 
er, New Richmond, Ind. 
•Wlnneld Scott Brown. B. B., died 

1891, age 2'J. Danville. Ind, 
Campbell Francis Coyle, A. B., A, 

M.. Clerg., 212! Ashland Ave., 

Toledo. Ohio. 
John William Fink, Bookkeeper, 

St. Louis, Mo. 
John Goodman Lovell, A. »., A. 

M., Presb. aerg., 30S Chelsea 

Ave . Long Branch, N, J. 
Albert Raymond Miles, A. B.. Bo- 

garta. United States of Columbia., 

So. America. 
John Wm. Perrln, A. M., Chicago 

Newell Hon-ey Stewart. Chemist, 

Powers - Weigh tman-Bosen Bart en 

Co., HE Front St., New York 

Fiiink GranvlUe Bbarpe. A B., A. 

Frank LoveleM 8n1d«r, A. B., 
A. H., MlaalonaiT, Kkatt Pa 
Tome, Bangkok, 81am. 

Charlsfl UlyMes Stockbusw, B. B., 
A. H., H. BL Clerg., Kenttand. 

Frank Edwbl Auten, B. S., IL D., 

Physician, BellevlUe, m. 
•WUUam RamUton Cooter, A. B., 

died ISM. 
•John Harver Cootw, A. B., died 

1S9S. DelphOB, Kan. 
William Christie Harding, A. B., 

Oateopatblat. Warren, Fa. 
Qeorge Washington Uaitin, B. ft. 

Ph. D., Prof. Blolo«7. TanderitDt 

Univ., Nasbvltle, T^on. 
Berry Stewart Crebs, A. B., M. D., 

Carml, BL 
William Howard Borl, A. B., Civil 

Engineer, Susanvllle, CaL 
Frank Collelt Jone«, H. D. 
Bnos HcPhall Robinson. Chlowo, 



Merrill EHwood Wilson. B. 8., At- 
torney, Chief Deputy United 
States Marshal, District of In- 
diana, Federal Btdg.; res. Ill EL 
Pratt St.. Indianapolis. Ind. 
J. Thomas Henderson, A, B., & 
D., Pastor. Uerrlam Park Pt»- 
byterlan Church, 19»0 In^ehart 
St., St. Paul, MUin. 
Otto Slckel HotTman, A. B., Presb- 
Clerg., 148 W. Van Boreo 81., 
Battle Creek, lOch. Psrnuuieat 
address, n Burling St, Chicago, 
Schuyler Colftuc Speooer, Attoraer, 
123 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., 
Portland, Ore. 
Willlflm Elmer Wlllla, A. B., A, It, 
Editor, Bosetnirg, Oregon. 



John Montgomery Crebs, Jr., Far- 
mer, Carmi, III. 

George McFarlane Oalt, A. B.» Tu- 
tor. Marion, Smyth Co., Va. 

Thomas Bejamin Noble, A. B., M. 
D., Surgeon, 427 Newton Clay- 
pool; res. 1817 Meridian St. 
North, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Robert Naylor Whiteford, A. M., 
Ph. D., Prof. English in High 
School, Peoria, HL 

William Ellery Bowman, Real Es- 
tate Dealer. 6081 Page Blvd., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Henry Little, B. S., A. M., Presb. 
Clerg., 61S B. Walnut St., Spring- 
field, Mo. 

Frank Porter McNutt, B. S., A. 
M., Special Agent, New York 
Telephone Co., 15 Dey St.; res. 
229 W. 101st St., New York City. 

Earl Dick O'Rear, Druggist, Vee- 
dersburg, Ind. 


Wilbur Cortes Abbott, A. B., A. M., 
B. Lit., Affll. N. Y. A, Prof. Hist., 
Univ. of Kan., Lawrence, Kan. 

Thomas Zopher &all. Physician, 
Waveland, Ind. 

Frank Wallace Hurley, B. S., Mfr., 
Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Alvah Taylor Ifartin, B. S., At- 
torney, 59 Dearborn St., Chicago, 


John Edwin McNutt, A. B., A. M., 
Presb. Clerg., 819 Camden St, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Herbert Thomson, A. B., A. M., 
Presb. Clerg., ESverett, Wash. 
Uexander Oarwin Cavins, Attor- 
ney, 1333 S. 6^ St., Terre Haute, 

Robert Hepburn Crosier, A. B., 
Ass't to the President of Lake 
Forest University. Lake Forest, 

Edgar H. Davis, M. S., M. D., 30 
Traction and Terminal Bldg., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

James Bert Gamer, B. S., M. S., 
Ph. D., Prof. Chem. Wabash 
College, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Edgar William Olive, B. S., M. S., 
A. M., Ph. D., Univ. of WIs- 
consion, Madison, Wis. 

Paul Moffat Rhoades, Newport, 

Harry Corwin Thomas, 5th St., 
Dayton, Ohio. 

William Wilmer Wilson, B. S., 
Phsrsician, 2412 College Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 


Charles Sumner Little, A. B., A. 
M., M. D., Physician, Willoughby 
Bldg., Indianaoplis, Ind. 

*Paul Moffatt Rhoads, B. S., A. 
M., M. D., died 1897, Newport, 

Walter Irving Snyder, B. S., Bank- 
er, Long Beach, Cal. 

Fred GaUaher Wishard, A. B., D. 
D. S., Dentist, 518 Prince St., 
Knozville, Tenn. 

Howard Noble Ball, B. A., Secre- 
tary and Treasurer, Mural Art 
Co., 44 Union Trust Bldg.; res. 
823 N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, 

Walter Milton Curtis, A. B., Clerk, 
501 East E. St., Sparrows Point, 
Baltimore, Md. 

Royal Hart Gerard, A. B., A. M., 
M. D., Pbsrsician, Crawfordsville, 

James Lloyd Hammond, B. S., M. 
D., Physician, Wilmette, IlL 

Charles Claude Travis, B. S., A. 
M., M. E. Clerg., South Bend, 

Ira Charles Wynekoop, M. S., M. 
D., 1563 Monroe St, Chicago, 111. 

Harry Revere Applegate, M. D., 
Mfr. Chem., 6822 Ellis Ave., Chi- 
cago, nL 

Harry Chevis Clark, Merchandise 
Broker, McAlester, I. T. 

Thomas Alexander Davis, Ph. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, Goshen, Ind. 

Harry Wilson Little, B. S.. M. D., 
A. M., Physician, Gen. Manager, 
the S. W. Little Coal Co., 404 
Upper 8th St; res. 622 Upper 
1st St., E3vansvllle, Ind. 



Percy Arthur Parry, E«dltor, Ham- 
mond, Ihd. 

Nathan Henry Richardson, Insur- 
ance, Room 3, 135 E. Market St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Raymond Eugene Willis, A. B., A. 
M., Editor, Angola, Ind. 


William Mack Allen, Denver, Col. 

Karl Courtland Banks, Steel In- 
spector, Ilarrlsburg, Pa. 

Lloyd Robert Ireland, Salesman, 
Lafayette, Ind. 

Frank Morris Malone, B. S., Bank- 
er, Cayuga, Ind. 


Alan Cornelius Ball, Dentist, 7 L 
O. O. F. Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Russell Trail Byers, Ph., B.. A. M., 
l-L. B., Attorney, American Cen- 
tral Life Bldg.. 2405 Central Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

T. W. LltUe. 

Charles Monroe McGregor, Tele- 
phone Engineer, Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

•John Miles Mitchell, A. B., died 
1899, Beirut, Ssrria. 

Robert Bruce Spilman, Jr., Clerk 
of District Court, Manhattan, 

•Thomas Abner StlUwell, Jr., died 
1897, CrawfordsvUle, Ind. 

Charles Sterling Wedding, Bvans- 
vllle, Ind. 


Frank Elder Edwards, A. B., Affll. 
Ind. A, Business Mgr. Cincinnati 
Symphony Orchestra; res. 2402 
Ashland Ave.. Walnut Hills, Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Michael Emmet Foley, A. B., At- 
torney. 401 W. Main St., Craw- 
fordsvUle, Ind. 

ESdward Charles Orlesel, A. B., A. 
M., LL. B., Ph. B., Attorney, 
Muskogee, Ind. Ter. 

Oliver Wendell McOaughey, A. B., 
Chris. Minister, Everett, Wash. 

Arthur Allen Mull, Affll. Ind. 9, 
Washington, D. C. 

Leonard Austin Ehismlnger, Physi- 
cian, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Samuel Healy Gilbert, BvaasvUle. 

William Harrison Hays, A. B.. M. 
A., Attorney, Sullivan, Ind. 

Charles James Laval, Affll. *^ B, 
and Ind. A. 

Marshall Vanmeter Bobb, Mfr., 
Clinton, Ind. 

Walter Olenn Todd, A. B., Attor- 
ney, Wabash, Ind. 


Harry David Alfrey, Henry Alfrey 
Barrel Heading Co., Chicago, IlL 

Joseph Spencer Bartholomew, At- 
torney, Valparaiso, Ind. 

Frank Wallace Hurley, A. B., 
Mfg., Brlnkley, Ark. 

Horace Meisenhelder, Palestine, 

WiUiam Wilbur Wilson. 

Bertram Cebes Day, Second Vice- 
President, American Central 
I^ife Insurance Co., Indlanap^ilis, 
Harry Graham Ehrana, Bditor, 

Louisville, Ky. 
Byron Eugene Hughes, Music Deal- 
er, CrawfordsvUle, Ind. 
Carl Henry Peter, Train Dispatch- 
er, Birmingham, Ala. 
Charles Allen Reynolds, Valparai- 
so, Ind. 
Rufus Wilmer Romlne, South 

Bend, Ind. 
Walter Leroy Runyan, A. B., Grad- 
uate Student, University of Chi- 
cago; res. 6730 Ellis Ave., Chi- 
cjigo, HI. 
Joseph Bjrron Rusk, CrawfordsvUle, 

Kester Bruce Shields, Farmer and 
Contractor. Sejrmour. Ind.; res. 
Rockford, Ind. 
Paul Wilson Welty, Valparaiso, 

Herbert Hlce Whetael, A. B.. M. 
A., Assistant Professor of Bot- 
any, Cornell University, Ithaca, 
N. Y.; res. Forest Home, N. T. 

John Byron Bartholomew, Civil 
Engr., Valparaiso, Ind. 



Frank Edward Burk. Real Estate, 
Renting and Insurance, 98 B. 48rd 
St.; res. 91 E. 43rd St., Flat B. 
Chicago, HL 

Ira David Goss, B. A., Special 
Agent for Indiana Continental 
Fire Insurance Co. of N. Y., 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Frank Fllnn Hasbrouck, A. B., A. 
M., Electro-Chemist, Cumberland 
Mills, Maine. Permanent ad- 
dress, 825 EUis St., Peoria, 111. 

Thomas Carroll Howard, Ekirth- 
work Contractor, 103 Wayne St., 
Valparaiso, Ind. 

Porter Garfield Jones, Affll. Ind. 9, 
Wabash, Ind. 

Homer Mark Jones. Furniture 
Dealer, 14 E. Market St., Wa- 
bash, Ind. 

Mandel Lowenstein, Merchant, 62 
N. Washington Blvd., Valparai- 
so, Ind. 

Charles Newton McClamrock, Mer- 
chant, 820 S. Wtiflhington St., 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Guy Morrison Wells. A. B., Assist- 
ant State Secretary. Indiana Y. 
M. C. A., State Life Bldg.; res. 
6 The Guildford, Indianapolis, 

Wlllam Marshall White, A. B., 
VBTzner, Crawfordsville, Ind. 


Albert Scott Bower, Banker, Tol- 
ono, m. 

Ross Leroy Bryant, Civil Engr., 
Spanish Ranch, Plumas Co., Cal. 

Emory Elarl Hess, A. B., Stenogra- 
pher, 205 Lumber Exchange 
Bldg.. Seattle. Wash.; res. Bal- 
lard, Wash. 

Albert Henry King, A. B., Busi- 
ness, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Otis Leroy Linn, A. B., Student, 
McCormick Theological Semin- 
ary, 1060 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 


JSmest Andrew Loop, A. B., Real 

ESstate, Petersburg, Ind. 
Alonzo Simpson McDaniel, B. A., 

M. A., Chemist, Bellevue College, 

Bellevue, Neb. 

David MoNaughton, Elec .hhi«., 
165 W. 5th St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Fred Lucas O'Rear, BuslnSM, 
Frankfort, Ind. 

Merritt Whittaker Voris, Craw- 
fordsville, Ind. 

William L A. Beale. A. B., Sprhig 

Lake. Mich. 
Clive Ross Beaty, Mishawaka, Ind. 
Samuel Allen Bouslog, Mfr., Peru, 

Edward Carrington Courtney, 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Arthur Leroy Deniston, Rochester 

Bridge Co., Rochester, Ind. 
William V. Lindner, A. B., Student 

Ohio State University, Columbus, 

Roy Heap McClanahan, BuainaM, 

Sullivan, Ind. 
Walter 8. Reed, A. B., Warsaw, 

Robert D. Schrock, A. B., Prof, in 

High School, Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Frederick Sherman Martin, Stu- 
dent, Darlington, Ind. 


Martin Andersen, Artist, with In- 
diana Electrotype Co., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

tFred Fordlce Ashby, Ladoga, Ind. 

tFranklln Arthur Boulton, Goshen, 

Rush Poors Crawford, Dentist, Sul- 
livan, Ind. 

fRoy S. Edwards, Madison, Ind. 

tS. Eldgar Fleming, Ft. Wayne, 

Lloyd Robert Ireland, Merchant, 
Lafayette, Ind. 

fWarren A. Ruth, Mishawaka, Ind. 

Hugh Monroe Smalts, Salesman, 
48 Leonard St., New York City. 

tWllliam Henry Smith, Advance, 

tJames Zimmerman, Vandalia, HL 


fBruce Franklin Beaty, La Grange, 

Orland Leslie Doster, Student, 

Bloomington, Ind. 



tClarence Boyce Gwynn, Terre 
Haute, Ind. 

tGlenwood Henry, CrawfordavlUe, 

tMarlon Spiiler Leamlner. Goshen. 

tCharles George Miller, Hammond. 

Frank A. Symmes, School Furni- 
ture and Supplies, Jackson Place; 
TVS. 820 Boswell Ave., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

tr.. G. Clifford Freeman, Wayne- 
town, Ind. 

tWIlUam H. Glelser, Montlcello. 

Bert Link Morris, Student, 1587 H 


tin active Chapter, 1905-6. 

B. Mich. Bt, Indianapolis, Ind. 
tJohn R. Rankin, Madison, Z&d. 

tWilliam Bassom, Jr. 
tCUflford Wohl Burkett, Plymouth. 

fWalter William Glpe, 47 Jeflferson 

Ave.. Indianapolis. Ind. 
tHarry Clark Knott. Plymouth. 

tHarry Holmes Leamins. Goshen. 

tWalter Harrison Linn. Mace, Ind. 
tJoseph H. de Lorenxl. Mlshawaka, 

t Walter Wood Sohl. Hammond, 

tJames Carl Stlers. Rushvllle. 



IntfaBapolit, IndUiia 

^Csrrus Nerva Blount, A. B., A. M. 
Died '87, Kokoxno, Ind. 

•Perry Hall, A. B., A. M., Died '62, 


•William Andrew Dixon, M. D. Died 
'00, Ripley, Ohio. 

•Friend Carroll Goodwin, A. B. 
Died, '61, Indianapolis. 

Robs Guffln, A. B., A. M., LL. D., 
Sac and Fox Indian Agency, 
Okla. Ter. 

•David Simeon Rice Kem. Died 
'60 Bedford, Ind. 

William Nlmon Pickerlll, A. B., 
A. M., Attorney, Unity Block; 
res. 1718 Ashland Ave., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 
Irvln Robbins, A. M., Carriage 
Manufacturer, 32 E. Georgria St.; 
res. 12 W. North St., Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 

Preston Archer Davidson. Pewee 

Valley, Ky. 
Charles Frederick Lockwood, A. B., 

A. M., Dealer in School Furniture, 

75 Monroe St., Grand Rapids, 

•Piatt J. Squier, A. B. Killed '62, 

Battle of ShUoh. 


William Henry Brevoort, A. B., A. 
M., Farmer, Vincennes, Ind. 

Addison Clay Harris, B. S., LL. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, 13^ B. Wash- 
ington St.; res. 1414 N. Meridian 
St., Indianapolis. Ind. 

•Alvin Ingals Hobbs, A. B., A. M., 
LL. B., LL.. D. Died, Des Moines, 

•John Tyler Jackson, A. B., A. M. 

Died '70. Indianapolis, Ind. 
•Robert Parish Parker, LL. B. 

Died '79. Indianapolis, Ind. 


•Henry Clay Guffln, A. B., A. M., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Vestal Hadley, A. B., Judge 
Sup. Ct., 1910 N. Alabama, Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. 

•Henry Clay Holbrook, died '67, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Caspar Wlstar McLaucfhlin, Horti- 
culturist, Healdsburg, CaL 


Wickllffe Albert Cotton, A. B., A. 
M.. Attorney, De Witt, Iowa. 

David Marquis Hillis, A. B., A. M., 
Attorney, 140 Dearborn St., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

William Horatio Wiley, A. B., A. 
M., Supt. of Schools, 451 N. 7th 
Street, Terre Haute, Ind. 


•Eidwin Lovel Brevoort. 

John Sanders Duncan, M. S., LL. 

B.. Attorney. 128 E. Washington 

St.; res. 1312 N. Alabama St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
•William J. Elstun, M. D., AflM. 

Mich. A. Died 1900, Washington, 

D. C. 


Henry Harrison Black, A. B., A. 
M., M. D., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

•Jacob Benton Blount, A. B., A. M. 
Died, Tipton. Ind. 

William Webster Butterfleld, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

William Jesse Button, School Book 
Pub. ; res. 5811 Madison Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 





Franklin Columbus Casaell, B. S., 
Banker, Rossville, Ind. 

*John Humboldt Lewis, B. S., Ind., 
Danville, Ind. 

David Utter. B. S., D. D., Unitari- 
an Clereryman, 19th and Broad- 
way, Denver, Col. 

•Marlon Warner Wiley, M. D. Died 
'75, Indianapolis' Ind. 

•Samuel WInfleld, B. S., Chanut<», 

Alexander Craifirmile Ayres, A. B., 

A. ^x.. Attorney, Ind. Trust Bldg., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Henry Clay Cassell, LL. B., AfflL 
111. B, Minister, Boswell, Ind. 

•Jolm Milton Chapman. Died '94, 
South Bend, Inu. 

I^ewis WashinflTton Florea, Attor- 
ney, Sablnah, Tex. 

George Cleveland Florea, Aflll. Ohio 

B, Harrlsburgh, Ind. 

W. P. Stanley, Aflil. Ind. A. 


•Alonzo George Alcott, A. B., A. M. 
^ied, '80, St. Paul. Minn. 

•Austin Council, A. B. Died '71, 
Mankato, Minn. 

Lewis Hawkins GuflOn, Riverside, 

Samuel Quick. Affll. Ind. A, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

•Thomas Wilson Lockhart. A. B., 
A. M., Lebanon, Ind. 

J. Fralse Richard, A. B.. A. M., 
Secretary and Historian. Society 
of the Army of the Ohio. Wash- 
ington. D. C. 

Jonas Stewart, M. D., Affll. Mich. 
A, Physician, Anderson, Ind. 

•Daniel Boone Williams, A. B., A. 
M., M. D. Died '76, Los Angeles, 


Byron Kosciusko Elliott, Affll. Ohio 
A. Indianapolis, Ind., 1785 N. 
Meridian St. 

Benjamin Franklin, Indiana Trust 
Co., 1131 Bellefontane St, In- 

Isaac Madison Kelsey, Attorney, 
Lebanon, Ind. 

James William Lowber, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., LL. D., Clergyman, 
113 B. 18th St.. Austin. Tex. 

James Madison Monroe, A. M., 
Clergyman, Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Oklahoma Christian 
Church. Oklahoma City, Okla. 

John Alexander Roberts. B. 8., 
Chris. Clerg.. 5624 University 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Quincy Thomas. A. B., A. M.. 
Ll.. B., Attorney. RushviUe. Ind. 

Samuel isSvans Young. Attorney, 
Salem, Ohio. 


•John Ellis Cliffora. Died. 'OS, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Walter Raleigh Couch, Chris. 
Clerg.. Greenwood, Ind. 

George Henry Gifford, A. B., Affll. 
Ind. A, Attorney, Tipton, Ind. 

William Irelan, A. B.. A. M., Chris. 
Clergy., 1424 Lincoln Street, To- 
peka, Kan. 

James Chesley Norrls, Traveling 
Salesman. 21 West Maryland St; 
res. 521 E. 11th St, Indianapo- 
lis. Ind. 

Curtis Henry Remy. A. B.. Law- 
yer, 135 Adams St, Chicago; 
residence, Evanston, IlL 

John Randolph Spears, Author and 
Journalist, Northwood, N. Y. 


Josiah Byron Dill, President, Spe- 
cialty Mfg. Co., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Gifford Horace Greeley McQrew. A 
M., Assistant Recorder. Univer- 
sity of California; res. 2617 
HiUegass Ave., Berkeley, CaL 

Taylor Peterson, Attorney, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Allen Benton Thrasher. A. B.. A. 
M. D.. Physician, Clnolnnati, 
Ohio, 7th and Race St 

Walter Scott Tingley, A. B., A. M., 
M. D., Physician, 809% Upper 
Second St., Evansville, Ind. 

•Lineus Lowell Barbour, A. B. 
Died '76. Indianapolis, Ind. 



James Harrison Bdwards, Cbrla. 
C3emr., New Castle, Ind. 

Thomas Smith Graves, A. B., Brok- 
er, 611 N. New Jersey St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Wiley Marts, Clergyman; 
res. 832 Udell St., Indianapolis, 

John Henry Rohrer, Farmer, Lo- 
gansport, Ind. 

John Newton Swlnford, Carpenter, 
Paxton, IlL 

John Robert Tomllnson, Farmer, 
Falrland, Ind. 

Roy Cluke White, B. S., Clerk of 
the Madison County Circuit 
Court, Richmond, Ky. 

WlUiam Oscar Bates. Affll. N. Y. 

A, Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Milton Breese, Attorney, 747 

B. 9th Street. Salt Lake, Utah. 
•Edwards Everts, M. D. Died, '01, 

Alameda, CaL 

James Madison Fry, Attorney, 
Knightstown, Ind. 

George Mason Royce, Christian 
Clergy., Chicago, HL 

Wnilam Taylor Sellers, B. S., 
Chris. Clergy., Cap. Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Samuel Joseph Tomllnson, A. B., 
Christian Clergy., Fsirland, Ind. 


•Robert Silas Blount, A. B., A. M., 
Died '83, Irvlngton, Ind. 

*Alonso Marlon Lyster, A. B. Died 
'76, Thomtown, Ind. 

Wlnfleld Scott Moffett, A. B., At- 
torn '^y, 6521 EL Washington St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

*James Lamon Parsons, Clergy- 
man, died 1902, Indianapolis, 

Ellas Fenelon Taylor, Aflll. Ind. B, 
Superintendent of Schools, Rut- 
ledge, Tenn. 

•John Rea Woodward, A. B., A. M., 
LX.. D. Died '79, New Castle, 


Henry Clay Barr, FiBtrmer, Bruce- 
vlUe, Indiana. 

Elvis Scott Booe, Affll. Ind. B, 
Kingman, Ind. 

John Thomas Burton, B. 8., M. 8., 
Real ESstate, 911 Union Street, 
Emporia, Kan. 

Samuel Bums E3ward, Attorney, 
212 N. Franklin Street, Greens- 
burgh, Indiana. 

Uicklln Jackson Landers, B. 8., N. 
Penn St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

William David Lemen, Lumber- 
man, Blcknell, Ind. 

William Thomas Mason, Lumber- 
man, Ashevllle, N. C. 

*Lafayette Harlan Reynolds, A. B., 
A. M., LL. B. Died '91, Green- 
field, Ind. 

^Eugene Harland Warner. Died 
'79, Bridgeport, IlL 


William Melville Croan, Prof., An- 
derson, Indiana. 

Edward Austin Frasee, Farmer, R. 
R. 29, Glenwood, Ind. 

Albert Bayard Kirkpatrick, B. S., 
LL. B., Attorney, Kokomo, Indi- 

Daniel Henry Patterson, Christian 
Clergy, Orange, Ind. 


Albert Frederick Armstrong, A. M., 
A. B., Waco, Texas. 

Demarchus Ciariton Brown, Irvlng- 
ton, Ind. 

Martin Luther Cromer, A. B., AssU 
Postmaster, Anderson, Ind. 

Calvin William Granger, Real Es- 
tate, 170 E^ast Maple Street, No- 
blesville, Ind. 

Albert Bryant Lewis, A. B., A. M., 
M. D., Physician, Hamilton, Kan. 

Riley Sylvester Lycan, M. D.. Phy- 
sician, 206 S. Main Street, Paris, 



William Alexander Black, Ph. B., 

Merchant, Seneca, Mo. 
Hilton Ukimus Brown, A. B., A. 

M., General Manager Indianapo' 

lU New9, 5087 B. Washington St. 
Wilbur Dudley Campbell, 810 Al- 

varado St., Los Angeles, Cal. 



Henry Close Montgomery, Affll. Ind. 
E, Sesrmour, Ind. 

Luclen Daniel Campbell, M. D., 

Physician, Denver, Col. 
Ira Washington Christian, B. L., 

LL. B.. Judge, Noblesville, Ind. 
•Walter Mkynard Floyd. A. B.. 

LL. B. Died '8;^, Indianapolis. 

Ix>ni Cory don Hoss, A. B., Koko- 

mo, Ind. 
Edward Augustus Lockwood, Ekll- 

tor, Batavla, Ohio. 
•Samuel Knox Powell, Bentonvllle, 

•Leland Sulgrove. Died '85, Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. 


Arthur Eyman Anderson. Affll. Neb. 
A. Charlestown. 111. 

Charles David fBowles, Farmer, 
Delphos, Iowa. 

Isaac Joel Conklln, Belle Center. 

Charles Shepard Cospor, A. B., LX.. 
B., Stockman, Sprlngdale, Kan. 

Clarence LaRue Goodwin, Affll. 
Ind. A, Vice-President, Indiana 
Voneer & Lumber Co., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 


William Roscoe Blair, Frederick- 
town, Ohio. 

Lewis Clark Breeden, A. B.. Edi- 
tor, Lewiston, 111. 

Thomas Medary Iden, Ph. D., Ph. 
M., Prof, of Chemistry and Phy- 
sics; res. 702 Merchant St., Em- 
poria, Kan. 

•John Branson Lenders. Died '8ft, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Baldwin Long, M. D., Physi- 
cian, 760 W. N. Y. St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Clarence Wickllffe Marshall. Sales- 
man, L. S. McKalllps & Co., 
Pittsburg. Pa, 

•Charles D. Moore, M. D. Died 
'90. Des Moines. Iowa. 

Martin Andrew Morrison, A. M., 
LL. B., Attorney; res. 206 W. 
Green St., Frankfort. Ind. 


Sherman Town Burgess. A. B.. 
Sun Prairie. Wis. 

John M. Goodwin. Affll. Ind. Z, 
Des Moines. Iowa. 

Lot Dickson Guffln, A. B., Secre- 
tary, Parry Mfg. Co. ; res. Colum- 
bia Club, Indianapolis. Ind. 

Oliver Perry Morton Hubbard. 

•John Bugher Kuhns. A. B.. Lum- 
ber Mfr., died Jan. 2. 1906. 
Greensburg, Pa. 

Thompson Keever Maines, Trader 
Point, Ind. 

Robert Sellers, A. B., Clergyman. 
1602 W. B., El wood. Ind. 


Job Harrlman. Attorney, 619 Citi- 
zens' National Bank Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

John Arthur Kautz. A. M., Edi- 
tor and Proprietor, Kokomo Trih- 
une^ Kokomo, Ind. 

Oliver Clarence Norris. Mfr.. Rush- 
vllle, Ind. 

Oran Meonidas Prultt. A. M.. Presi- 
dent and Treasurer, Indiana Ve- 
neer and Lumber Co., 1101 E. 
23rd St.; res. 1904 Ashland Ave.. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Bright Vawter, Merchant, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Robert Bracken, Banker. Frank- 
fort, Ind. 

Charles Sadler Darrach. Supt. 
Freight Trafflc, St. L. and B. 
Ry., 3d Broadway. B. St. Louis. 


Clifton Luther Donnell. M. D.. 
Physician. 936 N. 8tb St.. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Charles Callahan Riley, M. D., 
Superintendent Transportation. 
Erie R. R., Jersey City. N. J.; 
res. 113 Westervelt Place, Pas- 
saic, N. J. 

Earle Marlon Todd. Des Moines. 

William McVeigh Wright. M. D., 
WlUoughby Bldg.. Indianapolis. 




Horace Ellis. A. B., A. M., Affll. 
Ind. A, President of Vlncennes 
University, Vlncennes, Ind. 

Frederick RoUin Kautx, A. B., A. 
M.. Badger Furniture Co., 1709 
Talbotte Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 


William Wilson Buchanan, A. B., 
Bowen Merrill Co., 2102 N. Dela- 
ware St., Indianapolis. 

*01iver Morton Eleason. Died 1895, 
Centerville, Ind. 

Baton Andrew Gon^rwer, A. B., Of- 
fice of the Comptroller of the 
Treasury; res. 1320 Riggs Bt., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

John Deem Fall, Cleveland, Ohio. 

John Franklin Kerlin, Assistant 
Sales Manager, National Carbon 
Co., Lock Drawer L., Cleveland, 

Hugh Thomas Miller, A. M., Vice 
President, Irwin's Bank, Colum- 
bus, Ind. 

John Campbell Morrison, A. B., 
Attorney, Houston, Texas. 

William Howe Baldridge, xOlS 

Whitehall Bldg., New York City. 
Franklin McLean Qilcrest, Manrs- 

ville. Ohio. 
William Herbert Graffls, Ph. B., 

Journalist, 713 Baltimore Bids, 

Chicago, 111. 
John Washington Taylor, Ch. 

Clergyman, Louisville, Ky. 


Benjamin Marshall Davis, B. S., 
M. S., Professor Biology, Cal. St. 
Nor. School, Los Angeles, Cal. 

George Burgess Davis, LL. B., 
Banker. North Salem, Ind. 

Otis Webster Green, B. S., Drug- 
gist, 2116 Central Ave., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

X^z Noble, A. B., with Bobbs- 
Merrill Co., 66 The Blacheme, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Le Courcy De Haas, A. B., 
Attorney, 784 Lemcke Bldg., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Otto Parvin Dillon, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Rushville, Ind. 

John William Fulwider, Civil En- 
gineer, 904 Jameson St., Lebanon, 

Jesse Hawley Mavlty, A. B., B. S.. 
Clergyman, Farmersburg, Ind. 

William Grant McColley, A. B., 
AfRl. Ind S, Christian Clergyman. 
Pontiac, 111. 

Luther Elmer Sellers, A. B.. Affll. 
Ind. A, Clergyman, 639 Mulberry 
St.; res. 434 N. Sixth St., Terre 
Haute, Ind. 


Bowen Carr Bowell, Physician, La 
Porte, Ind. 

•Reed Carr. Died 1899, Leipsic, 

V Ictor Walter Conner, Abstracter, 
The Greeley Abstract Co.; res. 
1322 Ninth St., Greeley, Colo. 

Robert Franklin Davidson, B. S.. 
A. B., A. M., LL. B., Attorney, 
1030 Lemcke Bldg., Indianapolis. 

Lewis Franklin Huadleston, Stock- 
man, Winamac, Ind. 

William Franklin Lacy, Merchant, 
NoblesviUe, Ind. 

Alfred Lauter, Supt. of Furniture 
Factory; res. 654 E. 21st St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

•Avery Anderson Williams. Died 
1894, Wabash, Ind. 


John D. Minnlck, Teacher, 172 W. 
89th St., New York City, N. Y. 

Frank Ford Williams, A. B., Cash- 
ier Wabash Water Co., 28 West 
Hill St., Wabash, Ind. 


Charles Ellsworth Baker; A. B., 
City Clerk, 1107 South Lamlne 
Ave., Sedalla, Mo. 

Charles Deem Fall, Wabash, Ind. 

James Atwell Lucas, Banker, 
Frankfort, Ind. 

Fred Paddock Robinson. 2518 Belle- 
fountain St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Aaolph Schmuck, Eiditor, Indian- 
apolis News; res. 2503 N. Dela- 
ware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 




George WllBon Hoke, A. B., Ph. B., 
Ph. M., ProfeMor Natural HIb- 
tory, Miami Unlveraity, Oxford, 


Arthur Bllm Carpenter. A. B., 
Photographer. Wabash. Ind. 

Robert Lowry Moorhead, Manaiper. 
Bobbs-MerriU Co.. 6528 Julian 
Av., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Jesse Benton Williams. IC D., Wa- 
bash. Ind. 

George Gould Wright. A. B.. Mon- 
roe. Wis. 


•Willis Marvin Blount, A. B.. A. -L 
Died 1904. Ontario. CaL 

Frank Thurman Brown, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 731 Law Bldg., In- 
dianapolis. Ind. 

Robert Alexander Bull, A. B.. 
Superintendent, Commonwealth 
Steel Co., Granite City. 111. 

Harry Burton Canaday. Anderson. 

Armstrong Brandon Clarke. Coal 
Operator, 60« North Seventh St.. 
Vincennes, Ind. 

Robert Sanford Foster, Planing 
Mill and Lumber Yard, 802 N. 
Senate Ave.; res. 1414 N. Penn- 
sylvania Ave., Indianapolis, Ind, 

•Herbert Edwin Goe. Died 1903. 
Sault Ste. Marie. Ont. 

Charles Rollin Hudson. A. B., Ch. 
Clergyman. Frankfort, Ky. 

John Thomas Lister. Teacher, Mor- 
gan Park, 111. 

Frank Clift Olive, A. B.. LL. B., 
Attorney, 823 State Life Bldg.; 
res. 30 The Emelie, Indianapolis, 

Thomas Roerty Shipp. Secretary 
to Senator A. J. Beveridge, 19 
Irvington lAve.. Indianapolis, 


Virgil Sydney Dalnrmple, Teacher, 
South Ritter Ave., Indianapolis. 

I>avid Rioch, A. B., Missionary. C. 
P., India. Damoh, Central Prov- 

StaUo Vinton. A. M.. LL. B.. AfflL 
N. Y. A. Lawyer. 60 Wall St.; 
res. 2528 Broadway, New York 

Albert Luther Ward. A. B., Minis- 
ter, St. James Street Church of 
Christ. 18 Rockland St.. Roxbury 
Boston. Mass. 


Robert Wilson Hobbs, A. B., LL. 
B.. JoumaUst. 1909 North New 
Jersey St.. Indianapolis. Ind. 

Aubrey Leaton Loop. M. D., Phy- 
sician, E«conomy. Ind. 


Lawrence Bowen Davis, LI^. B.. 
Attorney, 607 Commercial Club 
Bldg.; res. 842 Broadway. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

•Vem George Myers. Died 1903, 
Hillsdale. Mich. 

John Milton Cunningham. A B., 
M. D.. Physician. 812 W. 2l8t 
St.; res. 2226 N. Illinois St.. In- 
dianapolis. Ind. 

Harvey Joseph Hadley. M. D., 
Physician. 1047 Virginia Ave.. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Almon Albert Qaleton Mace, B. B., 
Farmer, Lexington. Ind. 

Carl Williamson McGaughey. A. B.. 
M. D., Physician, Secretary, Ma- 
rion County Board of Health, 
1204 E. Tenth St.; res. 1218 Bel- 
fontaine St.. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Pierre Askren Van Sickle. A. B., 
Farmer, Juliet ta. Ind. 

Herbert Keaton Wiley. Mfr.. 1108 
Troost Ave.. Kansas City. Mo. 


Wesley Harry Adklnson, LL. B.. 
The Arlington, Indianapolis. Ind. 

Fassett Allen Cotton, A. B.. Ph. K.. 
LL. D.. State Supt. of Public 
Instruction, State House. Indi- 
anapolis. Ind. 

William Raymond Longley. S. M.. 
Ph. D., Teacher. 94 B. Maple 
Ave., Noblesvllle, Ind. 

Walter Archibald Lybrand. Ph. R. 
Affll. HI. B, Lawyer, 1688 Tribune 
Bldg., Chicago, m. 



Bradford Todd Wheatcraft, Teach- 
er, Greenwood, Ind. 


James Lauer Baldwin, Irvlnirton, 

Harry Howard Helnrlch8, IC D., 
Physician. 501 ^ N. Noble St.. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Samuel Wallace Moore, 1132 South 
Flower St., Los Anflreles, CaL 

•Wayne Dee Parker, A. B., Ph. B. 
Died m New York City, Feb. 87, 1006. 

James Licslie Anthony, Student, 

1607 Ck>lleffe Ave., Indianapolis, 

Clen !>. Hunt, Bookkeeper, Bank, 

Brown sburflT, Ind. 
Charles Foster McElroy, A. B., A. 

M., Law Student, University of 

Chicago); res. 6019 Monroe Ave., 

Chicasro, ni. 
Guy Murray, Student, Peru, Ind. 
Albert Seaton, Physician, National 

Military Home, Marion, Ind. 

William DiUon Hacker, D. D. S., 
Dentist, Willouarhby Bldg., 17 
Woodruff Place, Indianapolis, 

Paul Murray, Professor, University 

or Arizona, Tucson, Arls. 
Robert Tomllnson, Irvington, Ind. 


Edwin Stanton Brown, Student 
2247 North Pennsylvania St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

tHomer Livingston Cook, County 
Supt. Schools, Room 67, Court 
House, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Qeorgre Ade Davis, A. B., Affll. Ind. 
e, Kentland, Ind. 

fOscar Wesley Edwards, Student, 
Bedford, Ind. 

tRobert Hite E^ert, Student, Mar- 

* tinsviUe, Ind. 

tGeor^e Paul Guffln. Student, Rush- 
viUe, Ind. 

tJohn Lehman Kingsbury, Student, 
Irvinffton, Ind. 

tGeorge Franklin Owens, Student, 
5U2 East Liberty St., Ann Arbor, 

tDemarchus Hannah Brown, Stu- 
dent, comer Emerson and Wash- 
ington Sts., Indianapolis, Ind. 
tCharles Henry Harvey Emrich, 
care of Art Students' League, 
215 W. 57 St., New York City. 
tHerbert Meade Hockman, Clerk, 
T. S. and L. & W., Frankfort, 

tZacharlah Chandler Sanderson, 
Student, National Military Home, 
Marion, Ind. 

tWllllam Edgar Wheaton, Student, 
Putnam, Conn. 

tJohn Sherman Williams, Wabash, 


tLouis Jackson Bohnstadt, Stu- 
dent, Indianapolis, Ind. 

tPaul Derbin Christian, Student, 
Noblesville, Ind. 

tOatley B. Cockrum, 1412 N. Ala- 
bama St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

fAlbert Frederick Kraemer, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

tlrwln Wright Cotton, Student, 
1416 North New Jersey St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

tQarfleld J. PhilUps, Student, Sellns 
Grove, Pa. 

tEarl Frank Riddle, Indianapolis. 

fJulius Ross Tracy, Student, Md. 
College, Anderson, Ind. 

tMorton Jacob Traub, Indianapolis, 

tGeorge E. Weber, Greenfield, Ind. 


fFrank Bymer Davenport, Student, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

tChester Dwlnnell Elliott, Student, 
111 Fredonla Ave., Peoria, HI. 

fLawrence Freeman, Student, 5451 
University Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

fThomas Anderson Hendricks, Stu- 
dent, Martinsville, Ind. 

tJames Lee Murray, Student, 244 
South Rltter Ave., Indianapolis. 

tin active chapter, 1906-1906. 


FrankUn, IdAmm 


•William Steele Holman. Died 1897. 
Waahlnffton, D. C 

•Cmablanca Byfleld, A. B., A. M., 
died 1888, Indianapolis, Ind. 

George Washinffton Orubbs, A. B., 
A. M„ Attorney, Martinsville, Ind. 

•Thomas Jefferson Morgan, A. B., 
LX.. D., B. D., D. D. Died 1902, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

William Taylor Stott, A. B., A. M., 
DD., LL. D., President Emeri- 
tus Franklin College, Franklin, 


Lorenio Wellington Billingsley, A. 
B., A. M., UL*. B., 509 South 11th 
St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Joseph Leman Harris. 


George Nelson Hawley, A. B., 
Music, 824 North Main St., Mon- 
mouth, IlL 

Joseph Kerr Howard, A. B., A. M., 
Clergyman, 817 W. 81st St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

^Charles Henry Johnson, A. B. 
Died 1884, Garretsville, Ohio. 

Gilbert EUis BaUey, M. B., B. S., 
A. M., Ph. D. 

Jessie Conner Comstock, Hard- 
ware, Noblesvllle, Ind. 

John Milton Daniel, A. B., A. M. 

Henry Eitel, Banker, 1805 North 
Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Francis Marion GrifRth, Attorney, 
Vevay, Ind. 

Columbus Horatio Hall, A. B., A. 
M., B. D., D. D., Vice-President 
Franklin College, Professor 
Greek, Franklin, Ind. 

Homer John Hall, M. B. D., M. D., 
Phsrslcian and Surgeon, 299 B. 
Jefferson St.; res. 285 Jefferson 
St., Fninklin, Ind. 

^Genio Madison Lamberton, A. M., 

A. B. Died 1902. Lincoln, Neb. 
John Wildman Moncrief, A. B., D. 

D., Professor of Church History, 
University of Chicago; res. 5717 
Monroe Ave., Chicago, HL 

^Frederick Benoit O'Neal, M. D., 
Physician, died 1880, Vevay, Ind. 

^Samuel Richards. Died in Ger- 
many, 1891. 

David Edward Stoner, Attorney, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

William Robert Wyckoff, Fruit 
Grower, Southport, Ind. 


^Gaddls Herman Eilgin, A. B., B. 

D., A. M.. D. D. Died Southport, 

Ind., 1890. 
Levi Butler HiU, M. D., Physician, 

Seymour Ind. 
*Henry Seldon Hitchcock. Died 

1887, Chicago, IlL 
*Samuel Livingston Oventreet. 

Died 1899, Guthrie, Okla. 
George Banta, Affll. Ind. A, State 

Agent Phenix Fire Ins. Co., 

Printing and Publishing, Mena- 

sha. Wis. 
Hubert Hartley BlrdsalL 
Theophllus Crosby Donnell, IC D., 

Long Beach, CaL 
Charles Curtis Edwards, A. M., D. 

D., Minister, Moore's Hill, Ind. 
William Vestal Coffin, A. B., M. 

D., Supt. St. School for Boys. 

Whittier, Cal. 
John Riley Edwards, A. B., A. M., 

B. D., Minister, Anthony, Kan. 




•Clement Hall, A. B., A. M., B. D., 
MlnlBter. Died 1902, Peru, Ind. 

liahlon Carlton Haworth, Physi- 
cian, Noblesville, Ind. 

Arthur Curtis Rogers, M. D., LT^ 
D., Superintendent and Physi- 
cian, School for Feeble Minded, 
Faribault, Blinn. 

Wilson Hobbs Towell, FBtrmer, 
R. F. D. No. 1, Kinsman, Ind. 

•Joseph Bdgar Applegate. Died 
1880, Mount Carmel, Ind. 

John Jones Ballard, FeLrmer,Worth- 
ington, Ind. 

David Strowd Burson. 

George Linas Cates, President 
Union National Bank, Richmond, 
Ind., 816 North 11th St. 

LiUther Urbane Downey, Attorney, 
Qosport, Ind. 

•Charles Thomas Holt. Died 1901, 
Haw River, N. C 

John Clarence Kelley, M. D., Mit- 
chell, Ind. 

•Lawrence McNutt, Physician. 
Died 1884, Jefferson, Ind. 

William Hodgson Nelson, D. P. S., 
Real Estate, Arkansas City, Ark. 

David Allen Owen, A. B., A. M., 
Professor Biology, Franklin, Ind. 

Byram Caldwell Bobbins, 29 State 
St., Detroit, Mich. 

Thomas Edgar Taylor, Farmer, 
R. F. D. No. 2, Box 3, Morgan- 
field, Ky. 

William Jenkins Thompson, Farm- 
er, Jamaica, Iowa. 

•James Lydall Williams, A. B. 
Died 1885 Lucia, N. C. 

Oliver Russell Wood, LL. B., 1200 
Market St., Wheeling, W. Va. 


Martin Brachall Bailey, LL. B., LL. 

M., Attorney, 803 Oak St., Dan- 

viUe. m. 
Mignon Boas, Hope, Ind. 
Richard Arbuthnot Jackson, Afill. 

Va. B. First Vice-Pres. C, R. I. 

& P. Ry., Chicago, ni. 
Orion Fremont Lambertson, D. D. 

S., Dentist, 1205 O St., Lincoln, 

•Calvin McCormick, A. B., A. M. 

Died 1890, Mattoon, HL 

John Franklin MoCray, Attorney, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
James Lawrence Matthews, A. B., 

A. M., B. D., Clergjrman, Del 

Rey, Cal. 
Charles F. Moffltt, B. S., President, 

Bee Hive Paper Box Co., «>15 

So. Delaware St.; res. 2522 

Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 
•Edwin Shelby Palmer, LL. B. 

Died 1881, Boulder, Colo. 
•Joseph Collins Smith. Died 1888, 

Franklin, Ind. 

Charles Boaz, A. B., A. M.. M. D., 

Physician, 1616 Broadway; reH. 

2913 Western Ave., Mattoon, 111. 
Evan Allen Bonham, Insurance, 

State Life Bldg., Indianapolis, 

Morris Exum Cox., B. S. 
Herschell Isaac Fisher, Physician 

and Surgeon. 
John William Fonner, Farmer, Box 

35, R. F. D. No. 1, Decatur, Ind. 
Sumner Watson Hajmes, LL. B., 

Attorney, Portland. Ind. 
•Robert Nelson Holt. Died 1894, 

Huntington, Ind. 
James William Johnson, Attorney, 

Marion, S. C. 
John Albert Thompson, B. S., M. 

D., Physician, 628 Elm St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 
James Walter Wallace, 7327 Marl- 

ette, Maplewood, Mo. 
•Charles Banta, A. B., Affll. Ind. 

A. Died at Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 
Aug. 15, 1897. 

•James Milton Brown. Died Green- 
castle, Ind. 

William Guy Day, Indianapolis, 

James William Daugherty, Elixa- 
bethtown, Ind. 

Malcolm Jackson, LL. B., Afill. Va. 

B, Lawyer, Charleston, W. Va. 
John Simeon Mugg, Farmer, A. B., 

A. M., Dinuba, Colo. 
•John Thomas Parr. Died 1879, 

Franklin, Ind. 
John Miller Roseberry, Mining and 

Agricultural Business, Myton, 

Wasatch Co., Utah. 



Edward Luther Stevenson, A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D., Professor History. 
Rutgers College, New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. 


John Ellhu Coffin, B. S. 

James B. Thomas. A. M.. Clergy- 
man, Rivera, Cal. 

•Harry Ellis Wlshard, killed 1885. 
LJttle Dry Creek, N. M. 


•Prank Ben Day, A. B., M. D. 
Died 1891, Wlnfleld, Kan. 

•Eugc?ne Hall, Portrait Painter. 

•Alfred Moore Jelleff. Died 1896, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Eildon Frank Jones, Druggist, Fow- 
ler, Ind. 

Elmer Ellsworth Stevenson, A. B., 
A. M.. Attorney, Indianapolis. 

•Enoch Hans Sweet, A. B.. Cler- 
gyman, died 1905, Fullerton, CaL 

Richard Maize Thomas. M. D., 
Physician, Greensburg. Ind. 


Robert Allen Brown, Clerk of Su- 
preme and Appellate Courts, 
Room 17, State House; res. 1407 
Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

•Charles Julian Crane, Railroad 
Business, Indianapolis. Ind. 

William MltcheU Kemp. Stationery, 
218 Pierre St.. Pierre. S. D. 

Robert Sellers. Minister, Greencas- 
tle, Ind. 

Sanford Perry Smith, A. B., Ver- 
sailles, Mo. 

•William Wallace Smith. Died 
January. 1906, Franklin, Ind. 

Samuel Hill Thompson, A. B., A. 
M., Minister, Author and Leo- 
turer, Bluefleld, W. Va. 


Edward Jackson Beardsley, M. D., 
Decatur, Ind. 

Wesley Elgin, F&xmer. Claysville, 
Washington County. Ind. 

•Virgil Homer Harper. Died 1900, 
Warsaw, Ind. 

Lemuel Jefferson Hawkins, Green- 
ville, Tenn. 

Elmer Bniswortli Israfll, Dentist, 

Hope, Ind. 
•Edward Forest White. Died 1901, 

Franklin, Ind. 


Joseph Birdsall Banker, B. D., Iflf 
High St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

•Henry Newton Gant, B. 8., Real 
EUitate. died 1904. Columbus, Ind. 

Clarence Irwin Hutchinson, Mod- 
ford, Ore. 

John Purviance Kenower, Lumber, 
Huntington, Ind. 

William Grant Olwln, Manager In- 
ter-State Telephone Co., 117 So. 
Jefferson Ave.; res. 1019 Perry 
Ave., Peoria, HL 


Casslus Morton Carter, A. B., A. 
M.. D. D., Minister. 411 S. Jef- 
ferson St., Muncie, Ind. 

William Feathemgill. LL. B., At- 
torney, Franklin, Ind. 

William Alvarado Halteman, Mine 
Operator, Care Meteor Mine, Me- 
teor, Wash. 

Grafton Johnson, R 8., Banker and 
Manufacturer, Greenwood, Ind. 

Morton Combs Long, Presbyterian 
Clergyman, Waverly, lowm. 

•Charles Spenser McCoy, A. B., A. 
M.. LL. B., LL. M., Attorney. 
Died 1904, Jacksonville, Vis. 

Ulysses 8. Martin, B. F. D. No. 8, 
Greensburg, Ind. 

Thomas B. Noble, Physician, fit- 
dlanapolis, Ind. 

James Thomas Cotton Noe, A. B., 
A. M., Professor of Wkigllsh, De- 
partment of Pedagogy, State Col- 
lege of Kentucky; 211 W. Max- 
well St.. Lezinffton, Kj. 

Egbert J. Stalker, Banker, Bedf6rd, 

William Thomas Van CteftTSb A, B., 
A. M.. 108 Bast Fourth St., Santa 
Ana, CaL 

Charles Elmer Goedell, A.B., A. IL, 
Professor History, Dennlson Uni- 
versity, GranvUle, Ohio. 

Chesley Holmes, A. B., A. IL, 
Teacher, Vernon, Ind. 



James Lincoln IfoCormlck, Flurmer, 

Oakland, Ind. 
Grant Reginald Norman, Letter 

Carrier, Martinsville, Ind. 
Liewls Orlando StleninflTf A. B., A. 

M., Clergyman, 22 Drexel Ave., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

James W. Fesler, Attorney, A. B., 

822 Fletcher Ave., Indianapolis, 

Elmon McLean Fisher, A. B., A. 

M., Merchant, UrmeyvUle. Ind. 
Wilhur Winter Israel, A. R, At- 
torney, ShelbyvUle, Ind. 
^Charles Spurgeon Keith. Died 

1887 Wichita, Kan. 
Jasper W. La Orange, Treasurer 

Indiana State Board of Agrionl- 

ture, Franklin, Ind. 
Robert William Wilson, Real Bs- 

tate, Franklin, Ind. 

Arthur Allen Alexander, B. 8., 

Banker, Franklin, Ind. 
Harry Montford Bell, A. B., Baptist 

Clergyman, West La Fayette, 

James Virgil Deere, A. B., A. IC, 

Breeder of Fish, Franklin, Ind. 
William Grant McColley, Affll. Ind. 

r. Christian Clergsrman, Pontiac, 


Heber Lemuel Menaugh, B. 8., Sa- 
lem, Ind. 

Oscar Voorhees Nay, A. B., Auditor 
Johnson County, Franklin, Ind. 

Albert AchlUes Ogle, Physician, 
118 Woodruff Place, Indianapolis. 

Alonxo Rosecranz Stark, A. B., 40 
North Oakland Square, Pittsburg, 


Allen Walter Claric, President Kin- 
loch Paint Co., Khiloch BIdg., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles Madison Curry, A. B., A. 
M., Professor Literature, Indiana 
State Normal, 1004 Sixth Ave., 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

Henry Caleb Dixon, Sc. B., Sa M., 
Principal, Classic and Scientlflo 

Institute, Box 631, Mount Pleas- 
ant, Pa. 

Maurice Douglass, Stock Raiser, 
Hope, Ind. 

Clarence Province, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, Franklin, Ind. 

Charles Dudley Ransdell, Commer- 
cial Traveler, Council Bluffs, la. 

Ira Elder Vandlvier, Farmer, 
Franklin, Ind. 

John Clarence Williams, Journal- 
ist, Anderson, Ind. 


Elba Lloyd Branigln, A. B., A. M., 
Attorney, Franklin, Ind. 

•Edward Smith Brown. Died 1888, 
Hopewell, Ind. 

William Province Garshwiler, A. 
B.. A. M., Physician, 160 E. Mar- 
ket St., Indianapolis. Ind. 

•Charles G. Hartsock. Died in 

Francis Grant Howard, Clergy- 
man, Kewanna, Ind. 

Thomas Jacob Leach, Physician, 
Hartford City, Ind. 

Ulysses Lincoln Montgomery, Min- 
ister, 319 West Michigan St, La 
Grange, Ind. 

Alva Otis Neal, B. S., M. S., Supt. 
City Schools, Madison, Ind. 

Jay Curtis Smith. A. M., Editor, 
108 W. Second St., Sejrmour, Ind. 

Robert Daniel Trick, Ph. B., Ph. 
M., Clergsrman, 535 Pollock Ave., 
Monongahela, Pa. 


Charles Cummings Collins, A. B., 
LL. B., AfflL Mo. r. Lawyer, Mis- 
souri Trust Bldg.; res. 20 Lenox 
Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Daniel Grant Dunkin, B. A., Cler- 
gyman, Hope, Ind. 

James Henderson, Shoe Dealer, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Richard A. Jackson, Attorney, 
Richmond, Ind. 

Roscoe W. Pajme, A. B., A. M., M. 
D.. Physician, Franklin, Ind. 

•Henry Wilbur Taylor, Student. 
Died 1891, Banta, Ind. 

•William Harvey Taylor. Died 
Banta, Ind. 



Gilbert Beech Van Vleet, Clerk 
Johnson Ck>., Franklin, Ind. 

Otis William Caldwell. B. 8., Ph. 
D., Professor Biology, State Nor- 
mal, Charleston, 111. 
Herbert George Copp, MoUne, HL 
Aura Theodore Covert, Dentist, 
Long Beach, Cal. 


Samuel Omar Duncan, Physician, 
Swayzee, Ind. 

James Wesley Graves, A. B., Cler- 
gryinan, 216 Seminary St., Du- 
buque, Iowa. 

Henry Harrison Harbaugh, Rail- 
way Biall Service, 811 West 11th 
St., Mason City, Iowa. 

Bldo Lewis Hendricks, A. B., A. 
M., Supt. Schools, Delphi, Ind. 

Arthur Hleronsrmus, A. B., IC D., 
Physician, 1111 Santa Clara Ave.. 
Alcmeter, Cal. 

Joseph Ulysses Jones, B. S., Inter- 
nal Revenue Service, 832 Udell 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edward Daniel McColley, Mer- 
chant, Lebanon, Ind. 

Edgar Menderhall, County Supt. 
Decatur County, Greensburg, Ind. 

William Clifford Monroe, A. B., 
Clergyman, Waldron, Ind. 

Benjamin Sheeks Murray, Hard- 
ware, 418 Elliott St., Olney, lU. 

Charles Leslie Overstreet, A. B., 
Minister, Charleston, 111. 

Charles Florence Patterson, Super- 
intendent of Schools, and Asso- 
ciate Editor of the Educator 
Journal, Tipton, Ind. 

^Preston Albert Reynolds. Died 
1898, Franklin, Ind. 

Ora C. Wright, B. 8., A. B., A. M., 
Baptist Clergyman. 255 E. Ninth 
St., Eugene, Ore. 


Elmer Edward Dunlap, Architect, 
Columbus, Ind. 

Frank F. Martin, Treas. Indiana 
Trust Co.; res. 1121 N. New Jer- 
sey St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Harry Jackson Martin, Postmaster, 
Franklin, Ind* 

Hugh Albert Payne, Merohaiit, 

Franklin, Ind. 
Leland Chester Payne, B. 8., 

Franklin, Ind. 
*Otho Jackson Redmon, died IJOI, 

Lewlston, Idaho. 
Fred Roger Owens, A. B., LL. B., 

Attorney, Franklin, Ind. 
George Ivan White, Attomflj, 

Franklin, Ind. 
Ernest Paul Wiles, Assistant Pro- 
fessor Bible DepL, Ann Arbor, 

Harrison Washington Wrigbt, Fliy- 

slcian, 407 Mulberry St., Ottaiva* 



Eman Lycurgus Beck, Banker, 
Calle Liverpool, City of Mexico 
Banking Co., Mexico City, Mexi- 

Alonio Carroll Burton, Vine Grore^ 

Jesse Lee Burton, Fanner, Mit- 
chell, Ind. 

Ivory Jay Drybread, Attorney, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Ernest Layman, Physician, Terre 
Haute, Ind. 

Edward L. Middleton, Attorney, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Carl Wlllard White, Fkunklin, Ind. 

•Walter Payne White, A. B. Dtod 
1904, Lincoln, Neb. 


Jesse Albert Hockersmith. 

Robert Boyden McAIplne, A. M., 
M. D., Physician, Nineveh, Ind. 

William Judson Martin, TlxjwMuk, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Parley W. Monroe, A. B., M. D., 
Springfield, IlL 

Ernest Levering Moore, A. B., 
Fire Insurance, 122 B. Maricet 
St., Indianapolis; rep. 1024 W. 
. 12th St., La Fayette, Ind. 

Clark Rodney Parker, Ph. B., Min- 
ister, La Porte, Ind. 

Oran Province, Providence^ Ind. 

Hubert Howes Woodsmall, Insur- 
ance, Newton Claypool Bld«.; 
res. 2355 Ashland Ave., Indlfta- 
apolis, Ind. 




Percy Kendall, Christian MInUiter, 
Columbus, Ind. 

Frederick Olendower Kenny, A. B., 
Baplst Clergryman, 2046 B. Michi- 
gan St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Nathaniel Marls Lacy, LXi. B., At- 
torney, Macon, Mo. 

Oeorge W. Mlddleton, Physician, 
Bdlnbursr, Ind. 

Embree Munsey Slack, Ph. B., Edi- 
tor, Johnson City, Tenn. 


Harry Bridges, Franklin, Ind. 
Omar Covert, A. B., Marinette, 

Omar Iranzls Demaree, E<dltor, 

Franklin, Ind. 
Edgar Matthews Edwards, A. B., 

Teacher, Franklin, Ind. 
*Jesse Lynch Holeman. Died 1899 

(drowned), Cuba, Mo. 
Joseph Cotton Johnson, Irving 

Park Blvd., Pattlngton Flats, 

Chicago, HI. 
Daniel Voorhees Noland, Student* 

Palo Alto, Cal. 
John Stanley Williams, R 8., At- 
torney, Franklin, Ind. 


Guy Hazelrlg Guthrie, Greens- 
burg, Ind. 

Roy Hlnchman, Teacher, Vernon, 

John William Jeffrey, Farmer, 
Franklin, Ind. 

^Harry Hanford Pasklns. Died 1901, 
Samaria, Ind. 

Clifford Allison Smalley, Ph. B., 
Physician, Los Angeles, CaL 

Elmer Elsworth Tyner, B. S., M. 
S., Superintendent of City 
Schools Fitzgerald, Ga. 

William Webster Wilson, Ph. B., 
Vice-president Ro3ral Garment 
Co.: res. 14 Wellington Flat, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 


Clarence Earl Fisher, Editor, 

Franklin, Ind. 
Emory Eugene Hill, Merehant, 

Franklin, Ind. 

John Curtis House, Ph. B., Real 

Estate, 272 E. 63rd St.; ree. 6210 

Madison Ave., Chicago. 
Carl Thomas Wesrl, Attorney, 

Franklin, Ind. 
•Clifton Polk Wilson. Died 1904, 

Greenwood, Ind. 
John Gerald York, A. B., B. D., 

Pastor First Baptist Church, 

Fulton, N. Y. 


Harry MerrlU Bowser, B. 8., 18tt 
East Crelghton Ave., Fort Wayne, 

Kenneth George Foster, Business, 
Lebanon, Ind. 

Harvey Russell Huffman, Teleg- 
rapher, Lawrenceburg, Ind. 

Llewellyn Webb Oliver, Bustness, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Otis Baxter Sellers, City Engineer, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Carl Scott, Teacher, Franklin, Ind. 

Frederick Neal Thurston, A. B., 
Attomey-at-Law; res. 200 8. Har- 
rison St., Shelbsrville, Ind. 

Harry Egbert Tlncher, Fiiunner, 
Amo, Ind. 

Everett Wiley, Teacher, White- 
land, Ind. 


Frank Bruce Bachelor, Minister, 
Bluffton, Ind. 

Verne Branigan, Student, SVankUn, 

Arnold Bennett Han, 8tQdent, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Carl Clark McFarland, Camden, 

Mark Hunter Miller, A. B., Stu- 
dent, Franklin, Ind. 

John Iral Perkins, Lebanon, Ind. 

Raymond Harley Sellers, Commer- 
cial Traveler, 869 EL Madison 
St., Franklin, Ind. 

Roscoe Gilmore Stott, A. B., Mag* 
azlne Writer, 847 E. Jefferson 
St., Franklin, Ind. 

Marquis De Webb, Ph. B., Profes- 
sor and Principal, Hopewell, Ind. ; 
res. Franklin, Ind. 

Irvin Scott Mathews, Mertihant, 
Bedford, Ind. 



Morris Marlon Proffltt, Teacher, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Guilford Wiley, Teacher, White- 
land, Ind. 


tRalph Emerson Carter, Student, 
Franklin, Ind. 

Byron I. Deming, Student, Frank- 
lin. Ind. 

Charles W. Jewett, Student, Green- 
castle, Ind. 

Charles Brewer La Grange, Mer- 
chant, Franklin, Ind. 

tRoUin Leiand Ott, Student, Frank- 
lin, Ind. 

Irwin Scholler Valentine, Big 4 R. 
R. Ofllce, Grccncastle, Ind. 

tFrank Allen Witt. Student, Frank- 
lin, Ind. 

tArthur Bliss Wright, Student and 
Professor of History In Franklin 
High School, Franklin, Ind. 


tEarle Willis Crecraft, Student, 
Franklin, Ind. 

fCavins Randolph Marshall, Stu- 
dent. Franklin, Ind. 

Thomas Leon Neal, Business, Le- 
banon, Ind. 

* Deceased. 

tin active chapter, 1905-1906. 

tMerle J. Abbett, Student, Frank- 
lin, Ind. 


fWalter Bernard Douglass* Student, 
Franklin, Ind. 

John Duggan, Professional Base- 
ball, Whlteland, Ind. 

Broadus Monroe Smith, Franklin, 

fFaris Barton Smith, Student, 
Franklin, Ind. 

tHarry Edward VanarsdoU, Stu- 
dent, Whlteland, Ind. 


fWllllam Con Brooks, Student. 
Franklin, Ind. 

flllff I. Brown, Student, Franklin. 

tEdwln Lawrence Deming, Stu- 
dent, Franklin, Ind. 

tRoy La Grange, Student, Franklin, 

fWilliam Eden Thurston, Student, 
Shelbyville, Ind. 

tCorwin Benton Trout, Student, 
Franklin, Ind. 

tLyman Hall, Student, Franklin, 

tThomas Overstreet, Student, Btank- 

lin, Ind. 


Htnovcr, IndiaMi 


Sylvester Scovel Bergen. A. M., 
Petersburg, Pa. 


Thomas Jefferson Cummins, Attor- 
ney-at-Law, Easton and Grand 
Aves., Denver, Ck>L 

Charles Hopkins Butler, Chief of 
Diplomatic Division, U. S. Treas- 
ury Department; res. 1145 22nd 
St. N. W.. Washington, D. C. 

William Tell Ervans, M. B. Evan- 
gelist, Decatur, HI. 

*James Livingstone Fletcher. 

WiUlam Schell Garber, 1585 N. 
Pennsylvania St., IndianaiK>Us, 

Daniel Webster Herrlott, Receiving 
Teller U. S. Treasury; res. 1127 
Euclid St., Washington, D. C. 

Noble Butler Parvin McKee, Ph. 
D., Supt. Missouri School for the 
Deaf, Fulton, Mo. 

James Pressley White, Farmer, 
Dean, Ohio. 

William Franklin Yocum, Cotton 
Planter, 706 W. Woodard St, 
Denlson, Tex. 


*George Miller Harlan, Sedalla, Mo. 

Edwin Walker. M. D., Ph. D., Phy- 
sician and Surgeon, 712 S. 4th 
St.. Ehransville, Ind. 

Daniel Brewer Banta, A. M., Min- 
ister, Spencer, Ind. 
William Andrew Caldwell, A. M., 
Assistant Principal, Deaf and 
Blhid Institute, Berkeley, CaL 
Nathaniel Louis Rice Johnston, 
Merchant, 889 W. Fifth St., Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Robert Shannon Moore, Traveling 
Salesman, 72 Grant St., Summer- 
ville, Mass. 

Thomas Chalmers Potter, A. M., 
D. D., Glasgow, DeL 


Aviaiam Butler Barr, General 
Freight and Passenger Agent, 800 
Grand Central Station; res. 546 
Jackson BouL, Chicago, 111. 

David Serril McCaslin, A. M., D. 
D.. Hoopeston, 111. 

George Alexander McCaslin, Far- 
mer. Franklin, Ind. 

Jotham Potter, President The 

Jandus Electric Co.. 180 Huron 

St., Cleveland, O.; res. Cuyahoga 

Falls. O. 
James Black Swing, A. M., Attor- 

ney-at-Law, Cincinnati, O. 
Ellas Fenelon Taylor. Affll. Ind. r, 

Supt. of Schools. Rutledge, Tenn. 


James Edgar Blirthe, A. M., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, Mason City, la. 

James Franklin Cubblns, Book- 
keeper. North Second St, Chel- 
sea. Memphis, Tenn. 

WiUlam HaU Link, M. D., 1527 
Lexington Ave., Indianapolis, 

Albert Smith Story, A. M., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, Pawnee, Neb. 

Harry Leonard Woodbum, Manu- 
facturer. Franklin Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


Thomas Moore Blsrthe, M. D., is^9 
Cajon St.; res. 64 W. Palm, Red- 
lands, Cal. 

David Gibson Fenton, A. M., care 
City Elnglneer, Seattle, Wash. 




Thoman William Qreen, Book- 
keeper Steward Dry Goods Ck>., 
Louisville, Ky. 

Oliver Perry Orlfflth, Attomey-at- 
Law, Batavia, O. 

John Edwin Ilayn, A. M., M. D., 
Professor of Anatomy and Der- 
matologry in Hospital Ck>llege of 
Medicine, 713 Fourth Ave., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Walter Carson Jeffrey, D. D. S., 
Dentist. 234 Main St., Passaic, 
N. J. 

Coleman RoRers, LL. B., Affll. Ind. 
r. Wholesale Lumber, Haters- 
town, Md. 

*Holman Oliver Ross, Indianapolis, 


Frederick Laflin Brooks, Attomey- 
at-Law. I<i09 Ashland Block; res. 
3619 Ellis Ave.. Chicago. IlL 

James Edward Tafcgart, A. M., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Jeffersonville, Ind, 


Samuel Elderslie Monds Coulter, 
A. B., A. M., Ph. D.. Professor 
of Botany, Washington Univer- 
sity, University Heights, St 
Louis, Mo. 

Charles Pickney Meloy, Merchant, 
Charlestown, Ind. 

Henry Close Montgromery, A. B., 
A. M., Principal of Schools, 217 
N. Walnut St., Seymour, Ind. 

Louis Schloss, Real Estate Agent, 
984 Suiter St., San BVancisco, 

Ralph Walter Story, A. M., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, Pawnee, Neb. 

Erasmus Darwin Yeager, Eden, Ky. 

Edmund Christie Goods, St. Louis, 

•Jonah Franklin Parrett, Evans- 

viUe, Ind. 

•William Moore Dunlap, Sea 

Haven, Wash. 
Howard McNair Ooode, Clerk, 1225 

Frisco Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.; res. 

South Webster, Mo. 

Gustavus Philemon Head, M. D., 
Physician, 100 State St.; res. 117 
S. Central Ave., Austin Station, 
Chicago, 111. 

John Pazton Ward, M. D., Vevay, 


Joshua Crowe Garrett, D. D., Hang- 
chow, China. 

Francis Marion Lee, Farmer, R. F. 
D. 1, Hanover, Ind. 

•Rodney Jefferson Lee, Levi, Ind. 


Charles McESroy Blythe, Salesman, 
Sioux City, la. 

Theophilus Eugene Montgomery, 
A. B., A. M., Minister, Otego, 
N. Y. 

William Sidney Park, Printer, 4S 
Sabin St., Providence, R. L 

Matthew Scott Clifton. 

Wiiilam Chalmers Covert, A. M., 
D. D., Pastor, 41st Street Pres- 
byterian Church; res. 867 Oak- 
wood Boul., Chicago, HI. 

Lincoln Vincent Cravens, A. B., A. 
M. Attorney-at-Law, Madison, 

Hugh Watts GUchrist, A. M., D. D., 
Professor in Theological Semi- 
nary, San Anselmo, CaL 

Edwin Van Dusen Johnson, Man- 
a^rer Northern California Light- 
ing Co., Redding, CaL 

Charlton Armstrong Swope, B. 8., 
Eastern Freight Agent, L. ft N. 
R. R., 290 Broadway, New York 

•Frank Dugan Swope, A. M., LL. 
B., Louisville, Ky. 

William Moncrief Amsden, B. 8., 
A. M., Attomey-at-Law, Markm, 

John M. Creamer, Postal Clerk, Ok- 
lahoma City, Okla. 

John Alexander Crowe, R. R. Clerk, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

John Henry Delllnger, Farmer, Jef- 
fersonville, Ind. 

William Daviess HenneM7t B. 8., 
Farmer, Madison, Ind. 



Jasper Wesley La Orange, A. B., 
Treasurer, Indiana State Board 
of Agriculture, Franklin, Ind. 

John Van Nuys La Grange, A. M., 
Chemist, U. S. Marine Hospital, 
Boston, Mass. 

Charles Harvey McCaslln, Minister, 
1016 21st Ave. N, Minneapolis, 

Walter Neil Mellican, Insurance 
Agent, 218 W. Fifth St., N. Al- 
bany, Ind. 

William Taylor Morrison, A. M., 
Clerk, Pension Office, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 


T. O. Brashear, A. M., Clergyman, 
1S03 Delaware St., Evansville, 

Harry Wilbur Byers. 

William Howell Davis. 

Thomas Edgar Shaw, M. D., Mon- 
mouth, IlL 

Charles Oscar Shirey, A. M., Rich- 
mond, Ind. 

Thomas Oskney Tate. 

William Thomas Williamson, M. D. 

Daniel Edwin Monroe, A. B., Drug- 
gist, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Enmiett Collins Reel, A. B. 
Oliver Morton Runyan, Manufac- 
turer, 2264 Walker Ave., Ogden, 


Lionel Franklin Hennessy, B. 8., 
A. M.. Editor, San Diego Tribune, 
San Diego, CaL 

Henry Charles Johnson, A. B., 
Cashier, Sesrmour, Ind. 

James B. McCormick, A. M., Attor- 
ney, Ulinois Life Bldg.; res. 1306 
First St., Louisville, Ky. 

Harry Vance Swope, Artist, 939 
Eighth Ave., New York City. 

Charles Emerson Hufler, A. B., A. 

M., Paw Paw, Mich. 
Robert Koehler Hutchings, M. D., 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
^George Whitney Jackson. 
William Edgar McMillin, Druggist, 

Areola. HL 

Hugh Lowry Moore, A. M., Clergy- 
man, 287 Stephenson St., Free- 
port, 111. 

Herman Reynolds, Merchant, 
Stamping Ground, Ky. 

William Edwin Brown McKee, A. 
M., B. S., M. D., Tipton, Ind. 

*Herman Woollen Hutchins. 

Harry Aaron Biarks, Merchant, 116 
E. 14th St.; res. 117 B. 80th Bt, 
New York City. 

Robert Tindle McElroy, A. B., At- 
torney, 224 Bakewell Bldg.; res. 
119 N. Linden Ave., Pittsburg, 

John W. Moore, C. E., Dante, Va.; 
res. Terrace Park, O. 

Fred Wilmot Wilhnan, A. B., Pa»- 
tor South Broadway Presbsrterian 
Church; res. 1719 South Pearl St, 
Denver, Colo. 


Earl PYanklin Karmire, Lumber 
Merchant, Vevay, Ind. 

*Donald Kennedy, M. D., Denver, 

William Bertram Shirey, A. B., A. 
M., Clergyman, 109 Buch BU, 
Eaton, O. 

William Wolff Smith, Newspaper 
Correspondent, Munsey Bldg., 
Washington, D. C. 

David Mathew Bridges, B. B.. At- 
torney, Carrollton, Ky. 

David Henson Combs, M. D., 
Charleston, Ind. 

John Day DePrez, Bank Cashier, 
Shelbyville, Ind, 

*George Ernest Mayhew. 

Brainard Piatt, City Editor, Oour- 
ier-Joumal, 413 E. Gray St., 
Louisville, Ky. 

William Barney Snyder, Clergy- 
man, Milton, Ky. 

Charles WiUiam Clotworthy, HiU- 
mam, Ga. 

Charles Sumner Delbler, A. B., Au- 
ditor's Office, Biadison, Ind. 

Harry Weist De Prei, Bhelbyville^ 



Robt. W. Flak, Manufacturer, 145 
La Salle St.; res. 68S2 Jefferson 
Ave., Chicago, UL 

H. C. Johnson, A. B., Superinten- 
dent, Indiana Anti-Saloon 
League, 114 New Arcade Bldg., 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

William RoUin McCaslin, Franklin, 

Stalar Montgomery, Georgetown, 

Leander Marlon llobinson, Madi- 
son, Ind. 

William Dana Shelby, A. M., M. D., 
U. S. Army Surgeon, Canton, 


Milo Jesse Bowman, A. M., Su- 
preme Court Library, State 
House, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Leonard Robert Booker, Carrollton, 

William Robert Cubbins, M. D., 
3430 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, HL 

Moses Jackson Hampton, B. S., 
National Biscuit Co., Brainerd, 

James Clare Hughes, Affll. Pa. r 
and O. Z. Piqua, O. 

Frank LiUon, 1203 S. Main St, 
Wichita, Kan. 

William Wing Nelson, Journalist, 
New Decatur, Ala. 

Albert Dickenson Shields, Mer- 
chant, Seymour, Ind. 

Hubert S. Snyder, Sabina, O. 

Roy C. Brown, Ry. Clerk, Scranton, 

Gideon Giltner Wood. Merchant, 

Carrollton, Ky. 


Ralph Alonzo Bunn, Batavia, O. 

Joseph Wood Evans, Cotton Brok- 
er, 1205 Clay Ave., Honston, Tex. 

Theodore Bates Forbes, First Na- 
tional Bank. Carrollton, Ky. 

Dale Kennedy Parrot, Lawyer, Law 
Clerk General Land Office; res. 
632 F St., N. E., Washington, 
D. C. 

Robert Scott Reid, M. D. 

Thomas Chalmers Whallon, A. M., 
Police Judge, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Eugene Albert Ballls, A. B., 170 N. 
16th St., Portland. Ore. 

William Abbott Oldfather, JC A., 
Registrar, Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Evanston, lU. 

George Procter Roberts, Dentist, 
Neave Bldg., Cinolnnatl, O. 


Edward Stanley Bridges, Attorney- 
at-Law, Carrollton, Ky. 

Frederick Shipp Delbler, A. WL, In- 
structor, Northwestern UnlTsr- 
sity, Evanston, DL 

Victor Barr Demaree, A. B., 
Franklin, Ind. 

Charles Moffat Pearson, Ph. B., 
Proprietor, Buoker 8taU, Ma- 
homet, DL 

K. D. H. Reap, Insurance Agent, 
Columbus; res. SUisabethtown, 

E. T. Sherman, Manager, Sherman 
Stereopticon Ca, 40 Dearborn St.; 
res. 649 Washington BouL, Chi- 


Michael E. Gcurber, Manager of the 
Courier, Madison, Ind. 

Hugh Goode Garber, Attomey-at- 
Law, Centralis, DL 

Thomas H. Jenkins, Bookkeeper, 
Warren, Pa. 

Joseph L. Rogers, Attomey-at- 
Law, 908 State Life Blds>; Bm- 
6863 University Ave., Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 


Robert Dugan, Coal Dealer, Flonrth 
St., Louisville, Ky. 

^Villiam Earl Hunter, Principal of 
High School, Cripple Creek, Oolo. 

Duane Everett Masterson, Elec- 
trician, Wabash R. R. Co.; res. 
136 E. Decatur St., Decatur, HI. 

Thomas Hardy Masterson, A. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, Washington, 
D. C. 

William Griggs Rogers, Druggist, 
Madison, Ind. 




Ferdinand Lynn Utterer, B. S., 
Lawyer, Decatur, Ind. 

Bradford Todd Wheatcraft, Green- 
wood, Ind. 

Lawrence Horton Niklaua, Whole- 
sale Qrocer, S07 W. Hain St., 
Madison, Ind. 


Silva Irve Green, B. S., Medical 
Student, Hanover, Ind. 

Charles Sherrod Hatfield, A. B., 
Law Student, Bowling Green, O. 

Walter Benjamin La Master, New 
Castle, Ky. 

Elarl W. Newton, Glass Business, 
Atlas Bldg., Chicago. 

Eldwin Robert Patty, A. B., Oil 
Business, Independence, Kan. 

James Augustus Prier, Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 

James Levy Snyder, Tobacco 
Dealer, Milton, Ky. 

Paul Crawford Snyder. B. S., Bank- 
er, Westmoreland, Tenn. 

Fred Clifton Spalding, B. 8., Phys- 
ical Director, Y. M. C. A., Hyde 
Park Depot., Chicago, lU. 

Joseph Oscar Doyle, Litchfield, Ky. 
Richard Vinage Sipe, B. S., Law 
Student, Indianapolis, Ind. 


fin Active Chapter 1905-06. 


fDonald DuShane, South Bend, Ind. 

Roy Sidel Edwards, Student, Wa- 
bash College, Madison, Ind. 

tJoseph Vance Hartmann, Wirt, 

tAvuliam Oliver McClelland, Madi- 
son, Ind. 

tCharles Henry Oldfather, Hanover, 

Benjamin Ghostlin Reynolds, 
Rancher, Albany, Tex. 


fThomas Howard Cartmel, BCa- 
nilla, Ind. 

tMassaniello Brien Goi'e, Lawrence- 
burg, Ind. 

Junius Craig Rightor, Helena, Ark. 

William Clifford Snyder, Milton, 

Bayard Hughes, Madison, Ind. 
John R. Rankin, Madison, Ind. 


Fred Heckman Banta, Spencer, 

tCharles Agnew Francis, South 
Bend. Ind. 

tCalm Bedell Loudon, Cincinnati, 

tEnoch Russel Nowlin, Lawrence- 
burg, Ind. 

fDewitt Clinton Resmolds. Albany, 



I, indiaiui 

•Jamea WlUon Green. D. IX, 
died June S7, 1899, Crawforde- 
vllle. Ind. 

OranvlUe Craddock Moore, A. M., 
Attorney, Oreencaatle. Ind. 

John Robert Miller, B. 8., A. M^ 
Attorney, Oreencmetle, Ind. 

•Tolbert BartI, A. B., A. M., died 

October 7, 1899. Alfordsvllle. 

^Charles Oliver Perry A. R, A. 

M., died January 8, 1904, Baa 

Francisco, CaL 


^Michael David Emi?, B. 8., M. a, 
died November 13, 1902, Colum- 
bus, Ind. 

^E^phriam Marsh. B. S., M. S., died 
July 23. 1905, Greenfield, Ind. 

Thomas Hartley. Commercial 
Traveler, Retired, 816 W. 88th 
8t., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Joseph Taylor Albln, A. R, A. 

M., 8uperlntendent of Schools, 

Osase City, Kan. 
David Bittle Floyd, A. M., Affll. 

Va. A, Clergryman and Professor, 

Susquehanna University, Sellns- 

grove, Pa. 
James Knox Polk Hurst, A. &« 

A. M., Farmer, Belle Union, 

Clark Wesley Johnson, A. B., A. 

M., Attorney. 
^EMward Francis Moore, died Aih- 

ril 88, 1886, Terre Haute, Ind. 


Francis Marion Anderson, Eldo- 
rado, Kan. 

Paschal Saunders Buchanan, 
Merchant, 7114 Cottage Oroya 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

James Wesley Cook, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney, 1806 BuflUo SL, 
Warsaw, Ind. 

^Henry Clay Faucett, died No- 
vember 84, 1878, PaoU, lad. 

Thomas Mason, A. B., A. M., D. 
D.. President Arkansas Confer- 
ence CoUegre, Siloam Springs, 

John Davy Wright, Last Known 
HoUandsburg, Ind. 

•Marion Whitlock. died 1877, Sul- 
livan, Ind. 


James Oray Boston, A. B.* JC D., 
Farmer, Pendleton, Ind. 

Thomas Taylor Moore, Attorney, 
State Senator; res. 407 Anderson 
St.. Oreencastle, Ind. 

James Scott Sims, A. B., A. M., 
Presiding Elder, Covington Dis- 
trict. M. E. Church South, 828 8. 
Broadway, I^xington, Ky. 

Mahlon Leonidas Pearson. M. D., 
Physician and Surgreon, Aber- 
deen. Wash. 

William Fleming Stlllwell. B. a, 
with Taylor Lumber Co., 1109 
S. St., Lafayette, Ind. 

Seth Abraham Cook, Record Clerk 
in office of Secretary of State; 
res. 718 Buchanan St, Topeka, 

•James Bruner Dell, died 1880, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 




Liewls May Pence, Merchant; 
Santa Monica, CaL 


William Henry Cohee, Broker, 1159 

E. Clinton St., Frankfort. Ind. 


I>ewl8 Tilffhman RlKhtaell, A. B., 
A. M., Journalist and Minister, 
LaGranffe, N. C. 

Samuel Brenton Grimes, A. B., A. 
M., Methodist Elpiscopal Clergy- 
man, retired, ZionsviUe, Ind. 

Nathan Allen Whitaker, Ph. B., 
Attorney, Martinsville, Ind. 

Joseph Sigle White, A. B., A. M., 
Methodist Episcopal Clergy-* 
man. Grant Park, 111. 

Albert Brinkerhoff, A. B., Banker, 
St. Joseph, Mo. 

Albert Perley Bumslde, A. B., A. 
M., Retired FUrmer, Green- 
caatle, Ind. 

Joseph Eugene Crews, A. B., A. M., 
Assistant Superintendent Wells 
Fargo ESxpress, Gibbs Bldg., 
Houston, Tex. 

Samuel Harrison Elrod, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney, Governor South 
Dakota, Clark, S. D. 

Alfred EMgene Hart, A. B., A. M., 
Professor ChlUlcothe Normal, 
1S8S Miller St, ChUUcothe, 

Andrew Stevenson, A. B.. A. M.. 
Ph. D., Professor History, D6> 
Pauw, Greencastle, Ind. 

Justin Afer Wilson, A. B., Ar- 
chitect, Attica, Ind. 

Taylor Coleman Basye, Druggist, 
Rockport, Ind. 

Charles Sumner Bridges, Ph. R., 
President Bridges Timber Co., 
818 N. Yoldma Ave., Tacoma, 


Howard 8. Cook, Painter, 118S7 
Lowe Ave., Chicago, 111. 

John Bernard Curtis, A. B., Troy 
Grove, IlL 

Swing McLean, A. B., Manufac- 
turer Telephones, Greencastle, 

MUlard Sylvester MiUer, with 

Cole Bros. Pump Works, 

Greencastle, Ind. 
James Lafayette Randel, Cashier 

Central National Bank; res. 122 

E. Washington St., Greencastle, 

Charles Thomas Vajen, Secretary 

Vajen-Bader Co., 630 N. Meriden 

St, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Henry Walter Bever, A. B., Merch- 
ant, Hebron, Neb. 

Jesse Blake Bridges, Ph. B., At- 
torney, Aberdeen, Wash. 

George Washington Christie, Ph. 
B., Farmer, Hadley, Ind. 

Thomas Albert Clifton. Editor 
Covington Republican, Covington, 

George Vamum Deal, Manager 
Carriage Fftctory, Jonesville^ 

Albert Winder Funlchouser, At- 
torney. 920 Washington Ave., 
EvansviUe, Ind. 

John M. Goodwin. Ph. B., A. M., 
Affll Ind. r. State Agent Ameri- 
can Soda Fountain Co., 1203 
Woodlawn Ave., Des Moines, la. 

Lucius T. Gould, A. B., In- 
structor State Normal, 2681 
Clybourn St., Milwaukee. Wis. 

^John Emory Jenkins, M. D., 
died September 25, 1896, 
Charleston, 111. 

William Henry Jordan, A. B., 
Traveling Agent, 2510 N. Penn- 
sylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

^Charles Henry McAnney, A. B., 
A. M., Minister, died October 
6, 1896. Mt Kisko, N. Y. 

Ralph Metcalf. Banker, Green- 
field, m. 

William Edwin Mitchell, A. R, 
A. M., LL. B., Attorney, Sidney, 

Samuel Matthews Piper, Presi- 
dent Piper Carriage Co., 8941 
Washington Ave., St Louis, 
Mo., or 836 West End avenue. 
New York City. 

Henry St. Clair Putnam, M. S., 
LL.B., Affll. la. B, Consulting 
Enectrical Engineer, 100 Broad- 



way; res. Hotel Seville, 29th St 

and Ifadison Ave., New York 

City, N. Y. 
William Monroe Randal. Farmer, 

R. F. D. Na 1, Oreencaatltt. 

Charles Orestes Thomas, R 8., 

Princii>al Schools, Leasbarff, 



Jamas Uttrldge Brown, A. B., LL. 
R, County Prosecuting Attor- 
ney, Hutchinson, Kan. 

James Denny Wilson, 8946 Cleve- 
land Ave., St Louis, Ma 

John Franklin Wood, Last Known, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Fred T. Loft in. Affll. Va. B, Adver- 
tising Agent, 2909 Rader St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Hannibal Colfax Yount, Attorney 
and Banker, Covington, Ind. 


* Joseph Alexander Ross Qahrlng, 
A. B., A. M., Died September 
29, 1894, LaOrange, Ind. 

Lincoln Hesler, Attorney, 222 W. 
Biain St., CrawfordsviUe, Ind. 

Thomas Cramer Hopkins, B. 8., 
A. M., Ph. D., Professor Geolo- 
gy, Syracuse University, Syr»- 
cuse^ N. Y. 

George Frederick Keiper, AflU. 
Mich. A, A. M., M. D., Physician 
and Surgeon, LaFayette, Ind. 

•Corwin Locke, LL. B., died, Lon- 
don, Ohio. 

•Frank Edward Millis, A. B., Ph. 
D., Died August 8, 1908, La- 
Grange, Ind. 

Miles Johnson Fletcher Moore, A. 
R, A. M., Civil Engineer, 86th 
and 7th Sts., Colonial Hotel, 
Chicago, nL 

John Joseph Nagle, FUrmer and 
Stock Raiser, Battle Ground, 

Charles Hedding Rice, C. E., Civil 
Engineer, Room 1216 Grand Cen- 
tral Station; residence, 2016 Fifth 
avenue, New York City. 

Richard Thomas Bavin, R D. 

Arthur Lewis Sheets, Secretary 
Western Travelers' Accident As- 
sociation, 807 Range Bldg., Oma- 
ha, Neb. 

William John Snyder, A. B., sAmX 
Operator, BrasU, Ind. 

Charles Morse Spencer, Attorney, 
Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

•Frederick Marlon White, Died 
September 16, 1887, Otterbsln, 

Henry Ellsworth Duboti, A. R, 
A. M., Prlncli>al Winona Aca- 
demy, Winona Lake, Ind. 

Arthur Fleenor Funkhouser, Attor- 
ney, 56 B. M. A. Bldg.; 807 Lin- 
wood Ave., Evansvine, Ind. 

Jesse Powhatan P^dan, Bank 
Cashier, Spencer, Ind. 

Alva S. Roberts. 

John Power Secrest, R 8., Agent 
Quarries, Laurel, Ind. 

Joseph Newton Allen, A. R, LL. 
B., A. M., Attorney, Muscogee, 
L T. 

Anthony Bowen, Last Known. 
South Bend, Wash. 

Charles Washington QUbart, A. 
B., Manutecturar Bhlrti^ Cen- 
tury Bldg., St. Lonla, Moi 

OUie Jasper Kern, Supt. Schools, 
816 Parts Ave., RoekfoM. lU. 

Karl D. O'Rear, AflU. Ind. B, Trav- 
eling Salesman, Veedersburg; 

Asher Shepley Preston, A. &, A. 
M., Methodist Bplaoopal Cleivy- 
man, 711 W. Wayna 8t» Wnt 
Wayne, Ind. 

Louis McLaln RUey, Methodist 
Episcopal Clergyman. Garden 
City, Kan. 

James Herbert Wllkerson, Ph. R, 
A. M., Attorney, Ml Ia BaJIm 
St, Chlcaga ni. 

Henry Herbert WHglit, Ffa. B,* A. 
M., LL. B., Clerk. MiMoort 
Pacific R R. il8a Whltter Bt, 
St Louis, Ma 

James Rice Kern, Gays, IlL 




•WUliam Adin Field. Died Auffust 
16. 1888, St. Louis, Ma 

^Charles Fordyce Jenne, Dlad 
1887. BntfU, Ind. 

Bvett Knight D. Hester, Ifeth- 
odist Episcopal Clersrsrman, Harv- 
ard, ni. 

Paul Morgan Miller, A. B., A. M^ 
IAj. D., Instructor High School, 
4081 Russell Ave., St. Ixmls, 

Renos Harland Richards, Ph. B., 
A. M.. M. D., Physician, Pat- 
ricksburg, Ind. 

ESmest Grant Rognon, Ph. B.. 
UU B., Attorney. Paciflo Block, 
Seattle. Wash. 

Charles Watson Treat, Ph. B., 
A. M.. Vice President and Pro- 
fessor of Physics. Lawrence Uni- 
versity, Appleton. Wis. 


Willitts Adelbert Bastian. A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney; res. 2404 Park 
Ave., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Edward Horace Oulbertson, Hard- 
ware Merchant, Anderson, Ind. 

Orvllle Frank Dwyer, A. B., A. 
Bi.. LLw B., Attorney. Hulbert 
Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

^Edward Frasier Dyar, Died 1889, 
Mt. Cannel, IlL 

Elmer Ellsworth Jackson. Attor- 
ney, 1520 Ft. Dearborn Bldg., 
Chicago. 111.; res. Wlnnetka, m. 

Eliot Haroon Jenne. Auditor 
Princeton Telephone Co., 114 N. 
Main St.; res. 227 E. Clark St., 
Princeton, Ind. 

Jesse Martin. Banker. Attica, Ind. 

Clay Worl Metsker, Editor Plym- 
outh Democrat, Plymouth, Ind. 

Samuel Morrison, AflU. Ohio Z. Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. 

Joseph Edgar Neff, A. B., A. M., 
LL. B., Banker, Secretary Ameri- 
can Trust Co., South Bend. Ind. 

•Charles Berryman Peterson, Died 
February 7, 1899. West Lafay- 
ette, Ind. 

Arthur Ragan Priest, A. B.. A. M.. 
Dean College Liberal Arts. Uni- 

versity of Washington, Seattle, 

Joseph Yeijiro Takasugi, 8. T. B.« 
Ph. B.. A. R, Ph. D., Student 
Harvard University, Cambridge. 

Lewis Taylor, Farmer. Affiliated 
with Indiana Alpha October 1, 
189S, Yankeetown, Ind. 

Everett Morton Turner, Principal, 
Spencerian Institute. Business 
School, Newburgh, N. Y. 

Isaac Elijah Neff, A. B.. A. M., 
LL. B., Prln. High School; res. 
1102 N. Michigan St.. South 
B^nd. Ind. 


Edwin Joseph Wesley Diets, Sec- 
retary White's Class Advt. Co., 
8S4 Dearborn St., Chicago, IlL 

Ernest Slsson Moore, Ph. B.. M. 
D., Physician In charge of Cook 
County Hospital for Consump- 
tives, Dunning. 111. 

BJdgar Ouy Osborne. Ph. B., At- 
torney, Valparaiso, Ind. 

William Graham Alexander, B. S., 
Physician, 620 Davis St.. Evans - 
ton, ni. 

Ira Ekiward David, A. B., Ph. D., 
Methodist Episcopal Clergy- 
man, Olivet Memorial Church. 
Brockton, Mass. 

William Dow Fulkerson. M. D., 
Physician, Trenton, Mo. 

Homer Hall, Ph. R, Attorney, 
Trenton, Mo. 

Hiram Bernard Patten. Attorney, 
418 Lemcke Bldg.. Indianapolis. 

Chesteen Worthy Smith, A. B., 
Methodist Episcoi>al Clergsrman, 
Peru. Ind. 

Isham Tayler, A. B., LL. B., Farm- 
er, Affil. Ind. A, R. R. No. 16, 
Newburgh, Ind. 

Ward Williams, Bookkeeper. 237 S. 
Meridian St.; res. 806 N. New 
Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Layton Coval Bentley. A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, 2227 Ashland Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 



Je8RC Franklin Brumback, A. B., 
A. M., Professor Oratory, De- 
Pauw University, Oreencaatle, 

Charles Bishop Campbell. North- 
western '94, Affiliated Illinois 
Alpha, October 1. 1892, Attor- 
ney, Kankakee, 111. 

Henry Levi Davis, A. B., D. D., 
Methodist Episcopal Clergryman, 
Valpariso, Ind. 

Frank Wilbur Foxworthy, Ph. B., 
M. D., Physician, 316 N. Meridian 
«t.: r«'s. 826 N. Illinois St., In- 
dia napollH, Ind. 

William Lincoln Harris, Commer- 
cial Traveler, Qreencastle, ttuS. 

Smith Corbin Matson, Attorney. 
Qreencastle, Ind. 

Frank Andrew Preston, B. 8., 
Manager Fld<'lity Mutual Life In- 
.suranco Company, 830 State Life 
nidg., Indianapolis, Ind. 


•Lewellyn Alanson Beard, Died 
June 26, 1898, Peotone, 111. 

John Adams Chaffee, Ph. B., M. 
O., Physician, 616 Vermilion St.; 
res. 817 N. Walnut St., Danville, 

Frederick Harvey Bly, A. B., Au- 
ditor Springfield Coal Mining 
Co., Taylorsville, Ind. 

Charles Augustus Dresser, Electri- 
cal Engineer, 279 Dearborn St.. 
Chicago, ni. 

Lealdas Stuart Forbes. A till. Ind. 
A, Bookkeeper, IJnton, Ind. 

Abraham Lincoln Gary, Ph. B., 
Manager Indiana Young People's 
Reading Circle, 12 Pembroke Ar- 
cade: res. 164 E. 24th St.. Indi- 
anapolis. Ind. 

James Morton, Ph. B., At- 
torney, 24 Bishop Block; res. 418 
Shelby St., Vincennes. Ind. 

George Horace Jordan, Contrac- 
tor, 622 42nd St.. Rock Island, 

Joseph Gllgls McNutt, A. B., 
Christian Minister, Sullivan, 111. 

Terrell Eugene Morse, Ph. B., 
with American Bridge Co., To- 
ledo, Ohio. 

Walter Scott Pulse, A. B., Lumber 
Dealer, 2016 Lanirdon Ave.; res. 
3611 Wabash Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Richard Joel Roberts, Ph. R, 
A. M., LL. B., Attorney, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Robert Luther Tomklns, Lumber 
Dealer, RushviUe, Ind. 


William Francis Butler, Printer, 
1815 Highland PL. Indianapo- 
lis. Ind. 

Harry Boise Culver, Indianapolis 

Austin Funk, B. S., Aflll. Ind. A, 
Physician. New Albany. Ind. 

Frank Hall, Ph. B., Attorney, 
Trenton, Mo. 

Charles Edward Howe, Wabash. 

Edwin Kahl, Professor Hlch 
School, New Albany, Ind. 

Herbert Pickering: Lewis, Aflll. Ind. 
e and N. Y. A, Gen'l BCgr. Na- 
tional Metal Co., 2a Cincode Mayo 
3. Mexico City, Mex. 

Charles Slmms McMahan, C. E., 
Farmer, Liberty, Ind. 

Charles Dewey Newlin, A. B., A. 
M., Banker, Carthage, Ind. 

William Maurice Sparks. A. B.. 
Attorney, Judge of Circuit Court, 
Rushvlllc, Ind. 

Frank Taklzo Takasuffl, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., Professor lOngllHh 
and Latin, Waseda University, 
Imperial Higrher Normal College, 
59 Taralcho, Ushigome, Toklo, 

Frank Ingold Walker, Ph. R, In- 
structor High Bchool, Colorado 
Springs, Col. 

John Mann Walker, Ph. B.. S. T. 
B., Methodist Kpiscopal Clergy- 
man, R. R. No. 1, New Albany; 
res. French Lick, Ind. 


Reuben Stewart Henderson, B. 8., 
C. E., with North-Westem R. 1*.. 
325 Park Ave., Chicago. IlL 

Milton Alvin Lasater, Stockman, 
Paul's Valley, L T. 



CliarlM All«n ProMer. Ph. B^ 8a- 
ptrlntendent Sehools. Sit & 
Sprtnff St. N«w AltMiiy, lad. 
Samuel Kenley Rulck, A. B., IAm 
B., Attorney, 66 Lombard Blds^ 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
Bmest Ouy Sootten. LXi. B., At- 
torney, ESnid, Okla. 
Harry Ernest Weese, AflU. IlL A. 
FaylniT Teller N. W. Harris ft 
Co., 204 Dearborn St., Chicago. 
John Slnffleton Crowder, M«tbo- 
dlst Episcopal Clergyman, Last 
Known, Oxford, Ind. 
Cyras DeWltt Mead, Ph. R, Prin- 
cipal Indiana School for Fa^Ua 
Minded Youth, Fort WajiM, 
Charles Clinton (TDell, Ph. B^ 

Ranchman, Morris, L T. 
Warren Samuels Peters, Latin 
Teacher, High School, Shelby- 
vllle; res. LaPorte, Ind. 
Howard Lukens Thomas, Lumbar 
Dealer, Newman, IlL 
Fred William Foxworthy, B. S., 
A. M., Ph. D., Government Bot- 
anist. Manila, P. L; res. 826 N. 
Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Percy Lee Hodges, Physician, 400 
Pope Bldg., Washington, D. C 
George James Hodge. Ph. B., LL. 
B.. Atlomey. 638 New York 
Bldg., Seattle. Wash. 
Benjamin Frankljn Roller, B. S, 
M. D.. Physician and Surgeon, 
450 Arcade Bldg.; res. SeatUe 
Athletic aub, SeatUe, Wash. 
Foster Vestal Smith, Ph. B., At- 
torney. Newton-Claypool Bldg.; 
rea. 119 Bl Vermont St, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 
Francis Irvin Stults, Ph., B.. LL. 
B., Huntington, Ind. 
Charles Henry Balrd, Farmer, R. 

F. D. No. 1, Portland, Ind. 
Charles Boyle Campbell, Ph. B., 
(Permanent Address, Areola, 
ni.); Head Department of Mod- 
ern Language, in Agricultural 
and Mechanical College of Texas, 
College Station, Teat 

Lawrence Randolph Cartwright, A. 
M.. Ph. B.. LL. B., Attorney. 
Portland, Ind. 

William Asbury ColUngs. Ph. B., 
60 State House, New York City; 
home address, Cicero. Ind. 

William Luverne Elkins, Secretary 
and Treasurer Mone sseo Sartngs 
Co., Moneasen, Fa. 

Arthur Livingstone Beat, Instruc- 
tor, Mt Meridian, Ind. 

John Elmer Thomas, Ph. B., At- 
torney, City Nat Bank Bldg., 
Lawton, Okla. 

Ernest Roller. B. 8., A. M., In- 
stractor High School, Laftiy- 
ette, Ind. 

Elarl Cranston Walker. Ph. B.. 
Manufacturer Automobile Spe- 
cialties, 1918 Logan St. Louis- 
ville, Ky. 


Forest Simpson Cartwright, Ph. 
B., Attorney, 160 Washington 
St.; res. 6643 Woodlawn Ave., 
Chicago, DL 

Samuel Elijah Dora. Ph. B., Prin- 
cipal High School. Billings, 

Albert Nlckum Doyle, TeUar 
Nan Columbia Bank, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Howard Logan Hancock, LL. B., 
Attorney, Rockvllle. Ind. 

Lorenso Dow Maey (Permanant 
Address, Bartonia, Ind.), Bat- 
Ue Creek, Mich. 

Herbert Jerome Mclntire, Profes- 
sor, Washington Agricultural 
College, Pullman, Wash. 

Zora Biayo Smith, A. B., Principal 
of High School, Danville. IlL 
(Permanent address. Goldsmith, 

George Reeves Throop, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., Professor of Greek. 
Illinois College, Jacksonville, m. 
Charles Weeks. Farmer. Poultry 
Raiser and Fruit Grower, Collof 
Road, Mountain View, CaL 


Thomas Albert Bryan. M. D.. Phy- 
sician and Surgeon. Lema. HL 



Xenophon Henry Edwards, B. S., 
Druffsrlflt, Fairmont, Ind. 

Tbomaa LeRoy Holland, Clerk 
Quartermaster'a Department, U. 
S. A., 789 Carroll St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. (Permanent address, 
Knlghtstown, Ind.). 

James Vernon Kelly, Clerk, 19S 
FuUerton Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Edwin House Pritchard, Principal 
Higrh School, Acton, Ind. 

Frederick Leon Sims, B. S., Prin- 
cipal New Trier Township High 
School, Kenilworth, 111. (Perma- 
nent address, Portland, Ind.) 

Irwin Porter Smith, Ph. B., 0>m- 
mercial Traveler, Oem (Garment 
Co., 119 B. Vermont St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. (Permanent 
address, Tllden, Ind.). 

Fred Lincoln Williams, Ph. B., 
B. LL. B., Attorney, Joplin, Ma 


Raymond Joseph Brower, Ph. B., 
City; permanent address, 466 W. 
Main St, Peru Ind. 

Lee Byrnes Hawthorne, Ph. B., 
Superintendent Public Schools, 
Mexico, Mo. (Permanent ad- 
dress, Wingate, Ind.) 

Frederick Baker Holmes, Portland, 

Bernard Vickrey Moore, LL. B., At- 
torney, Tipton, Ind. 

Earle Billings Parker, Ph. B., 
Methodist Elpiscopal CHergyman, 
207 S. Ekhart St., Wakarusa, Ind. 
(Permanent address, LaOrange, 

Lester Paul Sims, Sales Agent 
Broom Co., 6 Barton pi., Worces- 
ter, Mass.; permanent address, 
Portland. Ind. 

Glenn Curtis Tolln, Ph. B., Banker, 
Rockville, Ind. 


Roy Thomas Ck>llings, Student Pur- 
due University; home Cicero, Ind. 

Ferdinand Meharry Hawthorne, 
Civil Engineer, Penn. A. R. Ck).; 
permanent address, Wingate, 

Ray C^arpenter Hawthorne, B. S., 
with Sears, Roebuck Co,, Chi- 

cago; res. Riverside, HL (Per- 
manent address, Wingate, Ind.) 

Earl CHement Kelley, Attorney, 
Cloverdale, Ind. 

Omer John McCoy. Teacher. Rus- 
siaville, Ind. 

John Thomas Vansant, Assistant 
Prin. High School, Qreencastle^ 


Roland Russel Blair, with Weber 
Drug Ck>., Indianapolis, Ind. 

August CJhrlstian Beyer, B. 8. 

Joseph McClellan juevers. Ph., B., 
Agent Redpath Lyceum Bureau; 
res. 506 Van Eps St., MitcheU, 
S. D. 

Emery Clyde Pottorff, Insurance, 
615 Wilson Bldg.; res. 180 Noble 
Ave., Dallas, Tex. 

Orrie Roscoe Van Dyke, Ph. B., 
Bookkeeper State Life Ins. 0>.; 
res. 5696 Lowell Ave., Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 


Barle Thayer Chaffee, Student, 
Purdue University, Greencastle, 

Wiiiiam Qrigsby Chrawford, Stu- 
dent, Ind. Medical 0>]lege, India- 
napolis, Ind. 

Charles Ewan Felton. 1427 Wood- 
lawn Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Chester McMahan Frasier, Instmo- 
tor High School, Blwood, Ind. 

Earl Edward Beyer, Affll. CSal. B. 

Student, Stanford University, 

Rochester, Ind. 
Forrest Baker Beyer, AfllL Cal, B, 

Student, Stanford University, 

Kendallville, Ind. 
fWilliam Dale (Tartwrlgfat, Student, 

Portland, Ind. 
John Howard C^aypool, Instructor, 

Spencer, Neb. 
tWill Roscoe E>!^an8, Student, 

Qreencastle, Ind. 
tEldon Ford, Student, Haselton, 

Donald Adair Hall, Student, Cornell 

University, Ithaca, N. T, 



tCUenn Brwln Hawthorne, Student, 

Winsate, Ind. 
Herbert Clay Jonea, ShelbyvOle, 

tCbarlee WelMiter Jewett, Student* 

affiliated from Indiana Delta Not. 

12 1904, Mooreavllle, Ind. 
Baron Henderaon Long; 1114 Jamea 

Bldff.; residence 146 Leadnffton 

Ave., New York City. 
fOeorge Edgar Turner, Student, 

Cte^enoastle, Ind. 
fCSarenoe McOlll Baatbum, Stu- 
dent, Kankakee, IlL 
William Arthur Hall, Student Chl« 

cago College of Dental Surgery, 

Valparalao, Ind. 
Newton Webster Metaker, Farmer, 

Pine Village, Ind. 
fSylyeeter Moore, Student, Oreen- 

caatle, Ind. 
Harry Blaine Potter, Purdue Unl- 

verelty, Lafayette, Ind. 

fjease Orr PoweD, Student, Jason- 

YlUe Ind. 
Charles Ephraln Schermerbom, 

Student, Newton, Ind. 
Franklin Fields Travis, Oreenoaa- 

Ue, Ind. 

tChester A. Jewett, MooresvUle, 

tVere A. Batsner, Hobbs, Ind. 
tRoy Love, Rochester, Ind. 
tBmest M. Causey, Montesuma, 

tRlchard Haxelett Vansant, Oreen- 

castle, Ind. 
tNeal Orlder, Oreenoastle, Ind. 
tClliford Lawson Reld, Soottsburg, 


tin Active Chapter 1906-06. 


T«T« HmM, 

Frank MeKeen, Banker, Terre 

Hautob Ind. 

•Albart Lanffe Wyeth, reportad 

to hare died in New York City 

about 189S. 

John Iiee Oordon, Principal Ward 

Bohool. Tarre Bfetutai Ind. 
^Joseph Demorest Strout, Died 

October S8, 1877, Tarre Hantai 

Oeorve Waahlncton Wada. Ab- 

■tractlnff Tltlea, Terra Hantit 


Thomas Jefferson Byers, A. B. A. 
li., Merchant, Franklin, Ind. 

Orove Roesetter Crafts, Qeneral 

Acent National Blndlnc Machine 

Co., 19 Wabash Ave.; rea. IMS 

Sheridan Road, Chloaco. DL 
Charlea Henry Allen Qordoa, 

Bookkeeper, Tarre Haata^ lad. 
Buena Vista Marshall, Attoraay. 

Terra HautOi Ind. 
William Wood Parsooa, PrastdaBt 

Indiana State Normal, Tana 

Hautab Ind. 
Howard Sandlson, A. M., Vloe 

President, Indiana State Normal, 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Hiurry Gardener Thompaoo, U. SL 

Reranna Sanrloeb Tarra Baatt^ 


•Andrew Bhaata, Dlad July 11. 
1880, Terra HiKDt% Ind. 



West UJTayette, Indiaiia 


Albert Beason Dodd. San Fran 
Cisco, CaL 

^Lucius Vernon Gould, Rochester, 

Charles Larkin Orlmes, Draughts- 
man, Oklahoma ft Texas R. R., 
Oklahoma City, O. T. 

Orville liogan Simmons, B. S., 
M. 8., Real Estate. 419 8. 5th 
St., Goshen, Ind. 

Franklin Ginn Tingley, B. C. R, 
U. S. Weather Bureau. Wsish- 
ington, D. C; res. Norwood. Hy- 
atuville, Md. 


Charles Wesley Brown, Consulting 
BSnglneer, 8 Opera House Block, 
residence, 261 WelMter Ave., 
Jacksonville. IlL 

Wilmer Henry Gemmer, C. K^ 
County Surveyor and Civil En- 
gineer, Williamsport, Ind. 

Frank Copeland Lingenfelter, B. C. 
E., Civil Engineer, Paris, 111., 
Assistant Division E^ngineer Cairo 
Division of Big Four R R.. 1108 
Pleasant St., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Samuel Moore, Jr., B. E., E. M., 
Manager American Radiator Co., 
108 Holge Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

^Ralph Gregory Morgan. Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Albert Sutton Richey, R M. E.. 
Prof, of Bleotric Ry. Elngineer- 
ing, Worcester Polytechnic In- 
stitute, residence, 12 Schussler 
Road, Worcester, Mass. 

MelviUe Baker Wells. C. E., 
Associate Professor Bridge and 
Structural Engineering, Armour 
Institute of Technology, resi- 
dence 8222 B. End Ave., Chi- 
oago, IIL 


Robert Bruce Flather, B. M. EL, 
Supt. Oakland Warehouse Co., 
12th and Clay Sts., residence, 
708 West St., Oakland, Cal. 

•Edward Breckonridge Hyde, Man- 
ufacturing Stationery and 
Printing, 268 E. Kinzie St., Chi- 
cago. 111.; died July 2, 1906. 

Oliver Benbridge Leonard, Ticket 
Agent. Big Four and L. K & 
W. Railways. 632 Ferry St., 
Lafayette, Ind. 

*Robert Sample Miller, Lafay- 
ette, Ind. 

John Peter Neff, B. M. E., Mech. 
Supt., American Locomotive 
Ekiuipment Co., Railway Ex- 
change Bldg., Chicago, resi- 
dence. 525 Poplar Ave.. Austin 
Sta.. Chicago. 

Earnest Augustus Richey, Asst. 
Secy. Stanford Forgings Co.. In- 
diana Harbor. Ind. 


Herman Peter Andresen, Mechan- 
ical Engineer, 1407 Railway Ex- 
change; res. 106 Seminary Ave.. 
Chicago, 111. 

Harry Boise Culver, Undertaker. 
213 N. Illinois St., Indianapo- 
lis. Ind. 

Belton Henry Halley, 74, 44th 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Bret Harter, Consulting Engineer, 
1123 Schofield Bldg., Cleveland, 

Fred Stewart Hartman, B. S., 
Mgr. Apparatus Dept., Ft 
Wayne Elec. Wks., residence. 
916 Jackson St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Charles Edward Howe, M. E.. 
Treasurer of Wabash Mfg. Ca, 
151 N. Wabash St., Wabash, Ind. 




Herbert Pickering Lewis, E. E., 
Affll. N. Y. A, and Ind. Z, Vlce- 
Pres. National Metal Ck>., 2-A, 
Clncode Mayo 3, Mexico City, 

Charles Monroe McGregor, AflU. 
Ind. Z, Telephone Engineer, 625 
Walnut St., Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

Charles Slmms McMahan, B. S., 
Affl. Ind. Z, Farmer, Liberty, 

Louis Gilman Raymond, Lincoln, 


Edward Br Ingham Kirk, B. 8., 
E. E., Vice President and Gen- 
eral Manager Winnebago Trac- 
tion Co., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Francis Clifton Lander, 1st Lieut. 
U. S. Marine Corps, Marine Bar- 
racks, Olongafo, P. I., care 
Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps, 
Washington, D. C. 

Warren Eldmund Moore, C. EX, 
Chief Engineer, Oklahoma City 
Railway Co., 614 W. 14th St., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Terrell Eugene Morse, Ph. B., B. S., 
Civil Engineer, with American 
Bridge Co.; res. 927 Broadway, 
Toledo, O. 

Rudolph Carl Tschentscher, M. E., 
Electrical Engineer, Illinois 
Steel Co., residence, 248 K 66th 
St, Chicago, 111. 

Walter Howard Wheeler, B. S., 
C. EL, Salesman, Browning Eng. 
Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 1103 House 
Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa., residencei 
1119 Broadway, Indianapolis. 


Ralph Scott Barrett, Real Estate, 
411 Lamcke Bldg., Indianapolis, 

Percy Haight Batten, Mfg., Har- 
vey, 111., residence, 49 Astor St., 
Chicago, 111. 

^George Putnam Miller, Lafay- 
ette, Ind. 

Montgomery Ehran Sherry, TJ» R, 
Farmer, Westpoint, Ind. 

Raymond Watson 8toy, Secretary 
of W. V. Stoy Oo., 917 N. 9th 
St., Lafftyette, Ind. 

Joseph McPheeters Taylor, Ameri- 
can Express Co., St. Louts, Mo. 

William Trapnell, Division Engi- 
neer, RAO. Ry., 108 S. 86th 
St., Philadelphia, Fa. 


Albert Read Brown, Salesman for 
Remington Typewriter Co., 154 
Wabash Ave.; res. 1S97 Sheri- 
dan Road, Chicago, lU. 

Edward Max Graves, Contractor, 
Commercial Bank Bldg., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Elwin Murray Hulse, Lawyer and 
Patent Solicitor, Elktron Bldg., 
residence; 862 W. Dewald St, Ft 
Wa3me, Ind, 

Samuel BCartin Kler, EL EL. Fire 
Brick Manufacturing, 88S0 Cal- 
lowhiU St, Pittsburg, Pa. 

E3arle Rawlings Knight, B. S^ 
Chief Inspector, BuUock Elec- 
trical Mfg. Co., 4S87 Franklin 
Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, residence^ 
Norwood, Ohio. 

Edwin Lennox, B. S., Advertising, 
care Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chi- 
cago, IlL, residence, 8784 W. 
Lake St 

Arthur Allen Mull, AillL Ind. B., 
Washington, D. C. 

Harold Vincent Patterson,, Supt. 
Gas Dept., Public Service Corp. 
of New Jersey, comer Sixth and 
Provost Sts.; residence, 14 Van 
Reypen St., Jersey City, N. J. 

Robert Elagle Peck, Engineer, 
Peck-Williamson Ventilating 
Co., 888 W. 6th St, dnolnnati, 

Roy Weston Wallace, M. B., AflU. 
N. T. A., Vice-President, Wallace 
Biachine & Foundry Co., 911 N. 
9th St., Lafayette, Ind. 


Jay Byron Dill, B. S. M. EL, Supt 
Specialty Mfg. Co., Indlam^o- 
lis, Ind. 

Huston DuBois Fearis, Draughts- 
man, 884 ESastem Ave., Con- 
nersviUe, Ind. 



BVank Herbert Henley, IQeetrleal 
Contractor, WatMUih, Ind. 

Joseph Thomas Hill, Jr., C SL, 
1114 Riyenilde Ayeu, ESvansville, 

John J. O'Brien, Vice President 
American Hardware Mfff. Co., Ot- 
tawa, m. 

Miles William O'Brien. Secretary 
and Treasurer American Hard- 
ware Bifg. Co., Ottawa, IlL 

Robert Shirley Conner, Head 
Chemist, Newaygo Portland Ce- 
ment Co., Newaygo, Mich. 
(Permanent address. 228 N. Wa- 
bash St., Wabash, Ind.) 


Hubert B. Clapp, M. D., Physician, 
6222 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Euman Laidlaw, R S. M. 
EL JKech. Bngr., 802 New Eng- 
land Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

>lmon Galiton Mace, B. S., Aflll. 
Ind. r, Mace Stock Farm, Lex- 
ington, Ind. 

^Edward Cool Robertson, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Lewis Evan Russell, Architect 
and E^nglneer, 6409 Washington 
Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Fred Jm Walte, care IlL Central 
R. R. Ca, Park Row, Chicaga 

Llewellyn Williams, Jr., B. S. M. 
E., Secretary. The Williams' 
Directory Co., 208 Post Sq., Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Harry Ritchie Wilson, Secretary, 
Qlobe Iron Works, Rector Bldg., 
residence, 1468 Montrose Ave., 

Herbert Milton Woollen, B. S., M. 
D., Affll. Wis. A, Physician, 20 
W. Ohio St.; res. 1741 N. Meridan 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Mitchell Davidson, Asst. 

Supt Blount Plow Works, 722 

First St., Evansville, Ind. 
Lllbum CliiTord Fletchall. Teller. 

Boseman National Bank, Posey- 

ville, Ind. 
^Deiavan Curtis Foots, Chicago, 


Albert Milton Hopper, Druggist, 
807 N. 9th St, Lafayette, Ind. 

Alva Wells Hopper, Asst Drug- 
gist, 807 N. 9th St., Lafiiyette, 

Charles Dorwln Porter, R 8. M. 
E., Inspector, Motive Power 
Dept, Pennsylvania R R, R * 

A. V. Div., Buffalo, N. Y. Per- 
manent address, 207 W. Wayne 
St, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

William Patton Schofleld, Con- 
tractor, 208 S. Jefferson St, 
Madison, Ind. 

Stewart Wydiffe Weyer, City En- 
gineer. Madison, Ind. 

Frederick Q. Whipple, 4607 Wa- 
bash Ave., Chicago, UL 

Malcolm Robertson White, B. A., 
Engineer, 264 Alexander St, 
Rochester, N. Y. 


John Brison Bartholomew, Illi- 
nois Steel Co., Chicago, HL, 
1458 Montrose Ave., Chicago, 111. 
(Permanent address, Valparaiso, 

Howard William Irwin, AfflL Mass. 

B, Assistant Supt Power, Gen- 
eral Electric Co., Schenectady, 
N. T.; after Jan. 1, 1907, General 
Manager Northern JSUectric Co., 
Fargo, N. D. 

John Luty Larkln, Gen. Insur- 
ance, 628 N. Mulberry St, Mt 
Vernon, Ind. 

John Fisher Oarr Miller, R 8., 
City Salesman, Am. Blower Co., 
491 Lincoln Ave., Detroit Mloh. 

WiUlam Laidlaw RusseU. B. S. hi 
M. E., BCanager for BCaritime 
Provinces. AlUs-Chalmers-Bul- 
lock, Ltd., New Glasgow, Nova 
Scotia, Can. 

Charles W. Wilson, B. S., C BL, 
Civl\ Engineer, Indiana Harbor 
Ry., Hammond, Ind. (Permanent 
address 1614 N. Alabama St, In- 
dianapolis, Ind.) 


Eidwln Hislop Alfree, Assistant 
SnglnBer, Alfres-Hubbell X^ooo- 



motive Co., St. Louis, Mo. Per- 
manent address. Trenton, O. 

Ross Leroy Bryant, Valparaiso, 

Samuel Griffin Clifford, Asst En- 
gineer, 111. Central R. R., 1009 
Upper 2nd St., E^ransviIle, Ind. 

Kdward Roberts Johnson, Secre- 
tary and Treasurer H. T. Wilson 
Coal Co., 1124 Majestic Bldi;., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Porter (jarfleld Jones. Affll. Ind. B, 
Western Electric Co., 1458 Mont- 
rose Ave., Chlcagro, 111. 

George Ulrlc Mlddleton, Draughts- 
man, Pennsylvania R. R., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Benjamin Bassler Minor, Secre- 
tary Blenklron Gold Mining Co., 
6029 H. W. Hellman Bldg., Lob 
Angeles, Cal. 

Charles Sterne Rauh, B. S., As- 
sistant Manager, E. Rauh & 
Sons, Fertilizer Co.. TTnion Stock 
Yards; res. 1014 N. Alabama St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Frederick Jones Ward. Rock 
Island & Gulf R. R., Dalhart, 

Cuy Carleton Williams. Resident 
r;nglneer, C. M. A St. P. Ry., 
Auburn; res. 7r>0 16th Ave., Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

Alexander Paul Wood, Port 
Wayne Electrical Works, Port 
Wayne, Ind. 


Harry Merrill Bowser, B. S., M. E., 
Chief Draughtsman for S. F. 
Bowser Co; res. 1232 E Crelgh- 
ton Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Arthur Gray Caldwell, now hold- 
ing a Graduate Fellowship in 
Itallway Engineering at Chicago 
University from B. & O. R. R.; 
home address, f^afayette. Ind. 

John Leo Anthony Connors. B. S., 
M. E., Assistant to President, 
Ralston Steel Car Co.; res. 1109 
Franklin Ave., Columbus, O. 

Harry Remington Curran, E. E., 
Traveling Salesman, Steel House, 
care Chas. G. Stevens Co., 60 S. 

Canal St.; res. 1468 Montrose 
Blvd., Chicago, IlL 

I^uis Joseph Flint, AfflL Kan. A, 
c:ire of Kellogg Switch Board 
Co.. Chicago, m. 

Joseph Allison Miner, 1468 Mont- 
rose Ave., Chicago, IlL 

S;imuel ESarl Miner, 1458 Montrose 
Ave., Chicago, lU. 

William James Murphy, Jr., 
Wholesale Saddlery, 410 Garri- 
son Ave., Fort Smith, Ark. 

Ray Wilkinson Reynolds, Supt 
Indianapolis & Northwestern 
Traction Co., Liebanon, Ind. 

Walton Valle, B. S.. B. B.. Blec- 
trlcal Draughtsman, Union Eilec- 
trlc Light & Power Co.; res. 4400 
West Belle Place, St. Louis. Mo. 

Harry GlfTord Warren, care of 
American Blower Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa, 


George Ade Davis, Affll. Ind. T, 

Brook, Ind. 
-I Will lam Jamf's Hogan, 313 Penn- 
sylvania Ave., Lafayette, Ind. 
Charles Raymond Herron, Brady 

Foundry Co.. Chattanooga, Tenn. 
iK-ginald Wallace Hughes, 141S 

Park Ave, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Edgar Francis Jones, Ehnployed In 

Post Office; res. 721 North St, 

Lafayette, Ind. 
Ned McGaughey, Indianapolis, 

Simeon Van Buren Miller, B. 8. In 

M. E., with Thomas Automobile 

Co., Detroit, Mich.; res. Klneveb, 

Irving Hodgson Long, care U. S. 

C. I. P. & Pdy. Co., Louisville, 

Ora Herman Rudy, AfflL Wis. A, 

Insurance Business, permanent 

address 1626 North Delaware St, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Clarence Stanley Sale, B. 8., C B., 

M. of W. Department, Florida 

East Coast Ry., St Augustine, 

Fla.; res. 23 Board of Trade 

Bldg., Louisville, Ky. 




Quy Tempest EUIb, 418 West 8t, 
Catherine St., Louisville, Ky. 

Harry R* Fitton, Real Bstate, 
Loans and Insurance, 46 N. 
Pennsylvania St.; res. 1208 Col- 
lege Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edwin Olin Finney, 2817 Ck>llege 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

tDennis Hodgson Long, care of 
U. S. C. I. P. & Fdy. Co., Louis- 
viUe, Ky. 

Wlnfleld Clarence Miller, 1429 
North Pennsjrlvania St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Garland Taylor Stewart, 511 Bast 
Eleventh St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


tOliver Morgan Baboock, 806 Riv- 
erside Ave., EyvansviUe, Ind. 

tCharles Adams Bird, 1200 Dela- 
ware Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

tFrank Albred DeBoos, 521 Cali- 
fornia St., Columbus, Ind. 

tin active chapter, 1905-1906. 

Thomas Smith Garber, 1518 North 

Pensylvania St., Indianapolis, 

tByron Demlng, Franklin, Ind. 
t Russell Fortune, 154 Woodruff 

Place, Indianapolis, Ind. 
tWliiiam Gamett Munn, Jr.. 1695 

New Broadway, Louisville, Ky. 
tWalter Rodger Shell, 
tjanies Clifford Turpin, East First 

St., Dayton, Ohio. 
tJohn William Vaile, 301 North 

14th St., Fort Smith, Ark. 
t Anthony Hodge Worsham, 608 

Adams St., Evansville, Ind. 
Elijah William Worsham, 608 

Adams St., Evansville, Ind. 

1 George Rajrmond Milllcan, 807 

Chandler St., Evansville, Ind. 
fVlncent Koy Newcommer, 806 Wall 

St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
t Arthur J. Reed, Sprigg Ave., 

Bellevue, Pa. 
1 David Arthur Reel, 505 Bryson 

St., Toungstown, Ohio. 
Herbert Julius Wocher, 1517 N. 

Alabama St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Mount PlMimtt low» 

William Allen Idjntit, A. B^ A. 
M., IAm R, Attomtjr, Hiuon, 
a Dak. 


^Ftanela llarton Millar, A. B^ A. 

M., died 1894, Liebanon, Oregon. 
William Henry Spurfin, R &, IC 

B., retired, Panora, Iowa. 


Bdward McMillan Canningham, A. 

B^ A. M., Supt. of Schools, 

Moeoa, CoL 
Smith Donbar Fry, A. R, LI* R, 

Editor of AdminittratUm and 

Court Journal, Washington, D. 

a; rea. 1SS7 L St. N. W. 
William Home HopUrk, A. R, A. 

M., Inauranoe and Real Eetate^ 

Ft. Madiaon, Iowa. 
Lauren Oaiaa Housel, A. R, A. M., 

D. D., dergyman, Minneapolis, 

Thomaa Ralph Jackaon, R 8.* 

Farmer, Everett, Ohio. 
^Herman Jay Lauder, A. B.« A. M., 

LU R, died 1891. Muaoatlno. 

John Thomaa McFarland. A. R. 

A. M., R D., D. D.. L. H. D.. 

LL. D., Ck>r. Sec of S. S. Union 

M. B. Church, 150 Fifth Ave, New 

York, N. Y.; ree. Yonkeni, N. Y. 
AuflTustus Bosworth Patton, LL. B., 

Judge Juvenile Court; rea. 1608 

14th St, Offden, Utah. 
Samuel Wesley Siberts, R S.. M. 

S. D. D., Ph. D., Missionary* 

Mercedes, ArgentlnSv 8. A. 


Robert Allen Oamlneb A. R. Pre- 
siding IQder in M. SL Church; 
res. 888 Sa 14th St. Danvar. 

John Austin Davison, B. A., 
Banker, 1141 University Ave., 
Wichita, Kan. 

Bdward Ashley Qibbs. R 8.. M. &• 
Attorney, Los Angtfles^ OsL; iia 
684 N. Main St 

Charles Francis Knowlton, R 8., 
M. S., Attorney, Ft Wayne A 
South Bend Traction Co., 816 
Berry St; res. 837 B. Washing- 
ton St, Ft Wayne, Ind. 

John Walter Lander, M. IXt Fky- 

sidan. Afton. Iowa* 
•William Matthias McFarland. A. 

R, A. M.. LU R. died July 18. 

1906, Brooklyn. Iowa. 

William Nathaniel Orooma. A. R. 
A. M.. 8. T. D., ClersTniaa. 

Coweta, Ind. Ter.; permanent ad- 
dress, Unlonvllle, Iowa. 

•Wellington Hfnman LaMoiit% R 

&, M. a. died 1898. Hsmfltaoi 

•John Andrew MOOartnay. dM 

1871, Media, ni. 
•Bdward Bibb Randall, dlad 187«i 

Topeka. Ksnsss. 
•John Gala Stratton. died 187T. 

PittabursT* Canada. 


Frank WUlSama Adamsy A* Bl* A. 

M.. R IX. Clergyman. Lona Ttss^ 

Erastus Ames Benson. Real Bstate^ 

642 Paxton Block; res. 48th and 

Dodsre Sts., Omaha, Neb. 

•Frank Leslie Hnston. A* Bl* A. 

M.. R D.. died 1881. Santa 1^ 

N. Mas. 
Frank Bdsar KanlTman. Pres. 

Bemet. Croft A TTairtfuMm 

MUlins OSb, BL l4Nilak MOk 




NorrlB Hayden Haxon, Bookkeeper, 
S838 Smring Aye.; res. 418 Kan- 
sae St, St. Louie, Mo. 

•Ylnsoii Byroii Naeh. 

Je«M Nelaon. Farmer, San Flerr% 

Franele William Slmmona. Whole- 
sale Hardware^ Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Boward SL Snider, lUrr. Mt Pleaa- 
ant Oae Ck>., ML Pleasant, Iowa. 


Howard James Cone. 

Theodore Wesley CnJm, Attorney, 

SUlott, Iowa. 
Oeorse Wesley Holland, A. B., 

A. M., Banker, JVOls City, N^ 
Alexander Thomas Jeltrey, A. B., 

A. M., B. D., B. IX, Clergyman, 

Goon Rapids, Iowa. 

^Allen Chesley Jennis, A. B^ A. 
M.. IL D., died 189S, Port Ar- 
thur, Tex. 

David Fannin King, County Judge, 
Carrolllon, HL; res. Mt Pleasant, 

John West Pslm, A. B., A. M., 
Ld^. B., Mt Pleasant, Iowa. 

Ftedrlok William Winter, A. B., 
A. M., M. D., Physician, Liberty, 


Klmore Pleroe Camphell, B. S., M. 

S., LI* B., Attorney, Xhireka, 

John Sytrester KllnSb M. D., 

Dmgglst, mdorado^ Kansas. 
Alexander McLarln Linn, B. 8., 

M. 8., M. D., Physician, Pres. 

Iowa State Board of Health; res. 

ITSO Woodland Atsu, Des 

Molnsi^ Iowa. 
Homer Charlee Pershing. 
Adolph Bdward Winter, Dlst Supt 

U. 8. Oypsum Co. Mills, Blue 

Baplds, y«ne«e, 


^Oeorge Adolph Fiegenbaum, A. 

Bn A. M., M. D., died 1896, St 

Joseph, Ma 
William Blwood Rhodes, Cashier 

First National Bank, Linden, Ala. 

Bdwln Walter Rnnyan, Real 
tatOb Sidney, Iowa* 

Brastus Coiner Tully Wells, Rail- 
way Agent Letts, Iowa; ad- 
dress, Medora, Iowa* 

Albert Whitlock, M. D., Physician, 
886 a Main St, Wichita, Kan- 

Philllppus Bmst Winter, A. B., 
A. M., LL. U., Assistant Attor- 
ney Interior Dept, res. 1448 
Douglas St, Washington, D. C. 


LaMonte Cowles, A. B., A. M., 
City Solioitor, Burlington, Iowa. 

John Reide Foulks, A. B., A. M., 
Gen'l Agent, New York Life Ins. 
Co.. 216 B. Srd South St.. Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Louis Henry Winter, Dentist Cur- 
tis, N^ 


Hugh Addiion Cole. A. B., A. M., 
LL. B.. Affll. Iowa B, Secretary 
Cole's Mfg Co.. 4728 Greenwood 
Ave., Chicago, m. 

Clifton Barle Hblland, B. a, M. 
a, LL. B., Attorney, Seward, 

Bdwln Nelf Kauifman, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney, Wymore, NeK 

Albert John Weber, B. a. Attor- 
ney, 148 P St, Salt Lake City, 

Parke Wilfred KsufTman, A. B^ A. 

M.. Supt of Schools. Pomona, 

Palmer Trimble, A. B., Attorney, 

Keokuk, Iowa 


Gardner Cowles, A. B., A. M., 
Publisher, Df Moinet RegUter 
and Leader, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Christian Rudolph Haylghorst, 
A. B., A. M., B. D., D. D., Stu- 
dent. Jena, Germany. 

John Dempster Murphy, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney, First Naf L Bank 
Bldg., Ogden, Utah. 

Franklin Sklpton. B. a, M. a. 
Attorney, GsnsTa, NeK 




Samuel Ash made Wood Carver, A. 
M., Manufacturer, 241 Winston 
St., I^s Angreles, Cal. 

Ellas Everett Doud, A. R, Cler- 
gyman, Olendale, Aria. 

James Warren Davenport, B. 8., 

M. S.. LIx B., Farmer, Batavla, 

John F. Gibson, Druggist, Cor. 

9 th and Center Sts., Des Moines, 

Frank Wesley Otto. B. 8., M. 8., 

Clergyman, Coffey ville, Kansas; 

res. 214 W. 10th St. 


James Lyon Hall, Retired Farmer, 
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 

♦Thomas Huf^h Kauffman, died 
February 17, 1906, Alton, 111. 

Edward Everett Kirlcendall, M. 
D., Physician, West Burlington, 

^Stephen Emmett Kirlcendall, died 
1891, West Burlington, Iowa. 

John Franklin Riggs, B. 8., M. 8., 
Ph. D., State Supt. of Public 
Instruction, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Willis Ellsworth Vincent, Prop. 
Elm Lawn Stock Farm, Hutch- 
inson, Kansas. Affiliated with 
Kansas Alpha 1886. 

Milos Eborton Harbin. 
Ernest Manloy JcniBon, A. B., A. 

M., Editor, Daily Common- 

waalth. Fond du Iac, Wis. 
Grant Benient Parker, Affll 111. A, 

Postal Service, 7138 Dodson Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Henry Ebbert Wilcox, B. 8., M. 

S., S. T. B., Clergjrman, Miles, 



Charles James Blakeney, B. 8., M. 
S., Attorney, 701 Continental 
Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Thomas Nixon Carver, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., LL. D., Affll. N. Y. A, 
Prof, of Political Economy Har- 
vard University, Cambridge, 
Mass.; res. 16 Klrkland Road. 

Sdwin 8tanton Hayighorst, A. BL, 
A. M., 8. T. B., D. D., PrMMent 
Iowa WealeyaOv Oerman Col- 
lege, Mt neamuit, Iowa. 

William H. Heppe, M. 8., D. D., 
Clergyman, 64 B. Twelfth St, 
Portland, Ore. 

Mark Lincoln Kauffman, ICerehant 

Miller, Piano, Tex. 
John Crosier Willlts, A. B.. A. M, 

8. T. B., D. D., Proslding Bld«r 

in M. BL Church, OakalooM, 



Jay Kirkendall, A. B., A. M., & 
T. B., Clergyman. CondBg, 

Charles Edgar Todd, A. R, A. M., 
8. T. B., Clergsrman, BeUlag- 
ham, Wash.; res. 688 Magnolia 


Freeman Alfred Harighorat, A. 
B., A. M., 8« T. D. ClergTnaii, 

Lincoln, IlL 

Charles Clay Miller. 

ESdward Harlan Scott, B. 8., M. 
S., LL. B., Supt Helena Gold 
Mining Co., Callahan, Cat 

William Henry Spurgeon, A. BL, 
A. M., Attorney, Hagarmaa 
Block, Colorado Springs, Cola; 
res. 1336 N. Tejou 8t 


^Clinton Oraham Ooddington, A. 
B., A. M.. died 1894. Mt Pleas- 
ant Iowa. 

William Radford Gray, M. D., AfBL 
Iowa B, Physician, Le Mars, 

William Riley Jeffrey, Jr.. B. 8.. 
M. 8., Clergyman. Spearfltfh. 8. 

Julius John Lalsy, A. B.. A. M., 
Attorney, 10 Wlok Bloek, 
Cleveland, Ohio; res. 488 BQoild 

Harlan Claire Smith, Mgr. Hawk- 
eye Lumber Ca, GonterrUls^ 

Joseph Perry Stanley, M. Dl, Fbj- 
slclan, Bedford. Iowa. 



Horace Heron Carter, B. 8., M. 8.. 

Attorney, Corydon, Iowa. 
Charles Sumner Roerers, B. S., M. 

S.. Ekiltor and Owner. Daily 

NewM, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 
Pearl Hawley 8mith, Real Estate 

and Mining, 1126 Tower Ave., 

8uperior, Wis. 
Edward Francis Wehrle, Ph. B., 

LL. B.. Affll. la. B. Attorney, 

Stlmson Block, 215 N. Union 

Ave., Los Angreles, Cal. 
Charles F. Weir, B. 8., M. 8.. M 

D., Physician, 6488 Stewart 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Wilmot Charles Wlllits, A. B., A. 

M., M. D., Physician, SOOl Park 

Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Charles Joseph Beers, A. M., D. 

D. S., Dental Surgeon, 208 Mason 

Bldg.; res. 1017 Salvarado, Los 

Angeles, Cal. 
Walter Lincoln Brenholts, M. S., 

Assistant Cashier, La Grande 

National Hank, La Grande, Ore. 
Jesse Wilbur Clark, M. S., LL. B., 

AfBl. Iowa B, Attorney, with 

American Colortype Co.. 44 Her- 
bert St., New York, N. Y.; res. 

118 Claremont Ave., Montclair, 

N. J. 
William Andrew Longnecker, B. 

8., M. 8., S. T. B., Clergyman. 

Letts, Iowa. 
George Edward Moore, A. M., M. 

8., D. C, Physician, 336 Century 

Bldg.; res. 28th and Forest Drive, 

Des Moines, la. 
Frank Smith Payne, B. S., M. 8., 

LL. B., Attorney, Pros. Center- 

vllle Street Railway Co., Cen- 

tenrllle, Iowa. 
Harmon Howard Rice, Sec. Am. 

Hydr. Cement Co., 214 Century 

Bldg., Denver, Col. 
Elbert Ellis Smith with Baker- 

Vawter Co., 1628 Tribune Bldg.. 

Chicago, 111. 
Charles Frederick Snider, Escrow 

Teller, Merchants' Trust Co.; res. 

1776 W. 22nd St., Los Angeles, 



William Harry French, Office Bfan- 
ager, Benjamin Cur tax & Son; 
res. 661 Clayton St.. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

*Karl Winfleld Mayne, B. P., M. 

S., died 1908, Council Bluffs, 

Edward Morrison Myers, A. B. 

A. M., M. D., Surgeon, Boone, 

Clyde Wilse Payne, B. 8., M. 8., 

M. D., Physician, Boone, Iowa. 
Edward Lee Richmond, Real Es- 
tate, Minnewauken, N. Dak. 
Victor Hugo Shields, Banker, New 

London, Iowa. 
Edward John SmUh, A. B., A. M., 

S. T. B., Clergyman, Ft. Madi- 
son, Iowa. 
Arthur lOdwin Thornley, A. B., A. 

M., Clergyman, Au Sable, Mich. 
Charles Grant Watkins, B. 8., M. 

8.. LL. B., Attorney, Cedar 

Rapids, Iowa. 
Adam Weir, Produce Merchant, 

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 


•William Frederick Gilmore, A. 

B., A. M., died July 6, 1908, 

Kirksvillc, Iowa. 
Edward Warren Hearne. A. B., A. 

M., General Secretary Y. M. O. 

A.. 1736 "G" St., N. W.. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
William Henry Perdew, A. B., A. 

M., S. T. B., Clergyman, Medl- 

apolis, Iowa. 
Fred Blutcher Tucker, A. M., 

Clergj'nian, Marengo, Iowa. 


Charles Herman Kamphoefner, 
A. B., A. M., Clereryman, Wall 

Lake, Iowa. 

Edward Lee Roth, B. S., M. 8., 
Real Estate, Ottumwa, Iowa. 

•William Sherman Shearer, A. B.. 
A. M., died Feb. 13, 1902, Ot- 
tumwa, Iowa. 

Bruce Charles Young, B. S., M. 
S., Farmer, Kallspell, Montana. 




Guy Malcolm Bsrrkit, M. 8., D. D. 
S., Affll. Pa. Z, Wholesale Lum- 
ber Merchant, La Qrande, Ore. 

Karl CkMits Corley, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, 2481 18th St., N. W.. 
Washin^on, D. C. 

Roy Franklin Corley, A. B., D. D. 
8., Dentist, Dover, DeL 

WUllam Bdward Creath, R 8., IC 
8., D. D. a. Dentist, SOS ILMain 
St., Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Charlea Pedro Franti, B. 8., M. S., 
M. D., Physician, Blye, Ear, 
Nose and Throat Specialist. 
Burllni^on, Iowa. 

John Wesley Potter, Ph. B., Evan- 
gelist, Box 464, Golden, Ck>l0. 

Chauncey Ward Watt, Insurance. 
Danville, IlL 


Fred John Kamphoefner, B. S., 
Instructor Boys* Aid Society, 
Grove and Baker Sts., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

James Kendrlck, Prln. High 
School, Ft. Madison, Iowa. 

Ira Elmer Lute, A. B., General 
Secretary Y. M. C. A., Camden. 
N. J. 

Flavlus Webster Lambert, A. B., 
LL. B., Affll. la. B and Neb. A, 
Attorney, Keokuk, Iowa. 

Arthur MacFarlane, Clergirman. 
Crawley, La. 

William Osgood Rogers, R S., 
Clergyman, Editor, Oklahoma 
8. 8. Worker, Medford, Okla. 

George McCulIough Rommel, B. S., 
B. S. A.. Animal Husbandman, 
Bureau of Animal Industry, Dept. 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 

Frank Stuart Roblnaon, A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, Law Depart- 
ment C. B. A Q. Ry. Co., Bur- 
lington, Iowa. 

Albert Brastus Smith, B. 8., Dept 
Mgr. Cable Piano Co., 840 
Wabash Ave., Chicago, ni. Res- 
Idenee, 487 Laurel Ave., Aus- 
tin, Chicago, 111. 

Eidmund Simmons, A. B., Affll. 
Iowa B, Manager Billings Sugar 
Co., Billings, Mont. 


Pearl Howard Brown, OommarQlal 
Traveler, Box 467, Llnoolii, Nebi 

John Parrett Helphry. A. R, Mer- 
chant, Medlapolla, Iowa* 

Rolla C. HuklU, B. S., Chief aerk 
and Bookkeeper, State Industrial 
School for Boys, Golden, Colo. 

Robert Raymond McBeth, Attor- 
ney, KeosauQua, Iowa. 

Arthur Lewis McOsiuley, A. B., In- 
structor in Holmes Business Col- 
lege; res. 1110 E. Stephens St., 
Portland, Ore. 

George John Smith, Ph. R, R 
S., M. S., LL. B., Attorney. 
Bloomlngton, 111. 

Henry Zlnneoker, Clergyman, 
Bever Crossing, Neb. 


Jesse McFall Be<dc R &• Bdltor, 
lotcegian, Centenrille, Iowa. 

Erwin E3arl Crawford, B. S., Gen- 
eral Insurance and Bonds, 70S 
Observatory Bldg.; res. 677 W. 
14th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Charles Nelson Pace, A. R, Cler- 
gyman,, Sigoumey, Iowa. 

Jason Adams Randall, Fanner, 
New London, Iowa. 

Fred John Smith, A. R, A. M^ 
Student, University of Berlin, 
Berlin, Germany. 

Frank Dwight Throop, B. S.. Edi- 
tor, MuMcatine Journal, Muses- 
tine, Iowa. 


Arthur Bradfbrd Culltoon, A. BL, 
Insurance, Galesburg, IlL 

William Edward Guylaa, with 
Cable Piano Co., Chicago^ IIL 

Fred Edward Koch, M. D., Fhy 
sidan, Burlington, Iowa. 

Charles Frank Nevlus, Gen. Beo. 
Y. M. C A., Tacoma, Wash. 

George Everett Rex, Asat. Engi- 
neer, Kan. City Dlv., A. T. * 8. 
F. R R, Kansas City, ICa 

Homer Arthur Roth, Real Estate, 
Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Charles Ralph Stafford, A* R, 
Dept Co., Treas., Muacatin^ 




Out Bhl^ldJi^ A. B., AdrvrtUdiiff 
Solicitor, Daa^f li ew9; ret. 41 
Delaware Place, Chicago. 

Oeorse WlUlam Weyrauoh, A. BL« 
dersTnum* Ne01a» Iowa. 


Archie lioraine Day, M. D., Physi- 
cian and Surgeon, Trenton, Iowa. 

Charles Alfred Heame, B. S., M. 
D., Physician, Ancon Hospital, 
Canal Zone, Panama, S. America. 

Clyde O. Hoober, A. B., Mgr. Bd- 
Itor, The Chieftain, Paeblo, 


William Bandolph Curry Kaa- 
drick. Attorney, Keokuk, lewa. 

John Henry liemkau, A. B, Cler- 
gyman, Canton, Mo. 

Hugh Ben. McCoy, B. S., AfllL Iowa 
B. Attorney, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 


Henry Ambler Campbell, Pilnol- 
pal High School, Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 
Ad^lno Gibson, Ueutenant U. 8. 
A.* Ft Ijeavenworth, Ksnsiis, 
Charlea Gaoar Qiese, A. B., IC D., 

Alexander Balfour Jeffrey, Ph. B, 
IC D., Pliyslcian, College 
Springs, Iowa. 

Harry Buckley Lambert, with Jno. 
MorreU A Co., Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Charlea Haven Myers, A. B., Stu- 
dent, Drew TheoL Bern,, Mad- 
iaoo* N. J. 

Charlea Tsylor Vorheis, R S., In- 
structor, University of Wlsoon- 
ain, Madison, Wis. 


burton Beck, B. S.. City Passen- 
ger Agent, O. R. & N. and S. P. 
Co., Berlin Bldg.; res. 416 N. K 
St., Taooma, Wash. 

M^ Rosatil Beck, B. &, Grain 
and Lumber Dealer, Fremont, 

lidwin Lisle, Sec. Lisle Mfg. 

Oo.t Clarinda» Iowa. 
Sherman Waldo Needham, B. S., 

Dep. Postmaater, Sigoumey, 

Fred Hayes Potter, Law Student, 
Dea Moines, Iowa. 


Albert George Gerth, B M., Mu- 
sic Teacher, Tucson, Aria. Af- 
Ullated with Colorado Alpha 

William Fredrlch Weibley, R M., 
Architect, Mt Pleaaant, Iowa. 


Merle Alfred Besser, R S., Mt. 
Pleasant, Iowa. 

Paul Houghton, Student, Phi Del- 
ta Theta Hduae^ Iowa City, 
Iowa. AlBliated with Iowa Beta 

John Foster Myers, Clerk, ML 
Pleasant, Iowa. 

Charles Robert Shook, A. R, 
Clergyman, Batavla* Iowil 

Charles Robert WilllU, B. M.. B. 
S.. Farmer, Mt Pleasant Iowa. 

Charlea Bugene Waterhouse, 
Student Burlington, Iowil 

fArthur Beck, Fremont Iowa. 
Fred Gerth, Hardware Merchant 

Wyaoonda, Ma 
tCarl Christian Herrmann, Osceola, 

Glenn Brooks Houghton, Student 

Stanford University, Cal.; Home 

address, Hedrick, Iowa. 
Lawrence Brownell Lewis, Stu- 
dent Phi Delta Theta Hbuae, 

Madison, Wis. Affiliated with 

Wisconsin Alpha 1900. 
Montgomery Everett Pike^ Stu 

dent Williamsburg, Iowa. 
Howard Garretson Van Clssb Ph. 

G., Druggist, Mt Pleasant 

Edgar Hendricks Westfall, Clerk, 

Mt Pleasant Iowa. 
tPaul White Wllaon, Hedrick, 



Jamas Garfield Haw, with Haw, 
Slmmona Hardware Co., Ottum- 
wa, Iowa. 

tJohn Qulnoy McKlnnon, Mt 
Pleasant Iowa. 

Ned Grafton Oliver, Farmer, 
Paokwood, Iowil 



fLMlru C. Wlllits, B. M., Mt 
Pleasant, Iowa. 


Joseph Frank Fraker, Drug Clerk, 
Mt Pleasant, Iowa. 

Paul Woolson Helphrey, Mer- 
chant, Boise, Idaho. 

tP*red Johnson Kinney, Mt Pleas- 
ant, Iowa. 

Luther Philip Weaver, with 
Churchill Drug Co., Cedar Rap- 
ids, Iowa. 

tConiells Van Bruaa^l, lit Pl«»- 
ant, Iowa. 

tClayton LeRoy Brmdy, RlehUuid. 

tFAmcomlM Stronp Brldivr, 

Richland, Iowa* 
tOarl Harry Kreniii«y«r, Item- 

ington, Iowa. 

tin active chapter, 1906-1906. 


uNivERsmr or iowa 

lowtt City, low» 


Hugh Addison Cole, LXi. B., M. A., 

Affll. Iowa A, Cole Mfg. Co.; res. 

4728 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Charles H. Dayton, B. S., M. A., 

LLi. B., Attorney, Iowa City, la. 
James Buchanan BYench, A. B., 

Attorney, 22 Wisconsin Bldg., 

Superior, Wis. 
John Lauderdale Kennedy, LL. B., 

A. M., Attorney and Congress- 
man, Bee Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

Henry St. Clair Putnam, IAm B., 

B. S., M. S., Consulting Electri- 
cal Engineer, 100 Broadway; res. 
Hotel SeviUe, New York, N. Y. 


William Suits Hosford, A. B., D. D. 
8.. Dean of the Dental Dept, 8« 
U. I., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Joseph Erwin McDowell, Attomey- 
at-Law, Indianola, Iowa. 

* William Clement Putnam, LL. B., 
Davenport, Iowa. Jan. 12, 1906. 

Preston L. Soever, B. 8., M. A., 
Attorney at Law, Stuart, Iowa. 

Laenas Oifford Weld, B. S., A. M., 
Dean of the Graduate Dept., Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics, 8. U. I., 
Iowa City, Iowa. 


Absalom H. Gale, C. E., Banker, 
Mason City, Iowa. 

William George, LL. B., Attorney 
and President Old Second Na- 
tional Bank and Lawyer; les. 
233 Downer PL, Aurora, m. 

Constant Lake Gillis, B. 8., Min- 
ing Broker, Lead, S. D. 

(George Jacob August Oruber, C. 
B., M. A., Manager Mull's Grape 

Tonic Co., 2100 3d Ave., Bock 

Island. lU. 
Charles Scott Magowan, C. E., M. 

A., Professor of Municipal and 

Sanitary Engineering, 8. U. I.; 

res. 804 Summit St., Iowa City, 

Orville Dewey Wheeler, Ph. B., 

Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial 

District, Council Blufts, Iowa. 

Lowrie Church Blanding, A. B., 

Assistant Secretary of Moline 

Plow Co., Moline, IlL 
Harold Warren Clark, Ph., B., LL. 

B., Attorney at Law, Aspen, Colo. 
Victor Gumee Coe, Ph. B., LL. B., 

Attorney at Law, Clinton, Iowa. 
Robert Abial Greene, C. E., Mer- 
chant, East Peru, Iowa. 
Reverdy Johnson Miller, LL. B., 

with New York Life Insurance 

Co., 479 Dearborn Ave., Chicago. 
•WlUiam Lincohi Park, B. 8., Fort 

Ferguson, Wyo. 
Morris Nelson Richardson, Editor 

Davenport Demoerat, Davenport, 

Charles Moore Robertson, B. 8., M. 

D., M. A., Chicago, 111. 
Chauncey Palmer Smith, M. D., M. 

A., B. S., Whittaker Bldg., Mar- ' 

shalltown, Iowa. 


Charles Clapp Clark, LL. B., A. B., 
M. A., Attorney at Law, Burling- 
ton, Iowa. 

James Hiram Dickey, A. B., Presi- 
dent The Parker Paint Co., 422 
Mo. Trust Bldg.; res. 6048 Gates 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Vemer Royal Lovell, Ph. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, Fargo, N. D. 




^Samuel A. McClure. May 7, 189L 
Newton Clarence Younff, A. B., LXi. 

B., M. A., Jud«re Supreme Ck>urt, 

Fargo, N. D. 
•Oscar R. Young, C. B., Salt Lake 

City, Utah. 


Howard Benjamin Beecher, Teach- 
er, Kefimey, Neb. 

Lieroy A. Bux:gett, Banker, Albion 
Savings Bank, Albion, Iowa. 

Hugh Clemans, LL. B., Ph. M., 
Attorney at Law, Manchester, la. 

Bernard Drury Connelly, A. B., 
Attorney at Law, Rock Island, HL 

Homer Charles Atwell, A. B., AfllL 

Vt. A, Postmaster and Fruit 

Grower, Forest Grove, Ore. 
Clarence A. Baker, Missouri VoL 

Bng. Corps, CenterviUe, Mo. 
William Owen Clemans, LL. B., 

Attomey-at-Law, 1612 B. Ave., 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Arthur Cobb, B. S., Teller First 

National Bank, Grafton, N. D. 
Alfred Milton Craven, A. B.. Attor- 

ney-at-Law, Spokane, Wash. 
Roger C. Craven, B. A., Editor, 

World-nemld, 915 8. 37th St., 

Omaha, Neb. 
William Henry Dart, Ph. B., 

Wholesale Grocer, Rock Island, 

E3dwin Moore, Clerk, Welsh, La. 
Elmer Clay Nichols, Ph. B., LL. B., 

Attorney at Law, West Liberty, 

Herbert Jennings Till, LL. B., 

Hampton Court, London, Ehig. 

John Edward Bacon, Ph. B., 184 
Dearborn St, Chicago, 111. 

Ernest McLeod Fowler, Salt Lake 

City, Utah. 
William Radford Gray, M. D., Affll. 

Iowa A, Le Mars, Iowa. 
Richard Gay Beecher Hargrave, 

Abstracter, Marshall town, Iowa. 
•Henry Lew Hastings, died. Battle 

Creek, Mich. 

Ira Dubois Orton, B. A., LL. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, Nome, Alaska. 

William Hepburn Bremner, C. B., 
LL. B., Attorney and City &k>- 
licltor. City HaU; res. 2806 Rut- 
land Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Alden Hugh Brown, C EL, Mine 
Operator, Jamestown, Colo. 

Frank Arnold Hastings, C. EL, Clvfl 
Engineer, 87 Bast Fremont St., 
Massilon, Ohio. 

John E«xra Hawthorne. D. D. S., 
Mining Engineer, Beaver City, 
Neb.; res. Rock Island, m. 

Charles Edwin Kahike, B. 8., M. 
D., Surgeon, 100 State St.; res. 
8124 Prairie Ave., Chicago, HL 

Arthur George Smith, Ph. D., M. 
A., Professor of Physios, 8. U. L, 
Iowa City, Iowa. 


Walter Rollln Bumham, Storm 
Lake, Iowa. 

Edward Louis Kahike, Ph. R, 
Secretary Mining Co., Klondike, 

Frank Oilman Pierce, Ph. B., In- 
surance, Kibbey Bldg.; res. < EL 
Lincoln St., Marshalltown, Iowa. 

George Walter Stiles, Ph. B., At- 
torney at Law, 610 Temple Court, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Philip Hamnon Waterman, Min- 
ing Engineer, Supt of the Wa- 
pello Coal Co., Hlteman, Iowa. 


Asher Ulysses E2by. 

Benson W. Fordyce, D. D. 8., 

Bedford, Iowa. 
Benjamin Howard MaUory, LL. B.. 

Attorney at Law, Hampton, Iowa. 
Frank McCaffrey, Steamboat Con- 
tractor, Davenport, Iowa. 
Henry Splnsby McCaffrey, Attor- 

ney-at-Law, Davenport, Iowa. 
John Paul Minchen, Land and 

Loans, Carroll, Iowa. 
George Albert Robinson, Real Bv- 

tate, Hampton, lOwa, 
William Patrldc Slattery, A. B., 

M. D., DabuQUSb lofwwi. 





Edward Charles Ayrea, IC D., 

AffiL HL Z, Dea Moinea, Iowa. 
Winiam Jaokaon Calvin, Civil Btai- 

glneer, with O. S. L. R. K. Co., 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
WiUard Lincoln Converse, Ph. B., 

Attorney at Law, 444 17th Ave., 

North, Seattle, Waah. 
David Sturgia FairchUd. Jr., M. D., 

Physician and Surgeon, 618 Srd 

St; res. 244 6th Ave., Clinton, 

John McAllaster Haddock, Attorney 

at Law, Bedford, Iowa. 
Arthur Stephen Hamilton, A. B., 

M. D., Physician, 613 Pillsbury 

Bldg.; res. 608 Washington Ave., 

8. EL, Minnei4>olls, Minn. 
Henry Clay HuU, A. B., M. D., 

Washington, Iowa. 
Willia Alvin Lomaa, M. D., ViUisoa, 

John Murray McCaffrey, Steamboat 

Contractor, Davenport, Iowa. 
Charlea William McSUderry, Afton, 

Charlea Dietrich Reimers, Editor, 

Fort Worth, Tezaa. 
Albert Thompson Rutledge, A. B., 

Hardware Implements, Belgrade, 

Charlea Hibbard Mills, Tama, 

Frank Woolston, B. S., Farmer, 

Denison, Iowa. 


Joseph Holmes Allen, Ph. B., At- 
torney at Law, Laurens, Iowa. 

Graham Woodbridge Lawrence, 
Ph. B., Attomey-at-Law, Mar- 
shalltown, Iowa. 

Barton Francis Peek, Attorney at 
Law, Mollne, IlL 

Samuti^ Dannbert Rlnlker, Attor- 
ney at Law, Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

Robert Andrew Shular, B. S., LL. 
B., Attorney at Law, Des Moines, 

Albert Orln Wakefield, A. B., AfllL 
IlL Z, Attorney, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Harmon Porter Williams, D. D., 
Loog; Lnson, Philippine Islands. 


Charles Switser Aldrioh, A. R, LL. 
B., Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Arthur James Basker. 

WiUiam MelviUe Garton, M. D., 
U. S. N., Surgeon, Navy Dept, 
Washington, D. C 

Gordon Hayes, LL. B., Red Oak, 

John William McLeran, D. D. S., 
Chicago, nL 

Park W. Tourtelloi, A. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Harry Louis Dickinson, D. D. S., 
Audubon, Iowa. 

John Carleton Hayes, Insiuranoe, 
Red Oak, Iowa. 

William G. Hicks, M. D., Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Albert Alexander Paisley, A. B., 
LL. B., P. O. Inspector, Spokane, 

George Milnes Price, Ph. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, Langdon, N. D. 

Edmund Simmons, A. B., AffllV 
Iowa A, Supt Beet Sugar Fac- 
tory, Loveland, Colo. 


^Leonard Blinn, Jr., Toledo, Iowa. 

Frank James Capell, LL. B., At- 
torney, 800 Shugart Block; res. 
405 Glen Ave., Council Bluffs, 

Charles Sloan Leech, DJ>. S., Win- 
terset, Iowa. 

Fred Armstrong Soleman, Ph. B., 
Ph. G., Pharmacist, Tama, Iowa. 

^Leroy Erwin Yoimg, Civil Engin- 
eer, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Julius Edinger Balle, Ph. B., LLw 
B., Mercnant, Denison, Iowa. 

William Lloyd Barker, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Attorney at Law, Cresco, la. 

Clarence Swift Caj>ell, A. B., M. 
D., Physician, 1107 McGee St, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Park Kingsley Chamberlain, Attor- 
ney at Law, Anamosa, Iowa. 

Thomas Grant Fee, LL. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, CentervUle, Iowa. 



Llndley Murray Hoac, TJj. R, Real 
Bstate, Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Elmer C^app Htill, Ph. B., IJj. B., 
flan FtanclBOO, CaL 

John William McKee, L. B., At- 
torney at Law, Muscatine, Iowa. 

Robert Howe Mun^er, LL*. B., At- 
torney at Law, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Carl Mulky, Knozville, Iowa. 

Frank Carlton Neal, Attomey-at- 
Law, Davenport, Iowa. 

Delbert Clinton Feet, Ph. B., 
Ranching, Search Light; roe. 
Rancho del Rio, Nevada. 

Fred Allen Pittlnger, 22d and Cot- 
tage Qrove, Chicago, HL 

Robert Leroy Reiley, Affll. 111. A, 
Editor, Wapello, Iowa. 

Clair William Roberts, D. D. S., 
Dentist, 6 Wobum, Russel 
Square, London, Eng. 

Bird Alexander Shaver, Attorney 
at Law, Red Oak, Iowa. 

Charles Conklin St. Clair, LL. B., 
Affll. Neb. A, Attomey-at-Law, 
Minden, Neb. 

Egbert Raymond Townsend, B. 8., 
Advance Agent, Parker Amuse- 
ment Co., Iowa City, Iowa. 

R. L. Welly, Attorney at Law, Red 
Oak, Iowa. 


Maurice Frederldc Bhrdsall, LL. B., 
Attorney at Law, Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Jesse William Clark, B. 8., Attor- 
ney at Law, 180 North Fullerton 
Ave., Montclalr, N. J. (Affiliate 
Iowa Alpha.) 

John Raymond Howard, A. B., LL. 
B, Attomey-at-Law, Indianola, 

Robert Johnson Moorehouse, A. B., 
Attorney at Law, New York Life 
BIdg., Kansas City, Mo. Affll. 
Ohio A. 

William Henry Murphy, Sioux City, 

Alden Van Epps Wesseis, LL. B., 
Attorney at Law, Clinton, Iowa. 

Arthur Lewis Wesseis, LL^ B., At- 
torney at Law, Clinton, Iowa. 

Philip Q. Young, Rush Medical, 
Chicago, HL 


Arthur James Barker, Ph. B., At- 
torney at Law, Cresco, Iowa. 

Levi Albert Birk, Anamosa, Iowa. 

Moray Lester Eby, B. S., LL. B., 
Postal Clerk, West Liberty, Iowa. 

John George Grifflth, B. S., Ph. B., 
Instructor In the University of 
Idaho, 722 University Ave., Mos- 
cow, Idaho. 

Samuel Warren Hobbs, Ph. R, M. 
D., Physician, Aurelia, Iowa. 

Charles Aden Moore, D. D. 8., 
Clothing Business, Ackley, Iowa. 

Lewis Burrows Morton, M. D., 
Iowa Falls. Iowa. 

Glenn Van Doren McMillan, Man- 
ager Cedar Raptde MtepufMoam 
ami BvaUt^g Timee, Cedar Rap- 
ids, Iowa. 

Frank Beatty Reld, Ph. B., Assist- 
ant Auditor, General Blectrto Co., 
Denver, Colo. 

James Daniel Shaw, Ph. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, Charles City, Iowa. 

Louis J. Tourtellot, D. D. 8., Ana- 
mosa, Iowa. 

WlUlam Stoner WiUett, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney at Law, Tama, U. 


Robert Hershe Eby, West Liberty, 

Harry Garfield Huntington, Ph. B., 
Farmer, Onawa, Iowa. 

Francis Elbrlggs Munger, Jr., D. 
D. S.. Bayard, Iowa. 

Charles Scott Reichert, Dentist, 
Tipton, Iowa. 

Lyell Reppert, M. D., Muscatine, 

William Shakespeare McKee, At- 
torney at Law, Muscatine, fowa. 


Thomas Harbine Brannan, Musca- 
tine, Iowa. 

Elisha Marion Hagler, a E., 304 
Frisco Bldg.; res. 7373 Hiuel 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

George Washington Ball, Jr., Ph. 
B., LL. B., Attorney at Law, 
Iowa City, Iowa. 

•Otto George Hubers, Davenport. 



Forest Huttenlocher, LIh B., At- 
torney at Law. Suite 800 Observ- 
atory Bld^.; Residence 27th and 
Forest Drive. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Fred Webb Lambert, B. A.. Affll. 
Iowa A and Neb. A, Attorney, 
Keokuk, Iowa. 

William T. Oakes, LL. B., Attorney 
at Law, Clinton, Iowa. 


Edwtn Keech Brown, LL. B., At- 
torney, BUensburgr, Wash. 

James A. Carson, Student, Chi- 
cago, IlL 

John Swlnbom Corl, Morrison & 
Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Oliver Longuevillc, LL. B., Attor- 
ney, Dubuque, Iowa. 

Charles Bdward Loiseaux, M. D., 
Odd Fellows' Temple, Dubuque, 

Hugh Ben McCoy, Attorney, Oska- 
loosa, Iowa. AfBl. Iowa A. 

Henry Clark Pelton, D. D. S., 
Dentist, Des Moines, Iowa. 

John Brown Romans, Affll. 111. A; 
Home Address. Denison, Iowa. 

James Horaco WiUett, LL. B., A. 
B., Attorney, Tama, Iowa. 


Burritt Stewart Allen, Ph. B., Real 
Estate, Laurens, la. 

Joseph Wesley Brown, M. D., 
Affll. m. A, Clearfield, Iowa. 

Robert Lane Clark, D. D. S., 96 
Wabash Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Frank Leslie Dixon, D. D. S., Rock 
Valley, Iowa. 

Ben Tom Harrison, Cashier Home 
Life Insurance Co., 619 Victoria 
Bldg.; res. 5245 McPherson Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

James Garfield Miner t, C, M. & 
St. Paul, Dubuque, Iowa. 

William Olaspell Morton, M. D., 
Assistant Surgeon, Iowa Soldiers' 
Home, Marshalltown, Iowa. 

LeRoy Carl Oelkers, LL. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, Whittaker Blk., Da- 
venport, Iowa, 

Cheney Russell Prouty, IngersoU 
Ave., near 40th St., Des Moines, 

Richard Sutton Simmons, Traveling 
Freight Agent, C, R. L & P., 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Charles Everett Terrell, Supt. 
Bradslreet Agency, 410 Crapo 
Bldg.; res. 318 Washington Ave., 
Bay City, Mich. 


tPaul Houghton (L. A.), Hedrick, 
Iowa. Affll. Iowa A. 

John Thomas lies. Box 830, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

tAlvah Earl McQowan (Law), 
Clear I^ake, Iowa. 

Leandcr Ransom McKee, Teacher, 
Conesvllle, Iowa. 

tRobert Sidney Mllner (L. A.), 
Belle Plaine, Iowa. 

tLouis Ernest Roddewlg (Law), 
Davenport, Iowa, 


t Edward Joseph Barrick (Law), 
924 E^ast Sixth St., Des Moines, 

Joseph M. CJasey Hamilton, Stu- 
dent, University of Colorado Law 
School, Boulder, Colo. 

Van Buren Hinsch, Missouri School 
of Mines, RoUa, Mo. 

tChester Rajrmond Leech (Dental), 
Winterset, Iowa. 

tLee Everett Ranck (Law), Iowa 
City, Iowa. 

Henry William Hubers, 624 Sent 
St., Davenport, Iowa. 

William Allen Sanford, 505 West 
Tenth St., Kansas City, Mo. 

t Joseph Nicholas Streff (Law), Al- 
ton, Iowa. 

Maynard Legrand Thompson, Stu- 
dent, Armour Institute, Chicago, 

tOto Rudolph Voss (Medicine), 
Davenport, Iowa. 

tLeigh Lawrence Williams, (L. A.), 
Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

t Walter McDowell Ball (Law), 

Iowa City, Iowa, 
tDale Everett Carrell (Law), Iowa 

City, Iowa. 
tOeorge Edward Dixon (Dental), 

Sheldon, Iowa. 



fHerbert Macy Harwood (L. A.), 
609 Franklin Ave., Dea Moines, 
Iowa, Affiliate Tllinois B. 

fArthur Elmer Lawrenoe (Bn^ln- 
eerinflr), Fort Madison, Iowa. 

Lafayette Washington LovelL 
(Law), Monticello, Iowa. 

tBemard Vincent Murphy (L. A.), 
Ida Grove, Iowa. 

* Deceased. 

fin active chapter. 

tnoyd B. O'Brien (Law), Ames, la. 

tOrover Edward Desmond (E2ncl- 

neerinff), Clinton, Iowa. 
tJames Leo Oakes (L A.), Clinton, 

Raymond Ellison Smith (L. A.), Ida 

Grove, Iowa. 



•Samuel Alfred Detwiler, a B. 
•William Townsend Findley, A. B., 

•Justin Perkins Jack. 

Bldie Franklin Caldwell, A« B., 
UU B., Attomey-at-Law, 717 
Ohio St., Lawrence, Kan. 

Burgess Thomas Chace, Professor 
Manual Trainin«r High School, 
75th and Main SU., Kansas City. 

•Samuel Marion Cook, A. B. 

Jacob Halderman, AflU. Ind. A, T. 
P. A. Wahash R. R., 311 Mar- 
quette Bldg., Chicago, m. 

Durward Belmont Brady, Aubry, 
Johnaon Co., Kan. 

Josiah Albert Fowler, Attomey- 
at-Law, Denver, CoL 

Harlin Fullerton Graham, A. B., 
A. Bt, Attomey-at-Law, Holton. 



Jeptha Dickey Davis, A. B., Iff. D.. 
Physician and Surgeon, 3rd and 
Broadway Sts.; res. 819 Broad- 
way St.. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Joseph Thomas Dickerson, I-U B., 
Judge U. S. District Court, 
Chickasha, L T . 

William Suddards Franklin, B. S.. 
M. S., D. S., Professor of Phsrsics, 
Lehigh University, So. Bethle- 
hem, Pa. 

William Clinton Snider, A. B., B. 
D., Pastor Presbyterian Church, 
Kansas, IlL 

Willis Eaisworth Vincent, Farmer, 
Hutchinson, Kan. 

William Stanley Williams, Mer- 
chant, 411 Hickory St., OtUwa. 


Bryson Perdy Blair, Register, U. 
S. Land Offloe, Montrose, CoL 

Bdward Curtis Franklin* B. B.* M- 
S.. Ph. D., Professor of Chem- 
istry, Leland Stanford, Jr., Uni- 
versity. Stanford University, CaL 

William Bdward Higgins, B. 8.. 
LL. B., Associate Professor of 
Law, Kansas University, Law- 
rence, Kan. 

Oddlin Martin Jackson, Real Bs- 
tate, Jackson Bros. Realty Ca, 
190 Montague St.; residence, 186 
Marlborough Road, Brooklyn, N. 


Owen Cyrus LeSuer, B. C. BL, 
Lawrence, Kan. 

Elbert Franklin Neal, County Col- 
lection Teller, Union National 
Bank; res. 608 N. 10th St., Kan- 
sas City, Kan. 

Thomas Jackson Schall, Manag- 
ing Editor, CosoA City Beocrd, 
Canon City, CoL 

•Edward Adolf Wheeler. 


Abraham Lincoln Bumey, A. B.» 
Banker, Harrisonville, Mo. 

Hanford Bdson Finney, Mgr., 
Fresh Meat Dept., Armour 
Packing Ca, Chicago, IlL, resi- 
dence, 6009 Madison Ave. 

Vernon Lyman Kellogg, B. 8., M. 
S., Professor, Leland Stanford, 
Jr. University, Stanford Universi- 
ty. CaL 

Julius Morris Liepman, Merchant, 
411 Broadway, Pittsburg, Kan. 

John Crogan Manning. M. Q. Musi- 
cian, Boston, Mass. 

James William 0*Bryon, D. D. S., 
DenUst, LawT«noe, Kan. 





Walter Root Armstronflr. A. B., 
As8t. Engineer. O. S. L. R. R. 
residence. 1037 2nd St., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Nt'll Conwoli Brooks, A. B., A. M., 
Ph. D., Assistant Professor of 
G<'rnian, University of Illinois, 
705 W. Green St.. Urbana. 111. 

Frederick Funston, Brigadier Gen- 
eral, U. S. Army, San Francis- 
co, Cal. 

Edward Lincoln Glasgow, Captain 
of Artillery, U. S. A., Fort Mott, 
N. J. 

*Leland DeForest Henshaw, B. 
C. E. 

Fred Homer Kellogg, B. S., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, South McAlcster, I. 

Georgu Strong Lewis, Manager 
Mead Cycle Company,. Chicago, 

Charles Stone McFarland, B. C. E., 
General Manager, Miles Plant- 
ing & Mfg. Co., Burnside, La. 

Amos Hinsdalo Plum, Capitalist, 
Emporia, Kan. 

William Allen White, Editor Km- 
poria Gazette, Emporia, Kan. 

Orley Colfax Billings, Postmaster, 
Marion, Kan. 

•Walter Scott Hayden A. M., Min- 
ister, Ohio. 

IrvhiK Haskell Morse, B. S., Su- 
perintendent. Cane Factory, 230 
Terry St., Longmont. Colo. 

Frank Galen Nichols, B. 8., LL. 
B., Attorney-at-Law, residence, 
818 Quincy St., Topeka, Kan. 

Frank Hart Olney, A. B., Princi- 
pal, High School, Lawrence, 


James Edward Dyche, A. B., Asst. 
Postmaster, Lawton, Okla. 

James Burton Funston, Stock 
Raiser, lola, Kan. 

Otis Halbert Holmes, Algona, Iowa. 

Dwight Elwood Potter, A. B., A. 
M., Presbyterian Minister, Oak- 
land, CaL 

Albert Andrew Stover. Cashier, 
Merchants A Miners' National 
Bank, Idaho Sprioi^, CoL 

Paul Wilkinson, B. S., Auditor, 
National Metal Co., Mexico City. 
Mexico; res. Seneca, Kan. 

Ermine Cowles Case, A. B., Ph. 
D., A. M., M. S., Professor of 
Geology State Normal SohooL 
residence, 261S WeUs, St. MU- 
waukee. Wis. 

Thornton Cooke, A. B., A. M., 
Asst Treas. Fidelity Tnist Co., 
residence, 3802 Holmes St, Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Henry Flegenbaum, A. B., Drug- 
gist. Springfield, Neb. 

John D. Myer, Jr., Attomey-at- 
Law, Holton, Kan. 

Oscar Eldridge Leamard, Judge 
County Court, Lawrence^ Kan. 

Stephen Tracy Leamard. Ranch- 
man. Gilroy, CaL 

George Duffleld Lyon, Merchant 
Chetopa, Kan. 

* Ed ward Isaac O^Bryon, A. B. 

George Herbert Playter, A. R, 
Supt United Zinc Co., Joplln, 

Walter Orr Woods, Office Secre- 
tary of War, Washington, D. C 

Fred I. Askew. Affll. Ohio Z, Askew 
Saddle Co.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Thomas H. Franklin, E^ngineer, 
T Underwriters' Association of the 
Middle I>epartment, S16 Walnut 
St.; res. 1807 N. 12th St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Samuel Tilden Gillispie, M. D., 
Physician, Reserve, Kan. 

David William James, Portland, 

Orlin Littell McCall, Tontine Loan 
Association, Chicago, IlL 

John DeMott Miller, A. B., 1£. BL, 
Physician, residence, 122 Spruce 
St, Leavenworth, Kbjl 

I^ester Eugene Watson, B. R, 
Manager. Beatrice Electric Co., 
403 Ella St.; res. 402% Ella St. 
Emporia, Kan. 




Charles Webster L. Armor, B. 8., 

Civil Bnffineer, Fort Smith, Ark. 
Liswis Henry Bradford, Telephone 

Ca, Oklahoma City, O. T. 
Clarence Avlln Carter, Ph. O., 

Druff^st, Herrlngton, Kan. 
Albert Vincent Schroder, B. S., 

General Superintendent, Decatur 

Railway and Light Co., Decatur, 

Henry William Warmer, B. S., 

Santa Fe R. R. Co., Marcellaino, 



Walter Thompson Brooks, B. S., 
Civil E^uglneer, Bngrineerine: Dcpt. 
K. C. S. Ry., res. 2400 E. 10th ^u, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Arlon Bertram Cnim, LL. B., At- 
tomey-at-LAW, Lyndon, Kan. 

•William Merton Freeland, LL. B. 

Myron Arthur Limbocker, LL. B., 
Cashier of Bank, Pomona, Kan. 

Orlo ESllsworth Merryfleld. 

Will Thomas Reed, A. B., News- 
paper, St. Louis, Mo. 

Joseph Elijah Smith, Banker, 1st 
National Bank, Beloit, Kan. 

Herman August Sutermeister, 
Stone Contractor, 2l8t and 
Main Sts., Kansas City, Mo. 


E*mest H. Agnew, Captain U. S. 
A., Leavenworth, Kan. 

John Wesley Crooks, A. B., Phy- 
sician, 342 29th Ave., Seattle, 

Thomas Bravais Henry, Professor 
of Mathematics, County High 
School, Independence, Kan. 

Andrew H. Hudson, Manager, Oas 
A Oil Compcmies, Cherryvale, 

•John Merrill Lee, E. B2. 

Harry Waldo McLaughlin, LL. B., 

Merchant, Pawhuska, O. T. 
John Henry Outland, M. D, Ami. 

Pa. Z, Surgeon, Lawrence, Kan. 
Harry H. Seckler, Editor Times, 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
Ouy Bowen Sierer, Stockman, 

Emporia, Kan. 

Arthur Newton Turner, A., T. A 
S. F. Ry., Hillsboro, Kan. 

Alonzo D. Wilcox, Capitalist, Mus- 
cotah, Kan. 


Frank Elwell Caso, A. B., Real 
Estate Investments, 256 Coleman 
Bldg.; res. "The Summit," Se- 
attle, Wash. 

Raymond Crandall Hazen, A. B., 
with Washington Trust Co. of 
Seattle, 17 Comstock bi., Seattle, 

Frank Leonard Jewett, A. B., B. 
D., S. T. B., Instructor, Texas 
Bible Chair, 2009 University Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Walter Henry Sanford, Sunday 
Editor Kansas City Star; resi- 
dence, 3221 McGee St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Charles Price Vlckers, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Kansas City, Mo. 


Frank Elliott Banks, Abstracter 
and Insurance, 1345 Tennessee 
St., Lawrence, Kan. 

Carl Levin Cooper, Editor, Kan- 
sas Republican, Newton, Kan. 

George Lovett Davis, LL. B., 
Newspaper and Attorney-at- 
Law, Lawrence, Kan. 

John Herbert Fletcher, C. E., Law 
Student, University of Colo- 
rado, Boulder, Col. 

William Erwin Henry, Ph. C, 
Druggist, 2Zi N. Pennsylvania 
Ave.; res. 218 S. 13th St., Inde- 
pendence, Kan. 

George Wilbur Nlmocks, Merchant, 
Great Bend, Kan. 

Wllburn Joseph Rothrock, A. B., 
Ph. G., Rush Medical College, 
Chicago, 111. 


Harry Jay Brownson, Ph. C, Drug- 
gist; res. 1421 Minnesota Ave., 
Chickasha. I. T. 

Aretas Elden Crandall, Ph. C, 
Druggist, Jewell City, Kan. 

Loyal Folllard Crawford, Engineer, 
Huntington, W. Va. 



Charles Walter Heinecke, Civil SSn- 
glneer. Mo. Pacific Ry., Marion, 
111.; res. Jewell City, Kan. 

Samuel B. Jackman, Manager, 
Jackman Roller Mills, Minneapo- 
lis, Kan. 

Frederick Johnson, Fire Shutter 
Manufacturer, 1701 Broadway, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

James Harvey Kreamer, Banker, 
Ada, Kan. 

George Carroll Lucas, Clerk, 
Pueblo, CoL 

Chester Louis Mise, A. B., Hard- 
ware Merchant, SOS S. St., 
Atchison, Kan. 

William Richard Murphy, Civil 
Engineer, Frisco System, 
Springfield, Mo. 

William Piatt Sayre, Salesman, 
1311 Tennessee St, Lawrence, 

Melvin Hall Taylor, Lumberman, 
Lyons, Kan. 

Reno Eddy Thatcher, Enectrical 
EIngineer, Seattle, Wash. 


Louis Herbert Bowen, Milling 

Business, Independence, Kan. 
Gail Prindle Carey, LL. B., Secre- 
tary Garnet t Light & Fuel Co., 

Garnett, Kan. 
Robert Earnest Cullison, A. B., 

City Attorney, lola, Kan. 
Charles William Garrison, LL. B., 

Attorney-at-Law, Garnett, Kan. 
Lyman Leonard Humphrey, Farm 

Loans, Independence, Kan. 
George Albert Landes, M. D., Ph. 

G., Physician and Surgeon, 

Blackburn, Okla. 
Carroll Barton McMath, Tibbs, 

Hutchings & Co., St Paul; res. 

White Bear Lake, Minn. 
Samuel Ralph Nelson, LL. B., At- 

tomey-at-Law, 611 Sandusky 

Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 
Russel Coe Russell. A. B., LL. B., 

Attorney-at-Law, 1901 Holland 

St., Great Bend, Kan. 
Eugene Huntington Ware, LL. B., 

Attorney-at-Law, Topeka, Kan. 


Dudley Frank Black, B. S., Gov- 
ernment Draughtsman, Custom 
House; res. 4227 A Cleveland 
Ave., St Louis, Mo. 

Marshall John Cloyee, Ph. a. 
Chemist, S419 Prospect Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Charles Stewart Golladay, Sales 
Manager Frank CoUaday Hard- 
ware Co., Hutchinson, Kan. 

Rajrmond James De Lano, LL. B., 
A. B., Lawyer, 806 N. Y. Life 
Bldg.; res. 2418 B. 14th St, Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Harry Parker Dunlop, Kansas City 
Medical College, Kansas City, 

Jesse Wyland Heinecke^ A« P., 
Manager Chicago Lumber & Co .1 
Co., Logan, Kan. 

Frederick William Jameaon, Ed- 
itor Wettem Life, Leaven- 
worth, Kan. 

Robert Douglas Soott, Student 
Manhattan, Kbjl 

Alfred Morton Seddon, LLb B., At- 
torney-at-Law, SS2S Highland 
Avenue, Kaniwia City, Ma 

John Muir SUls, C B., ClvU En- 
gineer, Frlsoo System, Spring- 
field, Ma 

Clarence Hamilton Whlta Stock 
Raiser, Council Qrore^ Ksn. 


Earl Leonard Brooks, TraTeUng 
Representative Planklnton Bsidc- 
ing Co., Milwaukee, Wis.; res. 
1001 Benson Ava, Bvanston, m. 

Robert Harmon Brooks, Credit 
Man, Public Service dub, N..W. 
National Bank Bldg.; res. 17 W. 
25th St., Minnei4K>lls, Minn. 

Frederick Dix Bletcher, Western 
Electric Co., Chicago, m. 

Charles Ulrich Heuser, Civil En- 
gineer, Hutchison, Kan. 

Robert Young Jones, Student 
Rush Medical CoUega Chloaga 



Bdward Ru88«ll Moses, I1I4. B.» 
Merchant, 2606 Forest Ave., 
Great Bend, Kbjl 

Albert Lieavltt Newman, Secretary 
and Manacrer, The Land & Pow- 
er Co., Arkansas City, Kan. 

*Curlis snbrld^re TrusselL 


Reed Byers, Stock Raiser, Byers, 

E«dwln Blakely Heinecke, Jewell 
City, Kan. 

Chester Cooke, Leavenworth, Kan. 

Louis Joseph Flint, B. S., Tele- 
phone Ehiffineer, Kellogg S. B. & 
S. Co.; res. 1433 Windsor Ave., 
Chicago, HL 

Lloyd Case Lakin, Ft Scott, Kan. 

Wirt Glover McCartie, Emporia, 

Frank Alexander McCoy, Sawyer, 

Marion Fore Russell, Great Bend, 

Ray Francis Sexton, A. B., Bank- 
er, Ochelata, L T. 


Frederick Ragland Cowles, 312 E. 
34th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

John George Fleishman, 1020 Van 
Buren St., Topeka, Kan. 

Walter Gerard Herrick, Insurance 
Agent, ns Bitting Block, Wich- 
ita, Kan. 

fWilford Llewellyn Kepner, Sabe- 
tha, Kan. 

Jay Mack Love, Reading Law, 516 
N. 4th St., Arkansas City, Kan. 

tPaul J. NeCe, Kansas City, Mo. 

tCalvln Hood Newman, Shnporia, 

Frank Henry Relihan, Student 
Northwestern University Medi- 
cal School, Chicago; home. Smith 
Center, Kan. 

William Perdval Shaw, Editor, St. 

Joseph, Mo. 
John LitUe Starkie, 1420 Forest St., 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Frank Tisdale Bangs, Sales Agent, 

Grlesa Nursery Co., 724 La. tit,, 

Lawrence, Kan. 
fHerbert Mathew Breidenthal, 

Kansas City, Kan. 
Galen Burriss, Druggist, Burton, 


tOtto A. Barteldes, Lawrence, 

tSidney Kenneth Cooke, National 

Military Home, Kan. 
fHyden Jay Eaton, Kansas City, 

tClarence Price Holmes, Emporia, 

Frank Randolph Hopper, U. P. 

Ry., Kansas City, Mo. 
tCarlos Irwin Johnson, Arkansas 

City, Kan. 
William Henry Knepp, 100 E. 34ih 

St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Richard Theodore Speck, 712 Wash- 
ington St., Kansas City, Kan. 
tThomas Marion Van Cleave, Kan- 
sas City, Kan. 


fCarl Wayne Abercrombie, Wichita, 

tCarl S. Boyle, Emporia, Kan. 

4-Grover Dolman, Topeka, Kan. 

tFrank Hale Ellis, Kansas City, 

fHenry L. Nixon, Kansas City, Mo. 

fWilliam Joseph Peet, Kansas City, 

fMarlin Hatfield Poindexter, To- 
peka, Kan. 

tHarry James Relihan, Smith Cen- 
ter, Kan. 

fRobert J. Rowlands, Lawrence, 

tHarry James Taylor, Lamed, Kan. 

tin active Chapter 1906-6. 



^Henry Palmer Dudley, A« B. Died 

188S, Lamed, Kan. 
William Simpson Blkin, A. B., M. 

D., PhyBlcian, 29 LiUckie St.; res. 

229 Peaohtree St, Atlanta, Qcu 
James Brown Kinnaird, A. B., 

M. D., Phimiclan, Lancaster, Ky., 
^Jacob Quest Owsley, A. B. Died 

1882, Grab Orchard, Ky. 
fVUllam Cecil Read, Real Estate, 

605-607 N. Y. Life Bldg., St 

Paul Minn. 
Walter L. Thompson, Bagdad, Ky. 
William Raymond Worrall, A« B., 

A. M., LL. B., Ph. D., C. D., 

Broker, 84 Pine St., residence. 

862 W. 117 St, New York City. 


Frank Flthian, A. B., M. D., Affil. 
Pa. Z, Phsrsician and Surgeon, 
Paris, Ky. 

Georflre Halbert Oarland, Attorney, 
Vanceburg, Ky. 

Richard King, Cattle Dealer, Drs- 
coll, Tex. 

Robert White Knox, A. B., A. M., 
If. D., Physician and Surgeon, 
Chief Surgeon Southern Pacific 
Ry., Bing Bldg.; res. "The Sa- 
voy," Houston, Tex. 

Charles Caldwell McChord, Attor- 
ney, Chairman Railroad Commis- 
sion, Springfield, Ky. 

William Dunn Powell, Farmer, Phy- 
sician, Harrodsburg, Ky. 

James Spillman, Farmer and Stock 
Raiser, Lancaster, Ky. 

William Thomas St Clair, A. B., 
M. A., Teaching, 304 The Mason- 
ic Bldg.; res. 1428 Garvin Place, 
Louisville, Ky. 

•William Leggette Welsh. Died, 
Danville, Ky. 


Benjamin Franklin Bedford, A. B., 

Farmer and Stock Raiser, Hale, 

Carroll Co., Mo. 
•George Gess Berry, B. S. Died 

1903, Lexington, Ky. 
John Milton Cowherd, Farmer, 

ShelbyviUe, Ky. 
•George Welsh Metcalfe, A. B. 

Died 1898, Atlanta, Qcu 

John Matthew Newman, A. B., 
Mine Broker, Otoe, Okla. 

Isaac Pearson, LL. B., Clerk U. S. 
Treas. Dept, Washington, D. C. 

William Mci/onald Shaw, A. B., 
LL. D., Circuit Judge, Coving- 
ton, Ky. 

Benjamin Vincent Tyler, A. B., A. 
M., LL. B., Attorney, Cincin- 
nati, O. 

•William Nicholas Vaughn, Jr., B. 
S. Died Louisville, Ky. 


Dwight Newcomb Marble, 643 
Fourth Ave., I^uisville, Ky. 

Albert Gallatin Craig Collins, A 
B., Orange Grower, Packer and 
Shipper, Alhambra, CaL 

Walter Hart Finley, Banker. 

Hartford Preston Grider, A« B., 
A. M., Bookkeeper, Kansas City, 

Luther Calvin Moore^ Blliaville, 

William Thomas Overstreet, A« B., 
D. D., Clerg., Perryvllle, Ky. 

•Walter William Owsley, Jr. Died 
1884, Stanford, Ky. 

Edward Lee Rogers, A. B., Farm- 
er, R. F. D. No. 4, Lodngton, 

John Armstrong Shackleford, A. 
B., Attorney, Tacoma, Wash. 

Richard Charles Thomi>son, Hard- 
ware, Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Winston Welsh Wiseman, Dry 
Goods Merchant, Danville, Ky. 


Robert Farris Alderson, Account- 
ant, 404 New Nelson Bldg., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

George Hauser Barbour, A. B., M. 
D., Phirsiolan, xxelena, Mont 

WiUiam BlUah King, A. B., Spok- 
ane Fedls, Wash., or Loolsvine^ 

Bdward Jones Knight, Jr., Banker. 

William Kenney Massle, A. B., 
President First National Bank, 
211 Trust Co., Bldg.; reiL 160 N. 
Broadway, Lexington, Ky. 

•Robert Edmund Lee King. Died 
1888, Corpus Chrlstl, Tex. 



WiUiam Eluott Knlffht, A. B., D. 
D., If. A., AmiBtronff Pike, Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

Thomas Charlee ICartin, H. D., 
Physician, Cleveland, Ohio. 

James Harrison Moore, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Atoka, Ky. 

Georflre Henry Newman, Feurmer, 
Falmouth, Ky. 

Joseph Benjamin Ramsey. 

Fouche Warren Samuel, A. B., A. 
M.. M. D., Physioian, 7S1 4th 
Ave.; res. 3rd and Broadway, 
Louisville, Ky. 

William Pleasant Sandldge, A. M., 
Attorney, Russellville, Ky. 

Oliver Farra Troutman, Stock 
Raiser, Route No. 4, Nicholas- 
ville, Ky. 


John ESdward Allen, Farmer, Dan- 
ville, Ky. 

William Lawson Bartlett, Mer- 
chant, Rollins Fork, Miss. 

William Rogers Clay, A. B., LL. 
B., LL. M., Attorney, City So- 
licitor, Lexington, Ky. 

Murray Robert Hubbard, A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, HodgenvUle, 

Ernest Douglas Martin, A. B., M. 
D., Returned Missionary to In- 
dia, Gas City, Ind. 

Qavin Easton Wiseman, Jr., A. B., 
Dry Gtoods Merchant, Danville, 

Wythe Denby. C. B.. Civil Engineer 
P. C. & St. L. Ry., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Howard Tebbetts, A. B., Lumber. 
Greensburg, Pa. 

Roland Stafford Dawson, A. B., 
D. D., Presbyterian Clergyman. 
Pastor Knox Presbyterian 
Church; residence, 42 Kearney 
Ave., Kearney, N. J. 

Charles Dury Grubbs, A. B., At- 
torney, Mount Sterling, Kj. 

James Carrol Hamilton, B. S., 
Stock Raiser, Flat Creek, Ky. 

Fkrank Nelson Lee, B. S., Bank, 
Danville, Ky. 

James Campbtfl Reld, Furmer, 
Staafordt Ky. 

William Lawson Sumrall, A. B., 

Attorney, Danville, Ky. 
Francis Murray Wilson, Attorney, 

Member of Congress, Piatt City, 



Clarence Robinson Judy, Farmer. 
Mount Sterling, Ky. 

EMward Brierley Nelson, A, B., 
Electrician, Danville, Ky. 

Harry Warren Wiseman, Mer- 
chant, Danville, Ky. 


William Robinson Cook, Farmer, 
Lancaster, Ky. 

WiUis Green, B. S., Bifr. Lumber, 
Falls of Rough, Ky. 

Robert Scott Hudson, Horseman, 
Lexington, Ky. 

Alexander McKee Kinnaird, Insur- 
ance, Middlesboro, Ky. 


Edgar Baume, Actor, The Players' 
Club, New York, N. Y.; res. 
Mount Sterling, Ky. 

John Rice Cowan, A. B., M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, Dan- 
viUe, Ky. 

Jesse Edward Grubbs, Merchant. 
Winchester, Ky. 

George Andrew Mc Roberts, A. B., 
Parmer. Danville, Ky. 

John Robert McRoberts, Farmer, 
Danville, Ky. 

John Augustus Mills, Winchester, 

Robert Hiner Winn, A. B., Attor- 
ney, Mount Sterli.ig, Ky. 


Henry Campbell, Jr., Merchant 

Tailor, Mount Sterling, Ky. 
Edwin Rue Curry, A. M.. M. D.. 

Physician, 804 Deardoff Bldg.; 

res. 2439 Troost Ave., Kansas 

City, Mo. 

William Sterett Bowmer, Tre€usurer 

Grauman-Henchey-Cross Dry 

Goods Co. (Wholesale), 631 W. 

Main St.; res. 418 W. Broadway, 

Louisville, Ky. 
James Reed Curry, Insurance, 

Jadcsonvffle, Fla. 



John Slmrall Fisher, City Cleric 
and Water Commissioner, 
Georgetown, Colo. 

George Howe Green, Dentist, Dan- 
ville, Ky. 

William Woolfolk Johnson, Parm- 
er, Danville, Ky. 

^Albert Warren Liee. Drownea 
1889 in Dix River, Danville, Ky. 

John Edward Wiseman, Merchant, 
Danville, Ky. 


Jas. Collins Holmes, Danville, Ky. 

•Wellington Harlan. Died 1898, 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 

•William Thomas McGinnis, Phy- 
sician. Died Eminence, Ky. 

John William Scott, A. B., M. D., 
Physician. 201 West Limestone 
St., Lexmgton, Ky. 


Max Wilson Barbour, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Areola, 111. 

Frank Douglass Curry, A. B., Real 
Estate and Insurance, Harrods- 
burg, Ky. 

Robert Pollok Dow, Jr., A. B., 
Wholesale Cigars and Tobacco, 
216 4th St.; res. 671 15th St., 
Des Moines, la. 

James Hall Sherrill, Memphis, 

James Thomas Wilson, Publisher 
and Editor, Cynthiana, Ky. 


Charles Perry Cecil, Jr., A. B., 
Grocer, Danville, Ky. 

Lucien Ralston Curry, A. B., In- 
surance, Richmond, Va. 

William Leslie Downton, B. S., 
Commercial Traveler, St. Louis, 

Ardue Roberston Dunlap, Jr., Jour- 
nalist, Courier -Journal, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

James Collins Holmes, Lexington, 

Chailes Jacob Hubbard, Insurance, 
HodgensvlUc, Ky. 

Edward Hulbert Matthews, B. S., 
Asst. Secretary and Treasurer 
U. S. Trust Co.. Louisville; res. 
Pewee Valley, Ky. 

William Campbell Soott, 3. 8., 
Merchant, Lexington, Ky. 

Ralph Riggs Wilson, H, a.. Fad- 
mouth, Ky. 

George Pollard Rives, Affil. Ky. \ 

Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Charles Wlckllff Caldwell. B. 8., 

Farmer, Danville, Ky. 
William Robert Cubbins. B. 8., 

M. D., AfflL Ind. B., Phirslclan, 

3430 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, IlL 
Robert Lake Dudley, B. S., O. P. 

A., C, F. & A., Flemisbiirg. Ky. 
.Tames David Russell, Jr., B. 8., 

Tobacco Broker, Hopkinsville, 

George Douglas Thornton. A. B.. 

Mfr., Annapolis, Md. 
Geo. Winston Welsh, Jr., DaaTllle, 

Henry Buckner Wall. B. 8., Ftt. 

Dept., L. ft W. R. R., RkdHDond. 



Peyton Bryson Bethel, B. A.. 
Secretary Falls City Clothing Co., 
(Manufacturers), 816 W. Main 
St.; res. St. James Apartment, 
Ijoulsvllle, Ky. 

Archibald Rue Cook. B. 8.. City 
and Passenger Ticket Agent, 
Southern Ry., 2S4 4th St.; res. 2 
Jefferson Terrace, LoulsvUIe, Ky. 

Daniel Jackson Curry, B. 8.. Trav- 
eling Salesman American Tobac- 
co Co., Phoenix Hotel. Lexing- 
ton; res. Harrodsburg. Ky. 

•Edmond Shackleford DeLong. A. 
B. Died 1897, Lexington. Ky. 

Thomas Jame« Fl^d. Attomey, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

William Hereford Smith. Pfaysi- 
cian, Lexington, Ky. 

Taylor McDougall, Affll. Ky. A and 
Pa. A, Cincinnati, O. 

Alexander Gordon Sulser. B. S., 
Fire Insurance, MaysYiUe, Ky. 

Martin Nathaniel Welch. A. B.. 
Grocer, Danville, Ky. 

Gideon Giltner Wood, AfflL Ind. B, 
Wholesale Grocer, 841 Main 8t, 
Carrollton, Ky. 



John Bumside, Farmer, Lancaster, 

Robert Fisher Dickens, B. S., 

Banker, 704 West B St., Fort 

Smith, Ark. 
Owsley Brown, Affll. Va. B, Louls- 

viUe, Ky. 
Horace Kinnaird Hemdon, Feurm- 

er, Lancaster, Ky. 
Henry Stevenson Hale, Jr., B. SL, 

Cashier The Old Woolen Mills, 

Mayfleld, Ky. 
James E«dward Reynolds, B. S., 

Salesman, 210 Lexln^on, Ave., 

F6rt Smith, Ky.; residence, Pe- 

wee Valley, Ky. 

James Caldwell, Jr., B. S., Padu- 

cah, Ky. 
James Franklin Fairleiffh, Attor- 
ney, Paul Jones Bldg.; res. 1719 

First St., LouisviUe, Ky. 
William Robinson Huguely, B. S., 

Feurmer, Danville, Ky. 
Robert Morris Mayes, MayHeld, Ky. 
Samuel Hughes McKniffht, B. S., 

Grocer, Paducah, Ky. 
Frederic William Minnich. B. S., 

Commission Broker, Paducah, 

William Eklgar Overstreet, B. S., 

Assistant Supt. Distiller, Owens- 

boro, Ky. 
Arch L. Smith, B|f. S., Livery, 

Owensboro, Ky. 
Walter Gatewood Witherspoon, 

Lawrenoeburg, Ky. 
Stephen Lovell Yerkes, A. B., 

Q. ft C. Ry., Lexington; res. 

Brannon, Ky. 

Jerre Clement Caldwell, Jr., B. 8., 

Farmer, Danville, Ky. 
Thebes Farthing, B. S., Cashier 

Bank, Mayfleld, Ky. 
Bmmett Bond Johnson, B. 8., 

Farmer, Bowling Oreen, Ky. 


Allen Wsrant OulUon, A. B., Army 
Officer, Camp Stotsenberg, Phil- 
ippine Islands. 

James Askenall Monks, B. S., Mer- 
chant, Danville, Ky. 

Boyle Owsley Rodes, Jr., A. B., 
General Insurance Broker, 90€ 
Century Bldg., St. LkiuIs, Mo. 

James Ooslue Saoford, Farmer, 
New Castle, Ky. 

Di Ingram, Jr., B. S., Druggist, 
Dalton, Ga. 

Eugene Warren Lee, Jr. 


St. John Boyle. Jr., Louisville, Ky. 

Robert Wilmot Scott Greene, Mer- 
chant. Falls of Rough, Ky. 

Wm. Parsons Hayes, 2014 Brook 
St., Louisville, Ky. 

William Edward Lyle, A. B., St. 
Louis, Mo. 


Jake Haguely, Jr., Danville. Ky. 
John Russell Ingram, Farmer, 

Denver, Colo. 
Henry Sandefer, Jr., Danville, Ky. 
*George Winston Welch, A. B. 

Died 1908, Kansas City, Mo. 

Welbom Boyd Harris, B. S.. Sales- 
man, 103 State St.; res. ** Areola," 
3800 Lake Ave., Chicago, DI. 

Note: — For the continuation of this Chapter see Kentucky Alpha- 
Delta on next page. 


DanviDe, Kmitocky 

Note: — On the consolidation of Center College and Central Uni- 
versity, Kentucky Alpha and Kentucky Delta became one chap- 
ter and received the name Kentucky Alpha-Delta. 


Frederick Pope Bowles, 606 John- 
ston St., Louisville, Ky. 


William Lane Sudduth, A. B., 
Lawyer, Lexington, Ky. 

Clarence Cornell Clark, Dentist, 
Pleasurevllle, Ky. 

June Hunter, B. S., Farmer, Win- 
chester, Ky. 

John Russell Ingram. 

Rodman Wood Keenon, A. B., LL. 
B.. District Attorney, Court Ap- 
peals, Frankfort, Ky.; res. Har- 
rodsburg, Ky. 

Frank Purcell Kiser, A. B., Book- 
keeper, Paris, Ky. 

Sidney Venable Rowland, A. B., 
Clerk, St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles Beard Schoolfleld, B. 8., 

Lawyer, Danville, Ky. 
Oiltner Andrew Donaldson, B. 8., 

lawyer, Carroll ton, Ky. 
* Samuel Wilson Glenn, B. S. Died 

March 24, 1908. 
Chester Adair Qourley, Lexingtont 

Jacob Trible Huffuely, Jr., B. 8., 

F&rmer, Danville, Ky. 
James Caldwell Lee, Clerk W. F. 

Terminal Ry., 8528 Pine St.» St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Henry Green Sandifer, B. S., LL. 

B.. Lawyer; res. 306 B. Lezinff- 

ton Ave., Danville, Ky. 


Phillips Taylor Barbour, B. S., 
Secretary to 2nd Vice-President, 
Seaboard Air Line R. R., 716 Na- 

tional Bank of Commeroe Bldc-; 
res. Holland Apartments, Nor- 
folk. Va. 

Harry Brown, B. 8., Ftumer, 
Bridgeport, Ky. 

John McBHroy Cochran, A. Jt., 
Henderson Cotton Mills, Hender- 
son, Ky. 

Sdmuel Frederick Daugherty, B. 
S., Clerk, MaysvUle, Ky. 

William McOeorge Dtshman, At- 
torney, Barbourville, Ky. 


John Lewis Gill, B. 0., Lancaster, 

Walter Chenault Hudson, A. B., 
Lancaster, Ky. 

John Milton Perkins Tb&tcher, A« 
B., Harvard Law Sebool, Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; res. Somerset, Ky. 

Landaff Watson Andrews, A« B., 
Timekeeper B'hane Pipe ft 
Casting Co.; res. 1912 11th Ave., 
South Birmingham, Ala. 

Edward Everett Buster, B. 8., 

Farmer, Faulooner, Ky. 
Hershel Shay Herrington, B. 8.. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
William House, B. S., Farmer, 

Carlisle, Ky. 
Otho Reed Hill, Knozville, Tenn. 
Walter Herbert Ranklns, B. 8., 

Augusta, Ky. 
fLogan Berry English, A. B., Bkrm- 

er, Cecilian, Ky. 
Marvin Bryant, B. 8., Clerk, Cal- 
houn, Ky. 
Robert Morgan Sparks, B. 8., Hftb- 

erdasher, NiohoUunrOIe^ Ky. 




PhilUp L. Gull7, B. 8., MeHdIam 

Ray Burton WaUaoe, B. 8., Dtrtn- 

Ity Student; rea. NioholasviUab 

Carl Butler Courtney, LoulsrUlflb 

WUbum Harrifl, B. 8., Morganfleld, 

Amos Bwlng Tumey, A. B., FVum- 

er, ParlB, Ky. 
James McKenxle Brown, B. 8., 

Mount Vernon, Ky. 

Roderick Stevens Watklns, B. S., 

Dyersburs, Tenn. 
Robert Miller Lee, B. S., Ftumer, 

Danville, Ky. 
Virerll Harp Gaitkill, B. 8., Paris. 

Simeon Good Cook, B. 8., with L 

& C. R. R., DanviUe, Ky. 


tLogan B. Bnglish, Cecilian, Ky. 

tBlliot Russell Morton, Morgan- 
field, Ky. 

fWilliam Lsme Sterling, Hopkins- 
vUle, Ky. 

tTrloe Bennet, Marlon, Ky. 
tLacy Coleman Haynes, Marlon, 

tGeorge Vest Triplet, OwtniborOb 

tShelby Kavenangh Blnsr, Plsaa- 

ant, Ky. 

Newton Steele Andrews, Blrmlnc- 
ham, Ala. 

Harry Burton Boyd, Columbus, Ky. 

George BVanois Lee, Danville, Ky. 

Robert Gibson Richardson, Somer* 
set, Ky. 

Joseph Walker Wallingford, Mt. 
Carmel, Ky. 

William Brsckinrldge Ardcry, 
Paris, Ky. 

Granvill Welsh Cedl, Danville, Ky. 

Peter Gentry Caldwell, DanvHto, 

Garland Perkln Mourning, Somer- 
set, Ky. 

Kenneth D. Alexander, Spring Sta- 
tion, Ky. 

Harry Quincy Smith, Montgomsiy, 

Richard Harrison Hill, A. B., New- 
Castle, Ky. 


tin active chapter, 190S-0t. 



*0. M. Le«, died 1878, Kenton Co., 


*C3mi8 King Drew, died Jan. 4, 

1901. New Orleans, La. 
*W. J. Floumoy, died between 1894 

and 1906. Paducah, Ky. 
^Bernard Tlmmons, died June 17, 

1884, La Grange, Texas. 
^Randall Palmer Wade, Cleveland, 


*George Merriweather, died 1878, 

Denver, Colo. 
William Micou Washburn, Affll. Ky. 

A, Gilsland, La. 
*Henry Van Ness Boynton, died 

June 3, 1905, Atlantic City, N. J. 

Blscoe Hindman, State Agent of 
K«>ntucky for Mutual Life Ins. 
Co. of N. Y., United Trust Co. 
Building. Louisville, Ky. 


John Charles Fremont Gordon, 
460 East list St., East Oakland, 

Henry Marston Johnson, Travellner 
Salesman for Brown Mfg. Co., 
Greenville, Tenn.; res. 209 Kd- 
wards St., Shreveport, La. 

Robert Dixon Saunders, A. B., B. 
M., Yazoo City, Miss. 

William Vance Thompson, Ash- 
wood, Tenn. 

John Townsend Williams, Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 


Louis Bridgeforth, Pickens, Miss. 

Wm. Bradford Grimes, Jr., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

David Thompson Hargraves, Hel- 
ena, Ark. 

Thomas Carmlchael Hindman, 
State Agent of Tenn. for Mu- 
tual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

^Benjamin Mortimer Lay, died Apr. 
15, 1883, Winona, Miss. 

Henry Marston, Planter, Coushat- 
ta. La. 

Silas Tyson, Ft. Deposit, La. 

Alfred Jefferson Vaui^, A. B., 
Memphis, Tenn. 


Jay Cook Allen, A. B., 32-35 Union 

Block, Seattle, Wash. 
Leviticus Benton. A. B., Cynthiana, 

*George Robertson Bradley, died 

September, 1892, Lancaster, Ky. 
Fannin Chipley, Pensacola, Fla. 
Henry Keats, A. B., Little Rode, 

James Keats, A. B., Little Rock, 

Wm. Knippenberg, B. S., Glendale, 

Robert William Lambuth, A. B., 

B. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
* Harry Middleton Miller, died Jan. 

24, 1890, Mt. Vernon, Ky. 
George William Nott, Jr., B. A., 

Affll. Va. B, Cashier H. T. Cot- 

tam Co.. 506 Tchoupitoulaa St., 

New Orleans, La. 
Samuel Foster Owen, Lumberman; 

res. McKenna Ave^ and Wil- 
lamette Boul, Portland, Ore. 
•Charles Andrew Southwlok, died 
^05, Louisville, Ky. 


George Neville Blakemore, Mont- 
gomery, Ky. 

Paul Richard Cook, Washington, 
D. C. 




I^ynn Boyd FersuBon, Interior Dec- 
orator, 908 Jefferson Ave., Hunt- 
ington, W. Va. 

AlphonBO William Prltot, Traffic 
Affent of Atlantic Coast Line R. 
R., Wllmlnffton, N. C. and Ha- 
vana, Cuba. 

Beverly Joseph Harris, New Or- 
leans, La. 

John McConnell Rice, Jr., Louisa, 

Wm. Riley, Jr., Judsonla, Ark. 

John Archible Robinson, Jr., Bow- 
ling Oreen, Ky. 


*George Nicholas Hanks, died Aug. 
19, 1887, German town, Tenn. 


Geprsetown, Kentncky 

Charles David Armstronflr. A. B., 

Attorney. Jeffersonsvllle, Ind. 
John Alexander Chambliss, A. M., 

D. D., Clergryman, Plainfleld, 

N. J. 
*James Hugh Fergruson, A. B., died 

July 31, 1871, Stamping Ground, 


Joshua Flood Cook, President La 

Grange College, La. Grange, Mo. 
^Henry Ray, died June 1, 1866, 

Bowling Green, Ky. 

•Amos Stout, A. B., died April 28, 
1900, Lancaster, Ky. 

George Washington Cleveland, B. 
S., Affll. Ky. A, Keeno, Ky. 


Gilmore Hayes Nunnelly, B. 8., 
Affll. Ky. A, Georgetown, Ky. 

Lee Peak VUey, A B., ICarshaU, 

Eugene Stout Camithers, A. B., 

Butler, Mo. 
Abner Rogers, A. M., Auburn, Ky. 

John Rogers, A. B., VersaiUe*. Ky. 
German Bohannon Stout, Flaywood, 

•Lawrence Smith Caldwell, died 

Jan. 19, 1888, LoulflviUe, Ky. 
Augereau Glenn, A. B.. Columbus, 

George Shelby Scearce, A. B., 8h^- 

bsrviUe, Ky. 



Rlcfamond, KcBtncky 

•Asahel Wilkes Smith, D. D. S., M. 
D. Died 1902, Richmond, Ky. 

Charles Graham Crooks, A. B., 
Professor, C. U., Danville, Ky. 


Henry Clay Bedlnger, B. 8., Man- 
anacrer' Penitentiary Vaun, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Millard Fillmore Duncan. Presby- 
terian Clergyman, Philadelphia, 


Abraham Knobel, A. B., Sweden- 
borgian Clergyman, 104 Third 
Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

John Taylor Wade, A. B., Presby- 
terian Naooochee Institute and 
Presbyterian Clergyman, San- 
tee, Ga. 


John Jordon Crittenden Bock, At- 
torney, Jackson, Ky. 

H. L. Clay, B. S., Chemist, Culber- 
ton, O.; res. Ashland, Ky. 

^Albert Beecher Cook, B. S., died 
1892, Cynthlana, Ky. 

William Butler Harrison, A. B., 
Presbirterian Missionary, Kun 
San, Korea. 

•Henry Palmer Rhodes. Died 1901, 
Denver, Colo. 


Charles Wilbur Bell, Mining En- 
gineer, Clifty, Tenn. 

Andrew McConneU January, Phy- 
sician, Chicago, m. 

Ernest Merritt Jones, care Bow- 
den & Co., 680 Edgewood Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

John Edwards Park, B. D., Clergy- 
man, CaruthersviUe^ Mo. 

Robert Edwin Roberts, Attorney, 

Mt. Pleasant, Tex. 
William Orpheus Shewmaker, A. 

B., Presbyterian Clergyman, 

Plsgah, Ky. 
Edgar Christie Sine. 

Brutus Junius Clay, Farmer, 

Paris, Ky. 
Joseph William Joffrion, TJj. B., 

District Attorney, MarksviUe. La. 
•George Washington Kildow. Died 

1892, Atlanta, Ga. 
David Clay Lilly, Presbyterian 

Clereryman, Winston, N. C 
James Robert Sanders, Farmer, 

Campbellsville, Ky. 


John Jeremiah Jacob, Attorney, 
Chicago, m. 

Daniel Edward Myers, Femner, 
Richmond, Ky. 

Jesse Calhoun Woodward, Chem- 
ist, Philadelphia, Pa. 


William Crow, Jr., A. B., Presby- 
terian Clergyman, Frankfort, Kj, 

Andrew Dunbar Forsythe, M. D., 
Physician; res. The Wyoming, 
Washington, D. C. 

•William Abram Jones. Died 1901, 
New Castle, Ky. 

Joseph McDowell Matthews, Book- 
keeper and Cashier, Hunkin*- 
Willis Lime & Cement Co.; res. 
4049 Moffet Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Absolom Russell Mitchell, Attor- 
ney, Lake Charles, La. 

Napoleon Stephens Bayless, Store 
Dealer, 6, near Elm St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 





Samuel Hamilton Carotheni» Mer- 
chant, Houston, Tex. 

Cleveland Oorwin Collins, Co. E., 
U. S. Signal Corps, Manila, P. I.; 
address care Adjutant General, 
U. S. A. Washin^rton, D. C. 

•Theophilus Davis. Died 189^. 
Georgetown, Ky. 

Alexander Lawes George, Mfr. 
Cotton Seed Oil, Vldalia, Ln. 

Marshall Henry Guerrant, B. S.. 
LL.. B.. Affll. Va. Z., Assistant 
Supervisor, Kentucky Distiller- 
ies & Warehouse Co., 20 The 
Rossmore, Louisville, Ky. 

Frank Pullen Kenney. Horsennan, 
Lexington, Ky. 

William Walter Kenney, Farmer, 
Paris. Ky. 

Andrew Jackson Owlngs, Farmer, 
Mount Sterling. Ky. 

Randolph Woodson Ralley, Clerk 
with Amalgamated Copper Min- 
ing Co.. Anaconda, Mont. 

John Brown Russell. Attorney, 
HopkinHville. Ky. 


Samuel Green Biggs. Wholesale 
Dry Goods, Huntington. W. Va. 

Paul Bullock, Bank Teller, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Hugh Kerr Gilmore, Tobacco Mer- 
chant, Owensboro, Ky. 

•Ralph Howard. Died 1895, Lake 
Charles, La. 

Jack Meaux Pearson, Real EiState 
and Insurance. 71 Maple St.. 
Chicago. 111. 

Charles Trueheart Taylor, Phsrsl- 
clan, Huntington. W. Va. 

Robert Stuart Taylor, Clerk C. & 
O. R. R., Richmond, Va. 

Leonard Hodges Willis, Jr., V^m- 
er. Mcintosh. Fla. 

William Turner Wilmore. Horse- 
man, Lexington, Ky. 


David Yulee Beckman, First Lieu- 
tenant, Artillery Corps, U. S. A., 
13 York St. W., Savannah, Ga. 
home address, Bardstown, Ky. 

Overton Llewellyn Conrad, Pliy- 

sician, WUsonville, Ky. 
Jefferson Rice Crooks, Furmar, 

Mount Sterling, Ky. 
William Hillyer Lyon, Travelmg 

Salesman, Bridgeport Lumber 

Co.; res. 1117 Korsuth St, 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
George Pollard Rives, B. &, AllU. 

Ky. A. 
Robert Hunter Sanford, Farmar, 

New Castle, Ky. 
Mosheim Tabler, Jr. 


William Fred Booker, Jr., Fire 

Insurance Agent, LoulsvlUa^ Kjr. 
Irving Brink, Salesman, Anaonia, 

Taylor McDougall, B. S., AfBL Pa. 

A, and Ky. A. 
George Martin Roberta^ Editor, 

Mount Pleasant, Texaa. 
John Moss McConnell, Merchant, 

Versailles, Ky. 
^Charles Norton Mourning, died 

1904, Louisville, Ky. 
Lucius Meriwether Smith, City 

Attorney, Harrodsburg, Ky. 

William Hunter Railey, Farmer, 
Versainefl, Ky. 

Harry Martin Blanton, Dentist, 
Richmond, Ky. 

John Robinson Bridgeford, Broksr. 
Louisville, Ky. 

Robert Fisher Dickens, B. S., AfllL 
Ky. A. 

Samuel Scroggins BngHah, Genui- 
ty Aaseasor'a Oflloa, Creioent 
HiU City, Ky. 

Ambrose Galnea, Oommeroial 
Traveler, KnozvfUa^ Tenn. 

John Jennings Greenleaf, Rteh- 
mond, Ky. 

ISnglish Hoke, Tax CoUaetor, XiOV- 
•isvUle, Ky. 

Charles Thompson Paaraon, oara 
Gulf Compressor Go., Harrods- 
burg, Ky. 

John David Allen, Attomay, 
Prlneeton, Ky. 



James McLean Bains, Stenog- 
rapher, Lewis & Chambers, 
Louisville, Kj. 

John Bumsldes, B. 8., Affil Ky. A, 
Lancaster, Ky. 

John Samuel Davenport, Wholesale 
Grocer, Vlnlta, 1. T. 


Hiram Amett Douglas, Secretary 
ft Treasurer. Sanilac Sugar Re- 
fining Ck>., Union Trust Bldg.; 
res. 77 Euclid Ave., Detroit, 

John DeVault Ouerrant, Physician, 
Wllmore, Ky. 

William Walker Hines, Attorney, 
Frankfort, Ky. 

Hlte Harvey Huffaker, Attorney, 
Louisville, Ky. 

Thomas Henry Jones, Manager 
Credit Dept., Tull & Gibbs, Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

James WlUlam Morrow, Atlanta, 

Resin Gist Owlngs, Farmer, Mt. 
Sterling, Ky. 

George Keats Speed, AflU. Va. B., 
Reporter, New York Telegram; 
res. 71 Lexington Ave., New 
York. N. T. 

Samuel ESdward Booker, Salesman, 
Louisville, Ky. 

Frederick Pope Bowles, Louisville, 


James Routt Clark, Mfr. Monu- 
ments, 1548 Third St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Thomas Hogan Collins, Farmer, 
Richmond, Ky. 

Lewis Butler Herrlngton, Attor- 
ney, Richmond, Ky. 

William Fontaine Land, Live Stock 
Broker, Lexington, Ky. 


Angier Nedom Eastman, 24 Capi- 
tol Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas M. Mourning, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Tilman Johnson Robb, Helena 
Station, Ky. 

Thomas Hamilton Robertson, Civil 
Engineer, with I. C. Elisabeth - 
town, Ky. 


Frank Marion Baker, Llsman, Ky. 

Trueheart P. Bourne, U. S.' Hos- 
pital LloU, P. I.; home address, 
Stanford, Ky. 

CamiUus T. Chatham, B. A., Man- 
ager, East Tennessee Telephone 
Co.. NicholasvUle, Ky. 

Charles Byron Chatham, B. A., 
Manager E. Tenn. Telephone Co., 
Harrodsburg. Ky. 

James Russell Miller, Little Rock, 

Elliott Poe Smith, Ranching, Puer- 
to, N. M.; res. Richmond, Ky. 


William Nicoll Woodbury, Ph. B., 
Mining. Middlesboro, Ky. 

Note: — For the continuation of this chapter see Kentucky Alpha- 
Delta, page 166. 


Lexington, KcBtncky 

Melville Axnasa Scovell, M. S., Ph. 
D., Director Kentucky Agricul- 
tural Experiment Station, Lex- 
ington, Ky. 


Robert McDowell Allen, A. B., 
Secretary Interstate Pure Food 
Commission, Experiment Station, 
Lexingrton, Ky. 

^Leonidas Ragan, A. B. Died Sept. 
28, 1901. 


Thomas Logan Richmond, B. Agr.. 
Arlington, Cal. 


Walter Gilbert Campbell, A. B., 
Attorney-at-Law, 401 Norton 
Bldg., Birchwood, Crescent Hill, 
Louisville, Ky. 

Oswald Thorpe Dunn, B. C. E., 
General Offices I. C. R. R.; res. 
921 Second St., Louisville, Ky. 

George Watkins Ewell, A. B., Lieu- 
tenant Fourth U. S. Infantry, Ft 
Egbert, Alaska. 

Robert Emmett Moorman, B. C. E., 
Glendeau, Ky. 

Lai Duncan Threlkeld, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, Truehart Bldg., 
Paducah, Ky. 


Bruce Robinson Campbell, Second 
Lieutenant U. S. A., care Adju- 
tant General Office, U. S. War 
Dept, Washington, D. C. 

Richard Washington Ellis, B. M. 
B., care New York A New Jer- 
sey, Telephone Co., 16 Dey St., 
New rork City; residence, 82 
South Oxford St., Brooklyn, 
N. T. 

Lewis Jefferson Gorin, Tobacco 
Broker, 201 West Hill St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

John Paul Miller, Ehisign U. 8. 
Navy, care Nevy Dept., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Armistead Mllner Swope, care J. BC. 
Robinson-Norton Co., LouisvlUe, 


Robert Hargrove Barclay, B. BL, 
23 Church St., Calumet, Mich. 

William Edward Qary, B. &, Med- 
ical Student, University of Louis- 
viUo, Hopklnsvllle. Ky. 

R. O. Johnson, Affll. Va. El. care 
of Deaf and Dumb School, Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. 

John Eve Matthews, B M. E., 1506 
Mount Vernon St., Philadelphia, 

John Craig Shelby, A. B., at Har- 
vard Law School, 1727 Cambridge 
St., Cambridge, Mass.; res. 418 
W. Third St., Lexington, Ky. 

WUliam Merritt Shobe, B. M. E., 
Branch Factory Manager, H. J. 
Heinz & Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 


Chastain Wilson Haynes, B. S., 
Assistant Secretary Kentucky 
Fluor Spar Co., Marion, Ky. 

Robert Buckner Osbum, car« 
American Radiator Co., Chicago, 


*Llewellyn Jones Pryse. Died April 

1. 1904, BeattyviUe, Ky. 
Arthur Brown Whitlow, M^umger 

Hotel Whitlow, Guthrie, Ky. 

Edmund Darrow Almy, Midship- 
man U S. Navy, U. S. Naval 
Academy, Annapolis, Md. 




•Robert Irvine Cabell. Died May U, 
1905» Louisville, Ky. 

Jamee Madison Viorb^ie, care 
Forbes Mfg. Co., HoplOnsvlUe, 

Leroy Matthews Land, Richmond 
Pike, Lezin^on, Ky. 

William Fox Logan, Lancaster, Ky. 

Gustavus Henry Moore, Jr., Hop- 
klnsviUe, Ky. 

Perry Duke Maxwell, Assistant 
Cashier, Ardmore National Bank, 
Ardmore, I. T. 

J. Henry Mourning, care L. & N. 
R. R., Montgomery, Ala. 

James Thomas Pride, Jr., Lawyer, 
Morganfleld, Ky. 

tJames Del Vecchio Rogers, 617 
Oak St., Louisville, Ky. 

Gustavus Henry Moore, Jr., B. S., 
Civil Engineer, Bngineerlng 
Dept., L. & N. Ry.; res. 101 Biain 
St., Eivansville, Ind. 

George Harold Whitney, at Vir- 
ginia Military Institute, 256 South 
Broadway, Lexington, Ky. 

fMaxwell Sharpe Barker, Jr., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

William Henry Branham, A. B., 
Queens College, Oxford, Eng.; 
Home address, Georgetown, Ky. 

E«dward Donnell Carney, B. M. E., 
Telephone Ehigineer, Central 
Telephone Const. Co., Birming- 
ham, Ala 

Cameal Klnkead, care Klnkead 
Coal Co., Lexington, Ky. 

fin active chapter, 1905-1906. 

fHowell David Spears, care Shelby 
Klnkead, Nicholasville Pike, Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

George B. Wilken, 186 Crescent 
Ave.. Louisville, Ky. 

Pitaer Dixon Black, Lawyer. Bar- 

bourville, Ky. 
tSldney Vaughn Dabney, Paducah, 

Thomas Karr Givens, care Pelrson 

Dry Goods Co., Owensboro, Ky. 
James Patterson Headley, Jr., 

Russell Cave Pike, Lexington, 

tWarren VIley McFerrin, Ver- 
sailles, Ky. 
Wiliam Henry Noel. 252 Foote 

Ave., Bellevue, Ky. 
tShelby Shanklin, comer Fifth and 

Walnut Sts., Lexington, Ky. 
George Christopher Thompson, Jr. 

(at Armour Institute, Chicago), 

Paducah, Ky. 
fJames Saffell Watson, 284 South 

Limestone, Lexington, Ky. 
tJames Morrison Wilson, Louisville, 


tEdward Wallace Barr, Bowling 

Green. Ky. 
David Owen Byons. SimpsonviUe, 

John Berry Jewell, Ashland Ave., 

Lexington, Ky. 
tWiUiam Cochran McDowell, care 

Ashland, Lexington, Ky. 
tBenjamin Ellis Warren Stout, 

Owensbore, Ky. 
tWalter Graham Trice, Hopkins- 

viUe, Ky. 


N«w Orieuis» LouMttM 


Cullon Mllo« Brady, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, 511 Hennen Bld^.; 
residence, 1410 3d St., New Or- 
leans, I^. 

Hermann Bertram Gessner, A. B., 

A. M., M. D., Physician, Tulane 
Medical Fiiculty, 705 Morris 
Bids.; residence. 1528 Louisiana 
Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Christopher Hamilton Tebault, Jr., 

B. S., M. D., Physician, 305 
Camp: residence, 623 North, New 
Orleans, I^a. 


Henry Thomas Cottam. Tenn. 
Beta. '91. Whol. Gro., 506 Tchoup- 
Itoulas St.; res. 8.56 St. Charles 
Ave., New Orleans, I^. 

John Joseph IVAquln, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 315 Hennen Bldg:.; resi- 
dence, 1621 Esplanade Ave., New 
Orleans, La. 

William Jolin Gillespie, M. D., 
Physician, Jackson, Miss. 

Er.»«kine Patrick Odeneal, M. D., 
Phyisiclan, GreenevlUe, Miss. 

Marion Sims Souchon, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Assistant Demonstrator of 
Anatomy, 315 Hennen Bld^r*; res. 
3405 St. Charles St., New Or- 
leans. La. 

William Frierson Hardle, Cotton 

Factor. 938 Gravier St.; res. 1907 

Napoleon Ave.. New Orleans, La. 
Joseph William Joffrion. LL. B., 

Affll. Ky. X '92 Attorney. Marks- 

ville. La. 

Edwin Pope Brady. Real Estate 
and Timher. 421 Macheca BlCifg.: 

res. 2141 State St., New Orieans. 

Charles Vernon Cosby, Printer, 
Dallas, Tex. 

* Henry Raphael Denis. Deceased. 

Joseph Frederick Dupuy, Jr., B. 
S.. CivU Engineer, 1001 Moss St.. 
New Orleans. La. 

Robert Tlmmons Hardle, Oottoo 
Factor, 988 Gravier St., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Hamilton Polk Jones, IC. D., Phjsi- 
clan, Tulane Medical Faculty, 
124 Barronne; residence, 18SS 
Chejstnut St., N^w Orleans, La. 

Grantland Lee Tebault, LLb B., 
Attorney, 618 Commercial Fl: 
residence, 628 North, New Or- 
leans, La. 

Charles Parker WiUlams, LL. B., 
Attorney, 219 N. 4tli St., St. 
Louis. Mo. 


Hubert Marion Ansley, A. B., A. 
M., LL. B.. Ala. Gamma, '91, 
Attorney. 501 Hennen BUdg.; 
residence. 8502 Camp St., New 
Orleans. La. 

John Robinson Conniff, B. A., AasL 
Supt. Pub. Schools, 610 Gamp: 
res. 4013 Prytania St., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Walter Stanford Lewis, LL. B., 
Attorney, 806 Conmion; resi- 
dence. 829 St. Cliaries Ave., New 
Orleans. La. 

Udolpho Wolfe, Jr., Cashier, N. O. 
& N. K R. R., 889 Grayier; resi- 
dence. 1412 Octavia St., New Or- 
leans. La. 


Joseph Raphael Bowline; B. 8., B. 
E.. Civil Ehiffineer, 1601 Chemical 
BldiT.: res. 4587 Lindell Blvd., 8t 
Louis, Mo. 




Wat Tyler duverliw, Ueutaoant, 
U. S. Navy, U. 8. Naval Acad- 
emy, Annapolis, Md 

Louts Albert Morphy, B. A., IC. A., 
Attorney 6628 Hurst St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Edmund Joseph Murphy, LiL. B., 
Actor, care of Jesuits' College, 
New Orleans, La. 

John James Potts, LL. B., Attor- 
ney, Monroe, La. 

^Searsent Smith Prentiss, Jr., LL. 
B. Deceased. 

Edwin Cooper Renaud, M. D., Phy- 
sician, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Andrew Alfred Woods, Jr., B. E., 
Resident Engineer, A. ft Y. Ry. 
and V. S. & P. Ry., 427 8. Cnerry 
St., VlcksburiT. Miss. 


Alexander Allison, Jr., B. S., Ass't 
Ehigr., Sewerafl^e & Water Board, 
602 Carondelet, New Orleans, La. 

Pierre Leon Cusachs, Jr., M. D., 
Physician, 1487 Delechaise St., 
New Orleans, La. 

Frank McNalry Gordon, Cooperafre, 
832 Lafayette St., New Orleans, 

James Bimey Guthrie, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Tulane Medical Faculty, 
124 Baronne St.; residence, 1611 
Louisiana Ave., New Orleans, La. 


George Campbell Huchet de Kern- 
ion, A. M., Ph. B., LL. B., Attor- 
ney, 1126 Esplanade Ave., New 
Orleans, La. 

Schuyler Poltevent, Mining, Lo- 
guna de la Puerta, Mexico. 

*Lloyd Ruffln Coleman. Deceased. 

Femand Vaughn Gasquet, Steel 
Business, care Gilbert A Goequet, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Gordon Ktaig, M. D., Tulane Med- 
ical Faculty, 624 Gravier; resi- 
dence, 1828 Jackson Ave., New 
Orleans, La. 

George Kennedy Prentiss, Clerk, 
606 Tohoupttoulas; residence, 1410 
St. Andrew St., New Orleans, La. 

Alvin Kenner Foot, LL. B., At- 
torney, Canton, Miss. 
Alexander Louis Landry, Mgr. 

Keashey & Mattison Co., 214 S. 

Peters; res., 1106 Peniston St., 

New Orleans, La. 
F^ank Hawthorne Lewis, A. B., 

829 St Charles, New Orleans, 

Walter Stanford Lewis, 829 St. 

Charles St.. New Orleans, La. 
Harry Alfred Ludlow, Cotton B^- 

tor; residence, 1723 Josephine St., 

New Orleans, La. 
Sargent Smith Prentiss, 4th and 

Coliseum Sts., New Orleans, La. 
Henry Newton Woods. Armour 

Pekg. Co., Shreveport, La. 


Paul Capdevielle, Jr., Auditor's 
Office, Baton Rouge, La. 

Frank Toulmine Copp, Jr., B. E., 
Salesman, Ft. Wayne Electric 
Wks.; res. 1328 2nd St., New 
Orleans, La. 

James Jesse Peterson, M. Ph., Phy- 
sician, Mobile, Ala. 


Colgate Scudder, A. B., M. A., LL. 
B., Sugar and Molasses; busi- 
ness, 809 N Front St., New Or- 
leans, La. 


Benjamin Crump, Jr., LL. B., Real 
Estate and Insurance Broker, 
Brittin, Perrln & Co., 220 Car- 
ondelet St.; res. 8726 Prytanla 
St., New Orleans, La. 

Geo. Seth Ginon, 6604 St Charles 
Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Thomas Buxton Layton, M. D., 
Physician, 8284 Perrler St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Lawrence Constant Levert, Lum- 
ber Business, Crescent P. O., La. 

William Ball Mangum, Cotton 
Factor, Bafon Rouge, La. 

Joseph Gaillard Martin, Cotton 
Factor, 819 Perdido St, New Or- 
leans, La. 



CyruB Timothy Rayner, B. EL, CtvU 
Bnsr.; residence, 2116 Canal St., 
New Orleans, La. 

John Randolph Upton, LiL. B., At- 
torney, S21 Carondelet; residenoe, 
1028 Sonlat St., New Orleans, La. 

Frederic Seip Van In^en, B. A., 
Prof. Ruffby Academy; residenoe, 
662S Hurst St., New Orleans. La. 


AuflTuste Capdevlelle, Bookkeeper, 
American Tob. Co., 400 S. Peters; 
residence, 2410 Esplanade, New 
Orleans, La. 

Morgan E3arhart, Advertising; resi- 
dence, 1721 Carondelet St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Edward Bolton Ellis, LL. B., At- 
torney, 608 Hibemla Bldff.; resi- 
dence, 1625 Thalia St., New Or- 
leans, La. 


Horace Edward Crump, A. B., B. 
B., Substitute Professor of ESec- 
trical Enfflneering, Tulane Uni- 
versity, 3726 Prytanla St.. New 
Orleans, La. 

John Herron Edmondson, M. D., 
Ala. Beta, '04, Phirsiclan, Eufala, 

Edward Joseph Fortier, A. B., B. 
E., Instructor of French, Yale 
University, home address 1241 
BiSplanade Ave.. New Orleans, 

Thomas Gilmore, B. A., LL. B., 
Attorney, 780 Common; resi- 
dence. 8005 St. Charles Ave., New 
Orleans, La. 

James Biaurice Llonnet, BUoxi, 

Albin James Nott, B. E., Blectrira.1 
Enflrineer, 604 Carondelet St.; 
res. 1018 St. Ann St, New Or- 
leans, La. 

Rufus White Rogrers, LL. B., At- 
torney. 608 Hibemla Bldff.; resi- 
dence, 1592 Peters Ave., New 
Orleans, La. 

Laurent Henry Thibaut, Clerk; 
residence, 628 Esplanade Ave., 
New Orleans, La. 


Andre Ringgold Crippen« Seey., 
1687 Thalia St., New Orleans, La. 

John Hampden Lewis, B. B., Civil 
Bngr., State Board of Bngrs.; 
residence, 1188 Kerlerec, New Or- 
leans, La. 

Schaumberg McOhee, Lumber 
Business, Hattiesburg, Miss., or 
8207 Chestnut St., New Orleans, 

James Martin Smith, B. B., Miss. 

Alpha, '06. Oxford, Miss. 
Percy Walthall Toombs, A. B., M. 

D., Ph3r8ician. Greenville. Miss. 


tEdward Conrad Ansley. A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney. 521 Hennen Bldg.; 
res. 8602 Camp St., New Orleans. 

tJohn Taylor Chambers (Academ- 
ic), 1506 Arabella St., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Hammond Herbert Hinton, Lum- 
ber Business, Lumberton, Miss. 

Meriwether Lewis, Bkpr., n8 Car- 
ondelet; residence, 829 St. Charles 
St., New Orleans, La. 

tRobert Gibson Robinson (Academ- 
ic), 26 Audubon PL, New Orleans, 

t(3eorge Hampden Upton (Medical), 
1802 Jackson Ave., New Orleans, 

Miles Abemathy Watkins, Aflll. 
Tenn. B, Fatmsdale, Ala. 

George Lewis Wellington, Student 
N. O. Coll. of Dentistry; resi- 
dence. Pass Christian, Miss. 

Wythe Lawler Whiting, New York 
Alpha, '06, MobUe, Ala. 


Abner Charles CSiappniss, (Law), 
Rasme, La. 

Edmund Derbigny Denis, Ins. L. L. 
& G. Bldg.; residenoe, 1966 Fry- 
tania St., New Orleans, La. 

tPlerre Seuve Freret (Law), 1708 
2d St.. New Orleans, La. 

WiUiam Hill Howoott, Jr., Secre- 
tary Quaker Realty Co., 888 (Com- 
mon St.; res. 1481 8th St., New 
Orleans, La. 



John McCreery Selp, Planter, Alex- 
andria, La. 


fHarry Watklna Meyer (Academ- 
ic), 2106 South Franklin St., New 
Orleans, La. 

fHarry Hamilton Russell, Jr. 
(Academic), Monroe, La. 


tJames Joseph Alcee Fortier 
(Academic), 1241 Esplanade Ave., 
New Orleans, La. 

tPhil Latham Gully (Medical), 
Meridian, Miss. 

tLeonce Joseph Himel, Jr. (Acad- 
emic), LabadieviUe, La. 


tin active chapter, 1905-1906. 


WatervOto, Maine 

Horace KslvI Gates, A. B., M. D., 

Physician, 113 Orange St., Los 

Angeles, Cal. 
Benjamin Jason Hinds, A. B., A. 

M., Master Washington School, 

Boston; res. 29 Cedar Ave., 

Stoneham, Mass. 
Charles E3dward Tilton, A. B., A. 

M., Supt of Schools, Bangor, 

Benjamin Franklin Wright, A. B., 

Lawyer, Park Rapids, Minn. 

Blwood E«arle Dudley, A. B., Law- 
yer. Provo City, Utah. 
*Rufus Moulton, A. B., M. D. 

Fred Edgar Barton, Real Bstate, 

19 Congress St., Boston. Biass. 
Charles Carroll, A. B., Lawyer, 

Houlton, Me. 
•Edward Fuller, A. B., Attorney. 



Wallace Erwln Bruce, A. B., Phar- 
macist, 143 Summer St.. Boston. 

EMward Wllliston Frentz, Youth's 
Companion Staff, Boston, Bfass. 

Oeorge Edgar (Soogins, A. B., 
Lawyer, 86 Bfain St., Bar Har- 
teor, Me. 

Richard Alston Metcalf, A. M., 
Manager N. Y. Office of Allyn & 
Bacon, Publishers, 88 Union 
Square, New York, N. Y.; res. 
White Plains, N. Y. 

Harry Atherton Smith, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 81 Corey St, West Rox- 
bury. Mass. 

Irving Lee Forest Townsend, A. B. 

Orris Lyford Bererage, A. B., 

Teacher, 24 Nlzon Bt.« Dor- 
chester, Mass. 

Fred Raymond Bowman* M. D., A. 
B., Physician, 609 Columbua 
Ave.. Boston, Mass. 

Woodman Bradbury. A. B., Faster 
of Old Cambridge Baptlat 
Church, 187 Upland Road, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

E«verett Edwin Burleight A. B^ 
Business, Houlton, Me. 

Preston Newell Burleigh, A. B^ 
Business, Houlton, Ma 

Walter Bates Farr, A. B., A. M.. 
LL. B., Lawyer, 615 Exchange 
Bldg., 68 State 8t, Boston, 

Roscoe William Harvey, Lumber 
and Edge Tools, Readfleld, Ma. 

Wm. Franklin Watson, A. MU Prof. 
Chemistry Sb Biology, Forman 
University, 408 Choloe Ato., 
Greenville. S. C. 

Albion Hale Bralnard, A. M., 

Windsor Hotel, Ckurdner, Haas. 
Solomon Gallert, A. M., Lawyer, 

Ruthcrfordton. N. C 
^Charles Fechem Gkx)dale. 
Henry Charles Prince, Jfodfooa 

Bulletin, Madison, Me. 

Rev. Nelson Sinclair Burbank, 
A. B., Ph. D., Pastor First Bap- 
tist Church, 101 BeaOh 8t^ Ra- 
vere, Masa. 

Parker Presoot Burlelgta, A. &« 
Lawyer, Houlton, Me. 

Hiram E^verett FEUTiham, A. B., A. 
M., District Agent, Michigan Mu- 
tual Life Insurance Co., Water- 
loo, Iowa. 

John Lyman Pepper, A. B^ IC. D.. 
Physician, Madison, U%. 




David Franolfl Smith, Lawyer, 444, 
4tli Ave., east, KaliBp«ll, Mont. 


Charles WUaon Averell, A. B., IC. 

D., Physician, Park St, No. 

Readinff, ICass. 
Walter Gary, A. B., Lawyer, Houl- 

ton. Me. 
Harlan Page Knight, Master Bell 

School, 61 Putnam St., Somer- 

YiUe. Mass. 
Arthur Jeremiah Roberts, A. M., 

Prof, of Bng. Lit, Colby College, 

WaterviUeb Me. 


Homer Andrew Berry, with Mar- 

shaU Field & Co., Chicago, IlL 
George Russell Campbell, A. B., 

M. D., Physician, 176 Water St. 

Augusta, Me. 
•Alfred Bradbury Cottle, A. B. 
George Albert Gorham, Jr., A. B., 

Lawyer, Houlton, Me. 
Herbert LaForrest Morse, A B., 

High School; res. 16th and Jacob 

Sts., Troy. N. Y. 
Bdwin Conrad Teague, A. B., A. 

M., Treasurer, Hebron Academy, 

Hebron, Me. 


Herman SMgar Brady, Bethel 
Baptist Church, Boston, Mass. 

Otho Willard Bumham Farr, Cap- 
tain U.* 8. Army, Ft. Adams, 
Newport, R. L 

Albert Gordon Hurd, A. B., A. M., 
M. D., Physician, 96 West Main 
St.. Millbury, Mass. 

Fred Tristram Johnson, A. B., 
Teacher, No. Berwick, Me. 

Howard Abbot Lincoln, A. M., 
AfflL Mass. B, Pastor Cong. 
Church, Dexter, Me. 

Harry Lincoln Pierce, A. B., Deal- 
er in painters' supplies and 
artists' materials, 17 Pearl St.. 
Worcester, Mass. 

George William Singer, A. B., Edi- 
tor DamarUoofta Herald,. Dam- 
arlsootta, M«l 

•AlbOTt Cbarlea Watson. 

Charles Hovey Dodge, General 
Western Sales Agent, Taylor 
Electric Truck Co., Chicago, 111.; 
res. 705 West First St, Marion, 

David Jacques Gallert, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer. Gallert & Heller, SI 
Liberty St.; res.. Hotel Belle- 
claire. New York City. 

Leon Otis Glover, A. B., A. M., 
Teacher of Greek & Mathemat- 
ics, 601 Locus St, Fall River, 

Ivan Cecil High Room Cashier, 
Hotel Touraine, Boston, Mass. 

Wm. Ernest Lombard, A. B., Bap- 
tits Clergyman, 18 Essex St.. An* 
dover, Mass. 

Robert Noyes Millett, A. M., Prin. 
High School, Hanover, Biass. 

Joseph Fred Shepherd, Business, 
88 Commercial St, Rockport, 

^George Crosby Sheldon, A. B. 

Eugene Lincoln Torrey, Dairyman 
and Orchardist, State Deputy of 
Blaine State Grange, Sunnymede 
Farm. Dixfleld, Me. 


Edwin Charles Clark. A. B., Law- 
yer. 61 Court St, Boston, Resi- 
dence E3ast Weymouth, Mass. 

Wm. Blithan Greene, Wesleyan, 
'96, Mapleton, Me. 

Fred Humbert Hodge, Ph. D., A. 
B.. A. M., Assistant Professor of 
Mathematics, Clark Uuniversity; 
res. 24 Hollywood St., Worcester, 

Theodore Harding Kinney, A. B., 
Pastor Baptist Church, Houlton, 

Moses Brown Leavltt Los Angeles 
Packing Co., Los Angeles, OaliC 

John Sarsfield Lynch., A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, Rogers Building, 61 
Court St., Boston, Biass. 

Thomas Adriance Pollard, A, B., 
A. M., Prospector, Wonder, Ore- 



Herbert Lioonard Whitman, A. B., 
Prin. Hlffh School, Main St^ 
Bourne, Mass. 


Henry Winter JackBOn, A. B., 
Lawyer, Hudson, Mass. 

Albert Turner Lane, A. M., Prin. 
HiiTh School; res. Aldcn St., Ash- 
land, Mass. 

Austin White Snare, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, Morse-Oliver Bldg., 
Bangor, Me. 


Carleton Everett Hutchinson, A. 
B., Teacher, South New Lyme, 

Benjamin Donald Metcalf, Busi- 
ness, 174 iF^rgo Ave., Buffalo, N. 

Fred William Peakes, A. B., Pas- 
tor Baptist Church, 2 Church 
Ave., No. Berwick, Me. 

Herbert Noah Pratt, A. B., Port- 
land, Me. 

Frank Lindley Howard Purinton, 
Student Yale Law School, 89 
Lynwood Place, New Haven, 

Levi Parker Wyman, A. B., A. M., 
Ph. D., Instructor in Chemistry, 
Penn. Military College, Chester, 


DeLafayette Flint. 

Fred Albert Roberts, A. B.. M. D.t 
Physician, Wilmington, Biass. 

Herbert Lewis Swan. A. B., AfllL 
R. I. A, Investment Securities, 
829 Land Title Bldg., Philadel- 
phia; res. Pleasantvllle, N. J. 

Walter Francis Titcomb, A. B., 
Business, Houlton, Me. 


Willard Asa Bates, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Solon. Me. 

Herbert Maurice Browne, A. B., 
166 Commonwealth St.; res. Lawn 
Ave. and Woodford Sts., Port- 
land. Me. 

Raymond Harold Cook, A. B., 
Teacher, 114 Main St, So. Had- 
ley Falls, Mass. 

Otis Williams Foye, A. B., Pastor 
Baptist Church, Torrtngton, 

Norman Keith Fuller, A. R, Law- 
yer, Watenrills^ Me. , 

*Ralph Hoyt House. 

Arad Erastus Linsoott, A. B., Prin. 
Waterville High School, Water- 
ville. Me. 

Henry FVanklln Totman, Contract 
Dept., New SIngland T^ephone 
and T^egn4>h Co., BUrfltid* Ke. 

Charles Willard Vlgue, with Wa- 
terville Trust tt Safe Deposit 
Co., Waterville, Me. 

Harry Sanford Brown with F. H. 
Brown Clothing Co., Fairfield, 

Wm. Bryant Chase, A. B., Pastor, 
Washburn, Me. 

Forest Eugene Olldden, Water- 
ville, Me. 

Lawrence Emery Oumey, A. B., 
Allegheny College, MeadviUe, Pa. 

Mjrron Albert PiUsbury, A. B., 
Saoo, Me. 

Dean Judson Tohnan, Kgr. K. S 
Tel. & TeL Co., Biddeford, Mci 

Wm. Linscott Waldron, A. B., A. 
M., U. of M. Law 8cho(^ Ban- 
gor, Me.; res. Waterville, Me. 

Alden Ellphalet Doughty, Ry% 

Henry Dearborn Furbush, A. B., 
Teacher, Hyde Park, Mass.; res. 
Hartland, Me. 

Millard Lambert Piarker, R. F. Di 
8, Hallowell, Me. 

Edward Raymond Safford, Clerk; 
res. 58 Folsom St., Rosllndale, 

Frank Joseph Severy, A. B., B. 8.* 
Franklin, Ind. 

Charles F^ranklln Towns, A. B., 
Principal Pickering Grammar 
School; res. 86 H Buffum St., 
Salem, Mass. 


Wm. Coleman McCueb Prtn. Gram- 
mar School, 54 Berwick St. Ber^ 
wick, U^ 



Wm. Henry Sturtevant, A. B^ 
Supt. of Schools, £>over. Me. 

Henry Albert Toiler, with Am. 
Ehcp. Co., 82 Hartford St., Rum- 
ford £Vai8, Me. 


Henry Alfred Barber, A. B., Boa- 
ton University, Pastor, 60 Le- 
banon St., Maiden, Mass. 

Noah Vernon Barker, A. B., Teach- 
er, Rlcker CL Institute, Houl- 
ton. Me. 

Ouy Wilbur Chlpman, A. B., Co- 
bum Classical Institute, Water- 
vUle. Me. 

Wm. Winter Drew, A. B., Bupt of 
Schools, Fairfield, Me. 

Reuben Thomas Johnston, M. D., 
Physician, 851 Maroy Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Adelbert Orlando Jones, A. B., 
Llvermore, Me. 

Roy Albert Kane, Teaching, 18 
Brace St., Springfield, Mass. 

Harry Emery Pratt, A. B., Prln. 
High School, Fairfield, Me. 

Harry Sherman Ryder, A. B., Fas- 
tor of M. B. Church, Wilton, Me. 

Charles Wilson Atchley, A. B., 

Watervllle, Me. 
Krlstle Ivanoff BoyadJlefC, A. M., 

Sophia, Bulgaria. 
Arthur Davenport Ooz, A. B., 

Teaching, Prln. Potter Acad- 
emy, Sebago, Me. 
Walter Lewis Qlover, A. B., 

Teaching, Prln. High School, 

Cottage City, Mass. 
Leland Porter Knapp, A. B., 

Teaching. Turner Center, Me. 
Wm. Marston Huse Teague, A. B., 

WatervlUe, Me. 


Herbert Goodhue Bowman, Heb- 
ron, Me. 

John Harvey Gilbert, Merchant, 
Monson, Me. 

Oliver Daniel Meserve, Paris, Ky. 

Harry Judson Noonan, Charleston, 

Charles Albert Richardson, M. D., 
C. M., AfBL Que. A, Kings County 

Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y.; res. 
Jefferson, Me. 
Albert Leslie Shorey, Bnfleld, Me. 


Edward Howe Cotton, A. B., New- 
ton Theological Seminary, New- 
ton Center, Mass. 

Guilford Dudley Coy, A. B., 
Teaching, Hebron Academy, 
Hebron, Me. 

Arthur Lee Field, A. B., Teach- 
ing, Colby Academy, New Lon- 
don, N. H. 

Clarence Nathaniel Flood, A. B., 
Wlnslow High School, Wlnslow, 

Alfred McFarland Frycb A. B., 
Leicester Academy, Leicester, 

Joseph Albert Oilman, A. M., As- 
sociate Editor, WatcrvUle MaU, 
Watervllle; res. Fairfield, Me. 

Wm. Hoyt, A. B., Teaching, Ke&fs 
Hill, MCL 

Thomas Tltcomb Knowles, A. B., 
Teaching, Denmark. Home ad- 
dress. North New Portland, Me. 

Ralph Perkins Norton, A. B^ 
Teaching, Wapplng, Conn. 

Maurice A. Priest, Bowdoin Medi- 
cal, Portland, Me. 

John Gerald Towne, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Watervllle, Me. 

Axel John Upwall, A. B., 6 Kurse 
Geistmaretr, Gottingen, Germany. 


tisalah Adelbert Bowdoin, Pros- 
pect, Me. 

tCharles Phillips Chlpman, Dam- 
ariscotta. Me. ' 

tWm. Lamb Dodge, Watervllle, 

Robert Lovett Emery, Boston Uni- 
versity Medical School, 80 SL Con- 
cord St.; res. 674 Mass. Ave., 
Boston, Mass. 

fBenJamln Austin Goooh, Tar- 
mouthvUlCb Me. 

Fred Echford Hutchlns, Hotel Em- 
ploye, Belgrade Lakes; res. Ft*ee- 
dom, Me. 

tMerlln Colby Joy, Fairfield, W, 



tJohn Chandler Lindsay, Water- 

vllle. Me. 
William Hutchinson Rowe, Druv- 

ffiBt, 129 Main St., Yarmouth, Me. 
Joseph Ulmer Tea^ue, Warren, 

Robert Vail, Davidson GoUece, N. 

Leroy Leonard Woods, Principal 

Brooks High School, Brooks, Me. 


tChester Alden Orant, B*reedom, 

William Abraham Harthome, A. 
B., Instructor, Brewster Free 
Academy, Wolfeboro, N. H. 

Wiley Oliver Newman, Wflton, 

tOscar Benjamin Peterson, Jemt- 
land, Me. 

Fred Meek Pile, Wayne, Nebraska. 

tJohn Winn Spencer, Benton, Me. 

tPerley Lenwood Thome, Strick- 
land. Me. 

tcaihu Blaine Tilton, Albion, Me. 

Byron Andrew Wright, 89 Eiastern 
Ave., St. Johnsbury, Vt, 

tRalph Benjamin Yountr* Water 
ville. Me. 

tAlvin Leslie Cotton, Norway, Me. 
tCharles Clark Dwyer, Martins- 
ville, Me. 

ICharles Russell Flood, So. Farts, 

Fred Sargent Hamilton, Blddeford, 

fMerle Rolliston Keyes, liryden. 

fFrank Wilder Lovett, Brandon, 

tEben Barle Mastermaa, Wilton, 

fJohn Traoey Mathews^ Tenant's 

Harbor, Me. 
Nelson Irving Mixer, West Parts, 

fFredertck Allen Shepherd, Water- 

ville. Me. 
tAugustua Coolidge Thompson, 

North Llvermorsb Me. 
fRay Foster Thompson, Roque 

Bluffs, Me. 
Arthur William Weeden, 16 Mar- 

cella St.. Cambrtdge, Mass. 

fSugene Frank Allen, Chttlsea, 

tMilfred Isaac Buker, Weld, Me. 
fFrank Osbom Dean, Hallowell, 

tHarold Willis Kimball, Htormon 

tClarence Ray Plummer, Hallowell, 

tAustin Shaw, MUbrldg^ Me. 

* Deceased. 

tin active chapter, 1906-1906. 


WQUamstown, Massacfauaetto 

Wlllard Stuart Ferris, A. B., In- 
•uranoe Adjuster, P. O. Box 776; 
res. 1072 E. First South est., 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

* Walter Decker Mapes, A. B., 1902, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Samuel Abbott, A. B., Publisher, 
Plat Iron Bldff., New York City; 
res. 117 N. 9th St., Newark, 
N. J. 

Charles Henry Clarke, A. B., Com- 
mission Broker, Kelley-Clarke 
Co.; res. 18 Adrian Court, Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

Thomas Eastman Haven, A. B., 
IiLi. B., Univ. of California, At- 
torney, San Francisco, Cal.; res., 
2400 Vallejo St., San Francisco. 

Henry Russell Piatt, A. B., Law- 
yer, 81 Claik St, Chicago, 111.; 
res. 1104 Dempster St., EvantfLon. 


Herman Jay Wells, M. A., Teacher. 
Public School No. 88, Brookljm, 
N. Y.; res. 361 Hillside Ave.. 
Jamaica, N. Y. 


Charles Ovid ESames, A. B., Cler- 
gyman, 99 Liberty St., Athol, 

George Lynde Richardson, A. B.. 
Rector Church of the Messiah. 
Glens Falls, N. Y.; res.. No. 4 
Ackley St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Storrs Henry Seeley, B. A., Phar- 
macist, 4545 Third Ave.; res. 
2184 Bathgate Ave., New York 

^Herbert Preston Woodward, B. 
A., (Deoeaaed). 

James Addison Youngr. B. A., LL. 
B., Lawyer; res., 99 Center Ave., 
New Rochelle, N. Y. 


Robert Marshall Blackburn, A. B.. 
13. D.. Princeton, 1893, Clergy- 
man; 621 N. 6th St., Reading, 

•George Richard Herrick (De- 
ceased), 1886. Williamstown. 

Charles Thaddeus Terry, A. B., 
\Aj. n., Affll. N. Y. A, Lawyer, 
Professor of Law, Columbia 
Univ., Broadway; res.. 23 E. 77th 
St., office American Security 
Bldg., New York City. 

Charles Howard Travell, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, 57 Fourth St., 
Troy. N. Y. 


Everett Dearborn Chadwick, A. 
B., LL. B., Boston Univ., '96, 
Patent Lawyer, 10 Post Office 
Square Boston ; Winchester, 

Henry Field Ellinwood, A. B., Au- 
burn Theological Seminary. 1896, 
Clergyman. Medina, N. Y. 

Charles Freeman Fitts, Attomey- 
at-Law. 1532 The Marquette 
Bldg.; res., The Pattington. Chi- 

Marshall Spring Hagar, B. A., 
Lawyer. 34 Pine St.; res. 179 
W. 7eth St., New York City. 

Alfred Marshall Hitchcock, A. B., 
M. A., Teacher, Hartford High 
School; res. 60 Homestead Ave., 
Hartford, Conn. 

Ira Winthrop Travell, A. B., Prin- 
cipal. Plainfleld High School, 
Plalnfield. N. J. 





Jacob Alfred Bohrer, A. R. LL. 
B., LAwyer and PoBtmaater, 
Bloomin^on, 111. 

Charles Adelbert Edgerton, A. B., 
Lawyer, 416 Broadway, New 
York City. 

John Hill, A. B., Manager, Clareo- 
don Hotel, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Berkeley Hotchkiss, A. 
B., Hardware, care of Hotchklas 
& Templeton, Inc., 86 8. Main 
St.; res. 124 N. WiUow St, 
Waterbury, Conn. 

Silvan us Blanchard Newton, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, 829 West liind 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Edward Nilos, A. B., Clergyman, 
S. Bushwick Reformed Church, 
15 Himrod St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John Willard Travell, A. B., M. 
D., Albany Medical, 1897, Phy- 
sician, 27 B. 11th St., New York 


William Francis BSdgerton, A. R, 
Dairyman, 14 North Street, Ba- 
tavia, N. Y. 

Herbert Leslie Mapes, A. B., Sec- 
retary, Commercial Sash A 
Door Co., Pittsburg. Pa.; res. 
Clearview, Mt. Lebanon, Pa. 

Woodbury Treat Morris, A. B., 
Jobber of Coffees, care Ohio 
Coffee & Spice Co.; res. 889 B. 
Town St., Columbus, O. 

Russell Lord Tarbox, A. B., LIa 
B., Lawyer, care of Bird & Tar- 
box, 60 Wall St., New York City; 
res. 9 E. 49th St., New York City. 

William Robert Anthony Wilson, 
A. B., M. D., Columbia P. &. S., 
1895, Physician; res. 164 Bartlett 
Ave., Pittsfleld, Mass. 

Henry Vinton Woodward, Lawyer, 
367 West End Ave., Rochester, 
N. Y. 


Eklward James Collier, A. B., M. 
D., Albany Medical, 1896, Physi- 
cian and Surgeon, Amsterdam, 
N. Y. 

•Nathan Russell Harrington, A. B., 
d|pd 1899. Atbara, Soudan, Egypt. 

Arthur Oliver, A. R, JonnuOlit, 
care of the Stmdap OaU, Newark, 
N. J.; res. 908 Broad St.. New- 
ark, N. J. 

Frank S^igene Parka, A. R, Bupt 
Open Hearth Dept., Oamegle 
Steel Co., Duquesns^ Pa., Look 
Box SO. 

Frederic William Carey, B. A., 
Teacher, Detroit UnlTeralty 
School, Detroit, Mich. 


Frederic William Carey, B. A., 
Accountant; res. 148 McKlnley 
Ave., Norwich, Conn. 

Edwin Carlton QiUette, B. A., 
Clergyman, Canaan, Conn. 

•Robert Joseph OulllTer, (De- 
ceased), 1894. 

Harry Osgood Spalding, M. D., 
Physician, Asst. Bupt Norwich 
Hosp. for Insane, Norwich, 

William Doherty, 8Uk Mannfkc- 
turer, 486 Van Houten St.* Pat- 
erson, N. J. 

William Seward E&der, B. A., Law- 
yer and Corporation Connflel, 384 
Genesee St.; res. 68 Chedue 
Place, Auburn, N. T. 

Allan Atwood Marsh, B. A., CSat- 
tle Raising, 804 Pine St., Omaba, 

•Clarence Mesaer Merrlam. 

Charles Edward Buell, B. A., 
Farmer, Shelbume lUls, Mass. 

Charles Francis Oanedy, A. &, M. 
D., Physician, Oreenfleld, Mass. 

Charles Avery Hickey, Lawyer, 
and Promoter, Chenango St., 
Binghampton, N. T. 

James Herbert Irish, A. &, M. IX, 
Physician, 488 Jamas St., Bjrmr 
cuse, N. T. 

Charles Francis Lyon, B. A^ Law- 
yer, 118 Genesee Bt; res. 148 
North St., Auburn, N. T. 

Karl Bphraim Weston, B. A^ M. 
A., Asst. Prof. French, Williams 
College^ WilUamstown, Mum. 
(Absent on IaaT« aliroad.) 



Henry Brainard White, Electrician, 
Marcellus, N. T. 


Robert Fuller Denison, B. A., LL. 
B., Columbia, 1900, Attorney, 
SOS Perry Payne Bldg., Cleve- 
land; res. 2041 B. Slat St., S. E., 
Cleveland, O. 

George Tyler Northup, A. B., Pre- 
ceptor, Patton Hall, Princeton 
University, Princeton, N. J. 
Permanent address, Evanston, 

Gilbert Earle Treat. A. B., At- 
torney, 1 Temple Court; res., 107 
North St., Auburn. N. Y. 


Herman White Fifer, A. B., Law- 
yer, Bloomin^on, 111. 

Matthew Addison Graff, A. R, M. 
D., Physician, 620 Broad St, 
Sewickly, Pa. 

Eugene McCarthy. 

Paul Harrison Waterman, A. B., 
M. D., Cornell, 1902, Phjrsician 
and Surgeon, Bellevue Hospital, 
SSth St. Foot, New York City. 

Allen Lawrence Winter, M. D., 
Phsrsician, Bellevue Hospital, New 
York City. 


George Hanford Ansley, B. A., 
LL. B., Columbia, 1902, Attor- 
ney, Salamanca, New York. 

Frederick Reuel Baker, A. B., M. 
D., P. & S., 190S, Physician 
and Surgeon, 280 W. 69th St., 
New York City. 

Daniel Fitts, Jr., A. B., Asst. Pur- 
chasing Agent, Mass. E21eotrlo 
Companies, S4 State St, Bos- 
ton; res. 673 Westford St., Low- 

Henry Edwin Moffett, A. B., D. D. 
S., Dentist, S178 Scranton Road 
S. W., Cleveland, O. 

Dean Culver Smith, A. B., Fifth 
Avenue Trust Co.; res. 614 Fifth 
Ave., New York City. 

Harvey Judson Vary, A. B., M. D., 
Columbia, 19 OS, Physician and 
Burgeon; 26 Somerset St. 
Rochester, N. T. 

James Grant Wallace, Chief 
Clerk, Construction Dept, Rooky 
Mountaiu Bell Telephone Co., 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Harold Albertus Bates, Traveling 
Salesman, care Colgate Soap 
Co., P. O. Box 646, New York 

William Rowe Conklin, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer. 100 Broadway, New 
York City; res. 260 W. S6th St, 
New York City. 

Ralph Emerson Danforth, Clergy- 
man, Newtown, Conn. 

Charles McClure Doland, M. D.i 
Physician, Pennsjivania Hoo- 
pital, 8th and Spruce Sts., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; res. 843 Hilliard St. 
Spokane, Wash. 

Thomas Harold Morrison, A. R, 
Lawyer, Smethi>ort Pa. 

Charles Anthony Squires, A. R, 
M. D., Cornell 1904, Physician, 
Presbyterian Hospital, 70th Bt 
and Madison Ave., New York 
City; res. 724 Watchung Ave., 
Plainfleld, N. J. 

Frederick Squires, A. B., B. B., 
Affll. N. Y. A, Squires and Wyn- 
koop. Architects, New York, N. 
Y.; res. Plainfleld, N. J. 

Charles Nowell Stoddard, A. B., 
Lawyer, Greenfield, Mass. 


Harold Chapman Brown, Ph. D., 
Asst. in Philosophy, Harvard, 61 
Brattle St.. Cambridge, Mass. 

Dwight Willison Marvin, A. R, 
M. A.. LL. B., Attorney, 1st and 
Congress Sts., Troy, N. Y.; res. 
268 2d St, Troy, N. Y. 

Harry Warren Mead, Teacher, 
Newark Academy, Newark, N. J. 

Norman Peck, A. B., Insuranoo, 
642 Newton-Claypool Building, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Joseph Meeker Ross, A. B., Editor 
yew York EvetUng Sun, 170 
Nassau St.; res. 666 W. 113th 
St.. New York City. 



Lewis Squires, A. B.h ULi. B., Affll. 
N. Y. A, Lawyer, care Warner, 
Jotinson & Oalston, Mexico City, 
Mexico; res. 724 Watchung Ave., 
Pluinfield. N. J. 

Joseph Buell Ely, A. B., LL. B., 
Lawyer, 307 Main SU; res. 54 
Fairctiild St., Springfield, Mass. 

William Henry Stanley, A. B., 
Kelley-Clarke Co., Importers; 
res. 837 HiUiard St, Spokane, 

Frederick Pctheram Wilbur. A. B., 
M. D. Physician, Blackwells Isl- 
and, N. Y.; home Skuneateles. 

Frederick Bowen Wills, A. B., 
Teacher, High School, Trenton, 
N. J. Home address, 6 Elisa- 
beth St., Auburn, N. Y. 


Percy Joseph King, A. B., Invoice 
Clerk, New Home Sewing Ma- 
chine Co.; res. 12 Howe St.. 
Orange, Mass. 

Clurcnce McMillan, A. B., LL. B.. 
Lawyer, 100 Broadway; res. 226 
W. 129th St., New York, N. Y. 

James Glenn Orr, A. B., New Yurk 
Telephone Co., Ill W. 88th St., 
New York; res. 117 W. 116th 
St., New York City. 

Hayden Talbot, Patented Fixtures, 
care of Marshall & Steams, 15 
E. 24th St., New York City; res. 
529 W. 111th St., New York City. 

Julius Earl Waller, Broker, Mcln- 
tyre & Co., 71 Broadway; res. 
565 W. 113th St., New York, N. Y. 

Charles Henry Ward, A. B., West- 
em Electric Co., Chicago, m.; 
res. 543 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 


Richard Ward Northup, A. B., 
National Biscuit Co., Chicago, 
111.; res. Evanston, 111. 

Lawrence Frink Smith, Smith 
Tablet Co., 396 Broadway, New 
York City. Home address, 65 
Fill r field Ave.. Holyoke, Mass. 

Walter Squires, A. B., Merchant, 
20 Cortland St., New York City; 

res. 724 Watchung Ave., Plain- 
field, N. J. 

Gordon Saxton Thompson, C EL, 
R. P. I., 1906, ABst. Dept. of 
Mechanics R. P. I., Troy, N. Y.; 
res. 689 Second Ave., Upper Troy, 
N. Y. 

Lewis Sturtevant WoodrulE, Bank- 
er, 29 State 8t, Boston, Maaa.; 
res. 204 Langley Road, New- 
ton Centre, Haas. 

Fred Clapp Abercromble, Jbkgi- 
neer. Turners Falls, Maaa. 

Edwin Loyall Crooker, Bsport ft 
Import, care of Henry Peabody, 
17 State St., New York City; 
res. 821 Fifth Ave., ICt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 

Wakeman Clark E«gerton, A. B., 
Studying Medicine, Albany Med- 
ical; res. New Scotland ATe^ 
Albany, N. Y. 

Ralph Miller Ketcbam, A. B., Stu- 
dent Indiana Law School, 201 
State Life Bldg.; res. 1624 Mer- 
idian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Albert Priest NeweU, A. B., Mana- 
ger W. H. Unton Braas Works; 
res. 68 Washington St., Ogdens- 
burg, N. Y. 

William AUan Newell, A. B.. Ed- 
gar A. Newell CO.; res. 68 Waah- 
ington St., Ogdensburg, N. T. 

John Bayard Pruyn, A. B., Law 
Student, care of Warner, John* 
son & Oalston, 49 Wall St; res. 
326 West 83d St., New York dty. 

•William Mackensie Russell (De- 
ceased), 1904, Ithaoa, M. T. 


tWilfred Smith Ayers. Jaokson- 
ville, IlL 

tWalter Summerhayea Case, 102 
W. 44th St., New York City. 

Edsall Dubois BUiot. Medical Stu- 
dent P. ft a. New York City; 
res. 68 Orandvlew Atsi, Cat- 
skill, N. T. 

William Cary Harris, Washington 
Trust Co., New York City; rsa. 
224 Palisade Ave., Toiik«n» N. 

fGeorge Duryee Hulst, 190 Van 
Buren St., Brooklyn^ N. T. 



tKerro Knox, 16 Rocky lew Ave., 
Plalnfield, N. J. 

Nathaniel French Thompson, Stu- 
dent R. P. L, Troy, N. Y.; res. 
861 Second Ave., Upper Troy, 
N. Y. 


Bdward Vernon Brush, Manufac- 
ture of Medicine; res. 820 S. 
Fifth Ave., Mt. Vernon. N. Y. 

fOeorge Warner Oriffln, 204 W. 
66th St., New York City. 

George Ryer Hotaling, Student, 
University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia; 183 E. 91st St.. 
New York City. 

Henry Appleton Knowles. ' Paper 
Business, C F. Brown & Co.. 
166 Congress St., Boston, Mass.; 
res. 826 Beacon St, Boston. 

John William Ormsby, Western 
Irfime & Cement Co., 611 Pabst 
Bldff.; res. 2600 Grand Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

tLawrence Joseph Stoddard. 
Greenfield, Mass. 

^Robert Joesbury Weeks, River- 
head, Li. I. 

fWllllam Sherman Wlnslow, Cold 
Sprlng-on-Hudson. N. Y. 


tWlUard Ansley Gibson, Salaman- 
ca, N. Y. 

t Julian Blgelow Howe, The Mar- 
tinique, 66 W. 33d St., New 
York. N. Y. 

tWllllam Smith McClellan, 88 N. 
Duko St.. York. Pa. 

tSamuel Mundy Meeker, Jr., 1866 
Dean St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

f-Zenas Henry Russell, Honesdale. 

tDavld Burnett Scott. 849 W. 121st 
St., New York City. 

tKenneth Noble Woodward, 143 
Riverside Drive, New York City. 


tGIIbert Horrax, 103 Park St., 

Montclair. N. J. 
tCharles Alvin Jones, Newport, 

tPaul Root Lawrence, Mt. Vernon 

St., Boston, Mass. 
tHarold MacLean Lewis. 1611 Al- 

bermarle Road. Flatbush. N. Y. 

fin active chapter, 1906-6. 



Q^orge Hiram Corey, B. A., Analy- 
tical Chemiat, 99 John St, New 
York City; residence, 186 Berke- 
ley Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

James Romeyn Danforth, Jr., B. 
A., B. D., A. M., Pastor First 
Conffregational Church, 95 Federal 
St., New London, Conn. 

Albert Henry Jackson, B. A., At- 
torney, 61S Mutual Life Bldflr*; 
res. 168 7th St, Buffalo, N. Y. 

David Lyman Kebbe, B. A. IC. A., 
B. D., Pastor of Concrregational 
Church, Greenwich, Mass. 

Charles Sullivan, M. A., Attorney. 


Harrison Hitchcock Brown, B. A., 
Head of Department of Physios, 
Simmons Cblleffe, Boston, 991 
Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 

Alpheus Sherwin Cody, B. A., 
Writer, Lake Bluff, IlL 

John M. (Letter only) TOastman, 
B. A., FEurmer, EUlsburg, N. Y. 

Eklgar Henry Parkman, B. A., B. 
D., Prlncii>al High School, 30 
Prospect St., Thompson viUo, 

Arthur Frost Newell, B. A., R D., 
Congregational Clergyman, 
Kearney, Neb. 

*Yew Sawayama, B. S., died at 
ToUo, Japan, Sept 10, 1890. 

Earnest Bmmons Smith, B. A., As- 
sistant in History, Bojrs' High 
School, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank Butler Doane, B. A., R D., 

Clergyman, North Haven, Conn. 
Cyrus Albert Durgin, B. A., 

Teacher, 117 Bowers St., Lowell, 

*James Crawford Lester, A. R 
William Henry Smith, B. A., HUo, 
Hawaii, H. L 

Rufus Biather Bagg, Jr., R A., 

Ph. D., Mining Geologist, Apar- 

tado 197, Chihuahua, Mexico. 
Sidney Robert Fleet, B. A., Night 

Kditor Lowell Morning Oitigen, 

329 East Merrimack St., LoweU, 

H. Foster Jones, M. A., ProfeigK>r 

of English. College of Emporia; 

residence, 1010 West St, Em- 
poria, Kan. 
Stephen Brown Knowlton, R A., 

Teacher, The Haverford School, 

Haverford, Pa. 
Herbert Lewis, M. A., B. R, (M. 

L T.), Room 164, Patent Office, 

Washington, D. C 
Charles George Noyes. 
Frederick H. Tarr, B. A., LL. B., 

Attorney at-T^w, Savings Bank 

Bldg., Gloucester, Mass.; res. 

Rockport. Mass. 
Frank Monroe Tiffany, B. A., A. 

M., M. D., Physician, 87 South 

St., Stamford, Conn. 
Everett Prentiss Turner, M. A., In- 
vestments, 357 Ellicott Square; 

res. The Colonial, 401 Delaware 

Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Waterman Lester Williams, B. A. 

LL. D., Attomey-at-Law, 268 

Washington St, Boston; res. 

Holden, Mass. 

James Baird, Principal Normal 

Dept, Rust University, Holly 

Springs, Miss. 
Edward Nelson Billings, R Am 

B. D., Pastor Congregatioiial 

Church, Tiverton, B. L 




•William Chariea Hbdder. 

•Frank Adrian Leach. 

Howard Abbot Lincoln, B. A., 
B. D., AfllL ICe. A, Clergyman, 
P. O. Box 981, Dexter, Me. 

Frederick Clifton Staples, B. A., 
Teacher In the Fay School, 
Southboro, Haas. 

Charles Edward Tllley, M. A., 
Teacher of Physics and Chemis- 
try In the Hope Street .Hli^ 
School, S Elton St., Providence, 
R. L 

•Harry Oilman Carter. 

Frank Poole Johnson, B. A., Pas- 
tor of St. Paul's Church, Tremont 
St., Boston, Mass. 

Christopher Howe Rogers, B. A, 
IXh B., Attomey-at-Law, Bay 
State Bldg., Lawrence, Mass.; 
Stevens St., Methnen, Mass. 

Herbert Austin Russell, M. D., A. 
B., Physician and Surgeon, 236 
E. «8th St.. New York, N. Y. 

Frank Herbert Smith, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Hadley, Mass. 

Rcibert Porter St. John, B. A., M. 
A., Teacher In the Commercial 
High School, 1444 Pacific St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; residence, 717 
Bast Third St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harry Preble Swett, B. A., Prin- 
cipal of High School, Franklin 
Falls, N. H. 

Robert Irving Walker, Joint oflloe 
of the R. ft P., K. C ft St. J. 
C R. R., SOS Onage St., Leaven- 
worth, Kan* 

Herbert Carroll Wood, B. A, 
Teacher In Science Department, 
East High School, res., S7S6 
Carnegie Ava, 8. E., Cleveland, 


Albert Sherborne Baker, B. A., 
M. A., M. D., B. D., Medical 
Missionary, Kealakekua, Hawaii. 

•Ernest MerriU BarUett. 

Qeorge Arthur Goodell, M. A., A. 
B., Instructor • In Chemistry, 
Wellesley College; res. 43 Curve 
St., Wellesley, Mass. 

Robert Joseph QuUlver, Norwich, 

Harwood Bigelow Smith, B. A., 

Editor, New York Tribune; res. 

44 Howe Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
Arthur Winslow Stone, B. A., 

Judge of Municipal Court, Dex- 
ter, Me. 
Nathan Henry Weeks, B. A.. 

Teacher, West High School, Des 

Moines, la. 


Charles Amos Andrews, B. A., 
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., 
also Member of Massachusetts 
Legislature, 219 Elm St, Holy- 
oke, Mass. 

Reuben Wesley Bumham, B. A., 
Dept. of Physics, Erasmus Hall 
High School, 1801 Dorchester 
Road. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George Walter Fiske, B. A., A. M., 
B. D., Pastor of High Street 
Congregational Church, 102 
Pleasant St., Auburn, Me. 

Tracy Beadle Oris wold, B. A.. 
Pastor First Presbyterian 
Church. 616 Broadalbin St, Al- 
bany, Oregon. 

James Stewart Lawson, B. A., LL. 
B., Attomey-at-Law, 192 Broad- 
way, New York; res. 380 Ster- 
ling PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Albert Lewis Schuyler. 

•Herbert Lakin Washburn. 

George Barrows Washburn, Courier 
Citisen Co.; res. 179 Humphrey 
St, Lowell, Mass. 

Charles Gardner Winslow, B. A., 
B. S., Electrical Engineer with 
N. Y. C. ft. H. R. R., 43 South 
10th Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 


Fred Henry Clayson 

Robert Hugh Cochrane, B. A., S. T. 
B., Pastor Union Church of Wey- 
mouth and Bralntree, Wesrmouth, 

William Knight Dustin, A. B., with 
Gorton -Pew Fisheries Co.; res. 7 
Hovey St, Glouchester, Mass. 



Arthur WUBon Dennen B. A., New 
York Law School, 86 Nassau St., 
New York City; res. Maxwell 
House, 246 Concord St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Louis Rowell Herrick, B. S., In- 
structor in French and Spanish, 
M. A. C, Amherst, Mass. 

Howard W. Irwin, AiBl. Indiana 9. 

David Homer Keedy, A. B., Law* 
yer, Northampton, Mass.; res. 
Hadley, Mass. 

Samuel Bowles Kingr* A. R, Ad- 
vertising MffT., Sullivan Ma- 
chinery Co., Railway Exchange 
Bldg., Chicago; res. Winnetka, 

Walter Cogswell King, A. B., 8 
Commonwealth Ave., Gloucester, 

Nathan Carleton Phillips, A. B., 
Russia Cement Co.; res. Wash- 
ington St., Gloucester, Mass. 

Robert Stanley Phillips, B. S., (M. 
L T.), Chemist for Independ- 
ence Oypsum Co., Southard, Ok- 

James Whlttemore Smith,, Sui>er- 
intendent of Schools, District 
No. 16, Utuado, Porto Rloo. 

Wilmot Vivian Trevoy, A. B., A. 
M., Instructor in French and 
Latin, Cornwall Heights School, 
Comwall-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. 


Frederick King Bixby, B. S., Cor- 
respondent, 100 Washington 
Square, New York, N. Y.; res. 
84 Bay 26th, Bensonhurst, L. I. 

Thomas Francis Burke, B. S., Tex- 
tile Manufacturing, 826 Merri- 
mack St., Lowell, Mass. 

Louis Edward Cadleux, A. B., with 
American Book Co., 100 Wash- 
ington Square; New York City, 
N. Y. 

EMward Kissam Clark, Jr., A. B., 
Clerk, American Steel & Wire 
Co.; res. 11 Cobum Ave., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

Alpheus Hoyt Favour, B. S., LL. 
B., Lawyer, 66 Broadway; res. 31 
W. 61st St., New York, N. Y. 

Walter Almerlan Hildreth A. B., 
Teacher, Fishkill-on-the-Hudson, 
N. Y. 

Roland Shaw Haradon, R S., Man- 
ufacturing, 292 Graham St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; res. 828 Rut- 
land Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Conant Morgan, B. S., 
Mechanical Engineer, 46 Albert 
St., Plainfleld, N. J. 

James Maxwell Murdock, M. A., 
Winchester, Mass. 

•Charles Blan chard Thompson. 

Harold G. Withum, Wholesale 
Leather, with E. C Mills Leath- 
er Co., Boston, Mass.; res. 26 
Cowell St, Marblehead, Mass. 


Harold Blckford Allen, A. B., 
Salesman, Postal Telegraph 
Bldg.; res. 239 W. 14th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Vernon Seymour Clark, A. R, Co- 
lumbia Law School; res. 516 W. 
111th St.. New York City. 

Ralph Anderson Kennedy, A. B.. 
Auditing Dopt., Adams Express 
Company, South Terminal Sta- 
tion. Boston, Mass.; res. 151 Wal- 
nut Ave., Revere. Mass. 

Chester Arthur Legg, A. B., Stu- 
dent Harvard Law School, 10 
Oxford St, Cambridge, Mass.; 
res. DecatMr, IlL 

James Herllhy O'Donnell, B. A., 
with Eagle Pencil Co., 877 Broad- 
way, New York, N. Y. 

John Willard Roberts, B. A., with 
Western Electric Co., 468 West 
St; res. 289 West 14th St, New 
York City. 

John Burke Shay, A. B., ZS West 
14th St, or care of Western 
Electric Co., 468 West St, New 
York City. 

Paul Akers Turner, A. B., College 
of Physicians St Surgeons, New 
York; res. 828 W. S6th St, New 

Frank Edwards Wheeler, A. B., 217 
Canal St, ProYldenoe, R. L 





Herbert 8. Beem, Bookkeeper, 

General's Office, War Dept., 

WashinfiTton, D. C. 
Robert James Bottomly, Amherst 

Soutb Bnd Fellow, 20 Union 

Park, Boston. 
Joseph Dexter Crowell, B. 8., LXi. 

B., New York Law School, 85 

Nassau St., New York City, N. 

Y.; res. 409 Jefferson Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Harry Williams Qladwin, General 

Secretary Y. M. C. A., Amherst, 

David Emerson Greenaway, Teach- 
er, Granby, Mass. 

Van Cleve Holmes, Broker, care of 
Post & Flagg, 38 Ware St, New 
York City; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles Irving Peabody, B. A., 
Teacher, Danvers, Mass. 

Wilfred Ellsworth Rounseville, B. 
S., Harvard Medical School, Bos- 
ton; res. Attleboro, Blass. 

Verne Waldo Smith, Bank Cash- 
ier, 277 Guy Park Ave., Amster- 
dam, N. Y. 


tEdgar White Burrill, North 
Brookfleld, Mass. 

fWalter Francis Downey, North 
Brookfleld, Mass. 

tArthur Harold Gilmore, Attle- 
boro, Mass. 

tEdson Alexander McRae, Mans- 
field, Mass. 

tRobert Carlisle Powell, 292 Mill 
St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

tJames Walker Roberts, Amherst, 

tJames Newbegin Worcester, 80 
Beach St., Bloomfield, N. J. 


Alfred Lewis Bartlett, Clerk, 625 

Turk St., San Francisco, Cal.; 

res. 582 24th St., Oakland, CaL 
Eldward Ralph Belcher. 26 Allerton 

St., Plymouth, Mass. 
Osceola Byron Brewster, Affll. 

N. Y. B. 
Frandfl Dudley Carleton, afllUated 

with New York Delta; res. 114S 

Warburton Ave., Yonkers, N. T. 
Frank Paul Christensen, Lawyer, 

840 Main St, Worcester, Mass.; 

res. 11 Rankin St., Worcester, 

Burton Edmund Deal, General 

Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y.; 

res. 96 Market St., Amsterdam, 

N. Y. 
Eugene Miles Webster, Real Bs- 

St., Gloucester, Mass. 
tGeorge Greenaway, Jr., Indian 

Orchard, Mass. 
tClarence Alvan Lamb, 197 8. 

Main St., Attleboro, Mass. 
fElmer Atwin Pratt, Housatonlc, 

tHarry A. Rowe, 12 Putnam St., 

Amsterdam, N. Y. 
tWilliam Ellis Sweeney, 9 School 

St., Attleboro, Mass. 
tWarren Lincoln Swett, 11 Hovey 

St., Gloucester, Mass. P. R K. 



tRobert Hay ward Kennedy, 148 

Parade St., Providence, R. L 
fKenneth Bruce Shuts, 9 Bellevue 

Ave., Gloucester, Mass. 
tFrederlck Pitkin Smith, Golden, 

tWilliam Bowen Mitchell Tracy. 

Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 
tRichard Clinton Turner, 294 

Spring St., Portland, Me. 
tHeath EMgar White, Linden St, 

Maiden, Mass. 


tAlbert Whitney Blackmer, 7 Mas- 
sachusetts Ave., Worcester, 

tCsnrus Augustus Case, Golden, 

tRichard Bradford Fisher, 11 
Washington Sq., Gloucester, 

tCuthbert Hague, 695 Southbridge 
St, Worcester, Mass. 

tThomas Dyer Joseph KalHgan 
51 H £21m St., Onemonta, N. Y. 

tWilliam Allen King, Jr., 8 Com- 
monwealth Ave., Gloucester, 


tWiUiam Josiah Farmelee, Worth- tRalph William Wlgsfai^ ST9 

InflTton, Mawi. North Main 8t, Warsaw, N. T. 

Charles William Frederick Walker. 

•Decea8e<L 28S West TSd St, Nkw Toik City, 
fin active Chapter, 190S-06. 


Ann Arbor, MicUgan 

^Elbert Leroy Blakeslee. 


•William J. Elfltun. 

Qeorge Calvin Harris, A. B., Attor- 
ney, Franklin, Ky. 

^Arthur Douglas Basnett. 

Wm. Soesbe Harbert, LL. B., Affll. 
Ind. B, Ind. A, Ind. A, Attorney, 
100 WashinflTton St., Chica«:o. 111.; 
res. Bvanston, IlL 

Jas. layman Brown, A. B., A. M., 
Attorney, Oklahoma City, O. T. 
•John Curtis Marlll. 
Henry Clay Snitcher, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 907, 17th St., DenTar, 
•Riley Clark Story. 

•Theophllus Taylor Fountain. 

•John Loveland Culley. 
Snry Ii. Goodrioh, address un- 

•John William Johnson. 

Darius Comstock Pennington. 

•Palmer Worth Smith. 

Jonas Stewart, Phsrslcian, affiliated 
Ind. r, Anderson, Ind. 

Leonard Ehnlah Stocking, Ph. B., 
M. D., Medical Superintendent of 
the Agnew's State Hospital, Ag- 
new, CaL 

Chas. Malona Taylor, Clergjrman, 
Jamestown, N. D. 

Chas. Alonso Cook, A. B., Principal 
of Schools^ Irvittg Park, m. 

Pembrook Reeves Flitcraft, A. M., 
Judge of The Circuit Court, Mer- 
chants' IjaClede Bldg; res. 4S56 
W. Belle Plaoe^ St. Louis, Mo. 

•Baron Humbolt Pennington. 

Richard Augrustus Moses, Attorney, 
110 Third St., Cedar Rapids, la. 

John Martin Schaeberle^ C B., 
LL. D., Astronomer, Ann Arbor, 

Erwln F. Smith, Ph. D., in charge 

of Laboratory of Plant Paiho- 

logy, Bureau of Agriculture, 

Washington, D. C. 
Clarence George Taylor, B. S., 

Pittsfleld, Mass. 


John Edwin Brown, R B., M. D., 
Ohio Beta 1884, 889 B. Town 
St., Columbus, Ohio. 


John Barton Mecham, LL. B., D. 
C. L , Attorney, Joliet, 111. 

•Frank Irwin Muir. 

Henry Fish Shier, Ph. B., Min- 
ister, Munisins, Mich. 


Allen Lysander Colton, A. M., In- 
structor in Physics, University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

Willis Moore, M. D., Affll. IlL 
Delta, Physieian, 100 SUte St, 
Chicago, m. 

Peter Godfrey SJoblom, Editor, 
1710 11th Ave. South, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


Edwin Sawyer Antisdale, B. S., M. 
D.. Affll. Mich. Beta, Physician, 
103 State St.. Chicagro, 111. 

Wlliam Franklin Edwards, B. S., 
Mining Chemist, Mullan, Idaho. 




Ooorge Frederick Kelper, A. \L, 
M. D., Affll. Ind. Z, Physician, 
6th and South Sts., LAfayette, 

Henry Arthur Sanders, Ph. D., 
Assistant Professor of Latin, 
U. of M., 1217 Washtenaw Are., 
Ann Arbor, ICioh. 

William Henry Stillhamer, AfflL UL 
Bpsilon, Lumberman, Normal* 

^Oswald Daniel Vandersluis. 

Robert Henry Wolcott, B. L., A. 
M.. M. D., Professor of Anatomy, 
University of Nebraska. 2100 B. 
St., Lincoln, Neb. 


Theodore Lincoln Chadboume, B. 

8., M. D., Physician, Vinton, 

*Erwin Edgar EweU. 
Orville Richard Hardy, B. 8., 

Fidelity Mutual. Life Insurance 

Co.. Majestic Bldg., Detroit, 

John T. Noye Hoyt, R 8., Civil 

Engineer, Buffalo, N. Y. 
John Pease Keyes, Ph. B., B. 8., 

(M. II), Scanlon, Minn. 


Alexander Brownell C Hardy, 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
Gaylord Hammond Chllcote, B. L., 

Pacific States Manager for D. C. 

Heath & Co.. Post Office Bldg.. 

Berkeley, Cal. 

Frank Haigh Dixon, Ph. D., Prof. 

of Economics, Dartmoutlk Col- 
lege, Hanover, N. H. 
Arthur Frantzen, B. 8., M. E., 

Electrical Engineer, 92-94 W. 

Van Buren St., Chicaga 
William Lincoln Honnold, B. S., 

Affil. ni. Delta. Mining Engineer, 

Johannesburg, Transvaal. 
Edward David Jones, Ohio B, Prof. 

of Commerce and Industry, U. 

of M., 919 Oakland Ave., Ann 

Arbor, Mich. 
^Qeorge Duncan Mena. 
George Fred MuUiken, A. B., 

Treas. Cooper, Wells it Co., St 

Joseph, Mlob. 

Adnah Cllfton Newell, B. &, (IC 
II), Teacher, Des IColnes, la. 

Archibald Stuart Ralph, Photogra- 
pher, Oshkosh, Wis. 

^Qeorge David Sonea. 


Ray Stannard Baker, B. 8., AfflL 
Biich. B., Editor and Author, 
American Maoagine, care of City 
Club, New York, N. Y. 

*Frank Henry Decke. 

Alfred William Hookway, B. 8., 
Real Estate, Pasadena, Calif. 

Howard Monroe Raymond, B. 8., 
Dean of Armour InstltutSb Chi- 
cago, IlL 

William Frederick Dowland, B. 

8., Banker, Hart, Mich. 
John Dudley Dunham, A. B., M. D., 

Affll. Ohio Z, Physician, 187 E. 

State St., Columbus, Ohio. 
William LeRoy Dunn, Ph. C, B. 

8., M. D., Ashevllle, N. G. 
James Clair Hallock, 760 Fort 

St., Detroit, Mich. 
Allen Huylar Kesfller, D. D. 8., 

141 Woodward Avei, Detroit, 

Farley Doty McLouth, Artist 

John Dodge Neal, Druggist, Ran- 
toul, ni. 

John Arthur Whitworth, A. B., 
Mgr. Grand Rapids Desk ^o., 
Muskegon, Mich. 

Bertrand Stager Summers, Ft. 
Sheridan, IlL 


Chas. Woodworth Foster, B. L., 

LL. B., Attorney, 600 Prudden 

Bldg., Lansing, Mloh. 
Richard Kirby Hoyt, Union Trust 

Co., Detroit; res. Grosse Point, 

James Haisey Mallory, Jr., A. B., 

Chemist, 1904 Pendleton St., 

Columbia, S. C. 
Walter G. MoCollough, Ph. B., 

Affil. Ohio A, Attorney, Troy, 

Wm. Julius Melchera, B. 8., Mgr. 

Union Telephone Oow« Alma, 




Harry Burrltt MuUlken, Ph. B., 
Member of Arm of Mulliken & 
Moeller, Architects, 7 West 38th 
St., New York; res. Pelham, 
N. Y. 

Claude James Price, with Ann 
Arbor Water Ca, Ann Arbor, 


Fred Ellsworth Bradfleld, Bnos St 
Bradfleld, Grand Rapids, Mloh. 

John E. Burnette, M. D., Aflll. 
Mass. B, Physician, No. 207, 106 
Main St., Brockton, Mass. 

Gall Hamilton Chapman, B. Lb, 
Insurance, LAnslng, Mich. 

Richard Demingr Ewing, B. S., 
State Agent. American Book Co., 
405 Mining Exchange Bldg.; res. 
The Colchester, Colorado Springs, 

Talbot Hewitt France, Mining 
Ehiglneer, 107 Sherman Ave., 
Denver, Colo. 

George Karr McMullen, B. 8., 
(E. E.), Sales Manager Fox Ma- 
chine Company, Grand Rapids, 

John Harris Forster MuUett, B. 
S., AflW. Mich. B., M. D., Phy- 
sician, Miami, Fla. 

Edward Kellum Preston, Crossly 
Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

Leander Wlnslow Steketee, with 
Geo. O. Steketee, Grand Rap- 
Ids, Mich. 

Hadley Horton Walch, A. B., LLi. 
B., Attorney, Houseman Build- 
ing, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Frank Scott Whitman, B. S., C. E., 
City Engineer, City Hall, San 
Pedro, Cal. 

•Allen Wright Wolcott 

Samuel Lockwood Wolcott, 3251 

Sacramento St., San Francisco, 



Bdgar CrlUy, Real Bstote, 167 
Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 

Frank Thomas Faxon, Wholesale 
Druggist, 8th and Broadway; res. 
8818 McGee St, Kansas City, Mo. 

Elmer Bloomfleld Lane, Foreign 
Auditor for Remington Type- 
writer Ca, LfOndon, England. 

Stanley M. Matthews, R U, I^L. 
B., Attorney, Stack Block, Be- 
eanaba, Mich. 

Armand Rudolph MlUer, B. &, 
Prof. McKlnley Manual Train- 
ing High School, St Louis, Mou 

Sllvls Henry von Ruok, IC. D., 
Physician, Ashevllle, N. C 

H. Montgomery Smith, A. R, LL. 
B., Aim. Pa. E. Attorney, 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Irving Charles Woodward, B. S., 
M. E., Manufacturing, 207 S. 
Canal St., Chicago, IlL 


George P. Bums, Ohio Beta '88, 
Instructor University of Mich- 
igan, 711 Arbor St, Ann Arbor, 

Frank Culver Cheston, AfflL from 
Pa. E. Advertising Manager 
American Woodworking Machin- 
ery Co., 136 Liberty St., New 
York City; Residence, 380 Lewis 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Roy Mitchell Hardy, LL. B., 
T^awyer, 16 William St., Resi- 
dence 45 West 50th St., New 
York City. 

Oscar W. Gorenflo, Ph. C, Aflll. 
Mich. B, Washington Arcade, De- 
troit, Mich. 

George Bruckner Lowrle, R 8., 
M. D., Physician, Washintrton 
Arcade; res. 901, 2d Ave., De- 
troit, Mich. 

Ralph Fleetwood Palmer, IL D., 
U. 8. Geological Survey, Roose- 
velt Arlxona. 

Charles Marvin Preston, LL. R, 
Fire Insurance^ 880 Majestle 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Clarence Webster Raynor, B. 8., 
Consulting Engineer, 407-8 Jack- 
son Block, Denver, Colo. 

Howard Piatt Treadway, B. S., C. 
E., Civil Engineer, Kansas City 
Bridge Co., 1108 E. 16th St; 
res. 3206 Central St, Kansss 
City, Mo. 



Ralph Edgar Waterman, Mortcage 
Loans, Provident Mortgage and 
Deposit Ck>., 16 Walker Bank 
Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Clinton Hardy Woodruff, Merchant, 
Laramie, Wyo., and Salt Lake 
City, Utah. (Present address 
147 S. Main St. Salt Lake City, 


^Joseph Milton Barr. 

George Nell Blatt, Ph. B., LL. B.. 
Attorney, JoUet, 111.; res, Bl- 
wood, ni. 

John M. Paine, SI Putnam St., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Frederick Ruthrauff Hoover, B. S., 
C. B., Civil Ehiglneer and Man- 
ager. General Western Agency 
Canton Bridge Co., 514 New York 
Life Bldg.; res. 8128 Bilchlgan 
Ave.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Reginald D. Steele^ Wyandotte, 

Leonard John Stringer, General 
Contract Agent, Michigan State 
Telephone Co., 160 Palllster Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 


Howell Llewellyn Bcgle, B. &• 
M. D., Tamarack Hospital, Cal- 
umet, Mich. 

Arthur Judson Bleazby, 676 Wood- 
ward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Cornelius K. Chapln, AflU. Mich. 
Beta. Wire Fence Mfg., Lansing, 

Walter Sesrmour Foster, R Lb, LL. 
B., Member of Firm of C. W. 
and W. S. Foster, Attorneys, 
Prudden Bldg., Lansing, Bilch. 

Frederick William Hartsburg, LL. 
B., Lawyer, Dally News Bldg., 
Aurora, 111. 

DeForest Porter, Advertising 
Mgr., The Sweeney CO., 866 
Main St., Buffalo, N. T. 

Russell R Thayer, LL. R, Bddy 
Bldg., Saginaw, Mich. 

Arthur Rowland Williams, A. R, 
Teacher, Deerfleld Twp. High 
School, Highland Fiark, m. 


Ned Griffith Begle, A. B., Man- 
ager National Toothpick Co.; 
res. 1070 Fort St, Detroit, Mich. 

Benjamin Bdward Dolphin, M. D., 
Physician, 480 West 118th St, 
New York City. 

John Wesley Judson, LL. R, Pub- 
lisher, Reaper Blodc; reo. 7ISS 
Harvard Ave., Chicago^ iU. 

Warren Phllo Blmer, M. D., AffiL 
California B, 618 N. Taylor 
Ave., St Loul% Mo. 

Floyd Byron Hull, 414 BVonklin St, 
Wllklnsburg, Pa. 

John Wesley Judson, LL. B., Care 
of Lea Bros. PubUsiiers, ill 
Fifth Ave., Residence, 60 Mom- 
Ingside Ave., New York City. 

Frederick Low Lowrie, A. R, 901 
Second Ave., Detroit Mloh. 

Pierre Borbeau PendlU* Mar- 
quette, Mloh. 

MaxweU Wright Ross. The Hill 
ft Ross Ca, 884-9 Superior St, 
Toledo, Ohio. 


*John Fork Alezoader, Jr., AflL 
Ohio H. 

Frank James Bayley, Proprietor of 
Bayley's Music House; res. 66 B. 
High St.. Detroit Mich. 

Walter Wright Fox. A. R, with 
Peninsular Savings Bonk, De- 
troit Mich. 

Frank D. Longyear, AfllL Mloh. 
B, Lansing, Mich. 

Roylanoe Russell Modoj, C IU 
1410 Howard Ato., Seattle 

Ward Pease Montgomery, Aurora, 

David Dennis Starr, M. ■., Three 
RlTers, Mloh. 

John Sheeler Stewart, Merehoiit 
Tishomingo, Ind. Ter. 

Claude Thome Tuok, A. R, See. 
and Treas. Cltixens* Savings De- 
posit Co.; res. 8840 Pennsylvania 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Warren Merle Yanderiliili^ M, &• 
1011 Union 8ta^ PIttihiirSi 



Roy DOceman Chapin, Treasurer 
and General Manager, E2. R. 

Thomas Detroit Co., Detroit. 

Walter Anthony Bversman, A. &• 

LXb &, with B. R. Baker St 

Co., Summit St., Toledo, Ohio. 
William Chris tel Helmers, A. B., 

LL. B., Secretary, The Helniers 

Mfff. Co., 1204 Union Ave.; res. 

916 Benton Blvd., Kansas City, 

Ralph Chester Lana, A. B., D. 

Appleton ft Co., Publishers, 

Chleaso, TXL 
Paul Frederick Steketee, with 

Paul Steketse ft Sons, Orand 

Ri^lds, Mich. 
James Penfeld St Csmy, IXb R, 

Attorney, Pekln, 111. 
Todd Pope Ward, M. D., City 

Physician ft Surgreon, Mt. Ver- 
non, IlL 
John Walter Whitson, A. R, 

Western Electric Co., Chlcasa 
Leroy James Williams, LL. B., 

Attorney, Central City, Cola 


Ira Judson Bradway, Union 
Trust BIdir.f Detroit, Mich. 

Martin Unn Clardy, Jr., Aflll. 
Miss. Alpha Fftrmlnffton, Ma 

Huirh Wallace Clarke^ A. R, 
Coldwater, Mich. 

Egbert Herran Davis, Treasurer of 
Beals ft Selkirk Trunk Co., Wy- 
andotte, Mich.; res. 76 N. Boule- 
vard EkMt, Detroit, Mich. 

John Lee Ooble, with American 
Shipbuilding Co., dsveland, 

Robert Ward Johnson, 601 SL 
Fifth St, LdtUe Rock, Ark. 

Lewis Scofleld Miner, A. B., Man- 
ager, The Fuel BSnglneerlng Co., 
1124 Lumber EiXchange, Minne- 
apolis, Minn.; res. 922 Jackson 
Blvd., Chicago, m. 

Ralph WUllam McMullen, B. S.. 
Draftsman, Western Electric Co., 
Hawthorne, m.; res. Riverside. 


Carl Herbert Upmeyer. B. S.. 
Western Electric Ca, Chicago, 

Joseph Perry Van Cleve, AfllL 
Indiana A, Hartford City. Ind. 

Kossuth Cayce Weber, Affil. Mo. r. 
3837 Delmar Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 


Eugene Teel Hammond, A. R, 

Lansing. Mich. 

Thomas Potter Hayden, Bookkeep- 
er and Cashier, Camden ft Rock- 
land Water Co.. Rockland. Me. 

Arthur Emil Kusterer, B. S.. 327 
Fountain St., Grand Rapius. 

Roy Kasson LohmiUer, M. D., 
Affll. Wis. A, Oouveneur Hos- 
pital, Gouveneur Slip. New York 

William George Moore^ AlBL Ohio 
2Seta. 406 Pitt St., WUklnsburg, 
Pa., with Carnegie Steel Ca, 

Evans Roy Mosher, AfllL N. T. 
A, Designed, 1182 Oonnectlcut 
Ave., Washington. D. C; res. 
Aurora on Casruga. N. Y. 

Mallory Napoleon Stickney. A. B., 
Forester, Lapeer. Mich. 

Fred Clinton Wagner, 20 Plautus 
Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

•Robert Lee Wilklns. Affll. Wis. A. 

Webb J. WllUts, Norton Coal Co., 
Norton, Va. 

Edward Jay Wohlgemuth, Asso- 
sociate Editor, The We$tem 
Underwriter, 617 Johnston 

Bldg., Cincinnati; res. Stockton. 


Calvin Pardee Bentley, Owosso, 

Dow Gilbert Congdon, lA Crosss, 

Thurber Phillips Davis, with Dap 

vis Business College^ Toledo^ 

tThomas Jefferson Downen. Jr.. 410 

West Eighth St.. Pueblo, Colo. 
tWlUlam Benjamin Hlnkly, Aflll. 

Minn. A, 207 Freeman Ave., Lu- 

veme, Minn. 



tHarry Christlanar Hunt, lOSO 

Tenth Ave., ICunhall, Pn. 
tCarl Christopher Kutterer, S17 

Fountain St, Grand Ri4>ldfl, 

Marshall Lawrence Cushman, 

Student, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Hugh McDowell Beebe, Affll. 

Ohio Z. Student, Ann Arbor, 

tRobert McNeil Lane, 1428 Rob- 

Inwood Ava, Toledo, Ohio. 
Calvin Brigham Ruggles, 6S2 

Linwood Ava, Columbus, Ohia 
tHubert Southwick Tulloc^ 616 

South Broadway, Leavenworth, 

fKarl Edmund Steinhauer, 106S 

Clarkson St, Denver, Colo. 


tOeorge Hubert Bristol, 220 Sco- 
vllle Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

tJohn Spencer Curtis, 1204 Lake 
Ava, Pueblo, Colo. 

fHoward Dyer Davis, 1907 Ver- 
mont Ava, Toledo, Ohio. 

tWilliam Henry Furst, S7 South 
Center Ave., Chicago, IlL 

fAlfred Roy Hulbert S28 South 
Euclid Ava, Oak Park, IlL 

Parke Hathaway McMuUen 816 
Fountain St, Orand Rapids, 

fArchie Oakes, Orand Haven, 

Charles Holowell Perrin, Jr., with 
Rand-McNally Co., Chicago. 111. 

George Scott Pritchard, A. B., 
Student, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Carl Cleveland Qulnlan, Financial 
Dept., State Agency Co., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 


fin active chapter 1905-6. 

James Hull Qulnn, with State 
Life Insurance Ca, Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 

tCtoorge Randolph Morrison, 142 
South Kenilworth, Oak Park, 

fAlfred Alanson Treadway, 272 
Lyon St, Orand Rapids, Mich. 

tHarry Graham Wills, 886 Fourth 
St, Toledo, Ohio. 

fEdward Blakeslee French, Three 
Rivers, Mich. 

tWalter DeWitt Graham, 664 
West Adams St, Chicago, IlL 

tBronson Harley Holmes, 668 W. 
Market St, Lima, Ohio. 

fRay Phelps Hoover, 4726 Kim- 
bark Ava, Chicago, IlL 

Raymond Burch Linsley, with 
Sheffield Car Company, Three 
Rivers, Mich. 

Roy Walter Sheppard, Ranching, 
Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

fHenry Edwin Beebe, Jr., 828 

Ohio Ava, Sidney, Ohia 
tChester Frederick Idema, 284 

Lyon St, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
fMlllard Prunl'^- ^Mser. 4584 W. 

Pine Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 
fBenJamin Smith Montague, 444 

SUte St, Traverse City, Mich. 
tWilliam Henry Newett, Oak St, 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
tFrank Thompson Powell, 2488 

Third Ava, Louisvnia Ken- 
fHarold Arthur Steketee, 10 & 

Prospect St, Grand Ri4>ld** 

fRalph Whallen Woodbury, 118 

South Euclid Ava, Oak Park, 



Lansing, Michigan 

William James Beal, A. B., A. M., 
Ph. ±J., Professor M. A. C, Laji- 
slngr, Mich. 

Chas. William Oarfleld, M. <?. Pres. 
Orand Rapids Sayings Bank, 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

•Robert Falrchild Kedsle. 

AuflTUStus Samuel Hume, B. S., 

Farmer, LAnslngr, Mich. 
Thomas Fryer Rogers, Editor, 

Ravenna, Mich. 


Frank Joseph Annis, M. S., At- 
torney, Rohllng Block, Ft. Col- 
lins, Colo. 

•Albert Allen Crane. 

•Bmmett Fuller. 

Otis Fuller, Warden Michigan Re- 
formatory, Ionia, Mich. 

Dean Fremont Oriswold, Farmer, 
Northvllle, Mich. 

Charles William Sheldon, x>. P., 
Farmer, Sheldon Fruit Farm, 
Seymour, Mo. 

Chas. Albert Sturges, Attorney, 
Sturgis, Mich. 

Robert Edwin Caine, B. S., F.irm- 

er. Battle Creek, Mich. 
Ira Barnes Gage, B. S., Cashier 

City Bank, Dowagiac, Mich. 
Samuel Beauclerk Long, Dearborn, 

Grant Marian Morse, Minneapolis, 

William J. Sloss, B. 8., Merchant, 

Big Rapids, Mich. 
John Edwin Taylor, M. S., Farmer, 

R. R. 16, Belding, Mich. 


Charles Bloodgood, B. S., M. D., 
Oculist and Aurist, 610 Gilbert 
Block; res. 46 Charles St., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Mason Wilbur Gray, B. S., M. D., 
Physician, Pontlac, Mich. 

Frank Stewart Kedzle, M. S., Lan- 
sing, Mich. 

Lyman Augustus Lilly, B. S., In- 
surance, Petoskey, Mich. 

Albert Barnes Simonson, B. S., M. 
D., Physician and Surgeon, Chief 
Surgeon for the Calumet and 
Hecla Mines, Calumet, Mich. 


Frederick Irving Dunn, Cashier 
Savings Bank, Bolckow, Mo. 

Evert Smith Dyckman, Fruit Grow- 
er, South Haven, Mich. 

•Oliver RInaldo Foote. 

Richard Herbert Gulley, B. S., Mgr. 
Conn. Gen. Life Ins. Co., Chi- 
cago, III. 

Robert Turner McNaughton, B. S., 
Real Estate, 189 Montague St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Henry Hadley Mills, Farmer, R. R. 
1, Rivera, Cal. 

•Henry Edward Owen. 

•Joel Sheldon Pardee. 

Ralph Dexter Sessions, Greenville, 

James David Williams M. D., 
Litchfleld, Mich. 

Charles Franklin Shilling, Decatur, 


Clifton Bamimi Charles, B. S., M. 

A., Farmer, Bangor, Mich. 
Barney Hix Dyckman, Jr., Hotel 

Keeper, 417 Morgan St, St. 

Louis, Mo. 




Orrln Preston Qulley, B. S., Reg- 
ister of Deeds, County Bldff.; res. 
66 Atkinson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Eugene James Rauchfuss, B. S., 
Manager Extract & Export Dept., 
Liquid Carbonic Co., 86th St. and 
Ist Ave.; res. 926 Jelterson Place, 
New York, N. Y. 


William Frederick Durand, Ph. D., 
Professor Mechanical Encrineer- 
ing, Stanford University, CaL 

Charles Sumner Hitchcock, Travel- 
ing Salesman, White Pigeon, 


Oarrie John Dunn, Merchant, 

Jones, Mich. 
Howard Morrill Holmes, B. S., 

Ass't City Editor Detroit News, 

Detroit, Mich. 
William Robert Hubbert, B. S., Bf. 

D.. Physician, 1238 Qratiot Ave., 

Detroit. Mich. 
*Alya Sherwood, B. 8. 
William Qarrett Simonson, B. S., 

Lawyer, 215 Cooper Bldg.; res. 

1215 E. 14th Ave., Denver, Colo. 
Wendell Lee Simpson, Captain and 

Quartermaster, U. S. Army, care 

War Dept., Washington, D. C; 

res. San Francisco, CaL 


Liberty Hyde Bailey, B. S., M. S., 
Director New York State Col- 
lege of Agriculture, Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Edward William Crafts, Farmer, 
Grass Lake, Mich. 

Warren Henry Goss, B. S., Civil 
Engineer, Bangor, Mich. 

Will Erwin Hale, B. S., Farmer, 
Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

Jacob Mark Hollings worth, B. S., 
Farmer and Stockman, Trimble, 

Jefferson Henry Irish, B. S., Attor- 
ney, Detroit, Minnesota. 

Albert Sherman Osbom, Hand 
writing Expert, Rochester, N. Y. 

Will Burr Osbom, with Smith- 
Winchester Hardware Co^ 

Bookkeeper; res. 488 WlUlams 
St., Jackson, Mich. 
•Herbert Ira Penoyer. 


Oliver Strobridge Bristol, Farmer, 

Almont, Mich. 
William Howard Bristol, Bauuier, 

Almont, Mich. 
Jesse Eugene Eiddy, Litchfield, 

Ernest Darwin Hutton, Insurance, 

501 Bamlet Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Wlllard Smith Kedzie, B. 8., Crip- 
ple Creek, Colo. 
William Henry Sheldon, Farmer, 

Climax, Mich. 

Charles Atchison, 809 B. Itth 8t, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
•Charles Baker. 

Robert R. Briggs, address un- 
Carl Shurs English, Supt. Electric 

Lighting Plant, Lowell. Hlch. 
Daniel Jay Olllam. Real Estate 

Agent, Lansing, Midi. 
Cornelius Edward Kelly, Com. of 

Schools, Harrington, Mich. 
Benjamin Church Porter, B. S., 

Farmer, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Clarence Eugene Smith, B. S., 

Lawyer, Waukegan, lU. 
Wilford Cotton Stryker, B. 8., D. 

D. S., Dentist, Pasadena; res. 

Los Angeles, CaL 
William Thum, Jr., Orange Cul- 

turist, Paeadena, CaL 


'George Percy Antlsdale. 

Winard Brumfleld, Port Angtfee, 

Fred Orville Chattuck, address un- 

Elwyn Thomson Gardner, B. S., 
Trenton, Neb. 

Charles Homer Hoyt, B. S., Sales 
Agent, 404 Osbom Bldg., Clere- 
land; res. Villa Beach, CoUln- 
wood, Ohio. 

Edward Ralph Lake, B. S., M. 8., 
Professor Oregon Agrlooltiml 
College, Corvallla, Ore. 

William A. Potter, TntTOUng 
Balesmao, Baneroft, MkiL 



Dorr Jay Stryker, B. 8., Special 
A^ Boston Dept., Standard Oil 
COh Rockland. M«l 

Will Delmont Watklns, Travellnff 
Salesman* TTftlainiifftT, M^ftb i 


Joa^h Bell Cotton, B. S., Attorney, 
Dnluth, Minn. 

Adelliert CuUen Hlmebauffh, Bank- 
er, Burr Oak, Mich. 

William Henry Parker, Insurance 
Asmt, Guaranty Bldff.. BufEalo, 
N. T. 

Theodore Alexander Stanley, B. S., 
Dairyman, Cedar Hill Farm, Resi- 
dence, New Britain, Conn. 

Philip BeU Woodworth, B. S., M. 
B., Prof. Liewls Institute, Chi- 
cago, IlL 


Irvine Belcher Bates, B. 8., Presi- 
dent and General Manager, Mich- 
igan Paint Co., Flint, Mich. 

Cole Leslie Himehaugh, B. S., U. 
S. Pension Bureau; res. 932 
Westminster St.. Washington, 
D. C. 

dayton H. Smith, Farmar, Ga- 
Uen. Mich. 

Herbert Willis Carr, Chief Ac- 
countant Seattle- Yukon Trans- 
portation Co., Dawson, Yukon 

Hamet Robert Case, Civil En- 
gineer, Sioux -twy, Iowa. 

Arthur Burton Cordley, B. S., M. 
S., Prof. Oregon Agricultural Col- 
lege, Conrallls, Ora. 

Henry Jay De Garmo, Farmer, 
Clyde, Mich.; res. Highland, 

dark HubtMll, B. CL, Lawyer, 
Nome, Alaska. 

Nelson Slater Mayo, B. S., D. V. 
S., Veterinary Surgeon, Santiago 
de las Vegas, Cuba. 

Welton Marks Munson, B. S., M. 
S., Ph. D., Professor of Horti- 
culture, University of Maine, 
Orono, Me. 

^Frank F. Nixon. 

Donald Purdy Terkes, Flour Miller, 
Milfoffd: res. NorthviUe, Mich. 

Ray Stannard Baker, B. S., Affll. 
Mich. A, Editor and Author, 
American Magazine, care of City 
Club, New York, N. Y. 

Birtley King Canfleld, B. S., Sculp- 
tor, 146 B. 28d St, New York 

Yeiji Ekeda. Tokio, Japan. 

Charles Moore Hemphill, Stocks 
and Bonds, Comer 6th and Wash- 
ington Sts.; res. 261 18th St., 
Portland, Ore. 

Howard Archie Knowls, Elkhart, 

William Schofleld Morrison, Mgr. 
Canning & Creamery Co., La 
Junta, Colo. 

Henry Walker Quinby, care of The 
H. W. Quinby Co., Typewriters, 
102 Fulton St., New York City, 
Residence Roslyn, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

Orlando John Root, B. S., Manu- 
facturer, Molino, IlL 

Chas. Marks Underbill, address un- 


Horace Edward Bunce, Jr., B. S., 
Physician, 4006 Butler St.. PltU- 
burg. Pa. 

William Henry Culver, Solicitor, 
Detroit, Mich. 

Joseph Harlan Freeman. B. S., LL. 
M., Patent Expert, 49 Wall k^u.. 
New York City. Residence. 8oJ 
Washington Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Harris Forster Hall, B. S., Penn- 
sylvania Rallrsad, Philadelphia, 

Wiiiiam Reynolds Hawkins, Court 
Reporter. Saunas. Cal. 

Jay Robert McColl, B. S., Mechan- 
ical Engineer, American Blower 
Co.. 1400 Russell St.; res. 645 
John R. St., Detroit. Mich. 

Louis Clark McLouth. General 
Manager Miniature Sales Co., 
Detroit; res. 502 Forest Ave.. 
Ypsilanti. Mich. 

John Harris Forster Mullett, B. S., 
M. D., Affll. Mich. A, Physician. 
Miami, Florida. 




Orrln Preston OuUey, B. S., Reg- 
ister of Deeds, County Bids.; res. 
66 Atkinson Ave.» Detroit, Mich. 

Buffene James Rauchfuss, B. S., 
Manager E2xtract & Bxport Dept., 
Liquid Carbonic Co., 86th St. and 
Ist Ave.; res. 926 Jefferson Place, 
New York, N. Y. 

William Frederick Durand, Ph. D., 
Professor Mechanical Bncrineer- 
1ns* Stanford University, CaL 
Charles Sumner Hitchcock, Travel- 
Ing Salesman, White Pigeon, 


Carrie John Dunn, Merchant, 

Jones, Mich. 
Howard Morrill Holmes, B. S., 

Ass't City Editor Detroit Jiewt, 

Detroit, Mich. 
William Robert Hubbert, B. S., M. 

D., Physician, 1238 Gratiot Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
^Alva Sherwood, B. 8. 
William Oarrett Simonson, B. S., 

Lawyer, 216 Cooper Bldff.; res. 

1216 E. 14th Ave., Denver, Colo. 
Wendell Lee Simpson, Captain and 

Quartermaster. U. S. Army, care 

War Dept., Washington, D. C; 

res. San Francisco, CaL 


Liberty Hyde Bailey, B. S.. M. S., 
Director New York State Col- 
lege of Aflrriculture, Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Edward William Crafts, Farmer, 
Grass Lake, Mich. 

Warren Henry Goss, B. S., Civil 
Enij^lneer, Bangor, Mich. 

Will Erwin Hale, B. S., Farmer, 
Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

Jacob Mark Hollingsworth, B. S., 
Farmer and Stockman, Trimble, 


Jefferson Henry Irish, B. S., Attor- 
ney, Detroit, Minnesota. 

Albert Sherman Osborn, Hand 
writing Expert, Rochester, N. Y. 

Will Burr Osborn, with Smith- 
Winchester Hardware Co^ 

Bookkeeper; ree. i26 WiUlame 
St., Jackson. Mich. 
•Herbert Ira Penoyer. 


Oliver Strobridge Bristol, Farmer, 

Almont, Mich. 
William Howard Bristol, fauuier, 

Almont, Mich. 
Jesse Eugene Eddy, Litchfield, 

Ernest Darwin Hutton, Insurance, 

601 Bamlet Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Willard Smith Kedzie, B. S., Crip- 
ple Creek, Colo. 
William Henry Sheldon, Farmer, 

Climax, Mich. 

Charles Atchison, 809 B. 18th St, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
•Charles Baker. 

Robert R. Briggs, address un- 
Carl Shurs English, Supt. Electric 

Lighting Plant, Lowell, Mich. 
Daniel Jay Glllam, Real Estate 

Agent, Lansing, Mich. 
Cornelius Edward Kelly, Com. of 

Schools, Herrington, Mich. 
Renjamln Church Porter, B. S., 

Farmer, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Clarence Eugene Smith, B. S., 

Lawyer, Waukegan, lU. 
Wllford Cotton Stryker, B. S., D. 

D. S., Dentist, Pasadena; res. 

Los Angeles, CaL 
William Thum, Jr., Orange Cul- 

turist, Pasadena, CaL 


'George Percy Antisdale. 

Willard Brumfieid, Port Angtfefl, 

Fred Orville Chattuck, address un- 

Elwyn Thomson Gardner, B. 8., 
Trenton, Neb. 

Charles Homer Hoyt, B. 8., Sales 
Agent, 404 Osborn Bldg., Cleve- 
land; res. Villa Beach, OoUIn* 
wood, Ohio. 

Edward Ralph Lake, B. 8., M. S., 
Professor Oregon Agridiltiml 
College, CorvalUa, Ore. 

WUllam A. Potter, TntTtfln* 



Dorr Jay Stryker, B. 8., Special 
Act. Boaton Dept., Standard Oil 

Oo^ Rockland. li«L 
Will Delmont Watkins, Travelinff 
Salesman, Kalimiioo, liioli. 


Joa^h Bell Cotton, B. S., Attorney, 
Dnluth, Minn. 

Adelbert CuUen Hlmebauffh, Bank- 
er, Burr Oak, Mich. 

William Henry Parker, Insurance 
Asmt, Guaranty Bldff.. BufEalo, 
N. T. 

Theodore Alexander Stanley, B. S.. 
Dairyman, Cedar Hill Farm, Resi- 
dence, New Britain, Conn. 

Philip BeU Woodworth, B. S., M. 
B., Prof. Lewis Institute, Chi- 
cago, 111. 


IrvinflT Belcher Bates, B. S., Presi- 
dent and General Manager, Mich- 
igan Paint Co., Flint, Mich. 

Cole Lieslie Hlmebaugh, B. S., U. 
S. Pension Bureau; res. 932 
Westminster St., Washington, 
D. C. 

dayton H. Smith, Farmar, Ga- 
lien, Midi. 


Tlerbert Willis Carr. Chief Ac- 
countant Seattle- Yukon Trans- 
portation Co., Dawson, Yukon 

Hamet Robert Case. Civil En- 
gineer, Sioux '*^y. Iowa. 

Arthur Burton Cordley, B. S., M. 
S., Prof. Oregon Agricultural Col- 
lege, Corvallia, Ore. 

Henry Jay De Garmo, Fanner, 
Clyde, Mich.; res. Highland, 

Clark HubbSll, B. 8., Lawyer. 
Nome, Alaska. 

Nelson Slater Mayo, B. S., D. V. 
S., Veterinary Surgeon, Santiago 
de las Vegas, Cuba. 

Welton Marks Munson, B. S., M. 
S., Ph. D., Professor of Horti- 
culture, University of Maine, 
Orono, Me. 

*Frank F. Nbcon. 

Donald Purdy Terkes, Flour Miller, 
Milfotd; res. MorthTille, Mich. 

Ray Stannard Baker, B. S., Affll. 
Mich. A, Editor and Author, 
American Magazine, care of City 
Club, New York, N. Y. 

Blrtley King Canfleld, B. S., Sculp- 
tor, 146 B. 28d St, New York 

Teiji Ekeda, Tokio, Japan. 

Charles Moore Hemphill, Stocks 
and Bonds, Comer 6th and Wash- 
ington Sts.; res. 261 18th St., 
Portland, Ore. 

Howard Archie Knowls, Elkhart, 

William Schofleld Morrison, Mgr. 
Canning ft Creamery Co., La 
Junta, Colo. 

Henry Walker Quinby, care of The 
H. W. Quinby Co., Typewriters, 
102 Fulton St., New York City, 
Residence Roslyn, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

Orlando John Root, B. S., Bianu- 
facturer, Molino, IlL 

Chas. Marks Underbill, address un- 


Horace Edward Bunce, Jr., B. S., 
Physician, 4006 Butler St., PltU- 
burg. Pa. 

William Henry Culver, Solicitor, 
Detroit, Mich. 

Joseph Harlan Freeman, B. S., LL. 
M., Patent Expert, 49 Wall -.t.. 
New York City, Residence. 8oJ 
Washington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harris Forster Hall. B. 8., Penn- 
sylvania Rallrsad, Philadelphia, 

William Reynolds Hawkins, Court 
Reporter, Saunas, Cal. 

Jay Robert McColl, B. S., Mechan- 
ical Engineer, American Blower 
Co., 1400 Russell St.; res. 645 
John R. St., Detroit, Mich. 

Louis Clark McLouth, General 
Manager Miniature Sales Co., 
Detroit; res. 502 Forest Ave., 
Ypsllanti, Mich. 

John Harris Forster MuUett, B. S., 
M. D., AfflL Mich. A, Physician, 
Miami, Florida. 



•FloruB BiUings Plimpton. 

•Charles Frederick Rlttlnger. 

William Ezra Snyder, Constantine, 

Fred B. Stookwell, oare Edson* 
Hoore A Ca, Detrt*!. liloli. 

Paul Woodworth, LXi. B., Law- 
yer, Bad Axe, Mich. 

Charles Fuller Baker. B. S., Botan- 
ist. Experiment Station, Dept. of 
Afirriculture, Santiago de las 
Vegas. Cuba. 
William Enders, B. 8., Eleotrl- 

olan, Butte, Mont. 
•Victor Hunt Lowe. B. S. 
Robert Henry Stanley, Stock 
Broker, lOS Park St, Montclalr, 

N. J. 

Chas. Frederick Weideman, with 
Westingrhouse Electric Co.. Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 


Louis Beach Allison. Jeweler, 
Owosso. Mich. 

Chas. William Deye, Farmer, Olad- 
vkiUt Mich. 

EJarl Humphrey Mead, .architect, 
Harbor Springs, Mich. 

Dean Park. Care of Hammacher, 
Schlemmer & Co.. Hardware, 
1-j Fourth Ave.. New York City. 
Residence. 485 Bloomfleld Ave.. 
Passaic, N. J. 

George Albert Peabody. 60 Broad- 
way, New Tork City. 


Benjamin Franklin Bain, B. S., 
Proprietor. Wolverine Brass Co., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Luther Henry Baker, B. S.. Insur- 
ance, Millers* Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Co. of Lansing; res. Agri- 
cultural College. Mich. 

Percy Arthur Barlow. 

LeRoy Carleton Bristol. B. S.. 
Hillsdale. Mich. 

Charles Wesley Lipprandt. Hayes. 

jQarl R Hughes. Marehall, Mich. 
Malcolm Forrest Loomis, Supt. 

Alamo Oas Engine Co.. Hillsdale, 

John Cuthbert Patrick, B. S.. Man- 
ager Houghton Co., Oas and Coke 
Co., Hancock. Mich. 

John William Rlttinger, B. S., Pro- 
fessor of History. South Bend 
High School. 410 E. South St., 
South Bend, Ind. 

Ralph Qiddings Root, Oen. Mgr. 
Dairy Shippers Dispatch, 626 Ry. 
Exchange Bldg., Chicago, 111. 


William Chandler Bagley. B. £.. 
Ph. D.. Superintendent Training 
Dept.. State Normal Scnool. 
Oswego, N. Y. 

Henry Denis Baker, Secretary and 
Treasurer, Cushing Land Agency. 
St. Croix, Wis. 

James Henry Kimball, Superin- 
tendent Bureau of Plant Indus- 
try, Washington, D. C. 


Burton Alexander Bowditch. Hills- 
dale. Mich. 

Nathan Cal Johnston, address un- 


•Walter Oeorge Amos. 

Cornelius King Chapin, AfllL Mich. 

A, Wire Fence Mfg., Lansing, 

Oscar WUiam Gorenflo, Detroit. 

Norman Bert Sloan, A. B., Affll. 

Mich, r. Teacher. Homer, Mich. 


LeRoy' Bean, 90 E. San Fernando 
St., San Jose, CaL 

Herbert A. BMPadom, B. &,, wtth 
General meotrlc Co., Schnecta^ 
dy, N. T. 

Charles F. Herrmann, B. S., Tail- 
or. 218 Washington Ave. N.; res. 
910 Ottawa St. W., Lansing. 

Eugene Price, Twanging, Midi. 



Calvert liann Wardwell, Saectri- 
dan, Detroit, Mich. 

B«apli W. COark, BeUerUle, Mleh. 
Otis RoberU Cole, Laiurinff. Mich. 

Homer B. Clark. B. 8., Draftainan, 
Muskegon Helghta, Mich. 

Frank Ounn. 

J. Luclua S. Kendrlck, Ceramic 

Engineering, Kendrck Block, St. 

Paul; ree. Coon Creek, Minn. 
Arthur E. Lyons, Treasurer Hugh 

Lyons ft Co.'s Store, Lansing, 

J. Frank Smith, Petoskey, Mich. 


HDMale, McWgMi 


Hubbard McKee Hoyt, Physician. 
Faclflo Qrove* CaL 

Frank W. Hunter, audreia un- 


Elmer Woodman Hart, Lawyer, 
Lordsburg, Cal. 

«John Hugh McOlU. 

Clement Jacob Olmatead, B. S., 
Bf. D., Physician, Hudson, Mich. 

Nathan Charles Richards, address 

Blmer Ellsworth Woodman, B. S., 
Postmaster and Parmer, Vermil- 
ion, Kan. 

Willard Ezra Allen, President, The 

Allen Mfg. Co., 46 Adams St.; 

res. 839 Islington St., Toledo, 

Clark Lincoln Herron, Ph. B., M. 

S., Prof. Hillsdale College, HiUs- 

dale, Mich. 
Charles Hall Perry, address un- 
Robert Elmer Taylor, Ph. B., 

Banker, Kewanee National Bank, 

Kewanee, 111. 


George Cambbell Burgess, Bedford, 

Charles W. Frink, M. D.. Elkhart. 

•Thurlow M. Oreenman. 
*Reuben Halleck Harris. 
Alfred Roland Heckman. B. S., 

President Modem Mfg. Co.; res. 

765 Kenilworth Ave., Chicago. 
Willard Ansel Prince, Attorney, 

Orand Island, Neb. 

Chas. Isaac Barker, B. S.. Attor- 
It Clark 0t.. Chloaso, IlL 

Eugene D. Conner, Secretary West 
Michigan State Fair, Board ef 
Trade Bldg.; res. 814 S. College 
Atc, Orand Rapids, Mich. 

Frank Denison Crissman, Banker 
and Broker, Opera House Block, 
Augusta, Me. 

Howard Eugene Crum, B. S., Hills- 
dale, Mich. 

James Edward Davidson, A. B., 
Ship BuUder, Bay City, Mich. 

Herbert Abraham Sanford, Attor- 
ney, Mount Pleasant, Mich. 

William Hawley Perry Smith, A. 
B., Farmer, Wyoming, N. Y. 

Carlton Durward Oarlough, Ph. B., 
A. B., Superintendent of Schools, 
Brookston, Ind. 

*Chauncey Rowe Reynolds. 

Wiliam Oscar Robinson, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., Real EsUte, 6 £. 
42nd St., New York, N. Y.; res. 
79 Carnegie Ave., East Orange, 
N. J. 

Oscar Greely Rogers. 


Clark Gilbert Corey, Winona, Minn. 

John Owen Duguid, A. B., Spring- 
field, 8. D. 

•Milan Wright Fisher. 

Alexander Hamilton Hiller, Ph. B., 
LL. M., U. S. ClvU Service Com- 
mission; res. 112 S. St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Martin M. Lyons, Jackson, Mich. 

Joseph G. McConnell, Furniture 
and Undertaking, Prattsburg, 
N. Y. 

Rnos Ephralm Palmer, B. S., M. 
D., Physician, Ottawa, 111. 

Erastus Devillo Palmer, A. B., A. 
M., Supt. Schools, St. Johns, 



*Danlel Victor Richardson, Ph. B. 


E<dward Henry Barrlnffer, Invest- 
mentfl, Hillsdale, Mich. 

John Worth Camahan, S34 C St., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

^Dlxon James ChurchllL 

George Ouilford Kenny, Ph. B., 
Clerk, Custom House; res. 2015 
Webster St., San Francisco. Cal. 

Charles Eidmund Mark, A. B., Civil 
Engineer, L. B. A. ft W. R. R., 
Alliance, Ohio. 

Charles Sumner McLouth, Sales- 
man, Fremont, Ind. 

Edward Leeson Powers, Judson 
College, Marion, Ala. 


Charles Calvin Carnahan, Lawyer, 
1137 American Trust Bldg., Chi- 
cago; res. 707 Washington Ave., 
Wilmette, lU. 

Orris Orvil Force, Ph. B., M. D., 
PardeevlUe, Wis. 

Jnmes Nelson Oreen, Ph. B., Tope- 
ka, Kan. 

James Jean Heckman, Chicago, 

John Curttn Newcomer, A. B., Cen- 
terviUe, Mich. 

MaiHn Palmer. Flat Rook, Midi. 

iMlver Wniard Pierce. A. B., Metro- 
politan College of Mudo, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 


Frank Burke Draper, A. B., AflU. 
lU. A, Lawyer. 731 Monadnock 
Bldg.; res. Hotel Metropole, Chi- 
cago, IlL 

John Russell I^astman, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Kenosha, Wis. 

Wilbur Sherman Qarlough, Bloom- 
ington, ni. 

Charles Biark Gill, Principal Ames 
Public School; res. 8739 Windsor 
Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Thomas Charles Lawrence, A. B., 
IBSi B. 78th Place, N. BL, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

John Adelbert McLouth, Ph. B., 
Banker, Fremont, Ind. 

Vernon Wick Van Fleet, Lawyer, 
mkhart, Ind. 


Clark Bishop Chaffee, Ph. M., 
Supt. Schools, Tawas City, Mich. 

Nathan B. Crabtree, General Secre- 
tary, Y. Bf. C. A., Birmingham, 

George Wallace FOote, A. B., Hart, 

Archer James Gilbert, Jonesvllle, 

George Knowlton March, A. B., 
Special Agent, New Hampshire 
Fire Ins. Co., Hillsdale, Mich. 

Edgar Crystal Molby. 

Burt F. Oreen, A. B., M. D., Hllli- 
dale, Mioh. 

Samuel Eugene Kelly, A. B., Grand 

Ledge, Mich. 
Lebbeus Smith Shumaker, A. B., 

Clergyman, Corry, Pa. 


Charles Hurlburt Alvord, Camden, 

Frederick Bonham Fox, A. B., 
Grain Dealer, Tipton, Ind. 

Jas. Irven Bricker, A. M., Princi- 
pal Arthur Hill High School, 
Saginaw. W. S., Mich. 

George Wellington Green, A. B., 
Ph. B.. Affll. Mich. A, Physician 
and Surgeon, Dowagiac, Mich. 

Harry 8. Myers, A. B., B. D., Fed. 
B., Oen. Sea Society F. B. T. 
P., HiUsdale, Mich. 

Thomas James Sawyer, General 
Purchasing Agent, American 
Lumber Co., Albuquerque, N. 

Walter Melville French, A. B., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Jesse Robinson, A. R, Supt of 

Schools, Athens, Fa. 
Frank P. Wells, Jr., A. B., N. T. 

Boat ft Car. Co., Clarendon* 



Louis Bennett Austin. Ph. B., Prin- 
cipal. High School. Ogden. Utah. 

Laurens Potter Davis, A. B., As- 
sistant Superintendent, Niles 
Steel Tank Co., Niles, Mich. 



William Hugh Folsom, M. D.» 

Maxkesan, Wis. 
Bdwin F. Greene, Teeoher, Rloh- 

ford, Vt. 
Jacob Clark Holland, Ph. B., Mln- 

neapoUe, Minn. 
Robert Elwood Manley, A. B., LXi. 

B. ABsistant Dist. Attorney, 

Criminal Court Bldg., Centre St., 

New York City. 
George ESdward Moench, 48 Frank- 
lin St., Chicago. 
Norman Bert Sloan, AfBl. Mich. B, 

Prof. High School, LAnslnflr, 

Shiloh Selvyn Smith, Hillsdale, 

Wm. Richard Wood, Fairport, xm. Y. 


Frank Howard Avery, Ph. B., care 
Root St MoBrldffei Clereland, O. 

William Richard Fieldhouse, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Julius B. W^B, DeVaUee Blufl; 



Forrest Baker, Ph. B., Merehant, 
HUlsdale, Mich. 

Edward Lb Campbell, Ph. B., Prln. 
Hi«rh School, Manistique, Mieh. 

Dennis O. Clancy, Ph. B., Teacher, 
Bay City, Mich. 

Harry L. Guggenheim, LL. B., At- 
torney, 27 Pine St., New York 

•Verne G. Myers, A. B., Ped. B. 

Fayette Fletcher Soule, Ass't Sec'y 
and Treas. Scherer Rolling Lift 
Bridge Co., Monadnock Block; 
res. 2504 Crescent Road, Chicago, 


Charles A. Sheldon, Cashier, Philo 
Burt Mfg. Co., Jamestown, N. Y. 


William Charles Chappell, A. R, 
B. D., Care of Union Thelogical 
Seminary, 700 Park Ave., New 
York City. 

Laurin D. Chase. A. B., Hillsdale, 

Arthur Lu French, North Balti- 
more, Ohio. 

F. H. Woodworth, Hillsdale, Mioh. 


uravEitstTY or Minnesota 


James Beonet Gould, M. D., A. B., 
Physician and Surareon, 617 Pills- 
burj Bldff., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rasselas Hamlin Prosser, B. S. 


Charles Henry Bullls. 

George John Liewls, Real Instate, 

620 New York Bldff., SeatUe, 

*8amuel Denton Townsend, died 

Cavour, S. D. 

Charles Oscar Atherton. M. D. 
James Gray, B. S., Insurance, Bank 

of Commerce Bldg., Minneapolis, 

Arthur Grant Holt, a, M. & St. P. 

Ry., 609 Coleman Bile, Seattle, 



James Charles Elliott King, Phsrsl- 
clan and Surgeon, 409 Mohawk 
Bldg., Portland. Ore. 

^George Eldwln Bumell, Clergyman, 

Akron, Ohio. 
^Donald Rae Davidson. Died June 

9, 1901. 
Charles Allen Gould. 
John D. Robinson, Farmer, South 

Troy, Minn. 


Joslah Moore Anderson, Vice-Presi- 
dent, Minneapolis Bedding Co.; 
res. 929 8th St., S. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Winthrop Webster Sargent, Cash- 
ier, Bank of Gonzales, Gonzales, 

Luther Twichell, Minneapolis 
Steel & Machinery Co., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Helmus WeDs Thompson, Attorney 
at Law, Eugene, Ore. 


Walter Reynolds Brown, Attorney 
at Law. 510 New York Life Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

William James Donahower, Attor- 
ney at Law, 70 'rrhe Biarle- 
borough," St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles Esplin, Jr., Clerk U. 8. 
Lajid Office, Seattle, Wash. 


Rudolph William SchlmmeL 


George Wood Bufflngton, LL. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, 509 New York 
Life Bldg.; res. 1908 S. Hum- 
boldt Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Orrin Monroe Corwin, Attorney at 
Law, Mgr. Loan Dept. Wells 
and Dickey Co., Minneapolis, 

Rupert Cathalo Dewey, Navy De- 
partment, Washington, D. C. 

William Connor Leary, Attorney at 
Law, 1818 16th Ave., South, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

James Edward Madlgan, Maple 
Lake, Minn. 

•Cjnnis J. Wright. 

Hillary Louis Murray, 412 First 
Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

•Tollen Frank Kirkpatrlck, died, 
Baltimore, Md. 

Edgar Charles Bisbee, Midland 

Linseed Oil Co., Minneapolis, 

Herbert Horatio Cresset. 
Thomas Bradford Hartzell, M. D., 

D. M. D.. Dentist, 417 Andrus 

Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 



Kb^hmrt Fmrer HmrdUkg, M. 8., 
Pb. D,» Vnlrenitr oC Minnesota, 
Iflnn^iLpolls, Minn. 

JTohn William IjtCnme, Lawyer, 
Fkfitiault, Minn. 

Kdward Wm. Mathews, AflU. Ohio 

Clarence Zelora Brown, Attorney 
at Ijtw, 610 New York Life Bldff., 
Mlnn<iapolU« Minn. 

William Henry Condit, M. D., 1018 
Fourth St., 8. E., Minneapolis, 

William Alexander Oodward. 

Horace Eklsell Peck, Money Brok- 
er, Ken mare, N. D. 

Walter Newton 8outhworth, Attor- 
ney at lAw, Belle Plalne, Minn. 


Charles Edward Adams, Attorney 
at I jaw, Duluth, Minn. 

James Hare Evans, President and 
Manvnr, Idaho Lime Co., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Brie Frank Llndman. Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Maynard Cyrus Perkins, B. 8., Real 
Estate, 170R Flatlron Bldff., New 
York; res. Mineola, N. T. 

Earl Simpson, B. L., LL. B., Wi- 
nona, Minn. 

lAthrup Twltchell, Attorney at 
Iaw, Fbrso, N. D. 


Frederick Huxley, M. D., B. A., 
Physician and Surgeon, Faribault, 

Walter Harman Sherburne. 

1-larry PVnnk Simmons, Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Roy McMllliin Wheeler, Chicago, HI. 

Hush Noil Talbot Allen, A. B., LL. 
n., Attpmey at Iaw. Court 
House. Mlnneopolls, Minn. 

Frank AUremon Ball, Attorney at 
Iaw. FVirso, N. D. 

Carl Fletcher Brush. Electrical En- 
gineer. Ilnnkow. China. 

Thonms l^lnly Jones, Warroad, 

Ellwood MsnsfleM McKuslck, Elee- 
trlcal and Civil Engineer, Qulncy, 
Plumas County, CsL 

*WUson Bradley Sherman. 


Paul Adams, B. A., Banker, La 

Moure, N. D. 
Arthur Leonard Blsbee, Midland 

Linseed Oil Co., Minneapolis, 

William Thomas Donaldson, En- 
gineer, White Bear Lake, Minn. 
Thos. Llnley Jones, Minneapolis, 

James Henry Lane, LL. B., care 

of Lane & Son, Shoshone, Idaho. 
Jacob Lowell, Jr., Fargo, N. D. 
Edward Morris Warren, Attorney 

at Law. La Moure, N. D. 


Russell Andrew More, LL. B., At- 
torney at Law, Wimbledon, N. D. 

Alexander Victor Ostnim, Assist- 
ant Cashier, Swedish American 

. National Bank, Minneapolis, 

Edwin Harry Stong. LL. B., Bank- 
er, Cavalier, N. D. 

Horton Thompson, Andrus Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 


Samuel Calvin Confer, Real Ins- 
tate, Andrus Bldg., Minneapolis, 

Charles Alfred Pitkin, Attorney at 
Law, Bemldji, Minn. 

George Elmer Strout, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Wlnthrop, Minn. 

Samuel Joseph Smith, Twin City 
Telephone Co., Minneapolis, 

Mortimer Leo Thompson, 422 14th 
St., La Crosse, Wis. 

Ralph Emerson Weible, M. D., 
Physician, FEirgo, N. D. 

Louis Roachman Wright, Agent 
Northwestern Improvement Co., 
Seattle, Wash. 


Robert Clarence Jones, Bridge Con- 
tractor, 205 Lumber Exchange. 
MlnneapoUs, Minn. 



Homer Francis Hbrton, B. A., Ideal 
Heatlnff Co., 6812 Wentwortli 
Ave., Chicago, UL 

John MacLane, B. A., Editor, Weet 
Publlshinff Co., 422 Laurel Ave., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Otto Arthur Polrier, TJ«. B., Ai- 
sifltant County Attorney, City 
Attorney, U. S. Commissioner, 
Virginia, Mhm. 

EUbridge Cole Staples, B. A., with 
Washburn, Crosby Co., 1018 
University Ave., Southeast, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Robert Wallace Wetmore, B. A., 
Private Secretary, Thomas Shev- 
lin, 2708 West 44th St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


Milton Burnett Cory, 612 Forrest 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Francis Adams Donaldson, Jr., In- 
surance, 212 S. 8rd St.; res. 460 
S. 48rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

*Claude Miller Foisom. Died Jan- 
uary, 1906. 

George Edwin Houme, Dentist, 
Lanesboro, Minn. 

^Thorwald Ross Johnson. Died 
July 12, 1903. 

Lawrence Kimble Sowle, Grain 
Commission, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Leroy Thompson, Seattle, Wash. 
Lumber Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Carl Samuel Willis, Real Estate, 
401 Andrus Bldg.; res. 3131 Park 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Oliver Sverre Andreson, B. A. 
(Wisconsin), LL. B., Attorney at 
Law, First National Bank Bldg., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Josiah Hook Chase, A. B., L. B., 
Note Teller, St. Anthony Falls 
Bank, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Henry Clay Flannery, LL. B., At- 
torney at Law, New Life Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Harry Victor Fuller, Minneapolis 
Gas Co., 722 18th Ave, Southeast, 
Minneapolis, Mt«n« 

Leroy Samuel Peters, M. D., St. 
Joseph, Mich. 

Lee Biarsden Powell, Quirk Milling 
Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Barney Levy Schwartz, LL. B. 
(Cornell), Gowanda, N. Y. 

Harry Hugh Thomas, LJj. B., Ck>l- 
lection Manager, O. W. Kerr Co., 
Fargo, N. D. 

James Thompson, Jr., Farmer, Ba- 
lis, N. D. 


James Hamilton Armstrong, 280 
Wlnthrop Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Nathan Fiske Banfleld, Jr., First 
National Bank, Austin, Minn. 

Elmer Bisbee, C. E., Minneapolis 
Steel and Biachlnery Ck>., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John Swinburne Corl, St. Anthony 
& Dakota Elevator Ck>., 8201 Chi- 
cago Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles Bradley Gibson, E. E., Co- 
lonial Bldg., Wilkinsburg Station, 
PitUburg, Pa. 

Francis Ray Hasmes, 8181 Second 
Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Gregory Henry Hers, General Of- 
fices Soo Line, Minneapolis, 

James E^dwin Jensen, Jensen Lum- 
ber Ck>., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Isaac Kendall Kerr, Milling, (3al- 
gay. Alberta, (Canada. 

Wilbur Hugh McKelvey, St Cloud 

Edward Cary Parker, B. S., Agr., 
Assistant Agriculturist, Min- 
nesota Experiment Station, St. 
Anthony Park; res. 1272 County 
road, St. Paul. Minn. 

Harold Jay Peck, Shakopee, Minn. 

Dwight Swain Simpson, Affil. N. 
Y. A, Phi Delta Theta HouMb 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Victor Weld Tnron, Reliance Ele- 
vator Co., 2218 Aldrich Ave., 
South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Fred Leroy Barrages, Shjeldon, 

C!yrus Snell Brown, MacMartln- 
Brown Adv. 0>., Andrus Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 



Lynn Stoughton Oilham, Doily 
News, Mlnneapolia, Minn. 

fWillls Haseltlne Frlsbee, Sheldon, 

Walter Somerville Hlllman, Lum- 
ber Business, Kramer, N. D. 

William Benjamin Hlnkly, AflU. 
Mich. A, Phi Delta Theta House, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

tCharles David McCanna, 20 
Reeves Ave., Orand Forks, N. D. 

Frank Millspaugh Zanner. 

Frank Rae Moses, Chronicle, 
Bfarshall, Mich. 

tCarl Benjamin Teisberg, Ashby, 


Joseph William Blngenhelmer, 
Sheldon National Bank, Sheldon 

fLeonard FVank Boyce, 1112 Fourth 
St., Southeast, Minneapolis, Minn. 

tThorley Marc Collester, 786 Bast 
Sixteenth St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Joseph Franklin Ellis, Draughts- 
man, R. R. Howell St Co., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Jewett Ross Mathewson, Atlas m- 
evator Co., Raymond, S. D. 

tJoeeph Phillip Michels, Mltohall, 

S. D. 
George Rappman Mueller, Gtoneral 

Offices N. P. Ry., St. Paul, Minn. 
tHerbert Leslie Thompson, 1222 

Fifth St., Southeast, Minneapolis, 


Welles Gardner Hodgson, First 

National Bank, Minneapolis, 

tHarold Biartln Lewis, 1626 Third 

Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Emory Chester Rebman, Pipestone, 



tWalter Godart, City Ticket Office, 
Soo Line, Minneapolis, Minn. 

tCiarence Burke O'Brien, 108 East 
Wabasha St., Winona, Minn. 

tMarcellus Crocker Shield, 127 ISast 
Sanborn St., Winona, Minn. 

tMerton Winthrop Sowle, 2806 Col- 
fax Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

tStanley Maybury Vance, 77 East 
Sanborn St., Winona, Minn. 

tRobert Beals Weltbrecht, 884 
Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

fin active chapter, 1906-1906. 


u^avEltslTY or Mississim 

Univw-iity, Mitdttip^ 

JamM Zacbary George, Jaduon, 

Edward Gary Walthall, Grenada, 

Caaey Young, MemplUf, Tenn. 

William liartln Berry, Traveler, 

Ecru, Pototoc County, Mlas. 
Charlea Dubbe Butler, care Scrugga, 

Vanderroort St Barney, St. Louie, 

Joseph Merldeth Catchings, M. D., 

Physician, Haxlehurst, Mias. 
Duff Clements, Lake Charles, La. 
Ehioch Asbury Enochs, Lumber 

Dealer, Natches, Miss. 
•Vollie Flowers, Crystal Springs, 

William Andrew Henry, B. L., At- 
torney, Yasoo City, Miss. 

•William Wallace Hill, Columbus, 

Monroe McClurg, Elx- Attorney Gen- 
end. Lawyer, Greenwood, Miss. 

John McKay, Jr., Goshen Springs, 

•William Josiah Smith, Ludlow, 

•Cecil Cropper Wailes, Plaquemine, 


Wallace Atkinson, General Mer- 
chandise, Summit, Miss. 

•William Lock Chew, M. A., B. S., 
M. D., Physician, Birmingham, 

Albert Tatum Dent, Attorney, Ma- 
con, Miss. 

•William Howard Magruder, M. A., 
San Antonio, Texas. March 17, 

Minos Ebenezer Miller, Orange 
Grower, Leesburg, Fla. 

^Alfred Benjamin Rawllngs, B. L., 
Spottsylvania, Va., March 2S, 1899. 

•James Hamilton Reagant New Ire- 
land, Miss. 

Robert Clark Redus, A. B., Attor- 
ney, 881 First National Bank 
Bldg.; res. 2085 Highland Aye., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

James Carlos Rich, Attorney, 99 
St. Michael St., Mobile, Ala. 

•Walter Battle Samuel, Corinth, 

John Thomas Swain, Vice-President 
Bank of New Albany, New Al- 
bany, Miss. 

Charles Spyker Stewart, B. 8., M. 

D., Physician. Amite City, La. 


William Edward Barker, M. D., 
Physician, Plaquemine, La. 

Stonewall Jackson Clark. Letters 
returned from Vicksburg, Miss. 

John William Hoyle, Merchant, 
Tupelo, Miss. 

•William Ames Mayo, Attorney, 
Clarendon, Ark. 

Granville Duke Mebane, Merchant, 
Collierville, Tenn. 

Louis Morgan Southworth, LL. B., 
Attorney. Address care Army 
and Navy Club, Manila, P. L 

•Albert Boyd Swayxee, Natches, 

William Ernest Swift, Stationer, 
Manager Opera House, Palestine, 

•Philip Henry Trawick. December, 
1900, Gallman, Miss. 

John Lewis Dantzler, B. L., Lum- 
ber Dealer, Moss Point, Miss. 

Joel Nelson Dulaney, Merchant, 
Houston, Miss. 

Joseph Augustus Evans, Houston, 

•William Luther Ganong, A. B., 
LL. B., Jonestown, Miss. 

Stephen Franklin Hampton, Attor- 
ney, Little Rock, Ark. 




WiUlam Fred Hamner, B. Li., Attor- 
ney, 178 North Main St., Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

William Augustus McDonald, B. 8., 
Attorney, Ashland, lilss. 

•William Brent Norman, Hasel- 
hurst. Miss. 

James Slmrall, A. B., LL. B., 
Lawyer and Planter, Mannsdale, 


John James Stokes, B. L., Osyka, 

Thomas Wallace Yates, Broker, 

Oxford, Miss. 


Marcus Wayland Beck, Affll. Ga. 
A, Jud^ Supreme Court, Griffin, 

Chas. Dubs Butler, St Iiouls, Mo. 

John Milton Bell, M. D., Physician, 
Iowa Park, Texas. 

•Henry Townes, Calhoun, Jones- 
town, Miss. 

•Berkley Carter, Fort Smith, Ark. 

James Elton Harrell, Merchant, 
Dyersburff, Tenn. 

Thomas Carmlchael Hlndman, AfflL 
Ky. B, 609 WUcox Bldff., General 
Affent Mutual Life In Tennessee, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

John Alcus Lamkln, Attorney, Mag- 
nolia, Miss. 

Joseph Hobbs Irby, Drugylst, Ool- 
Uervllle, Tenn. 

Louis Daniel Pepper, Manager 
Cumberland Telephone Co., Lex- 
ington, Miss. 

Edwin Thurston Wooldrldffe, U. 6. 
Custom Clerk, U. S. Custom 
House; res. 6046 Constance St., 
New Orleans, La. 


Edgar Poe Avant, Newcomb, Tenn. 

Edgar Bennett Holman, Immigra- 
tion Bureau, Galveston, Texas. 

•William Wirt Norman, Hasle- 
hurst. Miss. 


RufuB Philip Clasrton, Merchant, 

Heidelberg, Miss. 
Robert Lee Dllworth, Rlengl, Miss. 

James Robert Domlnldc, Press 
Traders' Bank, Kansas City. Mo. 

Arthur Powers Ganong, Broker, 
Clarksdale, lilss. 

John Rudolph Hampton, Attorney, 
Clifton, Arts. 

Wilson Shed Hill, Attomey-at-Law 
and M. C, Winona, Miss. 

William Marshall Peteet, County 
Superintendent Public Education 
and Insurance Agent, 706 Depot 
St., Greenwood, Miss. 

•Lawrence Ehigene Thompson, Ox- 
ford, Miss. 1898. 

Leonard Anderson Welssneger, Wl- 
una. Miss. 

•Henry Parsons Whitehead, El 
Paso, Texas. July, 1900. 

Alexander Tates, Postmaster and 
Planter, Utlca, Miss. 

James OUbut Conlllard, iR. R., 

Postal Clerk, Natches, Miss. 
Frank Dlmlnlck, Planter, Shutes- 

ton. La. 
Charles Wesley Fraser, Attorney, 

Memphis, Tenn. 
John Charles Hlgdon, Physlolan, 

Glancy, Miss. 
John Lehman, Attorney, 68 BSqult- 

able Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 
•Daniel Denon McRee, Water 

VaUey, Miss. 1890. 
John Madison Oliver, Orange 

Grower, Orlando, Fla. 
John Pollock Petty, A. B., M. B., 

AfflL N. Y. A, Real EsUte, 1140 

Park Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William Edward Stuart, LyoniL 

•Armand Sannler White, Jacdcson, 

Miss. 1898. 

Cade Lee Armstrong, Hardware 

Merchant, Valden, lilss. 
William Amolt Anderson, U. 8., 

Revenue Collector, HuntsvtUe, 

Malvern Dlmlnlck, B. 8., Attorney. 

Letter returned from Flagstaff, 

Arlx., and 817 West Jefferson, Los 

Angeles, Calif. 



liorenso NoUey DanUler, Lumber 

Dealer, Hoes Point, MIm. 
Bdward Liehman, Druggist, 211 

Union St., Memphis, Tenn. 
John Bell Mosley, Hickory, I. T. 
William James Pierce, Merchant, 

Godfrey, Qa. 
Samuel Logan Postell, Drunrlst, 

Plaquemlne, La. 
Joe Harry Venn, M. D., Physician. 

Memphis, Tenn. 


Rufus Blbrldge Bruce, 681 Poydras 
St., New Orleans, La. 

Nathaniel Jeffries Buck, M. D., 
Physician, 1127 North Carolina 
Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Hiram Cassldy, Attorney, Brook- 
haven, Miss. 

Percy Merrlvllle Doyle, Decorator, 
Tucson, Arts. 

William Henry Lee, The Royal Ci- 
gar Co., 1126 Broadway; resi- 
dence, 68 West 72d St., New 
York, N. Y. 

William Hammond Marshall, Den- 
tist, 5th and Main Sts., Little 
Rock, Ark. 

William Minor Mitchell, Attorney, 
Grenada, Miss. 

Robert Preston Nail, M. D., Phsrsl- 
clan. New York, N. Y. 

Richard Dunckley Sessions, M. D., 
Phyvlcian, Natchez, Miss. 

Clifford Haddick Trotter, Phsrsi- 
clan, Helena, Ark. 

^Clarence Tillman Trotter, Winona, 


Bdward Henry Nail, Phsrsiclan, 
Louisville, Ky. 


Edward Jefferies Buck, B. L., 
President City Bank ft Trust Co., 
988 Government St, Mobile, Ala. 

Frank Mlcajah Pumell, AffU. Tenn. 
B, Winona, Miss. 

Vines John Satterfleld, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Marion, Ark. 

Charles Firman Smith, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, Vanderbllt Bldg., 
Nashville, Tenn. 

William Barton Bundle, Cotton 

Buyer, care J. J. Cowan, Vlcks- 
burg. Miss. 

WlUlam A. Gaddls, Merchant, Bol- 
ton, Miss. 

Curt S. Guy, Planter, Holoomb, 

Arthur Ray, Carrollton, Miss. 

Percy Ray, Planter, Sunny Side, 


Isham Plnckney Clajrton, D. D. 8., 
Dentist, ElllsvlUe, Miss. 

Stone Deavons, ex-Chancellor, At- 
torney, Laurel, Miss. 

Thaddeus Constantine Lockhard, 
LL. B., Attorney, Meridian, Miss. 

William Buford McCorkle, Phar- 
macist, 1006 Garrison Ave.; res. 
1123 N. 15th St., Ft. Smith. Ark. 

Samuel D. NeiU, District Attorney, 
Indianola, Miss. 

Edward Peeples Peacock, Cashier 
Bank of Clarksdale, Clarksdale, 

Hugh Anthony Reynolds, Merchant, 
Braden, I. T. 


Richard Harris Bourdeaux, Merid- 
ian, Miss. 

Stanley Branch Jones, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Sallisaw, L T. 

James George Leavell, AfflL Va. A, 
Wholesale Provision Dealer, 2tl8 
First National Bank Bldg.; res. 
1009 Elgin Ave., Houston, Tex. 

J. Leon Lewis, M. D., Physician, 
840 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Clarence Lee Sivley, LL. B., At- 
torney, Oxford, Miss. 

Clarence Dudley Sneed, care Time»' 
Democrat, New Orleans, La. 


Anthony Daniel Bourdeaux, Manu- 
facturer Vinegar, 819 Glrond St., 
New Orleans, La. 

Thomas Benton Dudley, Attorney, 
Sumner, Miss. 

Joel Elisha Williams, Alligator 
Creek, Miss. 


Thomas Benton Dudley, Attorney 
at Law, Sumner, Miss. 



Gamett Logan Jaekaon, D. D. 8^ 
Dentist, Dublin, Tezaa. 

MlUlnff Marlon Satterfleld, IjL. B., 
Attorney at Law, Karye Bldg., 
Port Qlbson, Mlas. 

Fisher Morgan Southworth, LXi. B., 
Planter, Sldon, Mlas. 

Blnathan Tartt, Merchant, Lauder- 
dale, Miss. 


OOes Avent, Planter, Mlnter City, 

John Alcus Lamkln, LL. B., Attor- 
ney, ICagnoUa, Miss. 

Robert Lee Lewis, Manufacturer, 
Lexington, Miss. 

Walter Washington Lockhard, B. 
A., LL. B., County Superintend- 
ent of Public Schools and Attor- 
ney, Tazoo City, Miss. 

Joseph Wall Lucket, Merchant, Ya- 
soo City, Miss. 

Frank Mosley Pejrton, LL. B., At- 
torney at Law, Jackson, Miss. 

Relbue Price, Merchant, Oxford, 

Falson Heathman Smith, Planter, 
Indlanola, Miss. 

Walter Holman Witty, Merchant, 
Winona, Miss. 


Roderick Allen, Railroad Agent, 
Nettleton, Ark. 

Milton McLeod Bardwell, Qeneral 
Mana^rer, Taylor and Williams 
Coal Cos., McHenry, Ky. 

Thomas Gaines Fewell, AfflL Ky. 
A, Attorney, Meridian, Miss. 

Charles Lowry Gamett, LL. B., At- 
torney, Paris, Texas. 

John Davis Hawkins, Planter, Val- 
den. Miss. 

Bthelbert Barthsdale Hall, Merid- 
ian, Miss. 

Hugh Jennings, Merchant, Water 
VaUey, Miss. 

Bugene Young Kelley, Merchant, 
Kosciusko, Miss. 

William Alexander McCain, Cap- 
tain Eighth U. S. Cavalry, Ma- 
nila, P. L Permanent Address, 
War Dept, Washington, D. C. 

Wallace Reynolds Walker, In Pan- 
ama; address. Meridian, Miss. 

Edmund BaU Williams, B.A., LL. 
B., Attorney, Mlass Woods Bldg.; 
res. 24th Ave. and 17th St., Mer- 
idian, Miss. 


Prather Demetrius Johnson. 

Robert Lesley Pillow, Planter, 
Greenwood, Miss. 

James Gordon Smjrthe, LL. B., At- 
torney, Kosciusko, Miss. 


John May Broach, 2906 Eighth St, 
Wholesale Lumber Dealer, Merid- 
ian, Miss. 

Lamar Hardy, B. P., LL. B., AfflL 
Tenn. B, Attorney, 81 Nassau St., 
New York, N. Y. 

William Albert Lucas, B. A., Pro- 
fessor, Jefferson M. C, Washing- 
ton, Misa 

Samuel A. Wltherspoon, Jr., Attor- 
ney, Meridian, Miss. 


William Oregon Prultt, B. B,, M. 

A., Lumber and Screen Door 

Manufacturer, Houston Lumber 

Co., Houston, Miss. 
William MandervlUe Richmond, 

Planter, Hermanvllle, Miss. 
George Oscar Robinson, Merchant, 

Brandon, Miss. 
Carl C. Stingily, Lumber Dealer, 

care Stingily ft May, Jackson, 

•Walter Weatherbee, LL. B., At- 
torney, MontlceUo, Ark. 
Richard Noble Whitfield, M. D., 

Florence, Miss. 
William Webb Venable, M. A., LL 

B., Attorney, 26 Eighth Ave., 

Meridian, Miss. 


William Roger Cochran, Teacher, 
Dalevllle, Miss. 

John Louis Helss, LL. B., City At- 
torney, Gulfport, Miss. 

Patrick Henry, Jr., B. A., LL. B., 
Attorney, Mbljot, Mcntlcello, Ark. 

Guy Hunt, Memphis, Tenn. 

Francis Conner Martin, care B. 
Martin ft Co., New Orleans. La. 



^Bdward Shelby Rauch. IL D., 
PhTBldao. Oct. 20. 1905, Vloks- 
burir, MlM. 

QtOTge Latham Ray, B. A., Ph. B., 
LL. B., AMistant Cashier, Delta 
Bank, Bx-Prov. President, Green- 
wood, Miss. 

James Martin Smith, B. B., L P. 
Morris Co., Cramp Shipyard; res. 
1<36 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, 


Bdward Crosland Berwick, D. D. 8., 
Dentist, Franklin, La. 

Martin Linn Clardy, Jr., AfflL 
Mich. A, Farmer and Stock 
Breeder, Farmlnflrton, Mo. 

Rosser Alex. Collins, LL. B., Attor- 
ney, Meridian, Miss. 

Claude Fair, Merchant, Louisville, 

Fred Telllcoffer Jackson, Kosci- 
usko, Miss. 

Robert Lee Jones, Kosciusko, Miss. 

WUllam Steen, Bx-Prov. President, 
Lumber Dealer, Lumberton, Miss. 

B^dward Jack McCabe, LL. B., At- 
torney, 423 Cherry St., Vlcksburs, 

Thomas Alexander McCasklll, B. 
A., Insurance Affent, Brandon, 

Herbert Lynn McCleskey, M. A., 
B. S., Superintendent Jefferson 
County HlflTh School, Fayette, 

Joe Augustus Spann, Pelchatchle, 

Vernon Dodds Rowe, LL. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Winona, Miss. 


William Ed Bray, B. A., Teacher, 
Whiona, Miss. 

Frederick Zollcoffer Brown, Teach- 
er, Ountown, Miss. 

^Matthew Clay, Jr., died March 
190«, Delhi, La. 

Davis Love Fedr, Merchant, Louls- 
viUe, Miss. 

Marshall Drane Jones, Bank Clerk, 
Merchants National Bank Ft. 
8mlth» Ark. 

John Martin Magruder, Planter, 
Port Qlbson, Miss. 

John Sidney McCain, Bnslsn, U. S. 
Navy, care Navy Dept., Wcjihlng- 
ton, D. C; now In Indian Squad- 

John George Quekemeyer, Cadet, 
U. S. M. Academy, West Point, 
N. Y.; res. Tasoo City, lilss. 

Paul Wire Trowbridge, D. D. 8., 
AfflL Tenn. A, Franklin, La. 


Leroy Money Adams, LL. B., At- 
torney, Ackerman, Miss. 
Robert Montgomery Bourdeaux, 

LL. B., Attorney, Meridian, Miss. 
Garrard Montjoy Barrett, Pharma- 
cist. Schrader, Miss. 
JolTri Percy Boyd, LL. B., Attorney, 

South McAlester, I. T. 
Thomas Humphreys Campbell, Jr., 

B. A., Attorney, Yazoo City, Miss. 
^Orvllle Bernard Dorrls, LL. B., 

Attorney. March, 1906, Phoenix, 

WlUlam Nathaniel Bthrldge, Jr., 

Railroad Clerk, Meridian, Miss. 
William M. Garrard. B. S., Cotton, 

Buyer, Greenwood, Miss. 
Gabe Jacobson, LL. B., Attorney, 

Meridian, Miss. 
Dick Couthen McCool, Lawyer, 

Canton, Miss. 
Edward Andrew Sawyer, LL. B., 

Attorney, Kosciusko, Miss. 
Luther Alexander Whlttington, LL. 

B., Attorney, Roxle, Miss. 


William Andrew Henry, Jr., B. A.. 

LL. B., Attorney, Yaxoo City, 

James Addison Leathers, LL. B., 

Attorney, Marks, Miss. 
Frank Love Fair, Merchant, Louis- 
ville, Miss. 
Bem Price, C. E., care G. ft 8. L 

R. R., Gulf port. Miss. Permanoit 

Address, Oxford, Miss. 
Jacob Shall Yerger, 84 Bsoolta 

Place, Manila, P. L 
William Green Yerger, Bank Clerk, 

Greenwood, Miss. 



John Blanks Bourdeauz, Railroad 

Clerk, Meridian, Miss. 
Arthur Adrian Howie, care Brown 

Sc Bowman, Memphis, Tenn 

tOrman Lanier Klmbrouffh, LLi. B., 

Greenwood, Miss. 
Alonso Liewls Tatet, LL. B., Utlca, 


fjoe HoUlday Aldrldffe, B. 8., Be- 

tlU, MlM. 
fMaurlce Bray, C.B., Winona, Miss. 
fHuffh Thompson Buckley, B. 8., 

Winona, Miss. 
fEdward Clarke Coleman, B. A., 

Kosciusko, Miss. 

tChaunoey Lovelaca Denton, B. 8., 
Belen, Miss. 

tJames Andrew Drane, LL. B., 
French Camp, Miss. 

tToney Arnold Hardy, LL. B., Hat- 
tiesburir. Miss. 

tClaud P. Henry, C B., Tasoo City, 

tLemuel Doty Jackson, B. 8., Kos- 
ciusko, Miss. 

tHenry Clay McCabe, Jr., LLi. B., 
VlcksburiT, Miss. 

Jason Addison NUes, B. 8., AflU. 
Tenn. B, Kosciusko, Miss. 

tRobert Somervllle, Jr., B. A., 
Greenville, Miss. 

tFred Marshall Witty, B. A., Wi- 
nona, Miss; 


fin active chapter, 1905-1906. 


Coimiibk, Mitaoori 


Clark Craycroft, Ph. B., B. S., At- 
torney, Joplin, Mo. 

•John Brvlne Johnston, A. B., IL 8. 
Died 1891, KinssvlUe, Mo. 

George O'Bryant De Bar. Affll. ni. 
A, B. S., M. D., Physician. Eu- 
gene, Ore. 

•Eugene Field, A, M., Affll. IlL A. 
Died 1895, Chicago. 111. 

James Wallace Homer, A. B., M. 
D.. Phsrslclan, Alma, Mo. 

James Richard Huffaker, M. D., 
Physician, Brookfleld, Mo. 

Cicero Alexander Mllliken, Farmer, 
St. Charles, m. 


•Clinton Thomas Alio way. Died 
1878, New Hope, Mo. 

Ben Craycroft, Lumber Dealer, Ok- 
Blackwater, Mo. 

James Henderson Dryden, A, B., A. 
M., Attorney, 1558 South Garri- 
son Ave., Carthage, Mo. 

^Randall Dryden, A, B., D. B.. 
A. M., died May 29th, 1904, 
Carthage, Mo. 

Simpson Cash Dyer, LL. B., Ab- 
stracter of Land Titles, 100 Har- 
ris St., HiUsboro, Tex. 

John Lockhart Fetzer, Real Estate 
Broker, 914 16th Ave., Denver. 

•Simon Giles Forrester, B. S., M. 
D. Died 1886. San Diego, CaL 

•William Francis FOrsha, Ag. B. 
Died 1876, Olenwood, Mo. 

Andrew Turner Harrison, Pe. B., 
Mining, El Paso, Texas. 

Edward Preston Homer, B. S., 
Secretary Allen West Commission 
Co., 104 B. Main St., St. Louis, 

•William Lockhart Houston, Ph. 
B., deceased, Hannibal, Mo. 

Kossuth Morton Lear, Ag. B.. 
Farmer. HannlbaL Mo. 

•Jerome Moore, B. S. Attorney. 
Died 1875, FOrt Soott, Kan. 

Stephen Cawood Rogers, Ag. B., B. 
S.. M. S., Attorney, Kingston, Mo. 

Lorin Andrew Staley, B. S., M. 8., 
Attomey. 420 Grand Ave., Grand 
Junction, Colo. 

Berry Green Thurman, LL. B., At- 
tomey. Lamar, Mo. 

James Alva Clark, Bank Cashier, 
Perry. Ralls County. Mo. 

James Worrell Daniel. M. E., At- 
tomey and Agent. Vandalla; res. 
1010 S. Clark Ave., Mexico. Mo. 

David Benton Seibert, Collector, 
Jackson. Mo. 

Robert Munson Wilson Commis- 
sion Merchant, St. Louis, Mo. 


Albert Oscar Bettes, Mfr., 1012 
Bales Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Flatt Lewis Coles, Civil Engineer. 
Address unknown. 

Thomas Franklin Dimmitt, Clergy- 

•Thomas Crede Early, A, B., M. 8. 
Died 1903. New York. 

Isaac Milton Porter, Bank Cashier. 
Address unknown. 

•Edward Livingston Welbom, B. 
S. Died 1888. AuUviUe, Mo. 


John Daniel Andrae, A. B., Farmer, 
Castle, Mont. 

•Victor Bee Bell. Died 1905, Battle 
Creek, Mich. 

William Peyton Connaway, Cash- 
ier, Vancouver National Bank, 
Vancouver, Wash. 




LawBon Festus Berry, Druggist, 
Blackwater. Mo. 

Thomaa Aaron Canady, A. IC, D. 
D., M. E. Clergyman, Carllnvllle, 

ShraamuB Calvin Hall, Attorney, 
Plattaburg, Mo. 

Nathaniel Wickllffe Halatead. B. 8., 
Attorney, Cjmthlana, Ky. 

Walter Thomas Lemon, M. D., 
Physician, Westboro, Mo. 

^Robert Jameson Orr, B. 8. Died 
1899, Durango, Colo. 

William Alexander Ranney, Assist- 
ant Bookkeeper. 

Charles Oustave George Rathmann, 
8886 Hartford 8t, 8t Louis, Mo. 

Clinton Banks Sebastian, LL B., 
Attorney, Columbia, Mo. 

William Ell Sherwood, LL. B., At- 
torney. 701 North Twelfth St., St. 
Joseph, Mo. 

William Thompson, Attorney, Car- 
thage, Mo. 

William Reuben Tipton, M. D., 
Physician, Las Vegas, N. M. 

^Charles Thomas Vamon, M. D., 

died July 24. 1904, Mexico, Mo. 


John William Beatty, A. B., Pe. B., 
Civil Engineer, Blackwell, Okla. 

George Isaac Cason, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Colusa, CaL 

Ernest Davis, LL. B., Banker, 
Belleville, Kan. 

^Jaquelin Lanck B^eagans. Died 
1878, Valley View, Texas. ' 

John Hardin Field, B. S., M. 8., 
Civil Engineer. 

Ralph Toucey Graves, Merchant 

William Daniel Johnson, B. S., Mer- 
chant, Paxton, IlL 

*John Turner Filmore Kelly. Died 
1886, Mount Calm, Tex. 

Arthur Clay McChemey, L. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, Trinidad, Colo. 

Daniel Dorsey Moss, Farmer, Co- 
lumbia, Mo. 

^Fayette Brown Roberts, M. D. 
Laddonia, Mo. 

William Robert Smith, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Ashland, Mo. 

William Fountain Taylor, IL D., 
Physician, Martlnsburg, Mo. 


mhanon H. Chinn, Physician, 
Rocheport, Mo. 

Jonathan Houston Davis, B. S., C. 
B., M. S., Editor, Natches, Miss. 

James Anderson Elder, M. D., Phy- 
sician,. Paso Robles, CaL 

John James Hawkins, Attorney, 
Prescott, Ariz. 

Chilion Riley, LL. B., Attorney. 
Address unknown. 

Thomas Henry Stratton, President 
First National Bank, Merchant, 
206 N. 12th St., Rocky Ford, Colo. 

John Quincy White, LL. B., A. B., 
Judge Superior Court, Ukiah, Cal. 

•Franklin Warren Tate. Died 1881, 
Las Vegas, N. M. 


Frederick Hamilton Austin, LL. B., 
U. S. P. O. D., Purchasing 
Agent's Office; res. 1216 Colum- 
bus Road, Washington, D. C. 

David Byron Kelley, Attorney, St. 
Joseph, Mo. 


Adolphus Spenoe Johnson, Travel- 
ing salesman, Columbia, Mo. 

Samuel Harlan Kelley, L. B., At- 
torney, Benton Harbor, MidtL 

•Wesley Houston Rosselle, M. D. 
Died 1891, Drummond, Mont. 

John Rice Watkins, B. 8., Banker, 
Richmond, Mo. 


Charles Lane Buls, Farmer, Savan- 
nah, Mo. 

George Royal Henderson, Pe. B., 
Farmer, Columbia, Mo. 

Edgar Russel, Major Signal Crops, 
War Dept. U. 8. A.; res. The 
Highlands, Washington, D. C. 

Charles Daniel Zook, Banker, Ore- 
gon, Mo. 

•William Harrison Brown, A B.. 

A. M. 
•John. Joseph Campbell, LL. B. 

Died 1886, Kansas City, Mo. 
Overton Gentry Ellis, L. B., Attor- 

ney-at-Law, 610 Fidelity Bldg.; 

res. 618 N. K St., Taooma, Wash. 


Stephen Arnold Mitchell, C. BS., B. 
8., ClvU Engineer, 101 New York 
Life Bldff., Kansas City, Mo. 

Bnos Campbell PoUard, C. BS., B. 
8.. ClvU Ebiffineer, care The Ore- 
son River and Navlsatlon Co., 
Biffin, Ore. 

*Qeorse Samuel Rathbun, Jr., died 
18S8, Sprinsfleld, Mo. 

Robert Tarleton •Sloan, A. B., A. 
M., M. D., Physician, Rialto 
Bldff.; res. 2707 Fbrest Ave., 
Ksnsaj City, Mo. 

James Samuel Snoddy, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Li. B., a. M., Professor in 
Einfflish and Rhetoric, University 
of Montana, Missoula, Mont. 

George Williamson Coffman, L. B., 
M. D., Physician. 

Albert Mortimer Blston, B. S.^ 
Woodland, CaL 

Lanius Duane Sivans. 

Barber Webster Frye, Louisiana, 

Tyre Clifton Hughes, C. BS., ClvU 
and Blec Engineer, 410 17th St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Charles Ferdinand Krone, Attor- 
ney, Mainrlght Bldg., St. Louis, 

William Oldham McLean. 

^James Ruby Pharr. Died 1886, Bi- 
lls, Kan. 

Thomas Smart Ridge, Insurance, 
2ii8 N. Ridge Bldg., Kansas City, 

* Joseph Welling Williams, A. B., 
Pe. B., Merchant, Jackson, Mo. 
Died April 18, 1906. 

Alonso Aculf, care of Bly- Walker 
D. O. Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

John Monroe Clary, LL. B., Teach- 
er, Qulncy, IlL 

Robin Marshall Johnson, B. S., 
Bank Cashier, Newport, Ark. 

William Warren Mitchell, Shelby- 
viUe, Mo. 

WUliam Porter Roberts, Lb B., 
Superintendent Joplin Schools, 
Joplin, Mo. 

Bmest misworth Smith, B. S., C 
B., Publisher, The Daily Reowrd, 

Record Bldg.; res. 4089 McQee 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 
James William Tlncher, LL. B., 
affil.. Attorney, Fulton, Mo. 

William Wallace Clendenm, M. A., 
B. S., M. 8.. Teacher, 68 W. 104th 
St., New Yoi* City. 

John Adam Jaeger, B. 8., C. B., 
Assistant Chief Engineer, Santa 
Fe R. R., 884 N. 6th St., Phoe- 
nix, Aris. 

Willis Percival King, Jr., City 
Editor Kan9€L9 City Journal, 3031 
Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Frederick William Phlpps, Mer- 
chant, 280 Monlta St., Sedalia, 

William Jasper Spillman, B. 8., M. 
8., Agriculturist, Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 

Firmin Bradley Wright, B. a, L. 
B., Contractors' Supplies, Old 
Colony Bldg.; res. 8 St. James 
PL, Chicago, 111. 


Henry Whitley Clark, L. B., Mer- 
chant, Lebanon, Mo. 

Francis Henry Dexter, LL., B., C. 
B. Cuba. 

^Richard Maurice Dooley. Died 
1890, Benkleman, Neb. 

Thomas Miles Jeffords. Address 

*John Oscar Lewright, M. D., died 
1903, St. Louis, Mo. 

William Foster Means, LL. B., L. 
B., Attorney, Hiawatha, Kan. 

Fredus Nelson Peters, Ph. B., A. 
M., Teacher of Chemistry, Cen- 
tral High School, 6428 Cleveland 
Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Charles Alvin Snodgrass, Teacher. 
Address unknown. 

James Franklin Weed, Civil Blngl* 
neer, Beaumont, Tex. 

^EHgln Underwood Western, LL. 
B., B. 8. Died 1894, California. 

Harrison Ralph Williams, LL. B., 
care Walters-Pierce Oil Co., 
Mexico City, Mexico. 

Merritt West Yeater, dvU Bngl- 
neer, St. Louis* Mo. 




Montague Fink, 11. D., Pfayilclan, 
Helena, Ark. 

Jacob Fink, AfflL Ya. B; Helena, 

John William Froley, 8. B., Pe. B., 
M. 8., Nautical Expert, U. 8. 
Navy Dept, Wasbincton, D. C; 
res. Sprinfffleld, Md. 

Lynn CoflrhiU Hopkins, A. B., At- 
torney, Carrollton, IlL 

Wllliara Frederick Knox, Attorney, 
Beaver City, Beaver County, 

Benjamin Franklin Wilkerson, 
Traveling Salesman, 8mithvi11c, 


Bsrron Buckingham Beery, C. B., 
LL. B., Merchant, 627 Mossock 
St., Lawrence, Kan. 

John Daniel Deal, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Charleston, Mo. 

Robert Terrel Haines, LL. B., Ac- 
tor, Iambs' Club, New York City; 
res. 209 Prospect Ave., Mt. Ver- 
non, N. Y. 

David Samuel McOonigle, Broker, 
Kansas City, Mo., Keith-Perry 

Fred Benevides Parsons, Cashier, 
Knox County Savings Bank, 
Eklina, Mo. 

Thomas Jefferson Jackson See, A. 
B., L. B., Astronomer, U. S. Na- 
val Observatory, Washington, 
D. C. 

Mitchell Cross Shelton, A. B., Phy- 
sician, Joplin, Mo. 

E«dwin Kelley Atkinson, Broker, 
Nevada, Mo. 

Charles Joseph Babcock. 

Robert Pelronnet Barse, Live 
Stock Commission Merchant, Ft. 
Worth, Tex. 

Sanford Francis Gonley, A. B., 
Real Estate Broker, 608 Turner 
Ave., Columbia, Mo. 

^Charles Benjamin France. Died 
1894, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Edward Wilcox Hinton, LL. B., 
Professor Law, University of Mis- 
souri, Columbia, Mo. 

Thomas Allen Jones Maatln, LL. 

B., Attorney, New York Life 

Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Joseph Clark Tipton, M. 8., A. D., 

L. B., West Indies Manager, 

Galena Signal Oil Co., Apartado 

No. 745; res. Virtudes No. 1, 

Havana, Cuba. 
Edwin Moss Watson, A. B., LL. 

B., Efditor, Columbia, Mo. 
Charles Page Willams, B. 8., T. 

C, Pe. B., Civil Engineer, Cody, 



Frank Pierce Divelbiss, A. B., Pro- 
bate Judge, Richmond, Mo. 

William Sampson Jennings, LL. B., 
R. R. Claim Agent, 1914 ShiUer 
Ave., Little Rock, Ark. 

William R. Macklind, Median ical 

Engineer, Mineral Point, Mo. 
Herschell Field Mastin, Belton, Mo. 
Henry Sanford McLeary, B. L., 

Professor, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
Samuel Addison Megeath, Vice 

President Galena Signal Oil Co., 

Franklin, Pa. 
John Doak Shelton, Stroud, (Mela. 
•George Richard Tyler. Died Ne- 

vado. Mo. 
•Edwin Newell Webster. Died 1900, 

St. Louis, Mo. 


Milton Robert Conley, M. A., LL. 
M., Attorney, Columbia, Mo. 

James Milton Denny, M. 8., B. S., 
B. P., Banker, Marshall, Mo. 

Casslus Jackson Keyser, B. S., Ph. 
D., Professor Mathematics, Co- 
lumbia University. Residence, 
510 W. 124th Street, New York 

Homer McWillams, Real Estate, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

James Hugh Moss, Superintendent 
Herald Prcaa, Columbia, Mo. 

Frank Prickard Shelly, care U. 8. 
Mall Service, Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Burton Thompson, B. L., Real 
Estate Operator, 812 Broadway, 
N. Y. 




Charles Boy liacFarlane, AfflL Mo. 
B, Attorney, Ban Antonio, Teoc 

Ftanda Richard Anthony, A. B., 
M. B., 11. D., Physician, liary- 
vlUe. Mo. 

Garland Carr Broadhead, A« B., B. 
B., CivU Engineer, Columbia, Mo. 

Richard Franklin Bryan, Carbon 
Center, Mo. 

Robert Browning Daniel, Harrlson- 
▼lUe, Mo. 

John WlUlam Drum, Lawyer, Mar- 
ble Hill, Mo. 

Charles Gregg Haines, Commission 
Merchant, 416 Walnut St., Kan- 
sas City. Mo. 

Harry Seaman Rouse, LeBelle, Mo. 

Harry Bruce Walker, Attorney^ 610 
New York Life Bldg., Kansas 
City. Mo. 


Mark McCausland Anderson, Lin- 
coln Trust and Title Co., Sev- 
enth and Chestnut Sts., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

James William Cooper, Superin- 
tendent of Schools, South McAl- 
ester, L T. 

Elmer Riley Hamacher, Miller, 
Richmond, Mo. 

Edward Reed Johnson, LL. B., 
Manager Charleston, Missouri, 
Branch of Commonwealth Trust 
Co. of St. Louis, Charleston, Mo. 

James Agnew Slaughter, 408 Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Chicago, III. 

CUfford Tracy Swltder, Manufits- 
turer. Mill Specialties, 6 Thorn- 
dike St., Cambridge District; 
res. 8 Exeter Park, Boston, 

Howell Van Blarcom, Mechanical 
Engineer, Pittsburg, Pa. 


GaU Darwin Allee, B. S., M. D., 

Physician, Lamar, Mo. 
Samuel James Pierce Anderson, 

Feumer, Hallsvllle, Mo. 
Winiam Thompson Conley, B. 8., 

Bank Clerk, Columbia, Mo. 

Frank Oliver Gudgell, A. B., LL. 
B., L. S., Cattle Raiser, 627 S. 
Main St., Independence, Mo. 

Loomis Charles Johnson, Broker, 
Chicago, m. 

Robert Watson McCluer, Tiavellng 
Salesman, Eureka Springs, Ark. 

Pascal Parker, Telephone Ex- 
change, Liberty, Mo. 

James Klnyan Robblns, Lumber, 
Marston, Mo. 

George Joseph Stampfll, L. B., At- 
torney, Jefferson City, Mo. 

Guy Atwood Thompson, President 
First NaUonal Bank, Equitable 
Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Bernard Zlck, Jr., Attorney, Pres. 
First Nafl Bank, Independence, 


Lafayette Washington Groves, 
Farmer, Corder, Mo. 

Harry Summers Jacks, Montgom- 
ery City, Mo. 

James Lawrence Leonard, Pleasant 
HiU, Mo. 

John Davis Meriwether, Assistant 
Engineer Wabash R. R., Decatur, 


James Ravan Talpey, Dentist, Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo. 

Oland Ambrose Younflr, Real Es- 
tate and Building, Younir ft 
Franklin Realty Co., 686 New 
York Life Bldff.; res. 8808 B. 
18th St., Kansas City, Mo. 


Clarence Child, Richmond, Mo. 

Harry Thomas Cory, B. S., M. C, 
E. M., M. E., ClvU Engineer, 
Tucson, Aris. 

William Emmet Moore, City Edi- 
tor, Inter-Ocean, Press Club, 
Chicago, nL 

Royall HiU Swltsler, A. B., A. M., 
Secretary and Treasturer St. 
Louis Refrigerating ft Cold Stor- 
age Co., Lewis and CFelUou Sts., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Samuel Laws Watson, Columbia, 

Richard Harry Woods, LL. B., 
High Grade Investments, Ver- 
sailles, Mo. 




Robert WlUiam Brown, Stock 
Raiser, Carrollton, Mo. 

Dudley Steele Gonley, B. L., Co- 
lumbia, Mo. 

John Eiamest Tledeman, LXi. B., 
BuBlness Manager, The Bedalia 
Bentineh SedaUa, Mo. 

Horace Beckley Williams, A. B., 
Attorney, Trust Bldff., Dallas, 


David Edward Broderldc, M. D., 
Physician, Bisbee, Ariz. 

WlUiam Bledsoe Burruss, A. B., 
LL. B., Real Bstate, Columbia, 

Raymond Saufley Bdmonds, B. I«., 
LL. B., Lawyer, Miami, Mo. 

Oeorere Harrison Engrllsh, Jr., A. 
B., A. Bf., LL. B., Attomey-at- 
Law, New York Life Bldg., Kan- 
sas City; res. 706 W. Delaware, 
Independence, Mo. 

Mllo Fowler Graham, Cashier Cltl- 
sens National Bank, Okmulgee^ 
L T. 

Qeorgre Forrest Bfaitland, C. B., 
Civil Ehierlneer, Union Pacific R. 
R., Omaha, Neb. 

Blmer Carl Peper, B. S., Electrical 
Engrineer, 4419 Forest Park Blvd., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Jewett Shouse, Editor and Man- 
ager The Kentucky Farmer and 
Breeder; res. 145 Constitution St., 
Lexington, Ky. 

Harry William Smith Jr., Attor- 
ney at Law, Elizabeth, N. J. 

Crawford Elder White, LL. B., At- 
torney, Butte, Mont. 

Miner Manasseh Toric, Real Es- 
tate, St. Louis, Mo. 


Hugh Olenn Bass, Attomey-at- 
Law Greenville, Miss. 

Charles Shumway Rultner, B. 8., 
E. E., Electrical Engineer, As- 
sistant Gtoneral Superlntendoit, 
The Tellwlde Power Co., Prove, 

Edward Everett See, Manufacturer, 
4 Shaw Places 8t Louis, M^ 

Daniel Glenn Seibert, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Jackson, Mo. 

James L. Stephens, Publisher, Co- 
lumbia, Mo. 

William F. Swltzler, A. B., Re- 
porter, Credit BCan, Ferguson- 
McKlnney D. O. Co., 1201 Wash- 
ington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Emmett Floyd Bishop, Farmer, 

Ravenwood, Mo. 
Arthur Wellington Brent, Banker, 

Klrkwood, Mo. 
Dudley Thomas Dunlop, Real ESs- 

tate, CarroUton, Mo. 
Robert Culver Forsjrth, M. D., 

Affll. Mo. r. Physician, Klrkwood, 

Charles Mortimer Hamilton, 4430 

Morgan St., St. Louis, Mo. 
George Herbert Moore, LL. B., LL. 

M., Attorney. 401 Commonwealth 

Trust Co. Bldg.; res. 4056 Delmar 

Ave., St Louis, Mo. 
Percy Napton, L. B., Attorney, SI 

Silver Bow Block, Butte, Mont. 
Robert Burett Oliver, Jr., A. B., 

LL. B., Attorney, Cape Girardeau, 

Harry Herr Smiley, AHU. Mo. B. 
WllUam Neal Winter, District 

Manager, Utah Independent 

Telephone Co., 89 E. Center St., 

Prove City, Utah. 

Rea Hftydon Allee, Assistant 

Cashier, Miller County Exchange 

Bank, Olean, Mo. 
Edward Livingston Drum, LL. B., 

Lawyer, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
James Patrick Haven, Affll. Tex. 

B, Attorney, McDougla Bldg., 

Dennlson, Tex. 
James Paris Henderson, M. D., 

Physician and Surgeon, 426 Ar- 

gyle Bldg.; res. tS08 Flora Ava, 

Kansas City Mo. 
George Houck, Jr., LL. B., Affll. 

N. T. A, Attorney, Bloomfleld, 

Richard Henry Jesse, Jr., A. B., 

Columbia, Mo. 



James Patterson McBaine, LLi. B.. 

Attorney, Missouri Trust Bld£r*» 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Clifford Lee Reld, Merchant, Bhel- 

bins* Mo. 
Lewis Neil Turpin, Turpin ft 

Brackeo« Wholesale Furnishing 

Goods. 806 W. 9th St.; res. 

Washington Hotel, Kansas City, 



Richard Hiram McBalne, M. D., 
Columbia University Medical 
School, New York City, residence, 
41 W. 60th Street. New York 
City, permanent address, Colum- 
bia, Mo. 

Edwin Sidney Stephens, A. B., 
Stephens Pub. Co., Columbia, 

'Charles Joseph White. Died 1900, 
Columbia, Mo. 


Warren Logan Allee, M. D., A. B., 
Physician, Bldon; res. Clean, Mo. 

Thomas Bond, Attorney. 8744 
Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo.. 

Lewis George Davy, Traveling 
Salesman, 487 B. Seventy-eighth 
St., Chicago, UL 

Clifton nodes Estill, Farmer, Es- 
till, Mo. 

Abner Ellis Gore, Phsrsiclan, Mar- 
shall, Mo. 

Ftank Abner Thompson. Attorney, 
Commonwealth Trust Bldg., St. 
Louis, Mo. 


John Vance Hewitt, Teacher of 
History and Economics, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Rudolph Senn Houck, Lawyer, 
Bloomfleld, Mo. 

Roscoe Fairbanks Potts, Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Charles Campbell Bowling, Colum- 
bia, Mo. 

Frank Winchester Dearing, Clerk, 

Columbia, Mo. 
Thomas Bell Montgomery, Ard- 

more. I. T., Real E«state. 
Hugh Lawson Moore, Columbia, 

Eby Ryley, Boulder, Colo. 
Harry Dosier Sllsby, Traveling 

Salesman, Sllsby Stove Worin, 

704 St. Louis St., Springfield, Mo. 
Joseph Loris Strawn, Philadelphia, 

Thomas Ward Talbot, Fayette, Mo. 


Robert B. Gordon, AflU. IlL Z. 

James Henry Bond, St. Louis, Mo. 

tRobert Todd Branham. 

Walter Edgar Ellsworth Koepler, 
Palmjrra. IlL 

t Walter Cyrus Logan. 

Dwight Powell, St. Joseph, Mo. 

tPrank Isaac Ridge. 

David H. Robertson, Attorney, 117 
E. Monroe St; res. 616 E. Mon- 
roe St., Mexico, Mo. 

tLynn Newman Secord. 

tJohn Henry Stephens, Jr. 

Thomas Wilson SwiUler. 2604 St. 
Mary's Ave., Omaha. Neb. 

t Harry Baxter Beckett. 
Carl Crow, Editor. Columbia, Mo. 
Harry Williams Ehiglish. Jackson, 

tBen Chambers Hunt. 
tGeorge Turner Hider. 
tSam Boyd Sebree. 

tLeon Paul Forgrave. 
tRalph Ashbrook Knight. 
tPhilip McBaine. 
tJerome Earl Moore, 
to. P. Moss. 
tCaryl Ashby Potter. 
tJames Sidney Rollins. 
tRichard Mifflin Stephens. 
tFrederlck Williams. 
tRoland Bruce Westover. 


tin AcUve Chapter, 1905-1906. 


Payette, Missouri 


Robert Hatton Hamilton, Ph. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, Keith & Perry 
BldfiT., Kansas City, Mo. 

John Howard Wills, care Adjut- 
ant-General U. 8. A., WashlnflT- 
ton. D. C. 

Charles Arthur Winston, Attorney, 
Real Estate, 114 B. High St., 
Jefferson City, Mo. 

^Charles Pierce Allen. 
Windsor, Mo. 

Died 1882. 


Robert James Coleman, A. B., A. 
M., Miningr. Leadville, Colo. 

Vfa-firil Dlllln. DiUin Drugr Co.. Min- 
neapolis. Minn. 

Tnisten Polk Lee, Ph. D., Real 
Elstate. 4746 State St.; res. 8025 
8. Park Ave., Chicago, m. 

Charles Thomas Noland. Attorney. 
Address unknown. 

Carlos Eramus Betts, Telephone 
Manager, Atchison. Kan. 


Nathan James Swetland, Druggist, 

Chillicothe, Mo. Last address. 



Pahon, Mltaouri 


William Bailey Clark Brown, A. B., 
Lawyer, 1786 B. Slat 8t, Kansaa 
City, Mo. 

Shadrock Bond Holmes. B. 8., 
Miller, Eaffle Point, Ore. 

David M. McClanahan, B. 8., Dep- 
uty Clerk, Circuit Court, Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Joseph Addison McCoy, A. B., 
8ecretary State Representative 
Commission, St. Louis, Mo. 

Edwin Alexander Robnett, Miller, 
Pulton, Mo. 

Henry Winter Davis, Affll. Va. B. 
Zachariah LiUard, B. 8., Houston, 

James Todd Montgomery, Atty., 

Sedalia, Mo. 


Caleb Wallace Chambers, B. D., 
Clergyman, Kiam, Tex. 

Samuel Dunklin Chaney, Inde- 
pendence, Mo. 

Alfred Newton Cosset, LL. B., At- 
torney, €06 New Eng. Bldg., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

George Walter Gates, Seattle, 

Edward Fell Holmes, Grain Brok- 
er, Chicago Heights, Chicago. 

James Nicolas Pemberton, Prln. 
H. 8., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Reuben Travis Scott, M. D., Eaec- 
trical Engineer, Carthage, Mo. 

Stoner Wesley Tantis, A. R, Com- 
mission Merchant, Buffalo, N. 


Llewellsm Jones Mitchell, A. B., 
Supt. Schools, Centralia, Mo. 

William Nell Southern, Editor, In- 
dependence Mo. 

Aaron Burr Tantis, Buffalo, N. T. 

Don Pedro Bartley, Banker, Ful- 
ton, Mo. 

John Allen Gallaher, A. B., B. D., 
Clergyman, Avondale Presby- 
terian Church; res. 1962 N. Ked- 
zle Ave., Chicago, HL 

•Wm. Yancy McChesney. 

Chas. Francis Richmond, A. B., 
Clergy, Paris, Mo. 

Thos. Nesbit Wilkerson, A. B., A. 
M.. LL. B., Atty., 9-15 Whittlng 
Bldg., Albuquerque, N. M. 

Samuel Edward Young, D. 1)., 
Clergyman, Second Presbyterian 
Church; res. 6 Colonial Place, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 


George Fred Ayres, A. B., A. M., 
Ph. D., Pres. Lindenwood Col- 
lege, St. Charles, Mo. 

George Finley Burton, unknown. 

Wm. Marion Duffy, Capitalist, St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Frederick William Hinitt, A. B., 
D. D., President Central Uni- 
versity, Danville, Ky. 

Albert Mohr Ott, LL. B., Attorney, 
Independence, Mo. 

Matthew Howell Reaser, A. B., 
A, M., Ph. D., Pres. Wilson OoL 
for Women, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Lee Wilson Rood, President of 
People's Bank, Camthersville, 


John ETmest Crawford, A. B., 
Lumber, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

*Chas. Benjamin France. 

Edward Hays Lyle, A. R, A. M.» 
Ph. D., Clergyman, Colorado 
Spring!, Colo. 




Floyd McChesney, Real Bstate, 
Fort Worth, Tex. 

Hamilton McMillan Dalton, St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Liandon Owen Rodes, B. 8., Phy- 
sician, Boulder, Colo. 

Wm. Hays Ferguson, A. B., Cler- 
gyman, Duranffo, Texas. 
Wm. Samuel Foreman, A. B., A. 

M., Clergry, New Castle, Ind. 
Robt. Donell France, Real Estate, 

Donell Court, St. Joseph, Mo. 
Walter McAfee Lan^try, A. B., A. 

M., Clergy. Clayton, Mo. 
Ned Russell Rodes, B. S., Phsrsi- 

clan, Mexico, Mo. 
James Lonff Sloss, National Bank 

of Commerce; res. 8631 Ldndell 

Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Robt. Graham Kellar, B. 8., M. D., 

Physician, Freeman, Mo. 
Colin Alan McPheeters, A. B., 

Pres. Synodical College, Fulton, 

George Miller, Jr., B. S., Attorney, 

Room 45, Waterworks Bldg, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Clyde Smith, Secretary and Treas- 

turer. Grant County Telephone 

Co., SUver City, N. M. 

Arthur William Bush, B. 8., Box 

S17, Dallas, Texas. 
John Henry Hlgbee. A. B., Waldo, 

Frasier McKim Sallee, B. 8., M. 

8., Atty., Los Angeles, CaL 


Homer Bamett Crawford, Lum- 
ber, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Robert EMgar Porterfleld, Clergy- 
man, Kennett, Mo. 

Henry Farris Baker, Boise, Idaho. 

Elmer Charless Henderson, Mer- 
chant, Fulton, Mo. 

Chas. Roy MacFeurlane, A. B., 
Atty., 686 Century Bldg., St. 

James Stuart Morrison, B. 8., A. 
B., School for the Deaf, Fulton, 

Wm. George Palmer, B. L., B. D., 
Clergyman, Los Angeles, CaL 

ESdward Curtis Whaley, B. 8.* 
Stockman, Earl, Mo. 


John Harry Atkinson, Real E^itate, 
Fulton, Mo. 

Frank Emory Gates, Banker, Inde- 
pendence, Mo. 

Llewellyn Humphreys, A. B., B. 
D., Clergyman, Lawrenceburg, 

William Irvine Wilkerson, Secre- 
tary, Chas. M. Monroe Station- 
ery Co., 209 W. Third St.; res. 
4324 Forest Park Blvd., St. Louis, 


William Edward Dickens, Physi- 
cian, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Wylie Hamilton Forsythe, A. M., 
B. D., M. D. Medical Missionary, 
Chunju, Korea. 

Thos. Finley Gallaher, B. D., Cler- 
gyman, Greenville, Tex. 

William Harry Henderson, Cdm- 
mercial Traveler, Bfaoon, Mo. 

Harry Jacks, Montgomery City, 
Mo., Editor. 

Andrew Christy Knox, A. B., 
Physician, Altman Bldg.; res. 
2982 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, 

George Bums Lyons, B. S., Farmer, 
HlgginsviUe, Mo., R. F. D. No. 2. 

Sydney Louis McCarty, Ph. B., 
Clergyman, Thomasville, Ga. 

Robt. Shanklin McCUntic, A. B., 
B. L.. AfflL Va. Z, Atty., Mon- 
roe City, Mo. 

Zachariah J. Mitchell, Jr., Fred 
Harvey ft Cd., St. Louis, Mo. 

Wm. Courtney Moffett, Manager 
the Credit Clearing House^ 8t. 
Louis, Mo. 

James Robert Noland, Reporter 
and Magasine Writer, care of 
The Poat, Denver, Colo. 


* Bernard Roy Farrar. 

ESdward Clifford Gordon, Jr., 

Commercial Traveler, Fort 




Harry Herr Smiley. A. R, IC D., 
care Cotton Belt Hoapltal, Tex- 
arkana» Ark. 

Arthur Atwell Brown, Oom. Trav- 
eler, Dalrymple St.. Jamaica 

Plalna, ICaas. 
John Hart Brown, A. B., FulUm, 

Paul Finley Foreman, Farmer, 

Rensselaer, Mo. 
Geo. Winston Leyboum, A. B., 

EHec Engrineer, Los Angeles, CaL 
Homer Plerson Mitchell, Editor. 

KesrtesvlUe, Mo. 
*Roes Neel. 
Stephen Terkes Van Meter, B. L., 

A. B., Phjrsician. 216 W. Ave. 

64, Los Angeles, Cal. 


Marshall Nesbit Ferguson, A. B.. 
Atty., Stephensville, Tex. 

Frank Newton Gordon. A. B., M. 
D., Physician, 1642 Mississippi 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Everett Price Maule, Jr., Archi- 
tect, Chemical Bldg., St Louis, 

Chas. Kay Smith, Manufticturer, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 


Britts Gorman Boone, Attorney, 
Clinton, Ma 

Alexander Lawton Gordon, Sales- 
man, 506 W. 10th St, Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Chas. Fackler Lamkin, Real Es- 
tate. Keytesville, Mo. 

John Earle Lyons. Farmer and 
Stockman, Higginsvllle, Mo. 

Clive Douglas Scott, A. B., M. D., 
Phsrsician, 2922 Locust St, St 
Louis, Mo. 

James Higgins Parker, Stockman, 
Warrensburg, Mo. 

Porter Edwin Stone, Real Estate 
and Insurance, Kansas City, Mo. 

Dan Stratton, Attorney, Noosha 

Frank Fleming Baker, Merchant, 
Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Paul Baldwin, Physician, Ejsnnett 

Robert Grant Cousley, Civil En- 
gineer, Company B, 1st Bat- 
talion, Ft Wm. MoKlnley, Blatl, 
P. L 

Wm. Chisman Swope, B. L., Ponl- 
tryman. Independence, Ma 


James Kennedy Black, Editor, 

Clayton. Mo. 
Oliver Luther Bsnms, B. L., B. D.. 

Clergyman, Laddonla, Ma 
Geo. Anderson Campbell, Planter, 

Commerce, Ma 
Albert Bowen Caruthers, B. L., 

Editor, Kennett, Mo. 
Wm. Quarles Conway, Physician, 

Tulsa, L T. 
Howard David Hope, M. D., Physi- 
cian. Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
Dimcan McGregor, 450 Aroade 

Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 


Thurman Augustus Kinder, Atty., 

Plainview, Tex. 
Edgar Christy Knox, Seo'y and 

Treas., Mont Tonopah Mining 

Co., Tonopah, Nevada. 
Irving Grlssom Mitchell, A. B^ 

Atty.. Kirkwood, Mo. 
John Wilbur Ward. Lieutenant 16th 

Infantry U. S. A.. Manila, P. I. 
Laken Dubart Walker, Stockman, 

Farmington, Mo. 


Wm. Benton Baker, Cripple Creek, 

Edward Ruddell Byrd, Com. Trar- 

eler. Jackson, Mo. 
Hinton Harris Noland, 808 Olive 

St., Kansas City, Mo. 
David H. Robertson. Law Student 

Mexico, Mo. 
Robt. Melvin White. M. D., D. O., 

Freei>ort IIL 
Leander Mitchell White, Editor, 

Mexico, Ma 


Chas. Watts Dudley, Miller, Aux- 
vosse. Mo. 



Fntnk Otli& Hmitcr, TraTeUns 
Salesman, Blacdcwell-Wl^landy 
Co., 4222 W. BeU Flaoe^ Bt. 
Louis, Ma 

BVank Schultle Waber, Farmlnc- 
ton. Mo. 

Martin Yates, Jr., A. R, Editor, 
Fulton, Mo. 


Fred Ashpy Blaok, Travellnff Sales- 
man, care Crenlden Martin 
Woodenware Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Richard Edwin Burch, Real Es- 
tate, 414 Oarfleld, Kansas City* 

Juiien Qayle Miller, Law Student, 
Home, Jackson, Mo. 

Albert Henry Mueller, Merchant, 
Jackson. Mo. 


fWalter Edgar Ellsworth Koepler, 
Palmyra, Mo. 

tJno. Jay Rice, Jr., Fulton, Mo. 

Wm. Wilson Seibert, Law Stu- 
dent, Jackson, Mo. 

Chas. Dines Servier, Student, Oolo. 
U., Boulder, Colo. 

Robert Kent Wilson, Insurance, 
Jackson, Mo. 


Horace Bushnell Barks, care Rer. 
H. B. Barks, Centralla, Mo. 

Jas. Henry Bond, Maplewood, Mo. 

tChas. Au£rustU8 Calvlrd, Jr., Clin- 
ton Mo. 

George Weber dev^tand, Jr., 
Lumber, Ft. Smith, Ark. 

Jas. Tiakenan Edwards, Editor, 

Mexico, Mo. 
tRalph Oliver Hamacher, Rich- 
mond, Mo. 
tDonan Roes Harrison, Tuscumbia, 

Clarkson Barnes Hereford, Odessa, 

Jas. Reader Leavell, AflU. Va. T, 

Mech. Am. National Bank, 710 

WhltUer St, St. Louis, Mo. 
Mason Avery Lewis. Student, 

Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. 

fTureman, Marquess, Fulton Mo. 
tRol> Sproule McKee, Fulton, Mo. 
Orlando Lltsey McDonald, 1908 N. 

8th St., Joseph, Mo. 
Lucein Cameron Nesbitt, Real EjS- 

tate, 414 Oarfleld Ave., Kansas 

City, Mo. 
Wm. Andrew Soule, Mining, Kent, 



tBertram Tarleton Harvey, Eldon 

tJohn Caskie Miller, Keytesvillo, 

Dwight Powell, St. Joseph, Mo. 


tHarry Herr Mclntsrre, Fulton*. 

tHugh Balland Pankey, Kennett, 

tRichard Henry Stevens. Jr., Clay- 
ton, Mo. 


tin active chapter, 1906-1906. 


SI. Louis, BAiMOiiri 

John Benton Liecs&t, Butte, Mont. 
Richard Shackleford If cCulloch, R 

M., Asst. ligr. United RallwayB 

Co., St. LoulB, Mo. 
liorenso Bailey Vella, Asst. Brldgre 

EhiflTlneer. City Hall; res. 1646 S. 

Compton Ave.. St. Louia. 

Charles Cummlnffs Collins, A. B.. 

LXk B., Equitable Bldff., St. 

WUUam Henry Danforth. B. M., 

Pres. Ralston Purina Mills, 8th 

and Gratiot Sts.; res. 6280 Wash- 

inarton Blvd.. St. Louis. 
John Rison FOrdyce, B. M., Little 

Rock, Ark. 
Harry Robson Hall. A. B., M. D.. 

6894 Cates Ave., St. Louis. 
Thomas George Rutled^re. A. B.. 

LL. B.. Security Bldff., St. Louis. 


Charles Ahiman Bohn. B. M., 

Ai>artado 101. Monterey. Mexico. 
William Nicholson Cumminffs. 

GuanaiTuato. Mexico. 
Nathaniel Henry Bmmons. B. M.. 

Taviche. Oaxaco. Mexico. 
William Dunham Hudson. Ph. B.. 

LL. B.. Commercial Bldir.. St. 

St. Louis. 
Frederick Barley Hall. M. D.. 2917 

Washinarton Ave.. St. Louis. 
Amo Earnest Hunlng. B. B.. Sec. 

and Treas. Wash. Blec. Sup. Co.. 

Albuquerque. N. M. 
Denny W. Roper, Blectrical Bn- 

ffineer. St. Louis. Mo. 

^Ralph Gully Cole. 
James Gorman Crevelinff, Jr.. B. S.. 

Clayton. Mo. 
John Campbell Cimimings, A. R. 

LL. B.. Commercial Bldir., St. 

•Frederick William Lemp. B. S. 
•Frederick William Scullin. 
Philo Speer Stevenson. A. B., Prin. 

Humboldt Schools; res. 3127 

Sheridan Ave.. St. Louis. 


Warren Lewis Clark, Clark Gro- 
cery Co.. St. Louis. 
James Harrison, B. S., Klnloch 

Telephone Co., Century Bldg*.. 

St. Louis. 
Charles Alexander Biadill. Tex- 

arkana. Ark. 
Walter McKlttrlck, A. B.. care 

Hargadine McKlttrlck D. G. 

Co., St. Louis. 
Edwin Harrison Steedman, A. B.. 

2803 Pine St.. St. Louis. 
Allan Pendleton Whittemore. M. B., 

Webster Groves, Mo. 


Thomas Bailey Carter. Supt. City 
Llffhtinff. City HaU. St. Louis. 

Trescott FOx Chaplin. A. B.. t.t. 
B., A. M.. from University o* 
ChicaflTO. Security Bldir., St. 

David Hull Holmes. University of 
Arizona, Tucson. Aris. 

Albert Brlggs Lawver, 6716 Clem- 
ens Ave.. St. Louis. 

Ralph McCaxty, M. B., Pres. and 
Gen. Mgrr. The Stover Mfg. Co., 
Myerstown, Pa.; res. Lebanon, 

Robert Charles Miller, 1781 Mis- 
souri Ave., St. Louis. 

•Charles Hunt Wilson. 


George Henry Boeck. Real Bstate. 
618 Chestnut St.; res. 4963 Park 
View PL, St. Louis. 




Allan Charles Caldwell, Vlce-Pres. 
and Treas. H. C. Spring Supply 
Co. ; res. 427 Lake Ave., St. Louis. 

Edwin Ratherford CbapptfU LK 
B.. 8811 Westminster PL, St. 

William Hargadine Thomson, IC 
E.. Affll. N. Y. A, St. Paul Gas 
Light Co.; res. 3805 Lindell Ave.. 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Robert Monroe Wilson, LL. B., 
Missouri Trust Bldg., St. Louis. 

James Adklns, Jr., res. 1414 S. 
Ewing Ave., St. Louis. 

Davis Biggs, LL. B., Attorney, 
Fullerton Bldg., St. Louis; res. 
Kirkwood, St. Louis, Mo. 

William Glasgow Clark, E. B., 
Westlnghouse Air Brake Co., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Lockett Gwinn Coleman, A. B., 
from Harvard, care Bona Ven- 
ture St. Station, Montreal, Can. 

Joseph Dickson, Jr., LL. B., Mis- 
souri Trust Bldg., St. Louis. 

Ralph McKlttrick, A. B., from 
Harvard, care Hargadine McKlt- 
trick D. G. Co., St. Louis. 

Thomas Henry Wright. 


^Alexander Rutland Arbuckle. 

John Gully Cole, A. B., Secy. Cole 
Realty Co.; res. 4023 Westmin- 
ster PI., St. Louis. 

Dwight Pllley Davis, A. B., Se- 
curity Bldg., St. Louis. 

William Ross Glasgow, American 
Steel Foundries, East St Louis, 


Charles Parsons Pettus, A. B., 
Washington University, St. Louis. 

William Simeon Simpson, 2110 La- 
fayette Ave., St. Louis. 

James Lyall Stuart, B. S., care 
James Stuart & Co., Westing- 
house Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.; res. 
Sewickley, Pa. 

Xenophon Pierce Wilfley, LL. B., 
Missouri Trust Bldg., St. Louis. 

Harry Burd Goodfellow, address 

Sherman Leavitt, B. 8., M. S., 
Chemist U. S. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture, Washington, D. C 

Silas Bent Phillips, B. S., Civil 
Engineer, Frisco Bldg., 4442 Mor- 
gan St., St. Louis. 


Henry Ware Eliot, Jr., A. B., 
Publisher, 333 4th Ave., New 

Eugene Towner Senseney, A. B.. 
M. D., 2829 Washington Ave., St. 

Thurston Wright, United Coal Co., 
Bank for Savings Bldg., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 


Edwin Famham Carter, 812 Star 
Bldg., St. Louis. 

Carr Lane Glasgow, A. B., M. B., 
care Westlnghouse, Church, Kerr 
& Co., 10 Bridge St.; residence, 
250 W. 93d St., New York City. 

Henry Moses Pollard, A. B., 604 A 
Delmar Ave., St. Louis. 

George Ward Parker, Jr., Aldrich 
Court, 45 Broadway; residence, 
250 W. 93d St., New Yoric 

Oswald Wayne Smith, M. D., 4914 
Washington Ave., St. Louis. 


Alban Jennings Anderson, A. B., 

Burroughs Adding Machine Co., 

Omaha, Neb. 
Frank Souther Codding, A. B., 4626 

Page Ave., St. Louis. 
Edward Glion Curtis, A. B., LL. 

B., 1748 Waverly PI., St. Louis. 
Clemens Englesing Glasgow, A. B., 

4536 Westminster PL, St. Louis. 
Herschel John Drabelle; res. 4624 

Mcpherson Ave., St. Louis. 
Edwin Sterne Harrison, B. S., from 

Harvard, 3747 Westminster PL, 

St. Louis. 
John William Plant, Folsom, Cal. 
Kossuth Cayce Weber, LL. B., 8887 

Delmar Ave., St. Louis. 
Philip Benajah White^ A. B., JAm 

B., Kirkwood, Mo. 


Biron Corwin Anderson, 4637 Mor- 
gan St., St. Louis. 

George Mather Brown, Ph. B., from 
Yale, Brownhurst, Kirkwood, Mo. 

Charles Eugene Valier; res. 4635 
Washington Ave., St. Louis. 



Chrlatj Iforgmn Fiemrar, LIa B., 
Attomej, Granite Bldir., St. 


Percy Albert Boeck, Colambia Unl- 

venlty; residence, 413 Weet SSnd 

Ave., New York City. 
George Levlfl Allen, Jr., B. S., 

res. 26 Westmoreland PL, St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Hamilton Daughaday, Lumber 

Business, Branch and Hall Sts., 

St. Louis. 
Samuel Bly Mlot, A. B., Oxford 

University, Hertford College, 

Walter Flschel, A. B., from Har- 
vard, IC D.. 8841 Washington 

Ave., St. Louis. 
Albert Byron Gregory, Jr., Yale, 

WhltehaU, HI. 
Alexander Rives Sklnker, A. B., 

4288 Mcpherson Ave., St. Louis. 
Fontaine Maury Jones, Klrkwood, 

James Douglas Skinner, 8142 Pine 

St., St. Louis, Mo. 


Benjamin Gaines Chapman, Jr.'; 
res. 212 Pasadena Apts., Detroit, 

Richard Scruggs Kennard, 4 Port- 
land PI., St. Louis. 

Robert Rodes McGoodwln, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Henry Christy White, Klrkwood, 

tRoy Alexander Campbell, 6097 
Washington Ave.. St. Louis. 

fAllan Preston Gamble, 6961 Plym- 
outh Ave., St. Louis. 


fin active chapter 1906-1906. 


Murry French Edwards, Klrkwood, 

Brownlee Fisher, 2nd and Gratiot 
Sts.; res. 4666 Washington Ave., 
St. Louis. 

Samuel Morris Dodd XL, Newark, 
N. J. 

George Arnold Randolph, Bucking- 
ham Club, St. Louis. 

Harold Locke Reader, Shurtleff 
College, Upper Alton, HI. 

William Adair Rembert, AflU. Tez. 
B, University of Texas, Austin, 

tRuby Waldo Benecke, Law, 
Bnmswlck, Mo. 

tDanlel Dillon, Jr., Law, 4889 Pine 
St., St. Louis. 

tAlvan Joy Goodbar, 8968 West- 
minster PI., St. Louis. 

tHerbert Guy Study, Richmond, 

tSamuel Holliday Allen, 26 West- 
moreland PI., St. Louis. 
tFrank Monroe EHiot, 6468 Maple 

Ave., St. Louis. 
tBenedlct Farrar, 4628 Pine St., St. 

tBUis Ftochel, 8841 Washington 

Ave., St. Louis. 
tCharles Armln Gundelach, 4628 

Washington Ave., St. Louis. 
tJohn Buckingham Mare, 4800 

Page Ave., St. Louis. 
tDouglas Turner, Tower Dormitory, 

Washington Univ., St. Louis. 

tArthur Conant Dixon, 4461A D6I- 

mar Ave., St. Louis. 
tCharles Miller Glasgow, 4066 

Washington Ave., St. Louis. 
tFrancis Page Hardaway, 4627 

Maryland Ave., St. Louis. 
tLeroy Alois Wehrle, Belleville, IlL 


LiiKAlii, Nekruka 

Clarence Walter Rhodes, A. B.. 
LiLi. B., Editor and Publisher, 
Denver, Col. 

Francis Marion Lamberton, A. B., 
Attorney, Oil Trough, Ark. 

^James Ottes Sturdevant, B. L., 

died 1879, Lincoln, Neb. 
Willis Sweet, If. C, Boise City. 

Ellis Oscar Lewis, B. C. E., Falls 
City, Neb. 


Edmund John Churchill, A. B., At- 
torney, 810 Continental Bldir., 
Denver, Col. 

Conway MacMillan, A. B., A. M., 
Prof. Univ. of Minnesota, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 


William Ferris Brisbee, Banker, 
Chadron, Neb. 

James Robert Foree, A. B^ Real 
Estate, Tekamah, Neb. 

Oeorge Bell Frankforter, B. S., A. 
M., Ph. D., Prof. Univ. of Min- 
nesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Henry Elton Fulmer, B. S., A. M., 
Prof. Washington Agrl. College, 
Pullman, Wash. 


Arthur Eyman Anderson, B. L., 
Banker, Genoa, Neb. 

Caleb Almon Canaday, Principal, 
Perkinsville, Ind. 

*Roy Oeorge Codding, A. B., Mis- 
sionary, Free Town, Sierra 
Leona, Africa. 


Clyde Hamilton Bowman, Real 
Estate, Lincoln, Neb. 

Lucius Almon Chapin, Chief Clerk 
to Comptroller, A. 8. & R. Co., 
71 Broadway; res. 66 W. 127th 
St., New York, N. Y. 

Amos Evans Oannt, FblUs City, 

Elmer Osgood Gates, Accountant, 
C. & S. Ry., residence, 1270 Lo- 
gan ave., Denver, Col. 

George William Gerwig, Ph. D., 
Secretary Board of Controllers, 
Allegheny School District, Alle- 
gheny, Pa. 

Charles Berry Newcomer, A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D., Instructor In 
Greek and Latin, University of 
Michigan; res. 1227 Washtenaw 
Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

William Logan Stephens, Super- 
intendent Public Schools, 15th 
and N. Sts., Lincoln, Neb. 

Elden Lee Thrift, Chicago, 111. 


Joseph Allen Barris, C. B., Con- 
tractor, Council Blufto, la. 

David Avery Haggard, B. Sc, LL. 
B., Attorney, 424 Globe Bldg.. 
St. Paul, Minn. 

William James Taylor, A. B., M. 
A., Ph. D., Teacher, Brooklyn 
Training School for Teachers; 
res. 1106 St John's Place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 


William Connor Dorsey, Attorney, 

Beatrice, Neb. 
Homer James Edmlston, M. A., 

Rome, Italy. 




Galen Lamar Talt, B. Lk, LtL. R, 
LL. IC, D. C. L., Attorney, 206 
Colorado Bldff. Waahln^on. 
D. C. 


*Arcule Edward Ouilmette. 

Emory Chase Hardy » A. B., Furni- 
ture Business, 1618 D. SL, Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Arthur Franklin Montmorency, A. 
B., LL. B., City of Mexico. 

Raymond Marvin Welch, President 
Omaha Coopera^^ Co., Ill 8. 
88th St, Omaha, Neb. 

Roy McMillan Wheeler, M. D., 678 
Wentworth Ave., Chicago, III. 

Thomas Elwood Wing, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, Care of Wing, Rus- 
sell & Watterson, 22 rine St., 
New York. N. Y. 


Oscar Frederick Funke. San Fran- 
cisco. CaL 

Charles Anson Lyman, M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, 864 S. 
80th St., Lincoln, Neb. 

George Henry Palmer, Insurance, 
Merchants' Nat. Bank Bldg., 
Omaha, Neb. 

Gtoorge Endres Payne, Lincoln 
Drug Co., Lincoln, Neb. 

William Linn Westermann, A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D., Assistant Pro- 
fessor, State University of Min- 
nesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 


Charles Addison Elliott, B. S., M. 
D., Physician, 2900 Indiana Ave., 
Chicago, m. 

William Cyrus Mentzer LL. B.. 
Attorney. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Chauncey Vincent Nusz, Superin- 
tendent Sugar Factory, Bay City, 


Albert Henry Famsworth, M. D., 
Physician. Grand Island, Neb. 

Frank Alexander Hetzel, Grand 
Island, Neb. 

John Charles Jones, Westing- 
house Elec. Co., Salt Lake City, 

Silas Bronson Lyman, B. E. EL, 
LL. B., State Capitol, Albany, 
N. Y. 

Lawrence Bell Pillsbury, A. B., 
M. D., Physician and Instructor 
In University of Nebraska, 208 
Richards Block, Lincoln, Neb. 

William Henry Raymond LLw B., 
Wholesale Grocer, 1236 C. St., 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Julius Tyndale Westerman, M. D., 
Physician, 6 E. 32nd St.. New 
York, N. Y. 


Thomas Crelgh, LL. B., General 
Attorney, Cudahy Packing Cc 
Omaha, Neb. 

Ralph Whitledge Haggard A. B. 
Oxford. Neb. 

Corwin Robert Haggard, American 
Express Co., Sioux City, la. 

William Henry Hayward, LL. B., 
Attorney Nebraska City, Neb. 

George Rogers Lewis, Bank Cash- 
ier, Glasgow, Ky. 

Adolph Bernard Lindquest, B. A., 
M. D., Vienna, Austria. 

William Harrison Oury, Captain 
U. S. Infantry, Fort Assiniboine, 

Edward Walter Tillson, 792 McAl- 
lister St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Louis Aurel Westermann, 41 
Vn\on Sq., New York, N. Y., 
Residence, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Henry Klngsley Wheeler. 


E:rwin Roland Davenport, B. S., 

Ralph Scott Mueller. B. Sc Elec- 
trician, Chicago, ni. 

Samuel Walter Pinkerton, A. B., 
LL. B., West Publishing Co.; 
res. 1726 Van Buren St., St. Paul, 

Karl Chandler Randall, B. Sc, 
Westinghouse Elec. Co. Pitts- 
burg. Pa- 
Thomas Francis Roddy, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, Nebraska City 

Phillip Wlnfred Russell, A. B., LL. 
B., AflU. N. Y. A, Attorney, care 
of Wing, Russell ft Watterson, 88 
Pine St., New York City; res. 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 



Harry Curtis Shears, 1282 Peck- 
ham Ave., Cleveland, Ohla 

Clinton Reed Spooner, Baxter 
Springs, Kan. 

Charles Leroy Stone, B. Sc., Phil- 
ippine Islands, Manila, J. O. 
White Elec Co. 

Charles Henderson True R Sa, 
1516 Old Colony Bldg., Chicago, 

Earnest Owen Weber, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Valparaiso, Neb. 


John Dearborn Hastle, A. B., If. 
D., Physician, care of Qouvemeur 
Hospital, New York, N. T.; res. 
804 B. 6th St., Brooklyn, N. T. 

Barl Allen McCreery, B. Sa, In- 
suranee and Loans, Riohards 
Block, Lincoln, Neb. 

Howard Coon Parmelee M. A, R 
Sc, Consulting Chemist, P. O. 
Box 1421, Denver, CoL 

Joel Stebblns B. Sc, Prof. Univ. 
of Illinois Champaign, 111. 

John True Sumner, A. R, Hitch- 
cock Hall. Univ. of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111. 

Walter Peyre Thomas, Uj. R, At- 
torney, 101 Bee Bldg.; res. 2717 
Jackson St., Omaha, Neb. 


James Alexander Charles Kennedy, 
LL. B., Attorney, 689 Faxton 
Block; res. 620 S. 88th St, 
Omaha, Neb. 

^Charles Herbert von ManwffJde, 
A. B., LXk B., died Aug. 16, 
1905, Ashland, Neb. 

Charles Conklln St. Clair, LXh R, 
Attorney, Holdredge, Neb. 

Burt Denlson Whedon, Um R, At- 
torney, 22 Pine St; res. 742 St 
Nicholas Ave., New York, N. T. 


Charles Howard Abbott, Reporter, 

care Chronicle, Houston, Texas. 
Paul Leland Case, Station A, St 

Joseph, Mo. 
William Morris Pryee, Red Oak, 

Blam Winger Seaersst, Iil* R, 

Cattleman, Marlon, Nab. 

Alvln Frederick Johnson, 924 S. 
18th St. Omaha, Neb. 

Horace Wllllston Sherman, Mari- 
nette, Wis. 

Harry Allan Tukey, A. R, Real 
Estate, Board of Trade Bldg.; 
res. 8126 Chicago St, Omaha, 

Arthur Collins Welshans, 2412 
Cass St, Omaha, Neb. 


•John Edgar Hill, died In Salt 
Lake City, Utah, April 6, 1906. 

John Dledrich Lau, Lau Bros. Co., 
1046 D St. Lincoln. Neb. 

Ralph Loran Sabln, Sioux Falls 
8. Dak. 

Chester Blachfleld Sunmer, Schuy- 
ler, Neb. 


Earle Edwin Famsworth, A. B., 
AflU. N. Y. A, Druggist, Qrand 
Island, Neb. 

Charles Andrew Fife, A. B., M. 
D., 846 S. 16th St, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Theodore John Hewitt, 16 Masonic 
Bldg., Denver, CoL 

Herbert Rasrmond Johnson, North 
American, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Alexander Christian Lau, Lau 
Bros. Co., Lincoln, Neb. 

J. R. McCance. Pittsburg, Pa. 

James D. Maltland, Vice Presi- 
dent and General Manager, Colo- 
rado Brick Supply Co.; res. 874 
Clarkson St, Denver, Cola 

Halleck Joseph Sowles, A. B.. Tel- 
ler Bank, care St Charles Ho- 
tel, St Joseph, Mo. 

Lincoln Oscar Wlttman, Lincoln. 


Dan McCutchln, Archer, Neb. 

•Robert Homer Oalnes, AfflL BL A, 
died 1904. 

Connor Virgil Bliss, R E. EL, 
Ashland, Neb. 

Louis Percy Hewitt, B. A., Colum- 
bia University, New York, N. T.; 
res. 801 N. 82nd St, Lfnocdn, 



Miles BuBhman Houck, Wlurfeaale 
Grocery Brokera^ Saleeman, 21S 
8. ISth St., Omaha, Neb. 

Allan Samael Nellson, B. L., Fro- 
feMor of English, Washington 
GoUeffe, Chesterton, Md. 

Isaac Miller Raymond, Wholesale 
Grocer, Lincoln, Neb. 

Henry Lieo Sender, B. 8c., 1589 
Marquette Bldir., Chicago, DL 

Amos Thomas, Real Bstate^ Jnl- 
verslty Places Neb. 

Charles Whedon, B. A., Vice-Pres- 
ident's Office of C. B. & Q. Ry.; 
res. 866 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 



Richard Gordon GlanvUle, <3ashler, 
Wheeler Osgood Co., Taooma, 

•William Nye Jenne, died 8ept 2, 
1905, Falls City, Neb. 

Flavlus Webb Lambert. 

Felix Jerome McShane, Jr., 29 
Leavenworth, Omaha, Neb. 

Harry Harwood Mulllken, Fre- 
mont, Neb. 

Henry Fay Neely. H. P. Lau Co., 
Lincoln, Neb. 

George Shannon, Shellsburg, la. 

Henry Oowen Smith, care Sena- 
tor Dietrich, Hastings, Neb. 

Robert Holdredge White, B., Sc, 
B. B., General Electric Co., 
Schenectady, N. T. 


Paul Selby Andreson, D. D. S.. 

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Plaln- 

Yllle, Kan. 
fFred Fllo Fairman, Hastings, 

tJames Tucker Fisher, Hastings, 

GUmore Hartlgan, care Updike 

Grain Co., Omaha, Neb. 
John Homer Hunt, Actor, 849 W. 

55th St., New York, N. Y. 
Ralph Horace Jenne, 1504 8. St., 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Charles Victor Langevln, Hast- 
ings, Neb. 

tGeorge David Lants, Kearney, 

Edward Backus Loomls, 1806 G. 
St, Lincoln, Nebw 

Charles Meredith Mathewson, 
Wakefield, Neb. 

Charles Stuart, 1906 D. St., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Robert Browning Updike, 8612 
Famam St, Omaha, Neb. 


fFred ICartln Brown, SVemont, 

John William Dorrlngton, 1604 S. 

St., Lincoln, Neb. 
tCharles Bedford Duer, Hastings, 

Montrose Lucius Lee, Mining, 

Tucson, Aria. 
fElmer Luther LlndQuest, Benson, 

fCharles Louis Meyer, Omaha, 

Stephen Boyd Miles, Falls City, 

Wilfred Blackman Trimble, Cam- 
bria, Wyo. 


James Herbert Avery, Lincoln, 

tHugo Ernst Birkner, Lincoln, 

tEiarl Martin Foster, Lincoln, Neb. 

Frederick Mason Harris, care Har- 
ris Scotten Co., Chicago, m. 

tBerne Howard Martin, Fremont, 

tBrown Sweetland Koehler, Hast- 
ings, Neb. 

tCharles McLaughlin, Lincoln, 

Edward Denlson Manning, Maz- 
weU City, N. M. 


tArthur Barth, Billings, Mont. 

fAlbert Bruce Campbell, McGook, 

tRobert A. Gantt, Falls City, Neb. 

tJames Alexander Cllne, Jr., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 


fHouti OiUilan, Ldncoln, Neb. fEdward liOoii RousMan, Omaha. 

tAllan Jerome Lee, Omaha, Neb. Neb. 

tRobert Donald NMly, Omaha* fWlIllam IC Thurston, Llnoohi, 

Neb. Neb. 


fin active Chapter, 1906-09. 


Hanover, N«fw Hampthira 

Bdwln Parker Pitman, A. B., M. 

D., Physician, 62 Sylvan Ave., 

New Haven, Conn. 
Allen Pierce Richmond, B. L., If. 

D., Physician, Dover, N. H. 
Georffe Edward Whitehill, B. L., 

M. D., Physician, 618 Broadway, 

Everett, HaM. 


^Edward Everett Chalmers, A. R, 
died 1904, Bladcfoot. Idaha 

Henry Eu^rene Chamberlain, B. K, 
Stock Breeder, Thedford. Neb. 

Charles Alexander Eastman, B. Lk, 
M. D. Amherst, Biass. 

^Ansel Edward Pendleton, died 
Oct. 9, 1886, Lawrence, Mass. 

Emerson Rice, A. B., A. M., Sub- 
Master of HifiTh School, 87 Ar- 
lington St., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Daniel Stoianoff Ruevsky, A. B., 
B. Ij., Supt Public Printing, So- 
phia, BulSBiia. 

Georse Wricrht Shaw, A. M.. Ph. 
D., Affrloultural Technology, 
University of California; res. 
1608 Oxford St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Henry Wirt Courtland Shelton, 
Lawyer, Pres. of Board of Edca- 
tion for L T., Tahlequah, I, T. 

Allah Chandler Willey, A. B., 
Business, Portsmouth, N. H. 


^Frank Forest B&Ager, died April 
2nd, 1886, Malone^ N. Y. 

Richard Skinner Ely, A. M., M. D., 
Phjrsician, West Townsend, 

Louis Henry Weymouth French, 
A. B., Manager Balch Bros. Co., 
6007 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; res. Sandwich, Mass. 

Samuel Boody Nelson, A. B., 

F&xmer, Barton, Vt. 
Benjamin Steven Simonds, Jr., 

A. B., A. M., Teacher, PottaviUe, 

Frederick Austin Whlttemore, A. 
B., Farmer, Whltlnsville, Mass. 


Charles Sumner Currier, City En- 
gineer, Barre, Vt. 

Frank Johnson Haaen, B. Lw, 
County Clerk, Lewlston, Mont. 

Sherman Hobbs, Pelham, N. H. 

George Ephralm iMlner, B. > L^* 
Lawyer, 25 Broad St.; res. 616 

B. 21st St., Borough of Brook- 
lyn, New York, N. Y. 

Joseph Morgan, A. B., Principal 

High School, Dallas, Texas. 
Nelson Edwin Baker Morrill, A. B., 

Business, 83 Plum St., Portland, 

Alexander P. Nelson, Lawyer, 

Room 33, 60 State St., Boston, 

Walter Franklin Robie, A. B., M. 

D., Physician, Baldwinsville, 

George Francis Sparhawk, B. L., 

C. E., Civil Engineer, American 
Bridge Co., Ambrldge, Pa.; res. 
East End Ave., Beaver, Pa. 

Alvin Henry Baoon, A. B., JAm B., 

Lawyer, 60 School St., Boston, 

res. 226 Grove St., Melroseb 

Amander Edward Beebee, B. L., 

A. M., Lumber Business, Mac- 

Millan, Wis. 
George Winbum ESarle, B. L., 

Teacher. 6 Highland, Ave., Som- 





WlUlam Phlneaa Earle^ B. tu. 
Lawyer, Malone, N. T. 

George Albert French, B. Lk, BubI- 
neaa, 299 Washington St., Boston, 

Frederick Orvllle Grover, A. Si., 
A. B., Prof, of Botany, Oberlln 
College, Oberlln, Ohio. 

Ira Frasler Llbby, Traveling Sales- 
man, 69 Bedford St., Boston; 
res. 23 Nixon St, Dorchester, 

Walter W. Rowe, A. B., SSeo- 
trlclan, 80 Comhlll St., Boston, 

George Boardman Stavers, Busi- 
ness, Portsmouth, N. H. 

George Philip Bnrant, American 
Consulate, Cairo, Bgsrpt. 

James Martin Curran. 

George Albion Dickson, M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, 2447 
Washington Ave.; res. 2580 Fbw- 
ler Ave., Ogden, Utah. 

Herman Howard Klbbey, A. B., 
Teacher, Swanton; res. BL Royal- 
ton. VL 

^Alexander Anderson McKenxle. 

^William Norton. 

Frank EHeazer Rowe, B. L., Insur- 
ance, 79 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Ftank Blodgett Flanders, Teacher, 
Bloomfleld, Vt. 

Charles Hall Gould, A. B., Uj, B., 
Hotel Manager, 290 Harvard St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

James Hinds, City Bnglneer's 
Office, 290 Howard St., Win- 
chester, Mass. 

Herbert Franz Jean Norton, A. B., 
Lawyer, 719 Mooney St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Loren Eugene Pattrldge, A. B., 
Lawyer, Peaoham, Vt. 

James Belknap Sargent, A. B., 
Minister, Northfleld, Vt. 


Almorln Orton Caswell, B. Jm, 1L 
L., A. M., Teacher, Perkins In- 
stitution and Mass. 8oho<d for 
the Blind, South Boston, Mass. 

Charles Benjamin Gordon, A. B., 

Gen. Mgr. Carter Ink Co., 172 
Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. 

George Edmimd Greeley, A. B., 
Marlboro SavUigs Bank, Marl- 
boro, Mass. 

Edward Griffith, B. L.,' LL. B., 
Business, 17 W. 28th St., New 
York City; Permanent Address, 
East Dorset, Vt. 

Byron Freet Qustln, A. B., Min- 
ister, E. Pepperell, Mass. 

Harry DeF6rrest Hlllard, FlEurmer, 
Lancaster, N. H. 

John Gilbert Kellar, A. B.. Sur- 
veyman In Federal Service, 110 
Western Ave., Albany, N. T. 

Frederick Alvln Morrill, A. B., 
Custom House, Boston, Mass. 

Charles Richard McKenxle, B. L., 
Editor, 244 Elm St., Albany, 
N. Y. 

WlUlam Alfred Redenbaugfa, R L., 
Ph. D., Instructor In Chemistry, 
University of Illinois; res. 911 W. 
Illinois Ave., Urbana, 111. 

Albert Chllds Sails, B. L., lilnlster, 
Guilford Center, N. Y. 

Ernest Augustus Schlmmler, A. B., 
Hanover, Germany. 

Walter Wyman Smith, A. B., 
Lawyer. 204 Odd Fellows' Bldg., 
Mankato, Minn. 

Willis Tucker Sparhawk, A. B., 
A. M., Bilnlster, Rando^h, Vt. 

*Fred Peaslee Tuxbury, A. B., A. 
M., M. D. 


Harry Burton Amey, A. B., Law- 
yer, Island Pond, Vt. 

Alfred Bartlett, B. L., Publisher, 
69 Comhlll, Boston, liass. 

Fred Porter Claggett, B. L., M. D., 
Physician, Main St., Newport, 
N. H. 

William Gibbon, A. B., Merchant 
and Planter, Bgremont, Bilss. 

Edwin Osgood Grover, B. L., Ed- 
itor, Atkins, Mentser and Grover, 
Publishers, 850 Wabash Ave., 
Chicago; res. 224 Park Ave., 
Highland Park, lU. 

Kent Knowlton, A. B., Lawyer, 
Room 816, 63 State St, Boston, 



Albert Mark Lyon, A. B., India 
Bldff., 84 State St., Boston, Maas. 

Archibald Jeseph Mathews, A. M., 
Pd. M., Morris Hiffh School. 166th 
St. and Boston Rd., New York 
City; residence, 886 St. Nicholas 
Aye., New York City, N. Y. 

Robert Ralston Pennlman, B. Lk, 
Farmer, Merlden, N. H. 

Julius Irving Read, A. B., 2602 
Clay St., San Francisco, CaL 


Fred Charles Cleaveland, A. B., 
Lawyer, Lancaster, N. H. 

Thomas Henry Hack, A. B., Phsrsl- 
clan. Proctor, Vt. 

Francis Eugene Mason, A. B., 
Teacher, Pawtucket, R. L 

Howard Carl Rumery, A. B., Law- 
yer, 531 Unity Bldg., Chicago, III. 

Henry Cobum Sanborn, A. B., 
Superintendent of Schools, Frank- 
lin, N. H. 

Arthur Dudley West, A. B., Phy- 
sician, Mollne, IlL 


Robert Colburn Bacon, A. B., Law- 
er, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Isaac Joslln Cos., A. B., Ph. D., 
Assistant Professor of History, 
University of Cincinnati; res. 2218 
Ohio Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Herbert Jackson Hapgood, A. B., 
President of Hapgood' s, 809 
Broadway, New York City. 

William Andrew Meserve, Lawyer, 
Crelghton, Neb. 

Arthur Bertram Moulton, A. B., 
Physician, 418 Market St., Har- 
rlsburg. Pa. 

^Myron Austin Phelps. 

^Edmund Frederick Relsx, A. B. 

Henry Sturtevant Richardson, A. 
B., Attorney, Claremont, N. H. 

William Francis Whltcomb, A. B., 
Minister, Westminster, Vt. 

Benjamin Franklin Adams, A. B., 
Hinsdale, N. H., 1219 L St., N. 
W., Washington, D. C. 

Arthur Avery Bacon, A. B., Pro- 
fessor of Physics, Hobart Col- 
lege, Geneva, N. Y. 

Edward Percy Bailey, A. B., 

Teacher, 76 Wlnthrop St, Brock 

ton, Mass. 
Lewis Harvey Blanchard, A. B., 

with Hapgood's, Hartford Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 
Arthur Winfleld Day, A. B., M. D., 

284 62nd St, Brooklyn, N. T. 
Franklin Ernest Heald, B. 8., 

Principal Black River Academy, 

Ludlow, Vt. 
Arthur Francis O'Malley, A. B., 

Teacher, 251 Belmont St., Brock- 
ton, Mass. 
James Nelson Pringle, A. B., 

Teacher, Sharon, Mass. 
Carl Taylor Richards, B. L., M. 

D.. Physician, Hinsdale, N. H. 
John Otis Sibley, B. L., Lawyer, 

509 State Mutual Bldg., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 
Arthur Parker Smith, Business, 

Peterboro, N. H. 
Herbert McCobb Thyng, A. B., 

New Hampton, N. H. 
Dana Dudley Wallace. 
Roy Joslln Ward, A. B., M. D., 

Physician, Worcester, Mass. 


John William Batchelder, Law 
Student. Saco, Me. 

Charles Everett Carr, A. B., Busi- 
ness, 1084 Spring St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Charles Ernest Clark, A. B., M. D., 
Phsrsidan and Missionary, Slyas, 
Turkey, via London and Con- 

LeBaron Monroe Huntington, 
Riverside Bank, 67th St., N. Y.; 
residence, 44 W. 44th St., N. Y. 

Robert Jay Mitchell, Business, 
West Randolph, Vt. 

William Hugh Mitchell, A. B., In- 
structor, University School, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Frederick William Robbert, B. L., 
Law Student, 470 6th Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bradley Carleton Rodgers, A. B., 
Principal, High School, Ver- 
gennes, Vt. 

Fred Dana Sawin, A. B., Business, 
45 Watertown St., East Water- 



Melvin Wilbur Smltli, A. B., Oor- 
respondent Sears, Roebuck & 
Co.; res. 722 W. Tlst St., Chi- 
cago, ni. 

Warren Delmer Turner, A. B., 
Phsrslcian, Weston, Vt 

William James Witte, Business, 
Roslyn, Long Island, N. Y. 


Charles Ezra Adams, Keene, N. H. 
James Leonard Barney, B. S., 
Lumber Business, 170 Summer 
St., Boston; res. 174 Norfolk St, 
Dorchester, Mass. 
Kenneth Beal, A. B., Teacher, 
Bnglish, Salem High School; res. 
lOH Andrew St., Salem, Mass. 

Hawley Barnard Chase, B. L.. 
Prinoii>al lYanklin Street School; 
res. 228 Summer BL, Stamford, 

James Dwlght Child. B. L., Busi- 
ness, Nassau, N. P., Bahama 

Thomas Cogswell, Writer, 22 Bar- 
gent St., Dorchester. Mass. 

Franklin Russell Baton, Agent 
Washburn-Crosby Co., Toledo, 

^Charles Pratt Graham, B. L. 

Frank Abbott Musgrove, A. B., 
Printer, Hanover, N. H. 

Herbert Spenser Rogers, A. B., 
Business, N. E. T. & T. Co., 
Boston, Mass. 

John Leonard Sanborn, B. 8., C. 
B., Civil Engineer, 1929 Amster- 
dam Ave.; res. 581 W. 147th St., 
New York, N. T. 


Paul Rutherford Atherton, Mt. 
Desert, Me. 

Gilbert Balkam, B. S., Business, 
Hyde Park, Mass. 

Arthur Taylor Downing, A. B., 
Physician, LitUeton, N. H. 

Arhur Perry Fairfield. A. B., Man- 
ager, Hanover Inn., Hanover, 
N. H. 

Harold May Holland, Affll. DL A, 
Athletic Supplies, Galesburg, DL 

William ESarle Howard, 208 Fair- 
mount Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Arthur Henry Norrls, B. &, a B., 
Assistant Engineer U. P. R. R., 
Box 660, North Platte^ Neb. 

Dwight Bradlee Rich, B. L., Busi- 
ness, 60 State St., Boston, liass. 

Victor Randolph Salinger, B. L., 
Manufacturer, Prescott, Arts.; 
res. 2080 W. 28th St, Los An- 
geles, CaL 

Channing Tewkesbury Sanborn, A. 
B.. Concord. N. H. 

Frank Dana Sears, B. S., C. B., 
Supervising Prefect, Girard Col- 
lege, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Horace Holmes Sears, B. S., 9 
Highland Ave., Jamaica, New 
York City. 

Cornelius Urban Tirrell, 205 Lincoln 
St., Boston; res. 417 Pond St, 
S. Weymouth, Mass. 


Bernard Qulncy Bond, B. L., Busi- 
ness, Rochester, N. H. 

Selwyn Kenson Dearborn, A. B., 
M. D., Physiciaii, WoodsvlUe, 
N. H. 

Edgar Hayes Hunter, B. 8., a B., 
Supt. of Dept. of Bldgs. and 
Grounds, Dartmouth College, 
Hanover, N. H. 

Homer Chandler Ladd, Retail Bak- 
ery and Provisions, 69 W. lialn 
St; res. 40 Orange St, Barre, 

Richard Edwards Leach, Real Es- 
tate, 1669 GUpin St, Denver, 

James Edward McCarten, B. L.. 
Business. Lancaster, N. H. 

Edward Neil McMillan, B. S., PhU- 
adelphia. Pa. 

Leon Orlando Merrill, A. B., Dis- 
trict Supt of Schools, Plttsfleld, 
N. H. 

Carl Maynard Owen, A. B., LL. B., 
Attorney, 82 Nassau St, New 
York, N. Y. 

Guy Clifton Ricker, LitUeton, 
N. H. 

Daniel Ashton Rollins, A. B., 161 
Devonshire St, Boston; res. 7 
Auburn Courts, Brookline, 



Simon HenxT Salomon, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, care Qoldsborouffb, 
Warner & Sykes, 42 Broadway, 
New York City, N. Y.; res. 162 
Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Royal Bradford Thayer, A. B. 

Harry Osbert Washbume, A. B., 
Business, care Smith-Premier 
Typewriter Ck>., 839 Broadway; 
residence, 1225 Boston Road. 
Borouffh of the Bronx, New York 

Theodore Newton Wood. B. L., 
Business, 16 School St., ICiddle- 
boro, Mass. 


Guy Hammond Abbott, B. K, 269 
B. Erie St., Chicago, IlL 

Kenneth Archibald, A. B., Treas- 
urer, The Ralph Brown Co., 6th 
and Tehama Sts. ; res. 2810 Wash- 
inarton St., San FYancisco, Cal. 

Kendall Banning, A. B., Publisher, 
care The Triptych Co., 1 Madison 
Ave., New York City; res. 1 B. 
47th St., New York, N. Y. 

Louis Johnstone Fltzpatrick, A. B., 
Mutual Life Ins. Co., Portland, 

Christopher Chadwick Fullington, 
B. L., M. C. S., care Prudential 
Ins. Co., Newark. N. J.; resi- 
dence, 87 B. Park St. 

Harry Walter McKinnon. 

Roy Stanley Merrill, Shelbume 
Falls, Me. 

Clarence Dana Mooney, Foreman 
Peerless Mfflr. Co., Newport, 
N. H. 

Rasrmond Elder Paine, B. L., M. C. 
S., Export Buyer, 26 Broad St; 
res. 102 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Martin William Peck, R 8., Physi- 
cian, 180 Lewis St., Lynn, Mass. 

Henry Nichols Sanborn, A. B., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Business, 
Harrison, Me. 


Chauncey Corey Colton, B. L., 
AfflL DL A, Phi Delta Theta 
House^ Bvanston, HL 

Arthur Qarfleld Decatur, A. B., 
Business, care Corbln Screw Co.; 
residence, 862 W. Main St., New 
Britain, Conn. 

Frank Steel Drown, B. 8., Glsrk, 
Massachusetts Bureau of Statis- 
tics of Labor, Room 254 State 
House, Boston; res. 67 Tileston 
Ave., Mattapan, Mass. 

Frederick Reid Gumrdlneer, LL. B., 
Attorney and Counselor at Law, 
White Plains, N. Y. 

Preston Wilbar Howard, A. B., 
Contractor, 638 Warren Aye., 
Brockton, Mass. 

Ralph Edward Lewers, B. L., 186 
Bay 26th Street, Bensonhurst, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Oscar Alexander Mechlin, B. S.. 
C. E., Civil Engineer, George 
Washington University; res. 
3020 Cambridge Place, Washings 
ton, D. C. 

Charles Edward Newell, M. D., 
Physician, 616 Brune PL, Weet 
Derry, Md. 

Carroll Paul, B. S., C. E., Reclama- 
tion Service, Washington. D. C 

Henry George Porter, B. S., Thayer 
School Civil Engineering, Han- 
over, N. H. 

Winfleld Lawrence Rice, A. B., 
Teacher of History, Aurora Bast 
Side High School, Aurora* HL 

Harold Hungerford Scudder, B. S., 
Newspaper Correspondent, Salem, 

Mark Bruce Wiley, Business, Beo- 
retary, Hapgood's, 809 Broadway, 
New York; res. 71 Columbia 
Heights, Brooklyn, N. T. 


Philip Staples Blanchard, A. B., 
Superintendent Woodcock Gsn 
Co., 7 S. Union St; res. 269 B. 
Erie St., Chicago, IlL 

Joseph Amasa Brainerd, 279 Broad- 
way, New York City; residence, 
510 W. 124th St. 

Lester Henry Gibson, Civil Bn* 
gineer. City Engineer's Office, 
Pasadena, CaL 

Clarence Wallace Qormley, A. B^ 
25 18th St, Troy, N. T. 



Cbarlea Mowry Lockwood, B. 8., 
9 Highland Ave., Jamaica, L*. L, 
N. Y. 

Henry Kingsbury Pierce^ B. Ij., 
Secretary and Treasurer, Ches- 
ter N. Marthens Marble Ck>., 748 
First National Bank Bldg., Chi- 
cago; res. 403 N. Orove Ave., 
Oak Park, lU. 

^Carroll Wlnthrop Porter, AflU. 
R. I. A, died March 26, 1906. 

William Thomas Shaw, B. S., C 
B., ClvU Bnglneer on Construc- 
tion of Charles River Dam; res. 
Mlddleboro, Mass. 

Roscoe Brlnker Smith, Norrldge- 
wock. Me. 

Albert Bernard Terrlen, B. L., 82 
Bridge St., Nashua, N. H. 

Charles Klngsley Woodbrldge, B. 
S., Campello, Mass. 


Cecil Archibald, A. B., Brockton, 

Rowland Pollock Balph, 901 HIU 
Ave., Mlnklnsbury, Pa. 

Harold Bellamy Bass, 2nd Officer, 
Light House Service, Box 216, 
New Bedford; res. 19 Perkins 
Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 

William Davis Blatner, B. 8., Real 
Estate, 608 S. Spring St.; res. 
1616 W. 7th St, Los Angeles, 

Harry Garfield Dennlson, A. B., 
Somersworth, N. H. 

Walter Palmer Bmery, A. B., 
Auburn, N. H. 

Halsey Beach Loder, B. S., Stu- 
dent, Medical, Hanover, N. H. 

William Rensselaer McFeetera, A. 
B., Student, Harvard Law 
School, 8 Read's Block, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Eugene Richard Musgrove, B. S., 
Student and Ajst. In English 
Dept, Hanover, N. H. 

Edwards Percy Noel, care The 
Motor Way, New York, N. Y. 

John Dwlght Post, B. S., 261 Mlg- 
lon Ave., Torrlngton, Conn. 

Chester Phllbrock Smith, B. 8., 
Norrldgewock, Me. 

fOeorge Norman Bankart, Bridge- 
ton, Me. 
Arthur Wood Chapln, Arundd 

Park, Dorchester, Boston, Mass. 
Phillips Maurice Chase, 691 N. 

Prairie St., Galesburg, 111. 
Howard Clark Davis, Wholesale 

Millinery, 167 Westminster St; 

res. 47 Jackson St, ProYldsnoSb 

R. L 
tWUllam Emery Donovan, Alfred, 

tChester McKenzle E^verett Cham- 
plain, N. Y. 
tThurlow Marshall Cordon, Me- 

thuen, Mass. 
Harry Wentworth Higman, 6121 

Monroe Ave., Chicago, IlL 
tCharles Sumner Howard, Oska- 

loosa, la. 
fArthur Bond Meservey, Ashland, 

N. H. 
tEiTlon Hugh Neal, Rochester, N. H. 
tEdwln Lines Oakford, Peoria, IlL 
tPhlUlp Batchelder Paul, 71 West- 
land Ave., Boston, Mass. 
tOeorge Domlnlck Terrlen, Nashua, 

N. H. 
tHenry Dutton Thrall, Leicester, 


Marsh Bowden Boothby, Dept 

Manager, Klnloch Telephone Co. ; 

res. 2804 Russell Ave., St Louis, 

fDenqls Leo Black, 24 Lake St, 

Nashua, N. H. 
fRobert Carlyle Cochrane, 24 

Chauncey Ave., Somervllle, Mass. 
Charles Adams Fasset, Nashua, 

N. H. 
tThomas Sullivan Field, 22 High 

St., Nashua, N. H. 
tEarl Bloodgood Fowler, 209 S. Oak 

Park Ave., Oak Park, lU. 
fWllllam Frank Garby, Walpole, 

fWalter Gardner Kennedy, Har- 

wlchport Mass. 
Howard Monroe Judson, AflU. HL 

A, 648 N. Prairie St, GaleSburg, 


George Edward Llsoomb, 269 Bast 
Brie St, Chicago, HL 



flra Humphrey Prouty, 81 Ck>iirt 

St., Keene, N. H. 
fWilllam AumutuB Sanborn, Jr^ 

472 Broadway, Somenrllle, MaM. 
fChauncey Wayland Smith, Nor- 

rldffewock. Me. 
fChester Arthur Steams, Johnion« 

Jamea William Wallace, 4068 Weat- 

minster PL, St. Louia, Mo. 
fAlftred Gantt White, 8960 Delmar 

Ave., St. Loula, Mo. 


fWebater Brewer Evana, 24 Web- 
ater St., Hyde Park, Maaa. 

fBdward Chlpman Farrlngton, 89 
John St., Chelaea, Maaa. 

f James Herbert Johnson, 48 Queen 
St., Worcester, Maaa. 

Maaon Ayery Lewla, AfflL M6. B, 
Colorado Sprlnsa, Goto. 

fWalter Clarence Rich, North Con- 
cord, Vt 

Alexander Steinert Shoninger, 
Piano Manufacturer, 106 Park 
St.; res. 608 Orange St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

fArthur Thompson Stuart, Ldndon- 
vllle, Vt. 

tStanford Davis Tappon, Albloii 
St, Hyde Park, Mass. 

tPhllllp Laforreat Thompson, Bt 
Johnabury, Vt 

tRobert Ftera Thompaon, 98 Pros- 
pect Ave., Olouoeater, Maaa. 

tHoward Franklin Whipple, 42 
Oreen St., Brockton, Mass. 

fWllliam Howard Wllaoii* AfllL 
Vt A, HolyokSb Mass. 


fDelmont Rockword Bradley, Okm- 

oeater, Maaa. 
fChester Snow Brett Boston, Mass. 
fRalph Barl Ctishman, Burilnston, 

fBertrand Carr BVenoh, Sandwich, 

tJoseph Rae Graft, Peoria, lU. 
fNathanid Jacob Howland, New 

Bedford, Mass. 
fWarren lAurence Peck, Bt Johns- 
bury, Vt 
fHarvle Ellsworth 8chwartl^ 84 

Morsemore Place, Tonkers, N. T. 
fSidney Hammond Thompson, Bt 

Johnsbury, Vt 
tLinn Louis White, 8960 Debmur 

Ave., St Louis, Ma 


fin active chapter 1906-6. 


ItlMCiu New York 

Nelson Warner Cady» Ph. B., M. 

D., Physician, Logansport, Ind. 
Lewis Peter Tier, B. C. E., with 

Mech. EnsT. L. S. and M. 8. Ry. 

Residence, 7 Cloverdale Ave., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
•Charles Edward Washburn, Ph. B. 


WUlUun Oscar Bates, Ph. B.. 91 
A Woodruff Place, Indianapolis, 

Alba Fiske Browne, Civil iitUfflneer, 
PitUburg, Pa. 

Samuel Warren Carpenter, Ph. B., 
Lawyer, Denver, Colo. 

•David Thomas Devin. 

Edmund Le Breton Gardner, B. 
M. E., 158 ElUson St., Paterson, 
N. J., Residence, Clinton Ave., 
Ridgewood, N. J. 

•Almon Clayton Oreen, B. C B. 

Dudley Returned Horton, M. S., 
Lawyer, 802 Broadway; res. 397 
Blanhattan Ave., New York City, 
N. Y. 

William Elderkin Lefflngwell, Presi- 
dent, The Qlen Springs, Watkins. 
New York. 

Charles Henry Schureman, Store- 
keeper- Ganger, U. S., Internal 
Revenue, Hermann, Mo.; res. St. 

Samuel Jacob Flickinger, A. B., A. 

M., Editor, The Journal, Dayton, 

Herbert Hackney, wnittig^ Tope- 

ka, Kan. 

•Frederick George Andrew, died in 

1901, La Porte, Ind. 
Albert Franklin Balch, B. Arch., 

Banker, Marshalltown, la. 

William Seward Boynton, Banker, 
St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Charles Marlon Cooper, R S., At- 
torney, IndianaiK>li8, Ind. 

Samuel Glenwood Lawson, Jersey 
City, N. J. 

Lewis Perry, St. Louis, Ma 

H. C Wilson, affiliated from Le- 


Charles Carroll Brown, C. E., Con- 
sulting Engineer, 408 Commercial 
Club Bldg.; res. 2247 N. Penn St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

James Carson Brownlee, M. D., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Austin Farrel, affiliated from Le- 

Horace Tut tie Jones, Ovid, N. Y. 

C. L. Knapp, Lowell, Mass. 

Thomas David Merrill, B. C B., 
Lumberman, Duluth, Minn. 

Edward Romeo Morris, M. D., Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 

De Vllle Levi Bennett, Electrician, 

Chicago, IlL 
Edwin Carlisle Boynton, Jr., M. B., 

Electrician, Newburg, New York. 
Charles Albert McAllister, U. S. 

Revenue Cutter Service, Treasury 

Dept., Washington, D. C. 
William Zalmon Morrison, A. B., 

AfBL O. A, Teacher, Pittsburg, 

WiUiam FairchUd Dean, AfflL Pa. 

H, Thompson-Houston Co., 115 

Broadway, New York City, N. Y. 
Theodore Finch Lawrence, C. B., 

Manufacturer, Chester, N. Y. 
Gtoorge Washington Btephena* 

Electrician, Yonkers, N. Y. 





Bdward Howard Bennett, Jr., M. 
BL, Electrician, 19 West SSrd St., 
or Avenue A and S6th St., Ba- 
yonne, N. J, 

Irwin Snell Devendorf, Fort Plain, 

X. T. 

Ftank Lamont Dodgaon, C BL, 
Rochester, N. T. 

Bdwin Bmerson, Jr., CoL Affiliated 
from Ohio Alpha. Hotel Griffon, 
n West 9th Street, New York 

Robert Ernest Esterly, Ph. B.. 
AfflL Ohio A, Minn. A., Sec'y 
and Treas. Northwestern Na- 
tional Life Insurance Co., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Julian Francis Meredith, Tallman, 
N. T. 

Harry Snyder, B. S., Prof. A^. 
Chemistry, Univ. of Minn.; res. 
St. Anthony Park, St. Paul, Minn. 

Ed Tarbell, B. S., Supt. Hillside 
Dairy, Stuyvesant Falls, N. Y. 

John Winters Upp, M. E., General 
Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Charles Musk Vreeland, Attorney, 
2S9 Washington St.; res. 10 Sum- 
mit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Bertis Rupert Wakeman, B. S., M. 
D., Homellsvllle, N. Y. 

Harry Hathaway Williams, Whole- 
sale Dealer in Eivaporated Fruits, 
Sodus, N. Y. 


Frank Addison Abbott, B. L., At- 
torney, 707 D. S. Morgan Bid?., 
BuffUo, N. Y. 

Herbert Luther Barker, Ph. B., 
M. D., Phjrslcian, Third Street, 
Woodside, Long Island, N. Y. 

George Alanson Blauvelt, B. L., 
A. M^ 147 Nassau Street, New 
York City, Residence, 1889 Bed- 
ford Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ernest Bowen, M. E., Mechanical 
I«nglneer, Geneva, N. Y. 

James Lincoln Callanan, Business, 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

^Norman Rutherford Weaver, AfU. 
Ala. B. Died 1897, Selma, Ala. 

Charles Henry Wells, LL. B., At- 
torney, Oak Park, m. 


Herbert Butler Ciearwater, Scran- 
ton, Pa. 

Harry Garden Folts, LL. B., Attor- 
ney, E. Liverpool, Ohio. 

William Lawrence Esterly, AfflL O. 

A, 120 Broadway, N. Y. 
Charles Frenkel, LL. B., AfBL T<sk. 

B, Galveston, Texas. 

Frank Gleason Gardner, LL. B., 
Attorney, 100 Washington St., 
Chicago; res. Highland Park, lU. 

Harry Eysaman Golden. C. E., Civ- 
il En^neer, Mann Bldg.; res. 7 
Kemble Terrace, Utica, N. Y. 

Brad French Hurd, B. S., in Arch. 
Architect, Boston, Mass. 

Frederick Winn Mahl, Mechanical 
Engineer, Schenectady, N. Y. 

James Frank MeCaw, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Watertown, N. Y. 

Frank Russell Ormsby, Business, 
Chicago, HI. 

William Albert Paris, Mechanical 
Engineer, Pittsburg. Pa. 

Charles Harris Wheeler, Cleveland, 

Charles Miles White, M. E., Buffa- 
lo, N. Y. 


Dio Lewis Holbrook, M. E., with 

Otis Elevator Co., 17 Battery 

Place; res. 46 East 21st St., New 

York, N. Y. 
Burton Mansfield Sawyer, M. E., 

Elec. Engineer, 440 Copp Bldg.; 

res. 1137 West First St., Los 

Angeles, CaL 
Murray Hilton Smith, C. E. AflU. 

Tenn. A, South Plalnfield, N. J. 
William Sumner Smith, M. B., 

Mechanical Engineer, Springfield, 

Henry Freeman Whiting, A. M., 

AfflL Pa. E, Teacher, Carlisle, 



Wilbur Cortex Abbott, A. M., AffiL 
Ind. B, Professor of European 
History. Univ. of Kansas, Law- 
rence, Kas. 

Henry David Alexander, C. B., 
Barge Canal Work, Albany, N. Y. 



Leslie A. Fenner, M. E., Ludlow- 
vUle, N. Y. 

Lewis Castle Freeman, LL. B., 
Lawyer, 60 Wall St, New York 
City; res. Palisade, N. J. 

Thomas Cooper Fulton, LL. B.. 
White Bear Lake, Minn. 

Wells Smith GUbert, A. B., Affll. 
Mich, r, Duluth, Minn. 

Paul Cherington Harris, Galena, IlL 

Fred Joerissen, Jr., Dion, N. T. 

Robert Valentine Jones, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Denny Warren Roper, M. B., AfQL 
Mo. r, Electrical Enflrineer, Cor- 
nell Club, St. Louis, Mo. 

Walter David Rose, Hardware 
Business, Homell, N. T. 

*James Thomas Searcy, Affll. Ala. 
B, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Horace Burton Strait, B. T^, St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Edwin Lee Upp, The Nat Tube 
Co., Lorain, O. 

Harry George White, 166 Allen St. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


Charles Webster Beadel, Ph. D., 
Affll. N. Y. E, Draughtsman with 
Solvay Process Co., Fairmont, N. 

Thomas Nixon Carver, Ph. D., AfflL 
Iowa A, Professor in Harvard 
College, Cambridge, Mass. 

Thomas Stevens Clark, C B., Civil 
Engineer, Room 618 Bennett 
Bldg., 99 Nassau St.; residence, 
808 W. 97th St, New York City. 

Robert Ban* Goodman, C. B., 
Civil Engineer, Saugerties, N. Y. 

William Henry Hapgood, care of 
Watrous Mfg. Co., Wallingford, 

John Hlckey, New England Mgr. 
Harrison Safety Boiler Works, 
1108 Paddock Bldg., Boston, 
Mass.; res. 189 Mason Terrace, 
Brookline, Mass. 

Robert Ward Klrby, Urbana, Ohio. 

Robert Lathrop, LLw B^ Rockf ord, 


Charles Bllven Mason, LL. B., LL. 
M., Lawyer, SO Genesee St., 
UUca, N. Y. 

•David Wasgatt Clark Mullikln. 

Richard Matthew SeUwood, Du- 
luth, Minn. 

Frederick Raymond Slater, M. B, 
E. E., 100 Broadway, New York 
City; residence, 14 Arthur 8t, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Floyd Kipp Smith, AfflL Pa. H. 
809 Lewis Bldg., Pittsburg, Fa. 

Edwin Douglas Sompayrac, B. S. 
In Arch., Affll. S. C. B., Chief 
Insurance Inspector, Southern Ry. 
Co., Washington, D. C. 

David Joy Greene, C. E., M. B., 
AfflL N. Y. A. 296 Oakland St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Theodore Llndenburg, AfflL O. Z, 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Jonas James Pierce, Jr., Sharps- 
vlUe, Pa. 

Robert Dewey Russell, Albany, 
N. Y. 

Percy James Smith, B. S., 69 Du- 
ane St.; residence, 64 ESast 184th 
St., New York City, N. Y. 

Walter Graves Smith, Treasurer 
of West Side Paper Co., 80th and 
Spruce Sts.; residence, 6024 
Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Frank Bumette Stratford, M. EL, 
96 Liberty St., New York City, 
N. Y.; residence, 77 Berkeley 
Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

William Miller Purman M. B., AfflL 
Pa. H. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Everett Pike Van Blater, P. O. 
Box 96, or care of People's Bank, 
Passaic, N. J. (Affiliated from 
Pa. Eta); res. 88 Prospect Place, 
Rutherford, N. J. 

Charles Drake Westcott LL. B., 
LL. M., D. C. L., AfflL Pa. H, 
Washington, D. C. 

Francis Joseph Bachelder, A. B. 
(Affiliated from CaL Beta), care 
of William P. Gill (^., 14 Greene 
St., New York City; residence, 
21 Ninth Ave., Newark, N. J. 

George Frederick Gebhardt, A. M., 
M. E., Affll. Pa. H, Director Me- 
chanical ESngineering, Armour In- 
stitute of Technology, Chicago, 



Thomas Ewlnff Graff, Allegheny, 

Harry Warren Orlffln, M. B. Tay- 
lor, Stiles & Co., Rlesrelsville, 
N. J. 

Jay Tyler Hunter, LL. B., Davis 
Savings and Trust Co. Bldip.; 
res. 1015 Perry Ave., Peoria, III. 

Frederick Hablrshaw Johnson. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

Nathaniel C. Robblns, care of 
American MaohinUt, Hill Pub- 
lishing Co., 506 Pearl St.; resi- 
dence, 24 Bast 47th St. New 
York City. 

Harris William Slater, LL. B., At- 
torney, 135 Broadway; residence, 
262 West 93d St., New York City, 
N. Y. 

WiUard Frank Smith, LL. B., Lee, 

Frank Moore Starbuck, LL.B.,Qlens 
Falls, N. Y. 

John Thayer Starkweather, Troy, 
N. Y. 

Herman Seelye Ward, Bast High- 
lands, Cal. 

Osslan Peay Ward, E. E., Kenyon 
Bldg.; res. 1513 Oarvin Place. 
Louisville, Ky. 


William Buxton Newton, M. B., 
Yarmouth, Me. 

WiUlam Curtis HiU, Washington, 
D. C. 

Sterling CatUn Lines, M. E., Re- 
dondo Beach, Cal. 

Herbert Hunt Morrison, M. B., E. 
E., Affll. N. Y. A, Chief Engineer. 

• Board of Education, St. Louis, 

Martin A. Seward, LL. B., Lawyer, 
700 Carleton Bldg.; res. The 
Washington Hotel, St. Louis, Mo. 

Edwin H. Stratford, Park Row 
Bldg., 17 Park Row, New York 
City; residence, Jackson Ave., 
Jersey City, N. J. 

George La Rue Weller, M. B., Dis- 
tiller and Wholesale Liquors, 131 
W. Main St.; res. 2007 4th Ave., 
Louisville, Ky. 


Austin Guy Baldwin, AfU. Ohio Z, 
Monrovia, CaL 

Abram Bassford, Jr., C B., care 
of West Shore Railroad Co., 
Weehawken, N. J. 

Charles Wluthrop Carman, 68 Hil- 
ton Ave., Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. 

George T. Clinton, Jr., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Frederick L. Davles, Chicago, 111. 

John Joseph Dempsey, Lumber 
Business, Tacoma, Wash. 

Joseph W. Graff, Jamestown, N. Y. 

C. Fred Hackett. M. B.. Utica, 
N. Y. 

Harvey Harrison Haskell, B. S., 
Affll. Pa. r. Independent Oil Pro- 
ducer, Pleasantville, Pa. 

Herbert Pickering Lewis, Vice- 
Pres. Nat'l Metal Co., 2a Cincode 
Mayo 3. Mexico City, Mex. 

William Ferdinand RIttler, A. B., 
1190 California St., San Francis- 
co, Cal. 

William Hargardlne Thomson, Jr., 
M. E., AfBl. N. Y. A. St. Paul 
Gas Light Co.; res. 3806 Lindell 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Allen Edward Whiting, LL. B., 
care of Whiting Paper Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Sidney Edwin WhiUng, M. E., with 
Whiting Paper Co., Holyoko, 

John Wesley Wright. LL. B., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

John Hancock Wynne, M. E., West- 
em Mgr. Atlantic Ekiulpment Co., 
Railway Exchange Bldg.; res. 
6638 Klmbark Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph WItham Young, B. 8., M. 
D., Physician, 114 W. 78th St., 
New York City. 

Eugene Charles Zeller, B. S., 2223 
Park Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Rollln Franklin Andrews. 

Charles Winn Colt, C. E., BuffUo, 
N. Y. 

John William Ihlder, B. S., Grand 
Roplds, Mich. 

John Cleves Short, Ph. B., Sec'y 
The Remmers Soap Co., 1466 
Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

•George Sellers Smith, Wilmington, 



Raymond Donald Starbuck, A. B., 
Aasistant Chief En^rlneer M. C. 
R. R.; res. 701, The Lenox, J>e- 
troit, Mich. 

Kelton Ewlng White, A. B., Broker, 
808 N. 4th St.; res. 411 N. New- 
stead Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


Arthur Adams. C. B., Civil Bnffi- 
neer. New Enflrlneering Bld^.. 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Jrvlnfr Clinton Brower, C. B., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Benjamin Barber Conable, A. B., 
LL. B., Warsaw, N. Y. 

Harvey Joel Couch, A. B., Banker, 
Odessa, N. T. 

Clifton B. English, M. E., Affll. P:i. 
E, Belleville, Ontario, Canada. 

Clarence Huntington Fay, A. B., 
Attorney, 44 Pine St.; residence, 
250 West 93d St., New York City. 

Eugene Abbott Klnsey, La Salle, 
N. Y. 

Francis Wells Martin, M. E., 425 
West 23d St., or care of New 
York Telephone Co., 15 Dey St., 
New York City. 

Archie Edwards McBrlde, A. B., 
Affll. Pa. r. 

William Harrison Miller* A. B., 
400 Manhattan Avenuab New 
York City. 

William Harper Morrison, Jr., A. 
B., Indianapolis, Ind. 

William Waldo PeUett, LL. B.. At- 
torney, 132 Nassau St.; residence, 
250 West 93d St., New York City. 

Charles Edward Stevens, B. Arch., 
Architect, 45 Broadway, .New 
York. City. 

Jay Humphrey Stevens, A. B., Affll. 
BCass. B., Attorney and City Re- 
corder, 144 Main St., Homell, 
N. Y. 

Roy Weston Wallace, M. E., AfflL 
Ind. 0, Lafayette, Ind. 


George Theodore Ballard, 20 How- 
ard Ave., Utioa, N. Y. 

Maurice Francis Bayard, AfflL IlL 
H., Insurance, 846 Broadway, N. 
Y.; permanent address, Vlncen- 
nes, Ind. 

Carr Lane Glasgow, M. E., Engi- 
neer, care of Westinghouse, 
Church, Kerr St Co., 8 Bridge 
St.; residence, 250 West 98d St., 
New York City. 

William Boothby Kugler, Builders' 
Supplies, 614 Fidelity Bldg.; 704 
E. Chelton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edward Harrison Powley, M. E. 
15 Dey St.; residence 528 West 
152d St., New York City. 

Thurlow Weed Reed, M. D., Sur- 
geon U. S. Navy, Brooklyn Navy 
Yard, New York. 


Earl E^wln Famsworth, A. B., 
Afflll Neb. A, Druggist, Grand 
Island, Neb. 

John Peter Frenzel, Jr., A. B., 
Merchants' Nat'l Bank; res. 1627 
N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Stuart Hazlewood, M. E., Mech. 
Eng., Mldvale, Steel Co.; res. 
152 W. Walnut Lane, German- 
town, Pa. 

Clarence Blyler Kugler, Jr., LL. B., 
614 Fidelity Bldg., Philadelphia, 

Ralph Erwln Marvin, C. E., Min- 
neapolis Steel and Blachlnery Co., 
Globe Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; per- 
manent address, 221 Clay Ave., 
Muskegon, Mich. 

Francis William McKinney, A. S., 
Madison, N. J. 

Allen Mosher, U, care U. S. Hame 
Co.; res. 273 Richmond Ave., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Prescott Dygert Hoard, Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Edwin Brydon Nell, A. B., Insur- 
ance, 918 Granite Bldg.; Roches- 
ter, N. Y. 

Ira June Owen, 110 Maplo St., Oak 
Park, Chicago, III. 

Edward James Snow, Bf. B., 156 
Fifth Ave., New York City; resi- 
dence, 22 Forest St., Montclair, 
N. J. 



William Ck>ol Pruyn, A. B.» Albany, 

N. Y. 
Edward Everett Walker, Brie, Pa. 

Phlllipe Fazio Ballingrer, Supt. 

Consolidated Qas Co. of New 

Jersey, Sec'd Ave., "Long Branch, 

N. J. 
Edward James Blacker, Bianlstee, 

Albert Reeves Coffin, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Apartado 2318, Mexico, D. 

LAwrence Rees Ellis, Clayton, N. 

Sanford William French, Hospital 

Steward U. S. N., San FVancisco, 

Cal., or care of U. 8. Navy Dept., 

Washin£rton, D. C. 
Darius Sidney Humkins, 4266 

WashlnflTton Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Hugh Jennings, LL. B., Attorney, 

563 Calvert Bldg.; res. 1708 N. 

Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 
Lawrence Temple Ketchum, 875 

West Gray St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Charles Russell McSparren, LL. B., 

Attorney, 85 W. Eagle St., Bufta- 

lo, N. Y. 
Ray Burrows Poole, Utica, N. Y. 
Mathew Hollenbeck Welles, A. B., 

Farmer, Big Flats, N. Y. 


Richard Wade Chase, Holyoke, 

Walter Andrew Kuhlmey, E. E., 
with L. Ortmeyer and Son, 116 
Illinois St.; res. 608 Dearborn 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ray Pratt McLoughlin, Ass't 
Treasurer and Manager, Mohawk 
Valley Cap Factory and La Tos- 
ca Knitting Co.; res. 52 Howard 
Ave., Utica, N. Y. 

Harold Van Dyke Owens, Utica, 
N. Y. 

Arthur Rogers Porter, 8417 South 
Park Ave., Chicago, Ul. 

Frederick Taylor Ransom, Mer- 
chant, Ransomvllle, N. Y. 

Clarence Joseph Seaton, 58 West- 
ervelt Ave., New Brighton, Stat- 
en Island, N. Y. 

Richard Morton Tobin, 2164 North 

Pennsylvania Ave., Indianapolis, 
Everett Cartwrlght Welsh, M. B., 
Mechanical Engineer, 101 World 
Bldg., New York City; res. 20 
Belmont Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 


1 Curtis Franklin Alliaume, Utica 
N. Y. 

Alden Frank Barker, Belleview, 

tHarlan Gibson Bosler, Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 

Wilfred Bowser, Anchorage, Luuls- 
ville, Ky. 

-^Ly8ander D. Childs, Columbia, 
S. C. 

Benjamin Steele Coe, with Bridge- 
port Brass Co., 253 Broadway, 
New York City; res. 1447 Pacific 
St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Herbert Rivera DeFuniak, Louis- 
ville. Ky. 

Julian Frank, Box 845, Paris, Ky. 

John La Rue Helm, Jr., Louisville, 

John Sloane Kittle, Sec'y and 
Treasurer Western Cold Storage 
and Ice Co., 720 E. Washington 
St.; res. 718 New Jersey St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

fHenry Jackson Scales, Affll. Gku A. 
Atlanta, G^ 

Warren Mlms Shallcross. Banker, 
933 Third St., Louisville, Ky. 

tira Boyce Slmonton, Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

tDwlght Swain Simpson, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Robert Sweeney, State Life insur- 
ance Co., 1702 North Illinois St, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Park Shirley Terry, 2125 Third St., 
I^uisvllle, Ky. 

Edward Wilder, Bonnycastle A 
Wilder Feed Co., Baxter and 
Maryland Ave.; res. Bardstown 
Road, Louisville. Ky. 

^Ralph Charles Weller, died 1904. 
Troy. N. Y. 

Maxwell H. Wiley. 1914 North New 
Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

tGeorge Edmund Wynkoop, Bath, 
N. Y. 




tBnoch Lewis Burnham, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

tWm. John Dugmn, Pueblo, Oolo. 

William Leavenworth Durand, 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

tOaorse Kothe, Indianapolis, Ind. 

tWUliam Vauffhan McOee, 101 
Rockvlew, Plalnfleld, N. J. 

Evans Roy Mosher (Affiliated from 
Mich. A.). Designer, 1182 Con- 
necticut Ave., Washington, D. C; 
res. Aurora, N. Y. 

tHoward Maxwell Rogers, River- 
ton, N. J. 

fJoel Fithlan 8heppard« Qulnoy, 

tOMar Albert Trorlioht, St. Loula, 

Ooorge Edward Welles, Big 

FUts, N. Y. 
Montague Whiting, Mobile, Ala. 
Wythe Lawler Whiting, Mobile, 



fRobert Robinson Bergen, Itliaos, 
N. Y. 

f John Oonnor Burkbart, PortlaBd, 

tDonald A. HaU, Portland, Ind. 
tHenry Clark Hills, Youngstown, 


tE^rle Tisdale Hobart, Brookline, 

tThomas Marshall Jackson* Xen- 

nett Squarsb Ps. 
tClarenoe Sebastian Sweeney, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
tCarl Bheppard, Quincy, Mass. 


fJoseph Morris Baldwin, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

fAugust Oarl Bohlen, Indlanapo- 
li«, Ind. 

fJoseph Edward Farwell, Pitts- 
burg; Pa. 

fLauranee Wilbur Hltt, Indian^ 
apolis, Ind. 

fWillson Howell Patterson* De- 
von, Pa. 

tJames Marion Sharpen Bt Louis, 

tSedgwick Clarence Tourlson, 
Oermantown, Pa. 

fPhilip Charles Whiting, Hblyoke^ 

fin Active Chapter, 1901-f. 


SdMMcUdy, New York 

DwUrht Levi Parsons, A. M., LL*. 

B . Clergyman, Scottsville, Mon- 
roe Co., N. Y. 


Harvey De Witt Qrlswold, A. B., 
Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy 
at Forman Christian College, La- 
hore, India. 

William Henry Vaughn, A. B., A. 
M., Clergsrman, 2190 7th Ave., 
New York, N. Y. 


Thomas Warren Allen, C. B., Su- 
pervisor of Cebu Province, Cebu, 
Cebu I., Philippines. 

Levi Case Felthousen, A. B., A. M., 
Professor, 1218 Walnut St., Ches- 
ter, Pa. 

Edwin Schuyler Harris, A. B., A. 
M., Superintendent of Schools, 
City Hall, Troy, N. Y.; res. 268 
Pawling Ave. 

•Frederick William Skinner, A. B., 

C. E., died March 16, 1902. 

William Thurston Brown, A. B., B. 

D. (Address unknown.) 
Harlow McMillan, A. B., A. M., 

Ph. B., Professor in George Wil- 
liam Curtis High School. School 
Address, Curtis H. S., New 
Brighton, Staten Island: Resi- 
dence, Castleton Comers, Staten 
Island, New York City. 

Charles Arthur Marvin, A. B., A. 
M., Attorney, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 

Alfred ESdward Phillips, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., C. B., Professor In 
Armour Institute of Technology, 
407 83d St., Chicago, m. 

Edward Tallmadge Root, Congre- 
gational Clergsrman, Providence, 
R. L 

John Bdward Swanker, Mtaa#er of 

Teeside Bridge Co., Middlesbor- 
ough, England. 

Vernon Everett Weston, Book- 
keeper; Residence, Upper Jay, 
Essex Co., N. Y.; Business, New- 
man, Essex Co., N. Y. 

Charles Winne Blessing, A. B., A. 
M., Teacher, Public School No. 
7, 157 Hamilton St., Albany, N. Y. 

James Monroe De Long, A. B., C. 
E., Civil Engineer, Elisabeth- 
town, Essex Co., N. Y. 

John E«dgar Winne, A. B., Clergy- 
man, R. F. D., Castleton, N. Y. 


Frank Fenton Blessing, 686 North- 
ampton St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Archibald Randall Conover, A. B., 
C. E., Attorney, Farmers' Na- 
tional Bank Bldg.; res. 64 Union 
St, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Michael Drury Nolan, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 215 Times Bldg., 
Troy, N. Y. 


Fred Ward Brown, C. B., with Otis 
Mfg. Co., 6 Prospect St, Ware, 

Henry Glen Dean, A. B., Clergy- 
man, Tribes Hill, N. Y. 

John Calvin Knox, A. B., Clergy- 
man, Luseme, N. Y. 

Edward Ferguson Pickford, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, 1010 B. Capitol 
St., Washington, D. C. 

(George Carmichael Stewart, A. B., 
Attorney, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Henry Ward Briggs, A. B., A. M., 

M. D., Physician, 1026 Jackson 

St, Wilmington, Del. 
James Henry Drury, Attorney, 

Parkhurst Block, OloversyHle, N 





John K^arl Bmiler, Jr.» Caercyman, 
621 Tremont Ave., New York 


Arthur Dougall, A. B., Clergyman, 
S2S W. Church St, Elmlra, N. T. 

Burton Fisher, Attorney, Furoem' 
Nat. Bank Bldff., Amaterdam, N. 

Arthur Chambers Plckford, Mer- 
chant, 602 Union St., Schenecta- 
dy, N. Y. 

Thomas Henry Reddish, C. EL, 
Cashier Owego National Bank, 
6 Lake St.; res. 840 SVont St., 
Owego, N. T. 


Edward Gillespie, M. D., Physician, 
Blnghamton State Hospital, N. Y. 

J^se B. SpruiU, Crockery and 
Blectrlcal Construction, with 
Fixture Dept., North Adams, 

Clarence Stewart Hart, Merchant, 
505 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. 


Bklwln Lee Auchampaugh, A. B., 
Merchant, Schoharie, N. Y. 

EHwood Qrant Blessing, C. E., 
Broker, with Eldredge ft Co., Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

^Raymond Augustus Lansing, A. 
B., A. M., died Biarch 7, 1908. 

Walter Luman Lawton, C. E., Civil 
Engineer, with D. D. Streeter, 
182 Chestnut St.. Albany, N. Y. 

Leonard McCllntock, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, Matteawan, N. Y. 

Smith Lewis Multer, Ph. B., LL. 
B.. Attorney, 2101 Park Row 
Bldg., New York City; Residence, 
61 State St., East Orange, N. J. 

Fred J. Wagner, Civil Engineer, 
Division Eng. Office, Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Benjamin Jones Wlghtman, Farm- 
er, West Eaton, N. Y. 


Bnran Ogden Burgin, B. E., M. 8., 
Professor In Albany High School, 
8 Sprague PI., Albany, N. Y. 

John Arvlne Clark, Jr., C. E., Civil 
Engineer, 67 State St.; Residence, 

868 N. Park St., SSast Ormng^ 
N. J. 

Beecher Van Dusen, Oleiis Falls, 

N. Y. 
Clarence H. Greene, with Amerioan 

Locomotive Co., 1018 State St., 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
Robert Hall Purple, Home Address, 

Woodstock, VL 


Earle Wllloughby Sayles, Civil En- 
gineer, 176 Federal St., Boston, 
Mass.; res. 88 Washington St., 
Watertown, N, Y, 

Walter Lancelot Terry, R 8., M. 
8., A. B., Farmer, Walton, N. Y. 

Howard MUler West, B. B., ClvU 
Engineer, Room 409 Capital 
Bldg.; res. 858 ICadlson Ave., Al- 
bany, N. Y. 


Herbert Hopkins Brown, A. B., 
Clergyman, Grant's Pass, Ors. 

Monte Joslah Multer, B. 8., Princi- 
pal of Cooperstown High School, 
Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Lynn Mason Scofleld, B. B., Con- 
sulting Engineer, Vice President 
and General Manager, Scofleld 
Construction Co., Room 780, 
Kohl Bldg., San Franclsoo, CaL 

Glenn Mason Scofleld, B. E., of the 
Scofleld Co., 906 Pennsylvania 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.; Resi- 
dence. 429 W. Price St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Harry Parsons Wnils, B. B., As- 
sistant State Engineer, Water- 
ford, N. Y. 


Francis Eugene CuUen, Ph. B., At- 
torney, 100-102 E. 1st St., Oswe- 
go, N. Y.; Residence, 122 W. 8th 
St., Oswego, N. Y. 

Bsrron Eh'wln PVdllng, Ehiglneer, 
BaldwlnsviUe, N. Y. 

William Lewis Fisher, B. 8., M. 8., 
Teacher, Delhi, N. Y. 

Charles Duane Griffith, A. B., Am. 
Exp. Co., 17 Paddock St., Water- 
town, N. Y. 

Roland E. Preston, HomdUnrfllSb 
N. T. 



Wallace Hugh Failing, LL*. B., At- 
torney, care Armour Paddnir Co., 

Peoria, m. 
Robert Calvin Oambee, Ph. B., A. 

M., Principal of Bn^iewood High 

School; Residence, Bergen Bldff., 

Enfflewood, N. J. 
James Irving: Oayetty, B. B., U. 8. 

Geological Survey, Washington, 

D. C. 
Edmund Le Chevalier Hegeman, 

B. E., Engineer, Cassilla, No. 464 

Inquiqui, Chili, S. A. 
Anthony James Homsby, B. B., 

ESnglneer, care Oen. ESlectrlc Co., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Daniel James Hoyt, A. B., M. D., 

Physician, 92 Cannon St., Pough- 

keepsie, N. Y. 


Leland LfOwell Boom, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, Alton, Chenango 
Co., N. Y. 

Everett Gamsey Brownell, A. B., 
Student in P. & S., 485 W. 59th 
St., New York; Residence, Stu- 
dents' Club, 828 W. 66th Bt, N. 

John Daniel Edwards, A. B., Pd. 
B., Principal Walden High School, 
Walden, N. Y. 

Le Roy Orman Ripley, B. E., Man- 
ager Schenectady Illuminating 
Co.; res. 901 State St., Schenec- 
tady. N. Y. 

LaForest George Robinson, B. B., 
Engineer, Niagara Falls Center, 
Ontario, Can. 


Harry AMn Barrett, A- B., Cler- 
g3rman, 81 Euclid Ave., Schenec- 
tady, N. T. 

John Ludden, Ph. B., Attorney, 17 
1st St., Troy, N. Y. 

George Le Roy Shelley, A. B., Pro- 
fessor in Mercersburg Academy, 
Mercersburg, Pa. 


Dickinson Earnest GrlflSth, A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, 189 Montague 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Residence, 
147 Montague St 

Everett Theodore Grout, A. B., 
Physical Director of Schenectady 
High School, 614 Union St, 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

Walter Ennis Hays. A. B., M. D., 
Polyclinic Hospital, 1818 Lom- 
bard St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

William George Keens, M. D., 
Physician, 85 West St., Albany, 
N. Y. 

Howard Mackay, Clerk, Cottage 
City, Mass. 

Gilbert Sylvester Woolworth, A. B., 
Law Student in Law Div. Library 
of Congress; Home Address, 86 
State St., Watertown, N. Y. 


Robert Finney Barrett, A. B., 
Student in N. Y. Law School, 
82 Nassau St; res. Hotel Wal- 
ton, 70th St, Columbus Ave., 
New York. N. Y. 

Arthur Ernest Bishop, B. S., Ab- 
stract Clerk, County Clerks 
Office, 11 GlUespie St, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 

Clinton Benjamin Hawn, B. S., M. 
D.. Physician, Enils Hospital. 
Schenectady; res. 8 N. Y. C 
Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

John Hart Edward Healey, Teacher, 
6 Clinton PL. Troy, N. Y. 

Gail Borden Jenkins, Army Bldg.; 
res. 316 W. 68th St, New York, 
N. Y. 

Arthur Guy Pickens, B. B., Gas 
Engineer, United Gas Improve- 
ment Co., 186 Chestnut Ave., 
Waterbury, Conn. 


Walter Edward Beadle, A. B., Law 
Student Office of N. P. WilUs, 
Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Joseph Lewi Donhauser, A. B., 
Medical Student, 96 Chestnut St, 
Albany, N. Y. 

William Henry Guardenier, Ph. B., 
with Title Guarantee and Trust 
Co., L. I. City Office, 47 Jackson 
Ave., Long Island City; Resi- 
dence, 147 Montague St, Brook- 
13m. N. Y.; Home Address, B. 
Springfield, N. Y. 


ComelluB LiBiiBing Hays, A. B.» 
Student In Columbia Law School, 
Hartley Hall, Amsterdam and 
116th Sti., New York City. 

•Gullan LanslnflT, died Oct 19, 1902. 

tAndrew Wriirht Lent, Ph. B., Law 
'06, 60 Second St., Newburffh; 
Residence, Hiffhlaud, N. T. 


fBrnest Montiromery Dann, Bng., 
Downsville, N. Y. 

tHarry Nelson Haight, Bng., Fish- 
kill, N. Y. 

tGeorgre Francis Hall, Eng., 19 
Bradford St., Albany, N. Y. 

fJohn Leslie Moon, Eng., Coopers- 
town, N. Y. 

tHarry Adelbert Sylvester, Eng., 
606 Campbell Ave., Schenectady, 
N. Y. 


Fred Henry Davidson, Schenec- 
tady niuminating Co., 4 Chestnut 
St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Marcus Holllday Elliott, Student, 
U. of P., care Houston Club, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; res. 67 Demar- 
est Ave., Englewood, N. J. 

James Henry Richards, 1103 Chem- 
ical Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

tHoward Elmer Bishop, Bng., 

Sayre, Pa. 
tCharles Ray Waters, Eng., Avoca, 

N. Y. 

tJames Edward Bell, Bng., West- 
moreland, N. Y. 
tCarlos Qerst Hafley, Bng., Albany, 

N. Y. 
tHarold Warren Jewell, Bng., 12 

Chestnut St., Schenectady, N. Y. 
^tHarold Ransom Moore, died Nov. 

26, 1906. 
tFrederick Royal Peck, Bng., 

Deansboro, N. Y. 
tHarry Lucius Truman, Bng., 

Flemingvllle, N. Y. 
tPhillip Foster Shutler, Class., 

Utica. N. Y. 
tCarl Holley Vogt, Eng., 184 Massa 

chusetts Ave., BuflCalo, N. Y. 

tDoane Sinclair Quardenier, Scien., 

East Springfield, N. Y. 
tSeward Daniel Hendricks, Bng., 

Sodus, N. Y. 
tLouis Franklin Mangham, Sclen., 

Tenafly, N. J. 
tFred Wilber Pettit. Bng., Avoca, 

N. Y. 

tin Active Chapter 1906-06. 



New York City 


Charles Edward Herringr, A. B., 
Ph. B., Presbyterian Clersryman, 
First Presbyterian Church, Plain - 
field, N. J.; residence, 905 Wat- 
chuns: Ave., Plalnfleld, N. J. 


James Edward Holmes, A. B., 
Clergyman, Pastor Summerfleld 
M. E. Church, 455 Washln£rton 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank Gillette Mason, A. B., At- 
torney, 280 Broadway, New York 
City, N. Y.; residence, 206 Clalr- 
mont Ave., Montclalr, N. J. 

Julius M. Mayer, A. B., LXi. B., 
Affll N. Y. A, Judge, 38 Park 
Row; res. 375 W. 123d St., New 
York, N. Y. 

John Simpson Penman, A. B., 
Pastor Congrregatlonal Churoh, 
Poughkeepsle, N. Y. 


Franklin Mlnturn Devoe, Jr., B. 8., 
Treas. Monarch Chemical Co., 
141 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Charles Alfred Downer, A. B., Ph. 
D., Professor Romance Lan- 
fiTuages, College City of New 
York, New York City; residence. 
3609 Broadway, New York City. 

Louis Hicks, A. B.. A. M., LL. B., 
Attorney, 71 Nassau St., New 
York; res. New York City and 
Highwood. N. J. 

Frank Coddlngton Moore, N. T. 
Canoe Club, Bensonhurst, N. Y. 

^Eugene Henry Lewis Randolph, A. 
B., LL. B.. died In 1897. 

Albert Shlels, A. M., Pd. M., Dis- 
trict Superintendent of Schools, 
722 Fifth Ave., New York; resi- 
dence, 2 W. 120th St., New York 
City, N. Y. 

Denis John Wallace. (Address un- 


•Frederick Joy Qreene, B. M.. died 
in 1902, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George William Hubbell, A. B., Mt. 
Morris Bank, 125th St., New 

Theodore Edward Lyon, B. S., 
Principal Barnard School, 239 
Lenox Ave., New York; resi- 
dence, 151 Convent Ave., New 
York City. 

Richard Vought Schoonmaker, 123 
E. 23d St., New York. 

William Dame Utley, LL. B., Ph. 
G., Druggist, 142 Eighth Ave., 
New York; residence, 356 W. 19th 
St., New York. 

Francis Asbury Winslow, B. S., 
LL. B., Affll. N. Y. A, Attorney, 
111 Broadway, New York; res. 
64 Alta Ave., Park Hill, Yonkers, 
N. Y. 


John Campbell, A. B., A. M., Ph. 
D., Clergyman, Church of Medi- 
ator, Klngsbrldge Ave., Kings- 
bridge, N. Y. 

Mason Games, A. B., The Players* 
Club, New York. 

Lewis Evans Aloyslus Druromond, 
A. B., Private Detective Agency, 
P. O. Box 2052, New York, 1 Ann 
St., New York; residence, 116 
Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Samuel Whitney Dunscomb, Jr., 
A .B., Ph. D., LL. B., Attorney, 
34 Pine St., New York. 

•Frank Loomis Eckerson, A. B., 
LL. B., died in 1901, New York, 
N. Y. 

Thomas Harry Knox, B. S., Teach- 
er, 370 W. 120th St., New York, or 




oare Stuyvesant "High School, 226 
B. 23d St.. New York City. 

Jerome A. O'Connell, B. S., LL. B., 
Examiner, Dept Education, 500 
Park Ave.; res. 57 W. 126th St., 
New York, N. T. 

Benjamin Sinclair Orcutt, Asso- 
ciate Sunday Editor New York 
Times, Times Square; res. 217 W. 
83d St., New York, N. Y. 

Earle Fenton Palmer, Ph. D., In- 
structor C. C. N. Y.; res. 201 W. 
122d St., New York, N. Y. 

Oeorfire Sabine Potter, Jr., A. B., 
Instructor, 100 Beacon St., Bos- 
ton, Mass; residence, Riverbank 
Court, Cambridge, Mass. 

Nathaniel Bowditch Potter, A. B.. 
M. D., Tutor, CoU. P. A S., 69th 
St.; residence, 9 W. 35th St, New 


Franklin Irvinflr Brown, Merchant, 

813 Colorado Bldfir., Denver, Colo ; 

res. 201 W. 103d St., New York. 
^Stephen Tallmad^re Carter, A. B., 

M. D., died in 1901, Aiken, S. C. 
•Winthrop Earle, died in 1902, New 

Walter Storm. (Address unknown.) 
^William Howard Treat, died in 

1901, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 


Frank Stanleiffh Angrell, B. 8., A. 
M.. LL. B., Attorney, Temple 
Bar BldflT., 44 Court St, Brook- 
13m, N. Y.; residence, 613 Van- 
derbilt Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Albert Warner Garritt, B. S., 
Teacher, 230 E. 88th St., New 
York City. 

William McClean Rainey, B. 8., 
3136 Broadway, New York. 
Teacher in Public School, No. 32 
East 183d St., Borouffh of the 
Bronx, New York City. 

John Eldward Roeser, B. 8., A. M., 
Affll. N. Y. A, LiLi. B., Attorney, 
34 Pine St., New York; res. 240 
W. 130th St, New York. 

Jeremiah Thomas Simonson, M. D., 
Physician, 46 W. 86th St., New 

David Clark Taylor, A. B., Sales- 
man, 62 Greene St; residence, 
132 W. 104th St, New York. 

Georgre Lounsbury Walker, B. 8., 
C. E., Builder, 3424 Broadway; 
residence, 571 West 39th St, 
New York City, N. Y. 


Philip Harry Stem, A. B., A. M., 
Lawyer, 645 S. McDonou^rh St, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Louis Edwin Van Norman, A. B., 
A. M., Assistant Editor Review 
of Reviews, 13 Astor Place, New 
York City; residence, Bogota, 
Bergen County, N. J. 

Edward William Libalre, B. S., 

C. E.; 10 Wall St., New York; 
residence, 512 W. 161st St., New 

Edward Joseph McDonald, A. B., 
New York Custom House; resi- 
dence. Phi Delta Theta House, 
566 W. 113th St., New York City, 
N. Y. 

James Leslie Miller. (Address un- 

Frank Adams Reed, Washington. 

D. C. 

Edward Nicholas Roeser, B. S., M. 
D., Physician, 240 W. 130th St., 
New York. 


John Peter Binzen, 2755 Balnbridge 
Ave., Bedford Park, New York 

William Augustus Boyd, Jr., A. B., 
M. D., Physician, 346 Willis Ave., 
New York City. 

David Joy Greene, C. B., B. M., 
Affll. N. Y. A and N. Y. A, En- 
gineer, 300 Oakland St; res. 441 
Green Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Stevens Thyng, B. M., 
Professor Mining, Washington 
Agricultural College, Pullman, 
Wash., or 411 Empire State 
Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 

Walter Tlmme, B. S., M. D., Phy- 
sician, 158 W. 96th St., New 



York; Tutor, GolL Phys. A Surff., 
437 W. 69th Stp New York City. 
Ernest L. Volvenau, D. V. 8., Vet- 
erinary Surgeon, 25 Live Stock 
Bzchange; res. 16 Orchard Place, 
BufCklo, N. Y. 

Franklin Backus Ware, B. S., Ph. 
B., Affll. N. Y. A, Architect, 1170 
Broadway, New York; residence, 
309 West End Ave., New York. 



New York, New York 


Lyman Chalkley, A. B., LL. B., 
(Affll. from Va. Z. '98), Dean of 
Law Department of Kentucky 
University, Lexington ,Ky. 

Henry I..eonard HoUls, M. E., Metal- 
lurgrlst and Consulting Mlnlnv 
EniTlneer, 1417 First National 
Bank Bldg., Chlcafiro; res. Win- 
netka. 111. 

John Pollock Petty, A. B.. M. B. 
(Affll. from Miss. A. '79), 1140 
Park PI., Brooklyn, N. Y.. Real 


Irvlner Roger Bacon, A. M., LL. B., 
N. Y. Journal, 2 Duane St., New 

Thomas Henry Baskervllle, A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney; residence, 81 
Nassau St., care of Bowers C. 
Sands, 1425 Broadway, New York 
City, New York. 

•John Dougherty Berry, M. B. 

Alexander Lalst, Cincinnati, O. 

Julius M. Mayer, Judge, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney General of the 
State of New York (Affll. from 
N. Y. O, '84), 38 Park Row; res. 
875 W. 23d St., New York City, 

•Edward Francis McCSaskle, LL. B., 
died at Osslning, N. Y., Dec. 22, 

William Donald Mahaney, LL. B., 
13 East 66th St., York City, or 
Osslning, N. Y. 

Brinton Hamdon Miner, LL. B., 
Attorney, 86 Nassau St.; resi- 
dence, 122 W. 137th St., New 
York City. 

Harry Newton Rose, Attorney, Mor- 
risburg, Canada. 

Oeorge Dundas Scriba, A. B., A. 
M., LL. B., Attorney, 176 Broad- 
way, New York City* 

•Robert Henry Stodder, M. B., died 

1887, El Paso, Tex. 
William Radford Wharton, Mining 

Broker, Beatty, Neb.; permanent 

address, Radford, Va. 


John Barrett Kerfoot, A. B., Jour- 
nalist; res. 127 E 37th St., New 
York City. 

John Bailey Adger Mullally, A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, care Ck>mptroI- 
ler'8 Offlce, 280 Broadway, New 
York, or 30 Broad St., New York. 


George Louis Baker, Ph. B., Chem- 
ist, New York City. Address un- 

Charles Alfred Bechsteln, Ph. B., 
Chemist; residence, 1082 East 
17th St., Brooklyn, New York; 
care of G. H. Hammond Ck>., 
52 Tenth Ave., New York City. 

Elbert Perce Cullender, Editor 
American Oom Light Journal, 42 
Pine St., New York City; resi- 
dence. Box 73 Pelham Manor, 
Westchester County, New York. 

Graham French Putnam, A. B., 
Attorney. Ely, Nev. 

Charles Henry Wadelton, LL. U., 
Railroad Agent, Grand Central 
Depot, 42d St.; residence, 1976 
Seventh Ave., New York City. 

Leo Wampold, Ph. B., Merchant, 
corner Jackson and Market Sts.; 
res. 3229 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 

Frederick George Zinsser, A. M., 
Ph. D., Chemist, Hastlngs-on- 
Hudson, N. Y. 


Francis Dixon Cleveland, Mannfao« 




turer, 52 Fulton 8t, Boston 

•William Henry Erb. died 1893, 
Butte, Mont. 

Fritz AuflTUStus Heinze, M. B., 
Minlner, care United Copper Co., 
42 Broadway, New York; resi- 
dence, Butte. Mont. 

Alfred Kirby Prince, Wholesale 
Paint Makers' Supplies, 401 Se- 
curity BldfiT., St. Louis; res. Web- 
ster Groves, Mo. 

Francis Asbury Wlnslow, B. S., 
LL. B. (Affll. from N. Y. G. '87), 
Attorney, 100 Broadway, New 
York City; residence, 64 Alta 
Ave., Park Hill, Yonkers, K. Y. 


Sidney Cahn, Merchant, 204 Mon- 
roe St., Chicago, 111., or 144 Mar- 
ket St., Chicago, m. 

Lewis Evans Aloysius Drummond, 
A. B., Private Detective Ajrencr 
(Affll. from N. Y. T, *88), 1 Ann 
St., New York City; residence. 
116 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Charles Harris Hayes, A. B., B. D., 
Professor in General Theological 
Seminary, Chelsea Sq., New 
York, N. Y. 

William McClean Rainey, B. S., 
3136 Broadway, New York City, 
Teacher in Public School, No. 82 
East lS3d St., Borough of the 
Bronx, New York City, New 


•Carl Henry Schultz, Jr. 


•Stephen Talmadge Career, A. B., 
M. D. (Affll. from N. Y. T, '89), 
died 1901, Aitken, S. C. 

Samuel Whitney Dunscomb, Jr., A. 
M., Ph. B., LL. B., Attorney 
(Affll. from N. Y. T, '88), 132 
Nassau St., New York City. 

Francis Stuart Mathews, B. S., 
M. D. (Affll. from Pa. T, '90), 
62 W. 50th St., New York City; 
Instructor, College Physicians 
and Surgeons, 437 W. 69th St., 
New York City. 

Samuel Barfield Palmer, A. B., M. 

D. (AfBL from Ga. T. '90). Phy- 
sician, 141 High St., Macon, Ga. 

Henry Forrest Quackenbos, A. B., 
M. D. (AfflL from Va. B. '90), 
261 W. 66th St.. New York City. 

John Edward Roeser, B. 8., A. M.. 
LL. B. (AfBL from N. Y. T, '90), 
Attorney, 84 Pine St; residence. 
248 W. 130th St., New York City. 

Charles Thaddeus Terry, A. B., LL. 
B. (Affll. from Mass. A. '89). 100 
Broadway; residence, 28 EL 77th 
St., New York City, Lawyer and 
Professor of Law, Columbia Uni- 


David Joy Greene, B. S., C. B., M. 

E. (Affll. from N. Y. T, '93), En- 
gineer, 800 Oakland St.; resi- 
dence, 441 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, 
New York. 

Edward William Libaire. B. S., C 
E., Civil Ehigineer (AfflL from N. 
Y. r, '92); business address 10 
Wall St., New York; residence. 
512 W. 161st St., New York Olty. 

James Leslie Miller, B. S. (AfflL 
from N. Y. r, '92). 

Franklin Backus Ware, B. 8., Ph. 
B. (Affll. from N. Y. T. '98), 
Architect; residence, 809 West 
End Ave., New York City; Busi- 
ness, 1170 Broadway, New York 


•John Henry Blot, B. S., M. D., 
died 1898, New York City. 

William Augustus Boyd, A. B., M. 
D. (Affll. from N. Y. T, '93), 846 
Willis Ave., New York City. 

Ellas Galley Brown, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, 481 West 146th St., 
New York City. 

George Philip Bryant, A. B. (Affll. 
from N. H. A. '91), U. S. Con- 
sulate, CJalro, Eg3n;>t 

George Balthasar Germann, A. B., 
Ph. D., Principal Public SchooL 
130 Ocean Parkway and Ft. 
Hamilton Road, Brooklyn; res. 
66 Mid wood St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
N. Y. 



Frederick Arthur OoeUe, M. Sc. 
<Honorary), SupL Buildings, Co- 
lumbia University. 

*Bmest Goldbacher, A. B., M. D. 

Pierce Sylvester Jennings, Attor- 
ney, 186 WlUlam St, Catsklll, N. 
Y.; District Attorney, Greene 

James Edward Jones (AflU. from 
Va. A. 'SO). Freemans, W. Va. 

Herbert Plnkbam, C. B., ClvU En- 
gineer, Rhlnebeck, N. Y. 

Frederick Albert Southworth, LL. 
B., Attorney; residence, 441 W. 
147th St.. Business, 68 William 
St.. New York City. 

Russell Lord Tarbox. A. B., LL. B. 
D. (Affll. from Mass A, '92), 
care Bird A Tarbox, 60 Wall 
St.; residence, 9 B. 49th St, 
New York City. 

Edwin Howard Thomas, Ph. B., C. 
E., Civil Engineer, 160 WlUett 
St.. Jamaica. L. I.. New York. 

William Stevens Thyng. M. B. 
(Affll. from N. Y. T '93), Con- 
sulting Bnglneer. Empire State 
Bldg.. Spokane. Wash. 

James Huntington Turner, A. B. 
(AfBl. from Wis. A. '92), 1102 
Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William Robert Anthony Wilson. 
A. B.. M. D. (Affll. from Mass. A. 
*92). care Eradellne Bffg. Co.. 128 
Liberty St.; residence. 61 West 
60th St.. New York City. 


Charles Seth Boardman, LL. B.. 

Attorney, 148 (Convent Ave., New 

Belmont De Forest Bogart. M. D., 

Physician, 246 West 103d St, 

New York City. 
Harry Mason Hewitt, LL. B.. At- 

tomey, 21 State St.; residence. 

261 E. 78th St.. New York City. 
Arthur Thomas McCormlck, A. B.. 

A. M.. M. D. (AfflL from Va. B. 

'92). Physician. State and 12th 

St.. Bowling Green. Ky. 
Arthur Pine Van Gelder, Ph. B.. 

Supt BSastem Dynamite Ck>.. 

Tending, N. J.; res. 174 Morris 
St., Dover, N. J. 
Edward Le Clerc Vogt, Jr., LL. B., 
Attorney, Morrlstown, N. J. 


Frederick George Haldy, B. S., B. 
B. (Affll. from O. H. '96), Elec- 
trical Bnglneer, care Yale * 
Towne, 23 Third St, Stamford, 
Ck>nn.; residence, 11 Oak St (P. 
O. Box 101), Glenbrook, Ck>nn. 

WlUlam George Klllan, B. 8., Arch- 
itect, 110 E. 28d St; res. 481 
W. 144th St, New York, N. Y. 

Herbert Hunt Morrison, M. B., B. 
E., AfflL N. Y. A. Chief Engi- 
neer, Board of Education, 8t 
Louis, Mo. 

George Washington Rappold, 750 
Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Emll Justus Rlederer, B. 8., As- 
sistant Superintendent, Eastern 
Dynamite Ck>., Landing, N. J.; 
residence, 109 South Morris St, 
Dover, N. J. 

Percy HUton Smith, B. S., AfflL 
Ala. B, President Eastern Ry. of 
Alabama, Pyrlton, Ala. 

Charles Adolph Waldenberger, 
Chemist City Island, New York; 
care Independent Baking Powder 
Ck>., 822 Warren St, Jersey City, 
N. J. 


Henry William Egner, Jr., A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, 186 Market St, 
Newark, N. J.; residence, 1016 
Broad St., Newark, N. J. 

Oscar Weeks E^hrhom, A. M., A. 
B., LL. B., Attorney, 15 William 
St, New Yoric 

Arthur Wellington Opp, LL. B., 
Attorney. 15 William 8t, New 
York; res. 115 Montague Bt, 
Brooklyn. N. Y. 

William Hargadlne Thompson. M. 
B., Affll. N. Y. A, 8805 LlndeU 
Ave., St Louis, Ma 


Clarence Francis Bell, B. 8., Ctrll 
Bnglneer; residence, 1204 Boston 
Rd., New York City, or Boom 



92S, 299 Broadway, New York 


Horace CSampbell, M. D., PbyBlclan, 
Addrem unknown. 

Bernard Morria Lee Bmat, A. B., 
LiL. B., Attorney, 81 Liberty St., 
New York City; Residence, 153 
West 122d St., New York City. 

Frank Sutlifl Hackett, A. B., As- 
sistant Headmaster, Berkeley 
Etohool, 270 W. 72d St., New York 
City; residence, 4816 FOurtli Ave., 
Brookl3m, N. Y. 

Walter Penrhyn Halley, M. D., 
Physician, Wllburton, L T. 

Otto Helmuth Hlnck, A. B., Mer- 
chant, 66 Beaver St., New York 
City; Residence, 86 Christopher 
St., Montdalr, N. J. 

Frederic William Hlnrlchs, Jr., 
Officer U. S. A., Frankfort Arsen- 
al, Philadelphia, Pa.; residence, 
867 Henry St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Brooke Lesslcr, LL. B., At- 
torney, 400 Chestnut St., Phila- 
delphia; Residence, 8400 Walnut 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

^Richard Gordon Simpson, A. B., 
died at New York Oct. 22, 1905. 

Truman Roswell Temple, Fanner 
and Produce Shipper, Granville, 
N. Y. 

Warren Mersereau Van Name, A. 
M., Teacher, Commercial Hi^h 
School, Brooklsm, New York; 
residence, 2 Monroe St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 


Charles Bdward Fleming, LL. B., 
Attorney, 40 Wall St., New York 
City; residence. Orchard St., Rye, 
Westchester Coimty, N. Y. 

Frederick Knowles, M. D., Physi- 
cian, 106 West 122d St., New 
York City. 

John Moseley Holloway (AfflL from 
Ala. r '99), Monteromery, Ala. 

StaUo Vinton, A. M., LL. B. (Affll. 
from Ind. T, '97), Attorney, 60 
Wall St., New York City; resi- 
dence, 2528 Broadway, New York 


Bdward Balthasar Gilmary Baker, 
Attorney^ Watervllet, N. Y. 

Joseph Stettenhelm Buhler, LL. B., 
A. B., Attorney, Dennis ft 
Buhler, 141 Nassau St., New York 
City; residence, 665 West 118th 
St., New York City. 

EHlsha Jay Eklwards, Jr., A. B.; 
Business Address, care Niles, Be- 
ment. Pond Co., Trinity Bldg., Ill 
Broadway, New York; Residence, 
44 North St., Greenwich, Conn. 

*Georve Canning Hubbard, died 
1901, New York City. 

Walter Adams Johnson, A. B., Affll. 
ni. Z, with Walter A. Johnson ft 
Co., Publishers, 838 4th Ave.; 
res. Columbia University Club, 18 
Gramercy Park, New York, N. Y. 


Adrian Russell Allan, Broker, 49 
Wall St, New York; Residence, 
218 Walnut St., Montclalr, N. J. 

Georve Chew Atkins, A. B., LL. B., 
Lawyer, 229 Broadway; res. 469 
West 144th St, New York City. 

John Norton Atkins, A. B. (AfflL 
from Tenn. B. '02), General 
Theological Seminary, Chelsea 
Square, New York City; resi- 
dence, 469 W. 144th St, New 
York City. 

William Francis Bradshaw, Jr., B. 
S. (Affll. from Tenn. A. '99), At- 
torney, 1520 Broadway, Paducab, 

Oscar Bunard, A. B., 9 Desbrosses 
St., New York City; Residence, 
Phi Delta Theta Cnub, 666 W. 
118th St, New York City. 

George Edward Parish, Mining Bn- 
gineer, care The Creston Colo- 
rado Co., Torres, Senora, Mexico. 

Clinton Barle Flsk, A. B., LL. B., 
Attorney, care McDermott ft 
Flsk, 16 Etxchange Place, Jersey 
City, N. J.; Residence, 17 Bent- 
ley Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Daniel Valentine Hopps, LL. B., A. 
B., (AfflL from Ga. A. '99), 146 
Bull St, Savannah, Gku 

Roland Pearce Jackson, care 
Equitable Trust Cto., 16 Nassau 
St., New York City, N. Y.; Resi- 
dence, 482 St Nicholas Ave., 
New York City. 



Charles Christian Lieb, A. B.» M. 
D., Physician, 817 West 67th St., 
New York City. 

Francis William McKinney, A. B. 
C. E., Affll. N. Y. A. Civil En- 
iTineer, 60 Wall St., New York 
City; res. Madison, N. J. 

George San ford Parsons, LL. B., 
Attorney, care Title Insurance 
Co. of New York, 135 Broadway, 
New York City; res. 319 Maoon 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Herman Simon Riederer, A. M., B. 
S., Ph. D., Chemist; res. 251 West 
95th St., New York. 

Theodore Raymond St. John, A. B., 
LL. B., Attorney, care Lexow, 
Mackellar & Wells, 43 Cedar St., 
New York City, N. Y. ; Residence, 
62 E. 58th St., New York City, 
N. Y. 

Philip Winfred Russell. A. B. (Affll. 
from Neb. A. '98), Attorney, 22 
Pine St., care Wing, Russell & 
Watterson. Now York City; resi- 
dence, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Ray Karr Shiveley, A. B., Attor- 
ney. 46 South 14th St., Richmond, 

Floyd Rider Wooster, A. B., Blanu- 
facturer, Walden, N. Y. 


William Stafford Blun. A. B., LL. 
B. (Affll. from Ga. A. '00), Secre- 
tary and Treasurer Georgia Sup- 
ply Co., Savannah, Ga. 

Jean Cook Caldwell, 110 Worth St., 
New York City; Residence, 66 
Walnut St., Montclalr, N. J. 

Jacob Irving Fort, A. B., M. D., 
Physician. 30 South 10th St., 
Newark, N. J. 

Roscoe Oosby Oaige, Dramatists' 
Representative, care Selwyn ft 
CJo., 1402 Broadway. New York, 
N. Y. 

Percy Le Roy Grifflth, B. B., Blec- 
trical Engineer, care New York 
Telephone Co., 16 Dey St., New 
York City; Residence, 6 W. 129th 
St., New York City. 

Stuart CJarothers Pilcher, LL. B. 
(Affll. from Tenn. A. '00), Attor- 
ney, Cole Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. 

David Montgomery Updike, M. E., 
Mechanical E«nglneer, 96 Liberty 
St., New York, N. Y. 


Eugene Ashley, A. B., Mech. EL. 

Real Estate, Ashley ft Ck>., 67 

W. 126th St., New York City, N. 

Y.; Residence, 747 St. Nicholas 

Ave., New York City. 
Luis Alberto C!arbo, Mechanical 

Engineer, Guyaquil, £«cuador, 

South America. 
John Samuel Maeder, A. B., M. D., 

Physician, 804 East 120th St, 

New York City. 
Bernard Vickery Moore, LL. B. 

(Affll. from Ind. Z. *03), Attor- 
ney, Tipton. Ind. 
Eugene Pitou. Jr., A. B., 301 West 

84th St., New York City. 

Leslie Lorlng Savage, Ely, Nevada. 

Frederick Squires, A. B., B. S. 
(Affll. from Bfass. A. '00), Archi- 
tect, care Donn Barber, 24 EL 
23d St., New York City, N. Y.; 
residence, 724 Watchung Ave., 
Piainfield, N. J. 

Lewis Squires. A. B.. L.L. B. (Affll. 
from Mass A. '01), Attorney, care 
Warner. Johnson A Galston, 
Mexico City, Mez.; residence 724 
Watchung Ave., Plalnfleld, N. J. 

George Chittenden Turner, Sales- 
man. Alexander, MacDonald & 
Greene. 171 Broadway, New York 
City; res. 348 Quincy St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

William Rogers Tyler, C. E., care 
Astoria Heat, Light and Power 
Ck>mpany, Shore Road, Astoria, 
L .1.. N. Y.; residence, 86 W. 92d 
St., New York. 

Edwin Hoyt Updike. A. B., lL. 
B., lawyer, 229 Broadway. New 
York City. 


William Adolph Bode, C. E., 424 
West 147th St.. New York City. 

Webster Lance Benham, C. B., 
Care of New Jersey Zino (Com- 
pany. 11th Ave., and 87th St., 
New York City, N. Y.; residence, 
Franklin Furnace, New Jersey. 



Seth Bradford Dewey, Wines, care 
H. T. Dewey & Bona Co., 138 
Fulton St., New York City, N. Y.; 
Residence, 16 St. Charles Place, 
Brookl3m, N. Y. 

Edgar Norman Dollin, LL. B., At- 
torney, 154 Nassau St., New York, 
N. Y.; res. 35 Rugby Road, Flat- 
bush, L. L 

Biax Hardman (AfflL from Wash. 
A. '04), LXi. B., Attorney, Burke 
Bldg., 114 Ninth Ave., SeatUe, 

George Houck, LXi. B., AflU. Mo. 

A, Attorney, Bloomfleld, Mo. 
Thomas Miller, Jr., Supt. of Plant, 

N. Y. Cement Co., Rosendale, N. 
Y.; residence, "The Huntington," 
Kingston, N. Y. 

Otto Diedrichs Rohlfs, B. M., (Affll. 
from Wash. A. '03), 31 Denny 
Way, Seattle, Wash. Mining, 
British Columbia. 

Franklin Kennedy Sprague, Hotel 
San Remo, 74th St. and Central 
Park West, New York City. 

John Luneau Tonnele, Jr., A. B., 
48 E. 68th St., New York City. 

James Garrett Wallace, Jr., A. B., 
Attorney, care Blumenstel & 
Blumenstel, 27 Pine St., New 
York City, N. Y.; Residence, 54 

B. 87th St., New York City. 
Remsen Taylor Williams, Met. B., 

244 Purdy St.. Astoria, N. Y. 
Burritt Nash Wheeler. (Addres<i 


tClarence Lewis Campbell, Cincin- 
nati, O. 

Carleton Palmer Gantert, 772 St. 
Nicholas Ave., New York City. 

tEdsall Du Bois Elliott (Affll. from 
Mass. A. '06), 63 Grand View 
Ave., Catskill. N. Y. 

tJohn Miller, 244 W. 104th St.. New 
York City. 

•Wayne Dee Parker, A. B., Ph. B., 
(Affll. from Ind. T '03), died at 
New York City, Feb. 27, 1906. 

tArthur Lane Purdy, Portchester, 
N. Y. 

Ralph Bailey Schoonmaker, Adver- 
tising, 18 Broadway, New York 

City; residence, 1060 CJentral 

Ave., Plainfleld, N. J. 
Morris Gardner Talcott, Talcott- 

ville. Ck>nn.. or Clifton. Axis. 
fEverett Ward, Jr., Mech. Bng., 

134 W. 70th St., New York City. 


tEUiott Ritchie Alexander, 608 
Madison St.. Brooklsm, N. Y. 

Harry Cutler Arnold, Stoneham, 

tLawrence Ripley CHapp, C!ananea 
Copper Co., Torres, Senora, Mex- 

tFerris Sands Hetherington, Hotel 
Marie Antoinette, Broadway and 
67th St., New York City. 

tEmU Valentine Kehrlein. Jr. (Affll. 
from CaL B. '05). San Francisco, 

tOliver Du Fresne Kelhrlein, (Affll. 
from C^l. B. '05), San Francisco, 


tGeorge Norrls, 906 St. Mark's Ave., 
Brooklyn. N. Y. 


tWllllam Austin Alexander. 608 
Madison St., Brooklsm, N. Y. 

tHarold Purdy Banks, 304 W. 9l8t 
St., New York City. 

tGrover Hartman Bode, 124 W. 
147th St., New York City. 

tFrancls Dudley CTarleton (Affll. 
from Mass. B. '07), 1148 War- 
burton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

tHarry Potter Fish, 31 W. 90th St, 
New York City. 

tReuben Mapelsden, Jr., 881 Union 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Edward Avery of Rand 
Drill Company. Tarrytown, N. J.; 
residence, 35 S. Broadway, Tarry- 
town, N. Y. 

Curtis Pendleton Snook, 182 Hart 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tWllliam Howard Barber, 210 Rod- 
ney St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tJames Livingston Ck>bb, 258 Clif- 
ton PI., Brookl3m, N. Y. 

tWilliam Beatman Davidson, Dobbs 
Ferry, N. Y. 

tClifford Sheppard Haigh, 265 Mc- 
Donough St, Brooklsm, N. Y. 



tClaua Frederick Hlnck, t06 Orove 

St., Montdalr. N. J. 
tGeor^e Edward Loder, Portches- 

ter. N. Y. 
Fernando U. Parraca, 1088 Flftb 

Ave., New York dtj, N. Y. 


fin active chapter, 1906-6. 

tDanld Denlflon Streeter, 118 
Hooper St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tBenjamin A. WlUls, HarUey Hall, 
Ck>lumbla University, N. Y. 



SyracoM, New York 


i^amuel Edward Sprole, A. M. (Cor- 
nell), '96, Bianufacturer of Wax 
Crayons, 706 Court St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 


* James Devlne, A. M., '87 (died 
Jan. 11, 1905), Syracuse, N. Y. 

Everard Allen Hill, Ph. B., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, 81 Syracuse Savings 
Bank Bldg.; res. 1906 E. Qenesee 
St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Glen Kasslmer Shurtleff, Oen. Sec 
Y. M. C. A., 246 Prospect Place, 
CHeveland, O. 

Charles Frederick Taylor, C B., 
dvil E^nglneer and Contractor, 
78 Broad St., New York, or care 
the Durphy Ck>ntractlnir Co., 607 
R Jefferson St., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Silas Olldersleeve Comfort, M. Ar., 
'87, C. E. (Penn. MIL Ck>U.), '89, 
Vice-Pres. Penn. MIL ColL, Ches- 
ter, Pa. 


Willard Newton Holmes, A. M., 
Professor of Science, Grant Uni- 
versity, Athens, Tenn. 

Albert Harrington Meads, ^>^. B., 
IAj, B., Lawyer, 1314 CHiamber 
of Ck>mmerce, Chicago; res. 432 
S. Stone Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Francis Augustus Welch, A. B., M. 
D., '90, Physician, 27 James St., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Cteorge Washington May, A. B., B. 

D., M. E. Clergyman, Ganse- 

voort, N. Y. 
Elmer Joseph Read, B. P., M. P.. 

Artist, 178 Springfield Ave., 

Rutherford, N. J. 

Hiram Ralph Shoemaker, A. B., A. 
M., Clergyman, Jamesvllle, N. Y. 


Ambrose Charles DriscoU, Ph« B., 
C. E., Engineer and Ck>ntractor, 
306 Noxon St.; res. 323 W. Gene- 
see St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

William Augustus Mehan, A. M., 
Lawyer, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 


George Irving Abbott, A. B., Book- 
keeper, 44 H Bridge St., Oswego, 
N. Y. 

Newell Eugene Hulbert, A. B., 
Clergyman, KelloggsvUle, O. 

John Herman Murray^ B. S., M. 
S., Attorney, Clnclnnatus, N. Y. 

William Smith Murray, M. S., '92, 
Prof, in Robert College, Constan- 

Morgan Rich Sanford, M. S., Local 
Forecaster, U. S. Weather Bu- 
reau Office, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Frank Lincoln Boothby, Chicago, 

Edwin Merritt Sanford, A. B., Pd. 

B., Ph. B.. Prln. High Scho<^ 

Northport, L. I. 
•Henry Orrin Sibley, A. M., '90. 773 

Irving Ave., Ssrracuse, N. Y. 

(died April 14, 1906). 


Orator Fuller Cook, Ph. B., Botan- 
ist U. S. Dept. Agriculture, Lan- 
bam, Md. 

Samuel Boyce (3raton, B. S., 
M. D., Affll. S. C. A., Oculist and 
Aurist, University Block, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Theophilus S. Devltt, A. M., Ph. 
D., D. D., Pastor of First Congre- 
gational C^iurch, Branford. Conn. 




E«dwin Marble Hasbrouck, M. D., 

Surseon, 1819 Adams Mill Road, 

Washlngrton, D. C. 
Qeorve Thomas Lewis, Architect, 

85 W. Baflrle St., BufEalo, N. Y. 
Albert Gr^ggrory Vrendenburg, A. 

B., B. M., Professor of Music, 

Oxford. O. 


Edward Devine, M. S., Attorney, 
608-4 Kirk Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Frank Fellows Gray, Psychological 
Specialist in Montclair Schools; 
res. Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Mont- 
clair, N. J. 

Benjamin Franklin Hammond, A. 
B. (Princeton), Auburn Theologi- 
cal, '94, Presbyterian Clergyman, 
Catasauqua, Pa. 

John Edward Hoick, B. A. (Penn. 
Coll.), '91 Pastor Lutheran 
Church, 1126 Ash St, San Diego, 

Van Evrie Kilpatrick, A. M., 
Teacher; Residence, 666 Van 
Cortlands Park Ave., Yonkers, 
N. Y.; or 226 W. 109th St., New 
York City. 

Joseph Reynolds, Ph. B., 838 Alex- 
ander Ave., New York City, 
N. Y. 

Edward Cosgrove Ryan, LL. B., N. 
Y. Law School, White Memorial 
Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y. 

^Charles Champion Tucker, M. E. 
Clergyman (died Oct. 10, 1894). 

Charles Harris Wheeler, Ph. B., 
Professor of Mathematics, Drexel 
Institute, 87th and Chestnut Sts., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


William Henry Adams, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, East Otto, N. Y. 

Thomas Stone Bell, A. M., '95, Supt. 
of Schools, Salamanca, N. Y. 

Jacob Hagar Carfrey, Ph. M., B. 
Ph., Superintendent of Schools, 
126 W. Chestnut St, Wakefield, 

William Morrison Fanton, A. M., 
B. D., M. E., Clergsrman, Wind- 
sor, Conn. 

Eimest Frederick Herman, A. M., 
Prof. American Coll., Conception, 

Raymond Wright Lowry, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, Sidney Center, 
N. Y. 

KJdward Dunbar Rich, C. E. (R. P. 
I.), '96, City E^ngineer, Residence 
752 Springfield Ave., Summit 
N. J. 

*James Brownlee Sanford, A. M., 
M. D., F. R. G. S. (died March 
13, 1904). 

John Richard Stevens, Prof, of 
Music, 44 E. First St, Coming, 
N. Y. 

Everett Prentiss Turner, A. B., A. 
M., Insurance, 12 Swan St, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

Charles Frederick Wiley, Ph. B., 
M. D., '95, Physician, 706 Harri- 
son St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Olin W. Wood. Ph. B., Prin. Dela- 
ware Academy, Delhi, N. Y. 

Herbert Lincoln Ellsworth, A. M., 

Wesleyan Clergyman, Ashley, Pa. 
*George Daniel Hammond, A. B. 

(Harvard), '93 (died Jan. 14, 

Harry Otto Harbaugh, A. M., M. 

E. Clergyman, New Alt>any, O. 
Frederick Richard Hodge, A. B. 

(Harvard), '95, Teacher, 10 Tufts 

St., Maiden, Mass. 
William F. Hodge, A. B., Attorney, 

Syracuse Savings Bank Bldg.; 

res. "The Kenyon," Syracuse, 

N. Y. 
Herbert Ray Jaquay, LL. B., '98. 

Attorney, 122 Cooledge Ave., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
George Holmes Kingsbury, Ph. M., 

Teacher, Elmhurst, L. L 
Theodore Wells Taylor, LL. B., '96, 

A. M., '97, Onondaga Bank Bldg., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Nathaniel Bennett White, Supt 

Industrial Dept., Morristown 

Normal and Industrial ColL, Mor- 
ristown, Tenn. 
Merton Lee Willis, B. S., Attorney, 

66 Main St.; res. 106 South Ave., 

Bradford, Pa. 




Charles Webster Beadel, Ph. D., 
AflU. N. Y. A., Draughtsman with 
the Solvay Process Co., Fair- 
mount, N. T. 

Eklward W. Beadel, General Man- 
ager and Chief Engineer of the 
Penn. Engineering Works; res. 
188 E. Lincoln Ave., Newcastle, 

Bennett Day Brown, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Lestershlre, N. Y. 

Oeorge Draper Coons, B. A. R., 
Chief Draughtsman State Archi- 
tect's Office. Capitol; res. 70 N. 
Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 

Julius Franklin Everett, Poyn, 

Albert Edwin Larkln, Ph. B. (Col- 
gate), '94, M. D., '97, Physician, 
509 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

William Wilson Nichols, A. M., LL. 
B.. on Editors' Staff, Lawyers* 
Co-operative Publishing Com- 
pany, Aqueduct Bldg., Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Arthur Jerome Smith, Merchant, 
Antwerp, N. Y. 

George Frederick Whitfield, M. E. 
Clergyman, Ruthven, O. 


•Lewis Allen, A. B., Affll. CaL B. 
(died March 16, 1898). 

Guy Halsey Baskervllle, A. B., 
Supt. Schools; Residence, 93 
Orawaupum St., White Plains, 
N. Y. 

Frederick Parmenter Schenck, A. 
B., LL. B., '99, Lawyer, 60 Wall 
St., New York CMty, N. Y.; res. 
43 HlUyer St., Orange, N. J. 

Allen Dorman Steele, B. S., LL. 
B., Attorney, 61 Utlca City Na- 
tional Bank Bldg.; Utlca, N. Y. 

Harry Byron Tlllbury, A. B., Farm- 
er, Owego, N. Y. 

•CJharles Elmer Wetton (died at 
New York City, March 24, 1904). 


William Clarke Oavitte, Agent, 27 

E. 125th St; res. 188 Ckxyper 
Ave., Upper Montclalr, N. J. 

Harvey Milton Hubbard, A. B., At- 
torney, 27 William St., New York 
City, N. Y. 

George Elmer O'Bnran, Portland, 

Ulysses Grant Warren, Ph. B., D. 
D., '98. Clergsrman, Mlllbrook, 
N. Y.; Residence, Verbank, N. Y. 


Wlldrldge Henry Crorman, Clerk 
Ogdensburg National Bank, Og- 
densburg, N. Y. 

Robert Leroy Morgan, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Truxton, N. Y. 

John C^arl Thayer, 56 Miller St., 
Utlca, N. Y. 


•Charles Frederick Bates, A. B. 
(died Oct. 29, 1898). 

•Harry Curts Brown (died Jan. 11, 

Elvln Burt Granger, M. E. CHergy- 
man, Bridgeport, N. Y. 

Frederick Sherwood Honslnger, M. 
D., Physician, 808 University 
Block, Syracuse, N. Y. 

CJarl Bernard Machold, Architect 
and Builder, 19 McDonnell St., 
Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Grant Gay McChesney, M. E. 
Clergyman, Evanston, III. 

Charles Warner Mills, Editor of 
8odu9 Record, Sodus, N. Y. 

John Walrath Plant, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 222 Harrison St., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

John Dean Shlpman, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Vernon, N. Y. 

Egbert Whlttaker, Horticulturist, 
'99, Coming, C^. 


Benjamin VanEtten Dolph, M. D., 
Physician, Port Jervis, N. Y. 

Lewis McGuinnls Fenner, Chemi- 
cal Engineer, New York Air 
Brake Co., 10 Boyd St., Water- 
town, N. Y. 

Allen Lawrence Hobart, M. B. 
Clergyman, Cincinnatus, N. Y. 

Harvey Stevens Kelly, A. B., Lum- 
ber Business, Casenovla, N. Y. 

Msrron David Lipes, Dresden, N. T. 



Edwin Marble Hasbrouck, M. D., 

Surgreon, 1819 Adams Mill Road, 

Washlngrton, D. C. 
George Thomas Lewis, Architect, 

86 W. Baffle St., BufEalo, N. Y. 
Albert Gr^ggory Vrendenburg, A. 

B., B. M., Professor of Music, 

Oxford, O. 


Bdward Devlne, M. 8., Attorney, 
608-4 Kirk Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Frank Fellows Gray, Psychological 
Specialist in Montclair Schools; 
res. Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Mont- 
clair. N. J. 

Benjamin Franklin Hammond, A. 
B. (Princeton), Auburn Theologi- 
cal. '94, Presbyterian Clergs^man, 
CatasauQua, Pa. 

John Edward Hoick, B. A. (Penn. 
Coll.), '91 Pastor Lutheran 
Church, 1126 Ash St, San Diego, 

Van Evrie Kilpatrick, A. M., 
Teacher; Residence, 666 Van 
Cortlands Park Ave., Yonkers, 
N. Y.; or 226 W. 109th St.. New 
York City. 

Joseph Reynolds. Ph. B.. 838 Alex- 
ander Ave., New York City, 
N. Y. 

Edward Cosgrove Rjran, LL. B., N. 
Y. Law School. White Memorial 
Bldg., Syracuse. N. Y. 

^Charles Champion Tucker, M. E. 
Clergsrman (died Oct. 10, 1894). 

Charles Harris Wheeler, Ph. B., 
Professor of Mathematics, Drexel 
Institute, 87th and Chestnut Sts., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


William Henry Adams, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, East Otto, N. Y. 

Thomas Stone Bell, A. M., *96, Supt. 
of Schools, Salamanca, N. Y. 

Jacob Hagar (Tarfrey, Ph. M., B. 
Ph., Superintendent of Schools, 
126 W. Chestnut St., Wakefield, 

William Morrison Fanton, A. M., 
B. D.. M. E., Clergsrman, Wind- 
sor, Conn. 

E<mest Frederick Herman, A. M., 
Prof. American ColL, Conception, 

Raymond Wright Lowry, A. B., M. 
E. Clergsrman, Sidney CJenter, 
N. Y. 

Udward Dunbar Rich, C. E. (R. P. 
L), '96, City Engineer, Residence 
752 Springfield Ave.. Summit, 
N. J. 

*James Brownlee Sanford, A. M., 
M. D., F. R. G. S. (died March 
13, 1904). 

John Richard Stevens, Prof, of 
Music, 44 E. First St., Ck>ming, 
N. Y. 

Ehrerett Prentiss Turner, A. B., A. 
M., Insurance, 12 Swan St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

Charles Frederick Wiley, Ph. B., 
M. D.. '95. Physician, 706 Harri- 
son St.. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Olin W. Wood, Ph. B., Prln. Dela- 
ware Academy. Delhi, N. Y. 

Herbert Lincoln Ellsworth. A. M.. 

Wesleyan Clergyman. Ashley. Pa. 
*George Daniel Hammond, A. B. 

(Harvard), '98 (died Jan. 14, 

Harry Otto Harbaugh, A. M., M. 

E. Clergyman, New Alt>any, O. 
Frederick Richard Hodge, A. B. 

(Harvard), '96, Teacher, 10 Tufts 

St., Maiden, Mass. 
William F. Hodge, A. B., Attorney, 

S}rracuse Savings Bank Bldg.; 

res. 'The Kenyon," Syracuse, 

N. Y. 
Herbert Ray Jaquay, LL. B., '98. 

Attorney, 122 Cooledge Ave., 

S}rracuse, N. Y. 
George Holmes Kingsbury, Ph. M... 

Teacher, Elmhurst, L. L 
Theodore Wells Taylor, LL. B., '96, 

A. M., '97, Onondaga Bank Bldg., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Nathaniel Bennett White, Supt. 

Industrial DepL, Morristown 

Normal and Industrial ColL, Mor- 
ristown, Tenn. 
Merton Lee Willis, B. S., Attorney, 

66 Main St; res. 105 South Ave., 

Bradford, Pa. 

X. J. 

AHQ. N. T. J 
mount, X. T. 




X T 

X 1_ 

Bennett Dat 

Qeorse Draper 

Chief Drmos^ 

tect'8 Office, ^-^girni 

AUen St. AEbmsj. X 
Julius Franktts 

Albert Edwin 

gate). 'W. M. D-, 

609 E. Gen 

N. Y. 
WlUlam WilBon 3 

B.. on Editon' ata2. 


pany. Aquedact 

N. Y. 
Arthur Jerome 

Antwerp, N. Y. 
George Frederick Whfrtftrtrf. 

Clergyman, RiitliTeB^ O. 

H K 

•Lewis AUen. A. B^ AJBL C^ H. 

(died March 16. 11M>. 
Guy Halsey Baskerme^ JL, Is.. 

Supt. Schools; 

Orawaupum St., Whtim 

N. Y. 
Fk^erick Parmenter 

B.. xuLt, B*, 99, 

St. New York City, H, Y.: 

4S Hlllyer St.. Oraace, V S 
Allen Dorman Stede. B. If, fjC 

B., Attorney, fl Utl«« CNr IK^ 

tkmal Bank Bldg.; T;tt<*. IT r 
Harry Byron Tillbury, A. K , Pt^t*- 

er. Owego, N. T. 
^Charles Elmer Wertton '4144 ib^ 

New York City, Utai^ U, MiH/ 

Wnuam Clarke aavlit4i, A#«M, 

tnc l^nliiMr 2» XtC^wojitit m^. 

l^isru'9' Mil* Z«ansr 
fnmt jc T 

3C*w T^ 

*w«^'V rf'iiivA^ x*»y. A- B.. 
««*^ ^-f /.!»*•. 



Thomas Hill Munro, Agriculturist, 

Camillus, N. Y. 
Harry Blake Reddlck, A. B., R D., 

M. EL Clergyman, Montour Falls, 

N. Y. 
Henry Bert Voorhees, Broker, New 

York City, HomervlUe, O. 


Allen Duncan Bumham, A. R, In- 
structor, Northwestern Military 
Academy, Highland Park, m. 

Jay Lament Qresrory, A. B., LX*. B., 
Lawyer, 810 Security Mutual Life 
Bld«r.; res. 81 Lincoln Ave., 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Damon Austin Hagadom, Student 
Harvard Law CoUeflre, Manorskill, 
N. Y. 

George Wales Kinff, Assistant 
Pastor of First Presbyterian 
Church, 6122 McPherson Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Brayton Eugene Kinne, Phsrsician, 
60 Easle St., Albany, N. Y. 

Sylvenas Danforth Lewis, A. B., B. 
D., M. B. Clergrsrman, 71 Qreen 
St., Huntingrton, Lonff Island, N. 

Jared Nelson Meaker, Clergyman, 
Lake Como, Pa. 

Frank Spencer Perry, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, care Hasbrouck ft 
Schloeder, 267 Broadway; Resi- 
dence, 726 Tremont Ave., New 
York City, N. Y. 

Howard Victor Rulison, Ph. B., 
Student Syracuse Law School, 
610 Irvinff Ave., Sjnracuse, N. Y. 

Montgomery Caley Smith, Ph. B., 
Supt. Public Schools, Ooshen, 
Orange County, N. Y. 

Newman D. Waffle, A. M., Ph. M.. 
Teacher, Carteret Academy, 
Orange, N. J. 

Lewis Eugene Woods, Artist, Chi- 
cago, ni.. 


William Corey Albertson, Livery- 
man, Southold, Long Island, N. 

Harry Eugene Anthony, M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, No. 4 
Church St, Moravia, N. T. 

Avery Austin Gannett, A. B., 

Florist, 101 Andes Ave., Geneva, 

N. Y. 
Harvey Orrin Hutchinson, Prin- 
cipal Onondaga Free Academy, 

Onondaga Valley, N. Y. 
Claud MitcheU Marriott, Credit 

Man and Cashier, Western Eaec- 

tric Co., St Louis, Mo. 
Louis DeForest Palmer, A. B., M. 

B. Clergsrman, Foctoryvllle, Fa. 
^Harry Hopkins Simpson (died 

Dec 1, 1906), Auburn, N. T. 
Raymond Leslie Skinner, Attorney, 

633 University Block, Syracuse, 

N. Y. 
Wesley Davison Tisdale, A. 2>., 

Prin. High School, Liverpool, 

N. Y. 


Charles Jeremiah Clark, C BL, 
Civil Engineer, Municipal Bldg.; 
res. 7 St. Charles Place, Brook- 
Ijm, N. Y. 

James Hammond Cornell, Jr., LL. 
B., Lawyer, 66 Wall St., New 
York; res. Richmond Hill, Long 
Island, N. Y. 

Frank James Cregg, LL. B., Law- 
yer, 622-4 Kirk Bldg., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Robert Gordon, Idlewild, N. Y. 

Justus Moak Scrafford, Architect, 
424 6th Ave., care Trowbridge 
and Livingston; res. 477 W. 
140th St., New York City, N. T. 

Charles Harold Stow, Editor D9- 
posit Courier, Deposit, N. Y. 

Charles Frederick Walter, Ph. B., 
Prin. High School, Caledonia, 
N. Y. 

Walter Wilbur Weetall, LL. B., 
Lawyer, Onondaga Co. Savings 
Bank Bldg., Syracuse, N. T. 


Howard Gregory Case, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 1082 S. Salina St, Demon- 
strator of Anatomy, Syracuse 
University, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Guy Comfort, Ph. B., Editor, 
Canisteo, N. Y. 

Frank Melvin Bdson, A. B., Prin. 
Schools, Warwick, N. T. 



Horace Brand Henlnir. Journalist, 
Albuquerque, New Mez. 

Leon David Heuestte, Ph. B., wltb 
Solvay Process Co., Milwaukee. 

Malcolm Emmet House, M. D., 
Physician, Cuba, N. Y. 

Thomas Hill Low, LL. B., Lawyer, 
141 Broadway; res. 509 W. 112th 
St., New York City, N. Y. 

William Frederick Prouty, M. S., 
Student Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity; home address. Putney, Vt. 

Albert Roe Seaman, Ph. B., with 
Swift Packing Co., 32 Tenth 
Ave., New York City; Residence, 
Comwall-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Herbert A. Smith, Chief Clerk, 
Contract Dept., Missouri ft Kan-« 
sas Bell Telephone Co., 6th and 
Wyandotte Sts.; res. 809 W. t4th 
St, Kansas City, Mo. 

*Harry Howard Stansel, Herkimer, 
N. Y. (died Auff. 19, 1901). 

Ward Niven Truesdell, Larrer, 
Sherburne, N. Y. 


Robert Paulding Albright, Book- 
keeper, Heffron Tanner Co., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Claire Countryman Bateman, B. S., 

Salesman; home address, Sootts- 

burg, N. Y. 
Albert Bdwln Campbell, Canastola, 

N. Y. 
Joseph Thomas Lane, 511 Irvine 

Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
George Gottlieb Merry, B. B., with 

Bell Telephone Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Jacob Robert Rubin, Ph. B., Law 

Student, Grand Opera House 

Block, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Charles Sumner Sleeth, LL. B., 

Lawyer, N. Ssrracuse, N. Y. 
Curtis A. Smith, Mexico, N. Y. 
Andrew Gillis Taft, Ph. B., Com- 

Claude Porter Terry, A. B., Water- 

viUe. N. Y. 
Barle Kenneth Twombly, A. B., 

Hapgood's Co., New York; res. 

19 JefTerson Ave., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 


James Arthur Disthi, B. S., Crad- 
bie Steel Company of America, 
826 Montgomery St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

•Henry M. Galpin (died Sept. 15, 

James Ck>oper ICadden, Jr., Ph. B.. 
AfflL Pa, A, Law Student. Syra- 
cuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Arthur M. Newton, Insurance, 508 
New England Bldg.; res. 8806 
Harkness Road, Cleveland, O. 

Seneca Alton Ralph, Attorney, 87 
Wletlng Block; res. 104 Ren- 
wick Place, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Charles Muthart Rebert (Prince- 
ton), Pottstown, Pa. 

Clement Taylor Robertson, A. B., 
Real Estate, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harrison Darwin Sanford, Ph. M.. 
Peekskill Military Academy, 
Peeksklll, N. Y. 


•John Wesley Alverson, Hermon, 
N. Y. (died Jan. 13, 1903). 

tLennius Ordway Burrel, Law, 
Canisteo, N. Y. 

Hallie Wray Hammond, Student 
Leland Stanford University, Palo 
Alto, C:aL 

•Stewart Manley Harrison, Seneca 
Falls, N. Y. (died June 20, 1904). 

Arthur Liddle Holllngsworth, Lum- 
ber, Mt. View; res. 165 Blandlna 
St., Utica. N. Y. 

tPred Gtoodwin Jones, Science, 
WatervlUe, N. Y. 

tHoward Sumner Potter. Philo- 
sophical, Brushton, N. Y. 

Harry Wilbur Remer. Williams- 
port, Pa. 

Henry Frederick Russell, B. B., 22 
Gibbons Place, Madison, N. J. 

Ray Ernest Smith, Ballston Spa, 
N. Y. 

fSeirmour Bradlee Smith, Science, 
Groton. N. Y. 

tPayette William Whitney, School 
Principal, Montgomery, N. Y. 


tFred Leland Cagwin, Civil Engi- 
neering, Verona, N. Y. 



tHenrjr Merritt Dexter, Phlloeophi- 

oal, Newport, N. T. 
tJamee Weatherwax Graves. Medi- 
cal, Herkimer, N. T. 
tWalter Hemy Grifflthe, ClvU Ehi- 

ffineerioff, Utlca, N. T, 
tFktmk Wilbur Harris (Harvard, A. 

B.)t Law, BoeUm, Mass. 
FVederick Wm. Jackicm, 167 Albert 

Ave., Syracuse, N. T. 
tJesse Grant Marthens, Medical, 

Oneida, N. T. 
Edwin Rufus Millen, 406 University 

Ave., Syracuse, N. T. 
tFted Guy Perry, Architecture, 

Whitney's Point, N. T. 
tOeorre J. Stark, Medical, Little 

Falls, N. T. 
tLeon Leroy Turner, Philosophical, 

Malone, N. T. 
^Roy Hlne Williamson, Batavia, N. 

Y. (died April 7, 1906). 
tJames S. Allen, Medical, Gtoneva, 

N. T. 
fOsceola Byron Brewster, AllU. 

Mass. B., Lake Placid, N. T. 
tChester Burpee Grandey, Law, 

Glens Falls, N. T. 
Austin Griffin Kellow, Scranton, 

fEdwin Winship Louks, Philosophi- 
cal, Oneida, N. T. 

tWilson J. Merry, Mechanical Bn- 
ffineerinff, Verona, N. T. 

E«dward Greenwood Pearoe, with 

0>m Efxchanire Bank; Residence, 

66 140th St., New Toric City, 

N. T. 
tHoward Root Place, Philosophical. 

Binffhampton, N. Y. 
tNathan Pratt Sears, Philosophical, 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
tEdward G. Selmser, Philosophical, 

Waterloo, N. Y. 
tFrank Mitchell Simpson, Science, 

Little Falls, N. Y. 
John Joseph Stark, Little Falls, 

N. Y. 
tEgrbert S. Turner, Philosophical, 

BInghampton, N. Y. 
Lucius A. Waldo, CJanisteo, N. Y. 


tWatson Harley Black, Philosophi- 
cal, Syracuse, N. Y. 

tOeorire Arthur Gray, Civil Engi- 
neering, Syracuse, N. Y. 

tHarry Mahlerweln, Law, Sjrracuse, 
N. Y. 

tWalter Murray Whitmyre, Philo- 
sophical. Jeannette, Pa. 

tWayne Murray, Civil Engineering, 
Glens Falls, N. Y. 

tCharles William Peter Reynolds, 
Civil Engineering, Woodstock, 
N. Y. 

tRobert 0>lyer Weaver, Philo- 
sophical, Lake Placid, N. Y. 

tin acUve chapter, 1906-1906. 


Durham, North CaroHna 


Jesse David Bundy, A. B., Metho- 
dist Minister, Kinston. N. C. 


*Georgre McDuffle Bulla, A. B., died 
1894 at Lexington, N. C. 


James Samuel Oamer, Dentist, 

Darlinffton C. H., 8. C. 
Numa Fletcher Reid Loftin, A. B., 

Attomey-at-Law, Lexinflrton, N. 

Giunada Thomas Sikes, A. B., 

Physician, Grissom, N. C. 


Leon Idas Tully Blair, Greensboro, 
N. C. 

Brooks Monroe Boddie, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Leesville, N. C. 

William David Browne, Harpsbor- 
ougrh. N. C. 

^Philemon Holland, Jr., A. B. Die<f, 
New Berne, N. C. 

* Samuel Edward Pope, died at 
Hartville. Mo. 

Neveston Ruffln Richardson, At- 
tomey-at-Law, Reldsville, N. C. 



Caleb Deems Bell, A. B., PhyBl- 
cian, Gatesville, 8. C. 

Josiah Lawrence Jenkins, Book- 
keeper, 120 North Green St., Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Thomas Edward May, A. B., 
Lumberton, N. C. 

•Albert Dunn Pair. Died, Beagle 
Rock, N. C, 1888. 

William Sherwood Tirson, Green- 
viUe, N. a 

Thomas Logan White, A. B., Bsjik 
Cashier, Battle Creek, Neb. 

Everett Webster Cates, Manufac- 
turer, Thomasville, N. C. 

Samuel Garland Daniel, Lawyer, 
Littleton, N. C. 

William Alexander Pierce, Mer- 
chant, Weldon, N. C. 

William Henry Redding, Sawyers- 
vUle, N. C. 

Willie Hemr^on Robbins, Manager 
R. H. Reynolds Tobacco Faoiory, 
Winston, N. C. 

Leonce Vaughan. Bank Cashier. 
HartsviUe, S. C. 

William Beauregard Welsh, Texa- 
haw, N. C. 



Chapel Mm, North CaroBna 

William Houston Carroll, Lawyer, 
Burllnffton, N. C 

Joel Hines, Attorney, Whlteville, 
N. a 

William Henry McDonald, Banker, 
Merchants' National Bank, Bal- 
timore, M<L 

Richard Smith Neal, Civil Engi- 
neer, Scotland Neck, N. C 

Albert Marchant Simmons, Attor- 
ney, Elisabeth, N. C 

Richard Street White, Attorney, 
Elisabethtown, N. C 


Oliver Douglas Batchelor, Attor- 
ney, Newport News, Va. 

William Edwards Headen, Phy- 
sician, Pittsboro, N. C 

Thomas Ashe Marshall, Drug- 
gist, Wadesboro, N. C 

Graham McKinnon. 

Alexander Clifton Shaw, Lawyer. 
Chief. Dlv. Gen'l Land Office, 
Wash., D. C 


George Washington Bethell, Bank 
er, Danville, Va. 

Alexander Stronach, Ph. B., B. L., 
Attorney. 60 Wall St; 4«s. 468 
West 128d St., New York. N. Y. 


William Watkins Davles, Attor- 
ney, Louisville^ Ky. 

Walter Hanrahan Grimes, R. R. 
Clerk, Raleigh, N. C 

VanWycke Hoke, Raleigh, N. C . 

^Angus Barry Shaw, died 1908, 
John's Station, N. GL 

Paul Lee Woodard, Wilson, N. C 

George Harrlss Howell, 118H Prin- 
cess St, Wilmington, N. C 


Michael Hoke, Physician, Atlanta, 

Addison Goodloe Mangum, Gas- 

tonla* N. C 
Edgar Reed Russell, Physician, 

Charlotte, N. C 
John Barton Stronach, Merchant, 

Raleigh, N. a 


* William Preston Bynum. died 
1891. Lincolnton, N. C 

Joseph Thomas Buxton, Lawyer, 
Jackson, N. C 

William Frederick Harding, At- 
torney, Charlotte, N. C 

^Leonidas Haywood Merritt, Pitts- 
boro, N. CL 

Henry Ross Ihrie, Pittsboro, N. C 


James William Cobb. 

Arthur Cobb, Durham, N. C 

Robert Walland Dolby. 

Eugene Grissom Denson, Raleigh. 
N. a 

Alfred Settle Dockery, Rocking- 
ham, N. C 

Frederick Marshall Parker, Eu- 
fleld, N. a 

Wescott Roberson, Lawyer, High 
Point, N. a 

Louis Sherfesee, Jr.. Manager Ger- 
mania Life Insurance Co.; res. 44 
Montague St. Charlestown. S. C. 

Andrew Symme, Jr., Raleigh, N. 


Joseph Harvey White, Graham, N. 


Eidward Stephenson Askew, Law- 
yer, Windsor, N. GL 

Samuel Rolland Buxton, Attorney, 
Newport News, Vs. 




SVederick Jackson Coze^ Attorney, 
Wadesboro, N. C. 

John Donnelly, Physician, Char- 
lotte^ N. a 

Samuel Holden Hines, Milton, N. 


Charles Hu^rhes Johnson. 

Stephen White Kenney, Editor 
and Printer, Windsor, N. C. 

Frederick Oreer Patterson, Mer- 
chant, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Louis Hector Schubert, Minister, 
Enfield, N. C. 

Robert Alonso Winston, Drui^i^ist, 

Franklinton, N. C 

Robert GiUiam Kittrell, Ph. B., 

Supt. Schools, Granville Co., Ox- 
ford, N. C. 


Joseph Jennings Ashbury. 

William Stanley Bernard, Profes- 
sor at University of North Caro- 
lina, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Isaac Faust Harris, B. S., M. S. C, 
Research Chemist, Graduates' 
Club, New Haven, Conn., or care 
of Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion, New Haven, Conn. 

Clarence Joseph Rhea, Merchant, 
Windsor. N. C 

Alexander Abel ShuflTord, Hickory, 
N. C. 


Gerald Bruce Newby, Hertford, N. 


William Alexander Blue, B. S., 
Sec'y & Treas. A. & R. R. R., 
Aberdeen, N. C. 

Walter Wooten Council, Affll. Va. 
B., Lake Waccamaw, N. C. 

Josiah Call Exum, Snow Hill, N. C. 

John Jackson London, Graduate U. 
S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md. 

Frank Bayard Short, Merchant, 
Fremont, N. C. 

Henry Clay Wall, Broker, Rock- 
ingham, N. C 

Patrick Henry Winston. AfflL Tex. 
B., Lawyer, Temple Court, Ashe- 
viUe, N. C. 

Hugh Hammond Bennett, Gov- 
ernment Land Surveyor, Wades- 
boro, N. C 

Eugene Brownlee. Cablesklll, N. T. 

William Wade Chisman, Farmer, 
Pine Hall, N. a 

Thomas Pennington Bndlcott, 
Merchant, S6 So. New York Ave., 
Atlantic City, N. J. 

Frank William Smathers, Lawyer, 
care Judge Endioott, Atlantic 
City, N. J. 

John Howell Smathers, M. D., 
Dentist, WaynesviUe, N. C. 

Hubert Raymond Weller, Chem- 
ist, care Garrett A Co., Norfolk, 

James Leak Wyatt, Physician, 
Wadesboro, N. C 

Paul W. Telverton, Merchant, 
Goldsboro, N. C 


Charles Upchurch Harris, Law- 
yer, Selina, N. C 

Thomas Felix Hickerson, Instruc- 
tor at University of North Caro- 
lina, Chapel Hill, N. C 

Charlie James, Merchant, Green- 
ville, N. a 

William Henry Lee, U. S. Navy; 
res. WaynesviUe, N. C, address 
care Postmaster, New York City. 

Thomas Leak Parsons, Banker, 
Rockingham, N. C 

James Cary Petty, Auditor, Carth- 
age Ry., Carthage, N. C. 

Henry Blount Best, studying 

medicine at University of N. 

Carolina, in Raleigh* Wilson, 

N. a 

John Strong Calvert, Stenographer, 

Raleigh, N. a 
Samuel Walkup Klutts, studying 

law at George Washington Unl- 

vergity, Washington, D. C. 
Isaac Spencer London, Paymaster, 

D. A S. C R. R., Bast Durham, 

N. a 



tClatui Frederick Hlnck, S06 Orove 

St. Montdalr. N. J. 
tGeorge Edward Loder, Portches- 

ter. N. Y. 
Fernando U. Parraca, 1088 Fiftb 

Ave.. New York City, N. T. 


fin active chapter. 1906-6. 

tDanlel Denlson Streeter. IIS 
Hooper St. Brooklyn. N. T. 

tBenjamln A. Wlllla. Hartley Hall, 
Ck>lumbla University. N. Y. 


Syracote, New York 


8amuel Eklward Sprole, A. M. (Ck>r- 
nell), '96, Manufacturer of Wax 
Crayons, 706 Court St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 


Vames Devine, A. M., '87 (died 
Jan. 11, 1905), Syracuse. N. Y. 

Everard Ailen Hill. Ph. B., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, 81 Ssrracuse Savings 
Bank Bldgr.; res. 1906 B. Genesee 
St., Ssrracuse, N. Y. 

Glen Kassimer Shurtleff, Gen. See. 
Y. M. C. A., 246 Prospect Place, 
Cleveland, O. 

Charles Frederick Taylor, C. B., 
Civil Engineer and Contractor, 
78 Broad St., New York, or care 
the Durphy Contracting Co., 607 
R Jefferson St., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Silas Gildersleeve Comfort, M. Ar., 
'87, C. E. (Penn. MIL CoU.), '89, 
Vice-Pres. Penn. Mil. Coll., Ches- 
ter, Pa. 


Willard Newton Holmes, A. M., 
Professor of Science, Grant Uni- 
versity, Athens, Tenn. 

Albert Harrington Meads. '>>. B.. 
LiLi. B., Lawyer, 1314 Chamber 
of Commerce. Chicago; res. 482 
S. Stone Ave.. La Grange. 111. 

Francis Augustus Welch, A. B., M. 
D., '90. Physician, 27 James St., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

George Washington May, A. B., B. 

D., M. E. Clergsrman. Ganse- 

voort, N. Y. 
Elmer Joseph Read, B. P., M. P., 

Artist, 178 Springfield Ave., 

Rutherford. N. J. 

Hiram Ralph Shoemaker, A. B.. A. 
M., Clergyman, Jamesville, N. Y. 


Ambrose Charles Drlscoll, Ph. B.. 
C. E.. Engineer and Contractor. 
306 Noxon St.; res. 823 W. Gene- 
see St.. Sjrracuse, N. Y. 

William Augustus Mehan, A. M.. 
Lawyer, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 


George Irving Abbott, A. B., Book- 
keeper, 44 H Bridge St., Oswego, 
N. Y. 

Newell Eugene Hulbert, A. B., 
Clergyman, Kelloggsvllle. O. 

John Herman Murray, B. S., M. 
S., Attorney, Cinclnnatus, N. Y. 

William Smith Murray, M. S.. '92. 
Prof, in Robert College, Constan- 

Morgan Rich Sanford, M. S., Local 
Forecaster. U. S. Weather Bu- 
reau Office, Sj^racuse, N. Y. 

Frank Lincoln Boothby, Chicago, 

Edwin Merritt Sanford, A. B., Pd. 

B., Ph. B., Prln. High School. 

Northport, L. I. 
•Henry Orrin Sibley, A. M.. '90. 773 

Irving Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

(died AprU 14, 1906). 


Orator Fuller Cook, Ph. B., Botan- 
ist U. S. Dept. Agriculture. Lan- 
ham, Md. 

Samuel Boyce Craton. B. S., 
M. D., Affll. S. C. A., Oculist and 
Aurist, University Block. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Theophilus S. Devltt, A. M.. Ph. 
D.. D. D., Pastor of First Congre- 
gational Church. Branford. Oonn. 



Edwin Marble Haabrouck, M. D., 

Surgeon. 1819 Adams Mill Road, 

Washington, D. C. 
Georgre Thomas Lewis, Architect, 

85 W. E&gle St., Buftalo, N. Y. 
Albert Orfiggory Vrendenbur^, A. 

B., B. M., Professor of Music, 

Oxford, O. 


Eidward Devine, M. S., Attorney, 
608-4 Kirk Bldgr*, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Frank Fellows Gray, Psycholosrical 
Specialist In Montclair Schools; 
res. Y. M. C. A. Bldff., Mont- 
clair, N. J. 

Benjamin Franklin Hammond, A. 
B. (Princeton), Auburn Theolosri- 
cal, '94, Presbyterian Clergryman, 
Catasauqua, Pa. 

John Edward Hoick, B. A. (Penn. 
Coll.), '91 Pastor Lutheran 
Church, 1126 Ash St, San Diegro, 

Van Evrie Kilpatrick, A. M., 
Teacher; Residence. 566 Van 
Cortlands Park Ave., Yonkers. 
N. Y.; or 226 W. 109th St., New 
York City. 

Joseph Reynolds, Ph. B., 338 Alex- 
ander Ave., New York City, 
N. Y. 

Edward Cossrrove Ryan, LL. B., N. 
Y. Law School, White Memorial 
BldfiT.* Syracuse, N. Y. 

^Charles Champion Tucker, M. E. 
Clergryman (died Oct. 10, 1894). 

Charles Harris Wheeler, Ph. B., 
Professor of Mathematics, Drexel 
Institute. 87th and Chestnut Sts., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


William Henry Adams, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, East Otto, N. Y. 

Thomas Stone Bell, A. M., '96, Supt. 
of Schools, Salamanca, N. Y. 

Jacob Hagar Carfrey, Ph. M., B. 
Ph.. Superintendent of Schools, 
126 W. Chestnut St., Wakefield, 

William Morrison F&nton, A. M., 
B. D.. M. R, dergyTDBn, Wind- 
sor, Conn. 

Earnest Frederick Herman, A. M., 
Prof. American ColL, Conception. 

Raymond Wright Lowry, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, Sidney Center, 
N. Y. 

Udward Dunbar Rich, C. E. (R. P. 
I.), '95, City Engineer, Residence 
762 Springfield Ave., Summit, 
N. J. 

*Jame8 Brownlee Sanford, A. M.. 
M. D., F. R. G. S. (died March 
13. 1904). 

John Richard Stevens, Prof, of 
Music. 44 E. First St., Coming, 
N. Y. 

Everett Prentiss Turner, A. B., A. 
M., Insurance, 12 Swan St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

Charles Frederick Wiley, Ph. B.. 
M. D., '95, Physician, 706 Harri- 
son St., Ssrracuse, N. Y. 

Olln W. Wood, Ph. B.. Prin. Dela- 
ware Academy, Delhi, N. Y. 

Herbert Lincoln Ellsworth, A. M., 

Wesleyan Clergyman, Ashley, Pa. 
^George Daniel Hammond, A. B. 

(Harvard), '93 (died Jan. 14, 

Harry Otto Harbaugh, A. M., M. 

E. Clergyman, New Albany, O. 
Frederick Richard Hodge, A. B. 

(Harvard), '96, Teacher, 10 Tufts 

St., Maiden, Bfass. 
William F. Hodge, A. B., Attorney, 

Syracuse Savlngrs Bank Bldg.; 

res. "The Kenyon," Sjrracuse, 

N. Y. 
Herbert Ray Jaquay, LL. B., '98. 

Attorney, 122 Cooledge Ave.. 

Ssnracuse, N. Y. 
George Holmes Kingsbury, Ph. M., 

Teacher, Elmhurst, L. L 
Theodore Wells Taylor, LL. B., '96, 

A. M., '97, Onondaga Bank Bldg., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Nathaniel Bennett White, Supt. 

Industrial Dept., Morristown 

Normal and Industrial ColL, Mor- 
ristown, Tenn. 
Merton Lee Willis, B. 8., Attorney, 

66 Main St.; res. 105 South Ave., 

Bradford, Pa. 




Charles Webster Beadel, Ph. D., 
Affll. N. Y. A., Draughtsman with 
the Solvay Process Co., Fair- 
mount, N. Y. 

Edward W. Beadel, General Man- 
ager and Chief Engineer of the 
Penn. Engineering Works; res. 
188 E. Lincoln Ave., Newcastle, 

Bennett Day Brown, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Lestershlre, N. Y. 

George Draper Coons, B. A. R., 
Chief Draughtsman State Archi- 
tect's Office, Capitol; res. 70 N. 
Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 

Julius Franklin Everett, Poyn, 

Albert Edwin Larkin, Ph. B. (Col- 
gate), '94, M. D., *97, Physician, 
509 E. Genesee St., Sjrracuse, 
N. Y. 

William Wilson Nichols, A. M., L.L. 
B.. on Editors' Staff, Lawyers* 
Co-operative Publishing Com- 
pany, Aqueduct Bldg., Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Arthur Jerome Smith, Merchant, 
Antwerp, N. Y. 

George Frederick Whitfield, M. E. 
Clergryman, Ruthven, O. 


*Lewls Allen. A. B., Affll. Cal. B. 
(died March 16, 1898). 

Guy Halsey BaskervlUe, A. B., 
Supt. Schools; Residence, 93 
Orawaupum St., White Plains, 
N. Y. 

Frederick Parmenter Schenck, A. 
B., LL. B., '99, Lawyer, 60 Wall 
St., New York CMty, N. Y.; res. 
43 HlUyer St., Orange, N. J. 

Allen Dorman Steele, B. S., LL. 
B., Attorney, 61 Utlca City Na- 
tional Bank Bldg.; Utlca, N. Y. 

Harry Bjrron Tlllbury, A. B., Farm- 
er, Owego, N. Y. 

^Charles Elmer Wetton (died at 
New York City. March 24, 1904). 


William Clarke Gavltte, Agent, 27 

E. 125th St; res. 188 Cooper 
Ave.. Upper Montclalr, N. J. 

Harvey Milton Hubbard, A. B., At- 
torney, 27 William St., New York 
City, N. Y. 

George Elmer O'Bryan, Portland, 

Ulysses Grant Warren, Ph. B., D. 
D., '98, Clergyman, Mlllbrook, 
N. Y.; Residence, Verbank, N. Y. 


Wlldrldge Henry CSorman, Clerk 
Ogdensburg National Bank, Og- 
densburg. N. Y. 

Robert Leroy Morgan. M. D., Phy- 
sician, Truxton, N. Y. 

John C^rl Thayer, 56 Miller St., 
Utlca, N. Y. 


* Charles Frederick Bates, A. B. 
(died Oct. 29, 1898). 

*Harry Curts Brown (died Jan. 11, 

Elvln Burt Granger, M. E. Clergry- 
man, Bridgeport, N. Y. 

Frederick Sherwood Honslnger, M. 
D., Physician, 803 University 
Block, Sj^racuse, N. Y. 

Carl Bernard Machold, Architect 
and Builder, 19 McDonnell St., 
Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Grant Gay McChesney, M. E. 
Clergyman, Evanston, HI. 

Charles Warner Mills, Editor of 
Bodu9 Record, Sodus, N. Y. 

John Walrath Plant, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 222 Harrison St., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

John Dean Shipman, M. D., Phy- 
sician, Vernon, N. Y. 

Egbert Whittaker, Horticulturist, 
'99, Coming, Cal. 


Benjamin VanEtten Dolph, M. D., 
Phsrsician, Port Jervis, N. Y. 

Lewis McGulnnis Fenner, Chemi- 
cal E3nglneer, New York Air 
Brake Co., 10 Boyd St., Water- 
town, N. Y. 

Allen Lawrence Hobart, M. B. 
Clergyman, Cincinnatus, N. T. 

Harvey Stevens Kelly, A. B., Lum- 
ber Business, C^asenovla, N. T. 

Myron David Lipee, Dresden, N. T. 



Thomaa Hill Munro, Agriculturist, 

CamiUus, N. Y. 
Harry Blake Reddick, A. B., B. D., 

M. Ej. Clergyman, Montour Falla, 

N. Y. 
Henry Bert Voorhees, Broker, New 

York City, Homerville, O. 


Allen Duncan Bumham, A. B., In- 
structor, Northwestern Military 
Academy, Highland Park, IlL 

Jay Lament Gregory, A. B., LJj. B., 
Lawyer, 810 Security Mutual Life 
Bldg.; res. 81 Lincoln Ave., 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Damon Austin Hag:adom, Student 
Harvard Law College, ManorskiU, 
N. Y. 

George Wales King. Assistant 
Pastor of First Presbyterian 
Church, 6128 McPherson Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Brayton Eugene Kinne. Physician. 
50 Eagle St., Albany, N. Y. 

Sylvenas Danforth Lewis, A. B., B. 
D., M. E. Clergyman, 71 Green 
St., Huntington, Long Island, N. 

Jared Nelson Meaker, Clergyman, 
Lake Como, Pa. 

Frank Spencer Perry, A. B.. LL. 
B., Attorney, care Hasbrouck & 
Schloeder, 267 Broadway; Resi- 
dence, 726 Tremont Ave., New 
York City. N. Y. 

Howard Victor Rulison. Ph. B., 
Student Syracuse Law School. 
510 Irving Ave., Ssrracuse, N. Y. 

Montgomery Caley Smith. Ph. B., 
Supt. Public Schools, Goshen, 
Orange County, N. Y. 

Newman D. Waffle, A. M., Ph. M.. 
Teacher, Carteret Academy, 
Orange, N. J. 

Lewis Eugene Woods, Artist, Chi- 
cago, ni.. 


William Corey Albertson, Livery- 
man, Southold, Long Island, N. 

Harry Eugene Anthony, M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, No. 4 
Church St., Moravia, N. T. 

Avery Austin Gannett, A. B., 
Florist, 101 Andes Ave., Geneva, 
N. Y. 

Harvey Orrin Hutchinson, Prin- 
cipal Onondaga Free Academy, 
Onondaga Valley, N. Y. 

Claud MitcheU Marriott, Credit 
Man and Cashier, Western Elec- 
tric Co., St Louis, Mo. 

Louis DeForeet Palmer, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, Factoryville, Pa. 

^Harry Hopkins Simpson (died 
Dec 1, 1906), Auburn, N. Y. 

Raymond Leslie Skinner, Attorney, 
633 University Block, Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Wesley Davison Tisdale, A. b., 
Prin. High School, Liverpool, 
N. Y. 


Charles Jeremiah Clark, C B., 
Civil Engineer, Municipal Bldg.; 
res. 7 St. Charles Place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

James Hammond Cornell, Jr., LL. 
B., Lawyer, 66 Wall St., New 
York; res. Richmond Hill, Long 
Island, N. Y. 

Frank James Cregg, LL. B., Law- 
yer, 522-4 Kirk Bldg., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Robert Gordon, Idlewlld, N. Y. 

Justus Moak Scrafford, Architect, 
424 5th Ave., care Trowbridge 
and Livingston; res. 477 W. 
140th St., New York City, N. Y. 

Charles Harold Stow, Editor De- 
po$it Courier, Deposit, N. Y. 

Charles Frederick Walter, Ph. B., 
Prin. High School, Caledonia, 
N. Y. 

Walter Wilbur Westall, LL. B., 
Lawyer, Onondaga Co. Savings 
Bank Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Howard Gregory Case, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 1088 S. Salina St., Demon- 
strator of Anatomy, Syracuse 
University, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Guy Comfort, Ph. B., Editor, 
Canisteo, N. Y. 

Frank Melvin Edson, A. B., Prin. 
Schools, Warwick, N. T. 



Horace Brand Henlnff, Journalist, 
Albuquerque, New Hex. 

LfOon David Heueatls, Ph. B., with 
Solvay Procesa Co., Milwaukee, 

Malcolm Emmet House, M. D., 
Physician, Cuba, N. T. 

Thomas Hill Low, LL. B., Lawjrer, 
141 Broadway; res. 609 W. 112th 
St., New York City, N. T. 

WlUlam Frederick Prouty, M. 8.. 
Student Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity; home address. Putney, Vt. 

Albert Roe Seaman, Ph. B., with 
Swift Packing Co., 82 Tenth 
Ave., New York City; Residence, 
Comwall-on -Hudson, N. Y. 

Herbert A. Smith, Chief Clerk, 
Contract Dept., Missouri & Kan-* 
sas Bell Telephone Co., 6th and 
Wyandotte SU.; res. 809 W. S4th 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

*Harry Howard Stansel, Herkimer, 
N. Y. (died Auff. 19, 1901). 

Ward Nlven Truesdell, Lattw. 
Sherburne, N. Y. 


Robert Paulding Albrlffht, Book- 
keeper, Heftron Tanner Co., 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

Claire Countryman Bateman, B. 8., 
Salesman; home address, Scotts- 
burs, N. Y. 

Albert Edwin Campbell, Canastola, 
N. Y. 

Joseph Thomas Lane, 611 Irvine 
Ave., Sirracuse, N. Y. 

Oeorire Gottlieb Merry, B. B., with 
Bell Telephone Co., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Jacob Robert Rubin, Ph. B., Law 
Student, Grand Opera House 
Block, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Charles Sumner Sleeth, LL. B., 
Lawyer, N. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Curtis A. Smith, Mexico, N. Y. 

Andrew GlUls Taft, Ph. B., Com- 
wall-on - Hudson. 

Claude Porter Terry, A. B., Watsr- 
vlUe, N. Y. 

Barle Kenneth Twombly, A. B., 
Hapgood*s Co., New York; res. 
19 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 


James Arthur Dlstln, B. 8., Cmoi- 
ble Steel Company of Amerloav 
826 Montgomery St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

•Henry M. Galphi (died Sept. 16, 

James Cooper Madden, Jr., Ph. B.. 
AfBL Pa. A, Law Student, Sjrra- 
cuse University, Syracuse, N. T. 

Arthur M. Newton, Insurance, 608 
New England Bldff.; res. 8806 
Harkness Road. Cleveland. O. 

Seneca Alton Ralph, Attorney, 87 
Wietingr Block; res. 104 Ren- 
wick Place. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Charles Muthart Rebert (Prince- 
ton), Pottstown, Pa. 

element Taylor Robertson, A. B., 
Real Estate, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harrison Darwin Sanford, Ph. M.. 
Peeksklll Military Academy, 
PeeksklU, N. Y. 


•John Wesley Alverson, Hermon, 
N. Y. (died Jan. 13, 1908). 

tLennius Ordway Burrel, Law, 
Canisteo, N. Y. 

Hallie Wray Hammond, Student 
Leland Stanford University, Palo 
Alto, C;aL 

•Stewart Manley Harrison, Seneca 
F&lls, N. Y. (died June 20, 1904). 

Arthur Liddle Hollingsworth, Lum- 
ber. Mt. View; res. 155 Biandlna 
St.. UUca, N. Y. 

tPred Goodwin Jones, Science, 
Watervllle, N. Y. 

fHoward Sumner Potter, Philo- 
sophical, Brushton, N. Y. 

Harry Wilbur Remer, Wllllams- 
port. Pa. 

Henry Frederick Russell, B. B., 22 
Gibbons Place, Madison, N. J. 

Ray Ernest Smith, Ballston Spcu 
N. Y. 

tSeymour Bradlee Smith, Science, 
Groton, N. Y. 

tPayette William Whitney, School 
Principal, Montgomery, N. Y. 


fFred Leland Cagwln, Civil Engi- 
neering, Verona, N. Y. 



tHenry Merritt Dexter, Phlloeophi- 

oal, Newport, N. T. 
tJamee Weatherwaz Graves, Medi- 
cal, Herkimer, N. T. 
tWalter Henry Griffltlis, Civil ESn- 

ffineerinff, Utica, N. T. 
tFktmk Wilbur Harris (Harvard, A. 

B.)> Law, Boeton, Mass. 
Frederick Wm. Jackion, 167 Albert 

Ave., Syracuse, N. T. 
tJesse Grant Marthens, Medical, 

Oneida, N. T. 
Edwin Rufus Mlllen, 406 University 

Ave., Ssrracuse, N. T. 
tFVed Guy Perry, Architecture, 

Whitney's Point, N. Y. 
tGeorge J. Stark, Medical, Little 

Falls, N. T. 
tLeon Leroy Turner, Philosophical, 

Malone, N. T. 
^Roy Hlne Williamson. Batavia, N. 

Y. (died April 7, 1906). 
tJames S. Allen, Medical, Gtoneva, 

N. Y. 
tOsceola Byron Brewster, AllU. 

Mass. B., Lake Placid, N. Y. 
tChester Burpee Grandey, Law, 

Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Austin Griffin Kellow, ScranUm, 

tEdwin Wlnship Louks, Philosophi- 
cal, Oneida, N. Y. 
tWilson J. Merry, Mechanical Bn- 

grineerinff, Verona, N. Y. 

Edward Greenwood Pearoe, with 

Ck>m Efxchanve Bank; Residence, 

66 140th St., New York City, 

N. Y. 
tHoward Root Place, Philosophical. 

Binffhampton, N. Y. 
tNathan Pratt Sears, Philosophical, 

Sjrracuse, N. Y. 
tEdward G. Selmser, Philosophical, 

Waterloo, N. Y. 
tFrank Mitchell Simpson, Science, 

Little F^ls, N. Y. 
John Joseph Stark, Little Falls, 

N. Y. 
tEiTbert 8. Turner. Philosophical, 

BinKhampton, N. Y. 
Lucius A. Waldo. CJanisteo, N. Y. 


tWatson Harley Black, Philosophi- 
cal. Ssracuse, N. Y. 

tGeor^e Arthur Gray, Civil Bngl- 
neerlngr. Syracuse, N. Y. 

tHarry Mahlerwein. Law, Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

fWalter Murray Whitmyre, Philo- 
sophical. Jeannette, Pa. 

tWayne Murray. Civil Bngrineerin^, 
Glens Falls, N. Y. 

tCharles William Peter Reynolds, 
Civil Engrineeringr. Woodstock, 
N. Y. 

tRobert Colfec Weaver, Philo- 
sophical, Lake Placid, N. Y. 

tin acUve chapter, 1906-1906. 


Durham, North CarcAna 


Jesse David Bundy, A. B., Metho- 
dist Minister, Kinston, N. C. 


^Oeorgre McDufBe Bulla, A. B., died 
1894 at Lexln^on, N. C 


James Samuel Oamer, Dentist, 
Darlington C H., 8. C. 

Numa Fletcher Reld Loftin, A. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, Lezin^ton, N. 


Olunada Thomas Bikes, A. B., 
Physician, Orissom, N. C 


Leonidas Tully Blair, Greensboro, 
N. C. 

Brooks Monroe Boddie, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Lieeeville, N. C 

William David Browne, Harpsbor- 
ougrh, N. C. 

•Philemon Holland, Jr., A. B. Died, 
New Berne, N. C. 

* Samuel Edward Pope, died at 
Hartville, Mo. 

Neveston Ruffln Richardson, At- 
tomey-at-Law, Reldsville, N. C. 



Caleb Deems Bell, A. B., Physi- 
cian, Gatesville, 8. C. 

Josiah Lawrence Jenkins, Book- 
keeper, 120 North Green 8t, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Thomas Edward May, A. B., 
Lumberton, N. C. 

•Albert Dunn Pair. Died, Beagle 
Rock. N. C, 1888. 

William Sherwood Tyson, Green- 
viUe. N. a 

Thomas Logan White, A. B., Bcmk 
Cashier, Battle Creek, Neb. 

Everett Webster Cates, Manufac- 
turer, Thomasville, N. C. 

Samuel Garland Daniel, Lawyer, 
Littleton, N. a 

William Alexander Pierce, Mer- 
chant, Weldon, N. C. 

William Henry Reaomg, Sawyers- 
viUe, N. C. 

Willie Hemr^on Robblns, Manager 
R. H. Reynolds Tobacco Faaiory, 
Winston, N. C. 

Leonce Vaughan. Bonk Cashier, 
Hartsville, 8. C. 

Wuiiam Beauregard Welsh, Texa- 
haw, N. C. 



Cha^l Hm, North CaroBna 

William Houston Carroll, Lawyer, 
Burllnffton, N. C 

Joel Hines, Attorney, Whiteville, 
N. a 

William Henry McDonald. Banker, 
Merchants* National Bank, Bal- 
timore, M<L 

Richard Smith Neal, Civil Engi- 
neer, Scotland Neck, N. C 

Albert Marchant Simmons, Attor- 
ney, Elisabeth, N. C 

Richard Street White, Attorney, 
Elisabethtown, N. C. 


Oliver Douglas Batchelor, Attor- 
ney, Newport News, Va. 

William Edwards Headen, Phy- 
sician, Pittsboro, N. C 

Thomas Ashe Marshall, Drug- 
gist, Wadesboro, N. GL 

Oraham McKinnon. 

Alexander Clifton Shaw, Lawyer, 
Chief. Dlv. Gen'l Land Office, 
Wash., D. C 

(}eorge Washington Bethell, Bank 
er, Danville, Va. 

Alexander Stronach, Ph. B., B. L., 
Attorney, 60 Wall St; ^es. 468 
West 123d St., New York, N. Y. 


William Watkins Davles, Attor- 
ney, Louisville^ Ky. 

Walter Hanrahan Orimes, R. R. 
Clerk, Raleigh, N. C 

VanWycke Hoke, Raleigh, N. C • 

^Angus Barry Shaw, died 1908, 
John's Station, N. GL 

Paul Lee Woodard, Wilson, N. C 

George Harries Howell, 118H Prin- 
cess St., Wilmington, N. C 


Michael Hoke^ Physician, Atlanta, 

Addison Goodloe Mangum, Qas- 

tonia, N. C 
Edgar Reed Russell, Physician, 

Charlotte, N. C. 
John Barton Stronach, Merchant, 

Raleigh, N. a 


*Willlam Preston Bynum, died 
1891. Lincolnton, N. C 

Joseph Thomas Buxton, Lawyer, 
Jackson, N. C. 

William Frederick Harding, At- 
torney, Charlotte, N. C 

^Leonidas Haywood Merritt, Pitts- 
boro, N. CL 

Henry Ross Ihrie, Pittsboro, N. C 


James William Cobb. 

Arthur Cobb, Durham, N. C 

Robert Walland Dolby. 

Eugene Orissom Denson, Raleigh, 
N. a 

Alfred Settle Dockery, Rocking- 
ham, N. C. 

Frederick Marshall Parker, Eu- 
fleld, N. a 

Wescott Roberson, Lawyer, High 
Point. N. a 

Louis Sherfesee, Jr., Manager Ger- 
mania Life Insurance Co.; res. 44 
Montague St., Charlestown, S. C. 

Andrew Symme, Jr., Raleigh, N. 


Joseph Harvey White, Graham, N. 


Edward Stephenson Askew, Law- 
yer, Windsor, N. GL 

Samuel Rolland Buxton, Attorney, 
Newport Newt, Va. 




SVederlck Jackson Ooxe^ Attorney, 
Wadesboro, N. C. 

John Donnelly, Physician, Char- 
lotte^ N. a 

Samuel Holden Hines, Milton, N. 


Charles Hu^rhes Johnson. 

Stephen White Kenney, Editor 
and Printer, Windsor, N. C. 

Frederick Oreer Patterson, Mer- 
chant, Chapel Hill, N. C 

Louis Hector Schubert, Minister, 
Enfleld, N. C. 

Robert Alonso Winston, Drugffist, 

Franklinton, N. C. 

Robert GiUiam Kittrell, Ph. B., 

Supt. Schools, Granville Co., Ox- 
ford, N. C. 


Joseph Jennings Ashbury. 

William Stanley Bernard, Profes- 
sor at University of North Caro- 
lina, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Isaac Faust Harris, B. 8., M. S. C, 
Research Chemist, Graduates' 
Club, New Haven, Conn., or care 
of Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion, New Haven, Conn. 

Clarence Joseph Rhea, Merchant, 
Windsor, N. C 

Alexander Abel Shufford, Hickory, 
N. C. 


Gerald Bruce Newby, Hertford, N. 


William Alexander Blue, B. S., 
Sec'y & Treas. A. & R. R. R., 
Aberdeen, N. C. 

Walter Wooten Council, Affll. Va. 
B., Lake Waccamaw, N. C. 

Josiah Call Exum, Snow Hill, N. C. 

John Jackson London, Graduate U. 
S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md. 

Frank Bayard Short, Merchant, 
Fremont, N. C. 

Henry Clay Wall, Broker, Rock- 
ingham, N. C 

Patrick Henry Winston, Affll. Tex. 
B., Lawyer, Temple Court, Ashe- 
vlUe, N. C. 

Hugh Hammond Bennett, Gov- 
ernment Land Surveyor, Wades- 
boro, N. C 

Eugene Brownlee, Cablesklll, N. T. 

William Wade Chisman, Farmer, 
Pine HaU, N. a 

Thomas Pennington Bndlcott, 
Merchant, S6 So. New York Ave., 
Atlantic City, N. J. 

Frank William Smathers, Lawyer, 
care Judge Endloott, Atlantic 
City, N. J. 

John Howell Smathers, M. D., 
Dentist, Waynesville, N. C. 

Hubert Raymond Weller, Chem- 
ist, care Garrett A Co., Norfolk, 

James Leak Wyatt, Physician, 
Wadesboro, N. C 

Paul W. Telverton, Merchant* 
Goldsboro, N. GL 


Charles Upchurch Harris, Law- 
yer, Selina, N. C 

Thomas Felix Hickerson, Instruc- 
tor at University of North Caro- 
lina, Chapel Hill, N. C 

Charlie James, Merchant, Green- 
ville, N. a 

William Henry Lee, U. S. Navy; 
res. Waynesvillep N. C, address 
care Postmaster, New York City. 

Thomas Leak Parsons, Banker, 
Rockingham, N. GL 

James Cary Petty, Auditor, Carth- 
age Ry., Carthage, N. C. 


Henry Blount Best, studying 
medicine at University of N. 
Carolina, in Raleigh, Wilson, 
N. a 


John Strong Oalvert, Stenographer, 
Raleigh, N. a 

Samuel Walkup Klutts, studying 
law at George Washington Uni- 
versity, Washington, D. C. 

Isaac Spencer London, Paymaster, 
D. & S. C R. R., Bast Durham, 
N. a 


tPaul P67ton Lanab Medical, Wll- Busane Iiaalla TelTartoiu ICar- 

■on. N. GL chant, Goldaboro, N. C. 

Kinchin Carl Mooia atudylnff 1907 

madlclna at Univeraltj of Mlchl- fFrederlck Bootha Stem, Darllnr- 

gan, Wilson, N. C ton, 8. C 

tFrands Marshall Waller, care John David Wells, studying law 

Garrett & Co., Norfolk, Va. at University of Kentucky, WU- 

___ son, N. C 

tin active chapter t90K-€. 



^William Caldwell Andenon, A. B., 
A. M., D. D., died Aug. 28. 1870, 
Junction City, Kan. 

^Jonathan Huntin^rton, died Sept. 
22, 1869, Nashville, Tenn. 

^Nathan Lewis Rice, A. B., D. D., 
died June 11, 1871, Danville, Ky. 

^Edward Porter Humphrey, A. B., 
A. M., LXi. D., died Dec 10, 1887, 
Louisville, Ky. 

^Godwin Volney Dorsey, M. D., died 
1886, Piqua, O. 

^Robert Hamilton Bishop, Jr., A. 
B., A.' M., LL*. D., died July 6, 
1890, Oxford, O. 

^John Thilman Hendrick, Lecturer, 
died 1898, Waco, Tex. 

^Orange Nash Stoddard, A. B., A. 
M., LL. D., Professor, died 1892, 
Wooster, O. 

^Henry Ifaltby, A. B., Clergirman, 
died 1860, St. Paul, Minn. 

^Thomas Vemer Moore, A. B., D. 
D., died AufiT. 6, 1871, Nashville, 

^Charles BlUott, A. B., A. M., D. 
D., Professor, La Fiiyette Col- 
lege, died 1892, Easton, Pa. 

^Columbus Strong DooliteU, A. B., 
A. M., D. D., died 1891, Mans- 
field, O. 

^Joseph Lindley, A. B., A. IC, died 

Dea 8, 1886, De Land, Fla. 
^Samuel Coulter Baldrldge, A. B., 

A. M., died Aprtl 16, 1898, Han- 
over, Ind. 
^Richard Pleasant Decherd, A. B.» 

died June 12, 1887, Weimar, Tex. 
^Robert Morrison, A. B., A. M.» 

died July 27, 1902, Fulton, Mo. 
•John McMillan Wilson, A. B., A. 

M., died July 19, 1874, Benton, 

John Milton Worrall, A. B., M. D., 

D. D., Professor Theological 

Seminary; res. 238 N. 8rd St., 

Danville, Ky. 

•Robert Thompson Drake, A. B., 

A. M., died March 19, 1878, New 

Castle, Ind. 
•Thomas McKeen Gray, died South 

Salem, New Yoric 
John Wolfe Lindley, A. B., A. M., 

Farmer, Justice of Peace, BVed- 

ericktown, O. 
•Claudius Buchanan Henry Martin, 

A. B., A. M., D. D., Clergyman, 

died 1902, Danville, Ky. 
Allen Augustus Bamett, A. B., A. 

M., M. D., Physician, Jer s e y vMle, 


Andrew Jackson Resmolds, A. B., 

A. M., Presbsrterlan Clergyman, 

Norwood, Cincinnati, O. 
•Ardivan Walker Rodgers, A. B., 

A. M., died Dea 11, 1866, 

Brighton, Iowa. 
•Andrew Watts Rogers, A. B., A. 

M., died 1901, Warrensburg, Mo. 


•John Knox Boude, A. B., A. M., 

died Sept. 8, 1901, Washington, 

D. a 




Joseph Minter Gregory, Attorney at 

Law, 43 H Madison St., Memphia, 

^Benjamin Harrison, A. M., IAm 

D., Attomey-at-Law, President 

of the United States from 

1888-1892, died 1901, Indianapolis, 

^Isaac Stanley Lane, A. B., A. li., 

died 1859, Offden, Ind. 
•Lewis William Ross, A. B., A. li.. 

Attorney at Law, died 1902, 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. 
•David Swinff, A« li., died 1896, 

Chica«ro, lU. 


•John Alexander Anderson, A. B., 

A. M., died 1892, Liverpool, Bn^ 

•James Carson, A. B., A. li., died 

AufiT. 25. 1859. Omaha, Neb. 
Plercon Cory Conklin. A. B., A. li.. 

Attorney at Law, Hamilton, O. 
•Samuel Hibben, A. B., A. M., died 

June 10. 1862. Peoria, lU. 
•James Holmes, A. B., A. li., died 

January. 1858, Allegheny, Pa. 
•Andrew Carr Kemper, Physician, 

died Aug. 16. 1906, Dayton, O. 
•John Hancock McRae, died Deo. 8, 

1852. Hanover, Ind. 


Theophilus Cannon Hlbbett, A. B., 
A. li., B. L., ClvU Bngineer, 
Smyrna, Tenn. 

•William Owens, A. B., A. M., At- 
torney at Law, died Dec. 26, 
1875, Pittsburg. Pa. 

Edward Patrick Shields, A. B., A. 
M., D. D., Presbsrterlan Clergy- 
man, 90 Broad St., Bridgeton, 
N. J. 

Henry Stoddard, A. B., A. M., Real 
Estate. Santa Barbara, CaL 

•Thomas Williams, A. B., A. M., 
died 1894, Stanford, N. J. 


James Edward Bruce, A. B., A. M., 
M. D.. 38 Silsby St.. Lynn, Mass. 

Byron Kosdusco Elliott, A. B., A. 
M., Attomey-at-Law; res. 1736 
N. Meridaii St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

•Ersklne Ebeneser Hutoheson, died 

1864, Cincinnati, O. 
•Ranford Smith, A. B., A. li., died 

1895, Ogden, Utah. 
•Thomas Bayless Ward, Attorney 

at Law, died 1891, La FBiyette, 



Henry Lewis Brown, Presbsrterian 
Clergyman, 8112 Harrison St., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

•John Mlnick MlUer, A. B., A. IC, 
died Jan. 9, 1868, Alpha, O. 


•Charles Marlon Hughes, LL. B., 
Attorney at Law, died 1892, 
Lima. O. 

•Theophilus Wylle McLean, died 
1858, Cincinnati, O. 

George Bacheler Peck, A. B., A. IC, 
M. D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 
8 Lawrence Park, Rozbury, Bos- 
ton. Mass. 

•Edward Henry Rossman, died 
Sept. 19. 1855, Hamilton, O. 

•John Neal Scott, died 1898, Lm 
Vegas. N. M. 

John Williams Stoddard, A. B., 
LL. B.. Manufacturer, Dayton, O. 

•Joel Tuttle, A.B., wounded at 
Shlloh, died 1862, Keosauqua, 

•Alexander Reynolds Williams, A. 
B., A. M., Retired Merchant, Bal- 
timore, Md. Deceased. 


•Samuel Telford Hanna, A. B., A. 

M., died 1887, Fort Wayne, Ind. 
James Ramsey Patterson, A. B^ 

retired. Oxford, O. 
Lewis Daniel Watson, Brcdcar, 

Houston, Tex. Present address 

Edward Peet Williams, A. B., A. 

M.; res. Greenwich. Conn. 
William Mark Williams, A. B., A. 

M., D. D., Missionary, Pcldn, 


Edwin Tyler Peck, Ins. Agent, 2229 
Channing Way, Berkeley, CaL 

Charles E. Baker, Attomey-at- 
Law, present address unknown. 



^Craft C. Holbrook, A. B., died 

1874, Vanceburff. Ky. 
Alfred Mayhew Shuey, 8. B., Pipe 

Organ Business. 302 S 11th St., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
^Otls Cyrus Smith, A. B.. A. M., 

D. D., Ph. D., Presbsrterlan 

Clergyman. Died 1873, London. 

Moses Duncan Alexander Steen. 

Presbyterian Clergyman, Worth- 

Ington, O. 


Alston ElUs, A. M., Ph. D., LL. D., 

President of Ohio University, 

Athens, O. 
Henry Orblson Evans, A. B., A. M., 

Assistant Engineer, C. M. & St. 

P. Ry., Marlon, la. 
Harvey Wm. Graham. 
Mitchell Matthew Graham, Artist. 

CarroUton. Mo. 
Gteorge Kramer, S. B., U. S. Mall 

Service, Oxford, O. 
James Zachary Moore, A. B., A. 

M., Attorney at Law, Spokane 

Falls, Wash. 
James Elwood Morey. B. 8., A. M., 

Attorney at Law, 828 Dayton St., 

Hamilton, O. 
^Isaac Grow Smoyer, died March 

10, 1868, Delphi, Ind. 
^Robert Oliver Strong, A. B., A. M.. 

died 1876, Clnclniiatl, O. 


William Renwlck McLeod Cooper, 
A. B., A. M., Cedarvllle, O. 

Bruce Paul Jones, Attorney at 
Law, London, O. 

Robert Lewis Lyons, A. B., Attor- 
ney at Law, 172 LaSalle St., Chi- 
cago, HL 

Samuel Isaac McClellan, A. B., 
Real Estate, Hamilton, O. 

Thomas Jefferson McClellan, A. 
B., Presbyterian Clergyman, 
Richmond, Ind. 

^Daniel Addison McMillan. A. B.. 
Superintendent Schools, Mexico, 
Mo. Died In March, 1906. 

George Fltswater Robinson, S. B., 
Merchant, 401 Circle Ave., Wash- 
ington, C H., Ohio. 

^John Qulncy Spencer, A. B., died 
1868, Murdock, O. 

•Faye Walker, A. B., D. D., died 
June 10, 1908, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Horace Sunmer Whlttaker, A. B., 
Broker, 70 W. Fifth St., Coving- 
ton, Ky. 


Thaddeus Clay Druley, Unlversalist 

Clergyman, Belpre, O. 
•WlUlam EMIgar Evans, A. B., died 

1901, ChlUloothe, O. 
James King Gibson, A. B., A. M., 

D. D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 

South Charleston, Ohio. 
^Herman Emellus Grand-Glrard, 

A. B., died 1888, Grand Rapids, 

Addison Storrs Lewis, C. BL, 

Farmer, Clifton, O. 
Jeremiah M. Oldfather, A. M., D. 

D.. Missionary to Persia, Clergy- 
man. Hanover, Ind. 
William Henry Tolbert, A. B., 

Farmer, Crawfordsvllle, Ind. 
^Horatio Burgoyne McBrlde, A. B., 

A. M., died 1899, Merced, CaL 
William Ernest Truslow, 1017 Lee 

St., Charles town, W. Va. 


Josiah Renlck Bell, A. B., Real Es- 
tate, Wlnthrop Ave., Argyle Park, 
Chicago. HI. 

Alexander Duncan Buckingham, A. 
B., suite 406, 67 S. Clark St., Chi- 
cago, IlL Present addreM un- 

Frank Davis, LL. B., Attorney at 
Law, Batavia, O. 

John Babb Elam, A. B., A. M., LL. 
B., Attorney at Law, 1320 Parte 
Ave.. Indlanai>olls, Ind. 

Edward Nicholas Evans, A. B., At- 
torney at Law, Emporia, Kan. 

*John Walker Flegan, M. S., LL. B., 
died 1898, Spokane, Wash. 

Eilam Fisher, A. B., Judge, Eaton, 

^Charles Burnett Fltxpatrlck, died 
1880, Modesto, CaL 

^Harvey Lee, A. B., LL. B., died 
1876, Austin, Tex. 

^John Keown Youtsey, A. B., died 
1874, Newport, Ky. 






Alien, died 

1S7S, Owcnflboro, Ky. 

•Ralpb O. Berry, died ISfi, Hamfl- 
Um, O. 

Albert Kalden Mtu±erfy, A. B.. Lli^ 
B., Att4>me7 at Law, Green- 
field. O. 

David Edwin Platter, A. M., Mln- 
later, Insurance, 202 Hlckox 
BIdg.; res. M Qrasmere St., 
Clereland, O. 

James H<dlinssworth Puntenney. 

A. B., Music Dealer. 231 N. 
High St.; res. 1162 NeU Ave., 
Columbus, O. 

^Daniel Webster Parker Smith, 
died 1870, Oxford, O. 

Andrew Jay Surface, A. B., A. IC 
LL. B., Banker, West Liberty, O. 

Aaron Dwlght Baldwin, LL. B.. 
Journalist, 87 Washington St.; 
res. 4089 Southport Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

William Ifallory Fisher, A. B., At- 
torney at Law, Arkansas City, 

James Marcellus Logan, M. D., 
Physician, 1808 B. Eighth St., 
Kansas City, Mo. Present ad- 
dress unknown. 

Eklward Hamilton Miller, Portland, 

^Charles Wright Mooar, died 1889, 
Keokuk, Iowa. 

^John Anderson Rankin, A. N., 
died 1888, Olathe, Kan. 

John Robert Sltlington Sterrett, 
Affll. Tex. B. 

^Bruce Frazer Thomas, A. B., LL. 
B., died 1882, Vanceburg, Ky. 


Holly Raper Buckingham, A. B., 

Attorney at Law, Alto Pass, BL 

John Charles Farber, Senator, 961 

B. Clinton St., Frankfort, Ind. 
^Jackson Hawkins OUmore, died 

1880, Eaton, O. 
George Francis O'Byme, B. S., At- 

tomey-at-Law, 2 City Hall, 

Brookville, Ind. 
James Brastus Reed, Stockman, 

Towner, N. Dak. 

Greenfield, O. 
Edward Nathan Cllngman, A. B^ 

A. M., Attorney at Law, 87f8 

Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
James Thomas MoGldland, Talla- 

lah. La. 
Charles Masslte Moore. 

John Snyder Cox, present address 

Zachary Taylor Jones, Merchant, 

College Comer, O. 
^Robert Ehnmet Morris, died 1897, 

Washington, D. C. 
Frank Lawson Wilson, M. D., 

Physician, Greenfield, O. 

Edward Henry Chadwldc, A. B., 

Attorney at Law, ShelbyvUIe, 

Frederic Charles Harvey, Attorney 

at Law, 167 B. Sixteenth St., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
^Fnmk Gardiner Thompson. Died 

at Richmond, Va., August, 1905. 
*Isaac Newton Walker, died March 

4, 1901, Lebanon, O. 


Henry Lynn Moore, A. B., A. M., 

Real E«8tate, Minneapolis, Minn. 

^Sylvanus Brower, deceased, Cor- 
wln, O. 

Alfred Emerson, A. B., Ph. D., 
Director's Assistant, Art Insti- 
tute; res. 135 B. 56th St., Chi- 
cago, lU. 


Kearney Prugh, A. B., 1342 R St., 

Washington, D. C. 
^Harry Weldner. B. S., deceased 

1900, Dayton, O. 
William Eugene Clough, A. B., M. 

D., Phsrsiclan, Oxford, O. 
Edwin Emerson, Jr., Affll. N. T. 

A, care New York World; res. 

Hotel Griffon, 23 West 9th St., 

New York. 



^William Harper Fbster, Momlng 
Sun, O. Deceased July 14, 1900. 

^George Fairlamb Oarrod, died Oct. 
21, 1888, Oxford, O. 

Marc Wlnfleld Lewis. Civil Engi- 
neer, 519 Providence Bldg.. Du- 
luth, Minn. 

John Hart Macready, A. B., A. M., 
M. D.. Physician. 410 W. 8th St.. 
Cincinnati, O. 

James Rljor Mayo. Attorney at 
Law, Chllllcothe, O. 

^John William Rusk, A. B., LL. B., 
died 1903, Cincinnati, O. 

Frank Hill Southgate, Medical De- 
partment, University of Cincin- 
nati. Cincinnati, O. 

Samuel Wlthrow Townsend, A. B., 
Treasurer, Puehlo Chieftain, 111 
E. 4th St.; res. 411 Van Buren 
St., Pueblo, Colo. 


William Matson Chldlaw, A. B., 

A. M., Teacher, Cleves, O. 
William Henry Crulkshank, Duluth, 

Walter Conger Harris, B. Sc, M. 

A.. Affll. Ohio Z, Director Photo 

Dept., Jiew York World; res. 

1588 E. Nineteenth St., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
James Rudolph Spivey, Ph. G., 

Druggist and Postmaster, Blutf- 

ton, Ind. 
Samuel Alexander Stephenson, A. 

B., Attorney at Law, Great Falls. 



Robert Acton Hiestant, Banker, 

Eaton, O. 
Chester Bodman Hill, 16 N. Beckel 

St., Dayton, O. 


William Henderson Bonner, Eaton. 

Harvey Hubbell Hlestand, Archi- 
tect; permanent address. Baton, 


George Roy Eastman, A. B., A. M., 
Teacher of Latin, Steele High 
School, Dasrton, O. 

Asher Golden Work, A. B., Presby- 

terian Clergyman, AfflL Ohio A, 
357 91st St., Chicago, lU. 

Paul Frederick Hoffman, A. B., 
Episcopalian Clergyman, Ham- 
monton, N. J. 

Stanton Henry FOx, Ice Manufac- 
turer. Massllon, O. 

Paul Worth Smith, care Detroit 
Graphite Co., 141 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y 


Jay Dancer Gath, Business, Rich- 
mond. Ind; permanent address, 
Oxford. O. 

John Wesley Keely. Baker. 1009 
N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hugh Miller Moore, A. B., M. 8., 
M. D.. Phsrsician, Oxford, O. 

Charles Seymour Potter, Assessor 
for the Louisville Water Com- 
pany, Louisville, Ky. 

William Alexander Stephenson, 
Health Officer, Springfield, O. 

Charles Augustus Kumler, A. B., 
Seven Mile, O. 

William Charles Shrlner, M. D., 
Physician, Cincinnati, O. 

Thomas Dixon Temple. Superinten- 
dent DeKalb Mills, American 
Steel & Wire Co., DeKalb, lU. 


Willis Carl Eicher, Electrical En- 
gineer. 281 S. Clinton St., Chi- 
cago, m.; res. Trenton, Butler 
County, O. 

Horace Kinnaird Herndon, Hsratts- 
vlUe, Ky. 

Edward Lewis Jacobs, Stock 
Broker. 24 Rookery Bldg.; res. 
Windermere Hotel, Chicago, lU. 

Thomas Clifford McDlll, Business, 
Oxford, O. 

*Henry Beardsley Martlndell, died 
1901. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Alfred Mead. Omaha, Neb. 

Stanley M. Roland, B. S., C. E.; 
permanent address Shandon, O. 

Robert J. Shank, Attorney at Law, 
Hamilton, O. 

Albert Clarence Shaw, A. B., M. 
D., Physician, Eaton, O. 

Alpha Fllrtington Sloneker, Denver, 



iUlpb AJOBSO Baoa, M. D^ AflL 
lAd. E,. Pbyiielaa, 2» Valley St^ 

ChmrUm Al«x«i4cr MAcaiiler, Ib- 
mirmac*, care J<rim Haooock In- 
miraaet Co.; res. Ilf fttttbcrtaatf 
Ave,, Indianapolis, Iii4. 

I>Mfla OlUMrt Flower, Ctofk, Boar 


Frank Baxter Marktfborr* Laa- 
caater, Ky, 

Elwert Coffmaa, Waahlnstoo C 
H., Ohio. 

Jack Camp Curtla, Emineooe, Ky. 

BtAnley Death OUrea, M. D., 
Fhyvlclao and Buryeon, Seattle, 

Warrim Paul Melly, Ml W. Spring 
0t„ Lima, O. 

Ilarry Tea^ue BatUff, Colonial 
Flats, Hamilton, O. 

Jamea Ooeier Banford, Stockman, 
Newcaatie, Ky. 

William Ernest Stokes, A. B., 
Chemist, care Price Baking Pow- 
der Co., Chicago, IlL 

Clifford Melvin Torrence, Banker, 
Ripley, O. 

Thorn well Earl Walker, Book- 
keeper, 1282 N. 26th St.» Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

FHink Beam Yingling, Draughts- 
man. War Dept., Washington. 
D. C. 

Lyman Murphy Bourne, A. B., IC 

So., Chemist, 16 Strong PL, 

Brooklyn, N. T. 
William Renick Hughey, A. B., li. 

D., Physician, 108H Capitol St, 

Charlestown, W. Va. 
Ocwrge Rollins Kinder, Editor, 

Rockford Pre§§, Rockford. O. 
Horace Cooper Shank, Attorney at 

Iaw, Hamilton, O. 
Lee Edward Sohngen, Treasurer of 

the C. D. Mathes Co., Hamil- 
ton, O. 
Karl Harry Zwiok, Oxford, O. 

Bkurl GkuHlner Beauohamp, Salea- 
man, Hamilton, O. 


SottOD Ridley 
Central Unkm Tdcpbooe 
Hillsboro. O. 

William Barnes CoUcd. 
turcr. New Richmond, O. 

Eaii John Keller, A. B^ 

Stanley Farren Van Pelt, Wilming- 
ton, O. 

Faol James Van Pelt. Wilming- 
ton, O. 


Ralph AUen Argabrlgfat, Student In 
Law Department of Unlrerslty of 
Cincinnati, HamUton, O. 

Charles B. Bonham, Kemper and 
Central Are., HadlsonYllle, Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

John Walter Brady, with Central 
Union Telephone Co., Anderson, 
Ind., permanent address CoQegs 
Comers, O. 

Charles Eklwin Burriff, Bookkeeper, 
Hoffman Ave., Dayton, O. 

Hugh Wallace Evans, Graduate 
Nurse and Masseur, 118 E. 28th 
St.. New York, N. Y. 

Howard T. Fuller, West Union, 

Charles McChristie Hendrick, 
National Jewish Hospital, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Henry Clay Hiestand, Banker, 
Eaton, O. 

James Roy Jamison, with P<^pe- 
Toledo Motor Works, Toledo, O. 

Charles Fbster Macready, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, Monroe, O. 

Carl Herman Mason, Buniness, 
Hamilton, O. 

Hugh Daniel Schell, A. B., Hamil- 
ton, O. 

John Gilbert Welsh, A. B., Banker, 
Oxford, O. 


Otis Preston Flower, A. B., Physi- 
cal Director at the Western Mili- 
tary Academy, Upper Alton, IlL; 
permanent address, Oxford, O. 

William Cornelius Robertson, Re- 
porter on the IndUinapolU flfswM- 
nel, Indianapolis, Ind. 




Charles MUb Newton, Dayton, O. 

John Leonard Klnsey, A. B.; per- 
manent address, FarmersvlUe, O. 

Edward Wilkinson Penn, Ouhier, 
West India Oil Co., San Juan, 
Porto Rico. 

James Gamble Warner, Student at 
Western Reserve, 41 Ehrerton 
Ave., Cleveland, O. 


Paul Guthrie Moore, A. B. South 
Salem, O. 

Clark David Nelson, Oxford, O. 

Merrill Daniel Prugh, A. B., Cam- 
den, O. 

Howard Stanley Smith, A. B., 
Third and Boulevard, Dayton, O. 


tJesse Stempel Blickensderfer, Ox- 
ford, O. 
tRoscoe Reed, Paducah, Ky. 


Arthur Andrew Burkhardt, Ox- 
ford, O. 

Chester Allen Bums, Camden, O. 

George David Coleman, Appomat- 
tox, Va. 

Arthur Leonard Ehrerett, Faduoah, 

^Deceased, fin active ohi4>ter 

Fnmk Lee Gorman, GL BL» 
Draughtsman, Cleveland Foun- 
dry Co.; res. 216 Genesee Ave., 
Cleveland, O. 

tSlmer Hartle, Kenton, O. 

David Koger, Faduoah, Ky. 

tWalter L. Stephenson, Oxford, O. 

Ira John Whipple, RUey, O. 

tBarl Bamett, Frankfort, O. 
t Joseph Wright Leist, Kingston, O. 
tBruce Lloyd, Oxford, O. 
fHarry Maynard Newman, Plqua, 

tRoi Welsh Risinger, Eaton, O. 
tEmest Bradley Southwick, Mlams- 

burg. O. 
tCarl Franklin Stolts, Covington, O. 


tEdward William Boerstler, Day- 
ton, O. 

tGeorge David Coleman, Appo- 
mattox, Va. 

tGuilford Charles DeMand, Oxford, 

tLeslie Gee, Lawrenceville, IlL 

tCharles Floyd Hildebolt, Cam- 
den, O. 

tPaxton Jennings, West Milton, O. 

tWilliam Guy Smith, Hammond. 
N. T. 

tCharles Sidney Smith, 8d and 
Boulevard, Dayton, O. 


IMaw«r«, Ohio 


Andrew Perry Collins, A. B., The 
Collins Fruit Co., Hlghffrove, CaL 

David Humphresrs, Attorney. 

^Joseph Gilbert Schnebly, Phjrsi- 
cian. Died 1895, at Baldwin City, 


^Charles Harrison Gray, Minister. 
Died at Lena, Ohio. 


William Harrison Biartm, A. D., 
Physician, Warrentown, Pa. 


^Jason Blackford, Attorney, Find- 
lay, Ohio. 

^Samuel Hamilton Dustin. Died 

*John Harvey Ed^riiurton. Died at 
Eldorado, Iowa. 


John Marshall Barker, Ph. D., Pro- 
fessor of Sociology, and in School 
of Theology, Boston University, 
72 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, Mass. 

Charles Ogden Coleman, Real Ks- 
tate, Bellingham, Wash. 

Bedford Lewis Duckwall, A. M., B. 
D., Clergyman, Hull, Mass. 

George Cleveland Florea, Attorney, 
Connersville, Ind. 

^Wesley Rector. Died at Fk^moat, 


Thomas Weston Albery, Physician, 

Blacklick, O. 
Nelson Armstrong BilUer, Laurel- 

viUe, Ohio. 
^Henry Mason CampbelL Died in 

1884 at Waverly, Ohio. 
J. F. Coffman^ M. B. Minister. 

George Stan Hammond, President 

Winn & Hammond, 83 East Willis 

Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
*James Jefferson Henry, Minister. 

Died March 16, 1878, at Bucynis, 

^Albert Dee Newell, Probate Judge 

of Fulton County. Died Aug. 10, 

1892, at Archibold, Ohio. 
Otho Jackson Richards, A. B., 

Banker, Hutchinson, Kan. 


Edwin Lawton Fosdick, Assistant 
Cashier Knisely Bros. & Co.'8 
Bank, West Biain St., Butler, Ind. 

George Washington Wright, Attor- 
ney, Columbus. Kan. 


James Summer field Bitler, A. B., 
D. D., Minister and Elvangelist, 
25 E. 74th St., Chicago, IlL 

John Henry Cook, Instructor, 
South High School, Minneapolis, 

Darius Franklin Gard, Sturges, 

Cjrrus Huling, B. A., Attomey-at- 
Law, Columbus Savings & Trust 
Bldg.; res. 992 Oak St., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

*Moses Cook Perdval, M. B. Min- 
ister. Died 1878, at Iberia, Ohio. 


Cicero Milton Idleman, Attorney 
616 Oregonean Bldg.; res. Mar- 
quam Grand, Portland, Ore. 

Edgar H. St. John, Merchant, Mt. 
Victory, Ohio. 


Joseph Horace Higby, Farmer, 
Higby, Ohio. 





William Pomeroy Fulton, D. D., 
Pastor Ninth Presbyterian 
Church. 4631 Pine St.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Thomas Henry McConica. A. B.. 
Attorney, Findlay, Ohio. 

Arthur Hall Smith. Manager Whole- 
sale Paper House, comer Third 
and Liberty Sts, Pittsburg. Pa. 

Lee Welling Squier, Vice-Presi- 
dent Grand Fraternity, 1414 Arch 
St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

David DeMott Woodmansee, Attor- 
ney, 500 Rochdall Ave.. Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 


Scott Bonham. Attorney. 619 Main 
St.. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Fred Leslie Rosemond. Attorney, 
1001 Gomber Ave.. Cambridge. 

Thomas Simpson Vaughn, Real Es- 
tate and Insurance Agent. Jadc- 
son, Ohio. 


Rush O. Bigley. Wholesale Orocer, 
751 West Market St., Lima, Ohio. 

Rollin Bert Carter. Physician, 
Akron, Ohio. 

Frank Lloyd Davies, Real Estate 
and Advertising, 411 '*The Tem- 
ple," Danville, 111. 

John Milton Guy, Physician, 201-202 
Daniel Bldg.. Danville, IlL 

George Washington Ozlas, Attor^ 
ney. Wright & Ozias, Dayton, O. 

John Edgar Randall, Electrical En- 
gineer. 2071 East 100th St., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 


John Edwin Brown, R. S., M. D.. 
Affll. Mich. A. Phsrsician, 239 
East Town St., Columbus. Ohio. 

Robert Henry Callahan, M. K Min- 
ister, Jacksonville, Ohio. 

George Albert Dunham. Vlce-Pres. 
Irving Hogson Stationery House, 
Portland, Ore. 

*Levi Seigel Lupton, Physician. 
Died 1896. at Delaware, Ohio. 

Victor Emmanuel Rhodes, Lawyer, 
602 Oriole Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

James Felton Steele, M. E. Min- 
ister, Jackson, Ohio. 


Carl Herbert Beckham. Attomey- 
at-Law, 971 Spitzer Bldg.. Toledo, 

Clarence Pelham Bonner. Affll. 
Ohio Z, Civil Engineer, 143 Lib- 
erty St., New York, N. Y.; res. 
Norfolk, Va. 

Joseph Wethello Benschotter, Real 
Estate Dealer, Bowling Green. 

•Arthur Bradley Murphy, Attorney. 
Died June 15, 1898, at Bowling 
Green, Ohio. 

•Frank Richard Williams. Died 
1881, Columbus, Ohio. 


Elmer Ellsworth Adel, Physician, 
144 East State St., Columbus, 

Frank Wesley MiUington. Secre- 
tary Thomas Millen Co., I^acka- 
wanna Ave., Wayland, N. Y. 

Robert Lee Seeds, Secretary and 
Manager Anchor Post Co., 861 
Wilson Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

George Henry Harold Van Fleet. 
Managing Editor Marion Star, 
Marion. Ohio. 


Edward Simpson BarkdUll. Clergy- 
man, Lafayette Ave. and St. 
James Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

•William Henry Bauscher. Died 
1899. at Reynoldsville. Ohio. 

Frank Leslie Beardsley. LL. B., 
Attorney. Arcade Bldg., Charles- 
ton, W. Va. 

Charles Allen Brown. Government 

•Joe Clark, Jr. Died 1890. at Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

William Frederick Daggert, Jr., 
Merchant. Hutchinson, Kan. 

Harry Adams Kahler, Affll. Ohio 
Z. C. B.. Banker. 49 Wall St., 
New York, N. Y.; res. 194 South 
Mountain Ave.. Montclair, N. J. 


Walter Eltewortli MtOer, Prfndpal 
EUxabeth TralnJoc School, Pet- 
enlraiv. Tcnn. 

John Charles Monger, AffiL Ohio 
Z, Attorney, Toledo, Ohio. 

William Eaton O'Kane. ICanaffer 
Methodlat Book Concern; res. S575 
Eden Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati. 

Robert Lee Thomas, Lenoxburs. 

Charles Albert Winter, A. B., LLb 
B., Affll. Ohio Z. Attorney, 1714 
Lexlnifton Ave., Treasurer New 
Star Th«*atcr, ISO East lOTth St.; 
res. 3609 Broadway, New York 
City. N. Y. 


Guy Potter Benton, President Mi- 
ami University, Oxford, Ohio. 
Alphffun Reld Cecil. Steele High 

School. Dayton. Ohio. 
McK«'ndree Whltefleld t^oultrap, 

Affll. Ohio r. Teacher, comer 

Himpntm and Cherry. Troy, Ohio. 
fSyron Willlii Dawley, Physician. 

Tf ledo. Ohio. 
FrnnK Tfarrlson HuUc, AfflL Ind 

KpMllon, Agent N. & Western 

Railway, Batavia, Ohio. 
^Corwin Locke. Died Jan. 24, 11N>4, 

at I^ondon, Ohio. 
101 nur Ellsworth McCammon, M. 

B. Mlnlnter, Sidney. Ohio. 
Ilobtsrt Thompson Mlll<>r McCready, 

Afni. Ponn. A, Lawyer, Prick 

nidtc., PlttRburc. Pa. 
IdollHM-t Rnnton Miller, Clergyman, 

Churchvllle, N. Y. 
Harry I^oster Rowand Cashier 

Federal Bteel Co., Chicago, III. 
Ifenry Virgil Stevens, Attorn ey-at- 

Law, 116 Awtry, Bast Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn. 
John Tunlson Williams, Kldgefleld 

Center, Ohio. 


Frank L. Brown, Manager Brown- 
Manly Plow Co., Columbus, Ohio. 

Aubrey Irwin Geddes, Mansfield, 

dpal Hlgb Sdiool. ZanesriDe; 

•Walter Ftodlay Mair, M. EL Min- 
ister. Died Dec. 80. 1887, at 
Pella, Iowa. 

John Andrew Thompson. Lawyer, 
888 American Trust BIdg., Clevs- 
land, Ohio. 

•Albert Clark Turr^ died Feb., 
1905. Hlllsboro, O. 

WiU Llncohi VanSlckle, Attomey- 
at-Law, 22 East Gay St., Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. 

Harland Colfax Wyckoff, Traveling 
Salesman, Forest, Ohio. 

John Pritchard Ashley, President 
Albion CoUege, Albion, Mich. 

•Orin Gould Callahan. Died 1S90, 
at Mlamlsburg, Ohla 

Albert Victor Ehrans, Publisher, 
Jackson, Ohio. 

David Ramsay Gray, General 
Agent, Southern Pacific Ry., 
Union Pacific Ry. and Oregon 
Short Line, 201 Main St., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Charles Bush James, Denver, CoL 

Charles Edward Schenk, D. D.. 
Clergsrman, 619 Forest Ave.. 
Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

•WiUlam Henry Slevin, Physician. 
Died Aug. 18, 1897. at Toledo, O. 

Paul Morris Thompson. Columbus, 

Walter Ulysses Yoimg, Ohio Repre- 
sentative, Hinds, Noble & Bld- 
redge, Farmersvllle. Ohio. 


Washington Irving Hadley. AflU. 

Mich. r. WholescUe Dry Goods 

and Notions, 140 Summit St.; 

res. 2464 Lawrence Ave.. Toledo. 

Edward Leggltt Keen. Journalist. 

501 14th St.. Washington, D. C. 
Oliver Willard Pierce. AfflL Mich. 

r. Instructor Music, Inuianapolls, 





Harry Charles Robinson, Attorney, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Frank Bernard Rutledfire, Wholesale 

Carpet Dealer, 648 Adair Ave., 

ZanesTllle, Ohio. 
Charles Edmund Tousley, Architect, 

617 Permanent Bldfir., Cleveland, 

Daniel Wilson Wright, Salesman, 

Worthlngton, Ohio. 


•Edgar D. Albright. Died 1898, at 
Lima, Ohio. 

James Bl. Butler, Attorney-at-Law, 
Trust Bldg., Columbus, Ohio. 

Wilson Andrews Carter, B. S., Af&L 
Ohio E, Denver Oas and Electric 
Co.; res. 829 Emerson St., Den- 
ver, Col. 

Ralph Harrold, Editor, South 
Charleston, Ohio. 

Richard Deming Hollington, Cler- 
gjonan, Toledo, Oh^n 

Edward David Jones, Professor 
Commerce and Industry, Uni- 
versity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 

William Ellsworth Moorhead, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

Albert Byron Baldwin, Weston, 

•Herbert Clarence Evans, Physi- 
cian and Pharmacist, Wellston, 

Edward Gaudem, Attorney, Bryan, 

Harold Heath, Professor Zoology, 

Stanford University, 711 Cowper 

St., Palo Alto, CaL 
James W. Magruder, Insurance and 

Real Estate, 17 South Main St., 

Mechanicsburg, Ohio. 
Guy Emanuel Manning, AfllL Va. 

Z, First Lieutenant, Artillery 

Corps, Ft. Baker, Cal. 
Harry Willis Pond, Secretary Build- 
ing & Loan Co., 7 Blackstone 

Blk., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Garret Emmet Treadway, AfllL Pa. 

r. Lawyer, Pittsburg, Fa. 


Leonard Asbury Busby, Attorney, 
1610 Title & Trust Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Roy CuUen Gasser, Attorney, Mills 
Bldg., WaU St., New York City, 
N. Y.; residence, 688 West 124th 
St., New York. N. Y. 

TeUis Trimble Shaw, Probate 
Judge. Defiance, Ohio. 

Morris Purdy Shawkey, State Supt 
Schools, Charleston, W. Va. 

Aquilla Webb, A. M., Ph. D., Pres- 
byterian Minister, Mlddletown, 
N. Y. 

Elmer Laveme Whitney, Lumber 
Dealer, Charleston. W. Va. 

Charles Henry Williams, Congre- 
gational Minister, 29 Church St., 
Gloucester, Mass. 


Par Anderson, U. S. Consul, Cal- 
barien, Cuba. 

John WUliam Edwards, B. S., A. 
M.. Professor Chemistry, Iowa 
Wesleyan, 206 North Jefferson, 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Walter Rudolph Evans, Phsrslcian, 
Jackson, Ohio. 

Samuel Ashton Keen, M. B. Min- 
ister, Westwood M. B. Church, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Charles H. Lewis, Harpster Bank, 
Harpster, Ohio. 

E}dward Thompson Miller, Assist- 
ant Quartermaster General of 
Ohio, 1396 Fair Ave., Columbus, 

Bert La Forrest MuU, Attomey-at- 
Law. 603-606 New First National 
Bank Bldg., Columbus, Ohio. 


^Lynn Morton Cobum. Died May 
15, 1901. at Colllnwood, N. D. 

Walter Ernest Clark, A. M., Ph. 
D., Instructor In Economies, Col- 
lege of the City of New York; 
residence, 6 Sheridan Square, 
New York City, N. Y. 

Perry George Jones, B. S., Treas- 
urer The B. A. Stevens Co., To- 
ledo, Ohio. 



C. Clifton Vail. ComMilasion Mer- 
chant, 106-109 Bast Town St., 
Columbus, Ohio. 


Gordon Nelson Armstronff, A, B.. 

Instructor Biathematlcs, Oberlln 

College, Oberlln. Ohio. 
Benson Dillon Bllllnghurst, dupt. 

City Schools, 142 North Marina 

St., Prescott. Arls. 
Pred Martin Kline, A. B., Princi- 
pal of Tabor Academy, Tabor, 

Willys Everman Thomas. 
Benjamin Clyde VaU, Commission 

Merchant, 107-109 Bast Town St., 

Columbus, Ohio. 


George Plumer Bums. Teacher, 
University of Michigan. 711 Ar- 
bor St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Clement Leroy Gates, A. M., LL. 
B., Attomey-at-Law, 830 Wil- 
liamson Bldg.; res. 1412 90th St. 
N. B.. Cleveland, Ohio. 

J. Louis Kohl, A. B., LL. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, First National 
Bank Bldg.; res. Hotel Anderson, 
Cincinnati. O. 

Arthur Anderson Shawkey. M. D.. 
Physician and Surgeon, Charles- 
ton, W. Va. 


Fred Uams Bright, U. S. Consul, 
Huddersfleld, Bngland; Home 
address, Logan. Ohio. 

Frank Barnes Cherlngton, A. M., 
Teacher University High School; 
res. 116 Marlon Heights. Univer- 
sity of Chicago, Chicago, ilL 

Harry Bllsworth Bsterly, care Fire- 
stone Tire & Rubber Co., 178S 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Richard Grant Hooper, General 
Secretary Y. M. C. A., Akron, 

Harry Stewart LeSourd, Attorney, 
Xenla, Ohio. 

Harold Albert Pauly. Bdltor and 
Publisher Wettem Star, Lebanon, 

Arthur Bovard P*yke, National Car- 
bon Co.. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Orln Gould Thomas, Teacher, New 
York City, N. Y. 

Allen Banks Whitney. B. S.. Treas- 
urer. The Ohio Mfg. Co., Upper 
Sandusky, Ohio. 


Wade Edwin Carson. Student, 

Johns Hopkins Medical School, 

Baltimore, Md. 
Charles Ross Cary. LL. B., Attor- 

ney-at-Law. Mlllersburg. Ohio. 
Homer C. Snook. Electrical Bxpert, 

1000 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia, 

Wlllard Bradford Tiffany, D. D. S.. 

Dentist. Clyde, Ohio. 
Jesse Franklin McNally, Pastor 

First M. E. Church, Raymond. 


Charles Poe Morgan. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.; permanent address 
Delaware, Ohio. 

Karl Tlnsley Waugh, Delaware, 


William Robert Bayes, A. B., LL. 
B., Attomey-at-Law. 27 William 
St.; res. 146 West 143d St., New 
York, N. Y. 

W. Wilbur Blackman. D. O., Phy- 
sician. 108 Washington St., Bluff- 
ton, Ind. 

William B. Brown. Reporter Co- 
lwnhu9 DUpatch, Columbus, O. 

Louis Brltton Bowker, Merchant, 
Santa Paula, Cal. 

Jesse Lee Corley, A. B., 8. T. B., 
Clergyman; res. Bond Hill, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Amos Haven Corley, A. B., Uni- 
versity of Jena, Germany. 

Arthur J. Curren, Manager EHyrla 
Telephone Co., Blyrla, Ohio. 

Charles Maxwell Barhart, Prin- 
cipal Waverly High School, Way- 
erly, O. 



Edward William Hamill, A. B., 
Belleville, IlL 

Warren Lewis Hulse, Post Office 
Clerk, Cincinnati; res. Sharon - 
ville, Ohio. . 

William Randolph Curry Kendrick, 
AfflL Iowa A, LAwyer, National 
Bank Bldsr** Keokuk, Iowa. 

Howard Daniel Marsh, Ph. D., In- 
structor in Philosophy, Ohio Wes- 
leyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Charles Jay Moore. S. T. B., Trin- 
ity M. E. Church; res. 327 State 
St., Sprinflrfleld. Mass. 

Charles Bertram Pyle, Minister, 
Cambridipe, Mass. 

Delbert Bancraft Sayers, Affll. 
Ohio Z, O. S. U. School Elec. 
trical Engineering, Columbus, O. 

John Elmer Breese, Student Pur- 
due University, 142 Sheets St., 
West La Payette, Ind. 

John Morton Dolbey, Agent Adams 
Elxpress Co., Delphos, Ohio. 

Robert Logan Ewing, a. B., Affil. 
Wash A, General Secretary, Y. 
M. C. A., Madras, India. 

Ernest Melanchthon Karr, As- 
sistant Engineer New York Air 
Brake Co., Watertown, N. Y. 

William Earl Lowther, A. B., 21 
North Fullerton St., Montclair, 
N. J. 

William Lane Robinson, A. B., LL. 
B., 507 E. Chestnut St., Mt. Ver- 
non, Ohio. 

Clarence Chester Whitney, Dry 
Goods Merchant, Mount Gilead, 


Ralph H. Allison, B. S., Supt. of 
Schools, Ashley, Ohio. 

Win H. Bacon. Attomey-at-Law, 
Clyde, Ohio. 

William Parcell Baird, A. B., Min- 
ister. 526 West Catherine St., 
Louisville. Ky. 

Thomas Clifford Campbell, New 
England Conservatory of Music, 
123 Pembroke St., Boston, Mass. 

David Frank Edwards, 1162 Massa- 
chusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

Charles Pace HamiU, Student Har- 
vard Law School, Cambrtdge^ 

Clarence C. McKiUip, AfflL Wis. A, 
Mgr. Swift & Co., 1017 Second 
Ave., Sheldon, Iowa. 

Charles C. Miller, B. A., The Jef- 
frey Mfg. Co.; res. 241 4th Ave., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Earnest L. Skeel, Western Reserve 
Law School, 96 Adelbert St, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Norman Ingraham Taylor, B. L., 
President Bumside Bcmking Co., 
Bumslde, Ky. 

William M. Whitney, A. B., Head- 
master, Washington School for 
Boys, 2900 Wisconsin Ave., 
Washington, D. C. 


Charles F. Anderson, Biinlster, 
Wellington, Mass. 

John Winchell Bare, B. A., Teach- 
er. F*t. Blees, Macon, Mo. 

Erwin Carl Braun. Western Re- 
serve Law School, 95 Adelbert 
St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Edward William Buxton, 400 Lin- 
coln St., Boston, Mass. 

Ernest Hurst Cherington, Seattle, 

Theodore D. Kelsey, Supt. Schools, 
Bumside, Ky. 

James Harry Rardon, Manager 
Branch Office of U. S. Printing 
Co., New E^ngland Bldg., Kansas 
City. Mo. 

William Danes Redrup, Toledo 
Furnace Co., 441 Seventh St., 
Toledo, O. 

Purdy Lapham Van Wicklim. M. 
E. Minister, BowersviUe, Ohio. 

Frank Whitehouse, A. B., Science 
Teacher, High School, Lorain, O. 

Edward Thompson Wiltsee, E3ast 
Dubuque, 111. 

Chauncey Witter Wyckoff, A. B., 
Student, Western Reserve Medi- 
cal School; res. '*Ney^ Amster- 
dam," Cleveland, Ohio. 

^Raymond Walter HoneywelL Died 



June 29, 1908, at Cba«rin Falls, 

Ralph Murray Hutchinson. B. L., 
Affll. Ind. A, Lumber Dealer, 
Kendallville, Ind. 

Charles Barton Maddock, Theatri- 
cal Manager, Hudson Theatre 
BldfiT.. New York. N. Y. 

William Harvey Blltchell, AfflL O. 
r. M. E. Minister. Lancaster. O. 

Earl Webster Rardin, Schwartz 
Clothing Co., Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Glen Every Rardin. Agriculturist, 
Wheelersburg, Ohio. 

Walter 'Freeman Shaw, Teacher, 
Bowling Green, Ohio. 

Loyd Kay Womstaff, A. B., Super- 
intendent of Schools. Shauck. O. 


Philip Elijah Bliss, Assistant 
Secretary, Ind. Dept., Y. M. 
C. A.; res. 8226 Carnegie Ave., 
S. E., Cleveland, Ohio. 

William Smythe Buxton, 400 Lm- 
coln St., Worcester, Mass. 

fDwight Adams Cary, MiUersburg, 

Warren Russell Greenlee. Nowata, 
L T. 

tMarion Champ Gilchrist, Charles- 
ton, W. Va. 

tOeorge Stewart Irwin, Delaware, 

tDe Lorma Adams Morrow, Camp- 
bellstowxl, Ohio. 

George Lindsay Parker, 2096 Emer- 
son St., Denver, Colo. 

tJohn Wesley Pontius, Chlcora, Pa. 

tFrank Jay Prout, Prout. Ohio. 


Charles Carroll Brown, Portsmouth, 

fHarold Isaac Dean, Houston, 

Joseph Irwin Bagleson, 96 Adelbert 
St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Charles Gray Laughlin, Assistant 
Secretary Y. M. C. A., Akron, O. 

Walter Edwin Mallory, Woods- 
fleld, O. 

tRichard Barr Morrow, Campbells- 
town, Ohio. 

Leslie Osmyn Parker, 95 Adelbert 
St, Cleveland. Ohio. 

Andrew Walter Prout, Student, O. 
M. U.. Columbus; home address, 
R. R. No. 8, Sandusky. Ohio. 

tArchie Hammond Scott, Colum- 
bus. Ohio. 

tRobert Harold Sigler, Pennsboro. 
W. Va. 

Thomas Darnell Stewart. 

tHorace Warren Whitney, Mount 
Gilead, Ohio. 


tHugh Obadiah Allison, Mount Gil- 
ead, Ohio. 

tEdgar Grove Bamett, Lorain, O. 

tReginald Leo Cameron, Lorain, O. 

tWilllam Walter Cary. Mt. Vernon, 

tKarl Dean Flgley, Van Wert, O. 

tRolland Kraw, Bowling Green, O. 

Cecil Phayre Lyon. Delaware, Ohio. 

tFrank Steger, Cardington, Ohio. 

tWayne Laurence Stillwell, Millers- 
burg, Ohio. 

Philip Stroup, Clyde, Ohio. 

tCleon Earl Webb. Mt. Gilead, O. 

tWarren Bums, Marietta, Ohio. 
tArthur Collmer, Columbus, Ohio. 
tJohn Hart, Camden. Ohio. 
fJohn McConica, Findlay, Ohio. 

^ Deceased. 

fin active chapter, 1906-1906. 


SpringfieM, Ohio 


WUliam HlUis Wynn, A. B., A. li.. 
Ph. D., D. D., Retired Clergy- 
man and College Professor, 902 
So. O St., Tacoma, Wash. 

•Joseph MacHatton, A. B.. A. M., 
Presbyterian Clergjanan, died 
Aug. 30, 1905. 

•William Brown Yonce, Ph. B., A. 
M., died in 1895 at Salem, Va. 

•Abraham CahiU, A« B., Attomey- 


at-Law, died in 1868 at Dayton, 

•Andrew Milton Qeiger, A. B., A. 

M., Lutheran Clergyman, died 

March 27, 1904. 
Maurice Kirby, Supt. Public In- 
struction, Lfexington, Ky. 
•George Frederick Stelllng, A. B., 

D. D., died in 1884 at Omaha, 


•William Oebhart, A. B., died In 
1857 at Dasrton, Ohio. 



OHIO uravERsmr 

AlhMit, Ohio 


•ThomaB Ldoyd Hughes, D. D., 
died June 20, 1900. Plqua, Ohio. 

•ESdson Burton Olds Mlesse, A. B., 
died 1898, ChlUlcothe, Ohio. 

^Joseph Woodrow Shlnn, died 
June 18, 1891, West Union, Ohio. 

Wm. Basallel Carpenter, A. B., M. 

D., (Hon.), Mart, Texas. 
Charles H. Orosvenor, LtL. D., 

Congressman 11th Ohio District, 

Athens, Ohio. 
•William Henry Hall, A. B., died 

March 16, 1880, Ann Arbor, 

•Chas. Edward Montgomery Jen- 
nings, died June 8, 1896, Athens, 

•Rudolph de Stelguer (Hon.), 

died November, 1896, Athens, 



Ira Culbertson Adams. 

Henry Wilson Coultrap, A. B., 

Judge, McArthur, Ohio. 
WiUlam Eldwin Williams, M. D., 

Jackson, Ohio. 


Ifuclen Jerome Fenton, Banker, 
Winchester, Ohio. 

•Phillip Swing (Soodwln, B. S., LXi. 
B., died June 2, 1885, Cincinnati, 

William Samuel Lewis, M. D., Lum- 
ber Dealer, Charleston, W. Va. 

•Sidney Thomas McKlm, Minister, 
died July 9, 1906, Traer, Iowa. 

Vernon Chilver Stlers, B. S., 
Farmer, Alexandria, Ohio. 

•Ledni Rollln Bowyer, died about 
1908, Winneld, West Va. 

William Alexander Brown, Farmer* 
State Center, Iowa. 

Herbert C. Jones, M. D., Phsrsidan 
and Surgeon; res. 411 W. Main 
St., Decatur, m. 

•Moses James Morgan, A. B., died 
November 25, 1875, Oak Hlfl, 

Chas. Minor Patty, Farmer, Pleas- 
ant HiU, Ohio. 

•David Henry Selby, died Janu- 
ary 16, 1876, Portsmouth, Ohio. 

•Eber C^arpenter de Stelguer, A. B., 
died August 25, 1885, Logan, 

Daniel Thomas, A. M., Minister, 
Wymore, Neb. 


Hollingsworth Origsby Armstrong* 
Insurance Agent, Jackson, W. Va. 

Chas. Andrew Atkinson, A. B., 
Lawyer, Montgomery Blk., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

David (nasrton CSasto, B. S., Law- 
yer, Parkersburg, West Va. 

John Harvey Davison, M. D., 1442 
Pleasant Ave., Los Angeles, C!al. 

Douglas Virgil Dowd, Lawyer. 

John Torrence Foreman, Insurance 
Agent, McArthur, Ohio. 

Charles Mathew Hart, Manufac- 
turer, Clarksburg, W. Va. 

John William McOolre, B. 8., IC 
D., 608 W. Main St., Hutchin- 
son, Kansas. 

Chas. Henry Stimson, Jr., M. D., 
Newark, Ohio. 

Leander Miller, Cottageville, West 

Emmet Tompkins, Bx-Congress- 
man. Lawyer, 71-74 Buggery 
Bldg., Columbus, Ohla 

Fletcher Stanton Coultn^), 




Superintendent Public Schools, 

Athens, Ohio. 
Caleb Jones. Lawyer. 
^Alexander Laclcay, died March 

31, 1904. Louisa. Ky. 
Calvin Simeon Welch. A. B., Law* 

yer, Huntington. West Va. 

*Sanford Bwing Kendall, died 

Nov. 10. 1874. Ascott. Ohio. 
Marshall Fleming Parrish. A. B.. 

LL. B., Stock Broker, 830 Drexel 

Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa.; res. 

6326 Baynton St.. Oermantown, 

Peter D. Rathbone, Merchant, 121 

Chamber of Commerce Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 
Homer Wilson Stiers, Farmer, 

Haydenville, Ohio. 


^Edward Hampton Baker, A. B., 

Lawyer, died, 1905, Athens. 

John Hamden Charter, B. S., M. 

D., 6th and Boots Sts., Marion. 

Hiram Edgar Dickason. A. B., 

Bookkeeper, Continental Coal 

Co.. Columbus. Ohio. 
Samuel Michael Sheppard. A. B., 

M. D. 
^James Madison Tripp, A. M^ died 

1897. Jackson. O. 
Burnett C. Vorhees. M. D., Albany, 



Philander Jacobs, B. S., M. D., 
Jackson. Ohio. 

^William B*letcher Lewis, died 
1902, Waxahatchle, Texas. 

Virgil Costello Lowry, A. B., 
Lawyer, Logan. Ohio. 

Samuel Bright Ricketts, A. B., 
A. M.. Real Estate Promoter. 17 
Kuhns Bldg.. Dasrton. Ohio. 

Thomas Mintum Ricketts. 

Stephen 8. Stiers, Fanner, Hay- 
denville, Ohio. 

Chas. Henry Welch. B. S., Busi- 
ness, Charleston, West Va. 


^William Lee Armstrong, died Sept. 
25, 1881, Jackson, a H.. W. Va. 

Samuel Ewing Wayland, Banker 
and Broker, 807 Mears Bldg., 
Scranton, Pa. 

Chas. Albert Wright, Merchant, 
Atchison, Kan. 


Jerry Maurice Hyde, M. D., Nel- 
sonviUe, Ohio. 

Thomas Alfred Jones, A. B., A. M., 
Judge Circuit Court. Jackson, Ohio. 

John Ferguson Laird, B. S., Law- 
yer, Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Frank James Stemberger, B. 8., 
Banker, Jackson, Ohio. 

James Livingston Barton. 


George William Clasrton Foore, 
Merchant, Columbus, Ohio. 

John Johnson Welch, Banker and 
Broker, 40 Wall St, (Res.) Hotel 
Empire. 64th and Broadway, 
New York City. N. Y. 

Samuel Pressly Armstrong, Ph. 
B.. L. B., Commercial Blocdc; 
res. Wilson Hotel, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

George Emanuel De Stelguer, A. 
M.. B. S., Lawyer, New Yoric 
Block. Seattle, Wash. 

George Lawrence Pake, B. S., Re- 
ligious Work. Director Y. M. C. 
A.. Portsmouth. Ohio. 

Thomas Milroy Pilcher. 

Carr Vattel Van Anda, Managing 

Editor New York TUnet, 42d 

St, New York City; residence^ 

891 West Bind Ays., New York 



•William Edgar Bunch, A. M., died 
August It, 1908, Clneinnati, Oi 

Chas. Bower Orifflth, Telegraph 
Editor of the DUpatoh, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 


Louis Rudolph De Stelguer, Lieu- 
tenant commander XT. 8. Navy, 
Supervisor of New York Harbor. 

Thomas Wilson Dick, A. B., Pub- 

John McCllntock Higglns, IC D., 
Athens^ Ohio. 



McKendree Whlteflcid Cooltrap. 

A. B., Public Scboolfl, Trojr, Ohio. 
Elmer Addison Dent, Fli. M., D. 

D., Cleivynian: res. 127 Jeffenon 

St., Hartford, Conn. 
Emerjr Conomett Hall, LAWjtar, 

Oneonta. Ala. 
Albert Leonard, A. M., FIl D., 

Head of Edacatlonal D«part- 

mant of Houghton, Mlilln Ooit 

t6 6th Ave., New Yoric City. 
WlUiam Henry Morgan, A. B., B. 

D., D. D., Minister, 6 B. Park 

St., Newark, N. J. 
Aaron Ellsworth Price, A. B., 

lAwyer, Athena, Ohla 
Harry Grant Crossan. 
Wallace Webster Martin, Minister. 
John Webster Poffenbarg. 
John Cross Thomas, Ph. &, Den^ 
tlst, Ironwood, Mloh. 


Elbert Brutus Gore, ClvU Engi- 
neer, Brownavllla, Tezaa. 

Sidney Huntington Johnson, Ph. 
B., Lawyer. 

Clifford Lincoln Jones, Business, 
Billings, Mont 

Geo. Henry Welch, M. D., Chll- 
llcothe, Ohio. 


Albert Algernon Atkinson, M. S., 
Prof, of Physics and Electrical 
Engineering, O. U., Athens, O. 

Charles French Blake, Ph. B., M. 
D., Baltimore, Md. 

Orvllle Frank Dwyer, A. B., LL. 
B., Lawyer, Room No. 6, Hul- 
bert Blook, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Edward Holt Ihrea. 

John liucius Norton Henry, M. D., 
Berlin Cross Roads, Ohio. 

Jnmcfl Clayton McMaster, Ph. B., 
McMaster Electric Co., 888 B. 
Btate St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Samuel Cheney Price, A. R, Edi- 
tor, Mt Clemens, Mich. 

Marlon Warrington Yon Bdo, 

Edward Guild Welch, Practicing 
Law, Woodward, Okl. 

Carlos Anderson Woodworth, B. 
Ped., Sales Manager, Golden Per- 

fome Co., 41 E. 
York City; 

8U N< 
N. T. 

Dudley Woodbrldge Wel^ A. Bl, 
M. D., 889% Markat 8L, Fsrk- 
ersburg. West Ya. 

Clyde Ferdinand Beery, Ph. Bl, 
Lawyer, (City SoUcitor), 181 
Myrtle Flace^ Akron, Ohla 

Morrison Rudolph Lash. Electri- 
cian, 610 12th St., Des Mohies, 

William Bane McPherson, A. Bl, 
Teacher, Jasper, Ohio. 

John Calhoun Pickett, M. D., 
Wellston, Ohio. 

EOisha Austin Tinker, Ph. Bl, 
Lawyer, ChillloothSb Ohio. 


Walter James Bothwell, Ph. B.* 

Charles Wellington Clawson, 

Teacher. Rich HiU, Ohio. 
George Richard Craven, Mercliant, 

Alliance, Ohla 
George DeCamp, First National 

Bank, Athens, Ohia 
Charles Carroll Hulbert. Agent, 

B. & O. a W., Gallipolis, Ohio. 
Harley Hlldreth Hanlng, A. B., 

Insurance, Athens, Ohio. 
Thomas Alfred McFarland, A. B.* 

Lawyer. Wellston, Ohio. 
Frank Halbert McYay, B. 8., Sup- 
erintendent Schools, ManUiflald, 



Israel Moore Foster, Ph. B.. LL. B., 

Lawyer, Athens, Ohio. 
Ulsrsses M. McCaughey, B. Ped., 
M. Ph., Akron Public Schools; 
res. 49 Klrkwood St., Akron, 
Frank Henry Super, B. 8., 
Division Superintendent Gen. 
Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Ralph Clewell Super, A. B., In- 
structor Modem Languages, 
Wesleyan University, Middle- 
town, Conn. 
Thomas Lee Young, Ph. R, Bleo- 
tridan. East Liy«rpool« Ohio. 




Herman Orlen Dutter, Manager 
Bucyrufl Qaa A Elec. Co., Bucy- 
ru8, Ohio. 

Samuel Lievi McCune, Ph. B., Na- 
tional Bank Examiner, Athena, 


George Charles Bauer, Slectri- 
clan, Surryyllle, Ohio. 

John Anderson Ely, with Edison 
Manufacturing Company, Lake- 
side Ave., West Orange; res. 215 
Park Ave., Orange, N. J. 

Leo. W. Koon*, Lumber Dealer, 
Porter, West Va. 

Cassius Marion Shepard, A. B., 
M. A., Physician, 112 North 4th 
St., Columbus, Ohio. 

*Frank Moulton Warwick, died 
April 16, 1906, Portsmouth, Ohio. 


Howard Llndley Charter, Marlon, 

Charles Oamett O'Bleness, B. S., 
Secy.-Treas. of the Nelson ville 
Brick Co., Athens, Ohio. 

Dow Lorenzo Poston, Coal Oper- 
ator, Athens, Ohio. 

Winfleld Keneth Scott, B. S., 
Merchant, Athens, Ohio. 

Don Delano Tullis, B. Ph., Pop- 
lar Street Church, Clncinnat], 


Newman Hall Bennett, A. B., M. 
D., Phirsician, 234 Herschel St., 
Pittsburg, Pa, 

Michael H. Bolinger, A. B., Book- 
keeper, Bridger, Mont. 

Charles Francis Heizer, Electrician, 
Gen. Elec. Co.; res. 17 Catherine 
St., Schenectady, New York. 

Frederick Bostwick McLain.Broker, 
Washington C H., Ohio. 

Leon Vaughn Voorhees, Frankfort, 


James Wilion Chaney, Ph. B., 
Affll. Ohio Z, '02, Evangelist, 92 
East 11th Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Herbert Jefferson Herold, Agent 
K. & M. Ry. Athens, Ohio. 

Arthur Charles Johnson, B. S., City 

Editor Oolumhui Evening DU' 
patch, Columbus, Ohio. 

Albert Franklin Llnsoott, Den- 
tist, Marion, Ohla 

Brwin Clyde Merwin, Eleotriolan, 
Athens, Ohio. 

Thomas H. Sheldon, B. S., Pay- 
master, Portland Mine, Victor; 
res. 127 West Carr Ave., Cripple 
Creek, Colo. 

Philip Johnson Welch, representing 
The Diamond Match Co., 56 
Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111.; res. 
Athens, Ohio. 


*Ralph Alphonso O'Bleness, died 
December 1, 1898, Athens, O. 

Dorr Casto, A. B., LL. B., Lawyer, 
Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Dwight Newcomb Witman, Chem- 
ist for MaL Iron Co., Colum- 
bus, Ohla 


Walter Rice Sheldon, A. B., In- 
structor in Chemistry, High 
School; res. 127 W. Carr Ave., 
Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Carl Dunkle Sheppard, B. Ph., 
Scripps-McRae Press Association, 
501 14th St. N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

James Perry Wood, Ph. B., Prac- 
ticing Law, Athens, Ohio. 


Thomas Watson Craig, A. B., 
Traveling, Athens, Ohio. 

Edward Ulysses Cave, B. Ph., 
with Bullock Mfg. C6., dndn- 
natl, Ohio. 

*John Andrew Mitchell, died De- 
cember 4, 1901, Jefferson ville, 

William Harvey Mitchell, Aflll. 
Ohio B, Minister, I Lancaster, 

Fred Stewart Pickering, U. S. 
Postofllce, Athens, Ohio. 

Fred Taylor Sullivan, B. Ph., Bell 
Telephone Comi>any, Columbus, 

Jacob Milton Zang, A. B*, Book- 
keeper, Pittsburg Coal Co., 8509 
Fleming Ave., AUegheny, Pa. 




Victor Biddle, Physician and Sur- 
geon, Baltimore, Md. 

Floyd Brie Coultrap, B. Ph., 
Medical Student. 

Harry Mansfield Ooultrap, Unl- 
▼erslty of Colorado* Boulder, 

Geo. Leonard Gold, Traveling, 211 
W. Seventh St, Sedalia, Mo. 

Roy Thomas McClure, Banking, 
care Peoples' & Drovers' Bank, 
Washington C. H., Ohio; res. 
Bloomlngburg, Ohio. 

Frederick Huntington Tinker, B. 
Ph., Salesman, with S. Anargyros 
of Cairo, Egypt, 111 Fifth Ave.; 
res. Hotel E«mplre, New York, 
N. Y. 

ESmer Wilson Townsend, Busi- 
nsMk Lawton, Okla. 

Fred Leslie Alderman, The Athens 

National Bank, Athens, Ohio. 
James Klster Blddle, Physician 

anw Surgeon, Baltimore, Md. 
•Herbert Earl Fuller, died July 

9, 1904, Athens, Ohio. 
CjrruB Dow Hlgglns, Ph. B., 

Athens, Ohio. 
John Burt Longwell, Warwick, 

New York. 
James A. Lyon, Resident Surgeon 

at Franklin Hospital, Baltimore, 

Md.; res. Goshen, N. Y. 

fMannlng Oebhardt Coultrap, 

Athens, Ohio. 
OrvlUe Foss Flgley, Chlllioothe, 

Charles Henry Harris, Athens, O. 
Edgar Lawrence Jones, Farkers- 

burg. West Ya. 

Vaughan M. Kelley, Union Funia4)e^ 

tWilllam Sohory Merrltt, Colum- 
bus, Ohla 

tOuy DolphuB Mnier, Athena, C 

tWilley Hlgby Norton, Staunton, 

John Herrold Preston, Business, 
Athens, Ohio. 

Ned Joseph Wolfe, Wholesale and 
Retail Feed Business, Athens, 

John Douglas Barhart, Athens, 

tRoscoe Winfield Heyman, Belle- 

Yue, Ohio. 

tDon Carlos Coultrap, Athens, 

Joe Bean Davis. Nelsonvllle, Ohio. 
tSdward Byron Elliott, HlUsboro, 

tHarry Zadoo Foster, Athens, O. 
tHeber Hunt Henke, Athens, O. 
tAlfred Hlnton James, Olouster, 

tHenry Work Lever, Lovoland, 

tFred Blane Scott, Athens, Ohio. 
tFloyd ESllsworth ShattuOk, Bsl- 

laire, Ohla 


tBay George Crisp, Akron, Ohio. 

tJullus Rosral Fisher, Akron, Oi 

tThomas Hoyt Jones, Jackson, O. 

tFrank Bartlett Kurts, Athens, Oi 

tLeo. William Lorba^ Waverly, 

tGeorge Grlndley Thomas, Jack- 
son, Ohla 

tRobert Simpson Wood, Athens, 

t In active chapter 190S-6. 


Woo«t«r, Ohio 


Adam Hales McCullougli, A. M., If. 
D., Physician, Mansfield, Ohio. 

William McKlrahan, A. M., D. D., 
Princii>al Norfolk Mission Col- 
lege, 341 Princess Anne Ave., 
Norfolk, Va. 

*Alpheus James Montgomery, A. 
B., Pros. ClerflT., died 1879, Cen- 
tertown. Pa., W. Salem, Ohio. 

*James Marrara Btitt, A. M., Pres- 
byterian Clergyman, died 1884, 
Nashville, Tenn. 


Perry Allen, D., D., .Clergyman in 
charge of Presbsrterian Ministers' 
Fund; rooms, 826-9 Stephen Oi- 
rard Bldg.; res. 4708 Chester 
Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

James Oillaiand Connell, A. M., M. 
D., Physician; office, 8619 Forbes 
St.; res. 3905 Forbes St., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

•Robert MelviUe Davis, A. M., 
Presbyterian Clergsrman. died 
1889, Neshannocdc Fedls, Pa. 

Robert Hamilton McClelland, M. S., 

Edgar M. Wilson, M. S., Attorney. 
328 Montgomery St., San Fran- 
cisco, CaL 


George Jackson, Merchant, Wash- 
ington C. H., Ohio. 

Charles Titus Jamleson, A. B., A. 
Bi., Affll., Banker, Wellington, 

Albert Zacharla McGogney, A. M., 
D. D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 
806 Pearl St., Paola, Kan. 

Robert Ballagh, A .M., Presbyter- 
ian Clergyman, Wiokenburg, 

Edwin Brown, A. M., Ph. D., Pres- 
bsrterian Clergyman, Frederick, 

•George Edward Patterson, A. IC* 
died 1887, Mercer, Pa. 

•Daniel Clark Porter, A. M., Pres- 
bsrterian Clergyman, died 1887, 
Mt. HoUy, N. J. 

•Wilbur Fremont Rudy, A. M., 
LL. B. 

Preston Willis Search, Lecturer, 
Writer, Editor, Wyoming Sta- 
tion, Cincinnati,, Ohio. 

Walter Lowrie Spence, A. M., AflU., 
Farmer, Sidney, Ohio. 


Chalmers FuUerton Carson, A. M., 
Presbyterian Clergyman, McCon- 
nelsville, Ohio. 

John Edwin Eggert, A. M., Presby- 
terian Clergsrman, Harrington, 

Marcus Gaston Evans, A. B., A. M., 
Affil., Judge Common Pleas 
Court, Columbus, Ohio. 

Rice Vernon Hunter, A. M., D. D., 
Presbyterian Clergyman, 28 Whit- 
ney Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 

John Cook McClaran, A. M., LIj. 
B., Attorney, Wooster, Ohio. 

Charles Samuel McClelland, A. M., 
D. D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 
Grank View Ave. and Kearsarge 
St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

•Charles Fullerton McLain, died 
1892, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

John Breckinridge Pomeroy, A. M., 
Presbyterian Clergsrman, Fayette^ 

Jeffery Walker Taylor, A. M., At- 
torney, Greensburg, Feu 

Archie Alexander Gtordon, AffiL 
Edwin Theodore Johnson, Banker, 
111-118 Monroe St., Chloago, m. 




QeoTtse Naphtall Luocock, A. M., 

D. D., Presbsrterian Clergyman, 

Oak Park, IlL 
^Francis Marion Senior, A. B., 

Presbyterian Clergyman, died 

1880, Dresden, Ohio. 
Clark Eddy Wyman. 


^Edward Moore Beardsley, M. D., 
died 1883, Hamilton, Ohio. 

•Joseph Addison Crandall, Attor- 
ney, died 1890, Oranby, Conn. 

William McClung Evans, A. M., D. 
D., Presbyterian Clergsrman, 1708 
B Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Frank Sherwood Gray, Advertising 
Agent Neto York Tribune, Sher- 
man Square Hotel, New York, 
N. Y. 

Thomas Beaver Greenlee, A. M., 
Ph. D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 
North Platte. Neb. 

Samuel Boyd McClelland, A. M., 
Presbyterian Clergjrman, Onslow, 

Henry Woodbridge Thayer, A. M, 
M. D., Physician, 1519 22d Ave., 
N. Minneapolis, Minn. 


Arthur Browning Clark. 

William Fremont Ham, Ph. M., At- 
torney, Guthrie. O. T. 

Howard Wilson Luccock, A. M., 
Attorney, Cambridge, Ohio. 

John Gaunt Evans, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Winfleld, Kan. 

Victor Murray Hatfield, Merchant, 
Ossian, Ind. 

Curtis Elliot McBride, Attorney, 
Mansfield, Ohio. 

James McCampbell, Attorney, 
Marysville, Ohio. 

*David L. Winter, Attorney Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 


George Haywood Carpenter, Treaji- 
urer and General Manager Mon- 
arch Fire Appliance Co., 27 Wil- 
liam St., New York City. 

David Francis, A. M., Farmer, 
Shandon, Ohio. 

Clement Rossman Oilmore, Attor- 
ney, 168 Lexington Ave., Dayton, 

Dallas Klmpton Jones, Ph. B., M. 
D., Physician, Canal Fulton, 

John Herman McLain, F!armer and 
Fruit Grower, Aubumdale, Fla. 

Louis Henry McLain, Insurance; 
res. 28 W. Lincoln Ave., Dela- 
ware, Ohio. 

Hugh Talbot Patrick, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 84 Washington St., Chi- 
cago, IlL 


Benjamin Warren Anderson, A. M., 
Attomey-at-Law, 1003 New York 
Life Bldg.; res. 2428 Indiana 
Ave.. Chicago, lU. 

J. Philander Anderson, A. B., 
AfflL Pa. r, Presbyterian Clergy- 
man. Lock Box 215. Huron, S. D. 

Albert Milton Crisler, Attorney, 
Eaton. Ohio. 

James Cassius Gaston, Merchant, 
St. Louis. Mo. 

^Herman Mendenhall McKnlght, 
Ami., died 1890. Granville, lU. 

Benjamin McCreight Marlin, Sec- 
retary and Treasurer The Union 
Banking & Trust Co., DuBols, 

Benjamin Franklin Templeton, At- 
torney, 847 Spltzer Bldg.; res. 
140 Wade St., Toledo, O. 

James Basil Templeton, Attorney, 
847 Spitzer Bldg.; res. 2441 War- 
ren Ave., Toledo, O. 

William Judson Boone, A. M., D. 
D., Clergyman and President of 
College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho. 


Joseph White Criswell, A. M., Pr«i- 
byterian Clergsrman, BlalrsYille, 

Albert Greer Greenlee, A. M., At- 
torney, 226 Funke Bldg., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

John Morris Leonard, A. M., Pres- 
byterian Clerg3rman, Osawato- 
mie, Kan. 

*Elmer Ralph Strain, Ph. M., 
drowned near Magnolia, Mass, 
1887, Fort Wayne* Ind. 



•Robert Slater TenBrook, died 1888, 

TurbotvlUe, Pa. 
Lee Hamilton Todd, Stationer and 

Bookseller, Urbana, Ohio. 
Robert Catherone Walker. 


Thomas Shrimpton Anderson, A. 
M., Presbyterian Clergyman, Bay 
City, Mich. 

Charles Edwin Bradt, A. M., Ph. 
D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 814 
Garrison St., Fremont, O. 

John Robb Calder, A. B., Attor- 
ney, 1861 Parkwood Ave., Toledo, 

John Francis. A. M., M. D., Phy- 
sician, 309 S. 3d St, Hamilton, 

Clarence Gibson Miller, A. M., Ph. 
D., Presbyterian Clergyman; res. 
614 Garrison St., Fremont, Ohio. 


Frank Leslie Du Shane, AflU. 

Edwin Francis Miller, Ph. M., 
Teacher, High School, 30 Ellen- 
wood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

John Tracy Morrison, A. M., LL. 
B., Attorney, Governor of Idaho, 
Caldwell, Idaho. 

William Zalmon Morrison, A. B., 
AfflL N. Y. A., Teacher, 5807 
Walnut St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Samuel Sterling Palmer, A .M., D. 
D., Presbyterian Clergyman, 49 
N. Ohio Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Frederick Alfred Rice, A. M., 
Asst. Cashier National Bank of 
Commerce, Tacoma, Wash. 

•Frank Sayler, died 1890, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

•Isaac Maxwell Taylor, died 1883, 
Ironton, Ohio. 

George Albert Yates, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Shreve, Ohio. 


Samuel B. (Letter only) Groves, A. 
M., Congregational Clergyman, 
Williamsburg, Ky. 

Will Clark MUes, A. M., Presby- 
terian Clergyman, Holton, Kan. 

Charles Arthur Park, A. M., LL. 
B., Atttomey, Salem, Ore. 

Celsus Pomerene, Attomey-at- 
Law, Berlin, Ohio. 

Forrest Price, Ph. M., Staff 
Ohroniole-Telegraph, 5149 Wood- 
worth St.. Pittsburg, Pa. 

George Cassius Thompson, B. 
Liverpool, O. 

Robert MiUer Todd, Busineos, 70 

Douglas St, Columbus, Ohio. 


Allen Barney Beverstock, Presi- 
dent of The Cockley Milling Co., 
Lexington, O. 

Charles Kynett Carpenter, A. M., 
LL. B.. Attorney, 11 WlUlam St, 
New York City. 

Charles Latta Chalfant, A. B., A. 
M., Affll. Pa. A.. Presbyterian 
Clergyman, 1426 Temple Place, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Robert Ernest Esterly, A. B., AiBL 
N. Y. A, Secy and Treas. North- 
western National Life Ins. Co., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Joseph Fassett Hays. A. M., Attor- 
ney, 1025 Madison Ave., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

•Benjamin Wlnslow Irvln, died 
1891, Dubuque, Iowa. 

Charles Mains, A. M., Secretary 
Am. Pad & Textile Co., Green- 
field, O. 

•Thomas Allen Walker, A. B., 
died, 1891, Greenfield, Ohio. 

William Edward Forgy, Ph. M., 
Attorney, 1016 Westlake Ave., 
Los Angeles, CaL 

Charles Clarke Sterrett, A. B., For- 
eign Missionary, Urumla, Persia; 
home address Washington, Pa. 
Lewis Edwards Davles. 

William Laurence Esterly. AfllL 
N. Y. A., Insurance, with New 
York Life Ins. Co., 290 Broad- 
way; res. 1431 Bedford Ave., 
Brookljm, N. Y. 
Thoma« Walker Kennedy, B. GT., 
Superintendent Isabella Furnace, 
U. S. S. Co., Sharpsburg, Pa. 
Charles Clarence Long, A. B., 
Electrical Engineer, 515 Marines 
A Merchants Bldg., Philadelphia; 
res. 445 Oley St., Reading, Pa. 
William James Moff^tt, A. B., New 
Castle, Fa. 



^Davld Arrel Pence, A. If., died 
1901, LoweUviUe, Ohio. 

^Charles Hodffe Ramsey, died 1893, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Sylvester Wylle Younff, Presbyter- 
Ian Cler^rs^man, Mt. Pleasant, 


John Montgomery Oaston, A. B., 
Presbyterian Cler^rs^man, 4820 
Lytle St., Hazlewood, Pittsburg, 

Joseph Edgar Keel, Financial Cor- 
respondent, Abilene, Kan. 

Lee Francis Lybarger, Affll., Attor> 
ney and Lecturer, 408 Bets Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bdward William Matthews, Jr., At- 
torney, Cambridge, Ohio. 

Robert Hanawalt McCrakln, Grain 
Dealer, Storms, Ohio. 

Walter Chauncey Mellor, Treasurer 
C. C. MeUor Co., 319-821 Fifth 
Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

George Cassius Thompson, Manu- 
facturer of China, E. Liverpool, 

Fayette Emery Vernon, A. Bi., 
Presbyterian Clergyman, Eighty- 
Four, Pa, 

Ross Samual Lee Wallace, A. M., 
BL M., Bilning Engineer and 
Business; res. 1807 N. Logan 
Square, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Nathan Llewellyn Burner, Chemical 
Engineer, Supterlntendent Inde- 
pendent Chemical Co., Saginaw 
W. S., Mich. 

John Ervin Gensemer, A. B., At- 
torney, 1420 Chestnut St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Williams Chambers Kendall, Pres- 
bsrterian Clergryman, Wilmington, 

Fred Warfleld Lane, Bi. D., Phy- 
sician, 630H Wheeling Ave.; res. 
416 N. 10th St., Cambridge, O. 

Alva Claude Surber, A. B.. M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, 417 W. 
Abom St., Muncle, Ind. 

Asher Golden Work, A. B., AfllL 
O. A., Presbyterian Clergsrman, 
Rensselaer, Ind. 


William Downey, Affll. BL E., 
Pharmacist, Lostant, ID. 

Horatio Johnson Forgy, Attorney, 
808 Bush St., Santa Anna, CaL 

John Scott McClurg, M. S., General 
Manager, Pittsburg Branch, 
Gutta Percha A Rubber Co., of 
New York, 811 First Ave., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 


Alvin Nelson Crowe, A. Bi., Pres- 
bsrterian Clergyman, Hayesvllle, 

Charles Dwight Gray, Funeral Di- 
rector, 947 Mt, Vernon Ave., Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. 

Lewis Frederick Hanger, A. B., At- 
torney, 420 Carlisle Bldg., Cin- 
cinnati, O.; res. Ft. Thomas, Ky. 

Gilbert Lee MacMaster. 

George Edward McCullough, M. D., 
Physician, Troy, Ohio. 

Walter GiU McCuUough, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 1300 Vermont Ave., 
Washington, D. C. 

Ralph Harper McKee, Ph. D., Pro- 
fessor Chemistry, Lake Forest 
University, Lake Forest, 111. 

Oran Ormond Rider, Electrical En- 
gineer, General Electric Co., 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

Thomas Sloan Shepher, Wooster, 

Joseph George Spangler, with Illi- 
nois Match Co.; res. National 
Hotel. Joliet, IlL 

James Dunlap Watson, A. B., At- 
torney, Tiffin, O. 


Edwin Bertram Baltzly, B. 8., L. 

B., Superintendent Semet Solvay 

Co., S3nracuse, N. Y. 
Asher Harlan Brand, A. M., Pres- 

bjrterlan Clergyman, Auburn, Ind. 
William Brown Chancellor, A. M., 

Presbyterian Clergyman, Rich 

HiU, Mo. 
Walter Hays Coles, A. B., AlBL 

Mass. B., Secretary Hobart Elec- 
tric Mfg. Co., Troy, O. 
Frederick Stanton McKlnney, IC 



D., Physician and Surgeon, Lee- 
tonia, O. 
Thomas Pattenglll Shepherd. 
Wooster, O. 


James Harvey Baldwin, A. B., M. 
D., Physician, 1627 Morris St., 
Philadelpha, Pa. 

John Benjamin Ballon, Secretary & 
Treasurer, the Vail Co., Ckwhoc- 
ton, Ohio. 

John DeWitt Dickey, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Cadmus Linden Odor, Dentist, 618 
Twelfth St., Washington, D. C. 

John Harper Simms, Real Bstate, 
276 Wilcox BldflT. Annex, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 


James McKay Calvin, Ranchman 

& Live Stock Grower, Wibaux, 

Andrew Doak Bndsley, Ph. B., 

Superintendent of Schools, Tar- 

entum. Pa. 

Robert Johnson Moorhousa, A. B., 
Attorney, 1004 New York Life 
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 


Nathaniel Clair Dodds, Chemist, 
Tarentum, Pa. 

George Clarence Oaut, Traveling 
Salesman, AsplnwaU, Pa. 

George FuUerton Jackson, Mer- 
chant, Washington C H., Ohio. 

Daniel Boyd, Attorney, Bnterprlse, 

Erie Washington Farwell, A. B.» 

LL. B., Attorney, 820 Falrmount 

St., Cleveland, Ohio; permanent 

address, Millenburg, O. 
Richard Fred Graham, Osteopathic 

Phsrsidan, Batavla, N. Y. 
Ernest Milllgan Wiggs, Stockman, 

Wjrthevllle, Va. 


Algernon Haslett Speer, A. B., 
Principal of High School, Atch- 
ison, Kan. 





WallaM liajro, A. B., A. IC, 
tllixer Business, 27 Bearer St, 
New York City. 

Oeorce Alfred McAlplne, B. 8., A. 
B., Attomey-at-Law, fgnace, 

Joseph HIdy. Ph. B.. LX.. D., Attor- 

ney-at-Law, care of Blandln, 

Rice ft Glnn. ClereUuid, Ohio. 
Henry Mason L«e, Banker, Dowac- 

lac, Mich. 
Oeorve Singer Pleasants, A. B., 

Attomey-at-Law, Vevay, Ind. 
Thomas Stratton, B. D., Univ. Cler- 

n^man, Rutland, Vt. 

Byron John Bogue, B. S., Supt. of 

Schools, Mlshawaka, Ind. 
Clarence Cranston, B. S., Attomey- 

Kent Oscanyan Foltx, Physician, L 

O. O. F. BldfT., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
James Lamar Newberry, Lumber 

Dealer, Petoskey, Mich. 
Arthur McCoy Ralston, Ph. B., Sur- 
Frank Louis Schumacher, Retired, 

Akron, Ohio. 
•William David Shlpman, A. B., 

A. M., died 1896 at Akron, Ohio. 

Douglas Glessner, Editor, Orlffln, 

Thomas Joseph Mathew Prior, At- 

tomey-at-Law, Newark, Ohio. 

Henry Franklin Holloway, 220 

Broadway, New York City; res. 

Montclalr, N. J. 
William Hldy Jones, Jr., Ph. B., 

Farmer, Merom, Ind. 

Hermon Alfred Kelley, B. 8., A. B., 
A. M., Attomey-at-Law, Western 
Reserve Bklg^ deveiand, Ohio, 

Ralph Durant Morford. M. D.. 
phjrsldan, Greenville, Pa. 

William HaU Pleasants, B. &. Mar- 
chant, Vevay, Ind. 

Abel Rlslnger, R 8^ LU B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Eaton, Ohlou 

Arthur Adelbert Steams. Attorney, 
A. B., A. M., LL. D., 1607 WU- 
llamson Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

DeWltt Gilbert Wllooz, M. D., Sur- 
geon, 697 Elmwood Ave., BuCEato. 

N. Y. 


James Harry Aydelotte, B. 8., Vloe- 
Presldent Heald's School €i 
Mines, 463 E. 11th St., Oakland, 

James Lawson Converse, Farmer, 
Plain City, Ohio. 

Jonathan Augustus Guthrie, A. B., 
Mfr., 110 Vine St.. Munde, Ind. 

Irving Clinton Tomllnson, A. B., 
A. M., B. D.. Christian Scientist 
Lecturer, 82 Warren St., Con- 
cord, N. H. 

Vincent Ekiton Tomllnson, B. 8., 
D. D., Pastor First Unlversallst 
Church, 32 Irving St., Worcester, 

Albert Corydon White, B. D., Univ. 
Clergsrman, 908 Campbell Ave., 
Hamilton, O. 

Charles Baker Wright, A. B., A. If., 
L. H. D., Professor of English 
Literature and Rhetoric, Middle- 
bury College, Mlddlebury, Vt. 


Lee Sullivan McCollester, D. D., A. 

M., B. D., Univ. Clergyman, 664 

R St, Detroit, Mich. 
^Charles Sherman Tloknor. 





Louis Broadwell Buckingham, Ml- 

amlvllle, O. 
Charles Pleasants, A. B., LIi. B., 

Speculator, Monadnock Blder.. 

Chicago, 111. 
George Edward Smith, Sweetwater, 

Frank Merton Tallman, Merchant, 

368 Auburn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

George Washington Crofoot, Real 
Estate, Byron, N. Y. 


*Norman Henry Hlnellne, died in 
1888 at Clarksvllle, Iowa. 

Frank Owen Payne, B. S., M. 8., 
Affll. Ohio H. High School of 
Commerce, 166 W. 66th St., New 
York City; res. 1819 Dorchester 
Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Frank Sherman Apt, Mgr. Ameri- 
can Cereal Co., 1341 Monadnocdc 
Bldg., Chicago, HL 

Daniel Richard Crlsslnger, B. S., 

William John Emery, Ph. B., M. D., 
Physician, 681 Main St., Akron, 

Edward Robert Koenlg, St. Louis, 

^Rollo Loudenback, died in 1883 at 
WestvUle, Ohio. 

Franz Adolph Schumacher, B. 8., 
Marseilles, HI. 

Charles Christian Wyandt, Insur- 
ance and Real Estate, Abilene, 


Benjamin David Berry, Publisher, 
378 Wabash Ave.; res. 1922 Ken- 
more Ave., Chicago. 

Jacob Hill Cook, Lumberman, 
Cooksburg, Pa. 

Ernest Clifford Page, Ph. B., Ph. 
M., LL. B., Attomey-at-Law, 812 
N. Y. Life Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

James Douglas Pardee, B. 8., LL. 
B., M. S., Attomey-at-Law, 6 
Eagle Blk., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

James Kirby Pleasants, Jr., Ph. B., 
Musician, New York City. 

Samuel Lennon Thompson, A. B., 

LL. B., Affll., Manufacturer, 
Brink Haven, Ohio. 


Herbert Hack Henry, B. S., LL. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, 1112 Citizens 
Bldg.; res. 66 Monroe Ave., Biay- 
fleld Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Cary Jones, B. 8., LL. B., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, London, Ohio. 

Albert Andrew Kohler, A. B., M. 
D., Physician, 708 8. Main St, 
Akron, Ohio. 

^Winston James McCreary* Boston. 

James Davis Olin, B. 8., Insurance, 
Canton, O. 

Frank Small Pixley, Ph. B., Au- 
thor, The Lambs' Club, New 
York City. 

Oliver Morton Pleasants, Merchant, 
Vevay, Ind. 

Frank Norman Slade, Electrical 
Business, Leon, Iowa. 


Edwin Franklin Cone, A. B., B. 8., 
American Steel F* dries Co., Ches- 
ter, Pa.; res. 4 Ridley Park, Pa. 

Joseph Asa Palmer, B. S., Sec'y 
W. Hinckley Burt Mfg. Co., 
Akron Savings Bank Bldg., 
Akron, Ohio. 

John Lincoln Roemer, A. B., B. D., 
Presbyterian Clergyman, 8671 
Russell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Halbert Dennis Smith, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Attomey-at-Law, 115 Bolton 
Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Edwin Leigh Ftndley, A. B., A. M., 
Teacher, 700 Genesee St., dere- 
land, Ohio. 

Carl French Henry, B. 8., B. D., A, 
M., Univ. Clergyman, Cleveland, 

William Woods Howe, A. B., 
Teacher, 28 Greenville St., Roz- 
burg, Mass. 

Orla Calmer Pixley, B. 8., Mfgr. 
Conduit and Clay Products, Dea 
Moines, Iowa. 

Robert Tucker, Ph. B., LL. B.. At- 
tomey-at-Law, care Home Tele- 
phone Co., Portland, Ore. 



WlUard Hennr Van Orman, B. &• 
Railroad Clerk, Box 821, SaUda. 


WUflon Andnia Carter, B. 8., AfllL 
O. B., Denver Qaa and Electric 
Co.; res. 729 Emerson St., Denver, 

James Ethan Cole, A. M., Prlncl[>al 
of High School, Norwalk, Ohio. 


LaRoy Crockett Eberhard, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, 926 Grant St, 
Akron, Ohio. 

*Orrln Grant Holcomb, died In 1896 
at Atlantic City, N. J. 

Benjamin BVeeman Kln^bory, A. 
B., M. S., Ph. B., M. D., Profes- 
sor of Physios, Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Lee SVancls Lyberger, Attomey-at- 
Law and Lecturer, 408 Bets Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Pitt Putnam, B. S., Pres. 
of the Detroit Testing Labora- 
tory, 1111 Union Trust Bld^., De- 
troit, Mich. 

Harry Worthy Clark, 17 Logan Ct, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Orlgen Stone Dean, B. S., Real 

Estate, 403 Iowa Bldg., Sioux 

City, Iowa. 
Samuel Emerson Flndley, Teacher, 

Wm. Penn Charter School, 8 S. 

12th St., Philadelphia, Fa. 
Harland Hiram Hollenbeck, A. B., 

Chardon, Ohio. 
Harry Lee Snyder, B. S., Attomey- 

at-Law, Everett Bldg., 68 Aque- 
duct St., Akron, Ohio. 
Carlos Green Webster, B. S., M. D., 

Physician, 2932 Valentine Ave., 

New York City. 

Walter Benton Ooe, Omalia« NA 


Leander Randall Canfleld, Ph. B., 
LL. B., AflU. O. Z, Attomey-at- 
Law, Society for Savings Bldg. 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Chambers Howard Underwood, B. 
S., Teacher and Engineering 
Chemist, Room 10 City Hall, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Leonas John Underwood, Supenrl- 
sor Com. School, 1124 State Llf^ 
Bid., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Fred Alan Fish, M. E., Assistant 

Professor of Electrical J32nglneer- 

Ing, Iowa State College, Ames, 

Arthur Lavara Foster Bianufaetur- 

er, 66 Warren St., New York City. 
Arthur Charles Johnson, B. B., 

Affll., Editor. 1332 Highland St, 

Columbus, Ohio. 


William Ramsey Irvin, Attomey- 
at-Law, I. O. O. F. Temple, Ak- 
ron, Ohio. 

Charles Oliver Rundell, B. 8., 
Principal Buchtel Academy, Ak- 
ron, O. Permanent address. Con* 
neautville. Pa. 

Charles Samuel Todd, Life Insur- 
ance Agency, Spitzer Bldg., To- 
ledo, O. 

John Clarence Frank, B. S., Pur- 
chasing Agent, Barberton, Ohio. 
Gerald Herbert Brown, B. S., Avon 
Beach, Ohio; permanent address, 
Falrlawn, Ohio. 



Cobmibiit, Ohio 

Clarence Pelham Bonner, C. B., 
AfflL Ohio B; N. & W. R. R., 826 
Loretta Ave., Norfolk, Va. 


Vernon Judson Ehnory, Clergyman, 
Lancaster, K. H. 

Hark Francis, D. V. M., Prof. A. 
& M. College, College Station, 

WiUiam Franklin Hunt, If. B.. At- 
torney, St. Paul, Minn. 

Harry Adams Kahler, C. B., Bank- 
er, 49 Wall St., care O'Connor & 
Kahler, New York City.; resi- 
dence, 194 S. Mountain Ave., 
Montclair, N. J. 

William McPherson, Prof. Chem- 
istry, O. S. U., Columbus, O. 

John Charles Munger, Mining 
Quartz Site, Arix.; res. Pasadena, 

^Archibald Crawford Reeves. 

Edwin Grant Stone, Manager Steel 
Plate Mills, Walton and Chlmase 
St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Charles D'Erastus Thomas, Physi- 
cian, Lacone, 111. 

Charles Albert Winter, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, 1714 Lexington 
Ave., New York City, care New 
Star Theater; residence, 3609 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Fred Samuel Ball, Attorney, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Fred Winder Brown, Manwfac- 
turer, Portland, CoL 

Lawrence Houghton Brundage, 
Physician, Xenia, O. 

Robert Bckhardt, Teacher of Sing- 
ing, 26 S. 8d St., Columbus, O. 

Bdward Thomas MeConnell, Bng. 

C, C, C. & St L. R. R., Colum- 
bus, O. 

William Neff Scarff, Horticulturist, 
New Carlisle, O. 

WUliam OUiver Schelbell,* M. B., 
Cement Engineering and Con- 
crete Construction, 80H N. High 
St., Columbus, O. 


George Bloom, C. E., Engineer of 

Maintenance, Rock Island R. R.; 

res. 915 Fillmore St., Topeka, 

Harry Donelly Cretcher, De Graff, 

Charles Hatfield, Wholesale Orooer. 

16th and Wynoope Sts., Denver, 



Samuel EHsworth Bennett, Prof. 

Vet. Surg. Ky. State College, 

Lexington, Ky. 
Harry Proctor Coe, Palneevllle, O. 
George Blair Nye, Bookkeeper, 

Pomeroy, O. 
Hubert Herrick Ward, Investments, 

1322 Citizens Bldg., Cleveland, 



Albert Charles Buss, Editor New 
Bremen Sun, New Bremen, O. 

Charles Franklin High, Manager 
Insulation Dept., Armstrong Cork 
Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Homer Clifton Johnstone, Western 
Sales Agent, Midvale Steel Co., 
1447 Railway Ehcchange; res. 
"The Lessing," Chicago, DL 

Aaron Westley Henry Jones, B. C, 
Special Agent New Hampshire 
Fire Ins. Co., 86 N. High St., 
Columbus, O. 





Samuel Morrison, AfllL Ind. Z, 
Columbus, O. 

James Leonard Mounts, Jr., Physi- 
cian, Morrow, O. 

Frank William Rane, M. S., Pro- 
fessor of Horticulture and For- 
estry, The N. IL College, Dur- 
ham, N. H. 

James Elmer Thompson, B. So., 
130 Howells Ave., Milwaukee, 


St. Clair Alexander, B. EL, Dealer 
in Hides, Kansas City, Mo. 

William H. Bonner, Merchant, Affll. 
O. A, Eaton, Ohio. 

George William Chessel, Jr., Civil 
Engineer, 902 Maryland Trust 
Bldg.; res. 115 W. Mulberry St., 
Baltimore, Md. 

George Francis Fish, 619 Walbridgi 
Ave., Toledo, O. 

James Whitney Penfleld, 627 Wash- 
ington Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Edward Talmage Sanderson, Har- 
ness Manufacturer, Hillsboro, O. 

George Christian Schaeffer, Physi- 
cian, Bloomington, Ind. 

Luray Stanford Steward, Architect, 
Columbus, O. 


Frank David Askew, 2d and Dela- 
ware Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

^Edward Martin Bloom, B. So. 

Walter Conger Harris, A. M., B. S., 
Affll. Ohio A. Director Photo 
Dept., N. T, World; res. 1588 E. 
19th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John Ball Kuhn, Paymaster Amer- 
ican Sheet & Tin Plate Co., 
Bridgeport, O. 

Fred William Mathias, High School 
Inst., Toledo, O. 

John Dudley Dunham, M. D., 183 

E. State St., Columbus, O. 
Charles H. Farber, A. B., Savings 

& Trust Co., Columbus, O. 
Harry R. Fowler, B. B., Toledo, O. 
Edward Francis, B. So., M. D., U. 

S. Public Health and Marine 

Hospital Service, Washington, 

D. a 

William Chambers Kendall, Xenia, 

Theodore Lindenberg, Affll. N. Y. 

A, M. C. Lilley Co., Columbus, O. 
David Arrel Pence, Xenia, O. 
Alvin Leroy Sedgwick, Publisher, 

Martins Ferry, O. 
Eklwin Bobbins Thomas, 2207 Col- 

lingwood Ave., Toledo, O. 


Fred Isaac Askew, E. E., AfflL 
Kan. A, 2d and Delaware Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Austin Guy Baldwin, Affll, N. Y. 
A, Salesman Western Gas En- 
gine Co.; res. 2128 W. Washing- 
ton St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Oren O. Rider, Ohio Delta, '95 
(Afflllated with Ohio Zeta). 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

Lowry Francis Sater, Attorney, 100 
N. High St., Columbus, O. 

Howard Marcus Strong, Wheeling, 
W. Va. 


Leander R. Canfleld, Affll. Ohio E, 
533 Society for Savings Bldg.; 
res. 2183 E. 46th St., Cleveland. 

Brown Thompson Craig, Grain 
Business, Shreve, O. 

Carlton Chase Howard, Bank Tell- 
er, 423 4th St.; res. 440 S. Atlan- 
tic Ave., Pittsburg, Pa, 

William Arthur Kah, Sidney. O. 

William Aldcn Reed, Basic Gold 
Mining Co., Telluride, CoL 

William Henry Swisher, M. D., 
Physician, Cor. 4th and Euclid 
Ave., Dayton, O. 

Edward H. Ungemach. 1478 St 
Paul St., Denver, Col. 

J. Claire Hughes, Pa. Ganmia, '97 

(Afflliated with Ohio Zeta), 

Piqua, O. 
Alexander Douglas Ingram, Ehigi- 

neer Specification Dept., Jeffrey 

Mfg. Co., Worthington, Ohio. 
•Frank Ferrell Morton. 
Victor Norton Smith, Dairyman, 

Solon, O. 
Paul Perry Stewart, CoitsviUe. O. 



Elmer L. Volkmor, BetaO 8ho« 
Merchant, Tiffin, O. 


Cephas Atkinson, Bank Cashier, 
Plahi City, Mo. 

John Benjamin Ballou, Ohio A, 
Coshocton, Ohio. 

Karl Bertram Oerke, Oliver Type- 
writer Co., Cleveland, O. 

Frederick Ebenezer Jones, B A., 
Wholesale Lumber, Jackson, O. 

Warren P. Melly, Ohio Alpha '98, 
Lima, O. 

Robert Carter Reed, Electrical En- 
gineer, Carnegie Steel Co., Du- ' 
quesne. Pa. 

Robert J. Shank, Ohio Alpha '98, 
Hamilton, O. 

Edward Trevltt Smith, Attorney, 
Union Nat. Bank Bldff., Colimi- 
bus, O. 

Roy Sutphln, 236 W. Sd Ave., Co- 
lumbus, O. 


Benjamin T. Archer, Attorney, 
Cincinnati, O. 

Harrison William Bock, B. Ph., LL. 
B., Attomey-at-Law, Frlck Bldff., 
Plttsburgr; res. Sharpsburgr, Pa. 

Stuart Robinson Bolln, Attorney, 
Clrdevllle, O. 

Charles Orosvenor Bond, LL. B., 
Aetna Life Insurance Co., 1170 
Broadway, New York City; resi- 
dence, 2103 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. T. 

Harry James Bradshaw, King Ave., 
Columbus, O. 

Wilson Roy Carothers, Sun Mfff. 
Co., Columbus, O. 

Thomas John Davis, Chemist, An- 
drews, Hitchcock & Co., Hub- 
bard, O. 

Israel Moore Foster. Ohio Gamma, 
Athens, O. 

Elarl Cranston Grant, Railroad Con- 
tractor, 204 Eberly Block, Colum- 
bus, O. 

John Franklin Miller, care Kala- 
mazoo Stationery Co., Kalama- 
zoo, Mich. 

Claude John Reeves, Graftoii« Pa. 

Hugo Nathan Sohlefllnger, Attor« 
' ney, Xenla, O. 


Lawrence IL Barrlnger, Ceramlo 
Bng., Gen. Blea Co., SoheQeo- 
tady, N. Y. 

^William Brdmann. 

Claude Bennett DeWitt, Attorney, 
Sandusky, O. 

Charles Fuller Dowd, Board of 
Trade Bldg., Columbus, O. 

Frank Stuart Knoz, M'intng ' Bus*, 
Nelsonvllle, O. 

Russell Kenney Ramsey, Attorney 
at-Law, King & Ramsey, San- 
dusky, O. 

Charles Hiram Woods, Assistant 
Attorney for Santa Fe R. R., 
Guthrie, O. T. 


John Martin Baninger, Zanes- 

vlUe, Ohio. 
Francis Joseph Colgan, E. M., 

Business, Grassy Point, N. Y., 

Residence, Haverstraw, N. Y. 
EhTiest Victor Ruetlnger, Student 

O. M. IT., Columbus, O. 
Delbert B. Sayers, Ohio Beta '01, 

Garey, W. Va. 
William R. Sprague, Attorney, 

Portsmouth, O. 


Stanley Morganthaler Baltsly, 
Traveling Salesman, MasslUon, O. 

James W. Chaney, AfflL Ohio T, 
Evangelist, 92 E. 11th Ave., Co- 
lumbus, O. 

Walter Melville Dann, M. B. in B. 
E., Westlnghouse Electric & Mfg. 
Co., Pittsburg; res. 1106 Center 
St., Wllklnsburg, Pa. 

John Chester Gibson, B. M., AfflL 
Pa. Gamma, Mining Bngr., 
Washington, Pa. 

Albert Edward Merkle, M. D., Car- 
son City, Nev. 

Joseph Charles Rojron, Attorney, 
1607 Williamson Bldg., CleTd- 
land, O. 

Herbert Pike Senter, C. B., 69 
Franklin Park West, Oolumbns, 



CharleB Clifton Wise, LXi. B., At- 
torney, 704 Rockefeller Bld^r.; 
res. New Amsterdam, Cleveland, 

Starling Waddell, Waddell & Bren- 
nan Ice Co., 1890 B. Main St., 
Columbus, O. 


Clyde Samuel Beeler, Pharmaoist, 
Hamilton, O. 

Alvln Cook Bonnet, B. A«^ VL. B., 
Jeweler, Columbus, O. 

Edward Graham Denmsad, 6S 
Woodlawn Ave^, Columbus, O. 

Ansel Shallcross Hard, Newspaper 
Work, Grand Junction, Col. 

Georffe Stanley Helvey, AUis- Chal- 
mers Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles Reginald Monsarrat, 13 W. 
18th St,, New York, N. Y. 

James GUman Sterlinir, 806 Wilson 
Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Frank C. Hulingr, A. B., Columbus 
Savings A Trust Bldg., Colum- 
bus, O. 


William Hayward Andrew, Tmrel- 
inff Salesman, Columbus, O. 

Benjamin Fell Beasell, Pa. Bpsilon, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

George Leroy Converse, West Point 
Military Academy, West Point, 
N. Y. 

Harold Phelps Humphrey, Vice- 
President, North Eastern Terra 
Cotta Co., Trenton, N. J. 

Thomas Chester Lloyd, Chemist, 
Cambridge, Ohio. 

Hoyt Sherman McComb, A. B., B. 
M., Superintendent Coahuila Coal 
Co., Hondo Coah., Mex. 

Charles Henry Monett, Columbus, 

William George Moore, The Car- 
negie Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Edouard Donald Roiron, M. B., 1844 
B. 67th St., N. B., Cleveland, O. 


Hugh McDowell Beebe, Sidney, O. 
Harry Sargent Beggs, The David 
C Beggs Co., Columbus, O. 

Charles Lewis PatUson, Stenog- 
rapher and Clerk, 627 W. S4th 
St; res. 200 W. 44th St, New 
York, N. Y. 

Marcus Bdgar Welllver, Ins. Agt^ 
Hamilton, O. 


Robert Reybum Barringer, Balti- 
more Ry., Specialty Co., Coming, 
N. Y. 

Bmest Walter Flglestahlsr, 
Draughtsman Ohio Fuel & Gas 
Co., Columbus, O. 

tJames Prendergast, Columbus, O. 

tPercy Fulton Todd, Piqua, O. 

Edwin WiUlam Reynolds, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 

Albert Corydon White, Automobne 
Business, 19 Lyman St, Spring- 
field, Mass. 


Howard Bock, Sharpsburg, Pa. 

William Sajcton Brown, Columbus, 

^William Harmon Darrow, died 
Dayton, O. 

Klrkwood Harry Donavin, Midship- 
man, U. S. Navy, U. S. Naval 
Academy, Annapolis, Md. 

Raymond Grant, with Wm. Ruter 
Lumber Co., Columbus; res. 
Grove City, Ohio. 

Edward Isham Gibson, O. 8. U. 

Cloyd Perkins Lott, Granada Hotel, 
Los Angeles, CaL 

fGeorge Fuerle Scheslnger, Xenls* 

fGlenn Buchanan Southward* Co- 
lumbus, O. 

Benson Foraker Waddell, The 
Waddell and Brennan Ice Co., 
1890 B. Main St, Columbus, O. 

Charles Parson Walker, Proviso 
Land Association, Maywood, IlL 


tCharles Woodin Bretland, Troy, O. 
Harry Edgar Brubaker, Ashland, 

Henry Brown McGill, AfflL Ohio 9, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
George Bailey Cross, Columbiis. O. 



Leo Welts Fleming, The Capital 

Trust Co.; res. 257 B. Rich St, 

Columbus, O. 
twill Blymyer Morris, Shreveport, 

tLewis Henry Shoemaker, liassU- 

lon, O. 
tClyde Cea Sherick, Ashland, O. 


fArthur Berlin Brindle, Ashland, O. 
tFrank K. Carothers, Sidney, O. 
Charles C. Johnson, 906 B. Broad 

St., Columbus, O. 
James R. Johnson, 368 B. BrocUl 

St., Columbus, O. 

Walter Johnson, S68 B. Broad St., 
Columbus, O. 

fOeor^ Blmer Jones, ColiiDibiu, O. 

G^aines Lawrence, Columbus, O. 

Wallace B. Monett, SOI Linwood 
Ave., Columbus, O. 

tThomas Bray Morris, 2846 Har- 
rison Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

tBdmund DeMuth Otstot, ISOl Oak 
St., Columbus, O. 

fBdgar Willard Seeds, 88 Parsons 
Ave., Columbus, O. 

fLee Gilbert Warren, Plqiia, O. 


tin active chapter, 1906-1906. 


Qevekiid, Ohio 


Josloh Harxifl Byerley, B. 8., Byer- 
ly & Sons, St. Lawrence St, 
res. 63 S. Qenesee Ave., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Irwin Lineous Dunn, B. S., San- 
Pedro Salt Co., Union Trust 
Bldfl:,. Lob Angles, CaL; reei- 
dence 1005 Marine St, Jjong 
Beach, Cal. 

Orton Corrie Dunn, B. 8., San 
Pedro Salt Co., Union Trust 
Bldfl:., Los An^reles, CaL; res- 
idence Knoll Park, Lonff Beach, 

Herbert Klngr Qribben, B. 8., Civ- 
il Bngrineer, care of Q. IC Qest, 
277 Broadway, New York City; 
residence S56 Seventh St, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Frederick Oeor^re Haldy, B. 8., B. 
E., Desi^ninff Bngineer, 2S Third 
St, Stamford, Conn.; residence 
11 Oak St, Olenbrook, Conn. 

Louis Justin Schlesin^er, B. 8., 
Supt. Muncie, Hartford & P*t 
Wasme Ry. Co., Eaton, Ind.; 
residence 510 East Gilbert St, 
Muncie, Ind. 

Jeremiah Verne Stanford, B. S., M. 
E., Assistant Prof, of M. E., U. 
of Penn., Philadelphia; resi- 
dence 850 N. 62nd St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Thomas Oriswold, Jr., B. S., 
Chemical En^r., Dow Chemical 
Co., Midland, Mich. 

Nelson William Morley, B. 8., M. 
E., Engineer for Dod«re Coal 
Storage Co., Chicago, IlL 

Joseph Hulbert Rice, B. 8., C. B., 
Mgr. Oriswold Greenhouse Co., 
Ashtabula, Ohio; residence, 8 
Woodman Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio. 


^Theodore Augustus Kaderly, B. 

Harry William Springsteen, B. 8., 
M. 8., A. M., Ph. D., Eleotrioal 
Engineer, New York Telephone 
Co., 15 Day St, New York, N. Y. 


Edwin Bertram Baltsly, B. 8., B. 
L., Affil. Ohio A, Supt Semet 
Solvay Co., Syracuse, N. T. 

Vamey Edward Barnes, D. D. 8., 
867 Rose Bldg.; residence, 708 
Genesee Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Orrin Fred French, B. 8., 720 Elec- 
trio Bldg.; residence, 71 Mar- 
loes Ave., E. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Clinton DeWitt Hoyt, NaUonal 
Metal Co., City of Mexico, Mez. 

Frank Ehtuitus Hulett, B. 8., M. 
E., Mechanical Engineer, Well- 
man -Seaver-Morgan Co.; res. 6 
Rosalind Ave., E., Cleveland, O. 

David Weston Jones, B. 8., A. B., 
Insurance, Columbus, Ohio. 

Roy Dexter Tyler, Res. Bng., F. A 
O., N. X. C & H. R. R. R., 
Franklin, Pa.; residence, 6 Six- 
teenth St, Franklin, Pa. 

Wilbur Jay Watson, B. 8., C B., 
Osborn Eng. Co., Osl>om Bldg.; 
residence, 128 Rosemont Rd., 
B. Cleveland, Ohio. 


^John Park Alexander, B. 8. 

Samuel Phillips Bates, San Juan, 
Porto Rico; residence, San Turoe, 
Porto Rioo. 

Edward Ostrom Cross, B. 8., Man- 
ager of Factories for The Fos- 
toria Glass Specialty Co., For- 
toria, O. 

•Alfred Williams Diebold, B. 8. 

Marshall Cameron Gibson, B. 8., 




Bducatlonal Dlreotor^ T. IC C 
A., Youncatown, Ohio; residence, 
8. Avenue SSztenslon, Youngs- 
town» Ohio. 

Roy Carleton Qlfford, B. 8., B. B., 
Automatic Electric Co., Chicago, 
HI.; residence, 6S Shakespeare 
Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Charles Akam* Qleason, Asst. In- 
spector of Bng. Material, U. 8. 
Navy, Room SOI P. O. Bldg., 
Hartford, Conn.; residence, 19 
Vernon 8t., Hartford, Conn. 

Walter Orothe, B. 8., White Sew- 
ing Machine Co., Cleveland, O.; 
residence, 63 Qrace Ave., LAke- 
wood, O. 

Donald McDonald, City Trucking 
Co., 1013-17 Wells St., Pt. 
Wajme, Ind.; residence, 1104 W. 
Wayne St., B*t. Wayne, Ind. 

Walter George Stephan, B. 8., 
Wellman-Seaver-M organ Co.; 
residence, 68 Knox St., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 


Henry Meredith Backus, B. 8., 
Metallurgist ft Blectro Chemist. 
Oxford Copper Co., Constable 
Hook, Bayonne, N. J.; res. 138 
Humphreys Ave., Bayonne, N. J. 

Cecil Bruce Clyne, B. 8., Blals- 
dell Co., Los Angeles, CaL; res. 
831 Francisco St., Los Angeles, 

Charles Watson Fletcher, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Burton Budd Nledlng, B. 8., Supt. 
Nlblack Copper Co., Nlblack, 

Charles Mathlas Nlssen, B. 8., M. 
S., Patent Attorney, Patent 
Dept., Otis Elevator Co., 17 Bat- 
tery Place. New York City; res, 
237 W. 111th St., New Yory City. 

William Cranage Rayner, 620 
Hlckox Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio; 
residence, Hudson, O. 


LAurence Brooks Bassett, Forman- 
Bassett-Hatch Co., 223 Seneca 
St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Richard Realf Bragglns, B. 8., 
Johns-Manvm« Co., 14-16 & 

Water St; resfdeooe^ 'Tha 
Ruby," cor. Lrozlngton and Mad- 
ison Aves., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Malcolm Colbum Clev^and, Bng. 
lialntenance of Way, C. C C ft 
8. L. Ry., Indianapolis, Ind. 

George Patterson Bwbig, B. 8., 
Ohio Copper Co., Bingham Can- 
yon, Utah., R. F. D. No. S. 

Joseph Peter Maudru, B. 8., Great 
Western Sugar Co., New Wind- 
sor, CoL 

Bertram Douglas Quarrle, B. 8., 
American Steel ft Wire Co., 3107 
W. 14th St., Cleveland, O. 

George Alfred Yost, Lucas Ma^ 
chine Tool Co.; residence, 2903 
Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Robert RoweU Abbott, B. 8., Grad- 
uate Student, Harvard College, 
Cambridge, Mass.; residence, 66 
Sacramento St., Cambridge, 

Mark Anthony Ammon, B. 8., Geo. 
Mgr. Vtchache Mining Co., Ocot- 
lan Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Homer Samuel Black, B. 8., Fm- 
torla Glass ft Specialty Co., Fos- 
torla, Ohio; residence, 318 W. 
Tiffin St., Foetorla, Ohio. 

E^amest Warren Farr, Farr Brick 
Co.; residence, 1108 Broadway, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Louis Dallas Gibson, B. 8., Ass. 
Mgr. Mahoning Builders Supply 
Co., Youngstown, Ohio; 139 Mad- 
ison Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Ernest Melancthon Karr, B. 8., M. 
E., Affll. Ohio B., Asst. Engineer, 
New York Air Brake Co., Water- 
town, N. Y. 

Harry True Welty, B. S., C. B., As- 
sistant Engineer, Bridge Depart- 
ment, N. Y. C. ft H. R. R. R., 
Grand Central Palace, New 
York; res. 349 8. Fourth Ave., 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 


Arthur Hale Anthony, B. 8., Asst. 
Supt. of Construction, National 
Rolling Mills, NaUonal Tube Co., 
McKeesport, Pa.; resldenoe^ 661 
Ringgold 8L, Mo Ko espor t , Pa. 



Charlee DeForest Chandler, CSap- 
tain, U. 8. Army, Signal Office, 
War DepL; res. Army & Mavy 
Club, Waahlnffton, D. C 

Robert Holmee Cowdery, B. 8., 
Gen. Mgr., American Fork and 
Hoe Co., Aahtabula, Ohio. 

Victor Hugo Dill. B. 8., Bstimat- 
inff Dept., Central 8tateB Bridge 
Co., 601 Beecher 8t, Indianapolia, 
Ind.; . residence, 2321 North 
Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Robert Bphriam Renx, B. 8., Elec- 
trical Eng., Yak Mining, Milling 
and Tunnel Co.; residence, S29 
W. Eighth 8t, LeadviUe, CoL 

John Alexander 8ulllvan, B. 8., 
Ohio Creamery ft Supply Co., 68 
Superior St. Viaduct; res. 31 65th 
St., N. E., Cleveland, O. 

Rasrmond Chauncey Taft, B. 8., 
American Fork & Hoe Co., WU- 
loughby, O. 


Charles Longford Cadle, B. 8., 1018 
Society for Savings Bldg.; resi- 
dence, 598 Prospect St, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

George Sessions Case, B. 8., Lam- 
son ft Sessions Co., 712 Scran- 
ton Ave.; residence, 149 Jennings 
Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Stanton Irving Charlesworth, B. 
8., Cleveland Furnace Co., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Clyde Mead DeForest, B. 8.; resi- 
dence, 149 Princeton St., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Charles Eugene Drennen, B. 8., 
Electrical Eng., Turbine Testing 
Dept., General Electric Co., West 
Lynn, Biass.; residence, 120 So. 
Common St., Lsmn, Mass. 

Frank Armstrong Dutton, B. 8., 
M. E., Van Dom & Dutton Co., 
1796 B. Madison Ave.; residence 
867 Stark Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Harlan Dewey Miller, B. 8., Bridge 
Inspector, N. Y. C. ft H. R. R. 
R., Grand Central Station, New 
York; res. 62 W. Sidney Ave., 
Mt Vernon, N. Y. 

Homer Clifford Selby, B. 8., The 
Selby Co., Portsmouth, Ohio; 

residenoe, 146 OaUla Ave., Ports- 
mouth, Ohio. 


Bert VanSlckle Bassett, The Gar- 
ford Co., 393 Perkins Ave.; resi- 
dence Clifton Park, Cleveland, 

Harry Gilbert Blanchard, Mechan- 
ical Rubber Co.; residence, 862 
E. Prospect St, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Herbert Griswold Day, B. 8., Na- 
tional Tube Co., McKeesport, Pa. 

Theodore Williams Ely, W. R. U. 
Medical College; residence, 96 
Adelbert St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Olaf Leister Jo Hantgen, Carriage 
Builder, 120-126 8. Detroit 8L, 
Bellefontaine, Ohio; residence, 
206 E. Chillicothe Ave., BeUe- 
fontaine, Ohio. 

Frederick Llewellyn Hickok, B. 8., 
NatL Malleable Castings Co.; 
residence, 60 Allendale Ave., 
E. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Frank Fairchild Morris, B. 8., U. 
8. Coal and Oil Co., Holden, W. 

Fred Caleb Resch, J. Resch Sons 
Co., 221 W. Federal St, Youngs- 
town, Ohio; residence, 620 Bel- 
tiont Ave., Yoimgstown, Ohio. 

Malcolm Clark Sickels, Secretary 
and Treasurer, Cleveland Fuel ft 
Supply Co., Citizens Bldg.; res. 
1942 E. 79th St., N. B., Cleve- 
land, O. 

Henry Lewis Steiner, Cleveland 
EHectrlc Ry. Co.; residence, 96 
Adelbert St, Cleveland, Ohio. 

William David Thomas, Newburg 
Works, American Steel & Wire 
Co.; residence Euclid Ave. oor. 
Cutler St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

tira H. Baker, Mechanical, 862 B. 
Madison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

tClinton Lemuel Denison, Mechan- 
ical, Lorain, cor. Davis Ave., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

fFrank Herbert Dunbar, Mechan- 
ical, 67 Streator Ave., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

fRalph Waldo Emerson, Mechan- 
ical, 632 Bast Prospect 8t, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 



Gaylord Harry Gardner, M. A. 
Hanna Co., Cleyeland, 0.» rM.. N. 
Olmstead, O. 

Russell Benjamin Huffman. 

tCharles Bishop In^ersoll, Meehan- 
lcal» 81 Beersford Road, Bast 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

fHarry Edward Metcalf, Mechan- 
ical, R. F. D. No. 6, Ashtabula, 

William Rose Miller, S6 Billings St., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

tBurt Basty Pheneger, Civil, 87 
Hillsdale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

fHarvey Buell Spellman, Mechan- 
ical, 161 Taylor St., Cleveland, 

fArthur Charles Vlcary, Mechan- 
ical, North Cleveland Ave., Can- 
ton, Ohio. 

tOoodwln Sperry WlUard, Bleo- 
trlcal, 288 Clinton St, Cleveland, 

fHorace Joseph Allen, Mechanical, 
90 Kenilworth Ave., Cleveland, 

fEidwin Kent Bacon, Mechanical, 
Park Hotel, Oberlln, Ohio. 

John Nelson Barkdull, SS Center 
Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

John Howey Booth, 96 Adelbert St., 
Cleveland, O. Permanent ad- 
dress, Geneseo, N. Y. 

twmiam Warren Bourne, Mechan- 
ical, 1417 Detroit St, Cleveland, 

tMaurlce Converse, Mechanical, 
794 Case Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

fLeslie O. Parker, AfllL Ohio B., 

Mechanical, SIO Nassau Block, 

Denver, Colo. 
fArthur Boardman Roberts, 

Mechanical, 96 Cornell St, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Walter Carl Schroeder, Treasurer, 

The Auto Shop Co., 7S1 Vlnoent 

Ave.; res. 6819 Hawthorne Ave., 

S. B., Cleveland, O. 


tFrank Berry Alien, Mechanical, 
2S2 Washington Ave., Blyrla, O. 

Leon Ware Bmerson, 95 Adelbert 
St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

tByron Weston Bnsworth, Warren, 

tRobert Qrothe, Mechanical, 68 
Grace Ave., LAkewood, Ohio. 

fRalph McCartney Rush, Mechan- 
ical, Waterloo, Iowa. 


tChester Wilson Deane, 14 Liv- 
ingston St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

fWllllam John Frits, Sherman 
Ave., BCansfleld, Ohio. 

t William Abraham Greaves, War- 
ren, Pa. 

Claude Stevens Mackensie, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

fPaul Rasrmond Tappan, 808 Park 
Ave. West Mansfield, Ohio. 

fRalph Gardiner Traub, Sandusky, 


fin Active Chapter, 1906-6. 


CiBdiiiMti, Ohio 


Nathaniel Carlton Davis Murray, 

B. L.., Special Affent, U. 8. Dept. 

of Agriculture, Washin^rton D. 

C; res. Lebanon, Ohio. 
Walter Markbreit Schoenle, Attor- 

ney-at-Law. Union Trust Bldff.. 

Cincinnati, O. 


James Brown Kemper, Capt. 11th 
Infantry, U. S. A,, care the Mili- 
tary Secretary, U. S. A., Wash- 
Ingrton, D. C. 

Chas. Theodore Perln, Jr., M. D., 
Gary, W. Va. 

Wm. Owen Stovall, Pastor Berean 
Baptist Church; res. 858 Antoine 
St., Detroit, Mich. 

Clifford P. Cordes, B. A., Lawyer, 

38 Wiggins Block, Cincinnati; 

res. No. 6 Plant Flat, Norwood, 

Oscar William Lange, B. A., LL. 

B., Special Agent General Land 

Office. Helena, Mont.; res. 2669 

Bellevue Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Stuart Aldrldge McGill, 2808 

Wheeler St., Cincinnati, O. 
Oliver Herman Schlemmer, Jr., M. 

B., Hulbert Ave., opp. Ball Park 

Cincinnati, O. 
Arthur Vos, M. D., S Brighton 

Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 


Parker Hoysted Fillmore, Bond 
Broker, St. Paul Bldg., Cincin- 
nati, O. 

Ouldo Gores, Attomey-at-Law, 
60 Mitchell Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

Albert Edward Keller, B. S., in C. 
B., Asst. Bngineer, LO0 Angeles 

Aqueduct, Camp No. 1, Freeman, 

Kern Co., CaL 

•Harry Hlnes Burke, 
Bdward J. Durr, Attomey-at-Law, 

Wiggins Block, Cincinnati, a 
Arthur Cassldy E}verham, care 

Michigan Central R. R., Detroit, 

William C. Fetsch, Chemical En- 
gineer, B. T. Johnson Soap Co.; 

res. 507 Sycamore St., Milwaukee^ 


Howard Francis Schell, M. D., 1S2 
W. 9th St., ClnclnnaU, O. 

Edmund Schlemmer, M. B., Me- 
chanical Engineer, 1050 Hulbert 
Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

James Harry Rardon, Affll. Ohio B, 
8769 Rosedale Ave., Cinolnnati, 


Clarence Bahlman, 8201 Wood- 
bum Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Charles Wlllard Black, M. B., 
Draftsman; res. Flat 12, Norfolk 
Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

John Louis Burgoyne, 'The West- 
minster," Cincinnati, Ohla 

Oscar benjamin ReemeUn, B. Sin., 
C. E., Construction Bnglneer, 
Dayton Lighting Co.; res. 15 La 
Fayette St., Dayton, Ohio. 

fEdwln Odys Schroetter, 1 Baat 
17th St., Covington, Ky. 

tOalvin Vos, A. R, Sidney Ave, 
and Rachel St, Cincinnati, O. 

John Edward Bebb, 84 Trumbull 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Wm. Taylor Clark, 2332 Granview 
Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Harry Christian Hartman Fetsch, 
2680 W. 6th St., Cincinnati, O. 




Howard Olenn Holdredse, 510 IL 
Bowery 8t, Ravenna, Ohio. 

Louis Georgre Keller, Si>okane, 

Edward William Pflueirer. 1559 
Banklick St., Covington. Ky. 

Paul Frederick Wehmer. B. A,, 
C. E., Analytic and Consulting 
Chemist; res. 550 Milton St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 


Waldo Hilary Dunn, A. B., Prof, 
of EnfiTlish, Davis and Elkins col- 
lege, Elkins. W. Va. 

f Alfred Tennyson Kreimer, 1826 
Freeman Ave., Clncinnatlfl, O. 

Neil Atkinson McGiU, Ely, Clin- 
ton County, Nev. 

Charles Clifford Schneider, Robin- 
son Road, Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. 

Curtis Schlenk Williams, 3182 
Harvey Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


tRalph Allen Argabright, AfflL Ohio 
A, 507 Ross Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. 

fErwin Felix Bahlman, 8201 Wood- 
bum Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Walter Steward Berry, care Uni- 
versity of Michigan, Detroit, 

Wendell Braxton Campbell, 2833 
Kemper Lane, Cincinnati, O. 

tOodfrey Albert Doeller, Colerino 
Ave., opp. Cooper, Cincinnati, 

Geo. Enyeart Hooven, Hamilton, 

tGustave Milton Kennedy, Wyom- 
ing, Ohio. 

fHenry Brown McGill, 2306 Wheel- 
er St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


tin Actlvo Chapter, 1906-6. 

fWalter Wllaon Morris, 2416 Harri- 
son Ave., Westwood, Cincinnati, 

fLeon Denning Peaslee, Alloe 8L, 
Cincinnati, O. 

tChaa. Albert Schroetter, 1 Bast 
17th St, Covington, Ky. 

fGeorge Roberg Thompson, 2635 
Bellevue Ave., Cincinnati, Ol 

Karl Alfred Vogeler, 884 Heame 
Ave., Cincinnati, O. 


fEdwin Myron Adams, 129 Paiicer 

Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
tNorman Butler Conway, 1629 Scott 

St, Covington, Ky. 
fEdwin Haffner, 8442 Coleraln 

Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
.•William Harry Hull. 1906 Freeman 

Ave., Cincinnati, O. 


fD. Hayward Ackerson, 60 Wal- 
nut St, Wyoming, Ohla 

tPowel Crosley. Jr., Oak and Bel- 
mont College Hill, Clnclhnatl. 

tJefferson Davis Dlckerson, 2268 
Jefferson Ave., Norwood, Ohio. 

tCharles Edmund Kilgour, Hamil- 
ton Ave., CoUege HIU. Chiclnnatl. 

tDanlel Clark Moore, 410 Broad- 
way, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

tLewis Adolphus Quemer, 1130 
Race St., Chiclnnatl, Ohio. 


William H: Fillmore, Bond Brok- 
er, St Paul Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

Henry Hunton Hampton, Hill City, 

Karl Francis LltUe, M. D., West- 
wood, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Toronto, Canada 


Ernest Warren Oliver, Chief AjM*t 
E^ngr. of Mackenzie and Mann 
Ry.; res. 259 Delaware Ave., To- 
ronto, Ont. 

Dousrlas Hamilton Phllp, Ottawa, 


Irvlnff Heward Nevltt, Toronto, 


Henry Porter Cooke, Uxbrldfl^e, 

Robert Leslie Clark, Hamilton, Ont. 

Duncan Archibald Lamont Oraham, 
Ivan, Ont. 

Leonard Ward Morden, Hamilton, 

Robert Walter Tlsdale, Delhi, Ont. 

Ross Beynon Macklnnon, Toronto, 


Walter Nelson Daniels, Morrlstown, 

(Chapter Installed May 28, 1906.) 

Clarence Webster Hookway. S22 

Central Ave., London, Ont. 
Charles Johnston, Mlldmay, Ont. 


Alfred Kimball Haywood, Toronto, 

Duncan Garfield Munroe, lona, Ont. 

William Gordon Shepherd, Ottawa, 

Harry Sutherland Spraffue, Belle- 
ville, Ont 


Leonard Tyner Acton, Toronto, Ont 
Robert Ellis Crln^ran, Toronto, Ont 
David Alexander Graham, Ivan, 

Gordon Nasmlth Kennedy,176 Grey 

St., Toronto, Ont. 
Harry John Marshall, S67 Piccadilly 

St., London, Ont. 
James Leslie Wallace, Hamilton, 




Easton, Pcmisylviante 


^Alexander Ramsey* died 190S, 
8t Paul. Minn. 

Alexander Kelley Modure^ Fro- 
thonotary Supreme Court of 
Penn., 1828 Spruoe St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Charles Jefferson Wright, B. 8., 
A. M., CoL U. S. v.. St. Johns 
School, OsslnlnfiT. N. Y. 

Frank Murray Olyphant, Secretary 
of the Delaware & Hudson Canal 
Co., 21 Cortlandt St., New York 


George Albert Angrle, A. B., At- 
torney-at-Law, Belvedere, N.. J. 

Allen Peter Berlin, A. M., C. £1., 
L,L,, B., Slate Manufacturer, 
Slatlnsrton, Pa. 

Charles Welles Blzby, Bea H61- 
lenback Cemetery Assn., 19 
Welles B\dg.; res. 20 West South 
St., Wllkes-Barre, Pa. 

Harry Emmons, Attomey-at-Law, 
9th and Market Sts., Wilming- 
ton, DeL 

•Forest Hullngs, died 1888. 
Franklin, Pa. 

John Coleman Irwin. Presb. Min- 
ister, Wood River. Neb. 

Jackson Perry Keeney, A. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, SOOO Michigan 
Ave., Chicago, IlL 

•Asa lioard, D. D., died 1901, 
Springfield, Ma 

Thomas William Leard. Presb. 
Minister, Outhrie Center, Neb. 

•Clearfield Park, died Jan. IT. 
1904, Woodstock. N. T. 

John Basoom Taylor. PrsiAK Mlii* 
Ister. Santa Paula, OaL 


William John McKee Alexander, 
Supt Schools, Pembina, N. D. 

Rufus Darr, Principal High 
School, Rochester, N. T. 

Edward Joseph Knox, M. E. Min- 
ister, 16 Esplanade St., Alle- 
gheny, Pa. 

Francis Hardy Moore, A. M., D. D., 
Presb. Minister. Mlddletown, DeL 

McCluney Radcllffe, A. M., M. D., 
Phirsician and Oculist, 1818 
Chestnut St.; res. 711 W. 16th St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harry Vernon Rioe, Presb. Minis- 
ter, Quilcene, Wash. 

Harry Omar Scott. D. D.. Presbu 
Minister, 203 E. Noble Ave., 
Guthrie, Okla. 

•Minard Shaw, died 1876, Pitta- 
burg, Pa. 

Jacob Peter Uhler, Ph. D.. Prof, 
of Mathematics, Oustavus Adol- 
phus OollegOb 8L Peter, Minn. 


James Renwick Hogg, Carpet 
Manufacturer, 1880 Market 
St., Phila„ Pa. 

•James D. Hunter, D. D.. died 
1905, PleasantviUe. N. J. 

•WUliam Newton Mateer. died 
Oct., 1898, Middle Spring. Pa. 

•Charles Bennett Riggs. died 
1900, Indianapolis, Ind. 

George Washington Sandt. D. Dl. 
Editor of The Lutheran, 1622 
Arch 8L, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Alexander Ramsey Speel, Clerk 
War DepL, 1188 Vermont Ave^ 
N. W.. Washington, D. C 

William BroadweU Sullivan, A. M., 
Judge of the Police Court. 46 
Callahan Bank Bldg., Dayton, 




•WUllam PhllUp Taylor, died 
1881. Mooresburff. Pa. 

*John Fremont WlUlamson. died 
190S, Annondale. N. J. 

Georsre Franklin Pierce TounSf 
Attomey-at-Law, 414 North- 
ampton St. Baaton. Pa. 


Martin Luther Deitsler, Lath. 
Minister, 68S Front St. Har- 
rlBbursr, Pa. 

George Millon Harleman, Superin- 
tendent New Jersey A Lehigh 
Division, L. V. R. R.. 466 Chest- 
nut St., South Bethlehem, Pa. 

^William John Jones, died 1881. 
Elaaton, Pa. 

David Henry Lovell, Supt W. J. 
& S. Div.. P. R. R.. Camden, 
N. J. 

Herman Kellar McCauIey, A. B., 
Treasurer Altoona Iron Co.; res. 
1301 Smith Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Oeorsre Wehn Plack. Presb. Min- 
ister, Johnsonville, N. Y. 

Hidetake Taro Yegawa. 


Robert Welsted Beers, Presb. 
Minister, Waterford. N. Y. 

Archibald Alexander Dewing. 

Alexander McClure Lupter, Engi- 
neer in Charge Gt Nor. ^ R., 
Kalispell. Mont 

•John Trowbridge Morrison, died 
May 17. 1908. Pittsburg, Kan. 

•William Vernon Olyphant. died 
1880, New York City. 

John Milton Scott. A. M., Min- 
ister, Literary Editor and Pro- 
prietor of the Qrail, 80 Broad 
St., New York City; res. Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Montrose Graham TuU, Affll. Pa. 
Z, Physician, 4629 Baltimore Ave., 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Thomas Blatehford Boughton. 

A. M., Presbyterian Clergyman, 

Bridgewater, S. D. 
Thomas Culbertson Clark, D. D.. 

Presb. Minister. 818 W. Sd BU 

Grand Island. Neb. 
Charles Conner Ehrans. Judge 26th 

Judicial District, Berwick, Pa. 
Andreiw Neeley Hagwtj. Presbu 

Minister. 884 W. High BU Gar- 
lisle. Fa. 
Albert Clark MoOauley. Presbw 
Minister. Bridgewater. 8. D. 


John Townsend Baker. Cheiiilat» 
Easton, Pa. 

•Robert Wallace Given, died Juna. 
1898, Roxboro, Pa. 

^Charles Edwin Ludlngton. died 
April 11. 1888. Baranao Lmk% 
N. Y. 

Charles Stuart Melvin, B. 8., Sec- 
retary Mountain View Cemetery 
Association; res. 811 B. 22d St. 
Oakland. GaL 

John Wesley Nute, St Louis Gar 
Wheel Co.. 511 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg., St Louis, Mo. 

Charles Herbert Talmage^ Inaor- 
ance, 120 Shawmut Ave.. New 
Bedford, Mass. 


Carroll Phillips Bassett, C. E., Ph. 
D.. Civil Engineer; residence. 
46 Norwood Ave., Summit, N. J. 

Daniel Avery Gapwell. Phsrslelaii. 
481 Wyoming Ava.. Bcranton. 

Edwin Pierson Ford, Leather 
BCanufacturer, 129 West 20th St, 
New York, N. Y.; res. Morris- 
town. N. J. 

Frank McCoy Harshberger. Attor- 
ney-at-Law. Tacoma» Wash. 

Charles Astor Walker, Presb. 
Minister. Milford. DeL 


Albert AUen Bird. Presb. Mlnlatar. 

Juniata, Pa. 
Howard Newton Campbell. Presb. 

Minister. New Philadelphia, a 
Willard Sherrard Campbell, Supt 

Government Indian School, Pipe- 
stone. Minn. 
William Ashbumer Cattell, C. E., 

Consulting Engineer, care B. H. 

Rollins & Sons, San Francisco; 

res. 86 Mission St.. San Rafael. 

George Newton Chalfant, Attor- 

ney-at-Law, 1666 Frlck Annex; 

res. 188 Meadow St, Pittsburg. 



George GoodeU Earl, C. B., Supt. 
Sewerage and Water Board, 602 
Carondelet St.; res. 1307 Valence 
St., New Orleans, La. 

^Frank T. Hogg, died Feb. 15, 
1901, Plttsburv, Pa. 

John King Horner, Manager IClt^ 
chell, Fletcher ft Ck>., 5708 Main 
St, Qermantown, Philadelphia, 


Charles Stevenson Jones, A. B., 
E. M., LL. B., Attomey-at-Law, 
141 Broadway, New York City; 
residence, 324 Claremont Ave., 
Montclair, N. J, 

Jacob Lott Ludlow, C. B.. M. S.. 
Consulting Municipal Sanitary 
and Hydraulic Engineer; res. 434 
Summit St., Winston-Salem, 
N. C. 

John Lyman Rlchardaon, Jr., 
Manufacturer, Bloomaburg, Pa. 

^Thomas Seal, died 1896, Harri- 
son, N. J. 

John Balcom Shaw, A. M., S. T. 
D.. D. D., Pastor Second Pres- 
byterian Church. Michigan and 
20th St.; res. 1620 Prairie Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

William Fox Smalley, A. M., At- 
tomey-at-Law, Equitable Bldg., 
Wilmington. Del. 

William John Trembath, Attor- 
ney-at-Law. 9 8. Franklin St, 
Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

William H'^rbert Carey, Ph. B., 
Attorney-at-T-aw, 16 Exchange 
PI., Jersey City; residence Pas- 
saic, N. J. 

Arthur Horton Cleveland, B. S., 
M. D., Affll. Pa. Z, Physician, 
2.50 8. 15th. W. Philadelphia; 
res. Chadd a Ford, Pa. 

Lewis Frey, Physician, Linden 
and Washington Aves., Scran- 
ton, Pa. 

John Martin Hamme, M. S., M. D., 
Physician and Surgeon, Cotton- 
wood Falls, Kan. 

Henry Charles Reeder, Civil En- 
gineer, Hughesvllle, Pa. 

Robert Hayes Taylor, Presb. Min- 
ister, BumsvUle, N. C 

Harry Watts, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Richard Walter Head, Supt Isa- 
bella Furnace, Wyebrooke, Pa. 

William Davison Ord, Mining J&n- 
gineer, Landgraff, W. Va. 

Oscar Menton Richards, B. S., M. 
D., Physician, 203 Valley Ave., 
South Elaston, Pa. 


Edgar Jadwin, Captain Army 
Corps, Engineers, U. S. Engi- 
neers* Office, Galveston, Tex. 

Wallace McCamant, Ph. B,, At- 
tomey-at-Law, 81 Concord Bldg.; 
res. 236 King St., Portland, Ore. 

Oalrls Daniel McConnel, A. B., 
LL. B., Attomey-at-Law, 5 Union 
Square; res. 83 St. Main St.. 
Philllpsburg, N. J. 

Henry Lynn Moore, Treasurer, The 
Minnesota Loan and Trust Co., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Stewart Maurice Neff, C. E., Con- 
tractor, President The Neflf Co., 
42 Broadway, New York City. 

Willis Mann Sterrett, C. E.. Civil 
Engineer, laS Macon St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Walter Henry Waygood, Presb. 
Minister, Edge Hill, Philadelphia, 

^Benton H Whaley, Died 1889. 


Ciiarlcs I^tta Chalfant, Affll. Ohio 
A, Presbyterian Minister, 1426 
Temple Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

•George l4iwrence Rllent)erg. Died 
April, 1896, Philllpsburg, N. J. 

William Leonard Lenhart, Manu- 
facturer, Brownsville, Pa. 

Harry Smith Robinson, Ph. B.. 
International Correspondence 

School: res. 1540 Wyoming Ave., 
Scranton, Pa. 

Albert Hunt Welles, Principal 
High School, 686 Quincy St. 
Scranton, Pa. 


Eugene McDowell Colvin, A. B., 
A. M., Attorney-at-Law, 938 New 
York Life Bldg., Kansas City, 



Frederick Watts Culbertson, At- 
tomey-at-Law, Lewiston, Pa. 

B3rron Gustav Hahn. Ph. B.» M. S., 
Attomey-at-Law. 821 Montgom- 
ery St.; res. 1107 Bellevue Ave., 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

^WHIiam Gamble Youngr, M. D., 
Died March 10, 1894, Easton, Pa. 


Joseph Willis Fox, C. B., Con- 
tractor, Passaic, N. J. 

Gilbert Alexander Harvey, Elec- 
trical Engineer, 1026 Niagara St.; 
res. 35 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

John Caldwell Hlnkson, Attorney- 
at-Law, 126 EL 4th St., Chester, 

Frank Scammon Nute, Architeot, 
12 East 42d St., Now York City. 

PVank Linton Patterson, C. E., 
Manufacturer of Machinery, 26 
Cortlandt St., New York City; 
residence, 256 Sterling Place, 
Brookb-n, N. Y. 

William James Rowan, Ph. D., 
Minister and Instructor In Dela- 
ware College, Newark, DeL 

Murray Hilton Smith, Electrical 
Engineer, Ellicott Sq. Bldg., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


Nathan Shaw Aller, Cong. Minis- 
ter. Bridgewater, N. Y. 

Augustus Orris Bloombergh, Chem- 
ist, 18th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Samuel Hartzel Seem, Presb. 
Minister, Huntington, Long Is- 
land, N. Y. 


^Russell Hoke Colvin, Died 1899, 
Shellsburg, Pa. 

John Morton Davis, E. E., Elec- 
trical Engineer, General Electric 
Co., West L3rnn; res. 10 Ingalls 
Terrace, Swampscott, Mass. 

SSugene Clifford Foster, Chemist, 
1201 Croxer Bldg., Phlla, Pa. 

Charles Hart, Vice-President, Re- 
public Iron and Steel Co., Frick 
Bldg. Annex; res. Bellfleld 
Dwellings, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George Kriechbaum Lehner, 

Bridge Engineer, 210 Forbes 
Bldg.. Pittsburg. Pa. 

Charles Jacob Seem, Banker, Gree- 
ley, Colo. 


Lewis Herman Allen, Attomey-at- 
Law, 35 Nassau St., New York 

^John Henry Hagerty, Died Jan. 
22, 1904, Phillipsburg, Pa. 

George Edgar Harder, Veter- 
inarian, P. O. Box 1180, Pitts- 
field, liass. 

^George Orr Inglebrlght* Died 
April 19, 1906, Martins Ferry, 

Frederick Charles Kirkendall, B. 
S., Mayor of City, Wholesale 
Grocer, 64 S. Penna. Ave.; res. 
84 West Union St., Wilkes-Barre, 

Ernest Gray Smith, EkUtor WUket- 
Barre Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 


Edward Chambers Chalfant, At- 
torney-at-Law, 602 Frlck Bldg., 
Pittsburg. Pa, 

*John William Dean, 

Abijah Hays, Attomey-at-Law, 
240 Court Sq., Parkersburg, W. 

William Sulton McFetridge, Chief 
Engineer, Q. K. R. R., Parkers- 
burg, W. Va. 


George L. Darte, Business Mana- 
ger Providence Newa, 610 Elm- 
wood Ave., Providence, R. L 

William Kincaid Foster, Banker, 
614 Smithfleld St, Pittsburg, 

Harvey Edgar Lucas, Affll. Va. A, 
Supt. Mines, Patterson, Va. 

John Stewart Annan, Business, 
Emltsburg, Md. 

Herbert H. Brown, Presb. Minis- 
ter, Astoria. Ore. 

John Seybert Koehl, Westing- 
house Co. Pub. Dept, at IL 
Pittsburg, Wilkensburg, Pa. 

Lynn Mateer Saxton. M. S., AflU. 
Pa. E, Instructor Mathematics in 
City College, New York, N. Y.; 
res. Edgewater, N. J. 



Bdwin Howard Scott. Bupt 
Schools, Plymouth, Pa. 

Allen Thurman Selby, Merchant* 
Martins Ferry, Ohla 

Howard Furniss Smith, B. B., M. 
S., Mechanical Bnfflneer, Bank 
of Commerce Blder.; res. Euclid 
and Mcpherson Ave., St. Louis, 

Charles Paul Van Allen, M. S., 
E. E., Electrical En«rlneer, 236 
West 13th St., or care of Simp- 
son-Crawford Co., 307 Sixth 
Ave., New York City. 

Thomas Olenn Jones, Physician, 

228 First SL, 8. B., Washington, 

D. a 
Ferdinand Llnck, with Frlck Co., 

406 Century Bldg., Atlanta, Oa. 
Taylor McDougall, A. B., Lawyer, 

1609 First National Bank, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 
James Todd Miller, Attomey-at- 

Law, Unlontown, Pa. 
Ira Stover Myers, 622 North 8th 

St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


•Albert A. Bauer, Died 1897, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

George Washington Hagney, M. S., 
LL. B., Attorney-at-Law, Room 
11, 18S Market St.; residence, 81 
Milford Ave., Newark, N. J. 

William Klrker, Real Estate, 6941 
Pennsylvana Ave.; res. 423 B. 
End Ave., Plttsburgr, Pa. 

Thomas Laidlow McDougall, with 
Albro Veneering Co., Alpine 
Place, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Harry Barber Moon, BusineMi, 
Philllpsburg, N. J. 

Joseph Audley Pierce, B. S., LL. 
B., Attorney, 1002 Frlck Bldg., 
Pittsburg; res. 638 Madison Ave., 
McKeesport, Pa. 

Frank Alonso Pooler Oontraotor, 
Long Branch, N. J, 

Newton Russell Turner, LL. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, Baston Trust 
Bldg., Baston, Pa. 

Bdward Orlgwold Bray, Physician, 
Mauoh Chunk, Pa. 

John Meile Chick, Attomey-€kt- 
Law, 184 Dearborn St., Chicago, 

Harry Rhea Douglas, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Newvllle, Pa. 

Richard Oratton Holmes, CIyII 
Bnglneer, 1612 Broadway, Den- 
ver, CoL 

Walter Winfleld Hubley, Civil B&- 
gineer. Pa. R. R. Office, Al- 
toona. Pa. 

Bror Olof Hultgren, C. B., Super- 
visor Pa. R. R. Office, Osceola 
Mills, Pa. 

John O. Livingston, Sales Dept., 
Southern Electric Co.. 423 N. Cal- 
vert St; res. 2402 St. Paul St., 
Baltimore, Md. 

William Bnmer Rosenberger, B. 
M., Mining Engineer, Crystal 
Falls, Mich. 

George Hoskins Scott, Surgeon, U. 
S. A., Philippine Islands, But- 
lar. Pa. 

Edmund Steams Tlllinghast, B. M., 
Mining Engineer, Leetonla Min- 
ing Co., Hlbblng, Minn. 

George P. Williams. Civil Engi- 
neer, 84 16th St, Buffalo, N. T. 


David Markey Hinkle, with Hln- 
kle Shoe Co., Bvansville, Ind. 

William Clement Isett, A. M., 
B. D., Presbyterian Minister, 
I-Hslen, China, Shantung Prov- 

George Barker Robbb Business, 16 
Tichenor St, Newark, N. J. 

Morris Rosenbaum, Business, 70 
Washington St, Cumberland, 

Barl Hallowell Saze, Drug Bust* 
ness, Lansdale, Pa. 

Joseph Henry Van Ham, Stock- 
man, Midland, Tez. 

Thomas Wilson, Student, Univer- 
sity of Chicago, ni. 

^Benjamin Hughes Evans, died 

May 1, 1906, Norrlstown, Pa. 
Thomas Campbell Fassett, Reader 

St, Baston, Pa. 
Lawrence Lee Iseman, M. D., Ph. 

B., Phjrsloian, Kensington Hoc- 



piud. Phlladetpbla, Pa.; rem, 1^11 
WanhinirtOfi Ave., Kanaaa City. 

Abram I.iriford liytfru, A. M.. In- 
iitn;c»or at Brown Prfpeirritory 
Scbool. Philadelphia; res. Per- 
kxuflo*. Pa. 

Wlnlleld Scott Hancock Roper, 
Bualneaa, Slatlngton, Pa. 

Joff* ph Osm«in flklnn*'r, A. B., U^. 
B., I-Awy*T, Lawyers* Bide.. New- 
ark. N. J. 

Clarence Howard VanAUen, Hotel 
ICanafl^er. Coolbaoirb, Pa. 


Harold Herman Bender. Student 
at Johns Hopkins Unlversltj. 
HartinsburiT* W. Ya. 

Arthur Lawrence Broadhead, 
Business. Delaware Water Gap, 

ThomaH BiimH. A. B., Clenjynian. 

Lf'hlKhton. Pa. 
Walt«;r IhivUl IJurihnf-ll, Ph. B., In- 

fiiiniric'- ISiJslnf:8R, ITt Wlnthrop 

Ti-.mif*', KfiHt Orani?ft, N. J. 
C. 1j. Kffrdy, Jr., Business. Haflrers- 

town. Md« 
Herbert Franklin Laub, Student 

at Dickinson Law School. Nan- 

areth. Pa. 
William Mackej Smith, Teacher, 

Montclalr, N. J. 
Harry Edffar Trout, Civil Ena^i- 

neer, Lykens, Pa. 
Alfrr-d Atmiham Walter, A. B., 

LL. H., Attornoy-iit-I^iw, 31 

MiK-rty HI.; n^Hldence, 235 West 

137th Ht.. NVw York City. 
Robert Alfred Younir. Merchant. 

M.irlr)n, Irid. 


Walter Ellsworth Bachman, Busi- 
ness. PhnilpsburiTt N. J. 

Wrlfl^ht DeWaters, D^Waters Car- 
rlaire Wks., Elmlra, N. Y. 

William Wallace Johnston, A. B, 
A. M., Htudont at Princeton Thc- 
oloKlc'.nl Hemlnary, 400 Hodge 
Ilnll. rrlncoton, N. J. 

I^ewls Marvin Turned. Fire Insur- 
ance Affont, 16 N. Franklin St., 

- Wilkes -Barro, Pa. 

John Miller 

Buslne— , 427 Linooln 

Pltuborg; Pa. 
Deleware James WIUls. 

TlUs, Ind. 

Ewf-r» Purdy Aldred«», Bridgeport, 

John McGOl Cooper. EL EL, Ebti- 
^neer with Bell Telephooe Co., 
PhlUdelphia: res. West Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Roes Stromlnirer Hubley, ChrU Eb- 
^neer, Spokane. Wash.; res. 608 
N. 3rd St., Harrisburff, Pa. 

Dudley Eugene Latham, Ph. B., 
Law Student, U. S. Sted Corpo- 
ration. 802 Wolvln Bldff., Doluth, 

William Edward Moseley. Jr.. M. 
D.. Physician. 614 N. Howard St., 
Baltimore, Md. 

Darwin Crawford Pomeroy. Etoo- 
trlcal EInstaeer, 487 Kelley 
Ave., Wilklnsburg. Pa. 

Harry Silas Slsk, Business, Alo- 
tonnrllle. Pa. 

Earl Clifford Smith, Civil Biiffl- 
neer. 427 Kelley Ave.. Wllklns- 
burg. Pa. 

Louis Frederic Wllxln, 7 West 
90th St, New York City. 

tJoseph Orubb Alexander, Sli 
Clay Ave., Scranton, Pi. 

Oswald Lewis Bender, Student at 
Cornell University, Martlns- 
burg, W. Va. 

Horace Little Masree, Jr., Busi- 
ness, Winona Ave., Elaston, Pa. 

tHoward Haley Mclntire, 800 At- 
lantic St., Brldffeton, N. J. 

tJoseph Ware Mclntire, 800 At- 
lantic St, Brldgeton, N. J. 

William Edward Peters, Student 
at Hahneman Medical Colleire, 
204 West State St, Barrlsbunr, 

tHamilton Ross Smith, Media, Fa. 
Duncan Lansing Spooner, Holly 
Beach, N. J. 



fBdmund Graham Wilson, 1411 
Baring St., Philadelphia, Fa. 


Wallace Douglaa Durrett, Wallace. 

tHarry Moore Hint, I<anedown% 

Forrest Hullngs EmmonB, Affil. 

Va. B, WilmlnfftOD, Del. 
TReginald Stanley Hemingway, 

Bloomeburg, Pa. 
Andrew Parker McMeen, Milllln- 

town. Pa. 
Warren McPheraon, Student at 

Harvard Univ., 18 N. Pearl St, 

Bridgeton, N. J. 
Andrew Craig Pierce, AfflL Pa. H, 

Civil Engineer. 638 Madison Ave., 

McKeeeport, Pa. 
tFrederic Sager Welah, Bloome- 

burg. Fa. 


tSilas MaxweU Halght, ii & Main 
St, Blmira, N. Y. 

tWaldo Reed Heuetia, 4621 Balti- 
more Ava, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fArchibald Spencer Blirkpatridk, 

Chatham, N. J. 
tHobeon Thomas Long, 1982 B. 

Dauphin St, Phila., Pa. 
fWilliam James McAvoy, WUkas- 

barre. Pa. 
tAndrew Jackson Wight 74 High 

St, Perth Amboy, N. J. 

tFrederick BickneU Atherton, 2094 

N. Main Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
fBInnls Winthrop Baohman, 89 

Park St., Orange, N. J. 
tWilllam Thomas Boult 1670 B. 

19th St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tWalter Stiles Brooke, Market St, 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tHarry George Gardiner DeWltt, 

116 Theodore St, Scranton, Pa. 
tAndrew Ralph McMeen, Mifllin, 

tRichard Nye Merrill Snyder, 717 
Wood St, Baston, Pa. 


fin Active Chapter 1906-6. 


Cettsrt^iirg, Pennsylvanfe 


James Calvin Jacoby, A. B., A. 

M., D. D., Luth. ClerffTman, 

Queen City, Mo. 
Oliver Hoffman Melcher, A. B., A. 

M.» Luth. Clergyman, Sprlnir- 

town. Pa. 
P. V. G. Ott, DruiTfflet, Bangor, 

Samuel Edward Smith, A. B., A. 
M., Lutheran Clergryman, Mill- 
vale Station, Allegheny, Pa. 

Clarence Jacob Reddlg, A. M., 

Dry Goods Merchant, Shlp- 

penaburg. Pa. 
Charles Samuel Trump, A. B., A. 

M., Luth. Clergyman, Martlns- 

burg, W. Va. 


Albert Bell, A. B.. A. M., Luther- 
an Clergyman, 129 E. Maple St., 
York, Pa. 

Holmes Dyslnger, A. B., A. M., 
D. D., Professor of Theology, 
Western Theological Seminary 
of the Evan. Luth. Church, 
728 8. 6th Ave., Atchison, Kas. 

•Haulpin Maxlmus Lenta, A. B., 
A. M., died 1902, at Shepards- 
town, W. Va. 

John Charles Francis Rupp, A. 
B., A. M., Lutheran Clergyman, 
Morrisburg, Ontario, f^woiift, 

Isaac Preston Rice. 


William Kuhns HUl, A. B., A. M., 
Professor of Biology and Chem- 
istry, Carthage College, Carth- 
age, IlL 

•Junius Bost FOX, A. B., died 

1900, Staunton, Va. 
George Washington McSherry, A. 

B., A. M., Lutheran Clergyman, 

Chicora, Pa. 
William Dosh E^amshaw Scott, A. 

B.. A. M., Lutheran Clergyman, 

Loysvllle, Fa. 
Millard Francis Trozell, A. B., A. 

M., D. D., President Midland 

College, Atchison, Kan. 
Charles Michael Byster, A. B., A. 

M., Lutheran Clergyman, 1787 

B. Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. 
•Harry Davis Withers, A. B., A. 

M., died 1896, Paterson, N. J. 
Robert Anderson Beall, Merchant* 

Cumberland, Md. 
•John Francis Herman, A. B., A. 

M., died 1897, Olathe, Kan. 
l^rry Bushey Walter, M. D., 

Physician, 1817 N. 8rd St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Harry Herman Weber, A. B., A. 

M., D. D.p Minister, Security 

Bldg., York. Pa. 
Cleason Marcus Musselman. 
John Elmer Musselman, A. B., A. 

M., Banker, 247 Baltimore St., 

Gettysburg, Pa. 
Milton Chalmers Remsburg, A. B., 

1914 4th Avenue, Sioux City, 

James Wood Shadle, A. B., A. M., 

117 Willow St., WilUamsport, 

Harry Lee Yarger, A. B., A. M., 
D. D., Clergyman, 926 S. 6th St, 
Atchison, Kan. 


Frederick Ludwig Bergstresser, A. 
R, A. M., Lutheran Clergyman, 
1834 Lincoln Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Charles Adrian Bennoch Britt, A. 
B., A. M., Luth. Clergyman, 2684 




iS. Western Avenue, Chlca^» HL 
Georflre Alexander MoKalllp 

Dyesfl, A. B., A. M., Ph. D., P. 

B. Priest, Bellevue, Pa. 
Edward Hill, B. 8., M. 8., Cashier, 

LeechburiT* Pa. 
Martin Luther Holloway, A. IC, 

General Council Lutheran Pub- 

UshlnflT 8oclet7, 2606 N. Napa 

St, Philadelphia, Pa. 
John Nelson Lents, Clergyman, 

2510 N. 4lBt Court, Chicago, 111. 
Oscar Hamdon Marsh, Principal, 

8chools, Oakland, la. 
John Mathew Schwalm. 


Charles Thomas ^Alkens, A. B., A. 
M., President 8usquehana Uni- 
versity, Sellnsgrove, Pa, 

Edwin Everett Hoshour, A. B., A. 
M., Lutheran Clergyman, 1744 
N. 26th 8t, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles Relnewald, A. B., A. M., 
Lutheran Clergyman, Emmlts- 
burg, Md. 

Frederick Gtolwlcks 8trock, Phy- 
sician, 8t. Thomas, Pa. 

Jefferson Payson Blehl, M. D., 
Physician, Plymouth, Pa. 

William Klinefelter Diehl, A. B., 
A. M., Lutheran Clergyman, 
Middleburg, Pa. 

George Addison Landls. 

^Harry Horton Rouzer, A. B., A. 
M., died 1903, Baltimore, Md. 

Morris Lincoln Rouzer, B. 8., 
Mall Clerk, Thurmont, Md. 

Thaddeus Brehm Selgle, A. B., A. 
M., First Lieutenant U. 8. A., 
27th Infantry, Fort 8herldaB, 

Sumner Miller Smyser, Sellns- 
grove, Pa. 

Daniel Benjamin Trelbley, A. B., 
A. M., Lutheran Clergyman, 
Minersville, Pa. 

Frank Key White, D. D. 8., Den- 
tist, PhlUlpsburg, Pa. 

^Zacharlah Charles Batdorff, 
died 1882, Tremont, Pa. 

Theodore Luther Crouae, A. B., A. 
M., Lutheran Clergyman, Mt 
Union, Pa. 

•Frank Albert Doll, died 1886, 

Frederick, Fft. 
Frederick David John Kaessmann, 

Teacher, 1820 £«dmonson Avenue, 

Baltimore, Md. 
Charles Abram TAndis, Principal 

Schools, Fairfield, Pa. 
Milton T. Orwlg, Salesman, Phll- 

Ipsburg, Pa. 
Martin Sands Remsburg, 1914 4th 

Avenue, Sioux City, la. 

Luther Scott Black, A. B., A. M., 

Lutheran Clergyman, 816 N. 

6th St, Reading, Pa. 
Jacob Milton Francis, A. B., A. M., 

Lutheran Clergyman, 1122 fi. 

2nd St, Springfield, IIL 
Leander Van Ness Ooets, A. B., 

A. M., Clergyman, 1029 Powell 

Avenue, Evansvllle, Ind. 
John Jay HIU, A.. B., A. M., 

Lutheran Minister, Llttlestown, 

Frederick Elder Metzger, A. B., 
A. M., Professor Maryland Col- 
lege, LuthervUle, Md. 

•Howard Clay Rouzer, A. B., A. 
M., Baltimore, Md. 

Thomas Byerly, Phyalolan, Lau- 
rel, Md. 

Arthur Edward Llnhart, AfiU. Pa. 


John Frederick Selbert, A. B., A. 
M., Lutheran Clergyman, North 
Platte, Neb. 


Lorenzo E. Kepler, A. B., Merch- 
ant, 79 B. Church St, Frederick, 

John Maurice Mann, A. B., Dry 
Goods, 1218 Central St Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Charles Muller, Wholesale & Re- 
tail Cigars, Lafayette, Ind. 

William Howard Ulsh, B. 8., M. 
D., Naval Officer, 626 N. 67th 
St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Albert Heltsel, address unknown. 

John Edward Hoick, A. B., Init- 
iated N. Y. B^psllon, Lutheran 
Clergyman, 1406 2rd St* Bam 
Dlego^ OiL 



Charles Wlllard Walker, A. B.» 
A. M.. Attorney, Somerset, Pa. 

Edmunfl Jacob Wolf, A. b!, A. 
M., Banker, Eureka, Kan. 

Robert Bruce Wolf, A. M., Luth- 
enin Clergryman, 720 Tauroncee 
Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 


Walter Scott Brenholtz, M. D., B. 

8., 86 K Walnut St., Lancaster, 

Elmer Jacob Cook, A. B., LL. B., 

Attorney, Towson, Md. 
Joseph Edmund Enlch, Ph. B., 

Attorney, 4415 N. 48rd St, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edward Oscar Keen, A. B., A. M.. 

Pastor St. Paul Reformed 

Church, 146 South Potomac St.. 

Waynesboro, Pa. 
Frank Llvlnfrston Laird. Ph. B., 

Managring Editor New York Com- 
mercial, 8 Spruce St.; res. 32 W. 

28th St., New York City, N. Y. 
David Wert Schick, Department 

Manager, Carson Pirie Scott & 

Co.; res. 2752 North Paulina St.. 

Chicago. 111. 
*Ross Artie Snyder, died 1896, 

Somerset, Fa. 
BCasmard Fechtiir Tlnflrlinflr. Mana- 

firer the Aaron Cpt. Dept, Con- 

nellsvlUe, Pa. 


John Jacob Bralller, A. R, A. M.. 
Druggist, Berlin, Pa. 

Henry Samuel Ehrhart, Whole- 
Bale Merchandise, 208 Stock St., 
Hanover, Pa. 

Harry Eurnshaw Gettler. A. B., 
A. M., M. D., Physician, Llt- 
tlestown. Pa. 

Charles Wilson Leitzell, A. M., 
Lutheran Clergyman, Johns- 
town, N. T. 

Thomas Reber Tafirsart, A. R, A. 
M., Presbyterian Clergyman, 
Eagleville, Pa. 

Frank Bamdt, A. B., Merchant, 

Sumneytown. Pa. 
Jerry Knode Cook, A. B., B. D., 

P. E., Clergyman, Hempstead, 

L. I., New York. 

John Super Encllah« A. B., A. IL, 
Lutheran Clergyman, StOTM- 
town. Pa. 

Charles Wilfred Krisains«r, Mer- 
chant, Berlin, Pa. 

Benjamin Relgle Lants, A. R, 
Lutheran Clergyman, 1018 
Henry St., St. Joseph, Ma 

David William Van Camp, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, Plainfleld, Pa. 


David Martin Addison, Paymaa- 
ter U. S. N, care Nav> Depart- 
ment, Washington, D. C 

Robert Emmet Reerlts, Merchant. 
Somerset, Pa. 

Albert Samuel Cook, A. M., Su- 
perintendent Schools, Raltimore 
County, Towson, Md« 

Henry Herman Elberhardt, Real 
Estate and Insurance, 828 West 
Ash St., Salina, Kan. 

George Humer Eckels, A. B., A. 
M., Principal Schools 29 N. 
Stenton PI., Atlantic City, N. 

Waldo Diets Maynard, A. B., A. 


David Julian Forney, Farmer, 

Gettysburg, Pa. 
Lloyd Rruce Shaw, Merchant, 

Riddlesburg, Pa. 
Chester Winsor Ziegler, Assayer 

U. S. Mint. 1427 Christian St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 


Arthur Ryron Coble, A. B., Ph. 
D., Instructor In Mathematics, 
Johns Hopkins University; res. 
238 Laurens St.. Baltimore, Md. 

Charles Roy Coble, A. B., Busi- 
ness. 2244 Magnolia St., Oakland; 

Frederic Whip Friday, A. M., 
Lutheran Clergyman, 5313 North 
Front St., Olney, Philadelpuia, 

George Hay Kaln, B. 8., M. 8., 
LL. B., Attorney, York, Pa. 

John Elmer Meisenhelder, B. B., 
M. D., Physician and Surgeon* 
Hospital U. 8. Soldiers' Hbms^ 
Washington, D. C 



John William Ott, A. B., A. M., 
B. D., Lutheran Clernrman, 
Crescent Ave and Boeturet St, 
Orand Rapids, Mich. 

Joseph Wheil7 Kraltt, A. B., 
Business, Decatur, IlL 

James Arthur Blnsmaster, A. B.. 
Chemist, N. J. Zinc Co., Palmer- 
ton, Pa. 


John Henry Beerlts, B. S., Busi- 
ness, Somerset, Pa. 

William Jacob Klinefelter, A. B., 
Merchant, Glenvllle, Pa. 

George Washington Sloop, B. S.. 
Attorney, 101 Lincoln St., Steel- 
ton, Pa. 

Clarence Steward Smith, Hard- 
ware Merchant, Newport, Pa. 

James Ehrerhart Smith, Hardware 
Merchant, Newport, Pa. 


Benjamin Franklin Carver B. 8., 
M. S., Ph. D., Chemist, Stand- 
ard Oil Co., Lock Box 20, Whit- 
ing, Ind. 

James Clyde Markel B. 8., M. D., 
Resident Physician, Wills Bye 
Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.; home 
address, Columbia, Pa. 


Percival Stewart Heintsleman, B. 
A., Vice-Consul, care U. S. Lega- 
tion. Canton, China. 

Melville Titus Huber, A. B., 
Druggist, 22 Bank St, Saint 
Albans, Vt 

Hiram Harpel Keller, A. M., LL. 
B., Attorney, Doylestown, Pa. 

St. John McClean, Reporter, York, 


Walter John Biokel, A. B., Archi- 
tectural Draughtsman, 266 
Fiske St, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Milton Ralph Long, A. B., Silk 
Ribbon Mfr., Factory bt.; res. 
632' N. West St., Carlisle. Pa. 

•William M. RobenoU, A. B., died 
1903, Neward Valley, N. Y. 

Robert Stutsman Beaohy, Banker 

and Merchant Bsbon, Kan. 
Edward Buchanan Hay, A. B., 

Civil Bngineer, Saranao Lake, 

N. Y., permanent address. Red 

Hook, N. Y. 
Maurice Heffley Floto, A. B., 

Merchant Berlin, Pa. 
Robert Harry Philson. B. S., 

Cashier Citizens' National Bank. 

Myersdale, Pa. 


Paul Brown Dunbar, A. B., B. 8., 
Student Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 1900 St. Paul St, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

George Louis Eppler, B. S., Law 
Student University of Mary- 
land; home address, 264 N. Cen- 
ter St., Cumberland, Md. 

William Bunn Fischer, B. 8^ 67 B. 
Sunbury St, ShamoUn, Pa. 

Hale Hill, Law Student W. U. of 
P.; homsb Freeport Pa. 

Samuel Baughman Meisenhelder, 
A. B., Student 14 MeUen St, 
Cambridge Mass.; Home, York, 

Fulton Norwood Shipley, Mer- 
chant Myersdale, Pa. 

James Walter Singmaster, Ma^ 
oungle Brass & Mfg. Co., Ma^ 
cungle. Pa. 

Joseph William Smith, Bnainesfl, 
Lykena, Pa. 


TiUottson Fryatt B. S., StoudU 
Mills, W. Va. 

William Menges Hartsell, Student 
Philadelphia, Fa. 

Howard Matem Singmaster, Ma^ 
cungie Brass St Mfg. Co^ Ma^ 
cungle. Pa. 

Bdmund Hoopes oingmaster, B. S., 
Agent Pittsburg Reduction Com- 
pany, New Kensington, Pa, 

Harold Schick Trump, B. S., Ohio 
Mgr. The Aluminum Cooking 
Utensil Co., Pittsburg, Pa.; res. 
237 W. 8th Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

tHerbert Schuman Domberger, 
Craig St, Pittsburg, Pa. 



HeiBter Henry Muhlenberg, Med- 
ical Student, U. of P., home 84 
S. 6th St., Reading, Fa. 

Paul Singxnaster, Oettsrsburg, Pa. 

Luther Benton Thomas, Oettys- 
burg. Pa. 

Upton Dale Thomas, Student, 409 
W. 22nd St., New York City. 

tBdgar McCreary Faber, Gettys- 
burg, Pa. 

tDonaid Witherow Huber, Gettys- 
burg, Pa. 

t Harry States Huber, Gettysburg, 

tFrederlck Augustus Muhlenberg, 
84 8. 6th St., Reading, Fa. 


tOharles Cross Duncombe, Meyers- 
dale, Pa. 

tKarl F. Irvin, Altoona, Pa. 

tRudolph Emery Nichol, Frostburg, 

tSainuel Philson, Berlin, Pa. 

fBenjamin Philson, Berlin, Pa. 

tCharles B. Reyner, Knox, Fa. 

tAgnew Thomas, Gettjrsburg, Pa. 


tWalter Everett Hurd,, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

* Deceased. 

^In active chapter, 1905-9. 


Woaliiiiigtoiit P«aiitylvaiito 


John Stuart Helm, A. B., ' Presby- 
terian Minister, Leechburir, Pa. 

Ora Heman Anderson* A. B., 
Farmer, Six Points, Pa. 

James Mason McComb, A. B., Pres- 
byterian Minister, Bayfield, Colo. 

Henry Kuhn Shanor, A. B., Luth- 
eran Minister, Harmony, Pa., R. 
F. D. 


^William Chambers Qault, A. B., 
Presb. Min., Benlta, West Africa. 
Died '99. 

John Carter McClenathan, A. B., 
Physician, Connellsvllle, Pa. 

Frank McCoIlough, A. B., Farmer, 
Frankfort Springs, Beaver Co., 

William Henry Seward Thomson, 
Attomey-at-Law, BakeweU Bldff., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 


Addison Stewart Alexander, A. B., 
Presb. Min., Coon Rapids, la. 

Newton Donaldson. D. D., Presby- 
terian Clerg3nnan, Huntington, 
W. Va. 

^Clarence Milton ■ Fleming, died 
Oct. 11, 1878, Corsica, Pa. 

^Adolphus Clemens Qood, at West- 
em Theo. Sem., *79-*82; since '82, 
Presb. Miss. Gaboon, West Afri- 
ca. Died '94. 

^Nathaniel Breading Hogg, Browns- 
ville, Pa. Died '97. 

Joseph Alonzo Langfltt, A. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, BakeweU Bldg., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 


Alexander Stewart Hunter, Ph. D., 
LL. D., Prof, at W. U. P., Wil- 
klnsburg Station, Pa. 


Joseph Hughes Barton, A. B., 
Presbyterian Clergyman, Boise, 

William Joseph McDowell, B. 8., 
Physician, Treverton, Pa. 


James Gallagher Cook, A. B., 
Druggist, New Alexandria, Pa. 

John Roach Crosser, A. B., Presb. 
Min., Chicago, DL 

Mark Austin Denman, A. B., Re- 
formed (Dutch) Min. (Address 

John Leonard Hlnes, A. B., Mer- 
chant, Jewett, O. 

Samuel Chimmings Lobaugh, A. B., 
Postmaster, Harper, Kan. 

William Chralg McCUelland, A. B., 
Prof. S«ng. Lang, and Lltt., Wash, 
and JefE. College, Washington, 

Aaron Eli Relber, Attomey-at- 
Law, Butler, Pa. 

James Oaig Shields, A. B., Attor- 
ney, New Alexandria, Pa. 

William Wallace, A. B., Presb. 
Min., Saltlllo, CJoah, Mexico. 

James Dlnsmore White, B. 8., Civil 
Eng., Rochester, Pa. 

J. Philander Anderson, A. B., 

AfflU O. A, Presb. Min., xiiuron, 

S. D. 
William Ashbrook, A. B., Musician, 

Cleveland, O. 
Robert Alexander BUllott, A. B., 

United Presb. Min., PitUburg, 

Joseph Reid McQuaide, A. B., At- 

tomey-at-Law, 418 4th Ave., 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
Frank Scott Morrison, Dentist, 

Martin's Ferry, O. 




James Graham Wallace, Lumber* 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wlllard Sherrard Campbell, Ph. B., 
M. S., LL. B., Affll. Pa. A, Supt. 
Indian School Service, Pipestone, 

David Bruce Fitzgerald, Presb. 
Min., Cincinnati, O. 

•Ralston DeWitt Irwin, Presb. Min., 
died Feb. 9, 1888, Jetmore, Kan. 

William Burgett Irwin, D. D., Pres- 
byterian ClergTman, Emporia, 

John McClusky McDonald, Phsrsi- 
cian, Beallsville, O. 

Bemnrd Slagle McKean, Medicines 
and Liquid Soap. 79 Blast 130th 
St., New York City; Residence, 
184 Elm St., New RocheUe, N. Y. 


•Oliver McClelland Campbell, Belle- 
ville, Pa., died 1885. 

James DeQuincey Donehoo, A. B., 
Episcopal Clergryman, Marshall, 

William James Fredericks. M. D.. 
Physician, Bradford. Pa. 

William Henry Harrison McEH- 
walne. A. B., Attomey-at-Law, 
Findlay, O. 

Thaddeus Clark Noble, Jr., A. B., 
A. M., Attorney-at-Law, Peo- 
ples Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Richard Brown Scandrett. A. B., 
A. M.. Attorney-at-Law, Peoples 
Bldg., Pittsburg. Pa.; res. Edge- 
worth. Pa. 

Thomas Mellon Strickler, Negley 
Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

James Grant Anderson, Braddock, 

George Washington, Fulton, A. B., 
Miss, to Japan, Kanazawa, Japan. 

Joseph Morrison Irwin, A. B., 
Ph. D., Sangll, Bombay Presi- 
dency, India. 

William Alexander Kinter, A. B., 
Presb. Min., Ambrldge, Pa. 

Horatio Hamilton Miller, B. S., 
Bookkeeper, Washington, Pa. 

William Thomas Tredway, A. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, 440 Diamond 
St., Pittsburg, Fa. 


James Ross Bell, A. B., Attomey- 
at-Law. Idlewood, Pa. 

Arthur Henry Ewlng, A. B., 
Presb. Min., Allahabad, N. W. 
P., India. 

James Miller Hill, A. B., Teacher, 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

•Charles Allen Larimer, A. B., 
Presb. Min., died. Library, Pa., 
June 11. '93. 

Charles Augustus Lippincott, A. B., 
Presb. Min., Flint, Mich. 

Andrew Jackson Montgomei*y* Jr., 
A. B., Pastor Third Presbyterian 
Church. Portland, Ore. 

John Jay Srodes. Presb. Min.. 
Moundsville. W. Va. 

Harry Trew Stewart, A. B., Mc- 
Keesport, Pa. 


Charles Wherry Hays. A. B., Presb. 
Min.. Portland, Ore. 

Grant Ephraim Hess, A. B., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, Washington, Pa. 

David Miller SkilUng, A. B., D. D.. 
Presbyterian Clergsrman, Webster 
Groves Station, St. Louis, Mo. 

Joshua Robert Wright, A. B., At- 
tomey-at-Law, 436 4th Ave., 
Pittsburg. Pa. 


Samuel Leonard DlUe, A. B., Attor- 
ney-at-Law, 232 4th Ave., Pitts- 
burg. Pa.; res. Bellevue, Pa. 

James Ramsey Donehoo, A. B., 
Presb. Min.. Austin. Pa. 

George Robinson Edmundson, A. 
B., A. M.. Clergyman, 1111 Co- 
lumbine St.. Denver, Colo. 

•William Seward Haymaker, A. B., 
died, Thomas. Ga., Jan. 22, '97. 

•Arthur Edward Linhart, A. B., 
Attomey-at-Law, died *04, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 


John Biddle Clark, A. B., Attomey- 
at-Law. care Title Guarantee St 
Trust Co., Broadway, near Maid- 
en Lane, New York City, N, T.; 
residence. 4 First Place, Brook- 
13m, N. Y. 

Fred Culbertson, Lewiston, Pa. 

Joseph Lyons Ewlng, A. B., Presb. 
Min.. Bridgeton, N. J. 



Walter Hayes, A. B., Presb. 
Mln., 567 F6rest Ave., Palo Aito, 

Frank Stuart Mathews, B. 8., M. 
D., Physician, Instructor, Colum- 
bia University; res. o2 West 50tb 
St.. New York City, N. Y. 

Charles Gaston Hindman WlUIams, 

A. B., A. M., Ph. D., Presb. Mln., 
Dunbar, Pa. 

Preston Cooke Farrar, A. B., A. M.. 

Head of English Dept., Erasmus 

Hall FT. S.; res. 378 E. 18th St.. 

Brooklyn. N. Y. 
*Georgc Johnson Hill, Dawson, Pa. 
Blanchard Glenn Hufl^hes, B. S., 

LL.. B., Lawyer, Washln^rton, Pa. 
Charles Clark Sterrett, A. M., Affll. 

Ohio X Presbyterian Missionary, 

ITrumiah, Persia; home address 

Washington. Pa. 


Simon Strouss Baker, B. S., Prin- 
cipal St. Clair Schools, 27th 
Ward; res. 531 Neville St., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

William Robertson Farmer, Presb. 
Mln., Edgewood Park, Pa. 

Morgan Dodge Hayes, B. S., with 
Westinghouse Electric Works, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Haldain Bayne Hughes, lawyer, 
Washington, Pa. 

Charles Black Weirick, Pennsburg, 


•Henry William Hazen, died May 
27. 1890. Butler, Pa. 

George Alfred Holliday, A. B., M. 
D., Pittsburg Postofflce, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Charles Crothers Johnson, Can- 
non sburg. Pa. 

John Alexander Matthews, Ph. D., 
care Crucible Steel Co. of Amer- 
ica, Syracuse, N. Y. 

John Wilson McNulty, Washington, 

Garret Emmot Tredway, Affll. O. 

B. Prln. Ninth Ward Sch.. Al- 
I'^crhpny. Pa. 

Charles Albert McCrea, Presb. Min., 
Pcrrysville, Pa. 

Charles Nelson, Monongahela* Fa. 

Robert Foster Robinson, Bmsworth, 


•John Hasson Carllne, died. Brad- 
dock, Pa. 

Arthur Alexander Hajrs, A. B., A. 
M., Prof, at W. ft J. College, 
W^hlngton, Fa. 

James Patterson Linn, A. B.. Pres- 
byterian Clergyman, Ireton, Iowa. 

George "^^^cKlnney Ryall, A. B., 
Presbyterian Min., Saltsburg, Pa. 

Walter Brooks Sterrett, A. M.. 
Presbyterian Clergsrman, Charles- 
ton, W. Va. 


Clark Ward Elcher, Lawyer. 
Greensburg, Pa. 

Frank Burson Hawkins, 1st Lieut. 
27th U. 8. Infantry, Bialabang. 
Mindinsa, P. L 

Charles Lee Reynolds, A. B., Pres- 
byterian Clergyman, Lexington, 


Harvey Harrison Haskell, B. 8., 
Pleasantville, Pa. 

James Clare Hughes, Affll. Ind. E, 
Lawyer, Piqua, O. 

EMwin 8. Kerr, Pittsburg, Fa. 

John James Kerr, Lawyer, Lisbon. 

James McCalmont Miller, B. 8., M. 
S., LL. B., Prof, at W. ft J. Col- 
lege, Washington, Pa. 

Walter Alexander Thompson, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Henry Woods Welrlch, Washing- 
ton, Pa. 

James Louis Wilbur, Pleasantville, 

James Franklin Bell, B. 8., 1st 
Lieut. Engineers, U. 8. A., Prof, 
of Math., West Point; care Adjt. 
Gen. U. S. A., Washington, D. C. 

Walter Hudson Baker, Washing- 
ton, Pa. 

Arthur Kerr Brown, Undertaker, 
TitusvlUe, Pa. 

Clarence Brown Giffln, Marietta, O. 

David Glenn Moore, M. A., Editor, 
Washington, Pa. 



James Noble Rule, A. M., B. 8., M. 

8., Washington, Fa. 

Alexander Eilcher, Jr., Lawyer, 

Oreensburfl^, Fa. 
8aniuel Elarl Olffln, Marietta, O. 
James Clark Logan, Surgeon, 612 

8hady Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
*Ouy Parks Burchfleld, Titusville, 

Pa., drowned Aug. 18, '00. 
Gibson Lamb Caldwell, Lawyer, 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
Adam Morris Carline, Lawyer, 520 

Bakewell Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa.; 

res. Wllklnsburg, Pa. 
Karl Leopold Core, N. Main 8t., 

Washington, Pa. 
George Lawrence Johnson, Can- 

nonsburg, Pa. 
Charles Murdock Kelso, Xenia, O. 


James Slocum Craft, Brownsville, 

Thomas Chalmers Duff, 6201 Bake- 
well Bldg., Pittsburg, Fa. 

William Wallace Hamilton, Beaver, 

William Clyde Grubbs, 1821 Race 
St., Allegheny, Pa. 

Charles Francis Miller, Washing- 
ton, Pa. 

John Alfred Metz, 61 St. Nicholas 
Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 


Frank Osgood Bungamer, Mllls- 
boro. Fa. 

Miles G. Bulger, Mellon's Bank, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

John Chester Gibson, Aflll. O. Z. 
Washington, Pa. 

Robert White Lindsay, Transfer 
Business, Allegheny, Pa. 

George Edward Mellor, Bdgewood 
Park, Pa. 

William Everett Ralston, M. 8., 
Lawyer. Bakewell Bldg., Pitts- 
burg. Pa.; res. 905 Center St.. 
Wllklnsburg, Pa. 

Ira B. Shallenberger, Treasurer La- 
trobe Trust Co.. Latrobe, Pa. 

Andrew ESarl Sloan, LL. B., B. 8., 
Lawyer, Frick Bldg.; res. Sheri- 
dan and Jackson. East End, 

Harry Gordon Sloan, A. B., M. 
D., Physician, Lakeside Hos- 
pital, Cleveland, O.; res. Sheri- 
dan Ave. and Jackson St., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Thomas Charles Williams, I«oon- 
omy, Fa. 

Paul Lucas Woods, 288 8. 10th St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robert Paul Brown, HarrlsviUe, Pa. 

Samuel Davis Fbster, B. 8., En- 
gineer; res. 903 Fifth Ave., Mc- 
Keesport. Pa. 

Henry King Gibson. A. B.. Real 
EiState, 26 Bushnell Bldg., Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

Roland Lee Goldthorp, Wood St., 
Wllklnsburg, Pa. 

McLean Libbey, B. S.. Merchandise 
Broker. 401 Mining Exchange 
Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

William James McQualde, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

William F. Shallenberger, Edge- 
wood, Fa. 

John Wilson Thompson, Wllklns- 
burg, Pa. 

William Edward Walsh, Pittsburg, 

Hartley Berry Woods, B. 8., Mer- 
chandise Broker. 401 Mining Ex- 
change Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Theodore Brown, Pittsburg, Pa. 

William N. Burt, Edgewood, Pa. 

*Verne Thomas Collner, Washing- 
ton, Pa. 

Percy Bruce Rule, Greensburg, Pa. 

Frederick Huntington Tinker, 
Affll. O. r. Salesman with 8. 
Anargyros of Cairo, Egsrpt, 111 
Fifth Ave., New York, N. T. 

James Ralph Bailey. 

Horace Webber Davis, Sharon, Fa. 

James Arthur Dickson, Martin's 
Ferry, O. 

Carl Schurz Forkum, B. 8., AflU. 
Pa. 9, Chemist, Morgantown, W. 

Thos. Clark Frame, B. 8., AHIL O. 
H., Civil Engineer, U. 8. B., 
Washington, O. 

Walter Stuart Orubbs, U81 Bom 
8t, Allegheny* Fa. 




Barl McMechen McBlroy, Washing- 
ton, Pa. 
Paul Lawrence Stuart, Cheswlck, 


Edward Lawrence Olbson, Waah- 

inirton. Pa. 
tBalley Davenport Olpner, Bast 

Liverpool, O. 
tRalph Taffgart Mackintosh, Bast 

Liverpool, O. 
tRobert M. Murphy, Hills View, Pa 
fCharles Thomas Stockton, Sharon, 

Russel D. Thompson, Pittsburg; 


Joslah Benton Crow, Unlontown, 

Thomas Loyd Hughes, Plqua, O. 
Herbert Leonard Johnson, Belle- 

vue. Pa. 
Arthur Whlttaker Tinker, AfllL 

Pa. 6; res. The Normandle Ck>- 

lumbuB, O. 

fEugene Edwin Anderson, Belle- 

vue. Pa. 
tWilliam George Bechman, Ches- 

wick. Pa. 
tClarence Frederick Ck>vey, Wash- 
ington, Pa. 

•Deceased, fin active Chapter, 

tAlexander Murdock Donnan* 
Washington, Pa. 

tJames Bdwln Hamilton, Beaver, 

tOeorge Abner Heaton, Martin's 
Ferry, O. 

tWllllam Henry Hobbs, Martin's 
Ferry, O. 

Clark Moorehead McVay, Xenla, O. 

Harlan Francis Ong, Martin's 
Ferry, O. 

Frank Barton Miller, Bellevue, Pa. 

Howard Joshtia Low, SteubenvUle, 

tWayne Stevenson Ramsey, Corap- 
olls. Pa. 

John Jacob Selp, 420 B. Sixth St., 
EMe, Fa. 


tOeorge William Brown, Harris- 
vlUe, Pa. 

tThomas Mabon Chalmers, Pitts- 
burg. Pa. 

fHarvey Alva Dean, Bdgewood, Pa. 

tJohn Robert Klmmel, BlalrsvUIe, 

tHenry Thomas McClelland, Jr., 
Washington, Pa. 

fJames Hamilton McCrady, Bdge- 
wood, Pa. 

tJohn Clarence Ralston, WUklns- 
burg. Pa. 

tWiUlam Van Swearlngen, In- 
gram, Pa. 


MeadvBle, Pennsylvania 


Wellington Bowser, A. B., A. M., 
Methodist Episcopal Clergryman, 
209 Burton St., Pasadena, Cal. 

Emory Alden Nelson, A. B., Pres- 
byterian Clcrgr>-man, White Lake, 
N. J. 

Alden Dellmont Collins, Ph. B., A. 
B., Ph. D., Presbyterian Clergy- 
man, Leetonia, Ohio. 

Clement Wellington Miner, A. B., 

A. M., Methodist fipiscopal 

Clergyman, 500 W. Mahoning 

St., Punxsutawney, P*a. 
Richard Riley Ross, A. M., General 

Manager Dodd, Mead & Co., 5th 

Ave. and 35th St.; res. 235 N. 

Fulton Ave,, Now York, N. Y. 
Wilbur Gildersleeve Warner, A. 

B., A. M., B. D., State Mgr. Pac. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co., 377 Arcade. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 


William Freeman Compton, A. B., 
A. M., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, 35 Wurts St., Kings- 
town, N. Y. 

•Herman Ciirlton Hawkins. Died 
March 5, 1884. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Elmer Orvllle Minnigh, A. B., LL. 
B., Methodist Episcopal Clergy- 
man, Espyville, Pa. 

Edwin Wolcott Peck, A. B., Con- 
ductor Erie R. R., Park Ave. and 
Baldwin St., Meadville, Pa. 


•Harvey Samuel Getz. Died April 

1, 1885, Akron, Ohio. 
Joseph Adwin Guignon, A. B., A. 

M., Attorney, 395 S. Negley Ave., 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

John Wesley Kahle, Jr.. Oil Busi- 
ness, 118 Moran St., Oil City, Pa. 

Andrew Jay Loomis, Publisher The 
Koiflc, Santa Fe, N. M. 

Edward Herman Pond, A. B.» A. 
M., M. D., Physician, 408-6 Smith 
Blk., Pittsburg, Pa. 

De I^rme Wilson Robinson, M. D., 
Physician, Pierre, S. D. 

Delos Webster Thayer, Insurance. 
State Manager Woodmen of the 
World: res. 225 John Marshall 
Place, Washington. D. C. 

Olcott Root Thomas, A. B., A. M., 
Baptist Clergyman. Linesville, 

Joseph Alexander Vance, A. B., A. 
M., D. D., Rector St. Andrew's 
Church, Pittsburg, Pa. 


Edward Samuel Blair, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, Wasme, Neb. 

Walter Westwood Case, A. B., 
Northwestern Leather Co., 807 
South St., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Washington Irving Dice, A. B., 
Clergyman, Shepherdstown. W. 

Melvin Lee Schooley, Free Metho- 
dist Clergyman, Plymouth, la. 


Mark Clute Blystone. M. D.. Busi- 
ness, 132 Erie St., Johnstown, 

William Henry Gallup. A. B.. A. M., 
Superintendent Schools. 186 Wll- 
ley St., Morgantown. W. Va. 

Harry Mygatt Hyde, Manager, The 
Garlock Packing Co., Oakland, 

Charles Willis Proctor, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., Osteo. Physician, 897 
Ellicott Sq. Bldg.. Buffalo, N. T. 




James Mark Scoville. M. D., Phsrsl- 
cinn, Warren, Ohio. 

Frank John Warner, Adv. Dept.p 
Cleveland Plain Dealer; res. 10718 
KImberly Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


W^llllam Richard Graves. A. B., A. 
M., Merchant, ThompkinsvlUe, 

Charles Peter Lynch, A. B., A. M., 
Ph. D., Supt. West Hlffh School, 
99 Windermere St., EJast Clove- 
land, O. 

William Palmer Murray, A. B., A. 
M.. Ph. D.. Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, TltusvlUe, Pa. 

Clark Allen Webb, Banker, 832 8. 
Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Frank Leonard Wells, A. B., LL. 
B., Attorney, WellsvlUe, Ohio. 


William BIgncll, A. B., A. M., Busi- 
ness, 213 Euclid Ave., Pittsburg, 

George Blossom Covcll. 

Lewis Benton Long, Armour & Co., 
RIdgway, Pa. 

Charles Llndley Smith, A. B., A. 
M., Methodist E2piscopal Clergy- 
man, Salem, Ohio. 


William John Bell, A. B., A. M., 
M. D., Ph. D., Physician, 721 
Francis St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Thomas Charles Blaisdell, A. B. 
(Syracuse), A. M., Ph. D., Pro- 
fessor of English, Mich. State 
College, Lansing, Mich. 

Frank Stephens Christy, C. B., 
(Syracuse), Civil Engineer, Dins- 
more Ave., Crafton, Pa. 

Daniel William Howell, A. B., B. 
D. A. M., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, 411 Windsor Ave., 
Hartford, Conn. 

Frank Melville Kerr, A. B., A. M., 
D. D., Presbjrterian Clergirman, 
flempstead, 353 Fulton Ave., Long 
Island, N. Y. 

Orvllle Johnson Mason, Physician, 
Macedon, N. Y. 

Robert Thompson Miller McCready, 
A. B., LL. B., AflU. Ohio B, At- 

torney, 96 Diamond St., PitU- 
burg, Pa.; permanent address, 
Sewickley, Pa. 

Joseph Arnold Parsons, A. B.. A. 
M., Ph. D., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, ReynoldsviUo, Pa. 

Francis Embury TIbblts, M. D., 
Physician, Geneva, Ohio. 


Kdwin Philips Couso, A. B., A. M., 

Journalist and Printer, Browns- 

vUlo, l»a. 
William Arthur Elliott. A. M., L. H. 

D., Professor of Greek, Allegheny 

College, Meadvllle, Pa. 
Norman MaglU Johnson, Electrical 

Kn^neer ; permanent address, 

Meadvllle, Pa. 
Frank Rartlett Miner, A. B., M. D., 

Physician, Perrysvllle, Pa. 
David Charles O'Connor, A. B., A. 

M., Supt. of Public Schools, Canal 

Zono. Colon, Panama. 
Ralph Butler Reitz, A. B., D. D. S.. 

M. D., Dentist, 38 E. 6l8t St., 

New York, N. Y. 


Andrew Gregg Curt in Brown. 
Milan E. Drake, Dundee, N. Y. 
Robert Wallace Elliott, A. B.. A. 

M.. B. D., Methodist Episcopal 

Clergyman, 326 State St., Hack- 

ensack. N. J. 
Harry Boyd Espy, A. B., A. M.. 

Ph. D., Attorney, Fredonla, N. Y. 
William Cunningham Fishbum, 

Contractor, 5020 Liberty Ave., 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
•Harry Roswell Jackson. Died May 

24, 1888, La Junta, Col. 
William Wlllard Johnson, A. B.. A. 

M., I^umber Business, West 

Middlesex, Pa. 
•Charles Eakln Newklrk, A. B. 

Died July 19, 1901, Rochester, Pa. 
William Henry Stenger, A. B., A. 

M., Oil Operator, Jennings, La. 
Francis Gumey Stubbs, A. B., A. 

M., M. D., Physician. 103 State 

St.: res. 618 E. 46lh Place, Chi- 
cago, 111. 




Howard Ambrose Couse, A. B., LIi. 
B., Attorney, 1110 CltizenB* Bld«r., 
Cleveland* Ohio. 

•Frederick Warren Gundy, A. B. 
Died Jan. 9, 1893, West Middle- 
sex, Pa. 

Clarence Frisbee Ross, A. B., A. 
M., Bradley Professor of Latin, 
Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. 

Homer David Whitfield, A. B., A. 
Bi., B. D., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, Union M. EL Church, 
Allegheny, Pa. 


Frank Willis Black, A. B., Texas 
Manager. The National Supply 
Co.. Beaumont, Texas. 

•Henry Austin Cotton, A. B. i-»ied 
Feb. 12, 1902. El Paso, Texas. 

Crawford Alberti Peffer, A. B., 
Secretary and Treasurer, Red- 
path Lyceum Bureau, 1224 Land 
Title Bldg.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ralph Ernest Pond, M. D., Phsrsi- 
cian, 403-405 Brush ton Ave., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Frank Harvey Sisley, A. B., Bl. D., 
Physician, Warrensvllle, Ohio. 

James Watson Campbell, C. E., B. 

D., Methodist Episcopal Clergy- 
man, New Castle, Pa. 
Ellis Jones Chesbro, A. B., D. D. 

S., Dentist, Central Trust Bldg., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Robert Weyand Darragh, A. B., A. 

M., Attorney, Beaver, Pa. 
Theodore Anthony Douthitt, A. B., 

Mine Superintendent, Smithfield, 

John Kennedy Howe, A. B., A. M., 

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman, 

Mt. Pleasant. Pa. 


Chauncey Frederick Bell, Manager 
Alamosa Milling & Elevator Co., 
Alamosa, CoL 

Otis Everett Conway, Business, 
611 Pendergast Ave., James- 
town, N. Y. 

Henry Harrison Cumings, Jr., Hotel 

Proprietor, 125 8. James St^* 

Rome, N. Y. 
Eidwin Will Janes, A. B., A. M., M. 

D., Physician, Hamburg, N. Y. 

Arthur Staples, A. B., A. M., D. D., 
President Beaver College, Bea- 
ver, Pa. 

WiUiam Earl Stllson, A. B., A. IL, 
Instructor High School, 806 
Chestnut St, Richmond Hill, I^. 
I., N. Y. 


Alfred Cookman Elliott, A. B., A. 
M., B. D., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, Aliquippa, Pa. 

Clarence B. Farrar, A. B., M. D., 
Physician, Baltimore, Md. 

William Forney Hovis, Jr., A. B., 
A. M., B. D., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, 1007 W. Colfax Ave., 
South Bend, Ind. 

William Templeton Mossman, A. 
B., Editor, 320 3d Ave., PitU- 
ubrg. Pa. 

Wilbur Carter Swearer, A. Bl., B. 
D., Methodist E^iscoi>al Mission- 
ary, Seoul, Korea. 

Norris A. White, A. B., A. M., 
Methodist Episcopal Clergyman, 
Silver Creek, N. Y. 

J. MerriU Wright, A. B., LL. B., 
Attorney, 31 St. Nicholas Bldg., 
Pittsburg; res. Park Way, Mun- 
hall. Pa, 


Miner Dunham Crary, A. B. (Am- 
herst), Business, care Crary Hor- 
ton & Co., Warren, Pa. 

Carey Elijah Janes, D. D. 8., 
Olsmnpia, Wash. 

Ernest La Motte Moore, Business, 
Chicago, 111. 

William Henry Pratt, A. B., A. M., 
LL. B., Attorney, Bakewell Bldg., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 


Francis George Bartlett, Chronicle- 
Telegraph, Pittsburg, Pa. 

William Preston Beazell, A. B., 
Night Editor, PitUburg Po$t, 
Pittsburg: res. 243 Watson Boul., 
Allegheny City, Pa. 

James McCreary Gee, Broker, 481 




WmiamBon Bldg.; res. 1207 Slat 

St., N. E., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Oeorgre Grant, A. B., A. M., B. D., 

Methodist EpiscoiMd Clergyman, 

Coal Center, Pa. 
Arthur Shippen Maltland, C BL, 

Civil Ehigineer, 210 Seneca St., 

OU City, Pa. 


Ralph Eire Bourquin, Iiocomotlve 
Works. Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Will Jackson Lowstuter, A. B., A: 
M., Methodist Episcopal Clergy- 
man, 220 Hawkins Ave., Brad- 
dock, Pa. 

William Tipper, Atlantic Refining 
Co., Dequesne Way, Avalon, Pa. 

Paul Weyand, A. B., B. D., 
Methodist Episcopal Clergyman, 
303 Miller St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

James Vernon Wright, A. B., A. M., 
B. D., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergsrman, 98 4th St, Moneesen, 


William Blair Adams, B. 8., M. 8., 
Attorney, I^nxsutawne>, Pa. 

Herbert Malvern Camahan, Metho- 
dist Episcopal Clergyman, Spring- 
dale, Pa. 

Dana Brackenrldge Casteel, A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D., Instructor in 
Zoologry University of Michigan, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

'Charles Church Couse. Died April 
28, 1900, Greenville, Pa. 

William James Ellis, Business, 
Sewickley, Pa. 

Frederick Abram Hartung, IC D., 
171 W. 71st St., Res. 2798 Broad- 
way, New York, N. Y. 

Edwin Stacey Oakes. A. B., At- 
torney, Rochester, N. Y. Per- 
manent address, Cattaraugus, 
N. Y. 

Everett Franklin Phillips, A. B., 
Ph. D., Expert Agriculturist, U. 
S. Dept. of Agriculture, 904 B St., 
S. W., WMhington, D. C. 

•Paul Clifton Soule. Died 1899, 
Cattaraugus, N. Y. 

Edwin Emerson E^arl Soult, A. B., 
Carnegie Steel Co., Youngstown, 
Ohio; res. GreenvlUSb Pa. 

Frank D. Stolsenbach, A. B., IC 
D., House StafT, Hahnemann 
Hospital, Philadelphia; res. Ard- 
more, Pa. 

Lloyd Lawrence Swisher, A. B., A. 
M., B. D., Methodist Episcopal 
Clergyman, Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Mliion Weathorby, B. S. Graduate 
Student Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Licnoz St, Baltimore, Md. 

William Lewis Wilkenson, A. B., 
A. M., B. D., S. T. M., Methodist 
Episcopal Clergyman, Blackburn, 


Forest George Moorhead, LL. B., 

Attorney, Beaver, Pa. 
Robert Leeman Swearer, Assistant 

Superintendent Registry Division, 

Pittsburg P. O.. Pittsburg, Pa. 
William Alexander Womer, A. B., 

M. D., Physician, 4^ W. Long 

Ave., New Castle, Pa. 


James Chauncey Byers, Chemist, 

Cherry Valley Iron Co., West 

Middlesex, Pa. 
Charles Edson Douglas, B. 8., 

City Engineer, Meadvllle, Pa. 
Archer Russell Elliott, A. B., B. D., 

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman, 

Dexter City, Ohio. 
Oliver Sharp Hoffman, Rochester, 

Paul Bartlett Masters, A. B., 408 

Thorn St, Warren, Ohio. 
John Henry Moore, Mercer, Pia. 
Roger Henwood Motten, A. B., 

North Side High School, Denver, 

Charles William Stlllson, devo- 

land, Ohio. 
John Harvey Wolstoncroft, A. B., 

Banker, Oil City, Pa. 


Tracy Thomas Allen, A. B., Super- 
intendent Schools, Smethport, 

James Edward Bird, A. B., Metho- 
dist Episcopal, Clergyman, Point 
Pleasant, W. Va. 

John McKlnstry Grlfllth, A. B.« 
Real EstatSb Tarentum, Pa. 




Charles Maxson Freeman, B. L., 

Superintendent Schools, Tldioute, 

Edgar Milton Hall, Florist, 316 

Main St., Fairmont. W. Va. 
Samuel Ciiristian Lampe, B. S., 

Business 717 Independence St., 

Pittsburg, Pa. 


George Washington Campbell, 
Ijumber, Warren, Pa. 

Irwin Campbell, Mechanical 

Draughtsman, National Tube Co., 
Loniin, Ohio; permanent address, 
Newcastle, Pa, 

Robert Guthrie Freeman, A. B., 
Springboro, Pa. 

Edgar Alfred Griffith, Civil Engi- 
neer, 407 4th Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Charlees Roy Hayes, A. B., North 
Hope, Pa. 

Richard Nye Merrill, A. B., Metho- 
dist Episcopal Clergryman, 6421 
Argyle Ave., I^wndale, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

William Barton Skelton, M. D. 
Physician, Dollar Bay, Mich. 

Lutellus Wesley Smith, 806 South 
Ave., Station D, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Fred Wineman Strickler, Civil En- 
gineer, 15% Washington St., 
Cory, Pa. 

Walter Scott Trosh, A. B., Student, 
Boston University, Boston, Mass. 
Permanent address, 116 Washing- 
ton Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

Harry Allen Turner, B. S., Civil 
Engineer, Keramos, B. C. 


James Van Home Ballantyne, A. 
B., Student, University of Penn- 
sylvania, 3741 Spruce St., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

John Stevens Ekey, 6830 Franks- 
town Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Cinnett Grant Farr, A. B., Metho- 
dist Episcopal Clergyman, Elgin, 

Claude Hurst King, A. B., Stu- 
dent, Boston University, 72 Mt. 
Vernon St., Boston, Mass. 

Walter Davis Lewis, A. B., Prin- 

cipal of Schools, Cambridge 
Springs, Pa. 

Fred Mellon McArthur, B. S., Busi- 
ness, 101 Seneca St., Buflblo. 
N. Y. 

James Cooper Biadden, Jr., Jean- 
ette, P*a. 

Charles Cobum Merrill, A. B., Stu- 
dent, Drew Theological Semi- 
nary, Madison, N. J. 

Joseph Emll Morrison, A. B., M. 
E. Clergyman, 1219 MiU St, 
Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Robert Richard Philp, Lumber 
Business, 100 E. Bissel Ave., OO 
City, Pa. 

Horace Edgar Rutherford, Taren- 
turm. Pa. 

Edward Lincoln Sutton, Student, 
University of Pennsylvania, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Bruce Simpson Wright, A. B., 
Clergryman, Fredonia, N. Y. 

Wesley Akers Wynn, B. S., Civil 
Engineer, State Road depart- 
ment, Warren, Pa. 


t An drew Wells Robertson, Pana- 
ma, N. Y. 

tLouis William Swanson, Tldioute, 

tWilliam Saunders Taft, Youngs- 
ville. Pa. 

Frank Meredith Thompson, Stu- 
dent, Boston Theological Semi- 
nary, 72 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, 


Stanley Bright, New Castle, Pa. 
Charles Preston Howe, 29 Lock St., 

Tarentum, Pa. 
tOlin Clarke Jones, Ashtabula, O. 
tWilliam Robert Main, TitusviUe, 

tWilliam Thompson Mackey, Mead- 

vllle. Pa. 
Rasrmond Sigler Reese, Methodist 

Episcopal Minister, Harmony, Pa. 


David Charles Challinor, Waynes- 
burg, Pa. 
tGilbert Ralph Clark, Centerville, 



M. L. Tyrel, Fredonia, N. Y. 
tBarl McAdams Oiesey, Wheeling, 

W. Va. 
tCharles Thoznaa Oreer, New 

Castle. Pa. 
tMaxweU John Lick, Albion, Pa. 
John Lynn Miner, Punzsutawney, 

tArthur Devoe Powell Miller, Pltta- 

burg, Pa. 
tArchle Clement Perry, Oil City, 

twmiam Ehrans Thomas, Tldloute, 



jDavld Eugene Amldon, Corry, Pa. 
tEmest Ray Gehr, Saegertown, 

James Carleton Miner, Pimzsutaw- 

ney. Pa. 
James Walker O'Connor, Norfolk. 

tPercy Paul Parsons, Reynolds- 

vUle, Pa. 
fFrank Everhart Stewart, South 

Pork, Pa. 
tLeLand Samuel Wood, Andover, O. 


tin active chapter 1905-1906. 


Carlisle, Peansylvonla 


Francis ABbury Bergstresser, Real 
ESstate Agent, Chattanooga, 

John Marvin Coiaw» Attorney at 
Law, Monteray, Va. 

^Henry Nehemiah Cheesman. Died 
Jan. 9, 1894, at Camden, N. J. 

PhlUp Sheridan Hills. A. M., At- 
torney and Financial Agent, 
Howard. Kan. 

George Ernst Kleinhenn, A. M.*, 
Methodist Minister, 66 3rd St., 
Bangor, Pa. 

Henry William Spangler, Attorney 
at Law, 201 Cooper Block, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

•Alphonso Willetts Wever. Died 
April 24, 1888, at Napanock, N. Y. 


John Wesley Perkinpine, Methodist 
Minister, Minersville, Pa. 

Minor Gibson Porter, A. M., M. D., 
Physician, Roland Park, Md. 

Anthony Atwood Thompson, Meth- 
odist Minister, Lykens, Pa. 


George James Bums, Ph. D., D. 
D., Pastor Central Methodist 
Church; res. 476 Green Lane, 
Roxboro, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Selah Jackson Carpenter. Un- 

Edward Holmes Lamar, A. B., 
Minister, Washington, D. C. 

Martin Bates Stevens, State Supt. 
of Public Instruction, Annapolis, 


Marvin Elijah Cheston, West 
Branch Knitting Co., Milton, Pa.; 
res. Lock Haven, Pa. 

John Morris Corr^ Superannu- 

ated Methodist Minister, St. 
Clair, Schuylkill County, Pa. 

Milton Newberry Fronts, A. M., 
Vice-Principal, Ursinus College, 
College ville; permanent address, 
7121 Boyer St., Mt. Aire, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

William Turbett Graham, M. D., 
Surgeon, P. R. R., Sunbury, Pa., 

John Frederick Heisee, A. M., D. 
D., Presiding Elder, Methodist 
Episcopal Church; res. 2522 N. 
Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 

Thomas Marsh Bacon Hicks, At- 
torney at Law, comer Pine and 
Willow Sts., WiUiamsport, Pa. 

Horace Ward McKenzie, D. D., 
Duncannon, Pa. 

Stephen Martindale Morgan, A. M., 
D. D., Presiding Elder, Methodist 
Episcopal Church, Dover, DeL 

Vaughn Thomas Rue, Methodist 
Minister, Mifflinburg. Pa. 

Wilbur Morris Stine, Professor in 
Dept of Engineering, Swarth- 
more College, Swarthmore, Pa. 

Richard Edward Wilson, Methodist 
Minister, Dobb's Ferry, N. Y. 


William Boyd Glendennlng, Mer- 
chant, Bimker Hill, W. Va. 

Nelson El Collins Cleaver, A. B., 
B. D., Pastor First M. E. Church, 
Emporium, Pa. 

Theodore Mitchell Culver. Harvey- 
ville, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

Orlando Graham Heck, Pastor 
First M. E. Church, Berwick, Pa. 

^Alexander Shaw Porter, M. D. 
Died Jan., 1901, at Redlands, CaL 

William George Schoepflln, Meth- 
odist Minister, Eldred, Pa. 

William MoAllster Smith, Gterk, 




War Dept., 1884 T St., North- 
west, Washinflrton, D. C 

James Bergey Stein, A. M., Metho- 
dist Minister, Bellefonte, Pa. 

William Enterllne Yeager, A. B., 
B. D., Methodist Minister, 145 
Union St., Middletown, l>a. 


Henry Clifford Cheston, A. M., Ph. 
D., High School of Commerce, 
156 West 65th St., New York 
City; res. 20 Randolph St, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 


Greorge Washington Babcook, 
Methodist Minister, St. Stephen's, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

^Englebert Herbert Garrison. Died 
at Carlisle, Pa., Oct. 23, 1886. 

Oliver Cleon Mordorf, A. M., Prin- 
cipal Public School, No. 10, 7th 
Ave. and 17th St.; res. 56 Rugby 
Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles Wesley Straw, A. M., D. 
D., Methodist Episcopal Minister, 
Coatesville, Pa. 

Harry Freeman Whiting, AflU. N. 
Y. A, Adjunct Professor Latin 
and Greek, Dickinson College^ 
Carlisle, Pa. 


John Wesley Glover, A, M., Clergy- 
man, Hopewell, Pa. 

Lyman Plerson Powell, Rector St. 
John's P. B. Church, Northamp- 
ton, Mass. 

Charles Jameson Turpin, M. D., 
Colorado City, Colo. 

Hammond Umer, Attorney at Law, 
Frederick, Md. 


William Weidman LAndls, Profes- 
sor of Mathematics, Dickinson 
College, Carlisle, Pa. 

Edgar Lee Langley, firm of G. B. 
Langley & Co., MiUville, N. J. 

Abraham Lincoln MiUet, A. M., 
Clergyman, P. E. Cnurch, on 
City Mission Staff; res. 6257 Pine 
St., Philadelphia, Fa. 

FranK Moore, Pros, of Penning- 
ton Seminary, Pennington, N. J, 

Harry Joseph Neal, Superintendent 
of Schools, Lakewood, N. J. 

Hubert Elmer Volney Porter, 
Principal Jamestown Business 
College, Jamestown, N. Y. 


Augustus Sayford Fulck, Metho- 
dist Minister, Hazelton, Pa. 

George Milton Frownfelter, Metho- 
dist Minister, St. Mary's, Pa. 

Edwin Gardner, Methodist Minis- 
ter, MiUington, Md. 

Frank Gardner, Teacher in Publio 
Schools, Chesapeake, Md. 

William Emerson Master, Optician, 
810 Columbus Ave., New York 

VanPierce Northrup, A. M., Metho- 
dist Episcopal Minister, Wil- 
mingrton, Del. 

•William Thomas Roberts. Died 
at Hammelstown, Pa., Feb. 19, 

Henry Matthew Stephens, Profes- 
sor of Biology, Dickinson College^ 
Carlisle, Pa. 


Thomas Hart Evans, Pastor Bast 
Park M. B. Chiurch, Philadelphia, 


•James Harrison Hughes. Died at 
Washington. D. a, Aug. 28, 1901. 

Jacob Banks Kurts, District Attor- 
ney, Altoona, Pa. 

George Caslow Yocum, Attorney at 
Law, Scranton, Pa. 


Clarence Grant Cleaver, General 
Representative Ginn ft Co., 889 
Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Walter Gelston McNeil, A. M., 
Methodist Episcopal Minister, 
Arlingrton, Baltimore, Md. 

Milton George Umer, Attorney, 
Ffederick, Md. 


George H. Bucher, Presbyterian 
Minister, Dry Run, Pa. 

Edwin Lee Earp, A. M., Ph. D., 
Professor of Sociology, Syracuse 
University, Syracuse, N. Y. 



Joseph Froy Gllroy, A. M., LI^. B., 
Attornoy-at- w, ConnoU Bldg., 
Scrantoii; rrs. IVokvillo, Pa. 

J. Max Lantz. P. R. R. Office. Sun- 
bury, Pa. 

Harry Francis Matter, Attorney at 
Law, Stephen Girard Bld^., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Edgar Ray Stratford, Editor Mt. 
Union Tiincn, Mt. Union, Pa. 

Charles Wesley Burns. A. M., S. T. 

O., I*astor Spring Garden M. E. 

Church: res. 2023 Wallace be, 

Philadelphia, I»a. 
Wilbur Fisk Cleaver, Editor Qurrn 

City Courier f Cumberland, Md. 
* James Alvah Eldon. Died at Lock 

Haven, Pa., Jan. 24, 1900. 
Robert Morlhland Eldon, LL. B., 

Fruit Grower, Aspers, Pa. 
Henry Samuel Noon, Ph. D., Pas- 
tor Mi' Epi.s(.M)p;il Church 

of the Advooat*', Germantown, 

Ljmn Mateer Saxton, M. S., Prof. 

Mathematics In C. C. N. Y., 17 

Lexington Ave., New York City; 

Residence, Edgewater, N. J. 
Edward Weid«-nhamt^r, Slate Agent, 

Glnn & Co., Milton, Pa. 
Charles Edward Ziegler, M. D., 

Forbes St., Pittsburg, Pa. 


Frank Culver Ch««ston, Affll. Mich. 
A, Advertising Manager. Ameri- 
can Woodworking Machinery Co , 
136 Liberty St.. New York diy; 
res. 380 I..«'wi.s Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Guy E. Eldon, Civil Service, Car- 
rier No. 1, Waynesboro, Pa. 

Joseph George El wood Smedley, 
Faculty State Normal 
School, West Chester, Pa. 

IL Montgoniory Smith. A. B., l^L. 
B.. Ami. Mich. A, Attorney-at- 
Law, Bloomsburg, Pa. 

James Sniitham, A. B., Attorney- 
at-I-aw, Maueh Chunk, Pa. 

John T?. Southard, Loyalsock, Pa. 

Joseph Vernon Adams, A. B., 

Methodist Episcopal MInlBter. 

Newport, Pa. 
Linn Bowman, A. B., Pastor Park 

Ave. M. E. Church, Park Ave. 

and Norris St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Charles S. Davison, Presiding ES- 

der M. E. Church, Sendac, Japan. 
Harry C. Hubler. A. M.. LL. B., 

Attomey-at-Law, Williams Bl6g.i 

res. 256 Cherry St., Dunmore. 

William Eugene Keeler, A. B.. Aa- 

vertising, 90 Bible House, New 

York, N. Y.; res. 66 Lenox Ave., 

East Orange, N. J. 
Frederick Light Kreibel, Broker, 

1123 Broadway; Residence, SOT 

W. 43d St., New York, N. Y. 
Ira Bennett McNeal, Washinirtoii, 

D. C. 
Edmund Davison Soper, A. B., 

B. D., Clergyman, 156 Fifth Ave., 

New York, N. Y.; res. Wellsvllle. 

Walter Grant Senders, Trowbridge 

& Miner Bond Co., Wells Bidg., 

769 Marshall St., Milwaukee, 

J. Ross Stonesifer, Minister, Church 

of God. Mechanicsburg, Pa. 


Wilbur Vincent Mallalleu, Metho- 
dist Minister, Roland Park, Bal- 
timore Co., Md. 

Irvin M. Wertz, M. D., Hagerstown. 

Thomas Marshall West, Assistant 
Athletic Director, Syracuse Uni- 
versity, Syracuse, N. Y. 


Weldon B. Brubaker. Ph. B.. 
Scran ton Bolt & Nut Co., Scran- 
ton, Pa. 

Milnor Dorey, Professor of Eng- 
lish, Phillips Academy, Andover, 

Clifton Benson English, Attorney 
at Law, Easton. Pa. 

Murren Hoke Gottschall, A. B., 
Real Estate, Bakewell Bldg.; res. 
229 Shetland Ave., B. E.. Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 



Jamea Emory Rounsley, Cashier 
First National Bank, Millerstown. 

Joseph Walter Smith, Frederick, 

Malcolm Buchanan Sterrett, A. M., 
LL. B., Attorney, National Life 
BldK.* Chicago; res. 1567 Oak 
Ave., Eyvanston, 111. 

Ezra Roland Stevenson, A. B., B. 
D., Methodist Episcopal Clergy- 
man, Jjong Prairie, Minn. 


Normal Edgar Branthaver, Markes, 

Patrick Donley, Waynesburg, Pa. 
James Tiighman E3arle, Attorney at 

Law, Centerville, Md. 
Henry M. Hamblin, Attorney at 

Law, 683 Congress St., Portland, 

Jeremiah Franklin Hoover, Carlisle, 

Mahlon Fowler Ivins. 
Charles Sharpless Kline, Attorney 

at Law, Catawissa, Pa. 
Edmund Janes Presby, Dept. of 

Latin, Conway Hall, Carlisle, Pa. 
Robert Schollenberger Loose, A. M., 

Ph. B., S. A. Loose & Son, Ham- 
burg, Pa. 
Stewart Flagler Shlffer, Laundry 

Business, Philadelphia, Pa. 
William Roy Smucker, General 

Merchandise and Insurance, Lit- 
tle town. Pa. 
Prank Sellers Ullom, M. D., 

Waynesburg, Pa. 
Jeremiah Boone Wintersteen, M. 

D., Affll. Pa. Z, Physician, 

Moorestown, N. J. 


William Derr Burkey, Hamburg, 

Frank Cayou, University of Illinois, 

Champaign, 111. 
William Addlemaii iianoe, A. B., 

Cadet, U. S. Military Academy, 

West Point, N. T.; res. Renovo, 

Dean Meek Hoffman, Reporter 

North Amerioanf Philadelphia. 

Raymond Thomas Hutchinson, 

Warrior's Mark, Pa. 
•John Wynn, died Sept. 22, 1900. 


Charles Orval Appleman, Ph. B., 
I*rofes8or of Biology and Physi- 
cal Culture, Lombard College, 
Galesburg, 111. 

Edgar Shuman Everhart, Ph. B., 
Medical Student, U. of P.; res. 
Millertown, Pa. 

William Garfield Gordon, Law 
OfHce, Coatesville, Pa. 

Wllmer Lem Gray, Methodist Min- 
ister. Reading, Pa. 

Merrill Crastus Haldeman, Ph. B., 
Edwards, Haldeman & Co., Fra- 
ternity Jewelers, Detroit, Mich., 
home address Thompsontown, 

•Charles M. Kress, died April 18, 

Fred Emanuel Malick, A. B., In- 
structor in I.jatin, Wilmlngrton 
Conference Academy, Dover, 
Del.; res. 508 Market St., Shamo- 
kin. Pa. 

Hugh Patterson Stuart, Ph. B., 
Paciflc Coast Sales Agent, Amer- 
ican Iron & Steel Mfg. Co., 
Crocker Bldg., San Francisco, 

Robert Young Stuart, Yale School 
of Forestry, New Haven, Conn. 

Paul Eldridge Tomkinson, A. M., 
Teacher, Everett, Pa. 


Merrill Getty Baker. Ph. B., Sales- 
man, Cambria Steel Co., Johns- 
town, Pa. 

Benjamin Fell Beazell, Jr., Affili- 
ated with Ohio Zeta; res. 243 
Watson Blvd., Allegheny, Pa. 

William Hannold Cheesman, Ph. 
B., Clerk U. S. Civil Service 
Commission, Washington, D. C. 

•Herman Kenny Smith, died Janu- 
ary 2, 1905, in Baltimore, Md. 

Lemon Lawrence Smith, Ph. B., 
President and Manager of Johns- 
town Mill Work & Lumber Co., 
Johnstown, Pa. 

Ernest Radcliffe Spedden, A. B., 



Graduate Student, John* Hop- 
kins; ree. 636 N. Carey St., Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Charles Lowe Swift, Journalist, 
Baltimore Neto$; rea. 806 BL 
Preston St., Baltimore, Md. 

Oaylord Reed Wllcoz, LI*. B., Law- 
yer, Antlers, L T. 

Edwin D. Hacerty, Warrior's ICark, 

Bdmund Burke Keeley, Franklin, 

Thomas Jones Meek, AfllL m. B, 

University of Chicago, Chicago, 


George Henry Raab, Steel Inspec- 
tor, Cambria Steel Co., Johns- 
town, Pa. 

Harry Walter Smith, Professor In 
Mathematics, Dickinson Prepara- 
tory School, Carlisle, Pa. 

Ralph EwlnfiT Smith, CarllslSb Pa. 


Charles Henry Barrett, Lykens, 

John Megrlnley Buckingham, 1819 
Eutaw PI., Baltimore, Md. 

tHarry Griffith Cramer, Johns- 
town, Pa. 

fWlIllam Bfagulre Hoffman, Mont- 
gomery, Pa. 

Robert Alrwlne Judy, York, Pa. 

fCarl Oscar Benner, CoatsevOISb Pa. 

Austen Bryariy Conn, 801 B. Pres- 
ton St., Baltimore, Md. 

tCarl Frans Qehrlng, CarllslSb Pa. 

fThomas Collins Stevenson Keller, 
Carlisle, Pa. 

fWUllam Lloyd Hlbbs. Cresson, Pa. 

George Ludwlg Kress, Johnstown. 

tCharles Merrill Kurts, Thompson- 
town, Pa. 

Raymond Preston Read, Atlaatio 
City, N. J. 


Clarence Eldredge Walkley, 678 
Washington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

fGeorge Paul Beck. 2826 E. Hunt- 
ington St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

twniiaro Aaron Zerby, 1809 Berry 
HIU St., Harrlsburg, Pa. 


fKarl Halderman Bergey, Mlfflng- 
town. Pa. 

tEdward Clark Creasy, Blooms- 
burg, Pa. 

tJoseph Paxton Demaree, Blooms- 
burg, Pa. 

tRoscoe Willis Hall. Carlisle. Pa. 

tWllliam F. Housman, Steelton, Pa. 

fTheodore Klmmel Llnlnger, Or- 
wigsburg, Pa. 

tRollin Alger Sawyer, Jr., 809 N. 
Front St., Harrlsburg, Pa. 

t Ralph David Schwant, Blooms- 
burg, Pa. 


fin active ehapter, 1906-6. 


Phikdelplik, PwmtylvanU 


Charles Augustus Oliver, M. D., 

1607 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Harry ^irklnbine McFa^den, M. D., 

8606 HamUton St., Philadelphia, 

McCluney Radcliffe, M. D., A. M., 
Affll. Pa. A, Physician and 
Oculist, 1812 Chestnut St.; res. 
711 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Peter Nathaniel Klinger Schwenk, 
B. 8.. A. M., M. D., 810 N. 7th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

James Mitchell, M. D., A. B., 34 
N. Lime St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Frank Fithian, M. D., Physician, 
Paris, Ky. 


Martin William Barr, M. D., Chief 
Physician for Pennsylvania 
Training School for Feeble 
Minded Children, EHwyn, Pa. 

Francis Harvey Day, M. D., Tally- 
ville, DeL 

Henry Clay Deaver, M. D., 1534 N. 
15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

^Albert Edward Oeissel, M. D., died 

Greerorlo Maria Guiteras, Surgreon, 
U. S. Public Health and Biarlne 
Hospital Service, Cairo, IlL 

Horace Edward Merkel, M. D., 814 
Front St., Seattle, Wash. 

William Parsons Orr, Jr., Physi- 
cian, Lewes, Del. 

Andrew Jackson Plumer, Bf. D., 
Hsrannis, Neb. 

Charles Sower Potts, M. D., 1788 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Oassaway Oram Rinff, M. D., 6623 
HoCallum St., Germaatowii, Vm.; 

business, 1900 Chestnut St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Ferdinand Edward Riva, M. D., 

MiUtown, Middlesex Co., N. J. 
Harvey Shoemaker, M. D., 2011 

Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edward Hanna Small, A. B., A. M., 

M. D., 100 N. Negley Ave., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 
Frederick Martin Strouse, M. D., 

2220 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, 

Montrose Graham Tull, M. D., 4629 

Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Pia. 

John Louis Hoffman, M. D., Ash- 
land, Pa. 

Damaso Laine, M. D., Cuba. 

Thomas Georgre Lee, B. S., M. D., 
Prof. Univ. of Minnesota, 509 St. 
Anthony Parkway, 8. E. Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Sherman Grant Tucker Moyer, M. 
D., 3346 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, 

•Joseph Otto, Jr. (Died 1892.) 


•William Augustus Atlee, Jr., M. D. 

Leonidas LeMay Mial, 139 W. 12th 
St., New York. 

•Leonard Morton Prince. (Died 

Fouche Warren Samuel, M. D., 
AfflL Ky. A, Physician and Sur- 
geon, 731 4th Ave., Louisville, 

Charles Edward Stout, M. D., 82 
Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Charles McKensie Hay, M. D., 18 
Meetin^r St., Charleston, 8. C 

Lester Edgar Schoch, M. D., Sha- 
nuddn. Pa. 





Arthur Horton Cleveland, M. D., 
256 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Ta. 

Joseph Reynolds McCance, Penn 
and Dallas Sis., Pittsburs. Pa. 

Daniel Bussler Shumway, 3809 
Hamilton St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business. University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

•Benton Harris Whaley. (Died 


William Spencer Carter, M. D., 
Dean of Medical Faculty, Uni- 
versity of Texas, Galveston, Tex. 

John George Klemm, Jr., 420 Ar- 
cade Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Benjamin Brentnall Lathbury, B. 
S., C. E., Rosemont, Pa.; busi- 
ness. 800 L.and Title Bldg., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Harrison Wainrlght Latta, D. S., 

C. E.; business, 1319 Pennsylvania 
Bldg.; ros. 4722 Springfield Ave., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Oscar Menton Richards, M. D., 607 
Berwick St., Easton, Pa. 

John Watson Shaw, M. D., 14.'>3 
Rhode Island Ave., Washington, 

D. C. 


David Guy Anderson, The Coving- 
ton, Philadelphia, Pa.; business, 
221 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa- 
James Lord Bernard, 263 Jefferson 

St., Manayunk, Pa. 
Herbert Butler Clearwater, Scran- 
ton, Pa. 
Henry Delaplaine, Merlon, Pa- 
John Brennan Haden, Affll. Tenn. 
B, Physician, Galveston, Tex. 

•Herbert Rutherford Hogg. (Died 

Philip Eugene Howard, 1031 Wal- 
nut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Cheater Hughes Kirk. B. S., Arciil- 

tect, 150 Nassiiu St., Res., 10 E. 

33d St.. New York, N. Y. 
George Francis Levan, A. B., 629 

N. 40th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Charles Joseph McFadden, M.D., 13 

N. Main St., PltUton, Pa. 

Edward Adams Shumway, 1640 
Green St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business, 2007 Chestnut St., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa- 
Lewis Summerl Somers, M. D., S354 

N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
James Mortimer West, Jr., 527 
Hansberry St. Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business. Real Elstate Trust 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
James Charles Ziegler, 4711 Wind- 
sor Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business, 221 Locust St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Alonzo Church, Washington, D. C 

Joseph Eklmund Enich, 2067 N. $Sd 
St., Overbrook, Pa.; buslneM, 
607 Mutual Life Bldg., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

•George James Fox. (Died 1899.) 

Edwin Stauffer Gault, 769 N. 4Sd 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clifton Maloney, 3310 Baring St., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; business, 405 
Betz Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Romalne Ricker, D. D. S., 
107% S. Fifth St., Waco, Tex. 

Charles Jacob Seem, 1716 10th 
Ave., Greely, Col. 

•William Gamble Young. (Died 


John Edward Breen, C. E., 600 E. 
New York Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
res. Church St., Richmond Hill, 
New York City. 

Henry Cartwrlght Burr, 2208 Lo- 
cust St., Philadelphia, Pa.; busi- 
ness, 310 Chestnut St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Henry Paul Busch, 1006 Spruce St., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; business, 616 
Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa- 
Walter Isaac Cooper, 1819 Spring 
Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business. West End Trust Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Frank Penrose Croft, Merlon, Pa.; 
business, 33d and Market Sts., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Parke Hill Davis, Easton, Pa. 

John Ervin CSensemer, Affll. Ohio 
A, 5016 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, 



Pa.; business, 1102 Crozer Bldg.. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

•PhlUp Fitzpatrlck Heraty. (Died 

James Clarke Moore, Jr., B. S., 
Manager; business, 3d and Wal- 
nut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.; res. 
3907 Spruce St. 

Walter Roberts, A. B., M. D., 33 
S. 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

*George Emmett Ilughes Stuart. 
(Died 1894.) 

William Howard Ulsh, M. D., C36 
N. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edward Burke Wllford, B. S., M. 
E., Merlon, Pa.; manufacturer, 
1228 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Erskine Wright, A. B., Clergyman, 
812 N. 41st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Charles Austin Eager Codman, 
D. D. S., 320 S. 42d St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

George Douglass Codman, A. B., LJLi. 
B.. Attorney-at-Law, 1107 Girard 
Bldg.; res. 4331 Baltimore Ave., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Irving Woodward HoUingshead, M. 
D., 123 S. 18th St., Philadelphia. 

James Charles Murtagh, West 
Chester, Pa.; business, 715 Wal- 
nut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gswin Weinberger Shelley, Con- 
tractor, 31 Union Square, New 
York City; res. 671 E. 24th St., 
Paterson, N. J. 

Francis John Tucker, Thurlow, Pa. 

George Post Wheeler, A. B., M. A., 
Lltt. D., Diplomat, Authors' Cluo, 
New York, N. Y.; res. Tokyo, 

William S. Wray, M. D., 114 S. 18th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Craig Atmore, B. S., Manufacturer, 
110 Tasker St.; res. 1001 Pine St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Phillips Chase, Citizens' 
National Bank Bldg., Parkers- 
burg, W. Va. 

Henry Conrad Fritz, 1005 Jefferson 
St., Wilmington, Del. 

Christopher Albert Gray. 

Howell Ross Hanson, 3604 Baring 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kenjiro Matsumoto, Moji Buzen, 

Robert Philip McReynolds, B. S., 
3722 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

William Hartshorno Miller, B. S., 
Agent Boston & Philadelphia S 
S. Co., Ive's Wharf, India St., 
I*i-ovidonce, R. I. 

Seyichiro Terashima, B. S., 
Secretaire Partlculier, de Mlnlstre 
des Affaires Estrangeres, Foreign 
Office, Tokio, Japan; res. 26 Ha- 
raikamiishi, Ushigomekee, Tokio, 


Matthew Balrd Barkley, Charles- 
ton, S. C. 

James Warner Butterworth, 66 
Westview St., Germantown, Pa. 

Guy Malcolm Byrkit, Affll. la. A, 

George Lockhart Darte, Affll. Pa.A, 
181«6. Associate Managing Editor 
and Secretary of the Nctcs-Demo- 
crat. The News Bldg.; res. 610 
Elm wood Ave., Povldence, R. I. 

Henry Norton June, New York. 
N. Y. 

•Harrison Goff Kimball. (Died 

Walter Wesley McCarty, D. D. S., 
517 Walnut St; res. 1113 High 
St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Edward Morwltz West, care of 
yew York Times, 42nd and 
Broadway, N. Y. 

James Henderson Young, 315 S. 
22d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Joseph Thomas Buxton, 118 34th 
St.. Newport News, Va., Affll. N. 
C. B., 1894. 

John Colton Deal, 5301 Haver- 
ford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Erskine Birch E^ssig, 26 Liberty 
St. New York. 

Wilbur Morse, Harrlsburg, Pa. 

Albert Dallam O'Brien, New York. 
N. Y. 

Arthur Ebbs WlUauer, 78 W. 85tb 
St, New York, N. Y. 



Algernon ESyre ABhbumer, 126 

Sprincfleld Ave., Chestnut HIU, 

Joseph Pollit Barker, The Majestic, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Frank Ardary Cralff, Physician, 

732 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Lyman Benajah HoUlnffshead, N. 

E. comer 18th and Sansom Sts., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Harry Lawson, 6510 Wayne Ave., 

Oermantown, Pa.; business 19 S. 

3d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
William Adams McClenthan, Cler- 
gyman, 20th and Cherry Sts., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Horace Stanton Morrison, 1926 

Wallace St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Horace Rushton Moses, 6405 Pine 

St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
John Shreeve Wise, Jr., Auburn, 

N. Y. 


William Bryant Cutts, 18S Broad 
St., Providence, R. L 

William Mercereau Davison, Jr., 
30 Pelham Rd., Oermantown, 
Pa.; business, 911 Stephen Oirard 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

•Daniel StUtz Dorey. (Died 1900.) 

William Brooke Lessig, 808 Land 
Title BldfiT., Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Dlehl Lober, B. S. in M. 
B., Sec. and Treas. Vulcanite 
Portland Cement Co., 1230 Land 
Title Bldg.. Philadelphia, Pa.; 
res. 119 Argryle Road, Ardmore, 

Harry Slocum McKinley, LL. B., 
Attorney-at-Law, 434 Diamond 
St., Pittsburg, Pa.; res. Thorn- 
burg, Pa. 

•Hiram MiUer, Jr. (Died 1900.) 

Teizo Nagayo, Tokyo, Japan. 

Herman White Reynolds, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Paul Rajrmond Siegel, B. S. in 
Arch., Architect, 1105 Schofleld 
Bldg.; res. "The Glencaim," Bil- 
lings Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Louis Mulford Stiles, 1804 N. 89th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ralph Waldo Smith, 707 St J0Mi>li 
Blvd., FOrt Wayne, Ind. 

Andrew Maloney Stokes, Real Es- 
tate Broker, 1118 Land Title 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 


James Harvey Baldwin, 1527 
Morris St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Albert Nicholson Garrett, LL. B., 
Swarthmore, Pa.; business 808 
Bailey Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Francis Brinton Jacobs, 834 S. 
19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Henry Outland, Jr., Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

William Thackara Read, 614 
Cooper St., Camden, N. J.; busi- 
ness, 106 Market St., Camden, 
N. J. 

•Wilson Stilz, died 1900. 

Seisaburo Yasakawa, Mojl Buxen, 


John Henry Radey Acker, 1607 N. 
15th St, Philadelphia, PA.; bual- 
ness, 910 Penn Square Bldg.* 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edwin Henry BrevUller, 181 B. 
10th St, Erie, Pa. 

Sidney Alexander Chalfant, 428 N. 
Highland Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Harry Goodrich Dlefendorf, B. S., 
Manager Bay State Machine Co., 
Brie, Pa. 

Roscoe Francis Fertig, 2817 Scarff 
St, Los Angeles, Cat 

John Paterson Gardiner, M. D., 
Surgeon, 1134 Superior St; res. 
Hotel Madison, Toledo, O. 

Thomas Gucker, Jr., 8422 Hamil- 
ton St., Philadelphia, Pa.; busi- 
ness. Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Frank McCulley Hardt 8229 Pow^ 
ton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.; busi- 
ness. National Bank of N. Liber- 
ties, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Leon Caspar Long, 728 N. Negley 
Ave., I'lttsburg, Pa. 

Richard C. Long, 400 Grant St, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Thaddeus Brew McClain, 8718 Wal- 
nut St., Philalelphia, Pa.; busi- 
ness, 17th and Filbert Sts., Phlki- 



Harold Thompflon Moore, 4686 Pa- 

laskl Ave., Germantown, Pa. 
Ira Stover Myers, A. B., AffL Pa. 

A, 622 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, 

Clement E^smond Paxson, B. S. in 

E. B., Engrineer, 722 12th St., 

N. W., Washington, D. C; res. 

The Savoy. 
Frank Alonzo Poole, Ixmir Branch, 

N. J. 
Bradford Newcomb Stevens, Tis- 

kllwa, m. 
James Harris Warthman, 21 Pel- 
ham Rd., Oermantown, Pa.; 

business, 1631 North Second St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Jeremiah Boone Wlntersteen, M. 

D., 417 Chester Ave., Moores- 

town, N. J. 

Joseph Hutton DeFrees, Warren, 

David Walker Jayne, 629 Hans- 
berry St., Hflrmantown, Pa. 

Richard VanSelons Mattlson, Jr., 
Ambler, Pa. 

Calvin Hudson M'Cauley, Jr., 801 
W. 4th St, Wllliamsport. Pa. 

William Frederick Metsger, Hamil- 
ton Ct., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harold Bomemann Beitler, 1616 
Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa.| 
business, 812 Penn Square Bldir^ 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles McClure Doland, M. D., 848 
HUllard St., Spokane, Wash. 

Charles Warren Davis Duval, 
Boston City Hospital, Boston, 

Clarence Allison Qodschalk, 2016 
Green St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business, 240 N. Broad St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Frederick Abraham Hartunff, M. 
D., 171 71st St., Res., 2708 
Broadway, New Yoric 

Joel Henry Hildebrand, Wayne, Pa. 

William Boothby Kusrler, The New- 
port. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Penn-Gaskell Skillem, Jr., Phy- 
sician, 241 South 18th St., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Liewis Walker, Jr., MeadvUleb Pa. 

George Austin Wyeth, Physician, 
8400 Walnut St, Philadelphia, 

James Paul Austin, 287 S. 18th 

St, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edward Thomas Davis, Jr., 7 8 
88th St, Philadelphia, Pa.; busi- 
ness, 411 N. American St, Philap 
delphia. Pa. 

Burton Sill DeFrees, Warren, Pa. 

Bernard Charles Dorset AflU. Wis. 
A, 330 South Sixth St., La Crosse, 

Floyd Elwood Keene, Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania Hospital, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Benjamin Harrison Ludlow, 
Swarthmore, Pa.; business, 1800 
Bets Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Howard Earle Pepper, 284 South 
Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edward Hilton Sutton, Pres. Na- 
tional Cutlery Co.. Detroit, Mich.; 
res. 86 Palmer Ave., B., Detroit 


Rollin Cantwell Bortle, A. B., B. 
S., 1010 S. 46th St, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; bushiess, care N. W. Halsey 
& Co., Bankers, Real Estate 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Louis Schumann Bruner, B. S. In 
C. B., 1721 N. 18th St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Edwin Henry FiUer, H, 1680 Wal- 
nut St., Philadelphia, Pa. ^ 

Haslett Gardiner Hall, B. S., Bank- 
ing, North American Bldg., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.; res. Ridley Park, 

Walter Keller Hardt 8808 Powel- 
ton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business, Logan Hall, University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 

Julian Arthur Hilton Paine, Hone- 
oye, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

Joslah Richards, 1726 1st Ave., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Malcolm Irvin Davis, 11 S. 88th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

William GUflllan Gardiner, Jr., 
1466 Brie St, Toledo, O. 



Charles Brooks Gucker, 3422 Ham- 
ilton St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business, 32d and Powelton Ave., 
Philadolphi:i, Pa. 

Charles Anthony McCarey, 3706 
Ix> St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business S. R. cor. 38th and Mar- 
ket Sts., Philadelphia. Pa. 

George Henry McMaster, 1110 W. 
LeliiKh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

J.!m«'8 lU-afty Turnbull, Jr., Affll. 
Pa. Kta. l'l» Orn*lda St., L'ticii, 
N. Y. 

John Harry York, Bristol, Pa. 

tHenry Lewis Appleton, 3414 Spring 
Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

tWilbur Jones Collins, 1545 N. 12th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

tGeorge Andreas Dieterle, 3141 
Bishop St., Cincinnati, O. 

tJohn William Hardt, 3303 Powel- 
ton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

tJohn Gibson Hendrie, 3601 Chest- 
nut St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

tRayniond Mason Hobbs, 309 N. 
Hickory St., Jollet. 111. 

tAlden Rodney I^udlow, Swarth- 
more. Pa. 

tRaymond Wilmer Welsh, 3413 Bar- 
ing St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

tRaymond Blaino Tobias, 103 N. 
Chestnut St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 


T. El wood Allison, Wallingford, Pa, 
Carl Christian Block, 511 Moss 

Ave., Peoria, 111. 
Hayo Henry Block, 511 Moss Ave., 

Peoria, 111. 
Lewis Van Court, 3534 N. Broad 

St., PhiLidelphia, Pa. 
tCharles Smith Bllyeu, 1844 N. 12th 

St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


tin active chapter 1905-1906. 

tAdam Southern Conway, 1811 
Green St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

tRoy James Gardiner, 1456 Brie St., 
Toledo, O. 

tSamuel Davis Hawley II, Hamil- 
ton Court. Philadelphia, Pa. 

tRobert Rodes McGoodwin, Bowl- 
ing Green, Ky. 

tWilllam Alfred Sawyer, 1810 In- 
gersoU Ave.. Des Moines, Iowa. 

tSidney Livingston Stine, 601 
Stickney Ave, Toledo, O. 


Charles Kllis Goodwin (L. '05), The 

N<*w Hingham. Philadelphia, Pa. 
tZachary Taylor Hall, Jr., Ridley 

Park, Pa. 
John Brllpau de Hamel, Merchant- 

vllle, N. J. 
Donald Hendrie, 3601 Chestnut St., 

Philadelphia, Pa, 
tRiheiJi Iwaya, Toksro, Japan. 
tShunzo Takaki, Tokyo, Japan. 


tTetsuma Akahoshi, Azabu, Tokyo, 

tWilliam Frazier Bilyeu, 1844 N. 

12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
tJamcs Laird Brown, Jr., Lancaa- 

ter, P*a. 
tJohn Yea t man Huber, Jr., 1419 N. 

Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
tArthur Kitson, 213 W. Upaal St., 

Germantown, Pa. 
tHenry Jacob Klaer, Milford, Pa. 
Alan Balsh Mills. 2220 Ix>cust St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
tFrancis Churchill Roflrers, 1801 

Delaware Ave., Wilmington, DeL 
tHollis Wolstenholme, 1636 Master 

St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
tSpencer Dlsston Wright, Jr., 8219 

Summer St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


South BeChleKeiii, Penntyivanla 


Frank Brunner. 

H. C. Wll8on. 


Milton Henry Fehnel, B. 8., A. C, 
Chemist, Mana^rer of the Idaho 
Sugar Ck>., Sugar City, Idaho. 

Otto Cornelius Buiichart, B. 8., B. 
M., C. B., Instructor In Mineral- 
ogy and Blowplplng, Liehlgh Uni- 
versity, The Sun Inn, Bethlehem, 

Charles Henry Miller, C. B., Bn- 
glneer of River Protection, Mo. 
Pac Ry., St. Louis, Mo. 

Ralph Putnam Barnard, C. B., IX*. 
B.. LL. M., Lawyer, 1011 O St., 
N. W., Washlnerton, D. C 

William Fairchlld Dean, Affll. 
N. Y. A, Thompson-Hoaston Co., 
115 Broadway, New York City. 

John Joseph Lincoln, C. B., Chief 
Ehig. and Supt. Croser Land As- 
sociation, Blkhom, W. Va. 

Thomas Franklin Newby, Manager 
Harrlsburg Roll Grinding and 
Corrugating Co., 421 South St., 
Harrlsburg, Pa. 

Augustus Thompson Throop, C B., 
Consulting Bnglneer, 706 Buffalo 
Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Bdwln Herbert Beasell, C. B., Supt. 
of Fbrt Pitt Bridge Works, 468 
EHla St., Station D, Canonsburg, 

Frank Rasrmond Coates, B. S., BL 
M., Vice President and Secretary 
of The Thos. Plue Co., 819 Grand 
Central Station; res. 5668 Wash- 
lnerton Ave., Chicago, HI. 

Theodore Alfred Straub, O. B., 
Ylce-Presldent and General Man- 

ager ]B\>rt Pitt Bridge Works, 
Canonsburg, Pa. 

Charles Cookman Tompklnson, C 
B., M. B., with A. D. Granger ft 
Co., 96 Liberty St., New Yoiic; 
Residence, 120 Grove St., Plain- 
field, N. J. 


^Walter Frederick Burden, died 
1889, Washington, D. C 

Alban Elavenson, A. C, Chemist, 
Bavenson & Levering, 217 At- 
lantic Ave., Camden, N. J.; res. 
12th St. and Oak Lane, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Flts-Danlel Brmentrout, LL. B., 
Lawyer, 534 Washington St., 
Reading, Pa. 

John Zollinger Miller, B. B., Man- 
ager and Supt. of Mutual Tele- 
phone Co., 444 W. Seventh St., 
Brie, Pa. 

William Taylor Patterson, Ma- 
hanoy City, Pa. 


Howard Weldner Du Bols, 4686 
Regent St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thanlow GJertsen, C B., Manager 
Standard Building Const. Co.; 
res. 10th St. and Duquesne Way, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Charles Tyler Mosman, B. B., Bn- 
glneer, (general Blectrlo Co., 84 
State St., Boston; res. Winches- 
ter, Mass. 


Herman Renner Bllckle, C B., Sec- 
retary and Chief Bnglneer, Fort 
Pitt Bridge Works, Canonsburg, 

George Milton Curtis, Jr., LL. R, 
Attorney, 98 Nassau St., New 
York, N. T. 

John Joy Bdson, Jr., 1008 F St., N. 
W., Washington, D. C 




Robert Foster Qadd, C. E.. Con- 
tractingr Engineer for New Efigr- 
land, Ijevcringr & Oarrigrues Co., 
552-554 W. 23rd St., New York. 
N. Y.; res. Station A, Hartford, 

Philip Kind, Athletic Director. 
University of Wisconsin, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Schuyler Brush Knox, C. E., ESaat- 
em Agrent Fort Pitt Bridge 
Works, 45 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y.; res. Standish Arms, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frederick Chandler Mathewson, 
Shelton, Wash. 

Floyd Kipp Smith, Affll. N. Y. A, 
Sharon, Pa. 

*Wlnfleld Lemuel Warner. Died 
at Saxanac Lake, N. Y., Feb. 
28, 1904. 

Charles Drake Westcott, LL. M.. 
D. C. L., Affll. N. Y. A, Assistant 
IT. S. Attorney, Dept. of Justice, 
Washlngrton, D. C. 


William Maclay Bard, E. E., Stat- 
istician Inserter Bureau War De- 
partment, care Mutual Ins. Co., 
902 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W., 
Washinerton. D. C. 

Benjamin Franklin Cresson, Jr., 
Resident Kng. Pa. N. Y. A L. I. 
R. R., 1 West 34th St.; res. 127 
W. 47th St., New York, N. Y. 

Walter Jules Dougrlass. C. E., As- 
sistant Enipineer to Ehisineerlngr 
Commission. 1412 29th St., Wash- 
InfiTton, D. C. 

Luther Lay Oadd, E. E., Leverlngr 
& Garrigues, 552 W. 23d St., 
New York City. 

Fletcher Deckerman Hallock, E. E., 
with Westingrhouse Elec. & Mfgr. 
Co., Amber Club, 260 Shady Ave.; 
Plttsburgr, Pa. 

Edward Kent Leech, Banker and 
Broker. 209 Penna. Bldflr.; res. 
4039 Locust St., Philadelphia. Pa, 

William Miller Purman, Affll. N. Y. 
A, Washington, D. C. 

Everett Pike Van Mater. Affll. N. 
y. A, Attorney, Box 96 Passaic. 
N. J. 

Georse Brinkerhoff Van Rlper» 
Rutherford, N. J., 

Beekman Du Barry, Jr., Highland 

Falls, Orange Co., N. T. 
Edward Avery MoOhenny. ATery* 

Charles Frederick Townsend, B. B., 
Architect, with Brown 4b Von 
Beren, 421 Exchange Bldg., New 
Ilaven, Conn. 


Daniel William Yost BUem, C B., 
Manager Berlin Plant, American 
Bridge Co., E. Berlin, Conn. 

Benjamin Franklin Bossert, C B., 
with Phoenix Bridge Co., 816 
HaU St., PhoenizviUe, Pa. 

Frederick Allyn DaboU, C B., Man- 
ager for Charles Warner Go.. 816 
Land Title Bldg.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.; 805 Highland Ave., West 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Morris Greenwood, En- 
gineer, 114 Liberty St., Ne(W 
York. N. Y. 

Charles Parker Wagoner, C B., 
ESngineer, with Ritter-Conley 
Bianufacturlng Co., 55 Water St., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 


Frank Taber Barr, 8228 Powelton 
Ave., W. Philadelphia, Pa. (laat 
known address). 

Charles Schwartse Bowers, B. B., 
Secretary and BCanager Keystone 
Silk Weaving Co., 1606 N. 16th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Erie Reiter Hannum, Mining Eki- 
gineering, S. Second St., Potts- 
viUe, Pa. 

John Peake Resmolds, Jr., M. B., 
Mechanical Engineer. Dept. of 
Water Supply, Oas and Elec- 
tricity, New York, N. Y.; res. 
117 E. 7th St., Plainfleld, N. J. 

•Woodford Rosrce. 

Auguste I..eopold Saltsman, M. B., 
Consulting Engineer and General 
Superintendent, Alpha Mfg. Co., 
31 E. 17th St., New York, N. Y.; 
rcjs. 16 Wilcox Place, B. Orange, 
N. J. 

Arthur Harold Serrell, B. B., with 
L. W. BerreU 4b Bon, SoUoltors 



of American and Foreign Pat- 
ent8» 87 Nassau 8t, New York 
City; res. 7 Agate Court, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 
Paul Beno Straub, E. B., Supt of 
Erection, Fort Pitt Bridge Works, 
510 House Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 


Marion Arminius Nagle, Superin- 
tendent Nagle Engine and Boiler 
Works, 2113 Sassafras St., Brie, 
Pa.; res. Elmlra, N. Y. 

Daniel Franklin Boyer Shepp, C. 
E., Engineer Lehigh Coal and 
Navigation Co., Tamaqua, Pa. 

Martin Shaaff Stockett, B. A., Rec- 
tor Calvary Church, Tamaqua, 
Pa.; Residence, 246 Broad St., 
Tamaqua, Pa. 

Richard Albert Turner, inectrlclan, 
S06 Lafayette St., Brooklyn, N. 
Y. ; Residence, Willimantic Conn. 

Richard Charles Becerra, Jr., A. C, 

Port of Spain, Trinidad. 
Robert Maximilian Straub, C. B., 
Secretary Westmoreland Steel 
Co., 4921 Forbes St., Pittsburg, 


Andrew Thomas Brice, E. B., Elec- 
trical Engineer, 27 Howard St.; 
res. 165 E. 80th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

John James Brice, C. B., Civil 
Engineer, care Brlce & Cholet, 
27 Howard St.; Residence 165 B. 
80th St., New York, N. Y. 

William Brush Grubbe, C. E., Dept. 
of Public Works, Borough of 
Richmond, New Brighton; res. 1 
Trinity Place, W. New Brighton, 
N. Y. 


Samuel Thomas Harleman, M. B.. 
Lehigh Valley R. R. Co., Sayre, 
Pa.; Permanent Address, 117 
Hospital Place, Sayre, Pa. 

Herman Arnold Straub, Bacteriolo- 
gist, 5216 Liberty Ave., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

George William Welsh, B. B., care 
N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R., Room 

1282 Grand Central Station, New 
York, Jl. Y. 

Edwin Benton Wilkinson, A. C, 
with New Jersey Zinc Co. (of 
Pa.), Palmerton, Pa. 

John S. Hegeman, M. EL, Drafts- 
man, Bethlehem Steel Co., Wall 
and New Sts., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Gay Breton Leroux, CivU Bngineer, 
W. M. R. R., Cumberland, Md. 

Paul Helsel Smith, E. E., Westing- 
house Eaectrlc and ManufEUStur- 
Ing Co., Room 1004 New England 
Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio; res. 161 
Monroe St., Butler, Pa. 


George Carlton Beck, A. C, In- 
structor in Chemistry, Lehigh 
University, 414 Wyandotte St, 
South Bethlehem, Pa. 

John Dallas, with L. V. R. R., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

John Anistaki Schults, Druggist, 
204 Academy St., Trenton, N. J. 

Albert Bromer Schwenk, Bank 
Clerk, Schwenksville, Pa. 

Harold Grant Bonner, M. E., As- 
sistant Mechanical ESnglneer, Ber- 
wind-Whlte Coal Mining Co., 
Windber, Pa. 

Milton Burnett Cory, E. M., Affll. 
Minn. A. EI Cobre Mines, Santi- 
ago, Cuba. 

Herbert Joseph Hartzog, B. 8., 
Affll. Pa. Z, 414 Wyandotte St., 
South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Ramsey Daniel Kavanaugh, M. B., 
Park Hotel, Williamsport, Pa. 

Edgar McCrorey Mack, C. E., with 
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co., 
Windber, Pa. 

John McCleary, Jr., C. B., with 
Fort Pitt Bridge Works, Canons- 
burg, Pa.; or Green Ave., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Charles Leonard Orth, E. B., West- 
Inghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., B. 
Pittsburg, Pa.; res. 1006 Mary- 
land Ave., N. E., Washington, 
D. C. 

Jonathan Emmett Sheesley, with 
Morrisdale Coal Co., Real Estate 
Trust Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.; 



1229 Seybert St., Philadelphia, 



Oliver Morris Evans, Jr., Lansdale, 

Wm. Carson Kline, North Wales, 



•George Herbert McKeand Adams. 

Oliver Warren Badcrley, Student, 
Trinity College, 16 Seabury Hall, 
Hartford, Conn. 

tHart Blayney Daugherty, C. B., 
Indiana, Pa. 

tMarvIn White Singer, M. E.. 465 
Walnut St., South Bethlehem, Pa. 

George Strobrldge, Student, Colum- 
bia University, 317 E. 118th St; 
Residence, 141 W. 4th St., New 
York City. 

James Bcatty Tumbull, Student, 
University of Pennsylvania, 29 
Oneida St., Utica, N. Y. 

tJohn Harvey Wallace, M. B., 8716 
Spring Garden St., West Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Charles William Blazer, 714 N. 

Front St., Allentown, Pa- 
Prank Leslie Dorr, Student, Ohio 
Northern College; Permanent 
Address. Indiana, Pa. 
tJohn Faber Hanst, E. M., King- 
wood, W. Va. 


tin Active Chapter, 1906-06. 

tRobert Loxite LafCrander, A. G.» 

SayvlUe, L. L. N. Y. 
WiUiam McCleary, with Lehlsh 

R. R. Co.; Phi Delta Theta 

House, South Bethlehem, Pa.; 

Permanent Address, School Lane, 

German town, Philadelphia, Pa. 
tEdgar Raymond Treverton, B. ES., 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Coe Louis Smith, Hamburg, N. J. 
tAlbert John Spaeth, C. E., 821S 

Engleside St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Fred Palmer Bates. AfflL Pa. 6, 720 
West 3d St., Williamsport, Pa. 

tJames Means Fair, C. B., Salts- 
burg, Pa. 

tEdmund Duryea Johnstone, C. "EL, 
216 3d St., Jersey City, N. J. 

Andrew Craig Pierce, AfBl. Pa. A, 
638 Madison Ave., McKeesi>ort, 

tHumphrey Dillon Smith, C. B., 
3226 Powelton Ave., West Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

tClarence Louis Stein, C. B., But- 
ler, Pa. 

tWilllam Brenizer Stltes, C. B., 
Elkins Park, Pa. 


Paul Brown Cosgrrove, Hastings, 

fThomas Coyle, Jr., Ch. B., Weath- 

erly. Pa. 
tFrank Leonard Ounzenhauser, A. 

C, Lancaster, Pa. 


Stat* College, Pennsylvaiik 


Ralph Waldo Bowers, B. S., ABsidt- 

ant ErectinsT Enerineer for York 

Mfgr. Co., York, Pa, 
Thomas Junk Bryson, B. 8., Civil 

Engineeringr, 704 First National 

Bank Bide:., Uniontown, Pa. 
Norman Greenawalt Miller, B. S.. 

A^rriculture, Dept. of ZoOlo^y; 

res. 705 Capitol St., HarrisbursTr 

Paul Olin Noble, B. 8., Eaectrical 

Engineeringr* 14 N. Ferry 8t., 

Schenectady, N. T. 


Leroy Warrick Cooper, Civil Bn- 
erlneer, Greensburgr, Pa. 

John C. Cosgrove, Mining Enffi- 
neeringr. Grant P. O., Pa. 

John Dallas, AfflL Pa. H, Mechan- 
ical Engineering, 131 Franklin 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Carl Schurz Forkum, Aflil. Pa, T, 
Morgantown, W. Va. 

Howell Reiff Geib, Civil Engineer- 
ing, Marysville, Pa. 

Robert Graham Lose, B. 8., with 
Trussed Concrete Steel Co., Pitts- 
burg; res. 405 Pitt St.. Wilklns- 
burg, Pa, 


Robert Morris Carson, Business, 
Lawndale Station, Philadelphia. 

tClyde Emanuel Culp, Mechanical 
Engineering, York, Pa, 

tWilllam Reynolds Fleming, Chem- 
istry, 578 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

tWalter Yerkes Heaton, Mechanical 
Engineering, Southampton, Bucks 
County, Pa. 


George James Bailey, Civil Engi- 
neering, West Chester, Pa. 

tHubert Andrew Brady, Mining Bn- 
gineering, Emporium, Pa. 

tHoward Perrott Dawson, Civil Bn- 
gineering, 1208 Ninth Ave., Beaver 
Falls, Pa, 

Harry Kempfleld Dimelow, Mining 
Engineering, York, Pa. 

Wilhelm Gotthart Felmeth, Chem- 
istry, Moravia, Pa. 

tCharles Randolph Garrett, Mining 
Engineering, 34th and Alnslle 
Sts., Philadelphia, 

tJohn Perkenpine Hand, Electrical 
Engineering, 1014 Washington 
St., Cape May, N. J. 

tFrank Octave Leitzell, Mechanical 
Engineering, ISO R St, N. B., 
Washington, D. C. 

tRalph James Smith, Civil Bn- 
gineering, Sunbury, Pa. 

tRaymond Swenk, Civil Engineer- 
ing, Sunbury, Pa. 

tFred Palmer Bates, AflU. Pa, H, 
Chemistry, 720 W. Third St., 
Williamsport, Pa, 

tJohn Malcolm Coleman, Mechan- 
ical Engineering, ReynoldsviUe, 

Durbin Laurie Gray, C. E., for N. 
Y. C. R. R., 421 Pearl St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

tJohn Thompson Henry, Mining 
Engineering, Martha Furnace, 

Charles Francis Hirst, Mining Bfai- 
gineering, Reynoldsville, Fa. 

Frank Vance McConkey, Medical 
Student; res. York, Pa, 

Donald McCormlck Scott, Mining 
Engineering, 410 N. Pittsburg St, 
Connelflvllle, Pa.; Permanent Ad- 
dress, Oseawana-on-Hudson, N. 

tClyde Emanuel Orwig, Bleetrieal 
Engineering; MlflUnburg, Fa. 




tBourdon Walter Scribner, Chem- 
istry, Rldffeway, Pa. 

Arthur Whittoker Tinker, Affll. Pa. 
r, Civil Ensrineerinsr. State Col- 
legre. Pa.; res. The Nonnandle 
Hotel, ColumbuB, O. 

tJoseph Wallace Allen, Electrical 
Engrineerlng, New Gaatle, Pa. 

tPaul Hamilton Carpenter, Mining 
Ehiglneerlng, Sharon, Pa. 

tFrank Dllley Cooner, BleetrlOAl 
Engineering, Wataontown, Fa. 

tBurt E. Leonard, AfflL Pa. V, Min- 
ing EiUgineering, Birmingham, 

tFrank Barton Miller, AflU. Pa. P, 
Mining Engineering, Bellovue. 

tJames Skinner Miller, Jr.. Me- 
chanical Engineering, Rldgewmy, 

tin active chapter, 1906-1906. 



Montreal, Coiuria 


Archibald John Dickson, B. A., M. 

D., C. M., Rapid City, Man. 
Pierre Alfred Landry, B. A., B. Sc, 
Civil Engineer, with Grand Trunk 
Pacific Ry. Co.; res. Dorchester, 
N. B., Canada. 
James Alexander Mcintosh, M. D., 

C. M., Vankleek Hill, Ont. 

Charles Rowlands, B. Sc., Otto, Pa. 

Joseph Hodder Stovel, B. Sc., 

Miningr Engineer, Mammoth, 


William Horseman Thorpe, B. Sc, 

Buffalo, N. T. 
Edwin Binerham Tilt, B. Sb., Mont- 
real, Canada. 

Bowman Comlnff Crowell, B. A., M. 
D., C M., Assistant Pathologist, 
City Hospital, Biackwell's Island, 
New York. 
William Flockhart Drysdale, B. S., 
care American Locomotive Co.; 
res. 106 Park Ave., Schenectady, 
N. T. 
James Albert Faulkner, B. A., M. 

D., C. M., Foxboro, Ont. 
Lyman Craig Lauchland, B. A., M. 
D., C. M., Royal Victoria Hos- 
pital, Montreal, Quebec 
Charles Albert Richardson, M. D., 
C. M., Kings County Hospital, 
Brooklyn, N. T.; residence, 68 W. 
98d St., New York City, N. Y. 
Albert Clifton Sellery. Ph. B., C. 
M., Physician and Surgeon, Long 
Beach, CaL 
William Warwick, M. D., C M., 
Physician, 110 Charlotte St., St. 
Johns, N. B. 

David Stanley Likely, B. A., M. D., 
C. M., City Hospital, BlackweU's 
Island, N. Y. 

John Alexander McDonald, B. A., 

M. D.. C. M. 
Alfred Allan Putnam, B. Sc, 40 

S. Park St, Halifax, N. S. 
Ernest Evelyn Sinclair, M. D., C. 

M., Summerside, P. E. I. 
William Harry Wood, M. D., C. M., 

Phi Delta Theta House, Montreal, 



Elmore McLellan Benedict, 240 Uni- 
versity St., Montreal. 
tOordon Thorburn Brown, Medi- 
cine, Danville, Quebec 
tStanley John Crocker, Arts, St 

Thomas, Ont 
John Goodal Dickenson, B. A., As- 
sistant Superintendent McAdoo 
Tunnel. 98 Hudson St., Jersey 
City. N. J.; res. 810 W. 80th 
St.. New York, N. Y. 
Henry Reld Emmerson, Jr., B. A., 
Canada Cycle and Motor Co., 
Toronto Junction, Ont 
tMelville Louis Hlbbard, Science, 

Famham, Que. 
tGeorge Elliott Housser, Arts, Port- 
age la Prairie, Man. 
tStephen Gibbon Newton, Science, 

Sherbrooke, Quebec 
tChester Harold Payne, Arts. Ot- 
tawa, Ont 
Alphonso Lester Sharp. Dominion 
Coal Co:. Glace Bay, Cape 
Breton. N. S. 
tSimpson James Shepherd, Law, 
Calgary, Alberta. 


tGeorge Edward Bell, Science, St 
Thomas, Ont. 

tWilliam Skelton Garcelon, Medi- 
cine, 868 Turner St, Auburn, Me. 

tHarold MottAt Haughton, Science, 
Cavalier's House, Kingston, 




tArthur Raymond Imndry, Medi- 
cine, Dorchester, N. B. 

tHenry Le Baron Peters, Medicine, 
218 Kinsr SL, St John, N. B. 

'Archibald Fumlval Prlngrle. 

Alexander Harold Taylor, Goderich, 


Howard Moir Archibald, 4116 Sher- 
brooke St, Westmont Quebec 

Ernest Hastings Jordan, Goderich, 


tCharles Victor Brennan, Science, 

Summerslde, P. SJ. L 
tVlctor Elliott Dawson, Science, 

Ottawa, Ont 
tCharles Wales Drysdale, Science, 

952 Dorchester St, MontreaL 

tAlan Hach Neva E^ennedy, Madl- 
cine. Fort McLieod, Alberta. 

tRalph Edmund Powell, B. A., 
Medichie, Sackville, N. B. 

tCecU Middleton Ross, Seleooe, Ot- 
tawa, Ont 

tWalter Robert Lorimer BlMnki^ 
Arts, Fltchburg, Mass. 


tEdward Stirling Blanchard, Char- 
lottetown, P. E. L 

tAlfred Hector Dion, Ottawa, Out 

tWilfred Andrew Landry, Dor- 
chester, N. B. 

tWllliam Woisey Rasrmo&d, St. 
John, N. B. 

William Scott Robertson, 686 Lana- 
downe Ave., Westmont, Qua. 

tOeorge Washington Smith, Mon- 
treal, Quebea 

* Deceased. 

tin active chapter 1906-6. 


ProvMence. RJiod« bknd 

William Henry Barnard, A. B., 
BuBineM, Medway, Mass. 

^Arthur EaUa Barrows, A. B. (Died, 
Rochester, liass., Aug. 4, 1890.) 

^Frederic B<verett Carpenter, A. B., 
died AprU 80, 1906. 

Arthur Cushingr. A. B., Lawyer, 19 
College St., Providence, R. L 

Horace Lincoln Day, A. B., M. D., 
Manager, Horace L. Day Com- 
pany, 28 Worth St.; residence 
101 W. 84th St., New York, N. T. 

Reginald Splnks Fife, A. B., Law- 
yer, Ft. Dearborn Bldg., Chicago. 

Sylvanus ESverett Frohock, A. B., 
Clergsrman, 64 South ICain St., 
Concord, N. H. 

William Howatt Gardner, A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D., Journalist, 105 
Church St., West Haven, Conn. 

^Charles Grant Harsock, A. B. 
(Died, Irebu, Ck>ngo, Nov. 19, 

Frank Austin Smith, A. B., Clergy- 
man, 87 SI. ICain St, Haddonfleld, 
N. J. 

Augustus Taber Swift, A. B., A. 
M., Ph. D., Teacher, English 
High School, 122 Rochambeau 
Ave., Providence, R. L 

Nathan Manchester Wright, A. B., 
Secretary Republican State CJen- 
tral Committee, 266 Webster 
Ave., Providence, R. L 


Hamilton E«dgar (Chapman, A. B., 

Clergyman, 109 Summer St., 

Worcester, Mass. 
William Thomas Green, A. B., 

Clergyman, Natick, R. L 
Albert Eugene Kingsley, A. B., 

Clergirman, 8 School St., South 

Berwick, Mass. 

William Green Jones, Clergyman, 
633 36th Ave., N. Seattle, Wash. 

Walter Harris Toung, A. M., Prin- 
cipal High School, Summer St.; 
residence, 2 Vermont Ave., South- 
ington. Conn. 


Walter Evans Andrews, A. B., 
Principcd High School, 6 Summit 
PL, Newburyport, Mass. 

Frederic Albert Greene, A. B., 
Lawyer, 412 Butler Exchange, 
Providence, R. L 

William Henry Hopkins, A. B., 
Lawyer, University (Hub, 1 W, 
54th St., New York, N. Y. 

John Derward Miner, A. B., Busi- 
ness, Main St., East Greenwich, 
R. L 


Albert Leslie Barbour, A. B., A. M., 
Superintendent of Schools, Na- 
tick, Mass. 

^Frederic Alvin Durham, A. B. 
(Died, Des Moines, la., Aug. 14, 

Charles Frederic Harper, A. B., 
Head Master High School, 104 
Putnam St, Quincy, Mass. 

Augustus Phineas Reooord, A. B., 
S. T. B., Clergyman, 207 State 
St., Springfield, Mass. 


Herbert Gould Beede, A. B., (3en. 
Supt Fales & Jenks Machine Co., 
256 High St, Pawtucket, R. L 

Robert Marshall Brown, A. B., 
A. M., Instructor State Normal 
School, 40 Windsor St, Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

Seth Howard Chace, A. B., Super- 
intendent of Schools; res. 97 18th 
St., Lowell, Mass. 

Herbert Ernest Day, Ph. B., A. M., 
Assistant Professor Galluidet 




Collegre, 8 Kendall Oreen, Waah- 
inffton, D. C. 

Edwin Bailey Dolan, A. B., Clernr- 
man, Wales, Mass. 

Harry Saint John FUmer, A. B., 
Clersryman, 332 £. Main St., Web- 
ster, Mass. 

Irvlnsr Lysander Foster, A. B., A. 
M., Professor Romance Lan- 
guaLgeB Penn. State College, State 
College, Pa. 

George Grant Hunter, A. B., Pub- 
lisher and Banker, 611 Crocker 
Bldg., Des Moines, la. 


Henry Milton Barry, A. B., A. M., 
Providence Journal, 86 Daball St.. 
Providence, R. I. 

Theodore Barton Baylies, Manager 
Hathaway's Theater, 86 Bedford 
St.. New Bedford, Mass. 

Adolph Conrad Ely, A. B., A. M., 
Teacher, Rindge Manual Training 
School. 362 Harvard St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Charles Spurgeon Nightingale, 
Clergjrman, 147 High St., Athol, 

William Boyce Northrup, N. E. 
Tel. and Tel. Co., Lowell, Mass. 

Louis Alexander Roux, A. B., 
Teacher, Newark Academy, resi- 
dence, 28 Osborne Terrace, New- 
ark, New Jersey. 


Fred David Aldrich, A. B., Teacher, 
Worcester Academy, Worcester, 

•Wm. Henry Atwood. (Died, New 
Bedford. Mass., April 8, 1903.) 

Wayland Lewis Beers, A. B., Cler- 
gyman, Gouvemeur, N. T. 

FVederic Bement, A. B., Teacher, 
Bnrant High School, Long Island 
City, Long Island, N. T., resi- 
dence, 283 Franklin Place, Flush- 
ing, N. Y. 

Arthur Llewellyn Eno, A. B., A. M., 
Instructor, University of Illinois, 
Champaign, HI. 

FVed Ellis Horton, Ph. B., Insur- 
ance and Real Estate, 87 Wey- 
basset St., Providence, R. I. 

Frederic Slocum, A. B., A. M., Ph. 
D., Assistant Profesaor of As- 
tronomy, Brown Unlversiiy, 124 
Camp St., Providence, R. L 

John Campbell Swift, A. B., 
Teacher, English High School, 64 
Moore St., Providence, R. L 


Edward Everett Bucklin, Ph. B., 
A. M., C. E., Civil Engtaioer, 
Mystic, Conn. 

Horace Paul Dormon, A. B., Law- 
yer, 1420 Chestnut Bt, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Clarence Mason Gallup, A. B., B. 
D., Clergyman, 12S Bedford 8t.» 
New Bedford, Mass. 

George Francis Green, A. B., B. 
D., Clergyman, 274 Haverhill St., 
I^wrence, Mass. 

William Herbert Kenerson, M. B., 
Associate Professor of Mechani- 
cal Engineering, Brown UnlTer- 
slty, Pennington Ave., Provi- 
dence. R. I. 

Harry Edwin Lewis, M. D., Physi- 
cian, 51 N. Union St., Bmilnff- 
ton, Vt. 

Albert Swift Morse, A. B., A. IL, 
Professor of Romance Languacea, 
Brown Universit^Ev Provldenoe, 
R. I. 

William Webster Rugg, A. B.. 
Market Gardener, 708 Ml. An- 
bum St., Water town, Mam. 

Jesse F. Smith, A. B., Librarian, 
Rangoon Baptist College, 1 Mis- 
sion Rd., Rangoon, Burmah, 


Howard Bowen Briggs, A. B.» 
Business. 11 Exchange PL, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Paul Revere Bullard, A. B, Busi- 
ness, 1 Washington St., Boston, 

Clarence Bertram Gay, M. D., Phy- 
sician, 47 Day St., Fltchburg. 

Howard Frost King, M. D., Physi- 
cian, Windsor Ct, Windsor, Conn. 

Charles Ervin Lewis, A. B., Cler- 
gyman, 70 Callender St., tlor- 
chester Center, Mass. 



Arthur MUton McCrilllB, A. B., 
Business, 11 Exchange PL, Provi- 
dence, R. L 

Francis Augustus Rugg, A. B., 
Photographer, 121 Park St., Med- 
ford, Mass. 

Herbert Lewis Swan, A. B., Affll. 
Me. A, LAwyer, 20 Halsey St., 
Providence, R. L 

Howard Mason Van Oelder, M. E., 
Electrical Engineer, 545 W. 148th 
St., or care of Westinghouse, 
Church, Kerr A Compcmy, 8 
Bridge St., New York City, N. Y. 

FVank Rowland Wheeler, A. B., A. 
M., Merchant, Mystic, Conn. 

Guy Montrose Whipple, A. B., Ph. 
D., Assistant Professor of Edu- 
cation, Cornell University, Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Charles Ehnest White, A. B., B. 
D., Clergyman, Amherst, N. H. 


Warren Eiarl Greene, Ph. B., LXt. 
B., Lawyer, 606 Providence Bldg., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Smith Lewis Multer, Ph. B., LL. 
B., Affll. N. Y. B, Lawyer, i3 
Park Row, New York, N. Y.; res. 
61 State St., East Orange, N. J. 

*John Willis Upton. (Died, Tyngs- 
boro, Mass., Dec. 18, 1898.) 

Howell George Wilcox, C. E., 
Printer, 847 Lebanon St., Mel- 
rose, Mass. 


Herbert Francis Clarke, U. S., Geo- 
logical Survey; res. 8022 R St., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Nathaniel Trull Ewer, Ph. B., 
American Dye Wood Co., Bourse 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Nathaniel Howland Oifford, A. B., 
M. D., Physician, University 
Club, Boston, Mass. 

Thomas Jefferson Griffin, Jr., Prin- 
ter and Publisher, 68 Washing- 
ton St., Providence, R. L 

Dwight HubbeU Hall, Ph. B., 
Bridgeport Hydraulic Co., 158 
Beach 8.; residence, 281 Mill 
Hill Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Harry Herman Mallory, Ph. B., 
Business, 160-168 Washington 

St., Chicago, m.; residence, 1124 
Asbury Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Thurston Mason Phetteplace, Ph. 
B., M. E., A. M., Assistant Pro- 
fessor, Mechanical Engineering. 
Brown University, Providence, 
R. I. 

Freeman Putney, Jr., A. B., New 
England Stamp Co., 12 Brom- 
fleld St., Boston, Bfass. 

Edgar Francis Viles, Waltham 
Screw Co., 16 Pond St, Wal- 
tham, Mass. 


George Giles Bass, A. B., Boston 
News Bureau, Boston, Mass. 

Ernest Harriman Boynton, Ph. B., 
Insurance and Real Estate, 87 
Smith St., Perth Amboy, N. J.; 
residence, Woodbridge, N. J. 

Lawrence V. Calder, Stock Broker, 
220 'Banigan Bldg., Providence, 
R. I.; res. Longmeadow, R. L 

Joseph Warren Downs, A. B., Stu- 
dent, Harvard Law School, 61 
Oxford bt., Cambridge, Mass. 

Henry J. Hall, A. B., A. M., Prin- 
cipal Edgewood Grammar School, 
161 Grand Ave., Edgewood, R. L 

Ralph Frederick Hanson, C. E., As- 
sistant Supervisor, Pennsylvania 
R. R., Newport, Pa, 

Charles B. Moseley, Ph. B., Manu- 
facturer, Oakland Ave., Need- 
ham, Mass. 

Arthur Edwin Norton, Ph. B., In- 
structor in Mechanical Drawing, 
Harvard University, 86 Upland 
Rd., Cambridge, Mass. 

Charles Kirtland Stillman, M. D., 
Ph. B.. Physician, Belle vue Hos- 
pital, Foot of East 26th St; resi- 
dence, 339 West 66th St., New 
York City, N. Y. 

David Edmund Truesdell, Business, 
827 Essex St., Lawrence, Mass. 

Elihu Sanford Tuttle, Ph. B., In- 
surance, 38 Upham St, Maiden, 

Clinton Chase White, A. B., Supt 
of Agents, R. I. Equitable Life 
Insurance Society; res. 11 Hud- 
son St, Providence, R. I. 




Eklwin Bowen Evans, A. B., Busl- 
neM, 858 Broadway, Providence, 
R. L 

Walter Louis Frost, A. B., LLi. 
B., Lawyer, 48 Custom House 
St.; res. 283 Ohio Ave., Provi- 
dence, R. L 

Ernest Oranfi^er Hapgood, A. B., 
Teacher, Boston Mechanic Arts 
Hlffh School, Boston; res. 19 Ter- 
race Ave., Newton Highlands, 

William R. Harvey, A. B., LL. B., 
Lawyer, 221 Thomas St., New- 
port, R. L 

Wllford Clary Lane, LL. B., U. S. 
Commissioner, U. S. Court, Au- 
grusta, Ga. 

Jesse George Melendy, B. S., Ph. 
B., Assistant Superintendent, 
General Chemical Co., 528 Lin- 
den St., Camden, N. J.; home ad- 
dress. Milford. N. H. 

Llbe Washburn, C. B., Teacher, 
1828 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 


George Burdick, A. B., Night City 
Editor, New York Tribune, 164 
Nassau St., New York City, resi- 
dence. 810 Washington Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Gonzalo Eklward Buxton, Jr., Ph. 
B., Lawyer, 1473 Broad St., Prov- 
idence, R. I. 

Luclan Lorlmer Drury, A. B., 
Teacher, Mount Hermon, Mass. 

Frederick William Greene, Jr., A. 
B., New Bedford Mercury, 85 
Russell St, New Bedford, Mass. 

Walter Knight Putney, Teacher, 
Ostervllle, Mass. 

Ray Forrest Knowlton, A. B., 
Teacher, Sutton, N. H. 

Henry Natsch, A. B., B. D., 9 
Church St., Liberty, N. Y. 

Walter Elijah Newcomb, Ph. B., 
American News Co., 5 West 125th 
St.. New York, N. Y. 

Wesley Arthur Paige, A. B., Cler- 
grsrman, Contoocook, N. H. 

Lorraine Terry Peck, Ph. B., 
Asst. Principal, Morris Academy; 

res. 141 South St., Morristown, 
N. J. 
Simon Henry Salomon, Ph. B., LI«. 
B., Attorney, care of Golds- 
borough, Warner A Sykes, 41 
Broadway, New York City; home 
address Groveton, N. H. 


Alexander Hewes Abbott, A. B., 
Clergyman, 11 E. Dayton St., 
Rldgewood, N. J. 

Murray Hubert Cann, Cattle Busi- 
ness, Camaquey, Cuba. 

Fred J. Cox, A. B., Real Estate 
and Insurance, 87 Smith St., 
Perth Amboy, N. J. 

Jeremiah Dearborn Drew, Real BSs- 
tate, 92 William St., New York, 
N. Y.; res. 192 Park St., Mont- 
clair. N. J. 

Percy Winchester Gardner, Ph. B., 
Lawyer, 75 Westmlnleter St., 
Providence, R. L 

Lewis Frederick Hall, Business, 
281 MIU HIU Ave., Bridgeport, 

Jeremiah Holmes, Ph. B., Indus- 
trial Secretary Y. M. C. A., 88S 
Main St.; residence, 909 Lafay- 
ette St.. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Arthur Lloyd Phllbrlck, Boston 
Herald, 174 Morrison Ave., West 
Somervllle, Mass. 

Leslie Hunt Sutherland, Ph. B., 
Head Master, Morris Heights 
School. Providence, R. I. 

Samuel Hall Whitley, Ph. B., Stu- 
dent, Harvard Law School, 84 
Mellen St., Cambridge, Mass. 


Bertram Harrington Buxton, A. B., 
Student, Harvard Medical Schodl, 
78 Huntington Ave., Boston, 

Noble Brandon Judah, A. B., Stu- 
dent, Northwestern University 
Law School, 2701 Prairie Ave., 
Chicago, IlL 

Eugene La Verne Mclntyre, Ph. 
B., Student Harvard Law School, 
37 Mellen St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Samuel Bailey Newton, with B. F. 
Sturtevant Blower Co., Rea